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ah, ah, i a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera, the. ready news call from prevails president to be impeach as anger grows about his handling of the corona virus. demick. ah, i'm totally back. the boy you're watching al jazeera live from, also coming up every pre for, for my south african president jacobs luma. of course, will hear his request to overturn each contempt ruling and possibly keep him from going to jail. more than 2000000 people in ethiopia to cry region on the verge of
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starvation, according to the un. and there's a warning, the crisis could get worse. the land slides 3 through central japan flattening buildings and washing away everything in its path. at least 20 people are missing in it's the 2nd worst effected country by covey. 19. but brazil's government is once again, being accused of not taking the virus seriously. thousands of people back protesting on the streets fed up with how bolts an arrow has handled the pandemic. the president continues to downplay the dangers of a virus, is also under investigation for possible corruption linked to a contract to buy indian made vaccines. more than half a 1000000 people have died from corbet. 19 in brazil it's called live kimani, k innocuous, who joins a sly from
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a protest in real janeiro. so growing pressure on the president, monica, tell us about what's happening at this protest where you are and what people are asking for today. yes, the protest here in the diginero is almost at its end, but it's all over. it's a nationwide program. so in other cities it will still start in a couple of hours. this protest says the 3rd since may, there's a growing discontent because until now. * people were protesting because case that the president where had downplayed the virus. he had delayed the roll out of vaccines, and he was responsible basically for the 500000 debt by coven 19. but now there's a new element in the story, and that is corruption. i don't, so you see, you can see the high need there. all these posters, this one says, does $1.00 a $1.00 more worth more than myself?
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and this is because there has been, there have been allegations that people have that there were of officers that were taking bribes to buy the vaccines. and one of them someone came for was the blower came forth to the senate committee that is investigating the handling of the brand damage and said that he was offered $1.00 to buy every vaccine that was being sold to brazil. and there's sense, and then there's the other scandal which involves the co vaccine, which is the vaccine made in india and congress and told both. so not all personally that there were irregularities in the contract and he allegedly ignored him. so now he is under investigation as well. so it's a mounting pressure while it reaches the page, probably not, but it's very damaging for his image, right. so what does he risk ultimately,
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if impeachment is not on the card, yet as you know, there are over a 120 requests for impeachment. this is just growing, but so far. one thing that has kept him that he could always say was, he was saying, i'm not a corrupt politician. i'm not linked to when he political, any corruption scandal like it, some many, many of his predecessors. but now now this is not the case anymore. now, corruption is raising it's ugly head and, and he has to risk whether it's true or not. it's still under investigation. but the fact is that now his name is being linked to these scandals. and she is running already on a campaign trail for like re his re election next year so it could damage his re election. thank you for that. monica care line force in rio de janeiro
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in the u. s. president joe biden is spending part of the july 4th holiday weekend encouraging people to get vaccinated. he's on his way to michigan to mark the countries progress against colby 19 a spot of a nationwide so called america's back together tor 1st lady joe biden is in maine. and vice president common harris will be in california and nevada. although more than half the us population has been vaccinated, the government will not meet his goal of inoculating 70 percent by july. 4th, in response seems a being deployed across the us, 2 areas at risk of a highly contagious form of covey. 19 the delta very, it has been detected in all 50 states that says americans heading to a holiday weekend with fewer restrictions. christine salome reports from new york, the ground, whether it's to see bruce springsteen on broadway, or the new york mets at city field,
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americans are getting back out just in time to celebrate the national 4th of july holiday weekend, some traveling for the 1st time since the pandemic, it's really exciting. that's also a little concerning at the same time just because there's so much we don't know. the united states is reopening despite falling short of president jo biden's, goal vaccinating 70 percent of americans, even as the delta variance spreads to all 50 states. i am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variance and spread the variance to other people who have not been vaccinated. i'm not concerned there's going to be a major outbreak. in other words, that we're going to have another epidemic nationwide, but an concerned lives will be lost. new york and california have lifted virtually all of their cobra restrictions on businesses
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and social gathering. these 2 states hit hardest and earliest by the pandemic. we're also among those that suffered the most economically businesses are trying to balance safety with meaning open and profitable. it does feel like the old times square here. yeah. and on the weekends you really see just over 50 percent of storefront are open for business in new york times square. but people are coming back. pedestrian camps now are rising. in fact, we see an average of 200000 sessions coming through our pauses in our neighborhood every day, which is 60 percent increase compared to what we saw during the pandemic. some businesses and events still require masks or proven vaccination. someone like myself, mike frank over here, we can't go to the show because we haven't done the vaccination with a significant segment of the population resistant to the vaccine. however, some say you can't be careful enough. i don't know what is going to look right,
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but sounds good. i just don't want to take any chances. i want to live a little longer. still, many will find reason to celebrate this independence day in a country, not yet free of the corona, virus. christian salumi al jazeera, new york, indonesia has imposed more restrictions in its capital j, contra, the main island of java, and the tories have of body after record number of infections and deaths, mosques, restaurants and shopping malls are closed and the health care system is struggling to cope jessica washington reports from jakarta. in the indonesian capital these carpenters work from morning to midnight. busier than ever in this workshop. got up with them of the families of the deceased waiting for coffins. so whether we like it or not, we have to work fast. as indonesia, the most populous island java deals with its largest 3rd in covert 19 cases. workers in the funeral industry say they overwhelmed and exhausted. nearby these
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men transport hundreds of empty coffins each day to hospital with the priorities covey 19, we have to help with these cases because there are just too many dead bodies with its symmetries filling up and its hospitals struggling. the government has brought back restrictions to try slow transmission in java and bali. so but the, because we, as we know in the last few days, the panoramic has developed very fast because of the new variant which is also become a serious problem in many countries. some of the restrictions include compulsory working from home for non essential sectors, the closing of moles, places of worship, and more and limits on domestic travel. there are more than 50000 police and armed forces personnel in the field to enforce the new restrictions and roadblocks around
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the capital police the people to turn back and go home. doctor say they welcome the new restrictions, but some of how many live could have been saved if they had started sooner. some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity, and doctors say they have no choice but to turn away sick people because they don't have room for them. must be there. i know they're going to help me to be able to have them finding their life. there has been children and what i can help unable to get hospital care. many are trying to buy oxygen tanks to care for their loved ones at home. the government says it will enhance tele medicine services to assist those in need. but the help has come to late for thousands of indonesians who lost their loved ones in the recent surge. now i feel so lost,
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my parents are gone. we don't even know where they caught the virus in one week she lost her mother and father. now she hopes other families won't experienced the same fate. jessica washington out to 0 chicata. malaysia is tightening pandemic restrictions in quite a lot poor and other areas surrounding the capital. the countries under a national lockdown, the government has set a date for parliament to reconvene. next month, factory was suspended in january the looming prison fen 10. so former south african president jacob's whom i may be delayed. the constitutional court has a great to here is application for the contempt ruling against him to be revoked. he had been sent in to 15 months in prison on tuesday, for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. tommy to mila is following. developments in clan cries,
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it will not com just outside to my son's home. no, the thames to stay out of prison. they've come just after months of saying that he's prepared to go to joe to defend his rights in that the constitutional court and the commission of inquiry into corruption or bias that the court and independent that there's an agenda political agenda against them. and so that he willing to go to jail who sort of creative, jo. once that judgement came through from the constitutional court, just days before the former president was due to either hand itself over to police face arrest in the days after that. he then approached the constitutional court as well as the high court to try and prevent that race. and so for now, the constitutional cortez issued an order say that it was here, his application for rescission, of that judgment and sentence, they'll hear that application on the 12th of july. but it doesn't necessarily mean
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that he's imprisonment is suspended. we are seeking clarity on that one legal experts said that the former president would have to apply separately to the constitutional court to hold off on that risk. still ahead on al jazeera, i'm just seeing human inside chiles. historical was building, which has just been refurbished for a historic process. up next. we'll explain how i'm joe hall in spain's a bro delta. one of the mediterranean is most important wetlands systems. now under severe threat from climate change, ah ah, it is unusually hot now, and particularly in iraq and kuwait,
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the wind is picked up again is quite a stiff wind blowing air to that. what is now effectively increasing desert even where used to be farm land and running down, bringing its dust towards gutter. for example, this is going to continue for the next couple of days. the heat, of course, starts in new orleans, reaches its peak milli after but never really drops away of a night either. and it's not just confined it's low density area of iraq is pretty hot, further east in toronto for example, $39.00 degrees. so q 8, then not quite reco, breaking the records, 52, all in the city itself. it's bit higher bit further in land, but we're up near it and we're well above the average. i have to say, you've got to much above the average this part of the world for it to be quite significant. tyrado also with a record of 40 has probably reached and may exceeded in next couple of days. the average here about 34. number 2 rounds about 1500 meters above sea level. so this is hot anyway, back down to near sea level, where you catch the se monsoon in somalia that 10 spring a bit of rain,
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not much this season has to be said that a big cheryl seasonally correct in the highlands and a trumpeter shower at march west through south sudan towards the gulf of guinea, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah,
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the me welcome back. a reminder about top stories on al jazeera, thousands of people are taking 14 demonstrations in brazil against president wilson . i was handling of the cone of span, demi, he's also under investigation for possible corruption in acquiring indian made vaccines. us president joe biden is on his way to michigan to encourage people to get vaccinated against probably 19 is lot of a nationwide tore to mock the country's progress in handling the found demik. half the population has been vaccinated and indonesia is rolling out more corona vice restrictions across strict contact java in bali as a numbers of daily infection. then death reach a record high, neighboring malaysia has also type in measures baptist surgeon case. in other world news, the united nations is warning the ethiopian government and rebel fighters to respect
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a ceasefire into gray. the un says the conflict risk sending the regions spiraling further into crisis. more than 2000000 people are said to be on the verge of salvation. if your government declared a sci fi this week, the to grey defense for says it's committed to cooperating with age partners and allowing access catherine, so he has more from ethiopia, capital, addis ababa? the grand forces have been saying, and they've been showing pictures of men who appear to be your p and federal soldiers being paraded along the streets. emacula the copy flows, thousands of them being taken to prison. we spoke to the spokesman of this, the grand forces who said that they have in the last 7 days, captured thousands of european soldiers the one doing fighting in areas around
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mccalla. he also said that he'll kill military has suffered major casualties. and the grand forces have also managed to seize important military equipment. it seems that this the grand forces of variables and this both models also say that now the focus is also on the areas in the guy, particularly the west, which is still being controlled a matter which is still being controlled by forces from the neighboring. i'm hydro region and controlling really territories that i disputed a territories that are being claimed by both communities so that the grand forces saying that they're not going to rest and feel every inch of guy is lieber. a said protesters are gathered in the occupies westbank after the killing of a prominent palestinian activist nissan, but not died last week. hours after being arrested in beacon by me and security
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officers. his gas lead to demonstrations across the arc to find the waste bank. 14 palestinian authority security officers are facing further questioning over the death of the activists palestinians. security services. folks from the offices were members of the patrol that arrested him. no charges have been me either. abraham has more from ramallah resolve the palestinian authority and leave one of the year in progress. if there is any more accountability of what they say the nation wanted to go to activists. new thought by now, when the dog has got that the hands of the palestinian security forces who arrested them a week ago, being pro just dropped the occupied work bank that i've been met by by the palestinian authority. we want to prove to the palestinian authority that we were just didn't know that under occupation that we are like new zag ones.
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we want to have the fee don't our children live in a hurry? i think there's all the parliament there clamping down on freedoms, including opinions on social media, the clamping down on the civil society and the press. what's left and we've had enough this satisfaction with the palestinian authority has already been on the rise, especially after the palestinian president has decided to cancel. what would have been the 1st elections in 15 years, but also external pressures against the palestinian authority. we've heard from the e u, the u one and the us asking to ensure the safety of the these protesters after the violent track down against them in the past week. but the main events of these protesters here is the hold. those who are responsible, accountable, not the those who were us, it is i've been out. but those who gave them the order 2 people have died in nearly
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20 have been reported missing after much slide in japan's coastal town of a tommy southwest of tokyo. prime minister sheet is suga, has called an emergency cabinet meeting. and chappelle has the latest days of torrential rain, loose and soil above the town. around 10 30 am local time. on saturday it all came sliding down the mountain. black mud cascaded through the streets in waves, crashing into homes in the quiet japanese resort town, south west of tokyo, the piano, the electricity pile on here was shaking all over the place. and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud slides were already there. and in the street below, 2 was really scared. japan self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to mud slides and flooding during its annual rainy
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season. japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan. does. you know, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to, to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere. and she's a prefecture cruiser rescuing people from flood waters. rains are expected to continue in several areas in the next 2 days and are chappelle helped 0. to more bodies have been found in the rubble of the apartment block that partially collapse in florida last week. it rings the number of confirmed people who have died to 24 while 124. those are still and accounted for emergency workers plan to demolish what's left to the building on sunday, canada,
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as many as harry's preparing for evacuation size wildfire spread across british columbia. more than a 105 are raging as a record breaking heat wave grips the province around a 1000 people sled, the destruction rescue work as a searching for some have gone missing now to chile, which is going through political change, a may a group of anti government protestors were elected to write a new constitution. the people list range from blue collar workers and owners of small businesses. i latin america, editor lucy, a newman reports. i mean, the anger and violence of chillies, social uprising, one figure stood out that made protest, just happy dance, dance. pick a shoe, they chanted. pick a to is the mouse like fictional preacher belonging to the pokemon video game series. it became such a hit that soon others joined, did
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a symbol of peaceful protest for social change. wow. when riot police attacked beka to to the surprise of many, a 46 year old grandmother and foreman groceries school teacher emerge. one of the cost you to wipe the pepper gas from her eyes to danger. when i didn't, donna is one of the elected delegates to julie's new constitutional convention that i've been thinking. i don't think me a lot of people told me. we don't need experts who have gone to harvard, they're the ones who ruined our country. i didn't feel prepared for such a challenging, but they insisted we need someone like you who can represent the real needs of the people. you're one of us. the mother of for joint forces with others during the social revolt, a group called the list of the people to run as independent with new ties to political parties. come a long way from protest. years in this plaza, to part of the largest brought them delegates,
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who will write till his new constitution. their aim is to overhaul to the normal and political system, and not surprisingly, many of them as left wing 3 miss. but influential columnist, daniel mac. marla argues that, in fact, they were presenting new and diverse political force that doesn't fit the traditional mold, total set of it. he came to see all these grassroots late. his have been off the mainstream right off for a long time. the traditional late. don't know these new independence, political representatives, they don't represent the traditional left or right. and instead they represent a wide range of causes from the environment to education, to health care. as and legal rule has his case in unit one of the i can definitely do that. i have cancer though, the system hasn't managed to kill me in chile, medical treatment depends on how much money you can pay. that's one of the reasons i protested in this plaza. the list of the people has
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a lot in common with delegates like job. i know ra from democratic revolution, a young non traditional political party. you may have, you know, when i define myself as a left is equal feminist, i believe in the social revolt. and also in our constitutional process, it's about taking power so that this power can be distributed more democratically, not just amongst the small elite. and then we'll have to run again. i'm gonna put it more simply. i'm neither left or right. she says, my ideology is social equality and justice. to see a human al jazeera santiago, the vatican is accusing 10 people of financial crimes including fraud, extortion, and abuse of office. the group includes italian, cardinal, and jello. bet you as well as the heads of the roman catholic churches, financial intelligence unit. frances fire bet you last year. the group is you'd have found try later this month over the $415000000.00 purchase of
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a building in london. now one of spain's most treasured landscape says under a double threat from climate change and the generation of green energy. environmentalists are demanding more government action to protect the erode. delta join a whole reports when spain's east coast was battered by storm gloria in early 2020, the french wetlands of the bro river delta bore the brunt already at risk from hydro, electric dams, of river that have roped the delta of much of its silt and fresh water supply, climate change has contributed. rising water levels and warming sees massive storms like glory will become more regular ripping through rice fields and vital sand barriers. so it's an example of dramatic things that are happening in the and i losa or in the mississippi delta. and we have these like fashion of living at the coast. so that's quite critical because we are having this accelerated sea level
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rise. and this is a huge impact on the economy, and this is safe in the delta for like the natural lapse where you can see this ethics in advance before they are happening in other parts of the coast. tourists come to the delta for its wide beaches. little knowing that the sea line has advanced by an average of 6 meters a year for the past 60 years. and they come for its abundance of bird life, most famous of the flamingos. but those who live here complained the successive spanish governments have ignored the problem. among them are muscle produces who had to adapt to changing conditions as they are harvests of gradually reduced the muscle produces say that what they do is environmentally friendly. these muscles are important contributors to the marine ecosystem and the beds around here are effective tools for carbon capture the muscles drawing out large quantities of c o 2 from the ocean in the production of their shells. the problem is that the
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environment here in the delta is becoming increasingly unfriendly and they're operating, they say at the absolute limits of economic sustainability, you're going to give them yet, and i think there is still time, but something must be done quickly too many years have passed already, we have studies have been done about everything. what is needed is for the authorities to act on the possible solutions include supplementing the supply of river sediment to prevent coastal erosion and rebuilding sand defenses for the inhabitants of the town of del temporary whose homes regularly flood their livelihoods inside the delta ever more precarious action is urgent. the leaders brace a farmer who loses his rice field loses his livelihood. the person who loses his homely, the beach have to move. so we could end up being the 1st climate refugees in europe
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. if public action is not taken, my whole life in the delta is a risk under protected over exploited a delicate tussle between river and see. and the see is winning. jo no hold al jazeera in spain's a bro delta. or ukraine's menace harry's being accused of sexism and massage any after photos or female soldiers practicing for a military parade in high heels. and these pictures were released by the defense ministry ahead of celebrations next month to march 30 years of independence. several politicians showed up to parliament with high heels and encouraged the defense minister to wear them to the parade. ah, so again, i'm fully back the ball. with the headlines on al jazeera, thousands of people are taking part in demos.


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