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the power military dictated his own areas. the state could never reach under pressure from the da, the criminal who came off the pablo escobar, one hunted down the show companies under rest increase. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello. this is a news our on our 0 fully back to life my world headquarters in the coming up in the next 60 minutes calls for brazil president to be impeach, tries on good grows about his handling of the corona virus pandemic. re pre for, for my south african president, jacob, whom i course will hear his request to overturn his contempt, rolling,
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and possibly keeping him from going to jail. the also this our last slide please to central japan flattening buildings and washing away everything in its path. at least 20 people are missing and drought is on the verge of becoming iraq's next crisis as feels turn to does it say climate change is to blame, uninstall car golf has made it through to the last 16, a wimbledon, the 17 year old american. reaching round for the 2nd time in in if a 2nd worse affected country by covert 19, but brazil's government is once again being accused of not taking the virus seriously. thousands of people back on the street fed up with how praise enjoyable scenario is handling the pandemic. both scenario continues to downplay the dangers
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of the virus. he's also under investigation for possible corruption linked to a contract to buy indian made vaccines. more than half a 1000000 people have died from the virus in brazil. that's go live to monica, and i cave who's in rio de protest in breo, growing anger, a lot of pressure on president both nero, monica. tell us about what's happening at this protest and what people want. well, this is the 3rd test in 5 weeks. we've had one in may, we've had one in june, and this one was supposed to happen later, but they anticipated it. people here are, there is a growing discontent for 4 people were just angry because of you hear them now out. so now they're asking for impeachment, but people were angry because there was
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a delay in buying the vaccine because he does play the bars. but the new element now in what's going on now is this investigation which the senate is, is investigating the handling of the plan that make end of now uncover some corruption key that allegedly, some government officials were taking right to buy vaccine or why they do over pay back so this is something that is very damaging for both of them because he was elective saying that he was an artist. contrary to predecessor sap was in page and her predecessor is about to more that's about who was in prison on corruption charges. so now there's this question. so that's why people are getting angrier and angrier damaging for both scenario. you
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say, monica, but what does he risk ultimately? could he also be age? the there are $100.00 over $120.00 requests for his impeachment. it's unlikely at this point that he will be engaged because he does have a support in the house of representatives, which is the but the place that will ultimately decide if an impeachment pro process go ahead or not. and we have elections will be held next fear. so at this point i would say no, but he depends. if the board depends on the very 2nd cluster of the party, who are they see that the situation is getting worse and worse? they may just change and not. * * support him any more in congress. so now he
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doesn't run a risk, but we can say for sure what will happen in the next few months. thank you for that, monica in our key of reporting their life from a protest in rio de janeiro. in the united states response teams are being deployed across the country, 2 areas at risk of a highly contagious form of covey. 19 a delta, very, and has been detected in all 50 states that says american head into a holiday weekend with fewer restrictions. christine salome reports from new york. the route, whether it's to see bruce springsteen on broadway, or the new york mets at city field. americans are getting back out just in time to celebrate the national 4th of july holiday weekend, some traveling for the 1st time since the pandemic. it's really exciting, but it's also a little concerning at the same time just because there's so much we don't know. the united states is reopening despite falling short of president jo biden's, goal vaccinating 70 percent of americans,
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even as the delta variance spreads to all 50 states. i am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variance and spread the very end to other people who have not been vaccinated. i'm not concerned there's going to be a major outbreak. in other words, that we're going to have another epidemic nationwide, but and concern lives will be lost. new york and california have lifted virtually all of their cobra restrictions on businesses and social gathering. these 2 states hit hardest and earliest by the pandemic were also among those that suffered the most economically. businesses are trying to balance safety with meaning open and profitable. it does feel like the old times square here and yes and on the weekend, you really see me just over 50 percent of storefront are open for business in new
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york times square. but people are coming back. pedestrian can't now are rising. in fact, we see an average of 200000 sessions coming through our pauses in our neighborhood every day, which is 60 percent increase compared to what we saw during the pandemic. some businesses and events still require masks or proven vaccination. someone like myself, my friends, over here, we can't go to the show because we haven't gotten the vaccination with a significant segment of the population resistant to the vaccine. however, some say you can't be careful enough. i don't know what is going to look like, but it sounds good. i just don't want to take any chances. i want to leave a little longer. still many will find reason to celebrate this independence day in a country. not yet free of the corona virus. christine salumi al jazeera, new york, are present. joe biden is spending part of the july 4th holiday weekend encouraging
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people to get vaccinated. he's on his way to michigan to mock the country's progress against over 19 a spot of a nationwide so called america's back together tor 1st lady, joe biden is in maine and vice president. common harris will be in california and nevada. although more than half for us population has been vaccinated, the government will not meet its goal of inoculating 70 percent by july, 4th, that speak to she had her time z in washington d. c. she had the white house looking to use the 4th of july celebrations to mock the us, his progress in the fight against colbert 19. but it's still racing to get more people vaccinated. and that is a concern. i mean, there are good numbers to, to, to absorb. it's true that the bite is ministration is going to miss its goal of 70 percent of adults in the us having at least one shot of a vaccine. but only narrowly missing that it's going to be 67 percent of adults. if
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the current trends continue till tomorrow, 60 seconds, that is not off the 70 percent. so the white house a pretty happy with that. in addition, when you look at some of the other statistics that we have without 12000 cases a day, you compare that to 200000 cases a day when joe biden was inaugurated, we have 300 deaths a day. that's about the same level as we had in the us in march of 2020. so the white house says it's justified in celebrating how far we've come. they're going to have a big party on july before at the white house, a big barbecue, a 1000 members of the military, frontline, frontline, emergency workers having a barbecue. and they say, look, it in time to celebrate. the problem is that some of these numbers, but trends are beginning to go the other way. actually, even, let's begin with that 67 percent, whether these one vaccine, the number of american adults with both vaccines fully vaccinated is only 46 percent. and that rate is slowing the number of deaths today beginning to creep up
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as good as the delta variance spreads in the united states, particular problems with people with young people 18 to 39. i'll be proven to be much slower and taking vaccines in fact actually picked up probably 18 to 26 year olds. and then the regional variations where people are getting vaccinated, usually in the south east the midwest. and they were saying delta, the delta very instead of spreading. so dr. foundry and others are saying, look, this is real fair off of, to americans. having said that, they want to have that balance between keeping it runs and morale up and say that we have come so far, but also not leading to even more complacency. amongst those who now don't seem to necessarily want to get a vaccine that they want to make to make them well. it has no need to because because we went with and now we went back to normal and back to america back together. it's a very difficult balancing act that it's not entirely clear whether that them i'm going to to, to properly calibrate back to the, to the needs of america right now. thank you for that. she returns the lives there in washington. let's discuss this further now with wafa al serra, who is
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a professor of if you jamal g and medicine at columbia university to join just on skype from new york. thank you very much, dr. side for being with us or the us has. we've heard, there has made significant progress in controlling the pandemic. but this delta vary and is causing a lot of concern, is now the time to be opening up i think it's appropriate to think of the united states as, as, as almost like a region with multiple countries. there are such disparities in terms of the progress in confronting this and then from state to state, from community to community, which makes it very hard to make a generalizable recommendation for the country. overall. there are states where the vaccination rates have been quite extra ordinary one at the same time they've been others were vaccination has been limited. and we do know that the vaccination is
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really our main defense against this wires at this point in time. so i personally think that it behooves us all to think very carefully about where one is living, where one is situated and look around one south and think about what is the vaccination uptake? and is there sufficient vaccination update to be a protective to the population within? within such a no county, you talked about the disparities and the bite and administration has done a lot to encourage people to get vaccinated, offering all kinds of incentives. what else needs to happen in these regions that are not fully vaccinated to, to get people to get the short i think we need to keep trying different strategies . i think incentives are one way to go. i think there also could be as well trying to actually recruit people from the same communities that are hesitant and trying to find within those communities, both spokespersons,
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those champions who can reach others around them and encourage them to get vaccinated. there is no magic bullet, we have to keep trying different things, and we have to also keep evaluating what we're trying. so can move ahead, what works and discard what doesn't work. let's talk a bit more about the delta vary and dr. sato, this is causing a lot of concern, not just in the united states, but in a number of countries around the world. are we going to see a resurgence in cases come the fall, come september. if you know this trend continues, because apparently this very easily transmissible and more severe illness, i understand will the vaccines protect people again, 5th period? there's absolutely no reason for concern. enormous concern about the delta, very particularly again in communities in countries where vaccination reach me quite low. we do have encouraging information that many of the vaccines there are
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available now appears to be also protective against this very. and this again is further motivation should be for the motivation to do whatever is needed to enhance vaccination access as want to encourage people who have access to the scenes to see getting vaccinated as soon as possible. dr. wafa sadler. thank you very much for talking to us. my pleasure. thank you. indonesia, meanwhile, has imposed more restrictions in its capital jakarta, the main island of java, and the toys have of body. after record number of infections and death, mosques, restaurants, and shopping malls are closed and the health care system is struggling to cope. jessica washington, re for some jakarta, in the indonesian capital these carpenters work from morning to midnight is busier than ever in this workshop. in the families of the deceased waiting for coffins. so
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whether we like it or not, we have to work fast. as indonesia, the most populous island java deals with its largest search encoded 19 cases, workers in the funeral industry, se they overwhelmed and exhausted. nearby these men transport hundreds of empty coffins each day to hospital with i'm going to the priorities covey 19. we have to help with these cases because there are just too many dead bodies with its symmetries filling up and its hospitals struggling. the government has brought back restrictions to try slow transmission in java and bali. but the, because we, as we know in the last few days, the panoramic has developed very fast because of the new variant which is also become a serious problem in many countries. some of the restrictions include compulsory working from home for non essential sectors. the closing of moles,
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places of worship, and more and limits on domestic travel. there are more than $50000.00 police and armed forces personnel in the field to enforce the new restrictions and roadblocks around the capital. lisa, all the people to turn back and go home. doctor say they welcome the new restrictions, but some of how many live could have been saved if they had started sooner. some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity, and doctors say they have no choice but to turn away sick people because they don't have room for them. but i know that's going to help me to have them finding a full dead wife. there have been children and i come home unable to get hospital care, many a trying to buy oxygen tanks to care for their loved ones at home. the government
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says it will enhance tele medicine services to assist those in need. but the help has come to late for thousands of indonesians who lost their loved ones in the recent surge. now i feel so lost. my parents are gone. we don't even know where they caught the virus. in one week she lost her mother and father. now she hopes other families won't experienced the same fate. jessica washington, out to 0 jakarta, malaysia is tightening pandemic restrictions in cala poor and other areas surrounding the capital. the countries under a national lockdown. the government has set a date for parliament reconvene next month after he was suspended in january. drawing 3 has more from carla for on the additional restrictions. and some of these high tech restrictions include only one person from each household being allowed out and ridden only 10 kilometer radius of the home for necessities. people not
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being allowed out of the homes after 8 pm, except for emergencies or with police approval. factories that produce non essential items have to shut. and this is because many workplace clusters have come from factory. now the lockdown has generated anger to say those that have successfully managed to implement safety protocols, such as regular testing are being punished collectively with aaron's business owners. and people say also that this type has locked down the restriction, will create even more hardship. and the number of suicide cases has gone up, but malaysians have rallied together, urging people who need assistance to raise a wife like outside their home as a signal that they need help, whether it's food or money. now that has been a nationwide locked down already for more than a month. not only that malaysia has been in a state of emergency since january, yet we're not seeing the number of cases coming down. now much of that, it's also because there's the delta variance of the corona virus, but there is
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a political dimension to this as well. there is not a renewed push for parliament to reconvene. it's been suspended since the declaration of emergency in january and this renewed push is coming not just from the king, but also opposite. but also politicians from both sides of the divide. plenty more head and use our including a warning that more than 2000000 people in ethiopia, dry region on the verge of salvation. and the crisis could get worse in force. italy set up the european championship semi final with frame and he's here with that story. me ah, the looming prison fenton's for former south african president, jacob zoom i may be delayed. the constitutional court has agreed to hear his advocation for the contempt ruling against them to be revoked. had been sent in 15
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months in prison on tuesday for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry live to find emily who is inclined lodge, is outside seumas and fetch straw home. so present to my family that has been trying hard to avoid going to prison, n e seems to have gotten summary 3 for now and those attempts to stay out of prison. they've come just of the months of saying that he's prepared to go to jail. * to defend his right in that the constitutional court and the commission of inquiry into corruption or bias that the court and independent that there's an agenda political agenda against him. and so that he willing to go to jail who sort of creative, jo. once that judgement came through from the constitutional court just said, for the former president was due to either hand itself over to police all face arrest in the days after that. he then approach the constitutional court is one of the high court to try and prevent that arrest. and so for now,
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the constitutional cortes issued an order, say that it was here, his application for rescission, of that judgment and sentence, they'll hear that application on the 12th of july. but it doesn't necessarily mean that imprisonment is then that we are seeking clarity on that. one legal experts says that so for the president would have to apply separately to the constitutional court to hold off on that risk. how is this all playing out in south africa? found that what are people thing? well, they certainly is a mixed reaction to what's happened in the last week or so. yeah. and the current law, the, the full president residency was you knew natal of perhaps 2000 people at most, came out today to support the president. many here say they're willing to die for the president. they want to protect him from any imprisonment. they say it
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shouldn't happens at all, and they agree with the sentiment that the course are not independence. and that he's been vilified. and there's more work here than just trying to deal with the corruption issues such across south africa. many people have celebrated the fact that the constitutional court had made that judgement. because this is about the rules of law being supreme and that no one was above the law, including the former president, jacob's duma. they continue to be some confusion around what might happen next. but this, the, the latest from the constitutional court in terms of the judgement was very much attached to the governments like i can corruption. but one of the other factors that i think many people would be watching is what exactly this mean for the african national congress that takes a take up seumas party. some have said that the party has has betrayed the president and they blame the people,
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the position that the former president finds himself in a lot of mixed reaction. some of course, so protecting the former presidency and the people behind here tonight, likely to stay overnight until the former president is inspected to address. so that crickets, later on on sundays for me to thank you very much from me, larry 40 may lie from plan in cross it will not talk south africa. the united nations is warning the ethiopian government and rebel fighters to respect to cease fire into grey. the un says the conflict risk spending the region spiraling further into crisis. more than 2000000 people are said to be on the verge of starvation. if he'll be, as government declared a sci fi this week, the to grey defense forces say it's committed to cooperating. they're committed to cooperating with a partners and allowing access. catherine, she has more from ethiopia, capital addis ababa. communication is quite bad. we telephone lines have been cut off and to see the lines have been cut off. so there
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is no way of communicating. if you don't have a satellite phone right now, but somehow there are pictures and videos that have emerged from to gray. incredible pictures of the few things here. and i was talking about of prisoners of war, thousands of men and some women who appear to be federal soldiers being paraded around machaela, the capital of the gray marching to a prison. we have spoken to the spokesman of the great defense forces who has told us that this soldiers was arrested within the last one week during fighting between the different forces in areas around mecca. he also said that if you'll p and federal, they can military suffered huge casualties in those days and in that's fighting. and also other that the green and forces had seized important equipment and ethanol
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from the c o p. and for says, he also says now that the focus is in other areas that are still being controlled by you called the foreign forces, for example, the focusing on weston gray, where we still have forces from the neighboring. i'm higher a region, this is a dispute territory. where both the higher end that the gray claim, the land in west and the gray. so it's good to be interesting to see how all of that play plays out. at least 20 people have been reported missing after a mudslide or in japan coastal kind of autonomy. southwest of tokyo, prime minister yoshida suga, has called an emergency cabinet meeting and ship out. how's the latest? days of torrential rain, loose and soil above the town. around 10 30 am local time. on saturday,
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it all came sliding down the mountain. black mud cascaded through the streets in waves, crashing into homes in the quiet japanese resort town south west of tokyo. the piano, the electricity, pylons here were shaking all over the place. and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud lights were already there. and in the street below 2, i was really scared. japan, self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to mud slides and flooding during its annual rainy season. japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan. does. you know, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces,
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one of their missions is to, to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere and she's ok. prefecture cruiser rescuing people from floodwaters brains are expected to continue in several areas in the next 2 days. and are chappelle al jazeera. at least 43 migrants have drowned off the coast of tenicia, 84 others were rescued after their boat sank. soon after leaving the libyan port of laura, it's understood the engine broke down and then capsized. the boat capsized migrants from sit on a retreat and bangladesh or among those on board. still ahead on the news, the volcano in the philippines continue to check things, have toxic gap and find out why many people are reluctant to leave the area the changing face of chiles politics. former protesters have become the delegates of its new constitutional convention. and in lightning strikes again in hockey stanley
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cup final action from that coming back to the lake. ah, it is unusually hot or low. and particularly in iraq and kuwait, the wind is picked up again. is quite a stiff wind blowing air to that. what is now effectively increasing desert even where it used to be farm land and running down, bringing its dust towards gotta for example, this is going to continue for the next couple of days. the heat, of course, starts northern reaches is pekin mili after, but never really drops away of a night either. and it's not just confined to low density area of iraq is pretty hot further east in tehran, for example. it's 39 degrees. so q 8, then not quite reco, breaking the records, 52 or in the city itself. it's bit her little bit further in land,
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but we up near it and move well above the average. i have to say you haven't got to much above the average this part of the world for it to be quite significant tear and also with a record of 40 has probably reached and may exceeded in next couple of days. the average here about 34, number 2 rounds, about 1500 meters above sea level. so this is hot. anyway, back down to near sea level, where you catch the se monsoon in somalia that 10 spring a bit of rain, not much this season has to be said that a big cheryl seasonally correct in the 8th year can harland and a trumpeter shower at march west through south sudan towards the gulf of guinea, the when a war crime is committed, who is it going to go? how does it follows a garden human rights investigator? on his unprecedented journey to the french high court?
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i says, every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all diseases with energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity we can make it work for you and your business. ah.


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