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here is set for the next phase of filling it down on the blue nile july when i just eat up. oh, i called to brazil present to be impeached as anger grows about the handling of the cave at 19 of a hill robin watching on there like my headquarters hearing coming up in the next 30 minutes. hundreds told to evacuate the homes in canada as wildfires spread in the western province of british columbia. both last minute legal reprieve for jacob zoom. as the former south african president was due to start a 15 month jail term. i'm joe hall in spain's abroad. delta, one of the mediterranean is most important wetlands systems. now under severe
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threat for climate change. ah, hello, welcome to the program. tens of thousands of protests in brazil have returned to the streets demanding the impeachment to present eyeball sonora overs handling of the corona virus. pandemic. brazil has the world's 2nd highest death tolls, but balsam aro continues to down play the dangers of the virus. he's also subject to the corruption investigation linked to a contract to buy indian made vaccines. while the keiana kev has moved from reiteration error. well, the protest here in rio de janeiro is almost over, but we're, there's an error was not the only city where there were just for us to are all over brazil. a some are starting later, i can so follow. people have come to those trees for the 3rd time. since may basically dave, they are very angry at the way the government has handled the pandemic. over 500000
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people have lost their life is the 2nd largest death toll after united states, with the difference that in brazil. vaccine roll out is not as fast as in the united states, and that is another accusation. they accuse the government of having are delayed the rollout of not having accepted offers. my pfizer, for example by vaccines are last year. now these protesters also for the 1st time they're showing something different. what they're showing is corruption. so far, president, you both are not or has been accused of don't play the damage as i said, but he has not been linked to corruption scandal. now, for the 1st time, a corruption scandal is might involve him. will he be engaged with this lead twin
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page for a while? there are $121.00 teacher requests. and just a couple of days ago, there was a collective impeachment request made by not only as a bonus, but former supporters and center. right people. well, let's take a closer look now, the latest kind of iris figures in brazil, more than 520000 people have died since the pandemic began. it's also the well 3rd worst effected country with nearly 19000000 confirmed cases of code 19. but just over 12 percent of the population of fully vaccinated, complex spurts, warm winter, and new variance could drive infections. if you lucky, lation campaign doesn't speed up. let's bring in got c l a test. and she's a professor at the school of public policy and government at the julia vargas foundation shows us now by skype from the capital brazilian could help you with this on the program. president wilson, our does seem to be too close to sort of push this issue away. his closest allies
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seemed to be potentially implicated and a major corruption scandal. so how politically dangerous a time is it for him right now? i'm sorry. i didn't do the last question. yes, how, how politically dangerous is it for president bolton are a right now. it is very dangerous for him specially because he may see all his election that he will fight corruption in that he will government in a way that everybody else need. and since a day, so even with very bad, i've ministration of this and then lots of people to believe in him because he will be the 1st one who wouldn't be involved with. and now we're starting to hear from far more supporters of him,
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former allies as well that he may be involved. so it isn't very dangerous for him. if there are new facts and the documents that demonstrate that it is the late off the back evening, be call by corruption and not only by bad management. ok. so at the moment and present bolton, r o has the numbers in congress. he has the political support outside of congress. he has the support of the party and elected officials in the various constituents across brazil. but it says, very constituent that if they turn, they could turn against balls and rows party at the very important time because general elections are not too far away. yeah. it's like one and a half years for the election. that's why he's, he's still has lots of support in congress because we have
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a political system that gives to the president most of the power to actually show this where he's going to send the money. and he's the one responsible for the budget. so lots of congressmen will or will not or received lots of money for the consistency that that's why they see support. but if it comes to a time that they don't have a that they, they speak beer consequences are going to see them badly if need be support from out of the bank. beach can be a reality. it can be actually can happen sometimes. ok, so we have to talk in hypotheticals. now what happens if the inquiry upholds the accusation of corruption? who resigns, who gets fired or who takes over is the
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geisha fall through an in bell 2 ways. it can happen either in the senate or also it comes from the should this, you know, it's going to be how the representative, but both ways going to need the support of the congress. either the senate of the chamber of that is it fall approved and actually he has to resign. we've been the vice president, we'll assume who is the minister need to be told. we feel political background and lots of tied to the military and this is not actually a good idea. and he showed such a vice president that to the both. and i didn't show this by right now because he knew it would be hard for the people to accept him rather
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than if it comes time offer a possible feature. and so, and he's not well seen by them right now. that's certainly interesting times for brazil. keep if i place i on this story, i got to get to test the thanks so much for joining us from brazil. yeah, thank you very much. know us president joe biden miss spending part of july the full holiday weekend, encouraging people to get vaccinated. he's in michigan to highlight the countries progress against coven. 19 it's part of a nationwide america's back together to more than half of the us population has been vaccinated, but the government will not meet its goal of inoculating 70 percent by july. the 4th might kind of has more from washington d. c. what's the concern to the cdc in particular is that there are massive differences in the rate of vaccinations in various areas of the united states in vermont, for example, more than 80 percent of people in that state awfully vaccinated on the other side of the coin in mississippi,
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less than 30 percent awfully vaccinated. the cdc is isolating what it says or potential hotspots, particularly with that regard to the delta variant, which is accounting for about 25 percent of new cases in the us. and as well, what the tdc points out is that there has been a 10 percent increase in cases of corona virus in the past week. as compared to the previous 2. they are greater amounts of hospital admissions as well. these are principally in those states that have low vaccination rates. now the big concern is the fact that if everybody had wanted to be vaccinated, they would have been vaccinated by now there are enough shots vaccine out there. in fact, there are too many in many areas, but the concern is, is that the peak has been reached. those who, once the vaccination have been vaccinated, those who are not going to be vaccinated will remain so, and this is a massive threat to the country. according to the cdc,
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as the holiday weekend goes on with hundreds of thousands of americans traveling around the country with some large gatherings expected. so although president biden says, we've got to cope at $900.00 on the run, there's still the deep concern about that delta variance and about the low rate of vaccination in approximately half of the united states. now canada's military as repairing for evacuations as wildlife spread across british columbia, more than $100.00 pies abutting as a record breaking heatley grips the province 100. so fled the destruction rescue workers of searching, but many more he's gone. missing. colton davis is gentlemen that radio and l knew the local station in the come loop, city canada, he says the situation is extremely dire. are talking about close to 200 wildfires, bringing in this province that we speak raid. now we had lightening and recent days
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human activity has paused many more of those fires where i am and cameras. there's several significant, very large scale out of control fires that are burning outside of the city limits. and in the past 4 days or so, as we're speaking more than 75000 years or, or in the low from the devastating wildfires the world is heard about living british columbia, which birds almost essentially to the ground. and there's been multiple fatality reported there, and other people not accounted for. that's the county british columbia that on tuesday, recorded the warmest temperature ever in canada were in, mired in a historic never before the heat wave. it was just under 80 degrees celsius in britain on tuesday before that devastating wildfire for the community on wednesday night thousands evacuated right now. some people are happy to go 2 to 3 hours away just to get check in with emergency social services. so this is something that
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we've never seen before in this province or really in this country anywhere. now the imprisonment former south african present jacob zima has been delayed after the constitutional court agreed to hear his challenge to jail. tim handed down last week, zima joined hundreds of his supporters who gathered outside his home in law in a show of solidarity on cheese that he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. the failing to appear to corruption inquiry even has asked the court to overturn the ruling, saying that he could be exposed to coven, seen in prison, to meet the miller has more developments. those attempts to stay out of prison and they've come just stuff to months saying that he's prepared to go to joe to defend his rights in that the constitutional court and the commission of inquiry into corruption or bias that the court independent. that there's an agenda, political agenda against them. and so that he willing to go to jail who sort of
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creative, jo. once that judgement came through from the constitutional court, just days before the former president was due to either hand itself over to police a face to rest in the days after that, he then approached the constitutional quarters, one of the high court to try and prevent that arrest and so for now, the constitutional cortez issued an order say that it was here, his application for rescission, of that judgment and sentence. they'll hear that application on the 12th of july. but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's imprisonment is suspended. we are seeking clarity on that one legal experts says that the former president would have to apply separately to the constitutional court to hold off on that risk. both still had his own desert, emergency crews search for the missing after a massive mudslide in central japan. why protest as a traveling 100 kilometers the peculiar sounds of capital to voice their anger at
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the couplets to stay with announces era ah, ah hello there, let start in north america and forest fires are raging across western canada. this was the scene in british columbia. those sparked by lightning strikes thanks to the record heat wave we've seen there recently. and those hot dry conditions are expected to fuel the frames, but temperatures have come down slightly. that heat has pushed into more central areas. the canadian plain seeing temperatures continuing to climb, as well as the northern plains of the u. s. and the midwest states. we've seen records broken across north dakota and montana, and those temperatures are expected to continue to climb. the heat is going to build now across the north east coast. things have cooled slightly with the arrival
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of storms and those showers. those are expected to continue through sunday, but come monday those temperatures will climb again. new york edging opt me a 30 degrees celsius. 33 degrees in washington for the wet weather, we have to go to the deep south severe storms expected in texas, and those states around the gulf of mexico and florida could see some very wet and windy weather with the arrival of hurricane alpha on monday, for now it's moving across the caribbean, bringing flooding, reins and damaging winds. ah, with a bag of energy and change to every part of our universe. the small change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business. ah the ah welcome back here watching, i'll just bear with me. so he'll rob, reminder of all top news stories, tens of thousands of protest as in brazil have returned to the streets demanding the impeachment of president. dr. bolts in all right. but angry, every handling of the current of iris pandemic which has killed more than half a 1000000 brazilians counted as military is preparing for evacuations. as wildfire spread across british columbia, more than $100.00 finds a burning as
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a record breaking heat wave grips the province. around a 1000 people have fled the homes. and the imprisonment of the former south african president jacob's diva has been delayed. after the constitutional court agreed to hear his challenge to a 50 month trial sentence he received last week, zuba has asked the court to overturn the ruling, saying he could be exposed to 19 in prison. israeli defense officials have confirmed a cargo ship has been attacked in the northern indian ocean. the vessel was on its way from the inside, the rapier to the united arab emirates. the source of the attack is still in clear and no one has claimed responsibility. the casualties have been reported in goals or at least one person has been severely injured in an israeli as strike. now these really, apple said fighter jets struck a weapons manufacturing site and a rocket launcher belonging to her mouth. the attack follow days of incendiary balloons being launched from gaza, which caused
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a series of fires in israel. and protest as have gathered in the occupied west bank after the killing of a prominent palestinian activist. bizarre bonnet died last week after being arrested and beaten 14 palestinian authority security officers the facing further questioning over the death of the activists. the charges have yet been made. now search and rescue crews in japan are looking for 20 people missing. after mudslide struck the coastal city of a tommy southwest of token, at least 2 people and to have died. and it said there could be more heavy rain to come under chappelle reports. after days of terrestrial rain, so ill about the town, around 10 30 am local time on saturday, it all came sliding down the mountain. the black mud cascaded through the streets in waves, crashing into homes and the quiet japanese resort town south west of tokyo. the
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electricity pile on here were shaking all over the place. and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud lives. we're already there and in the street below 2 was really scared japan self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to mate slides and flooding during its annual rainy season. japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan does. you know volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to, to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere. and she's the prefecture cruiser rescuing people from floodwaters. rains are expected to continue
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in several areas. in the next 2 days. inter chappelle al jazeera, the thousands of joined nationwide protests and became offensive against ongoing attacks by armed groups. demonstrated say, the government has failed to stop the violence and what politicians held accountable. as nicholas sax reports, there is no escape from the violence explains that result the sweat ago, it was in april 2019 that fighters from the stomach state in the greater sahara storm resolved church during sunday service and set it on fire. she says the then lined up all the men and boys of or village and killed them when by what had happened between us is northern province as to what to go says the art groups control not only her village, but large swath of land nearby forcing christian to convert this land, if they want to stay alive, though, if you develop hulu in order to work, men are forced to shorten, depends and grow a beard. they are forced to pay 5 times
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a day that the school shot people work into goldman a day. now control this about it's like villages are hostages of the group and the government is doing nothing about it. what, who is taking part in a nation wide silent protest against the government's inability to stop the ice affiliate from expanding and picking a faster to march? is organized by opposition parties including that of former president, blissful bowwie who was forced to resign in 2014 by a popular uprising after 27 years and power leanne do nothing has been done to fight terrorism. the president is fighting his mandate to ensure the integrity and independence of the country. he is failing to protect the population and something needs to change. on wednesday president hawk gabrielle a sac, his defense and security minister is after more than 130 people were killed by fighters. believe to be aged between $12.14. in the village of salon, he dressed the nation calling for people to stop demonstrating separately looking,
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as i saw, given the context, we have to be discerning and not mistake the enemy, no demonstrations, no quote, for protest and social media, nor questioning our institutions and democracy will help us, it ends terrorism in our country. the un says the fighting has killed more than 2000 people in displaced a further one point. 2000000 government forces are on the retreat faced with increasing attacks as the slavic state and the greater sahara continues to gain ground. nicholas hawk al jazeera and in conflict in libya, repairs further out of reach of delegates failed to agree on a plan to hold elections in december, members of the libyan political dialogue for amended, much anticipated talks in geneva, with no official way forward. while the trainer has more from tripoli, because issue of iraq, i'm human after nearly a week of talks and negotiations in geneva, those taking part in the libyan political dialogue forum have failed to come to an
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agreement on a constitutional basis to hold elections in december. it is seen by many as yet another roadblock to bring instability to a country ravished by conflicts for more than a decade. it is regrettable dot. despite all the opportunities over a total of 5 days, there is still no common ground. the people for the b will certainly feel let down, as they still aspire to the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights in their presidential and parliamentary election on 24 december. the libyan political dialogue form or l p d. f is a 75 member body created by the us support mission. it voted in the interim unity government in february, which was seen as
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a break through the interim government led by prime minister abdul hamid. the veda is leading the country until elections can be held in december. but with talks failing and geneva some say it may mean the elections will be delayed, threatening chances of uniting the country. for me is that most of the, yes, the elections may be spoke for months. so until all sides reach a fair and rational consented to hold elections, but the opportunity is still there and time is still available. fits. he was the former minister of interior, and the candidate running for president says there are those within the talks who don't want elections to happen. the libyan people awaiting the libyan paper in a very bad situation from the lack of basic services. and the only way to get out of this crisis is to have one government that is chosen by the libyan people. and what we saw in geneva is members looking for their own personal interest rather than the interest of the country. it's been
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a long and challenging road for the us support mission to get this far. building, local and international consensus on libya has been difficult. a ministerial conference in berlin last month, a firm international consensus on libya to hold elections in december. but its libyans themselves that have to agree on a framework to do that. and a statement earlier on saturday, the support mission said it encourages o p d f members to consult among themselves and pursue a workable compromise and cement what unites them. so that election can be held as schedule. now latrina, algebra, tripoli, though the birth of a small spanish tone has told out there that his people will be europe 1st climate refuge. he's well, deborah said set the heart of every delta wetlands where rice and shellfish had been cultivated for centuries. but if his huge environmental challenges, the 1st that comes from sea levels,
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they are rising rapidly and could flood towns and villages foreign land in a few decades. the admiral rivers flow is, has or has dramatically reduced because of dams and reservoirs. it's half since 1900 ninety's, meaning there's less fresh water and crucially less sediment washed into the delta by the river. and that means when big storms arrive, the delta is more easily washed away by the sea. terminal reports rising temperatures make those storms more likely when spain's east coast was battered by storm gloria in early 2020, the french wetlands of the bro river delta bore the brunt already at risk from hydro, electric dams, up river that have robbed the delta of much of its silt and fresh water supply, climate change has contributed. rising water levels and warming seize massive storms like glory will become more regular ripping through rice fields and vital sand barriers. so it's an example of dramatic things that are happening in the and
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i losa or in the mississippi delta. and we have these like fashion of living at the coast. so that's quite critical because we're having this accelerated sea level rise and this is a huge impact on the economy. and this is safe in the delta for like the natural lapse where you can see this ethics in advance before they are happening. you know, that are part of the coast. tourists come to the delta for it's wide beaches. little knowing that the sea line has advanced by an average of 6 meters a year for the past 60 years. and they come for it's abundance of bird life. most famous of the flamingos, but those who live here complain the successive spanish governments have ignored the problem. among them are muscle produces who had to adapt to changing conditions as their harvests have gradually reduced the muscle produces say that what they do is environmentally friendly. these muscles are important contributors to the
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marine ecosystem and the beds around here are effective tools for carbon capture the muscles drawing out large quantities of c o 2 from the ocean in the production of their shells. the problem is that the environment here in the delta is becoming increasingly unfriendly and they're operating, they say at the absolute limits of economic sustainability, you're going to give them yet, and i think there is still time, but something must be done quickly too many years have passed already, we have studies that have been done about everything. what is needed is for the authorities to act on the possible solutions include supplementing the supply of river sediment to prevent coastal erosion and rebuilding sand defenses for the inhabitants of the town of del temporary whose homes regularly flood their livelihoods inside the delta ever more precarious action is urgent about the leaders, but a look at the farmer who loses. his rice field loses his livelihood. the person who
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loses his homely, the beach have to move. so we could end up being the 1st climate refugees in europe . if public action is not taken, my whole life in the delta is a risk under protected over exploited a delicate tussle between river and c. and the c is winning. jo, no whole al jazeera in spain's a bro delta. and in football, england are into the 1st european championship semi final for a quarter of a century as a beating ukraine in rome. captain harry came was the 1st to school just after 4 minutes. and then it was too early in the 2nd home when luke kid was, has it in by defend the wire, late the pain in the lines just what it seems to me control. so they will finish the substitute jordan henderson headed. it is 1st for england to make it for nail again, england build to play denmark wembley on wednesday,
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the day in the checking the public to want early and show the sensational start. the 2nd half from the training to the semi final is given a ratio. of course you follow that story and of else coming here on, on today by logging on to our web site algebra dot com. ah, ill children's there with me, the hill, robin doha, reminder of all top stories. tens of thousands of protest is in brazil, a returned to the streets, demanding the impeachment of president john bold sonora, the angry every handling of the quote of iras pandemic which has killed more than half a 1000000 brazilians.


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