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and increased production indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. know it's the fight at their live. people in power, brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. ah, us troops quietly pull out of background, their main base in afghanistan as taliban fighters. we've been to districts around the country. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm to my, the in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. if you're, if you reject claims, it's trying to suffocate the people as to gray by denying them food day a day, often use a vital bridge has been destroyed. after tearing through the village at the heart
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of canada's heat wave wildfire, and now threatening this if you can lose an evacuation near manila after a volcanoes, few steam, and toxic gas. and ah, hello and welcome to the program. well, the us military is pulled out of afghanistan's bag from ebay, see at the center of its war to topple the taliban and hunt down outside or off to the $911.00 attacks. but as one, the era of brucell conflict ends in afghanistan, another one is looming. afghan forces now control background. us president joe biden had set september 11th deadline for a full withdrawal and says, the pull out is on track. just 650 troops will remain to protect the u. s embassy
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in the capital campbell, but in a sign of the chaos that could follow the official se dozens of people stormed and looted the complex of the americans left over night without informing local troops . most nato allies of also laughed quietly, a stark contrast to the show of force when they 1st arrived. the taliban has fine for us believing and fulfilling the vast site of the agreement. but on the ground, they are locked in a brutal, tough for with afghan forces. they now control more than a 100 districts across 20 provinces, which you can see in red americas talk general is saying that as civil war is now possible, someone jervey reports a formidable fortress for 2 decades, where hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent. now looks like a junkyard. this is by graham, a military air base and power one province, which has been a lifeline for us led coalition troops in guns thought. early on friday, all remaining foreign troops left the facility for the 1st time since the 2001
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invasion. i don't know, law american forces left bag grammar base last night without any coordination with relevant administration. this has not been officially reported to us from the ground. we get this information from the situation in the area. a several looted cartoonist and others don't background as part of last year's deal between the us and the taliban. all foreign forces on to leave a gun on. the taliban has welcomed the withdrawal from by graham but says the pull out isn't complete. we hope the conclusion of all of all foreign forces in american forces from a man is done with the way for the entire i want to expedite and find a peaceful solution to the outline issue. as soon as possible. people in cobble have shown cautious optimism. now that the taliban so called war against for an occupation, will be over. the bite in administration is poised to complete the full,
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the drawing. soon, leaving behind some troops to guard its embassy and the airport and conduct the afghan people might face a huge tragedy. which will have a negative impact on the united states as well, because they were here for 20 years. and during these 28th, they suffered financially and in blood. they lost their lives and spent their money . so they must leave this country with better routine. built by the former soviet union in the 1950s, the sprawling base has expanded to 30 square kilometers since the us invasion. once a symbol for the u. s. to avenge the september 11th attacks by graham and its adjacent jail became a notorious hub for abuse. tens of thousands of people were detained, many tortured un extradited to guantanamo bay prison from by graham. although the u . s. handed over upon prison to a gun government in 2013 human rights. what says its legacy of torture? still continues from wherever i hear the name of back. graham, i recall the screams of innocent people and the pain of children,
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an elderly men who were there. but it was ineffective staging area for the coalition, which was filled up to more than 100000 soldiers. to avoid hardware falling to fall upon us for to say they have destroyed nearly 15000 pieces of equipment and flown out more than 700 fully loaded sea. 17 transport aircraft out of a gun is done after the u. s. and its coalition allies spend 20 years at 4 funded it, but trillions of dollars. and last thousands of lives, the taliban remains undefeated. and on the offensive, many are wondering what was the point? some of job aid out there of more on the us pull out, let's cross to island fisher who is at the white house and alan hearing in the report that the background base is such a symbol of the us presence in afghanistan. one of the officials been saying about us troops leaving today and that sort of message that the find an administration is trying to convey well, jen stuckey,
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the press secretary is just given everything in the last odor shows. she says that the shadow for the withdrawal is going to be at the end of august, so well ahead of the september 11th deadline. certainly leaving by graham, it's importantly important significantly and symbolically because it was the center of the us operations in afghanistan. it was really a run the near field when they moved in just after september the 11th 20 years ago . and they turned it into a small american city. there were names on stores that you would recognize in new york, and also in places like chicago, they had classrooms. they had a big room that was called the disney drive. that's where many americans showed up to begin the deployment to afghanistan. and also it was the rule that many of them took almost 2000 of them on their final journey home after being killed and actually know the us intends to leave a force of 650, to protect the embassy and also the international airport. they say they will be
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able to react if there is a danger to american interest. and that is a key phrase. because if the afghan government falls, there's no guarantee that the us will jump in and save them if the taliban sweets to power again. in fact, that was a point made by joe biden, at an event here at the white house edlio on friday. look, we're in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. they're going to have to be down the road more negotiations, i suspect. but i am, i am concerned that they deal with the internal issues that they have to be able to generate the kind of support they need nationwide to maintain government allen. the departure comes at such a difficult, perilous time for us. gone is done with that with
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a more detail about to what extent us will retain the ability to conduct as strikes, which is the, the crucial bit of support afghan army needs. well, joe biden made the point in that event when he was asked about the possibility of leaving the afghan government defend itself. he said look, they've got an air force which the u. s. helps to maintain. so he thinks that giving the afghan government that fire power might just help them against the taliban. but as we've seen, there is a large power surge of the taliban across many districts. in afghanistan, america's top general there has said he is concerned about it. but the decision has been made, the u. s. is getting out. it was the decision that was put in place initially by donald trump. remember he wanted everyone out by me if he got into his 2nd term. that would have been the deadline. we're talking about the american troops would probably already of been out. job biting came into the oval office,
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decided that he also wanted the troops, but he extended the deadline to september. but as we've had that, it's now going to be now going to be in august before they're out of afghanistan. and while that are people on capitol hill who are asking joe biden, sending letters in the last few hours, saying, what is your plan for the country? it's very clear that he has the support of people across the united states as donald trump, because they believe that after 20 years, it's no time for america to leave behind is longest war. thank you very much. alan fisher at the white house. ah, now the u. s, world food program says aid is getting back into europe, his to gray region. the situation is dire. some 2000000 people have been forced out of their home since fighting broke out in november. about half of them are in desperate need of food. aid workers are trying to reach 40000 people in the coming
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days, but efforts have been hampered by the destruction of a vital bridge. if your government has rejected accusations, it's trying to suffocate the to grand people by block. seeing the aid. on monday the government declared as the fire into gray and said it had withdrawn its troops to grey and rebels, dismissed the true saying they sees the regional capital and all the towns. meanwhile, officers from the heart community which is allied with the federal government, have been patrolling the 2 grand towns of mera and conduct. the police command has been eager to show john list that rebels are not in control. that over me at the mirror is not under control. the mirror is peaceful as you can see, there is no war if they course i was born and 22nd. i see it, we will attack, we will return and i'll just aris katherine sawyer brings us more now from addis ababa. the wild wood program also says that it is
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critically running short of woodstock. the airport is still close, so crucial a supplies are not getting to seek. and it's not just that w estie thing, this other humanitarian organizations are also a very worried logistical nightmare. let me tell you what's going on right now. there's no electricity and you guys have no internet or telecommunication services that have been that has been cut off no bugs at operating. currently, the un coordinating agency, you know, to say that a crucial bridge over the river. this is a crucial important supply line to west than the guy that, that's a bridge has been destroyed. so a lot of agencies getting a huge difficulties just getting supplies to the people who need it most. but we're also being told that fighting going on in some areas, different groups are controlling different areas of the european troops. all ha,
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pulls out and continue to pull out in some areas a return to the also retreating. but there's a big problem of x, for example, in west and the guy where special forces i lied. special forces of the neighboring morrow. and i like to the government still control and they say that they're going to fight to the end to make sure that they keep holding that area. and to grant 40 the saying that they are going to fight this a my, a mars special forces to make sure that area also is liberated to the situation. so very complex wallet tyler's bic. all the security council is carney discussing the situation into gray and diplomatic editor james bays. is that the united nations for more on this? and sir james, you were hearing it hundreds of thousands of people into great suffering, food shortages and some analysis saying that there's already a massive famine underway. what we like to hear at this meeting?
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oh, certainly we are hearing some of the details that you had. catherine say a moment ago and rosemary decarlo, who is the political affairs, chief of the united nations, has been briefing on the current situation, laying out some of the things that catherine was just telling you. and then saying that there's the potential for more confrontation. and for a swift deterioration in the security situation, the security council listening to her in public, it's worth reminding you that there have been 6 meetings on t great in the past, but they've all been in any other business of the end of other sessions and closed meetings away from the cameras. this is for the very 1st time an open meeting. it's something that some council members, the 3 african council members and china and russia were very reluctant to allow, but pressure from the u. k. from ireland and the us linda thomas greenfield. the u
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. s. and bassett, speaking to us reporters a few moments ago before the start of the meeting, said that she hoped this was the start, a new momentum for the security council. she said an open meeting was important, but things needed to go way beyond an open meeting for that to be a resolution to the situation in te grey. and she said that if things, if it was needed, she hope that the security council may now have the momentum to start thinking about some action of what it could do in tea. gray, about the current situation mr. karla was, i say, the political chief of the united nations speaking the security council now. and in a moment, the very grim humanitarian situation in the council is going to be relayed by the acting humanitarian chief of the united nations. a great deal of suffering into gray and desperate need to address it. we'd like to see that in the security
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council, the more of this tension between the west and council members and then russia and china. because as you say, this being the 1st public meeting, clearly there's a, maybe a reluctance to get involved in the crisis. certainly china and russia believe this is largely an internal issue. and that is that code, i think, but some of the african nations. let's listen now though to the humanitarian, the acting humanitarian chief of the united nations, who's going to brief and i've been told he's going to have some important new figures to give out to the security council stuff conditions. the worst famine situation we have seen in decades in the short space of time since then the situation has worsened to dramatically. as you have just heard from under secretary decarlo about the political and security dynamics integrate and if you yeah, what i would like to speak about is the humanitarian situation. this i'm afraid is
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more alarming than when you were briefed 2 and a half weeks ago. 2000000 people are still displaced and close to 5.2 and people still require he met an assistance, the great majority of them, women, and children. one of the most distressing trends is an alarming rise and food insecurity and hunger due to conflict. more than 400000 people are estimated have crossed the threshold into famine and another 1800000 people on the brink of famine . summers suggesting that the numbers are even higher. 33000 children are severely malnourished. and moreover, the food insecurity, crisis will continue to work and some shocking new figures from the united nations, from the acting under secretary general for humanitarian affairs. now saying the un believes that 400000 people in te grey have crossed the threshold into famine. 1.8000000 more on the brink of famine. among those 33000 children
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severely now malnourished. that is why the security council is meeting to discuss this. as i said a moment ago, and there are some on the council that didn't really want to public meeting. but i think they didn't want also the bad publicity of opposing it in a procedural vote, which is what would have had to take place if they tried to stop this meeting. thank you very much and diplomatic added to james base me now, india, the official data from the corona virus has past 400800000 people have died in just the past 39 days with a 153 deaths recorded on friday backs but believe the actual number is likely to be as high as a 1000000 with possible 3rd wave infections looming. and as the new delta plus the variant emerges, the government has announced a campaign to vaccinate almost
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a 1000000000 people by the end of the year. meanwhile rushes president, putin is refusing to impose a national lockdown despite the country's covert death to reaching a new hi, $679.00 deaths reported there on friday at the most in a single day. since the panoramic began, despite the rise in cases the euro 2020 quarter final went ahead and some pieces back later, such as being blamed on the delta variance. vaccine hesitancy is also strong in russia, although the national uptake is rising would easy to navigate. now, as you can see, the vaccination campaign is gaining momentum and is progressing far and we can see it here. this vaccination point in the last week, the number of people who got vaccinated has more than triple or moving to brazil, the daily death rate. that remains probably, i would, the country reporting another 2029 covered $900.00 deaths on thursday. the health ministry also registered 65000 new infections. brazil's total death toll of
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520000 is the 2nd highest in the world. it is currently hoping that corporate america football tournament though, after stepping and when argentina and columbia pulled out in prosecutors of opened corruption investigation enterprises. in charitable scenario, he's accused of failing to act against esteem involving the national current of ours vaccination campaign. prosecutors is saying a deal to buy indian vaccines with a front for embezzling millions of dollars. also, nora has allegedly was allegedly warned about it, but did nothing want kiana. kiev has more from rio de janeiro what it could mean for both scenarios. presidency, the president said he would talk to the federal police to open an investigation and that did not happen. so they want to investigate him now for demolition of duty. will this bring him down? not necessarily and it's unlikely that it will. there are over
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a 120 requests for impeachment for president bush, not all, but it is very damaging to his image, because so far he's been accused of downplaying the virus. he's been accused of delaying the vaccine. but he has not been accused of being involved in a corruption scandal. now this raises suspicion at a moment for the opposition is going back to the streets and his popularity rage. is that a low his? it's 24 percent. so yes, it's very damaging for him. will that lead to an impeachment? probably not. well, the latest jobs numbers from the united states for a major rise in the number of people going back to work. a $150000.00 jobs were added in the month of june. better than many, unless we're expecting that economy seen a boost since the start of the year as the country. in my judgement pandemic recession grew by more than 6 percent in the 1st quarter. we've now created over
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3000000 jobs as it took office, more jobs, they've ever been creating the 1st 5 much of any presidency in modern history. thanks for the incredible work in the entire team. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years, driven in part by our dramatic progress and vaccinating our nations and beating back to pen damage into all the news, the bodies of 2 more people have been found in the rubble of the apartment block that collapsed in florida 8 days ago brings the number of confirmed dead to 20. the tale of missing has been revised down to 128 after some people turned up safe and duplicate names were eliminated. there are fears, hark and l. so which is heading towards florida could hamper efforts or perhaps even bring down the rest of the building. now to canada, where protest is of total statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth as anger grows of the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves,
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belonging twin fitness children protests as chanted no pride in genocide before pulling down the statues in the city of winnipeg, canada was a british colony and the u. k. reigning monarch is a formal head of state demonstration took place on canada day with many 50 scrapping celebrations over the graves discoveries. around 850000 dizziness choose one of or forced into boarding schools until as recently as a 900 ninety's many were abused or neglected and thousands died of disease. meanwhile, emergency officials in western canada, canada are trying to account for more than a 1000 people were forced to flee. a wildfire on wednesday took just 15 minutes for flames to sweep through the village of little in british columbia, which has been at the center of an unprecedented heat wave. may it says 90 percent of it is now destroyed or bud money or ports almost entire town destroyed by wild fire. some of the 250 residence of listen in
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western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now reduced to cinders, which way are we going to go this after temperatures in the area smashed records at almost 50 degrees? i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and worse. it has been downright terrifying in british columbia. we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation and saw a plume of smoke, so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops. and my son said to me, is there a volcano or wrapping over there? this map from now so shows the area where the days of reco, temperatures have hit the entire northwest of the united states and canada. the unusual weather is being linked to the so called heat don't wear high pressure zones trap hot air. emergency cruise has been taking to the sky as well
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as the ground to battle fall spreading fires across northern california. the flames once again, forcing residents from their home. this man in lake had expressed hope that he wouldn't have to leave real concern. the winds coming up in their flames aren't too far away, so we gotta pay attention. others way to help us fire at a high school that serving as a red cross shelter. it was cool off and just getting sleep really good. when the sheriff came through right before the 1st light and said everyone has to leave, you know, so that's what we look up to you. we are it's not just a fires that are causing concern. as western california and canada is consumed by a drought which many of attributes to climate change, the heat wave has also taken hundreds of lives. estimates of the number of excess
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heat related deaths in counties that cover just 62 percent of our population suggests that 5 and a half 1000 american stiver a year from the heat. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess deaths a lot more than we should have back across the border encounter in the extreme temperatures have had a devastating impact. hundreds of deaths in british columbia have been linked to the heat waves and volunteers doing what they can take care of the most vulnerable . laura that manly al jazeera all now to iraq. hundreds of people, very angry about ongoing power caught. so they've been demonstrating in the capital baghdad, countries dealing with a heat wave in temperatures of climb to 50 degrees, southern provinces of the worst hit by regular blackouts. the energy ministry says a major power line might have been sabotaged. under the wire has more from baghdad
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. angry protested as it took 2 streets and bought a dead and many other iraqi cities, including an adjust caribella and the 3 year old basra was good and in some areas they blocked the streets and set fire on a tires to protest against the frequent power outages. in many provinces in iraq, and this comes after a call from the she had political and religious leader of a sudden now following that is ignatius of the electricity minister. last to his day, the government of prime minister most of us called me and said the formation of a crisis committee to deal with this problem and try to find solution to this power outage problem. now this tuition is getting worse, especially with these summer months as the temperature is exceeding 56 years decrease in many areas and families here are suffering a lot. we speak to families,
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they tell us that the, in many cases, people cannot sleep at night. and especially those have students. students have exams these days and many families cannot afford to buy power generating machines now above dad or iraq is relying on gas coming from iran. iran has decreased. it's got supplies to iraq from 50000000 cubic meters to only 5000000 cubic meters because of due debts from iraq to iran. well now thousands of people in the philippines have been forced to leave their homes officer volcano, started spewing steam, and toxic gas. nearly 15000 people from nearby villages have been moved to safe areas from to all south of the capital, manila jamil alan, doug reports and then she's time for those who live in a good celia municipality about a 120 kilometers south of manila. they only have
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a few hours to secure their belongings and move to a safer area than nearby to our volcanoes spewed black plumes on thursday afternoon . a situation people here are all too familiar with the look. and we also don't seem to see in the creation centers, so really stay with our relatives early last year to albuquerque, new interrupted and displaced more than a 100000 people. it was soon followed by the crew of virus pandemic. and the months long locked down, made it nearly impossible for people or dependent on fishing and tourism to earn a living. the town of the rail is where hundreds of people went. e mail, the re it says it hurts to see her children suffer this way. little i don't really know what to say anymore. i'm just praying. it's
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a really difficult situation across the hall. marilyn caliper tear is afraid for her children to go for is it the volcano? is it getting sick? get encoded. it's really hard. i have so many children can't sleep just thinking about it. but these families are reluctant to leave their home the fear, the volcano, but they also say they're worried about possible outbreaks of cobra. 19 in the evacuation centers. this is why the philippine government is setting up as many evacuation centers as possible in order to implement the minimum health protocols here behind me just a few nautical miles away is the creator of the album came. and although it seems relatively peaceful here, now people are still afraid that is because many areas here, even the capital manila, a few hours away have been blanketed by smug. in fact,
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based on the latest government data. but i'll go, okay, no. emitted a record high amount of so for dioxide. those who have lived around the lake. oh, there live, see life before the pandemic and the volcanoes eruption was peaceful and their harvest abundant. that feels like a long time ago. now, jim l as in dog and al jazeera, the albert and this province northern philippines. ah, look main stories now and u. s. military is pulled out of afghanistan's background base, leaving it in the control of afghan forces. as president joe biden had set a september 11th deadline for a full withdrawal and says, the pull ounces on track. just 650 troops will remain to protect the u. s embassy in the capital combo and the cities, airport, official se dozens of people, storm.


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