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can call us the site is challenging the political establishment in latin america. as a panoramic thinks millions into overseas and fuel prices and drawing up the cost. and where is the lease next tech unicorn can do the cost on all to 0. ok. mm. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news online from dough hard coming up in the next 60 minutes. more than 2000000 people. and if he of his region might be on the verge of starvation. according to the un, there's a warning, the crisis could get worse. at least 20 people are missing. also a landslide here tokyo speech to way home following days of heavy rain
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indonesia, malaysia, bringing tougher cobra. 1900 restrictions to tackle a surgeon infections. and the changing face of chiles. politics are former protesters that become the architect of a new constitutional convention. uninstalled italy, the belgium, to reach the last 4 football european championship a to one wind over the world. right side, setting up the semi final it's ah, your other nations is warning the e. c o p, and government and rebel fighters to respect a cease fire into good i the you and the says the conflict risks. the reason spiraling further into crisis. more than 2000000 people are set to be on the verge of starvation. the conflicts began 8 months ago. millions have been displaced
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because of it. if you appears government declare to cease fire this week, just before a bridge was destroyed, cutting off a crucial route for aid to get in. to get a defense forces took control of the regional capital mccullor this week and installed what it's calling the government of the national state of to guy. it says it's committed to cooperating with agencies and giving them access. let's go live now to catherine. sorry. if your peers capital either java, catherine, talk us through what we know is actually happening into gray because communications is still very difficult. yes, communication is difficult, but we have managed to see some a video and pictures incredible video of thousands of men who appear to be if you'll p and federal soldiers being rated by degrading and defense forces around the shape of mckellar, the copy to all of the gray, we have spoken to the spokesman of the degree and it was said that they in the last
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7 days have cops and thousands of the feel can pull just around michaela where there was fighting. they were matching the soldiers. they say to the prison, they say that they're going to relieve some of the lower ranking soldiers to humanitarian organizations. like the i, c, r c, the international committee of the red cross. they also say that if you'll get military has, in this last week, suffered huge losses during fighting between the 2 forces. and then the 2 gradient forces have also sees important military equipment. now they say that the defeated he'll be in soldiers. and this, if this saw the are indeed forces have been captured by that degree and forces the cheese. a huge embarrassment to the government of prime minister who officials, including the prime minister himself have been saying in the last few days. that
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the reason why the schools is withdrew from mckayla and march of to grab it because of because all strategic purposes saying that machaela was not anymore the center of gravity in this conflict that the gradient defense forces and the gradient leadership, which is now we are told in place in mecolas, they are not a priority any more than not a major threat to the government anymore. we've been trying to get a response from governmental officials about this. but like i said, a huge embarrassment. if indeed this falls as i feel confederates, we'll just, just as we were talking about the, the year end is being pointing up. the fact that there is actually mandatory in crisis into not getting aid is difficult as you know. but one of the, one of the key things is getting a getting eaten by air, has ethiopian government being saying anything more about opening up aerospace to allow that aid to get in. well the air space
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is still closed and we did speak to a minister state of foreign affairs. red one who said yesterday, and he did say that the government is going to open up the air space in the guy for un humanitarian flight. them for aid work, he did not say when, but he said it will be soon enough. he said the government is keen to have to give access to human, to humanitarian, to gain access, to all the people who are suffering the most, particularly in rural areas in 3rd grade. but even nice, the airport is open. we've been talking to aid workers who is saying it's just a logistical nightmare. just trying to get supplies to the people who need it. most infrastructure has been destroyed in some parts. is a very important bridge over that. the kids, everybody. this is an important supply route to west than the guy that has been destroyed as we speak in the guy. the electricity is not the power lines have been
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cut off, communication is very power road. it's for, i think you can only communicate right now using satellite forms bank and not operating. so creating a very difficult position for aid workers to get food to those who desperately needed it. and as you mentioned, no more than 400000 people in the brink of 5 mean. so aid work is saying that they need this situation, the escalated so that they can speak, the infrastructure can be speak so that they can get to as many people as possible within the shortest time and the safety as possible. that's catherine talking to us from this as well as we've just been talking about. the un officials have been painting a dia, picture of the western situation ticket. i joined the un security councils 1st public meeting on the conflict diplomatic at his head. james base reports from un headquarters in new york in the 8 months since the start of the ethiopian military
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offensive, the security council couldn't even agree on holding a public meeting on t gray until now. in front of the cameras and basses were given grim new figures, showing the scale of the suffering more than 400000 people are estimated have crossed the threshold into famine and another 1800000 people on the brink of famine . summers suggesting that the numbers are even higher. 33000 children severely malnourished. and there was a warning it could get much worse. there is potential for more confrontations and a swift deterioration in the security situation, which is extremely concerning. ethiopia, as ambassador warned that international pressure could push his country over the edge, though, like to make it clear that the political, prego and hasty bilateral course measures against an acceptable and valid busy tennis of international exercise pressures will put
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this amish and country of 110000000 people to the precipice and deep riven was no possibility of recovery. the united states was one of the countries, the cold for this 1st public meeting of the security council by an open meeting is not enough. what we need to see is action on the ground. we need to see a cease fire that is permanent, that all of the parties agree to. we need to see the air tray and troops return to their own border. we need to see unfettered access for humanitarian workers. we need to see accountability before this meeting took place is significant, but it was clear from the speech is in the room that there are still many members of the security council, including permanent members who are not in favor of any further action by the counsel. even if the violence continues james bay's al jazeera,
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at the united nations, morgan's reported extensively on the 10s of thousands of to guy in refugees who fight across the border into neighboring sou, done. she's in. got if while a lot of them are speaking of the horrors that they have left behind and cross the border into finance, seeking safety and refuge, many of them are also telling stories of how they're witness. i'm hearing malicious . and if you've been farmers, they've accused those 2 sides of burning farms. they say that some crops were ready for harvest. and that if you open pedal troops as well as i'm her militias, burn those crops to make sure that many to grand do not get enough food to eat. they say that they believe that this is a targeted effort to make sure that they are solved into submission. so many people who we talk to, especially pharmacy, that they think that this is a form of ethnic targeting. they say that if there were any other 50, if there were any other ethnicity, maybe their farms would have been bad. but the fact that the grants and the farms
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are supposed to be feeding, but the grid region, then they have been burned to the ground. a lot of them have said that warehouses have been rated as well, with what is in them have been looted by her militia, as well as federal troops. so many of them have arrived here in terrible humanitarian condition. it's a journey that can take days, sometimes weeks for them to be able to cross from parts of the gray into sudan. many of them in dire need of humanitarian aid. we already have 70000 refugees, cross into sudan. most of them say that they want to know what is going on back home, and they want to hear from their relatives who they say they've left behind in terrible humanitarian conditions. and he's 20 people have been reported missing after a mudslide in japan's coastal time of autonomy. so west of tokyo, prime minister yo shaky. the sugar has called an emergency cabinet meeting. and chappelle has the latest days of torrential rain. loosen soil above the town around 10 30 am local time. on saturday, it all came sliding down the mountain. black mud cascaded through the streets
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in waves, crashing into homes and the quiet japanese resort town south west of tokyo. the electricity pile on here which shaking all over the place and no sooner had i wondered what was going on than the mud slides were already there. and in the street below, 2 was really scared. japan, self defense forces had sent teams to help local police and firefighters. japan is prone to much slides and flooding during its annual rainy season. japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan does. you know volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to,
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to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed elsewhere. and she's ok. prefecture cruiser rescuing people from floodwaters rains are expected to continue in several areas in the next 2 days. inter chappelle al jazeera. but the more ahead in the news are including drugs who is on the verge of becoming iraq next crisis. as fields tend to desert pharma think climate change is to blame. i don't know what is going to look right, but sounds good. i just don't want to take any chances. i want to no longer america reopens ahead of independence day holidays, but concerns remain about to spread the delta variance and in sports lightning strikes again and hockey stanley cup final action ah
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visors of anti government protesters have gathered in booking of fossils capital demonstrating against a worse than a security situation, the opposition accuses the government of failing to prevent attacks by armed groups . because foster was one seen as a beacon of stability in west africa. but hundreds of people have been killed since 2015 and attacks blamed on fighters linked to isis. and are you done more than a 1000000 people have fled, the violence which is escalated in recent weeks. the runs called it the worlds fastest growing displacement crisis. president ross car bodies sacked his defense minister on wednesday and took over the job himself, softer, more than a 130 civilians were killed and then attacked the border with molly and ms. young. jacoby make a s a is the executive director at the west africa network for peace building, and he's joining us now from gun his capital. aka, it's good to have you with us on al jazeera said the president had said that the
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rallies should have been cancelled because they wouldn't put an end to the terrorism. but it does sound as though people simply aren't listening because the people feel that had been the response of the president on the government. the time that i talk is president, we meet communication to commit written would be going on, conduct presentation and corporate went back and beginning outlet, thinking that the increase in the part of the weakness of the government who cannot . but we have that the l by one as we talked about before, beginning of fossil had been seen as a country of stability in west africa. bots, things seem to have changed. why is it that i saw and all call you to fighters, particularly seem to be able to carry out
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a tax in booking of fossil i think that many fucks both from the fall is that the ability in working out. so we have all now come to me and i was calling to get to think that there was maybe a talk with that maybe possible for them to have the kind of negative the bite at some of that. but now they moved me from dock. so chris, to craig, so the show on it rather than in the beginning to find the beginning. and now if you look at some of the students in including have been and no more much about it both in book and that i'm booking up. i don't have given that i've done it, why be that package? but also you can modal. now the bad thing is i have to tell you what is happening.
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i want to be respectful and of course, given the fact that see the end of the review of the so called report from on amongst the wrong on file of the military. i've not been successful. so loud thinking that the military may be contrib would be of the be through the actions on it. in your opinion, what would it take to stop these attacks and bring back in a fossil back to some degree of stability? they'd be coming to my mind number one that i think that the government need to engage what your position and also begin to develop some kind of community base anyone in them that will be caught in the pond the people. the 2nd one is that government need to quickly move on. we be prohibition of all from be
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democrats. and then based on the promise is that we are made on the expectations of the people that are compounded. then of course, i think you don't read what and that was africa, you know, and, and the un come to get that to begin to look at the end thoughts i have done on the gulf of all the best that i've been taking place in that i'm begin to company that brought i'm walking, you know, so if you the bottom to check, well you know, more of an input in that way they can begin to address truck told them i think i'd rather go in on to our call. and of course, i appreciate that never be the current between the book you cannot be addressed by military. might that look really interesting to get your thoughts on this trickery? make it so we appreciate you joining us now. just so thank you very much. indeed.
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my pleasure. thank you. at least $43.00 migrants have drowned off the coast of tennessee of $84.00. others were rescued after their boat science. soon after leaving the libyan port of the water. it's understood, the engine broke down and then the boat capsized migrants from sudan at a tray and bangladesh. what among those on boards? 52 taliban fighters have been killed in air strikes by the afghan government. the ministry of defense says the starting targeted taliban forces in 3 districts and problems. a senior commander was among the dead afghans security forces. so they also seized a large cache of weapons in indonesia has rolled out more restrictions in his capital. jakarta, the main island of java and the tourist of bali, mosques, restaurants, and shopping malls have been closed after a record number of new daily infections and death. the health care system is on the
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brink of collapse. jessica washington reports from jakarta. in the indonesian capital, these carpenters work from morning to midnight. busier than ever in this workshop. like them of the families of the deceased waiting for coffins. so whether we like it or not, we have to work fast as indonesia, the most populous island java deals with its largest search in covert 19 cases. workers in the funeral industry, se they overwhelmed and exhausted. nearby these men transport hundreds of empty coffins each day to hospital with the priorities covey 19, we have to help with these cases because there are just too many dead bodies. the with the symmetry filling up and its hospitals struggling. the government has brought back restrictions to try slow transmission in java and bali. so but the,
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because we, as we know in the last few days, the panoramic has developed very fast because of the new variant which is also become a serious problem in many countries. some of the restrictions include compulsory working from home for non essential sectors, the closing of moles, places of worship, and more and limits on domestic travel. there are more than $50000.00 police and armed forces personnel in the field to enforce the new restrictions and roadblocks around the capital. lisa, all the people to turn back and go home. doctors say they welcome the new restrictions, but some of how many live could have been saved if they had started sooner. some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity, and doctors say they have no choice but to turn away sick people because they don't have room for them. but i know that's going to help me
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to be able to have them finding a bad life. there has been children and what i can help unable to get hospital care. many are trying to buy oxygen tanks to care for their loved ones at home. the government says it will enhance tele medicine services to assist those in need. but the help has come too late for the thousands of indonesians who lost their loved ones in the recent surge or elder. now i feel so lost. my parents are gone. we don't even know where they caught the virus in one week she lost her mother and father. now she hopes other families won't experienced the same fate. jessica washington, out to 0 chicata, malaysia tightening. pandemic restrictions in color, pour and other areas surrounding the capital. the country is under a national lockdown and is reported nearly 7000 new cases on thursday. the
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government set a date for parliament to reconvene next month after it was suspended in january on st. louis has more from the port on the additional restrictions. some of these tight restrictions include only one person from each household being allowed out, and within only a 10 kilometer radius of the home for necessities. people not being allowed out of the homes after 8 pm, except for emergencies or with police approval. factories that produce non essential items have to shut. and this is because many workplace clusters have come from factory. now the lockdown has generated anger to say those that have successfully managed to implement safety protocols, such as regular testing are being punished collectively with aaron's business owners. and people say also that this type has locked down the restriction, will create even more hardship. and the number of suicide cases has gone up, but the malaysians have rallied together, urging people who need assistance to raise a wife like outside that home as
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a signal that they need help, whether it's food or money. now that has been a nationwide locked down already for more than a month. not only that malaysia has been in a state of emergency since january, yet we're not seeing the number of cases coming down. now much of that, it's also because there's the delta variance of the corona virus, but there is a political dimension to this as well. there is not a renewed push for parliament to reconvene. its been suspended since the declaration of emergency in january and the renewed push is coming not just from the king, but also opposite, but also politicians from both sides of the divide response teams have been deployed across the us, 2 areas at risk of a highly contagious form of cobra 19. the delta variant has been detected in all 50 states. i can head into a holiday weekend with loosened restrictions. kristen salumi reports from new york . the ground, whether it's to see bruce springsteen on broadway,
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or the new york mets at city field. americans are getting back out just in time to celebrate the national 4th of july. how day weekend some traveling for the 1st time since the pandemic. it's really exciting. but it's also a little concerning at the same time just because there's so much we don't know. the united states is reopening despite falling short of president jo biden's, goal vaccinating 70 percent of americans, even as the delta variance spreads to all 50 states. i am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variance and spread the variance to other people who have not been vaccinated. i'm not concerned there's going to be a major outbreak. in other words, that we're going to have another epidemic nationwide, but an concerned lives will be lost. new york
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and california have lifted virtually all of their cobra restrictions on businesses and social gathering. these 2 states hit hardest and earliest by the pandemic are also among those that suffered the most economically. businesses are trying to balance safety with meaning open and profitable. it does feel like the old times square here. yeah. and on the weekend, do you really see? just over 50 percent of storefront open for business in new york time square. but people are coming back. i pedestrian camps now are rising. in fact, we see an average of 200000 sessions coming through our pauses in our neighborhood . every day, which is 60 percent increase compared to what we saw during the pandemic. some businesses and events still require masks or proven vaccination. someone like myself, mike frank over here, we can't go to the show because we haven't done the vaccination with a significant segment of the population resistant to the vaccine. however,
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some say you can't be careful enough. i don't know what is going to look right, but sounds good. i just don't want to take any chances. i want to live a little longer. still, many will find reason to celebrate this independence day in a country, not yet free of the corona, virus. christian salumi al jazeera, new york sewing temperatures, and a lack of rainfall are leading to an increasingly desperate situation for farmers and iraq. as a result, the government restricted what farmers can grow, but that hasn't sold the countries severe shortages of water. and on con, has this report from the farms east of baghdad. this should be lush, agricultural land growing amongst other things, watermelons and tomatoes. instead, it's dead. it's been this way since april and it's just getting worse all over iraq fields returning to desert because of drought. 45 percent of iraq's arable land is
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under threat. according to the iraqi committee on agriculture and figures from the ministry of agriculture. this farm is an example of that grim statistic. the water that fed the land has dried up irrigation canals, empty animals have died. this farmer is in despair and says climate change could have been managed and he knows exactly who to blame it on me. it will be most of the mismanagement, 100 percent as the problem, the authorities knew the situation here for decades and they know the solution. they have built storage on the yellow river and dams on the terrace is no dams built since we had a royal family. now the water is finished with height of demanding and farmers migrating to the cities. this is the only source of income for corruption miss management and war are often blamed for most of the rocks problems for the farm. as though climate change has made things worse, the government stop them from growing set and cropped and saying the water must be used for drinking irrigation and the learn a good to know. we were short sighted,
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we did not put in a previous plan to deal with the drought of the amount of water is insufficient in the summer for farming. the government should have issued a decision to stop it, forming ne season ploughing and other preparations. so why would we allow the people to lose hard work in money? it's better they sell for me for at least one season. but this is no one season problem in 2020 iraq lawrence the national action plan on climate change alongside the united nations. it was supposed to address everything that you see around me. these dead feels the lack of water. but in the subsequent years, there has been higher and higher temperatures here in iraq, less rain full and now with corruption. miss management of the water flow. farmers here say that national action plan simply isn't working according to
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the united nations development program. iraq's one of the most vulnerable countries and the entire region. the days i getting a hold to every year and the rains less frequent. it is perhaps of the biggest challenge facing the country. but it also has unintended side effects. with the lack of natural water comes reliance on plastic, bottle water and with that more trash, rivers of the stuff that are left on the streets because there's no system in place to dispose of it. iraq and expect to see more dead field. a more plastic on the streets, unless something drastic has done him wrong, caught out 0 east of baghdad. it's time for the weather. his rob yesterday elsa was merely a tropical storm. it strengthened and is now a hurricane. this is what it did in the last 24 hours or so went across bob. it is pretty quickly and the neighboring small island, causing a certain amount of damage the winds were strengthening at the time. so this is footage from barbados in particular. clearly have not got a strong building,
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it will be affected by these winds. it brought trees down there, some pretty big trees as well. so there was a certain amount of collateral damage. however, it's gone now, but it's still strengths and this is the current conditions. 130 calories brown, that's a hurricane category one, it might strengthen a bit more of a warm water still going very quickly. however, there is now a hurricane morning at the south coast off his spine. unison hated dominican republic. and you can see why, cuz else's heading that way during saturday, daylight hours. that the same time it's going to affect jamaica and then probably cuba, probably saying that the same strength does is early in the season. this is going to cause some damage. it is after all, a hurricane, but what happens after this? well, once it goes across cuba, it may well lose some strength. and it probably will that gain a bit more head towards florida, but still uncertain forecast still had an order 0.


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