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ah, knowledge of the way the a this is al jazeera. ah hello, this is a news our on al jazeera, fully back, people live from our world headquarters in the coming up in the next 60 minutes. american troops leave the largest usa based enough galleys done after nearly 20 years. the taliban calls made a positive step. and better than expected jobs report in the us for the month of june, but it's been demick stricken economy still faces challenges ahead. our economy is
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on the move and we have covered 19 on the run. also this, our much needed aid begins to trickling into a field is the gray region. the un security council is set to meet in the next hour to discuss the crisis and wildfires burn across western canada after days of record heat. i'm devin asked with for tonight. joke of it is in the 4th round at wimbledon as he continued his bed records cling 20th won some title and rule. this defensive mix up from spain prove costly that you are a 2020 quarter final which switzerland has gone into extra time. ah, thank you very much for joining us. it's been the center of us military operations again. so and the taliban for nearly 20 years now by graham air base has been
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transferred back to the afghan government. that's after us and nato forces left the facility. the tiny band has welcomed the withdrawal describing it as a positive step. and connie, for a complete withdrawal of all foreign troops, us president joe biden has promised to have all us forces out by september 11th, ending america's longest war. most of the 7000 and nato troops have already left, but some american soldiers will remain to protest the u. s. embassy and possibly the international airport in cobble. now the departures have raise concerns about safety. in recent weeks, the taliban has seized more territory across f, ganeth than osama bin job aid has more a formidable fortress for 2 decades where hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent. now looks like a junkyard. this is by graham, a military air base in power one province, which has been a lifeline for us led coalition troops in gunston. early on friday,
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all remaining foreign troops left the facility for the 1st time since the 2001 invasion law. american forces lift bag from a base last night without any coordination with relevant administration. this has not been officially reported to us from the ground. we get this information from the situation in the area as several looted opportunist, an as a strong background. as part of last year's deal between the u. s. and the taliban . all foreign forces on to leave a gun to stun. the taliban has welcome to withdraw from bi graham but says the pull out isn't complete. we hope the conclusion of all of all foreign forces in american forces from a band with the way for the inter asian to expedite and. ready find a peaceful solution to the outline issue as soon as possible. people in cobble have shown cautious optimism, now that the taliban so called war against for an occupation,
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will be over the bite and administration is poised to complete the full withdrawal . soon, leaving behind some troops to guard, it's embassy and the airport and conduct the afghan people might face a huge tragedy, which will have a negative impact on the united states as well. because they were here for 20 years . and during these 28th, they suffered financially and in blood dollars that they lost their life and spent their money. so they must leave this country with better routine. built by the former soviet union in the 1950s, the sprawling base has expanded to 30 square kilometers since the us invasion once a symbol for the u. s. to avenge the september 11th attacks by graham and its adjacent jail became a notorious hub for abuse. tens of thousands of people were detained, many tortured extradited to guantanamo bay prison from by graham. although the u. s . handed over upon prison to have gone government in 2013 human rights watch says its legacy of torture. still continues from wherever i hear the name of background
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. i recall the screams of innocent people and the pain of children and elderly men who were there. but it was an effective staging area for the coalition, which once filled up to more than 100000 soldiers, to avoid hardware falling to the fall upon us for to say they've destroyed nearly $15000.00 pieces of equipment and flown out more than 700 fully loaded c, 17 transport aircraft out of gun is done. what that is, i think that equipment which belong to american forces inside the bagram air base was destroyed and scrapped even some of the buildings were blown up and destroyed when he went to the americans and asked them many times at least give us the equipment which was in working condition, they didn't accept it after the us and its coalition allies spent 20 years at 4 funded it, but trillions of dollars and lost thousands of lives. the thought of under means undefeated in on the offensive. many are wondering what was the point? some of a job, aid out there or present,
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joe biden is confident as gun leaders can sustain the government without american military presence. look, we are in that war for 20 years. 20 years. and i think i met with the african government here in the white house in the oval. i think they have the capacity to be able to sustain the government. they're going to have to be down the road more negotiations, i suspect. but i am, i am concerned that they deal with the internal issues that they have to be able to generate the kind of support they need nationwide to maintain government. but the withdrawal has res. fears that the taliban will target afghans who worked with foreign forces, 18000 translators, interpreters and dr. is waiting to relocate to the us with their families. human rights watch storage countries whose troops for leaving gan assigned to accelerate resettling programs early this month. the us congress voted to speed up their
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relocation process. the topic was discussed when i've gotten president a shotgun. he met with president biden at the white house last month. well, let's speak to a smile kind of bob is his, the washington ambassador at no one left behind on organization that helps to relocate afghans and iraqis. and he worked with the us army and i've got his son before moving to the us, joining us 5 from seattle. thank you so much for being with us is my and thank you for your time. now of course the, the withdrawal of us forces has res, fears that the taliban will target. people who've worked for, for the americans, ganeth son interpreters translates his embassy staff and so on. how concerned are you about this? and what are you hearing from people who are still in afghanistan? i am really concerned the taliban has been targeted interpreters over the years and having increased the rustic songs in emails and long cars like mine
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is and feeble or breaking. so i have to, to have them get out of the country. most of them are reading for about 5 plus years to get the research and you're still reading. we are really concerned and we are trying our best to do has been out of the country as soon as possible. but the taliban, as you know, issued a statement last month saying that they would not seek revenge against those who worked with the americans or how western interest do you trust what they say? i do not trust and unfit. me like this. if you are on the ground, you would know better than most of the time. like if i have worked with american alongside and are probably by the religious judge or anger and then know
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me going to see crew and not going to listen to what the advantage everyone's going to seek revenge. and daniel, who worked in their work. so i do not check that statement keeping up with the statement why they are still targeting interpreter every day, right? the situation really virgins to resettle these people, tell us about what they have to go through in order to be able to leave a gallon, son, and tell us about your own experience. busy leaving of going to stuff oh, as a nightmare, the it is about this is it takes about a year or 2 to get you out. but i waited for about 2 years, which i was lucky enough to get my visas fairly quickly. comparing to the ones they're ready for 5 last year. excellent. next huge the paperwork as a long process. it's very slow. and if you inquire like we're my application is
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you get an automatic response. if it's under the administrative process and let you know when they're ready for you, more than happy to do not really know what the process is for us and how long you're just waiting. and there is no response to them that have kind of take a year to year to month like they can not very complicated a possible talk to us about some of those. you've helped those who were lucky enough to be resettled. how difficult is it for them to get adjusted to their new lives in america or elsewhere? she is, it is really difficult, but if there's any dying when they move here, do a lot of organization. normally, behind is one of the huge supporters we have been and area to make sure they're
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just really new mines and manage the region. we have them with jobs and housing and pretty much the best except so it's not going to get them out here. but the biggest need to take them out of the country. thank you so much for talking profit sharing your experience with our smile con, from the organization. no one left behind joining us there from seattle. and other world news, the latest job numbers from the u. s. show a major increase in the number of people going back to work. $850000.00 jobs were added in the month of june, better than many analysts were expecting. the u. s. economy has been searching since the start of the year as a country emerges from its pandemic recession. the new numbers are a positive sign after some uncertainty in recent months. the u. s. recovery had appeared to storm earlier this year when just 266000 jobs were honored in april. but things picked up by may with
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a for the 559000 jobs. but despite the positive trend continue in june, the recovery has some ways to go. us labor market is still nearly $7000000.00 jobs short. it's pre pandemic levels. gabe and his own to has more from new york on present biden's reaction to those numbers. here is, is clearly very happy. he just finished up a briefing about this jobs report important point out the, the unemployment rate is about 6 percent in the us right now at the peak of the pad demick. it was about 15 percent, so it's dropped considerably. but it's still not at where it should be, which is about 3 and a half to 4 percent. nevertheless, an unemployment rate is down significantly. that's something a president joe biden spoke about. joe biden saying that there are more jobs and better wages. he's saying that the economy is on the move and cove. it is on the run this into a little bit more of what the president had said. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years. driven in part by our
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dramatic progress and vaccinating our nations and beating back to pandemic. as well as other elements of the american rescue plants. today, the u. s. is the only major advanced economy where the o e. c, d, projections are future output are higher today than they were in january 2020. before the pandemic kid, there are some trouble signs on the horizon. there are still 7000000 americans who lost their jobs over the last year, a year and a half that have not been able to find work. there's also inflation concerns. and here in new york city, you can see it as well as is a capital financial capital of the united states. and most of the office building several of the you see behind me they're off in the distance, remain empty because the majority of americans are still working from home. just here in new york city, about 20 percent of the office spaces have been vacated and do not have
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clients that will be returning back to work. a bottom line here is there still a lot of trouble signs on the economy of a particular with the 7000000 americans who can still not find work. these are americans who suffered the most during the pandemic, low income workers, primarily many people of color. and so the economy, while it's booming in many ways, there is still a lot of people here in the country that are still suffering financially. and they're still a long ways to go. early i spoke to ramos khan, who is a senior international economist with the economic policy institute. he says questions remain about what jobs have been created under biden's recovery plan. it is a strong jobs report. it means if we can continue at this pace, that we will expect to have a full recovery by the end of next year 2022. but there are some storm clouds on the horizon. unemployment benefits, extended unemployment benefits are going to expire at the a in september. and that's going to really eliminate
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a lot of spending in the economy already. republican governors and $25.00 states to cut those benefits, that's going to hurt their economies. so the recovery expense, critically on the passage of the jobs plan and the families plan that by the ministration has proposed the fed as indicating that they started raising interest rates perhaps sometime next year. if they see some kind of ticket inflation, again, nothing significant has occurred in terms of sustained increases in inflation. yet i wouldn't expect to see them for me. the bigger concern is, what kind of jobs are we creating? what quality we've had very strong job growth in leisure and hospitality, but the manufacturing sector, which is much better wages and benefits still remains over a half 1000000 jobs below where it was in 2020. so are we creating lowest jobs? are we creating good jobs that the vitamin straighten is trying to support with its
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spending plans? benji, morehead, on the news our, including brazil's president, is at the center of a corruption scandal involving cove in 1900 vaccines. we'll have a live report from the edition air, a legacy of stolen treasure. can you ask for coma, elders call on former colonial powers to return their secret items. and a coffee pot from a gold medal favorite ahead of the olympic games will tell you why this spring won't compete. in our main event in tokyo. ah. the u. n's world food program says much needed, aid is finally getting into a few years. know then to gray region, but the situation remains tend, at least 2000000 people have been for saturday. homes in fighting began in november, more than $5000000.00 need emergency food, a $900000.00 for them are facing famine conditions. the federal government declared
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a sci fi on monday, but regional rebels have rejected it. while food program says there are still hot spots of fighting, but it's cautious. be optimistic. it can reach 40000 people in the coming days. catherine, so he has more from out his home about the wild wood program also says that it is critically running short of woodstock. the airport is still closed, so crucial aid supplies are not getting to seek and it's not just the ws you seeing this other. you monetary and organizations are also a very worried logistical nightmare. let me tell you what's going on right now. there's no electricity and there's no internet or telecommunication services that have been that has been cut off that no banks at operating currently, the un coordinating agency, you know, to say that a crucial bridge over there to catch the river. this is a crucial important supply line to west than guy that that's
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a bridge has been destroyed. so a lot of agencies getting a huge difficulties just getting supplies to the people who need it most. but we're also being told that fighting going on in some areas, different groups are controlling different areas of the european troops, all how pulls out and continue to pull out in some areas that reach out to the also retreating. but there's a big problem of x, for example, in west and the guy where special forces i live for city of the neighboring morrow . and i like to the government still control and they say that they're going to fight to the end. make sure that they keep holding that area, and to grant force is a thing that they are going to fight these amar, my special forces to make sure that that area also is liberated to the situation. so, very complex, volatile is, is big. now,
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within the next hour of the un security council said to me to discuss the crisis in to grey on diplomatic as a james space join just not live from the united nations. james, this is the 1st open session auntie grice since the conflicts began last november. what can we expect? yes, they've met 6 times before in any other business, at the end of all the meetings in closed session, talking about the situation. this, the 1st open meeting i think is really telling the security council couldn't even decide to have an open meeting in 8 months. and there was opposition coming from the african 3 african nations from st. vincent and granite deans, which tends to vote with the african nations and also from russia and china. but now they have managed to get this open meeting has been requested by the u. k. the u. s. and ireland, the irish and basset. i'm saying in the last few minutes that they won't the
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meeting because that now the spectre of large scale crime and again, looming for the people of ethiopia, a similar theme coming from the spokes person of the un secretary general. so we're able basically to confirm that one bridge over the case, the river was in fact a destroyed and rendered unusable. we have on confirm reports of other destruction . needless to say that the destruction vandalized ation of vital infrastructure are seriously threatening the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people who needed the most, as well as access to civilians with essential services, goods, and livelihoods. all parties to the conflict must protect civilians and civilian infrastructure in compliance with international humanitarian law. don't expect any votes, any resolutions taking place in this meeting, but you are going to hear some very strong words in the next hour. i think when the security council meets the us, giving a briefing on the current situation and all the countries of the security council
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having their say. and then at the end of the meeting, the open basset are interesting that he'll be addressing the security council. obviously you represent c t p, but he used to be on the security council just a couple of years ago will be very worth noting what he has to say about the situation. thank you very much. jane. jane space is not the kinetic editor. live there be not in nations. brazilian prosecutors have opened a corruption investigation into president j the both scenario. he's accused of failing to act again for scheme involving the national colon of fascination campaign as spring in one. okay. and i have in rio de janeiro for monica 1st and last night has already been under a lot of pressure, always handling of the cone of i spend they make a tell us about this case. well this case is our 2 brothers, one of the congressmen,
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which is an ally of president wilson and his brother who works in the health ministry. they went up to present dreadful sonata and said that the brother that works in the health ministry was suffering a lot of pressure from high ranking officials working in the ministry. and also there is a lot of political pressure to buy fast did to be actually found in buy this indian vaccine co vaccine. it's called and tools or pay it. so the brother that's working in the health ministry called his brother, works in congress and, and they said now let's tell the president that there is a corruption scheme going on, which they did. the president said he would talk to the federal police to open an investigation and that did not happen. so they want to investigate him now for deborah election of duty. will this bring him down?
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not necessarily, and it's likely that it will. there are over a 120 requests for impeachment for president job. oh, so not all, but it is very damaging to his image because so far he's been accused of downplaying the virus. he's been accused of delaying the vaccine, but he has not been accused of, of being involved in a corruption scandal. now this raises suspicion at a moment for the opposition is going back to the story. and his popularity rate is that a low his? it's 24 percent. so yes, it's very damaging for him. will that lead to an impeachment? probably not. money here. thank you for that, monica not give live in reiteration. narrow australia is slashing. the number of people allowed through its borders by half from mid july, only 3000 to returning citizens will be met in each week. a drastic move to cab
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covered $900.00 infections, comes in several cities with new outbreaks. australia has locked behind other developed nations in its fascination program. fewer than 8 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. catherine bennett is chair of if you're molly g. i did speak in universities institute for health transformation. she says there's still over 35000 people looking to get back into australia. but this will be the final measure before the country begin to open up. it is temporary and also being offset to some degree by the government. boosting government supported flight back into the country. so that might take a little bit of the pain out of it, but it is in the short term, hopefully the last of the votes of measures will say from here on, in the we recognizing vaccination stations. and so hopefully down the track that will mean will actually increase the cap physically to those people who are fully vaccination. i prime minister today himself described us as being prisoners of assets that we really put all that focus on the board. we had
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a low back thing role that we do quite vulnerable given the limited amount of virus we had in the country. we do actually have quite low rate of return travelers turning opposite we screen them off shore before they get onto the plane to make sure they're not positive at that point. and those that arrive in the country around one percent do eventually turn positive from fifties. that might be 20 positive cases in awaken victoria. that was 11 other cases this last week. so there are probably other ways we could manage it. but i think this is a response given these multisite outbreaks at the moment as we try and transition away from this focus on the borders completely and kind of a 0 to something that is going to transition out of it into something that's more normal and living with the virus, so i think this is part of a broader need to try and show way being ultra safe now. but in order to pivot so that we're actually starting to build our preparation. so we can start to open up.
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i feel a head on al jazeera, thousands are forced to seek safe grounds near the capital of the philippines as the volcano eject fumes of toxic gas. and we've got highlights from wimbledon later in sports, including this contender for shot of the tenement from the highest rank. our women in history. ah ah, yes, it's still hot, but it's much hotter than it should be. just pick your favorite city and look at the number like the his like, who to be higher than you expected to be cooling, trend long, the south coast, and now that is seasonal lucky seller 30. that's where it should be by q weight or q a. it's been up to nearly its record of 5453 and
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a half. the forecast remains of 51, a hazy day on saturday. not so much on sunday, had a slight cooling, possibly on monday. now that heat extends all the way up through iraq, into west, inside of iran, and possibly up to was terror on itself. in fact, the full costs water and sort of gives it away 39 to 41 or the record as written down moment is 40. so to rank could be on for a record break and not the record you want to break. i would suggest, but it's hot all the same. now the whole of africa is not so much the heat, maybe the lack of rain, and i mean we've got the monsoon winds, which tend to do some rain in some oliver know how much they also can induce a big thunderstorm. that the vc up in highlands, they are doing that. they'll do that on a daily basis. we tend to get waves. the shells moving up back through south sudan towards the gulf of guinea. but even they aren't particularly big the
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the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of football pitcher per minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining and farming. as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increase production. indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. no, with the bite of their life, people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. kristen, hello boat is a mechanical reason that self driving train the apple. but androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries, next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn, think, feel, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0.
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0, the me. watching the news on al jazeera, a reminder of our main stories. the taliban has welcomed the withdrawal of all us and nato troops from afghanistan to find graham base nearly 20 years after they arrived. a complete withdrawal of us forces, who expected by september 11th for us at 850000 jobs in june. it's a major increase and better than many analysts expected. the economy has been virgin since the start of the year, as it emerged from the pandemic recession and the united nation says much needed
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aid is getting back into ethiopia to gray region. but the situation remains, di, un security council is set to meet in less than an hour at, for various open sessions since the conflicts began last november. that emergency officials in western canada urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people who were forced to fee a wildfire on wednesday. it's just 15 minutes for flames to sweeps for the village of lytton, which has been at the center of it. unprecedented heat wave. the man says 90 percent of the area is destroyed nor burden. manley has all lucid, entire town destroyed by wild fire. some of the 250 residence of listen in western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now reduced to cinders, which way are we going to go this after temperatures in the area smashed records, it will be 50 degrees. i can tell.


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