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economy has been surging since the start of the year. we've now created over 3000000 jobs as it took office, more jobs. they've ever been creating the 1st 5 much of any presidency in modern history. actually incredible work in the entire team. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years, driven and part bar dramatic progress and vaccinating our nations and beating back to pandemic. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the u. n. is warning if you, because governments in rebels and te grier to respect to sci fi or risk spiraling further into crisis. it says 4 100000 people are suffering famine while another 1800000 are struggling to find food. catherine soy has a latest from the saba. why did the grand forces have been saying and they've been
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showing pictures of men who appear to be your p and federal soldiers being paraded along the streets, emacula the copy flows, thousands of them being taken to prison. we spoke to the spokesman of this, the grand forces who said that they have in the last 7 days, captured thousands of european soldiers during fighting and areas around mccalla. he also says that he'll kill military has suffered major casualties. and the grand forces have also managed to seize important military equipment. at least 20 people are missing in japan. after a landslide near tokyo homes have been swept away in the central city of atomic or south west of the capital. authorities have worn people in some areas to leave. indonesia is rolling out more current of virus restrictions across the car side.
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java and bali is the numbers of daily infections and deaths reach a record high. neighboring malaysia has also tightened measures after a search in cases. prosecutors in brazil have opened the corruption investigation against president j your ball scenario. he's accused of failing to act against the scheme involving the national current of virus vaccination campaign. prosecutor say a deal to buy indian vaccines was a front for embezzling millions of dollars. at least $43.00 migrants have drowned off the coast of tennessee or $84.00. others were rescued after their both sank. soon after leaving the libyan forces, the water it's understood, the engine broke down and then it capsized new jobs data from the u. s. shows a major increase in the number of people going back to work. 850000 jobs were added in june. the u. s. economy has been surging since the start of the year. more news on al jazeera coming up after inside story. that's next, thanks for watching. ah,
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ah, ah, i have a 900 themes allow the us in europe to reopen for business countries in africa. lag behind and the job sense of the continent are recognized for travel in europe. that will vaccine kurtz and end up dividing rich and full nation. this is inside story. ah, ah, hello and welcome to the show. i'm sammy, a dan, so covey, 900 vaccines,
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a vital for controlling the pandemic. as we know, widespread immunization is allowing parts of the world, including the u. s. in europe to reopen for tourism and trade. but it's a different story in developing nations. millions of people across africa still waiting to receive their 1st jobs. the w h o warns the continent is facing an extremely aggressive 3rd wave. the african unions cove at $900.00 envoy, a strongly criticized europe for failing to deliver the millions of doses. it promised we'll bring in our guests in a moment. but 1st, this report from victoria gate and d marie a 57 year old mother of 5 has come to this clinic in can shafter to get her 2nd job of the astrazeneca vaccine. the democratic republic of congo is suffering from a 3rd surge of corona, virus infections, as many other parts of africa. i think i said this is good for us to protect ourselves if you are experiencing the 3rd wave of curve at 19. it's important we
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received this vaccine because in doing so, we'll also save others. she's one of the lucky ones. only one percent of people across the continent have been inoculated. while rich vaccinated countries are reopening their economies. african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen supplies of running low and the virus is spreading to rural areas. the manny charge of securing doses to the continent has criticized europe, saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the 1000000 dip promised not a single dose. not one file has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers, they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of your 5 point. 5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents. 1.3000000000
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people. callbacks promise to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. but so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. reach, come to like the u. k. like the g 7. just are putting the profit pharmaceutical companies above public health, but not by not pushing companies to share the technology so that others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccines. so we are on the, you know, the mercy of the company. the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says there's been a 23 percent increase in the number of covey related deaths in the past week, and warns unless the continent can secure a regular supply vaccines. the consequences will be catastrophic. victoria gates and be al jazeera and the african union is warning of global inequality even after people receive their jobs. most of its doses come from the us back. kovak scheme
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which relies on the indian made astrazeneca dos, cold covey shield that is not recognized by the use new vaccine passport for travel . 8th european states have reportedly agreed to accept covey shield off the pressure from india, but the e u hasn't approve russian or chinese main vaccines. either. kovak says this risks dividing the world into 2 tears. the spring in august into the show we have joining us from addis ababa john kanga song, director of the africa centers for disease control and prevention in abilene in italy, gloria italy, jani, professor of infectious diseases. at last. at the end, the university of rome and in london, max lawson, head of inequality policy at oxfam international war. welcome to all, if i could start with gloria in italy. so why is the
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e u in excluding some vaccines like covey shield, which is, of course, just the variant of astrazeneca made in india. well, the question is very interesting because really don't know exactly what, what the re apparently did declare ational the email for 5 to the email conversation. was that the mad, the factory where the vaccine is going to produce is not perfectly adequate production of this kind of acts, you know, at least it's not been certificated in a proper way. does not like to jump in. does that suggest that the vaccines are not effective? while this is not the truth, this is not true. that all the point is, the sooner institute, which produces being vaccine, the covariance, sheena, is the,
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the most relevant factory for vaccine for action all over the work. just to remember that 60 percent of children are vaccinated with vaccines produced by the company. so it's, it seems sort of least a little bit from me that sure eating in, in this conditional buick gmc, the factory is, can see the knox are not enough proved to be capable of producing goods, vaccines and the are on the other side, we should test 1st of the peak, a seal in safety, vaccines or, or refusing them. all right, let me take that point to john in kanga song in abas abba. so if the european union has some doubts, has some questions about the standards or the certification of the factory. that's
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manufacturing the indian variant of astrazeneca. is it fair enough that they should hold off for now on uh, from putting the covey shield vaccine on the approved list? i think we have been extremely surprised by that behavior. cobra shit vaccine has been approved as part of the collection of students from kovak, which is kind of been supported by w h o b, this epi, there coalition for epidemic preparedness innovation. this vaccine has been paid for by the european tax p. s. money. and we all know that it has given emergency authorization for this vaccine. so i remain completely lost as to why such behavior. we've always maintained that we should, the only way that we will defeat this plan, is to use science to drive policies and action. and that's fine,
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nor science behind his decision. and i really call on the european union to reverse that decision almost immediately because it is creating a lot of people that have received a vaccine in africa and the globe out. tell us more about the homage, john, what does that mean for people? doesn't mean that we just deliver the ones that decision was made over the we can tell you that many, many steps have called me so many people in their communities reach out to me and express a lot of anxiety risk. pictured ability to travel to europe for several reasons. we are is highly interconnected. we're europe and africa, or move the movement across the 2 continents is extremely important because of that, people can then move to europe. is chris hum at both social and economy hum. today populations, i think that is something that we strongly encourage that your opinions to look at
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that decision also affects the ability for the confidence that people i invest in, in the vaccines that are available each time we be that we create the roads and a lot of confidence in the vaccines are all our programs. right, right. let me bring max into the discussion max, it will, the world was worried or concerned with a divide emerging between the have and the have and have nots when it comes to vaccines. is there now a new divide emerging even between those who had vaccines and golden vaccinated in the vaccinated light or something like that? it seems, i think there is a low history, sadly in this kind of response of what i think we should call it what it is. it's a structural racism. it's the european know, looking at themselves. and this implicit sense that brown people in the global
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south are incapable of making vaccines when, in fact, you know, when it hit 60 percent of the world's vaccines are made in india, we have competent way the world class produces in developing countries all over the world. and these are the same, produces, waiting for the vaccine recipe being held under lock and key by 5 m a dan bio intent. so certainly the europeans looking after themselves, once again. so yes, we may have this divide over vaccine passports, but it's, it's much more substantial thing we have, we have been trying symbols that max and jump in and say, well, from the you perspective, i'm sure they would argue this is not about different parts of the world or races, this is simply about science and if certain factories are not up to standard, why should be your opinion rush in to certify them these factories? the serum is she has been fully approved by the w h o by co racks. it is absolutely
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the case that as john said, it's completely unheard of that, that the european union should decide that they have some our highest standard. i think this is politically driven. i think it's because it's seen as the british vaccine that are like it. i think that's politics in all of this, and i think there was racism in there too. i think the europeans have a very, very poor record on this. look at chancellor michael, she's blocking moves at the w t. i to share the vaccine recipe. bio in tech is a german for, they have one of the most successful vaccines together with fines that they've sold virtually known vaccines in the developing build bursting numb for africa. that's a pulling that's a crime of historical proportions. when we look at the 3rd way sweeping through countries like you can, it's absolutely disgusting to be honest. you see the europeans looking after themselves once again, and it just makes me really, really angry. and i think they should look to themselves and they should share the
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vaccine recipes as cost as possible and allow developing countries to make themselves safe. or let me take a point back to glory at this whole issue. it kind of banks the question about how much policy coordination there is in the u right now, because as max pointed out, you have a situation on the one hand where the you is saying, you know, we're not sure about this vaccination. and yet the same e u as been funding the kofax program, the u. n. w h o colfax program which gets this vaccination funds getting this vaccination out to the rest of the world that they're now saying they're not sure about how much ordination is there between the e u and the w h o on these kinds of issues. how much coordination is there between countries themselves? some of the you, nations have approved the same covey shield that the e. u, as a whole is saying they're not sure about. well, given debbie,
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totally legitimate for each regulatory authority to independently carry out the approval process for drag that back to that was wherever. apparently, at the moment we had a problem of coordination because european union paid that the vaccine should not be used and recognized. but at the same time, germany as well, they knew i'd be lam, spain, and i find the sony or switzerland. the nice lambda approved kong shields. the answer, the proper and effective, unsafe roxanne, therefore in unit time in which in a moment in which there should be unique way to face the, the make emergency. apparently there is large page space for each country or each or different countries to be a in a different way,
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which is not something helpful to properly manage the emergency and properly manage the huge field covering the largest 5 possible parts of human beings with the vaccine john, i want to come back to you on a point you mentioned about the hom, this could do a konami cli as well. what will it mean for the developing world of a kind of new seen? i don't sound overdramatic, but iron curtain kind of thing is being drawn down around certain regions. what does that mean for those regions? economically? i think it means it can. i make a devastation for. ready the region betty also means that we. ready agreed to be in this pandemic for, for a long haul, and not just the re, jones that fits in that restriction. but globally thing we have to be, you have to be very clear to all of us that we come out from just together. we
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remain in this for ever, regardless of whether your bucks knitted or not. so the consequences economy consequences. so sub consequences, unheard consequences of this kind of behavior is a unmanageable. and you cannot actually, we're about to that. we are in, again, just pandemic. we saw behaviors, kara, just to clarify what ultimately does the u approved list. mean, let's say if somebody in africa has been thank sending with covey shield, wants to go to any country that all a national level says yes, will recognise covey shield, but the e u. level says, we don't recognize it. what does that leave people? well, probably the most important consequence. so to be the acceptance of call me shoot the by some will come some of the come to some new sets. people who are vaccinated. we've covered shield that are exempted and recognized as protected and
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they can move from a country to another without any problem. so does that mean that basically the directive and approved list is meaningless? at the end of the day it comes down to you've got to look at what the national government health authorities say. what's the point of an approved list, then apparently works like that. and it is something that should not have been happened because we have european union to make a decision for all of us. and the decisions, however, should be shared upper level, which is reasonable consequences accepted by all the countries for all the parks, the most, the in the union. and if any country feels the need of taking a position, which is different from the position of the o p,
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any william failure of the european union itself, max, it's not just an issue. and we're focusing on coffee shield. so obvious reasons, since that's the one that's been, i think, the most highly distributed by the kofax game. but there's also the question of the russian vaccines and chinese vaccines, right? they are not on the list. what does that mean for the world? and the idea of getting the world back to where it was before cove. it does this mean the idea of travel bubbles? the idea of travel corridors, trade, car doors are going to be here for the foreseeable future. this is not something that's going to end anytime soon with, with vaccines getting out. i think there's 2 things. i mean, i would distinguish between whether or more than one chinese vaccine and then the, the russian one. the chinese vaccine signed it back. and saw the form have both been approved by the w h o for use now on the rushing vaccine as i understand it
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has no. so if we're looking to the world health organization and the stringent assessment of the vaccine, then that should be the bottom line. that's the bottom line for car. it maybe should be that way, max, but that wasn't enough for coffee. she was the w a chose approve that, and yet you hasn't. so it seems like it happens in reality from, from what the w h o says. absolutely, and i think we could see more of that in the future. and if they'll do that for astrazeneca, then you can see politics very much coming into play with the chinese vaccines as well. so i would definitely agree on that, but i think we need to focus on the key issue here that the vast majority of developing countries don't have enough of any vaccine at this point. and that's the key key issue. yes, it's problematic for travel if you have been vaccinating with the vaccine, but it's far, far more problematic if you're in your gander at the moment where 4000 people now
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45000000 have had 2 doses. i mean it absolutely terrible the whole day and you're back seems going on by europe. and i think this, this latest episode of saying that coffee shield isn't quite right. is a lot for me on i think it's about defending european industries, this sense that kind of only safe back scenes can be made in europe and america. we've seen this all the way through, and we need to have a situation where we can respect that qualified vaccine manufacturers all over the world and share the recipes with them as fast as possible. and that simply not happening. and the u. s. is said that they're open to waving peyton on vaccine and the main block is that a huge lead branch of medical? so i think they really are problematic. and i think history will frown on the you terribly for what's happened in the last 6000000 months. and the fact that they're
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standing by and seeing so few people vaccinated in the developing world, maybe will bring glory in for a quick come in on that point. why has europe being so slow to get out vaccines to africa? we heard from the african union, special envoy and cope with 19 st. the. my see, we must see. you are saying not one dose, not one dose. he says has left your for africa again, this is a problem of the, the meaning, the deep meaning of the, you know, you will see on the union. because also in this. com, thanks a, some countries where more prone to are low the and sending vaccines to the african countries, other county certain european union where paul from the, again to this policy. and if we add a new european union, we should decide altogether and with the unique path,
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what we should do in order to obtain safer and most to protect word outside the europe. and then also another reason, very important reason why we should offer vaccine colbert age, also to european outside european countries. because in a country where there is a large spread of the virus and a partial cold age last seen, the development, the appearance of her resist from the strain of the virus are much more probable. and so we have a problem all together again. john, let me put the question this way. we have a little bit of a devil's advocate on behalf of the e. u. is it not understandable? if not, i'm far from ideal, but is it understandable that in time of crisis, nation simply prioritize their own populations?
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first and say they want to make sure their populations get vaccinated 1st before they send out vaccines to others. it's not a huge surprise. is it, john? it is not. he surprised, but it is not wisdom that enables us to win a war against us pandemic that one we are dealing with. we know what to do. we have the solutions in their hands, but unfortunately we are not playing ourselves in a way that we can come out of this. collectively of what use is it for europe to be fully about knitter and africa is not vaccinated and you continue to get variance in most challenge in develop scenes that have been used in europe. i mean, we've seen the variant that emerged out of south africa. it quickly on the mind the . ready vaccines that were being used, i think that is just common wisdom that yes, issue. protect people better understand what we are dealing with. the dimension of
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what we are dealing with is global. so we have to look at domestic approach, but also look at a global approach to wind about against these bundles. i think we've got a quick minute for a final thought from max. what does this to tear the vaccination world mean for recovery for global growth? all those projections, the rosie projections expectations, but yea, the world is going to grow again. economically. other gift disasters? recommit gray? i think the key point is no one planes, european nations for wanting to vaccinate their own population. what i plan for is protecting monopolies and the profits of their own pharma companies. and not allowing those successful back seems to be made all over the developing world. that is absolutely criminal. we could vaccinate europe, and we could fax and africa that doesn't have to be a trade off. and we desperately need to to see the recovery and to start millions of people dying. share the recipes. now, europe and stock blocking and putting profits ahead of people all over that
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humanitarian call is a good point to end on. let's hope the world finds a way to work together to get over this for now. let's thank con, guess very much for their participation. joining kanga song, gloria tele on the and max lawson and thank you to for watching. you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a j inside story. from me, sammy say that i'm the whole team here for now by the me. ah
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minorities of conscious across the world. are you taking out era or bringing the news and current affairs? ah ah, i'm rob madison and don't the top stories on ours is 0. respect the sees far or risk spiraling into a crisis. that's the warning from the united nations to ethiopia as government and rebel fighters into getting more than 2000000 people are on the verge of starvation because of the fighting. the conflict began 8 months ago. millions have been trying to escape the violence that a guy defense force says it's committed to cooperating with a partners and allowing access. catherine. so i has the latest from addis ababa.


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