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aid is getting back into it appears to gray region, but the situation remains dire. un security council is set to meet in less than an hour for its 1st open session since the conflicts began last november by emergency officials in western canada urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people who were forced to see a wildfire on wednesday. it's up just 15 minutes for flames to sweeps for the village of literature which has been at the center of it. unprecedented heat wave. the man says 90 percent of the area is destroyed nor burden. manley has all lucid, entire town destroyed by wild fire. some of the 250 residence of listen in western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now were due to cinders, which way are we going to go this after temperatures in the area smashed records on the 50 degrees? i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and worse. it has been downright
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terrifying in british columbia. we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation and saw a plume of smoke, so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops. and my son said to me, is there a volcano erupted over there? this map from now so shows the area where the days of reco, temperatures have hit the entire northwest of the united states and canada. the unusual weather is being linked to the so called heat don't wear high pressure zones trap hot air. the emergency cruise has been taken to the sky as well as the ground to battle fall spreading fires across northern california. the flames once again, forcing residents from their home. this man in lake had expressed hope that he wouldn't have to leave broken. the winds coming up in
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their flames aren't too far away, so we gotta pay attention. others way to help us fire to high school serving as a red cross shelter. it was cool off and just getting sleep really good. when the sheriff came through right before the 1st light and said everyone has to leave, you know, so that's what we look up to you. we are it's not just a fires that are causing concern as western california and canada is consumed by a drought which many attributes to climate change. the heat wave has also taken hundreds of lives. estimates of the number of excess heat related deaths in counties that cover just 62 percent of our population suggests that 5 and a half 1000 americans die every year from the heat. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess death a lot more than we should have back across the border encounter. the extreme
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temperatures have had a devastating impact. hundreds of deaths in british columbia have been linked to the heat waves and volunteers doing what they can to take care of the most vulnerable. laura, the manly al jazeera, of thousands of people in the philippines are being forced to leave their homes after a volcano. saudi spewing theme and talks a gas, nearly $15000.00 people from villages south of a capital manila are being moved to safe areas. jamila island, again, re force from near the top. ok, now an anxious time for those who live in conceal your municipality. about a 120 kilometers south of manila, they only have a few hours to secure their belongings and move to a safer area. the nearby to al volcano spewed black plumes on thursday afternoon. a situation people here are all too familiar with the amount and we also don't seem
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to see in the back ration centers, so really stay with our relatives. early last year to albuquerque new erupted and displaced more than a $100000.00 people. it was soon followed by the crew of virus pandemic. and the month long locked down, made it nearly impossible for people or dependent of fishing and tourism to earn a living. the town of the rail is where hundreds of people went email, the radius says it hurts to see her children suffer this way. you can move a little. i don't really know what to say anymore. i'm just praying. it's a really difficult situation across the hall. marilyn caliper tia is afraid for her children to go for the will be. is it the volcano? is it getting sick? getting coded? really hard? i have so many children can't sleep,
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just thinking about it. but these families are reluctant to leave their home. the fear the volcano, but they also say they're worried about possible outbreaks of tobin 19 in the evacuation centers. this is why the philippine government is setting up as many evacuation centers as possible in order to implement the minimum health protocols here behind me just a few nautical miles away is the creator of the album came though, and although it seems relatively peaceful here, now people are still afraid that is because many areas here, even the capital manila, a few hours away have been blanketed by smug. in fact, based on the latest government data. but i'll go ok, know emitted a record high amount of sulfur dioxide. those who have lived around the lake, all there live see life before the pandemic and the volcanoes eruption was peaceful and their harvests abundant. that feels like
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a long time ago now jamal alan doug and al jazeera, the albert and this province northern philippines. the 1st hurricane of the season is making its way through the caribbean and appears to be headed for the u. s. state of florida. that's way emergency workers is searching through the rubble of part of an apartment building that collapse last thursday. near miami, 20 people confirm dead while 128 others are accounted for. authorities say they want to make as much progress as possible before the storm arrives. we don't know exactly the track that it's going to take. it is possible that we could see a tropical force wind as early as sunday night in southern florida. and so our department of emergency management is assuming that that will happen and making the necessary preparations to be able, obviously to protect the, a lot of the equipment you could potentially have an event with the building as well. a british soldier charge where the murder of anom civil rights marches in
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northern ireland won't be standing trial in 1972 and elite parachute regimen to open fire and peaceful protesters in a catholic area. 13 people died in what came to be known as the bloody sunday massacre. one unnamed soldier was charging 2019, but prosecutors have now told families of victims that the case is being dropped. kevin mcdermott is a journalist from cavan, which is on the irish publics border with northern ireland. he witnessed the day it happened and says its latest decision has caused a lot of anger already. moderately, there will be some shock and indeed disappointment among the particular families of the victims of bloody sunday already. it's starting to appear on social media here and there will be, of course, a split reaction will be those. and if you like the other community who will see this has, as someone said, that justice prevails. but it's, it's very disappointing for the people from where i grew up in. indeed,
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i would miss defensive police only myself because the soldiers that tried the killings were actually stationed outside my house before the march and crowded kennings. and indeed their parties into the night. the most striking recollection for me of the young charge, apart from the news filtering through it. and my father who was going to treat, did wanted us to participate in the course more than examinations. more striking feeling for me was the next day when we visited the box where it had happened. and there was just this awful, awful sense of creating a sense of despair, a sense of lack of hope and anger what it was, an anger that that hadn't yet been released to anger that hadn't taken to the streets in terms of writing cetera. there was a dignified as fight anger that, of course, subsequently took it so it's force over the next 30 years. and the troubles as we saw because it must be remembered. probably sunday was probably the biggest
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recruiting agent for our public army the ira and changed the perspective of the conflict if you'd like, from being one of a secretary and tried with conflict to being worn off against the british. so called peacekeeping force at the time more than a 100 people have been killed by land mines left behind after last year's war between armenia and as by john, 9 months on from the conflicts, tens of thousands of explosives remain in the my god, no kind of legion, people living there say work to play them is moving too slowly. they're still saying that said our report from ag down in as a by john taking a chance with every step. this is one of the most heavily mind regions in diversity . and for some, it is homes. if things didn't alums, my son left home to see the land we taken from armenia, but he never came back. his brother in law called us and said on the landline and a seriously injured it was
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a long night. he died in the morning. he left behind children and a young wife. but the mom was one of more than 100 people killed by landlines, sees the latest war in gold, and they were planted across 7 districts of nor gonna cut about by soldiers from armenia over nearly 3 decades. that is after it warn't control of territory from us . be john in a war that ended in 1994. now those districts have the highest rate of accidents from land line exclusions in the world. but the minds don't even have to have food to cause damage with an item that i've been in this house for 2 months now. but i haven't brought my kids here because all the surrounding areas a planted with land mines, children don't understand the danger of these lands a very fertile with a lot of water resources. but i can't rise animals or do agriculture because of the
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land mines. are there be jones government says our menu is reluctant to share maps where the landlines are. each time mine could you has expertise to the fields, took your minds. they take a big risk. some of this and help remind clearance process is very difficult worrying and stressful. you have to be careful because you can step on mine's any time. we know that each signal means there is a mine. when we care the minds, we feel so impatient to nervous, especially during hot days because the mind protection suit we have to weigh is suffocating to clear minds. they are blown off from a safe distance. so it has been 9, mount seas are bay john and armenia agreed to assist fire to and they are 6. we conflict over not going to cut off, but land mines remain a major issue in the 1st deal of his kind between them. our menu has given us verbiage on maps, showing the locations of nearly 100000 land mines in the ogden region in exchange
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for 15 prisoners of war, but hasn't revealed what it has planted mines in other districts. border dispute between 2 countries remains unresolved, highlighting the fragility of the fire. people here wait in hall for a solution. mindful of their every step resume or that of them are there be job the thousands of exile, victims of columbia as long running internal conflicts have been taking part in a reconciliation meeting, but only a few dozen were allowed to return for the event as alexandria p reports and bobo, tar many are still waiting to be recognised as victims by the government. lena basically was a female student activists in colombia in the late 1990 s. like many social and political leaders in the country. she was forced to flee abroad following repeated
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threats from armed groups. had lots of people were killed or disappeared. threats were becoming constant. that was the climate we were operating in violence fear. so finally, i like many decided to leave during the following 2 decades in exile in mexico. she built a successful academic career, but never gave up on peace in columbia. ben, it's why now she is when a 50 x l victims living in 23 different countries who are attending a conference to discuss their experiences. many have returned for the 1st time in years. others were not allowed to leave their host country due to their refugee status in our attending events. virtually most or victims of state and paramilitary forces during the conflict with fire gravels and left because they hadn't no protection. now they're hoping to share their story with columbia transition with justice system. there are no reason why we are presenting for reports, documenting what the exxon has meant to us. the crimes we were victims of who we
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are and diversity of our experience. indigenous leader and lawyer, elizabeth garcia, spent 12 years in exile in canada like many here. she would like to return to columbia, but says the conditions have not been met. and so there are so many people here that have tried to return and have to meet again because the tracts never and they never had an option. we are here to tell the state that we want to believe in our country again, that we are many that columbia is more than war that we are betting on. the columbia state has only recently began to acknowledge that on top of the millions of internally displaced people, 1000 more have had to leave the country. and while the united nations refugee agency has registered almost 400000 colombian exile the governments to the victims agency has so far acknowledged only 30000. their plight in the
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pain of derek style is just beginning to surface. but in the country where social and community leaders keep getting killed at an alarming rate, the question that lingers it's, will it ever be safe for them to return? i listen that i'm the, i'll just, you know, well, water forces next on al jazeera, switzerland for the penalties, shoot down against framing. they're called a final cash. i think chancellor speaks the results next ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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with me booty by extension that there be change? oh, a
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welcome back. a giant drawn these at the center of a dispute between can yes, become more people and the british museum, the guy g was a centerpiece of culture and spiritual beliefs, but colonialists stolen about a 120 years ago. and it now sits in a cupboard in the museum in london. alger there is malcolm web went to tanner river to meet, become more elders who joined many others across africa in urging former colonial powers to return this tolan heritage. i know who he comes from, the people in kenya, it's called the g and was central to their beliefs in these to sing this song when it was carried to that community on the banks of tanner river macaroni among gassy, the 7th king of the night. and the council of elders, the only people who were allowed to play it or even see it, then god g was actually a way of life. authority emanates from its mysticism. he was on
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the king macaroni grandfather's rule about a 120 years ago where the drum was taken. and this is the man who took it yet. sanderson, a norwegian, timber trader. he was put in charge of the area by the british who were colonizing kenya. at the time, he sailed up the tanner river in a steamboat and eldest say he found the people who revered being catchy. more than him, they say anderson and his men found the gods being transported along the river, rested across a couple of dug out canoes, just like this one. they say they stole it, gunpoint took it off down the river. it ended up in the british museum in london, where it's being kept in a cupboard for more than a 100. yes. the british museum says it willing to loan artifacts from its collections, any of which were looted in centuries past. the king's brother was allowed to visit the gotcha in the storage cupboard 8 years ago and took this video 7000
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kilometers away. the elders say they just want it back to you and guide you in ga, ga, is a symbol of government. it's used to rally the people and help them organize themselves . so now we don't have it. the poker has been becoming poor ever since. the areas among the poorest in kenya, over the last century. some ways of life haven't changed much. others have such as traditional beliefs which have been replaced with christianity, always lamb, young people, king macaroni says, need to be reconnected to their heritage. he wants to formerly request the gattey's return through kenya's government. it's not something belonging to the museum, something which will be bring, which will be, which will be able to bring, are not only joy battery believe it will change the fit, it will change with the, the fortunes of a whole community. thank you. thank you. i didn't go there
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a few people remaining here who were raised on the belief system of the god g. this man kit joe said can be our desa has died since we met him. if the garage is to come home and have meaning here, there isn't much time left high on the o. malcolm web cam. yeah. purity, kiera is the director of antiquity side and monuments at the national museum itself . kenya, she says some countries have returned artifacts, but the u. k. needs to do more, kenyon far away for me. i've hop in the past and they want these to be rectified on the few just to be bright for them. and the thing that was taken away from them to be brought back, they should not be started years, but they should be shared had. and there are ways people, how many of these young this is always
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a different point. we get from different, you do show you shows that are open to dialogue and they are open to responding. recently we've had a few of those got to be brought back from america mostly from their fusions. but there are other countries, but i'll be quiet, especially the british. i'll be quiet. he's not even dialogue and discussion. but we need to bring on the table and include everyone to be how we move forward. but john money is open to diana front. freaking can be quite well, there's a lot that needs to be done before. they can be fun. but if you look at most of the countries, they may know how they brought up, how some of these cultural get to be fun. so we need to speak on the table and how do you been helped some of those people to be able to the barrel knowing
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infrastructure when they come? how some of these play done for the benefit of the people and monitoring general the news time. of course not his gemma. thank you. follow a while after knocking out tournament favorites from switzerland. couldn't repeat those heroics against spain losing to them on penalties in the european championship quarter final. the 3 time champions took an adelaide when julia alva short took a big selection of dennis zakiria this with midfield. it was only in the starting lineup because captain grant jacka was suspended and it was a standing skip that should carry you got his side back in it. on 68 minutes after a mix up in the spanish defense. and not long after switzerland went down to 10 men off the reno foyer was foil, i should say, was sent off for
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a late challenge on gerald moraine. i finished one 0. and the sides couldn't be separated in extra time. so it went to penalties and it was spain who won the shootout. 31 is switzerland. mr. 3, penalties in a row. well, so say that plant mccalla is apple with the winning penalty. the spain then will play the winner of belgium and italy, and that much is arguably the time around them. it's about to kick off in munich. they've hollins go into that match on the back of an incredible winning streak. they've not lost any of the last us 31 games and one the last 12 in a row. but the belgians all the world's a top rank team right now and a big base for them. is that key, play kevin, to bring a house recovered from injury and stops while italy have caps in at georgia, killing me, fits and back in the fight as well. she's been described as the most exciting sprinter since you same boat, but american it should carry. richardson will not be competing in the 100 meters at the tokyo lympics. after failing a drug test, richardson tested positive for cannabis at the u. s. and in pick trials last month
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and has been handed a one month suspension. bond is backdated, meaning her qualifying result for the 100 meters has been wiped out. so she will miss the event that she could still be selected for relay events. so the games, richardson says she was triggered by the death of her mother and has apologized to have fans joke, which has been a record equaling 20th grand. some title is still intact. after he reached the 4th round at wimbledon, the defending champion was up against american qualify it that he could learn about number one to the 1st 2 sets, 6463. he was pushed all the way in the said they would couldn't having a set point that jock of it came through on a tie break to make it into the last 16. the 13th time and 16 appearances the talk face to face of july and christian during that last is friendship in women's champion, eager to be on tech is through to the full round suppose up against arena. camilla beg us mania and it didn't take long for the 7th seat to wrap it up to be intact,
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winning 616 lot in just 55 minutes. fantastic. go face that she is in on the job. next she pulled off one of the shops of the tournament, so fall on her way to beating the 2017 champion, copying at mcgrew for making her davy on center court. just wanting reset and described it as the best day of her career. she's now step closer to the coming, the 1st i reply as to when a glance from a machine have a problem with my stomach, inflammation and it has been going on for a while. so yeah, it bothers me. probably with the stress, with the fatigue and everything. so you know, sometimes when i drink water i, the water doesn't go through anymore. so that's why i get, i get sick and honestly, i don't want to interrupt the players. so i try to, to get rid of it and, and just continue playing. you know, a day i lose hamilton said his mercedes team had fallen behind that main rival,
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red ball racing. the 7th time formula champion club, the fastest time in friday practice for the austrian grown pre mercedes found a much needed speed as rain fell on, but full time track and shrill, but how much it was all my sense of a 2nd foster than his teammate voucher we both f championship leader max of staff and was the quickest. the milwaukee bucks, one went away from reaching the n b a finals for the 1st time in 47 years. that's after they'd be the atlanta hawks in game 5 of the eastern conference playoff series. and they did say without this saw man at yanis and said to somebody who's out with the injury. but up step burke lopez, he scored a sees and height. 33 points out the box, 112-3112 major league baseball side of the los angeles dodgers received a warm welcome from president joe biden as they became the 1st sports team to visit the white house. since he took office, they were there to celebrate the 2020 world series when the tradition was loc. the
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pause that during the donald trump presidency mainly because many athletes refused to meet with him. over some of his controversial comments and policies, losses and champions the los angeles lakers are yet to visit the white house imparts because of the league strict code 19 protocols. the nfl has find at the washington football team at $10000000.00 over its highly unprofessional workplace, especially for women. an investigation has found the ownership and senior officials paid attention to sexual harassment and other workplace issues. i'm not, there was a coach of bullying and intimidation. washington's own don schneider stepping away for a few months, leading day to day operations, his wife, but he's not been formally suspend it. all that for your support from me for now, i'll be back later with highlights from belgium's game against italy in the quarter finals of your 2020 c. and we look forward to a gem. i thank you very much for that benefit for this news. our on al jazeera,
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for me fully back to the whole team here and how. thank you very much for watching . we've got more of the day's news coming up next. mulanda news center with marian ah, news news. news. july on i was just the can film festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change young activists, splicing injustices and demanding radical change after a year long delay japan,
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hospital and picks unlike any the world has seen before. mice and bob way showcases personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today. just by going tension with the did since the dance, ethiopia reset. so the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on a just on can you tell us the site is challenging the political establishment in latin america. as a pandemic thinks, millions into poverty and fuel prices and trying to call the fruits, whereas the least max tech unicorn can see the cost on all to 0. the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of 2 football pitches. a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging, mining and farming. as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increased production. indigenous
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communities on the brink of extinction. no, it's the fight at their live. people in power, brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. ah, us troops quietly pull out of background, their main base in afghanistan as taliban fighters. we've been to districts around the country. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm to my, the in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. if you're, if you reject claims, it's trying to suffocate the people as to gray by denying them food day a day. often use a vital bridge.


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