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roof lead embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 900 to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on air and online. ah, more than 2000000 people and if you guys region are on the verge of starvation according to the un and as a warning the crisis could get worse. ah, i'm not matheson, this is a lie from doha. also coming up at these 20 people are missing after lunch, slightly tokyo sweeps away home. following days of heavy rain indonesia, malaysia, bring in tougher covert 1900 restrictions to tackle a surgeon,
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infections, and drug is on the verge of becoming iraq's next crisis. as fields turn to desert pharmacy, climate change is to blame. ah, nations is one of the e. c o, p, and government, and rebel fighters to respect to cease far into good. i. the un says the conflict versus the reasons spiraling farther into crisis. more than 2000000 people are set to be on the verge of starvation. the conflict began 8 months ago. millions have been displaced because of it. if he has government declared a sci fi this week, just before a bridge was destroyed, cutting off a crucial route for age to get in to get a defense forces to control the regional capital mckellar this week and installed what they're calling the government of national state to guy,
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they say they're committed to cooperating with agencies and giving them access. well let's go live now to catherine's soy. if you use capital, addis ababa communication in and out. just to get a very difficult, katherine, what to be know about what's been happening in there. yes, communication is quite bad. uh we telephone lines have been cut off and to see the lines have been cancelled. so there's no way of communicating. if you don't have a satellite phone right now, but somehow there are pictures and videos that have. 9 emerged from gray. incredible pictures that the few things here now talking about of prisoners of war, thousands of men and some women who appear to be in the field. federal soldiers being paraded around maquel of the capital of the gray marching to a prison. we have spoken to this month of the great defense forces who has told us
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that this soldiers was arrested within the last one week during fighting between the different forces in areas around mecca. let me also say that is your p and federal. that if you've been military, suffered huge casualties in those days and in that fighting and also other that the green and forces had seized important equipment and optimal from the field of forces. he also says, not that the focus is in other areas that are still being controlled by you called the foreign forces. for example, the focusing on west and the gray, where we still have forces from the neighboring i'm hydra region. this is a dispute territory where both the higher end that the gray claim,
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the land in western t gray. so it's going to be interesting to see how all that play plays out. and it's also going to be interesting to see how the government react, particularly to the issue of the prison as a war. because ease or full does that we've seen in that video eagle. so there are indeed a few p and federal souls as then it is a huge embarrassment to the administration of prime minister who officials, including the prime minister himself have been saying in the last few days that, that withdraw all of the european forces will tactical and really down playing reasons why that will do for medical and other areas integrating the 1st place, cousins for reporting from either south africa. awesome. thank you very much. well, hipaa morgan has reported extensively on the 10s of thousands of together in refugees. the fed across the border into neighboring sudan, and cheese and gather if while a lot of them are speaking of the horrors that they have left behind and cross the
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border interested seeking safety and refuge. many of them are also telling stories of how they're witness. i'm heard malicious, and if you've been farmers, they've accused those 2 sides of burning farms. they say that some crops were ready for harvest. and that if you open federal troops as well as her militias, burn those crops to make sure that many to grand do not get enough food to eat. they say that they believe that this is a targeted effort to make sure that they are barbed into submission. so many people who we've talked to, especially farm and say that they think that this is a form of ethnic targeting. they say that if there were any other 50, if there were any other soliciting, maybe their farms would have been fed. but the fact that the grants and the farms are supposed to be feeding, but the grid region, then they have been burned to the ground. a lot of them have said that warehouses have been rated as well, with what is in them have been looted by her a militia, as well as the federal troops. so many of them have arrived here in terrible humanitarian condition. it's a journey that can take days, sometimes weeks for them to be able to cross from parts of the gray into sudan.
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many of them in dire need of humanitarian aid. we already have 70000 refugees, cross into sudan. most of them say that they want to know what is going on back home, and they want to hear from their relatives who they say they've left behind in terrible humanitarian condition. and he's 20 people have been reported missing after a mudslide in japan's coastal time of a tommy south west of tokyo climate. so you'll see this figure has called an emergency cabinet meeting under chappelle has the latest days of torrential rain, loosened soil above the town around 10 30 am local time. on saturday it all came sliding down the mountain. black mud cascaded through the streets in waves, crashing into homes in the quiet japanese resort town, south west of tokyo, the
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piano, the electricity pile on here, which they can all over the place. and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud slides were already there. and in the street below 2, he was really scared. japan, self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to mud slides and flooding during its annual rainy season. japan is very much a natural disaster country and there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan. does. you know, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to, to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere. and she's a prefecture cruiser rescuing people from floodwaters brains are expected to continue in several areas in the next 2 days and are chappelle al jazeera. are
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these 43 migraines have drowned off the coast of chin is in 84. others were rescued after their boat sank. soon after leaving the levy. important water, it's not as to the engine broke on and then the boat capsized migrants was done at a trail and bangladesh. but among those on board in the brazilians on the streets of rear diginero and a protest against president jack both sent out his handling of the pan damage is under investigation over corruption allegations linked to a contract to buy indian vaccines. prosecutors say the deal was a front for embezzling millions of dollars has also been criticized depositions. restriction and put down, playing the dangers of the virus. more than half a 1000000 people of died in the brazilian corona virus. i think
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indonesia has rolled out more restrictions in his capital. jakarta, the main island of java, and the choose of bali, mosques, restaurants, and shopping malls have been closed after a record number of new delhi infections and death. the health care systems on the brink of collapse. jessica washington reports to carter in the indonesian capital these carpenters work from morning to midnight is busier than ever in this workshop . them of the families of the deceased waiting for coffins. so whether we like it or not, we have to work fast as indonesia, the most populous island at java deals with its largest surge in covert $900.00 cases. workers in the funeral industry say they overwhelmed and exhausted. nearby these men transport hundreds of empty coffins each day to hospital with the priority is coven 19? we have to help with these cases because there are just too many dead bodies
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with its symmetries filling up and its hospitals struggling. the government has brought back restrictions to try slow transmission in java and bali. so but the, because we, as we know in the last few days, the panoramic has developed very fast because of the new variant which is also become a serious problem in many countries. some of the restrictions include compulsory working from home for non essential sectors, the closing of moles, places of worship, and more and limits on domestic travel. there are more than $50000.00 police and armed forces personnel in the field to enforce the new restrictions and roadblocks around the capital. lisa, people to turn back and go home. doctors say they welcome the new restrictions, but some of how many live could have been saved if they had started sooner. some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity,
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and doctors say they have no choice but to turn away sick people because they don't have room for them. must be that i know that's going to help me to have them finding a bad wife. there have been children and what i can help unable to get hospital care. many are trying to buy oxygen tanks to care for their loved ones at home. the government says it will enhance tele medicine services to assist those in need. but the help has come too late for thousands of indonesians who lost their loved ones in the recent surge. now i feel so lost. my parents are gone. we don't even know where they caught the virus. in one week she lost her mother and father. now she hopes other families won't experienced the same fate. jessica washington out
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a 0 jakarta. malaysia's titling pandemic restrictions in color poor on other areas surrounding the capital, the countries under a national lockdown. and it's reported nearly 7000 new cases on thursday. the government set a date for parliament to reconvene next month after it was suspended in january. first, louis has more from calling them for on the additional restrictions. some of these hightail restrictions include only one person from each household being allowed out and ridden only a 10 kilometer radius of the home and necessities. people not being allowed out of the homes after 8 pm, except for emergencies or with police approval factories that produce non essential items. have 2 shots. and this is because many workplace clusters have come from factory. now the lockdown has generated anger. here in a say those that have successfully managed to implement safety protocols such as regular testing are being punished collectively with aaron's business owners. and
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people say also that this type her lockdown, the restriction, will create even more hardship. and the number of suicide cases has gone up, but the malaysians have rallied together, urging people who need assistance to raise a wife like outside their home as a signal that they need help, whether it's food or money. now that has been a nationwide lockdown already for more than a month. not only that malaysia has been in a state of emergency since january, yet we're not seeing the number of cases coming down. now much of that, it's also because there's the delta variance of the corona virus, but there is a political dimension to this as well. there is not a renewed push for parliament to reconvene. it's been suspended since the declaration of emergency in january and this renewed push is coming not just from the king, but also opposite, but also politicians from both sides of the divide. still ahead and i'll just say that it was one seen as a beacon of stability west africa to wire anti government protest on the streets in
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virginia fossil know south africa, the former president files papers to have is 15 months jail sentence withdrawn. ah, you see there is old news reports of heavy rain falling continuously. i'd like to say it's almost over. well, they'll be high. us in japan around tokyo is not quite as wet on sunday may so most the rate is going to be a bit further north and a bit further east, as you can see, but it's not going to be dr. bob, a seasonal rain band that stretches back towards china, and typically to get a 100 millimeters a day. that's not unusual. now this is the story on monday, the orange suggests heavy rain for the south running into home shoes on a certain tokyo area which is most at risk of the moment. however full cost wise
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rain on monday bit better on tuesday, windy and wet again on wednesday. it is not over. the risk remains of further landslides, this heavy rain to forecast, to be in the philippines stickly lose on, but also the central islands. and further south silhouette is bit drive in the walls with top you're probably wetter. sumatra is also where that is seasonally correct and not that extraordinary while the dryer in java, and you'll see in rather wetter probably in thailand, cambodia and laos as a monsoon rain is showing most of his f moment up in nepal baton the northeast of india. and bangladesh, it's hot, further west the the world lungs being seized, the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of 2 football pitcher per minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining. i'm farming. as both
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scenarios, government seek to relax, conservation loss and increase production. indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. no, it's the bite of their life. people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera . ah ah, the me. you want you to see it on a reminder of, i tell stories, this are the un is wanting, if he is government and rebels and to get i to respect to cease fire, all risk spiraling further into crisis. more than $2000000.00 people are said to be on the verge of starvation because of fighting, which is lasted 8 months. at least 20 people are missing in japan after lunch,
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right near tokyo homes are being swept away in the center of autonomy just south west of the capital authorities are warned to people in some areas to leave indonesia is rolling out more corona virus restrictions across jack casa java, and finally, as a numbers of very infections and deaths reach a record high, neighboring malaysia has also tightened measures after we're searching cases. they are the looming prison sentence for former south african president, jacob zimmer, is being delayed. the constitutional court is agreed to hear his application for the contempt ruling against him to be revoked, and being sentenced to 15 months in prison and tuesday, for failing to appear at a corruption inquiring. let's go live now to find the miller. in the candler family, we were just talking about an hour ago saying that this was a, essentially a last ditch effort to buy zoom. and it seemed presumed to stay out of jail, but it seems to have paid off. it certainly has at
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least for the time being, so instead of being possibly arrested in the coming days off, the not handing himself over, that was the expectation. it appears as if jacob's zoom are willing to return to the constitutional court asking it to resume this judgment. and sentence of the see months in prison, the former president applied for the hearing saying that he is too old and unwell to sub. so to sentence that would effectively be him since he was someone like him . and at the same time, just an hour or so ago, we saw the president exit his residence just behind us to this mobile stage, to greet supporters for a very brief time, but also not wearing a mosque and surrounded by people at a time when. so the printer has a surgeon code, but infections, and he's also on the level for locked down when people shouldn't actually be
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congregating at a time like this. so that it is arguments. the constitutional court says they won't leave it a couple of weeks and we are seeking clarity from police will not be a risk. and that judgement of the month that stays in place until that hearing is has on the 12th of july. but it does appeal for now, you may not be as under pressure as, as much under pressure as it was just a couple of hours ago. we found that i know you're outside the, the, for the, for the president homestead in canada. and we can see some of his supporters that are being gathering behind you. what was the reaction there when they heard the news? the well, it seems as if that news is just slowly trickling through to people. they've said that there's here to support the home a president and also protect him from any potential arrest people who are
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loyal and also that they very much believe that you've been a victim of a political campaign and that the judgement against him is unfair. and that the court is biased. so this decision by the constitutional court may redeem the court to some extent in the eyes of the people. but even if the court doesn't find in his favor to later stage, people say they, they will remain here to protect the former president against the system that's. that's against him from a to thank you very much indeed. that's farmer miller talking to us from the candler thousands of anti government protesters have gathered in bacchanal. fossils capital wanted to do the demonstrating against a worsening security situation. the opposition says the government is to blame, accuses it of failing to prevent attacks by all goose. were kinda foster was one scene is a beacon of stability in west africa,
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but hundreds of people have been killed since 2015 and attacks blamed on fighters linked to iso and al qaeda. more than a 1000000 people have fled the violence which is escalated in recent weeks. the writings called it the worlds fastest growing displacement crisis. president raska bodies sacked his defense minister and widens day and took over the job himself. that's after more than $130.00 civilians were killed in an attack near the border with molly and missouri. chuckle maker ac is the executive director at the west africa network for peace building. and he says many in booking of fossil have lost confidence in the government. each time that i talk is president limits. he communication to communicating with the dean and going on, conduct the presentation. and also we have recovery and people are beginning to feel the outlet. i think in the increase in the fact of the weakness of the government,
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we have that the l by one that i think that the government nuclear gate maggio and i'm also begin to develop some kind of community based anyone in them that will be caught in the on the, the 2nd one is that government needs to quickly move on. we the vision of, of, from the democrats and then based on the promise that we made on the petitions of the people that compounded then of course, i think you don't what, and that was what africa union and the un come to get that to begin to look at the thoughts i have done on the golf and all the best that i've been in that in that regard. i'm begin to company that rather than walking, you know so important to check, but vision of more and also for the patient. and that way they can begin to address structure. i leave them. i think i'd rather just call in
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on, on the fact that i'll call and i've called what do i appreciate that never be the current between the book and i cannot be addressed by military. might that look? that would not be possible, sorry, and temperatures and a lack of rainfall are leading to an increasingly desperate situation for farmers in iraq. as a result, the government has restricted what farmers can grow, but that hasn't sold the country. severe water shortages in con has this report from the farms east of baghdad. this should be lush, agricultural land growing amongst other things, watermelons and tomatoes. instead, it's dead. it's been this way since april and it's just getting worse. all over iraq feels attending to desert because of drought. 45 percent of iraq's arable land is under threat. according to the iraqi committee on agriculture and figures from the ministry of agriculture. this farm is an example of that grim statistic. the
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water that fed the land has dried up irrigation canals, empty animals have died. this farmer is in despair and says climate change could have been managed and he knows exactly who to blame it on me. it will be most of the mismanagement, 100 percent is the problem. the authorities knew the situation here for decades and they know the solution. they have built storage on the d. l. a river and dams on the terrace is no dams built since we had a royal stanley. now the water is finished with tired of demanding and farmers migrating to the city. this is the only source of income for corruption, mismanagement, and war are often blame for most of iraq's problems for the farm. as though climate change has made things worse, the government stop them from growing certain crops and saying the water must be used for drinking irrigation. the land and going to to know if we were short sighted, we did not put in a previous plan to deal with the drought. the amount of water is insufficient in
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the summer for farming. the government should have issued a decision to stop it. forming ne sees in ploughing and other preparations. so why would we allow the people to lose hard work and money? it's better they sell for me for at least one season. but this is no one season problem in 2020 iraq lawrence the national action plan on climate change alongside the united nations. it was supposed to address everything that you see around me. the dead feels the lack of water. but in the subsequent year, there has been higher and higher temperatures in iraq, less rain full, and now with corruption. miss management of the water flow. farmers here say that national action plan simply is working according to the united nations development program. iraq's one of the most vulnerable countries in the entire region, the days getting a whole to every year and the rains less frequent. it is perhaps the biggest
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challenge facing the country, but it also has unintended side effects. with the lack of natural water comes reliance on plastic, bottle water and with that more trash, rivers of stuff that are left on the streets because there's no system in place to dispose of it. iraq can expect to see more dead fields, a more plastic on the streets, unless something drastic has done him wrong. caught out a 0 east of baghdad. protests as have gathered in the occupied west bank after the killing of a prominent palestinian activist is out of band died last week, hours after being arrested and beaten by palestinian security officers. his death led to protests across the occupied west bank. a military spokesman says the 14 officers or members of the patrol that arrested him, no charges have been laid, need to have him joining us now from ramallah. talk us through what has been happening today,
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ended up several 100 people have gathered here at the minot. i squid and got my mother chancing logan like me, leave our bath and they're saying that they want revenge. we are usually we usually the police courses that are stationed here. we're not seeing that present police present here at the menorah quit, but we're hearing that there are right in the street near the round about here because this is the 3 that you do the lead to the presidential headquarters. paul saw so we believe that if the protesters are going to try and head towards the presidential headquarters, they might be mapped with poor. now when it comes to how the policy approach is going to deal with, if it's a wait and see, but we've seen that violence track down protestors who turned up last week to protest the death of the prominence. be a critic, nissan. and we've seen also harsh,
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remarked by the international communities such as that you, when the u. the u. s. department issued a statement condemning what has been happening. the new one type commissioner has said that it's urged in authority to ensure the safety of these protesters and the said it was concerned. i'd be non uniform people who are trying to submit the proto needed. thank you very much. indeed that's need able to him talking to us from ramallah. to 52 taliban fighters have been killed in air strikes by the afghan government, the ministry of defense as the strikes talked to taliban forces in 3 districts of helmand province. a senior commander was among the dead african security forces, say they also sees the laws cache of weapons. the bodies of 2 more people have been found in the rubble of the apartment block that partially collapsed in florida. last week. it brings the number confirmed dead to 22. italy of missing has
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been revised down to 126 after some people turned up safe and duplicate names were eliminated. but there are fears that how to can l. so which has heading towards florida could hamper recovery efforts or even bring down the rest of the building. and local officials have ordered the evacuation of an apartment building 8 kilometers away. the city of north miami beach says the crust, few towers are structurally and electrically unsafe people. living in the 49 year old blog, rushed out of the homes. on friday afternoon, authorities had begun inspecting nearby apartment towers but they did job numbers from the united states, show a major increase in the number of people going back to work. 850000 jobs were added in june. that's better than many analysts expecting us economies been surging since the start of the year. ukraine military is being accused of sexism and the soldier
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named after photos emerge of its female soldiers practicing for a military parade in high heels. these pictures were released by the defense ministry ahead of celebrations. next month to month, 30 years of independence. several politicians showed up to parliament with high heels and encouraged the defense minister to wear them to the parade. ah, this is not to say that these are the top stories the year on his warning, e c o p. s. government and rebels into good i to respect a cease fire or wisc spiraling further into crisis. more than $2000000.00 people are said to be on the verge of starvation because of fighting, which is lasted 8 months after. so i has the latest from addis ababa was the grand forces have been saying, and they've been showing pictures of men who.


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