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i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0. o, unprompted and uninterrupted discussion from london rural car, santa ah, ah. american to me, the largest us base unit ganeth ban. after nearly 20 years, the taliban calls it a positive ah, play watching al jazeera life from joe. how would we fully back? people also ahead a better than expected jobs report in the us for the month of june, but it's been demick stricken economy still faces challenges ahead. our economy is
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on the move. we have code 19 on the run. after 8 months of conflict, much needed a to begin to trickle into ethiopia, take ry region. but the risk of from in looms launch with millions in desperate need of firms and wildfires. burn across western canada after days of record heat. one town resembles award. ah, ah, it's been the center of us military operations against al qaeda and taliban for nearly 20 years now. by graham abbey has been transferred back to the afghan government that's after us. and nato forces left the facility. the taliban has welcomed the withdrawal, describing it as a positive step and calling for a complete withdrawal of all foreign troops. us president joe biden has promised to have all us forces count by september 11th, ending america's longest war. most of the 7000 nato troops have already left,
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but some american soldiers will remain to protect the u. s. embassy and possibly international airport in couple their punches. i've raised concerns about safety in recent weeks. the taliban has seized more territory across afghan hassan. i'll just here is our passion worry has more from campbell, a big move from the us forces. he had an undergone upon his bond there handed or the bug from base to the security forces this morning. and also the cover is considered a very big step from the us forces until now that the one security forces confirmed to jesse that there is 0 foreign forces at debugging base at the moment to buggerminski is considered considered important very, who said symbolically. because all those patients, the and growing oppression was managed and ordered from this base. it was used to be the us central command. on the other hand, paula barn also welcome the decision inside the re supposed be exit of all foreign
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forces from a background base. and they will come that decision the other hand, general scott miller, us forces to come on and also met with the prison national runyan. he again reaffirm they're supposed to be honest on the especially stood up when security forces. on the other hand, there are a lot of a lot of his collisions of attacks going on in atlanta. and at the moment i don't a 100 districts were captured by the taliban from one security forces including some, some, some major districts. and we are also witnessing some of the districts were also captured by the taliban in the or what the, what the problem is close to to go to the capital column this morning when i was talking to the people close to the bargain. i'm your best. they had a lot of concerns and because they were very dependent on the space, they had a lot of jobs their day that they got job place that has the security concerns. and so it's a, it's a, it's a big, a big, a big goal for the, i'm going to give the force of how they will take the situation as bringing allen
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fisher in washington. d. c. for is alan, a significant development in the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan today, one of the reactions in washington. well, it's hugely important because of course, bye graham, which started it is really a run down here feel became almost like a mini american city. if you walk through it, you will see names that you would see if you landed in new york or chicago. they built restaurants, they built gyms, they built classrooms. there was one main route. it was called disney avenue. that is where tens of thousands of american servicemen and women began the deployment to afghanistan over the last 20 years. it's also where almost 2000 service men and women began their final attorney home after being killed an action. the mike rogers, who is the republican on the hill, he had sent a letter to joe biden saying, look, we've seen the news about background in the last couple of hours. what is your plan for the dentist on the plan, of course, is that american troops will be on stand by ready to be deployed to afghanistan if
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they perceive a threat to the united states. and sadly, in the last, we've had from president joe biden, who says that the plan for withdrawal, remember, you set a date of september, the 11th is still very much on track. we're on track exactly as to where we expect it to be. but we just wanted to make sure there was enough quote running room that we can get. wouldn't be able to do it all to september. they'll still be some for forces left, but it's a rational drop down with our allies and making. so there's nothing unusual about it that's understood. there will be a former handover of the base on saturday in afghanistan that are those on capitol hill who are concerned like mike rogers. they want to know exactly what the us plans to do because they don't want the idea of the united states having spent 20 years. and i've got to stop having removed the taliban because of his support for
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a some of been latin simply to hand the country but. but the white house believes it is doing the right thing. no. it believes it has public support and that is borne out by the polls. donald trump knew when he started started this process in train. joe biden, you, when he became president and decided to push ahead with the withdrawal of trips throughout canis, done. and so it seems almost that, and then the next couple of months, the us apart from the $650.00 who be left to protect strategic sites in afghanistan will end it's long. this war before september, the 11th alan fisher at the white house. thank you. alan, he laid his job numbers from the u. s. show a major increase in the number of people going back to work. $850000.00 jobs were added in the month of june. better than many analysts were expecting. the u. s. economy has been surging since it's not a year as a country images for expand emmy recession. the new numbers are a positive sign after some uncertainty in recent months. for us recovery had
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appeared to stall earlier this year when just 266000 jobs were added in april. but things picked up by may with a for the 559000 jobs. but despite the positive trend, continue in june and recovery has some ways to go. the west labor market is still nearly $7000000.00 jobs, short of its pre pandemic levels. kimberly zoned has moved from new york on how president joe biden is responding to the status job numbers. here is, is clearly very happy. he just finished up a briefing about this jobs report. important point out the, the unemployment rate is about 6 percent in the u. s right now, at the peak of the pandemic. it was about 15 percent, so it's dropped considerably, but it's still not at where it should be, which is about 3 and a half to 4 percent. nevertheless, and unemployment rate is down significantly. that's something present. joe biden spoke about, joe biden saying that there are more jobs and better wages. he's saying that the economy is on the move and cove. it is on the run this and
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a little bit more of what the president had say. this is historic progress pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years, driven in part by our dramatic progress, vaccinate our nations, and beating back to pen damage. as well as other elements of the american rescue plan. today, the u. s. is the only major advanced economy where the o e. c, d, projections are future output are higher today than they were in january 2020. before the pandemic kid, there are some trouble signs on the horizon. there are still 7000000 americans who lost their job over the last year a year and a half that have not been able to find work. there's also inflation concerns. and here in new york city, you can see it as well as is a capital financial capital of the united states. and most of the office building several of the you see behind me they're off in the distance, remain empty because the majority of americans are still working from home. just
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here in new york city, about 20 percent of the office spaces have been vacated and do not have clients that will be returning back to work. a bottom line here is there still a lot of trouble science on the economy of a particular with the 7000000 americans who can still not find work. these are americans who suffered the most during the pandemic, low income workers, primarily many people of color. and so the economy, while it's booming in many ways, there is still a lot of people here in the country that are still suffering financially. and they're still a long ways to go. the u ends. well, food program says much needed, aid is finally getting into if you know then to try region. but the situation remains dire. at least 2000000 people have been forced out, or their homes and fighting began in november. well then, 5000000 need emergency food 890-0000. all those are facing famine conditions. the federal government declared a sci fi on monday,
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but regional rebels have rejected it. well, food program says they are still hotspots of fighting, but it's cautiously optimistic. it can reach 40000 people in the coming days. katherine saw he has more from august of the wild wood program. also says that it is critical is running short of woodstock. the airport is still closed, so crucial aid supplies are not getting to seek. and it's not just that w estie seeing this other monetary and organizations are also a very worried logistical nightmare. let me tell you what's going on right now. there's no electricity and there's no internet or telecommunication services that have been that has been cut off that no banks at operating currently, the un coordinating agency, you know, to say that a crucial bridge over the river. this is a crucial important supply line to west and t guy that, that's
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a bridge has been destroyed. so a lot of agencies getting a huge difficulties just getting supplies to the people who need it most. but we're also being told that fighting going on in some areas, different groups are controlling different areas of the if the opium troops are ha pulled out and continue to pull out in some areas a return to the also retreating. but there is a big problem of x, for example, in west and the guy where the special forces. i lied, special forces of the neighboring a marsh. we've gone online to the government still control and they say that they're going to fight to the end. make sure that they keep holding that area and to grant the thing that they are going to fight. this is a mar, special forces to make sure that that area also is liberated to the situation. so those complex wallet tyler, this bic protesters have gathered in occupied east jerusalem to express only diety,
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with the residents of the se one neighbourhood, thousands of buildings, housing more than $100.00 pound of senior families, are under threat of being demolished, to make way for israeli archaeological park on tuesdays really forces demolish policy and owned patricia. stephanie deca went to the protest. and this, this report on shand off now with the israeli forces with some of the protectors, there was a small crowd here for testing. we had these really forces coming down and there's now it's down of the now far, interior gas. you can see them getting ready to shoot again. this is basically what's been happening here on and off for weeks now the area of fill one in occupied east jerusalem is facing policy and family facing demolition orders facing forest evictions. and you're talking about entire neighborhoods on tuesday, a butcher shop here was demolished around 20,
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still face the orders of demolition. and the way israel operates is that they give the families the choice to do so. and if they don't do it in the time limit, which has now passed, the israeli forces will come in and demolish the homes, then charge them, send them to bill for the demolition of their home. so kind of thing and here this is the reality of their life. there are court cases, appeals to what is really against organizations, jewish organizations that are trying to take over these areas. policies will tell you that they're basically trying to replace the palestinians with jewish butlers, of course occupied east. jerusalem is what palestinians want as a capital of any future palestinian state. 14 policy, you know, authority, security officers have been sent for further questioning over the death of news. but not the prominent critic died last week, hours after being arrested and beaten by p, a. forces his death led to protest across the occupying west bank. and military spokesman says 14 people were members of the patrol that arrested him. no charges
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have been made yet. in syria, they've been large protest in the southern city of darius, demonstrators have been denouncing a seizure was recently imposed by a shot of fans government. any rationalize that's put in place after residents boycotted and rejected. presidential elections. the former rebel territory has been 17 since it was re taken by machine forces in 2018. still ahead on al jazeera, we look at why a 3rd of children in lebanon are going to bed hungry. thousands are forced to seek safe ground. he had a capital in the philippines as the town. okay. know ajax fumes of toxic guy. ah. ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways,
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but it's certainly reading in japan at the moment. he said almost continues reading parts of honshu for the last 2 days. it is a bit of a break going through, but the orange shows where the heavy rain is. brushing past take you again, and then you get a bit of relief because it's the turn of south korea that is real, massive heavy rain that could last 12 to 15 hours and obviously will cause some flooding that's taking some of the emphasis away from the other end of this season or rain, which is across central china across the yangtze valley. now that means a saturday won't be as wet, but sunday it'll start to grow again. it's often, thunderstorms, always down pools, and there's the top end that's turned into a circulation. see a japan on its way towards colorado and the other side of horseshoe. yeah. more rain plus wind this time. so anyway, with an silhouette he looks like returning for a while on saturday. in fact, this whole line of longitude is pretty wet and the shares of the philippines may
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welters or tropical depression, as they drift westwards into the open water during sunday. and the monsoon rains are at the heaviest moment in the northeast of india and bangladesh. for a time you'll see some heavy stuff from go assassin, for most it's still fairly dry picture. sponsored pay cut on airways 2 years ago. the great, the damage caused the precious gras. samantha chilling its being reversed with one of the world's biggest ada conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonia and if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is, then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threat. and that's why you know, i, for re wilding pass, go on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, the me welcome back, a recap of our tom stories on al jazeera, this, our accounting band has welcome to withdrawal of all us and nato troops from afghan is found to bind. graham abbeys nearly 20 years after they 1st arrived. compete with all of us forces expected by september 11th for us at 850000 jobs in june. it and major increase and better than many said they expected. the economy has been surging since we're starting the year as it emerges from the weekly session. and the united nation says much needed aid is getting back into ethiopia, is not going to try region, but the situation remains, di, one and 5000000 people need emergency food aid, 900000 of them are facing families conditions. now unicef has warned that
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children in lebanon are the worst effected by the countries worst thing. economic crisis research by the u. an agency found more than 30 percent of children have been forced to skip nails and go to bed hungry and 77 percent of household phase spoke to are suffering from food shortages. lebanese pound has lost 90 percent of its value in 2019, causing the price of bread and fuel to for far have is a spokeswoman for unicef. she says the kind of like economic crisis is affecting all aspects of children's lives. sin never, non. we've been working with them on the ground and seeing a situation steadily deteriorate over many, many months. that situation is essentially many years old. right now we really want to raise the country. is this really hurting off and eat, you know, my precipice into one of the well known re thing, total collapse if the economy that did they buy the home with that. and then if
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there was the explosion in the court last year, which doesn't make much of the capital 50, that we really wanted to understand right now how people are they. and of course, what we found and these people are not managing to cope. and the strategies are the mechanisms that they are using are very damaging for their own wellbeing and about their children. 3 children in household that do not have enough cash to be able to provide the food that they need, that a 3rd of children being having to skip a meal during the day. but it, affecting many other factors. if they're not, that they don't have enough cash, provide, se, it'll have cash to provide everything else. so around a 3rd of children who actually sick was unable to go to a clinic and see the doctor and get the health care of it. and he were very,
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very concerned, situation is now extreme. the area thousands of people in the philippines were being forced to leave their homes after volcano, saudi spewing theme and toxic gas, nearly $15000.00 people from villages, south of capital manila are being moved to safe areas. jamila island again reports from the cavalcade and then she is time for those who live in conceal your municipality about a 120 kilometers south of manila. they only have a few hours to secure their belongings and move to a see for area. the nearby to al volcano spewed black plumes on thursday afternoon, a situation people here a role too familiar with them. and we also don't seem to see in the creation centers, so we'll stay with our relatives. early last year to albuquerque, new erupted and displaced more than a $100000.00 people. it was soon followed by the corona virus pandemic. and the
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months long locked down made it nearly impossible for people who are dependent on fishing and tourism to earn a living. the town of the rail is where hundreds of people went, emailed the re, it says it hurts to see her children suffer this way lower than the i don't really know what to say anymore. i'm just praying. it's a really difficult situation. across the hall, marilyn caliper tear is afraid for her children to go for is it the volcano? is it getting sick? getting coded? really hard? i had so many children can't sleep just thinking about it. but these families are reluctant to leave their home. the fear the volcano, but they also say they're worried about possible outbreaks of cobra. 19 in the evacuation centers,
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this is why the philippine government is setting up as many evacuation centers as possible in order to implement the minimum health protocols here behind me. just a few nautical miles away is the creator of the album came though, and although it seems relatively peaceful here, now, people are still afraid that is because many areas here, even the capital manila, a few hours away have been blanketed by smug. in fact, based on the latest government data, but i'll go, okay, no emitted a record high amount of sulfur dioxide. those who have lived around the lake. oh, there live, see life before the pandemic and the volcanoes eruption was peaceful and their harvests abundant. that feels like a long time ago now, jim l as in dog and i'll jazeera the albert and this province northern philippines, emergency officials in western canada urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people who were forced to flee
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a wildfire on wednesday. it took just 15 minutes for flames to sweep through the village of layton, which has been the center of an unprecedented heat wave. nor bird man. he has a detail almost entire town destroyed by wild fire. some of the 250 residence of listen in western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now were due to cinders, which way are we going to go this after temperatures in the area smashed records, it will be 50 degrees. i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and at worse, it has been downright terrifying. in british columbia, we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation and saw a plume of smoke, so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops. and my son said to me, is there a volcano erupted over there? this map from now? so shows the area where the days of reco,
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temperatures have hit the entire northwest of the united states and canada. the unusual weather is being linked to the so called heat don't wear high, precious stones trap hot air. the emergency cruise has been taken to the sky as well as the ground to battle fall spreading fires across northern california. the flames once again forcing residence from there. this man in lake had expressed hope that he wouldn't have to leave real concerned. the winds coming up in their claims aren't too far away, so we gotta pay attention of this way to help us fire at a high school serving as a red cross shelter. it was cool and off and just getting sleep really good. when the sheriff came through right before the 1st light and said everyone has to leave,
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you know, so that's what we woke up to you. we are it's not just a fires that are causing can sun as western california and canada is consumed by a drought which many attributes to climate change. the heat wave has also taken hundreds of lives. estimates of the number of excess heat related dose in counties that cover just 62 percent of our population suggests that 5 and a half 1000 american stiver a year from the heat. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess deaths a lot more than we should have back across the border encounter. the extreme temperatures have had a devastating impact. hundreds of deaths in british columbia have been linked to the heat waves and volunteers doing what they can take care of the most fundable. northern manley out 0 and the 1st hurricane season is making his way through the caribbean and appears to be headed for the us state of florida. that's way
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emergency workers are searching through the rubble a lot of an apartment building that collapse last thursday near miami, 20 people and i confirm dead 128, remain unaccounted for authority say they want to make as much progress as possible before the storm arrived. we don't know exactly the track that it's going to pay. it is possible that we could see a tropical force wind as early as sunday night in southern florida. and so our department of emergency management is assuming that that will happen and making the necessary preparations to be able, obviously to protect the, a lot of the equipment. you could potentially have an event with the building as well. mm. australia is flashing, the number of people allowed through its borders by half from mid july, only 3000 returning citizens will be let in each week
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a drastic move to curve covered 19 infections comes a several cities deal with new outbreaks. australia has lagged behind other developed nations in his fascination program. catherine bennett is chair of apd knology, a deacon university institute for health transformation. she says there a silver, 35000 people looking to get back into australia. and this will be the final measure before the country begins to open up. it is temporary and new slipping offset to some degree by the government, boosting government supported flight back into the country. so that might take a little bit of the pain out of it. but it is in the short term, hopefully the last of the both of measures will say from here on, in that we recognizing vaccination station. and so hopefully down the track that will mean will actually increase the cap, particularly to those people who are fully vaccinated. i prime minister today himself described us as being prisoners of assets that we really put all that focus
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on the board. we had a low back thing role that was due quite vulnerable given the limited amount of virus we had in the country. we do actually have quite low rate of return travelers turning opposite we screen them off shore before they get onto the plane to make sure they're not positive at that point. and those that arrive in the country around one percent do eventually turn positive from fifties. that might be 20 positive cases in awaken victoria. that was 11 other cases this last week. so there are probably other ways we could manage it. but i think this is a response given these multisite outbreaks at the moment as we try and transition away from this focus on the borders completely and kind of a 0 to something that is going to transition out of it into something that's more normal and living with the buyer. so i think this is part of a broader need to try and show we being ultra safe now. but in order to pivot so that we're actually starting to build our preparation. so we can start to open up
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a british soldier, a charge with the matter of arms, civil rights marches in northern ireland won't be sending trial in 1972 soldiers from an elite parachute regiment opened fire on protesters in a catholic area. 13 people died in what came to be known as the bloody sunday massacre. one unnamed soldier was charging 2019, but prosecutors have now told families of the victims that the case is being drops . one of the 1st ever women who was trained to become an astronaut will soon become the worst. all this person to be shot into space. we land gently on the desert surface. we opened the hatch and you step outside was the 1st thing you say. i was say, honey, that was the best thing that ever happened while he found world travel with amazon boss, jeff bezos, when he adds into orbit later this month. funk pass. astronaut training in the early 1916. but she never made it to space because of her gender. i didn't say that
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i would ever get to go, i think, has ever gone in my way while you're a girl. 2 you can't do that, i said guess what? doesn't matter what you are, you can still do it if you want to go. and i like to do things that nobody is. john loved every 2nd of it. i get already way. ah, hello again. i'm fully back to you more with the headlines on alger 0. the taliban says it welcomes and supports the withdrawal of all us and nato troops from afghanistan, spine, graham, and bass, nearly 20 years after they 1st arrived. a complete withdrawal of us for says he's expected by september 11th. we're on track exactly as to where we expected to be.


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