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now, more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy a world for you. everyone. me the this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm my, i'm in la z, watching the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes, blaming it on both sonora mass protest continue in brazil against the president's handling of the pandemic. a last minute legal reprieve for jacob's duma, a constitutional court or consider his challenge against contempt charges. days of
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torrential rain triggers a massive mud slide in central japan. 20 people are still missing and i'm joe hall in spain's abroad. delta, one of the mediterranean is most important wetlands systems. now under severe threat from climate change. i'm devin, ashwin bought it then locks. incredible run at your 2020 continues. they beat republic to reach the semi finals where they will play england at wembley, to go from that captain. hurricane, helping them to a foreigner when over ukraine. ah hello, welcome to the program. we begin in brazil, while thousands of people are back out on the streets of the city of rio de janeiro latest demonstration in a wave of anger that's been sweeping the country of a president job. both scenarios handling of the corona virus pandemic and brazil is
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the 2nd worst affected country in the world by cove in 1900 off to the united states. but both scenarios continue to down play the dangers of the virus. he's also now under investigation of vulnerable corruption linked to a contract to buy indian made vaccines. well, as you're saying, brazil is one of the worst affected countries in the world in terms of death. more than 250000 people have died since the pandemic began. it is also the fed globally for infections with nearly $19000000.00 confirmed cases of cove at 19. just over 12 percent of the population are fully vaccinated with epidemic. y'all major warning that winter a new variance could drive infections. if the vaccination campaign doesn't improve soon, i'll deserve monica on. a kiev has more from demonstrations. well, this is the 3rd. in 5 we have had one in may. we've had one in june
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and this one was supposed to happen later but say anticipated it because people here are there is a growing. 7 discontent. people were angry because of, you know, people were angry because there was a delay in buying the vaccine because he played the virus with a new element. now in what's going on now, is this investigation which the senate to is, is investigating the handling of the plan that make end of now uncover some corruption key that allegedly, from government officially, we're taking to buy vaccines are wanting to pay back. so this is something that is very damaging for both of them because he was like just saying
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that he was an honest contrary to predecessor my wife was in and her predecessor was in prison on corruption charges. so now this person, so that's why people are getting angrier and angrier well in indonesia, the government has rolled out more restrictions in the capital, jakarta, the main island of java, and the tourist of barley, mosques, restaurants, and shopping malls will been closed after a record number of new daily infections and death, the health care system, there is now on the brink of collapse. jessica washington reports on this from jakarta. in the indonesian capital these carpenters work from morning to midnight is busier than ever in this workshop. with the families of the deceased
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waiting for coffins. so whether we like it or not, we have to work fast as indonesia, the most populous island java deals with its largest search in covert $900.00 cases, workers in the funeral industry, se they overwhelmed and exhausted. nearby these men transport hundreds of empty coffins each day to hospital with the priorities covey 19, we have to help with these cases because there are just too many dead bodies with its symmetries filling up and its hospitals struggling. the government has brought back restrictions to try slow transmission in java and bali. but the, because we, as we know in the last few days, the panoramic has developed very fast because of the new variant which is also become a serious problem in many countries. some of the restrictions include compulsory working from home for non essential sectors, the closing of moles,
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places of worship, and more and limits on domestic travel. there are more than 50000 police and armed forces personnel in the field to enforce the new restrictions and roadblocks around the capitol, police the people to turn back and go home. doctors say they welcome the new restrictions, but some of how many live could have been saved if they had started sooner. some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity, and doctors say they have no choice but to turn away sick people because they don't have room for them. must be there. i know that's going to help us can we were able to have them finding a battle dead wife there happened children and what i come home unable to get hospital care. many a trying to buy oxygen tanks to care for their loved ones at home. the government
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says it will enhance tele medicine services to assist those in need. but the help has come to late for thousands of indonesians who lost their loved ones in the recent surge. now i feel so lost, my parents are gone. we don't even know where they caught the virus in one week, she lost her mother and father. now she hopes other families won't experienced the same fate. jessica washington out to 0 jakarta when our president joe biden is spending the july 4th holiday weekend urging people to get vaccinated while marking his country's progress against clover 19. he's arrived in michigan as part of the nationwide america's back together to more than half the us population has been vaccinated. the government was needs its goal of 70 percent by july, 4th. and so its racing to get as many people vaccinated as the highly contagious delta variance spreads on my counter. his life is now in washington. and i suppose
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my there is a great deal of concern about the risk posed by the delta. very particularly of people have had one vaccine, but not necessarily both as the winter approaches. yes indeed ma'am, let's just look at those statistics again. about 55 percent of americans are fully vaccinated and some 67 percent have received at least one shot that is below that 70 percent target that the bite in administration wanted to reach by july 4. but what's the concern to the cdc in particular is that there are massive differences in the rate of vaccinations in various areas of the united states in the month. for example, more than 80 percent of people in that state awfully vaccinated. on the other side of the coin in mississippi, less than 30 percent off fully vaccinated. the cdc is isolating what it says or potential hotspots, particularly with that regard to the delta variant,
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which is accounting for about 25 percent of new cases in the us. and as well, what the tdc points out is that there has been a 10 percent increase in cases of corona virus in the past week. as compared to the previous 2. they are greater amounts of hospital admissions as well. these are principally in those states that have low vaccination rates. now the big concern is the fact that if everybody had wanted to be vaccinated, they would have been vaccinated by now, there are enough shots, a vaccine out there. in fact, there are too many in many areas, but the concern is, is that the peak has been reached. those who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated. those who are not going to be vaccinated will remain so, and this is a massive threat to the country. according to the cdc, as the holiday weekend goes on with hundreds of thousands of americans traveling around the country with some large gatherings expected. so although president biden
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says we've got cobra, 1900 on the run, there's still the deep concern about that delta barry and, and about the low rate of vaccination in approximately half of the united states. all right, thank you very much. mike connor washington. well, response teams of being deployed across the us to areas at risk of that highly contagious form of cove at $1000.00. as mike was saying, the delta variance has been detected now in all 50 states in the country. and that says americans had into a holiday weekend with restrictions being more relaxed. christian salumi reports from new york. the route, whether it's to see bruce springsteen on broadway, or the new york mets at city field. americans are getting back out just in time to celebrate the national 4th of july holiday weekend, some traveling for the 1st time since the pandemic. it's really exciting. that's
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also a little concerning at the same time, just because there's so much we don't know. the united states is reopening despite falling short of president jo biden's, goal vaccinating 70 percent of americans, even as the delta variance spreads to all 50 states. i am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the very and spread the very end to other people who have not been vaccinated . i'm not concerned there's going to be a major outbreak. in other words, that we're going to have another epidemic nationwide, but an concerned lives will be lost. new york and california have lifted virtually all of their cobra restrictions on businesses and social gathering. these 2 states hit hardest and earliest by the pandemic. we're also among those that suffered the most economically businesses are trying to
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balance safety with meaning open and profitable. it does feel like the old times square here. yes. and on the weekend, you really see me just over 50 percent of storefront open for business in new york times square. but people are coming back. i. pedestrian counts now are rising. in fact, we see an average of 200000 sessions coming through our pauses in our neighborhood every day, which is an 60 percent increase compared to what we saw during the pandemic. some businesses and events still require masks or proven vaccination. someone like myself, my friend over here, we can't go to the show because we haven't gone the vaccination with a significant segment of the population resistant to the vaccine. however, some say you can't be careful enough. i don't know what is going to look right, but sounds good. i just don't want to take any chances. i want to leave a little longer. still many will find reason to celebrate this independence day in a country. not yet free of the corona virus. christine salumi, al jazeera new york,
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watching the news hour life from london. much more than i had. people in the philippines are trying to protect themselves and their livelihoods. as the tal volcano continues to spew toxic gas and roger federer and makes it into the 2nd week of wimbledon action from the 3rd rounds match, ship it with just a while now, the looming prison sentence for former south african president jacob zoom and might be delayed with the constitutional court agreed to here is application to have the ruling revoke. you joined hundreds of his supporters who gathered outside his home in the candler to protest depending childtime form a present was handed a 15 month prison sentence for failing to appear to corruption. inquiry zoom has asked the court to another verdict saying he could be exposed to covert 19 in
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prison. for me to miller is following developments from outside soon. this and festival hon. those attempts to stay out of prison and they've come just after months of saying that he's prepared to go to joe to defend his rights in that the constitutional court and the commission of inquiry into corruption or bias that the court on independent that there's an agenda political agenda against them, and so that he willing to go to jail who sort of creative, jo. once that judgement came through from the constitutional court, just days before the former president was due to either hand himself over to police a face to rest in the days after that. he then approached the constitutional court as one of the high court to try and prevent that race. and so for now, the constitutional cortez issued an order say that it was here, his application for rescission, of that judgment and sentence,
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they'll hear that application on the 12th of july. but it doesn't necessarily mean that he's imprisonment is suspended. we are seeking clarity on that one legal experts says that the former president would have to apply separately to the constitutional court to hold off on that risk. at least 43 migrants have drowned off the coast of tunisia, 84 others rescued shortly when their boat sank. after leaving the nearby libyan ports of laura, it's understood the engine broke down and then the boat capsized migrants from su, don, eritrea and bangladesh were among those on board. at least 2 people of fear, dead and 20 a. missing after a mud slides struck japan's coastal city of a tommy, which is just south west of the capital. tokyo in emergency talks the prime minister she days suga worn, that may be more heavy rainfall to come. and reship our house, the latest days of torrential rain. loosen soil above the town. around 10 30
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am local time. on saturday it all came sliding down the mountain. black mud cascaded through the streets in waves, crashing into homes and the quiet japanese resort town south west of tokyo. the electricity pile on here was shaking all over the place. and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud slides were already there. and in the street below, 2 was really scared japan self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to mud slides and flooding during its annual rainy season. japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan. does volcanoes earthquakes,
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landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to, to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere and she's ok. prefecture cruiser rescuing people from floodwaters brains are expected to continue in several areas in the next 2 days. and are chappelle helped 0 or counted as many trees preparing for evacuations as wildfires spread across british columbia. more than a 100 fives, a raging is a record breaking heat wave grips the province around a 1000 people flood the destruction rescue work is a searching for people who have gone missing. colton davies is a john list, a radio and l news. local radio station in the kamloops city in canada and says that the situation in the province is getting was are talking about close to
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200 wildfires burning in this province that we speak. great. now we've had lightening and recent days. human activity has caused that many more of those fires where i am in cameras. there's several significant, very large scale out of control buyers that are burning outside of the city limits . and in the past 4 days or so, as we're speaking more than 75000 years or, or in the low from the devastating wildfires the world is heard about little british columbia, which birds almost essentially to the ground. and there's been multiple fatality reported there, and other people not accounted for that. the county in british columbia that on tuesday, recorded the warmest temperature ever in canada were in mired in a historic never before the wave. it was just under 80 degrees celsius in britain on tuesday before that devastating wildfire for the community on wednesday night
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thousands of actuated right now. some people are happy to go 2 to 3 hours away just to get check in with emergency social services. so this is something that we've never seen before in this province or really in this country anywhere. when i want to spend most treasured landscapes is under a double threat from climate change and the generation of green energy, environmentalists are demanding more government action to protect the abroad delta . a combination of approaching season, the construction of hydro, electric power, dams, up river, threatening its existence, the mayor of a small town at the delta as hot as told alger era that his people could be europe 1st climate refugees. as john hall now reports when spain's east coast was battered by storm gloria in early 2020, the fragile wetlands of the bro river delta bore the brunt already at risk from hydro, electric dams, up river that have robbed the delta of much of its silt. and fresh water supply,
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climate change has contributed. rising water levels and warming sees massive storms like glory will become more regular ripping through rice fields and vital sand barriers. so it's an example of dramatic things that are happening in denial, delta or in the mississippi delta. and we have these like fashion of living at the coast. so that's quite critical because we're having this accelerated sea level rise and this is a huge impact on the economy. and this is safety and the delta for like the natural lapse where you can see this ethics in advance before they are happening. you know, that are part of the coast. tourists come to the delta for its wide beaches. little knowing that the sea line has advanced by an average of 6 meters a year for the past 60 years. and they come for its abundance of bird life, most famous of the flamingos. but those who live here complained the successive
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spanish governments have ignored the problem. among them are muscle produces who had to adapt to changing conditions as their harvests have gradually reduced the muscle produces say that what they do is environmentally friendly. these muscles are important contributors to the marine ecosystem and the beds around here are effective tools for carbon capture the muscles drawing out large quantities of c o 2 from the ocean in the production of their shells. the problem is that the environment here in the delta is becoming increasingly unfriendly and they're operating, they say at the absolute limits of economic sustainability, you're going to give them yet, and i think there is still time, but something must be done quickly too many years have passed already, we have studies that have been done about everything. what is needed is for the authorities to act on the possible solutions include supplementing the supply of river sediment to prevent coastal erosion and rebuilding sand defenses for the
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inhabitants of the town of del tear bricks whose homes regularly floods their livelihoods inside the delta. ever more precarious action is urgent about the leaders about a year look at the farmer who loses, his rice field loses his livelihood. the person who loses his homely, the beach have to move. so we could end up being the 1st climate refugees in europe . if public action is not taken, my whole life in the delta is a risk under protected over exploited a delicate tussle between river and see. and the sea is winning. jonah, hold al jazeera in spain's a bro delta. or rising sea levels, drought flooding, and other disaster fuel my climate change will create a growing migration crisis. in the coming decades, a groups of calling for the urgent clarification, the definition of climate refugees and for the creation of an international
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framework that would protect them. at least 21 and a half 1000000 people have been displaced by climate change related disasters. since 2010, but it's not just natural disasters, a threatening communities. over the past 30 years, the number of people at risk of rising sea levels is also increased from 160000000 to 260000000 people 90 percent of these people from poor countries or small island nations. in bangladesh, for example, there's the expectation that 17 percent of the country will be submerged by 2050. 20000000 people will lose their homes. the energy of even all makes and peace estimates. at least 1200000000 people could be displaced by climate change field events by 2050 o mariam tolerate shares allow is an ex but in climate change in migration at the us international organization from migration and joined us from geneva figures. there are very stark, aren't they? first of all, how urgent is it to clarify the definition of a climate rescue?
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jane refugee and why is it contentious? thank you very much for invitation. the definition of climate refugee. it is contentious because the current definition of refugee does not account for climate change on that short sectors. so is it urgent to clarify it? maybe it is, but from a political perspective it is difficult. so i think there are a number of agreements that exist right now, but countries have signed their number ending agreements. but many countries that find them like the global compact for say, for the regular migration. all of this as provisions to support migrants moving because of climate impacts. so that's already a 1st step. i suppose the problem is that in the absence of a definition, they don't have rights under international law. and so there is no international mechanism to protect them or, or compensate them in some way. so there is no international mechanism to,
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to protect specifically climate magland. so climate refugees, however, human rights always have to go to all the elements of protection. and then we're looking as well in the future at countries of the geisha not to return people to areas which are devastated by climate impacts. i think that's probably what we're going to see more and more in the future, but it is true, but for another it's not a single status, but applies to climate magland. why not apply the framework and the legal provisions in place on the human rights? why does it require its own particular status and your view? i think the human right low is probably the best way to go bad. and the most problematic ways to go about things right now. simply because it's already and then and the grid framework, it's a pickable to everyone on us. so i, in my personal view, i think it's better to rely on the instruments. we already have that human rights
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love like the non bathing agreements i mentioned earlier because that's what you have right now. and people need help right now. what sort of help they need the who are climate refugees and where do they whereabouts? they tend to be concentrated so that they are everywhere. every continent weekend sightings numbers of people migrating because of climate impacts. i would say that the most vulnerable populations, other ones, once more islands, whether they are the best to stick on the caribbean. so what do, what do they need that? i think festival they need to have strong climate action in the country because when we speak to people muslim, tell us that they don't want to move. so there, the key here is to help people to be able to stay where they are and where they want to have a decent life. and what about central american countries? we've seen a great deal of immigration heading towards the united states. of course,
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there are other factors by that severe economic problems, unemployment and political instability. but what role does climate change play or climate related events in places like con duras or tamala, el salvador? so in fact, climate impacts a really do destroy the livelihoods of people. so very often in this country, but also in europe, we have a feeling that we are looking at economic migrants. and it is true that most people say that they're living to find a better life. but if you're looking for going to the reasons why they are leaving very often, because climate as infected very badly who is fed daily life, so they can not farm anymore, they cannot make a living from the sea. so very often the going to make cause of migrations linked to adverse climate impacts. what does it mean to have this continued mass movement of people migrating from from one place to another?
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is this something the world that governments are prepared for? so indeed, when we're looking at projection for the future, you have to that word bank, we're projecting that more than 140000000 people could be moving because of climate impacts by the middle of the century. so indeed, i think of admins aware that this could become a much bigger issue and then is now i think there is political awareness and i think the best way to anticipate and to make sure that there was projections don't come to light. it's really to implement the various agreement. at the end of this year, we have the, the next climate conference in glasgow in the u. k. is a very important moment. that's when countries can come together and really try to help their commitments. all right, well thank you very much for joining us all laneesa marianna trailer a. she doesn't know l. thank you. with the news our life from london still had
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i'm seeing human inside julia's historic congress building, which has just been refurbished for a historic process. next will explain how and in sport and they have make fortune for f one, while chaplain lewis hamilton will have the details. ah hello there, there's more unsettled weather on the way for large areas of europe over the next few days, particularly for the east and the north west weather systems, bringing the wet and windy weather to the u. k. and to france, edging all the way into western areas of germany. so, and strong showers and thunder re down pools expected. and if you go to monday, you can see there's gonna be more of that wet weather on the way. and we'll see
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some of those under the shower was particularly heavy around switzerland and northern parts of italy. and as those weather weather systems moved further east within the weather weather in ukraine, we could see more flooding around areas of the black sea there. now for the south, we have got a smattering of storms and showers around the balcony, some of those showers, affecting parts of greece, and we could see some stronger winds around the greek islands. but the heat is really building across the iberian peninsula for southwestern spain. we have got a heat warning at mercy is seeing the temperature edging up to 40 degrees. and by the time we go to choose, they'd be $42.00 degrees with plenty of sunshine coming through. and it's a similar story for northern areas of africa. things of course slightly for egypt with 30 degrees in cairo. ah, the.


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