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has anything really changed? this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance. know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be, the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just around me, the un says more than 400000 people are facing the worst famine in decades in ethiopia, northern te gray regions. ah, what's your life for my headquarters in ohio navigate also ahead. at least 20 people are missing after a landslide, near tokyo, from the way home following days of heavy rain. and denise malaysia tightened corona virus restrictions in both countries face
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a surge and infection and drought is on the verge of becoming iraq's next crisis as feels turn to deserts. farmer say climate change is to blame ah, respect the cease fire or risk, a devastating conflict spiraling further into crisis. that's the warning from the united nations to future governments and rebel fighters in t drive. it says 400000 people are now suffering famine. while another $1800000.00, i thought to be facing starvation. the conflict began 8 months ago and has displaced millions. the t great defense for says it's committed to cooperating with 8 partners and allowing access. if he has government declare to cease fire this week, right before a major bridge and see, gro was destroyed, cutting off a crucial aid supply routes or diplomatic editor james base reports from the un
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headquarters in new york. in the a month since the start of the e t o p and military offensive. the security council couldn't even agree on holding a public meeting on t grey until now. in front of the cameras and basses were given grim new figures, showing the scale of the suffering more than 400000 people are estimated have crossed the threshold into famine. and another 1800000 people on the brink of famine summer suggesting that the numbers are even higher. $33000.00 children are severely malnourished and there was a warning, it could get much worse. there is potential for more confrontations and a swift deterioration in the security situation, which is extremely concerning. ethiopia, as ambassador warned that international pressure could push his country over the edge. but like to make it clear that the political, prego,
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and hust bilateral course of measures against him at an acceptable and violet basic tennis of international exercise pressures will put this on dish and country of 110000000 people to the precipice. and dip driven with no possibility of recovery. the united states was one of the countries, the cold for this 1st public meeting of the security council by an open meeting is not enough. what we need to see is action on the ground. we need to see a cease fire that is permanent, that all of the parties agree to. we need to see the air tray and troops return to their own border. we need to see unfettered access for humanitarian workers. we need to see accountability before this meeting took place is significant, but it was clear from the speeches in the room that there are still many members of
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the security council, including permanent members who are not in favor of any further action by the counsel. even if the violence continues james bay's al jazeera, at the united nations, was an update from catherine. sorry, who's joining us from capital? are these out about what are you hearing about the situation on the ground in gray right now. what we've been seeing video all men who appear to be wearing, he'll p, a federal, military fatigue being paraded around the streets of medical or the capital of t guy. and we have spoken to the spokesman of t d f that the grand defend forces. who has said that in the last several days, 7 days or so, they have captured thousands of if you will, p n, a federal soldiers in fighting when they were fighting in areas around macalester.
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he says that they have killed some as well, and they want to keep the school does that. they captured as prison as a while. it's very difficult to verify independently some of this information and video. we're trying to get government official to sponsor to this. going to be interesting to hear how the government reacts considering, but in the last few days, officials including prime minister, i'll be amid, have been saying that have been giving reasons why the soldiers withdrew from mecca and other areas saying that it was because of the strategic purposes that the military now has more national external threats to deal with that the t p a left us the leadership in p guy and it's horses are not anymore a priority. not anymore a major threat and the military can retake my calais. we mean even 3 weeks if need be. now we are also hearing and the u. s. has been saying this and this
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fighting still going on in some parts of the guy. and it seems that the grand forces are getting even more and bulls and, and they're saying now they want to focus in some of the areas, particularly the west where we still have fighters from the neighboring. i'm hydro region who are controlling some of the dispute, that territory is in the west and this the grand for to say that they will not rest until every inch of the guy is taken into morrow. special forces they call themselves as saying that they will not leave without a fight, and the humanitarian needs are immense as the un has been warning. so has the government indicated when it will be opening up the air space over to right for the a then even when that happened, can a get to the majority of those in me when know, government officials will be talking to have not given a timeline. when this, the airport in mecca live been to be open to humanitarian flights. there was a meeting between the deputy prime minister and diplomat yesterday and those
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questions was put to him. and we also spoke to a minister of state foreign affairs, that red one who said, who said that the space is going to be open soon enough for a workers to be able to go in for aids, to be able to go in and reach as many people as possible for the rest, the government recognizes the di and needs of the people. but even if aid gets there is a logistical nightmare just to get it to the people who need it. most have been talking to aid work and who is saying, you know, right now the complication is, these know, basic services and most of the great, no electricity, no power lines have been cut off. new telecommunications people only can communicate if you have a satellite for infrastructure and some parts have been destroyed. for example, they have an important supply line. a bridge over the tech has a revised supply line to less than the guy that has been destroyed. all this really
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making it very challenging for 8 workers to get food to all those thousands of people would be talking about where in farming and they need be all to, to get that safely. by like i mentioned their ease fighting, going on in some pod saw huge, huge logistical challenge. thank you so much. katherine sort of reporting from this arbor at least 20 people are missing in japan, after a landslide, near tokyo homes have been swept away in the city of tommy, thus just southwest. the capital. torrential rain has been soaking the area for several days. michael pen is the president position, gets a news agency. he says japan as well prepared for natural disasters. the picture is actually very, very much deuced. tell the story. it is just that one area where these land slides have occurred. there have been other problems caused by the heavy rain but not on that scale. somewhere higher up on that mountain, which is basically a coastal area of a resort town. tommy is very much kind of
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a resort town. the area began the gravel was, was lose by a long period of heavy rain. and this mud slide and debris just clattered down the mountain and started taking houses with it. and the, you know, according to the authorities, about 19 or 20 people are thought to be missing at this point. and, you know, really, it was a fearsome moment there for those in the neighborhood. and the authorities are warning people to look out for more. because the rain hasn't entirely stopped and this is rainy season in japan. and as you probably know, japan is very much a natural disaster country. i mean there may be no country on earth that has as many natural disasters in smaller is japan. does you know volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide floods it's, it's gets hit very heavy. and so the self defense forces, one of their missions is to,
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to go to these disaster zones. and to kind of add some manpower to a situation where, you know, otherwise local authorities might be overwhelmed. indonesia has rolled up more restrictions in its capital, jakarta, the main island, the java, and the jurors of bali, mosques, restaurants, and shopping malls have been closed after a record number of new daily infections and debts. the health care system has been stretched to the limits with makes of tens having to be set up outside. jessica washington has more from indonesia, capital. i'm in the dakota city center, and the city is uncharacteristically quiet. as these restrictions take effect and they will be in place until at least the 20th of july, but authorities warned that they may be extended if the situation does not improve . so some of these restrictions include 100 percent work from home policy for non essential sectors. the closure of move, restaurant galleries and all the public sites as well as road closures and limits
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on who can travel. passengers now have to show a vaccination card before they can travel domestically. and the reason that these restrictions were really became a necessity is because of the strain on the hospital. particularly here in the capital jakarta, we know that some hospitals are already at 100 percent capacity. and others are edging close to that. and doctors say that they have been forced into the terrible position of having to turn away sick patients because they are undisturbed. such strain, you may have seen some of the horrific scenes that we've seen in the capital, but across java, people desperately lining up for oxygen for their relative. not because there's an oxygen shortage at this point, but because they weren't able to get the sick, loved ones into hospital and they've been forced to sort of d, i y treatment at home. so the hope here in indonesia is that these restrictions may
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help with lowering transmission and may help ease the burden that doctors and nurses are experiencing at the moment. malaysia is tightening, pandemic restrictions in color them poor and other areas surrounding the capital. the countries under a national lockdown and reported nearly 7000 new cases on thursday. the government to set a date for parliament to reconvene next month after it was suspended in january. still ahead on al jazeera, the sound of socialism improve. we meet the rural voters pushing for changes, the country remains and political limbo. the town volcano in the philippines continues to eject things of toxic gas, but many residents are reluctant to evacuated. ah,
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silhouette has been suffering more downpours and some local flooding. as a result. this is clearly an area of weakness in the atmosphere, which means big showers. i think the biggest will turn into a cluster, which is trying to circulate just the west of lusan. doesn't like, it will turn into a tropical circulation for very long, but it just indicates much heavier rain and that is in the sites as well. so, flooding seems likely in this area of liaison. further west through matter of course is still wet and malaysia and increase me i think now southern thailand, cambodia, and bits of viet nam which is seasonally correct. as is the changing weather type in australia, bringing the air from the south and this circulation beings is get much colder, both by day and by night searing. the teens in melbourne, adelaide, the folk should go from sydney. the rains going off shore from queensland. but it's coming on shore towards perth. 18 degrees drops a little bit. is that rain comes in,
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but still sitting pretty in as slowly shrinking. anti, sorry, turn the circulation some hemisphere means high pressure. its settled weather in new zealand. it's frosty at night, or pretty much frosty at night. temperatures are average by david. the sun comes ice at dawn and goes in at sunset until eventually the cloud comes in from the west . the country with coal, situs challenging the political establishment in latin america. as a pandemic, thanks millions in support receive fuel prices and trying to fit where is the lease next tech unicorn can see the cost on out to 0 play an important role protecting human. ringback face in ah
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ah, coming down the top story on al jazeera, the un is warning if you're, if you're the government in rebels and she drives respect to truth or risk spiraling further into crisis. it says 4 100000 people are suffering famine while another 1800000 face start ation. at least 20 people are missing in japan after a landslide, near tokyo homes have been swept away in the central city of autonomy just southwest of the capital authorities of warren, people in some areas to lead in denisia is rolling out more current of ours restrictions across your car, so java and bali as the number of daily infections on death reach a record high, neighboring malaysia has also tightened measures after
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a surge. in case of the former south african president, jacob's duma is taking legal action to avoid arrest officer. he was found guilty of contempt of court zoom. i was sentenced to 15 months in prison on tuesday after failing to appear at an inquiry into corruption live not too far. miller joining us from outside his house and dollars. so talk to us little bit more about soon as late us legal maneuvers to escape prison. well, these later so maneuvers to try and stay out of prison. not long after the former president said that he was prepared to go to jail because he found that the commission of inquiry into corruption in south africa where he was meant to appear meant to testify. he said that that inquiry is biased and as as vilified him essentially. so after all these events, he's been found guilty of contempt of court. now he's saying that he is too old and
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to sickly, to go to jail. once the constitutional court had handed down that judgement, that he was 15 months in prison, he has had 5 days to hand himself over to police. and if that's not done, police then going to arrest him, potentially actually residency. and in candler, where we are, the president has said that the former president has said that all along that these processes have not been fair. that he's the victim of a political agenda. and now he's saying that he's too old and to sickly, to go to prison. he is approaching the high court specifically next to get an input to stop the arrest. and if that happens, he does want to go back to the constitutional court to have that sentence resend that, but we're hearing from legal experts in south africa that it's not likely that these court will be successful. it is difficult to say what came to happen in the coming days, but do much is facing a very difficult challenge in terms of trying to stay out of prison. yeah,
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and as all of this is taking place, what do people there think about this? what's the reaction like we are in, in canada, and those were president zoom. the former president is from a lot of people in the area support of the former president to be a pretty was what he is foundation and people who do support across the country to say that he's a victim of the political agenda and that he's not been treated fairly many have said that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the former president from being arrested. we've also heard from the spokes person of the military veterans on the armed wing of the national, in the, the, the african national congress saying that they would do whatever is necessary. however, you know, within the bounds of the law, many south africans i supposed to pay tell influential that particular organization might be. but we are hearing from people like that saying that the president,
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the former president, should not be arrested. and they're here to support him. they're here to protect him, they say, and especially now as is the weekend, we're expected to see more people come out to the residence to show their support, to the former president. ok, thank you so much for that. update from card la, south africa delegate. you went back talks to pay the way for elections and libya failed to find common ground. the week long negotiations in geneva are expected to confirm the terms of the presidential on parliamentary votes. elections would be a critical step in efforts to bring stability to the view. nearly a months after peruvians went to the polls, officials are still looking into fraud allegations from conservative presidential candidate keiko for maury, results show socialists. pedro castillo is a head by a small margin, but he hasn't been declared the winner. marianna sanchez reports from lima. they've come to the peruvian capital from remote places,
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often with little resources hoping they'll get to meet the support or say they're even willing to stay out in the cold for days. i mean took nathan, he's a farmer and delmonte like us to your he hope he can get his message to him face to face, get you all. government aid never reaches our communities. now we want real change through our popular and farming organizations, and we need training through our miners. farmers even notice can be here. manual voskus if he couldn't believe his luck this week, but doesn't, and i'm happy. i met him yesterday. i don't know him personally. he talked about education, health and agriculture, and said we have the resources to become a great country. as many supporters wait for election officials to proclaim gusty, your president there, knocking on the parties, headquarters, stores, community leaders from around the country are allowed in. most don't meet the 51 year old rural teacher. still the want to be heard. i don't leave is sending my
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proposals in education, ancient technologies and medicine whose last 5 years were marked by political turmoil. the pandemic has pushed 3000000 more peruvians into poverty. gaseous campaign promises to have raised hope for change, for millions of poor peruvians, says historians to see him in every time this talk that brings the aspirations and needs of the people to the table. people feel empowered to speak up and claim their rights. now the talk of reform has raised many expectations. many people say there's been a will implement the changes they've been waiting for so long. the question is, how long are they willing to wait and only see people may be disillusioned because gusty will not be able to implement many of his promises pretty much because the problem is he won't have enough votes in congress to make reforms. it will be difficult for him in one of the most complex countries in the region. he'll have to
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explain to the people what he can and can't do. nearly a month after lucas do you want the election by more than $40000.00? electoral officials are still investigating for negations raced by his rival cake of motor. there may not be a new leader officially, but got your supporters say they are already thinking about the future, the deanna sanchez. i'll just see that lima be to the latest job numbers from the united states. show a major increase in the number of people going back to work. 850000 jobs were added in june, better than many analysts were expecting. the us economy has been searching since the start of the year of the country emerges from its pandemic recession. it grew by more than 6 percent in the 1st quarter, and is expected to show growth of more than 10 percent in the 2nd quarter. now created over $3000000.00 jobs as it took off as more jobs they've ever been
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creating the 1st 5 months of any presidency in modern history. actually incredible work in the entire team. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in a 100 years, driven and part bar dramatic progress and vaccinating our nations and beating back to pandemic. at least 50 to taliban fighters have been killed. an air strikes by the afghan government, the ministry of defense as the strikes targeted taliban forces in 3 districts of helman province. a senior commander was among the dead africa and security forces, say they also sees a large number of weapons. thousands of people in the philippines are being forced to leave their homes after volcano started spewing steam, and toxic gas, nearly 15000 people from villages sell. so the capital manila are being moved to safe areas, but not everyone is willing to leave germany and organ reports from near the
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volcano and saw an inch of time for those who live in conceal your municipality. about a 120 kilometers south of manila. they only have a few hours to secure their belongings and move to a safer area. the nearby to al volcano spewed black plumes on thursday afternoon. a situation people here are all too familiar with the amount and we also don't seem to see in the back ration centers. so really stay with our relatives. early last year to all volcano erupted and displaced more than a $100000.00 people. it was soon followed by the corona virus pandemic, and the month long locked down, made it nearly impossible for people or dependent of fishing and tourism to earn a living. the town of the rail is where hundreds of people went, emailed the re says it hurts to see her children suffer this way
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little i don't really know what to say anymore. i'm just praying. it's a really difficult situation. across the hall, marilyn caliper tear is afraid for her children to go for that will be, is it the volcano? is it getting sick? get encoded. it's really hard. i have so many children can't sleep, just thinking about it. but these families are reluctant to leave their home the fear, the volcano, but they also say they're worried about possible outbreaks of tobin 19 in the evacuation centers. this is why the philippine government is setting up as many evacuation centers as possible in order to implement the minimum health protocols. here, behind me just a few nautical miles away is the creator of the album came and although it seems relatively peaceful here, now,
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people are still afraid that is because many areas here, even the capital manila, a few hours away have been blanketed by smug. in fact, based on the latest government data, but i'll, okay, know, emitted a record high amount of so for dioxide. those of lived around the lake, all their lives see lives before the pandemic. and the volcanoes eruption was peaceful and their harvests abundant. that feels like a long time ago now, jim l as in dog and al jazeera, the albert and this province northern philippines. hurricane elsa has already left the trail of destruction on the island, barbados and saint vincent, and the grenadines, rescuers in barbados. say their families dropped in their homes after the storm damaged over $170.00 houses. there are no reports of death or serious injuries yet another other nearby islands reported serious flooding when john heavy rains. and it's expected to hit western haiti by sunday before heading to florida. elsa is the
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1st hurricane to hit barbados in more than 60 years. soaring temperatures and the lack of rainfall are leading to an increasingly desperate situation for farmers in iraq. as a result, the government restricted what farmers can grow, but that hasn't solved the countries severe water shortages him on con, how's this report from the farms east of baghdad? this should be lush. agricultural land growing amongst other things, watermelons and tomatoes. instead, if dead, it's been this way since april and it's just getting worse all over iraq, the fields are turning to desert because of drought. 45 percent of iraq's arable land is under threat. according to the iraqi committee on agriculture and figures from the ministry of agriculture, this farm is an example of that grim statistic. the water that fed the land has dried up irrigation canals, empty animals,
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have died. this farmer is in despair and says that climate change could have been managed and he knows exactly who to blame it on me. it will be most of the mismanagement, 100 percent is the problem. the authorities knew the situation here for decades and they know the solution. they have built storage on the yellow river and dams on the t gris. no dams built since we had a royal family. now the water is finished with tide of demanding and farmers migrating to the cities. this is the only source of income for corruption. miss management and war are often blame for most of iraq's problems for the farm. as though climate change has made things worse, the government stop them from growing set and crops thing, the water must be used for drinking irrigation, the land, and get it to know if we were short sighted, we did not put in a previous plan to deal with the drought, if the amount of water is insufficient in the summer for farming, the government should have issued a decision to stop it, forming the season,
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ploughing and other preparations. so why would we allow the people to lose hard work in money? it's better they sell for me for at least one season. but this is, was the problem in 2020 iraq laws, the national action plan on climate change, alongside the united nations. it was supposed to address everything that you see around me. the dead feels the lack of water, but in the subsequent years there has been higher and higher temperatures here in iraq, less rain full and now with corruption. miss management of the water flow. farmers here say that national action plan simply is working according to the united nations development program, iraq's one of the most vulnerable countries in the entire region, the days getting a whole to every year, and the rains less frequent. it is perhaps of the biggest challenge facing the country, but it also has unintended side effects. with the lack of natural water comes
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reliance on plastic, bottle water and with that more trash, rivers of stuff that are left on the streets because there's no system in place to dispose of it. iraq can expect to see more dead fields, a more plastic on the streets, unless something drastic has done him wrong, caught out 0 east of baghdad. ah, hello. the headlines on al jazeera view and his warning if you, because government in rebels and t great to respect to cease fire or risk spiraling further into crisis, it says 4 100000 people are suffering famine. while another 1800000 faced our vacation. the war began 8 months ago and has displaced millions. hebert morgan has spoken to some to brian refugees who fled across the border, interest, redondo, doris.


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