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the center of saigon was a war zone. the press retreated, in effect that the caravel hotel. and many of the story is mentioned we received was from the care of the news. this is al jazeera. ah, this is the news our on our jazz here. i'm fully back to the line from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. american troops leave the largest usa base in our gan is found after nearly 20 years. that taliban called it a positive step, a better than expected jobs report in the u. s. for the month of june, but a fan demick had economy still faces challenges ahead. our economy is on the move
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and we have covered 19 on the run. also this, our wildfires burn across western canada after days of record heat damage in one town is described as resembling a war, so not something belonging to the museum and fighting to retrieve a stolen treasure. a community in kenya calls on former colonial powers to return the sacred items, and i paid them to the sports and the favorites for the women's 100 meters, a particular lympics was being suspended of the fighting a drug test. meanwhile, the longest standing world record in maine's track athletics has been broken by norway's cost involved in the 400 metre hurdles. ah,
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thank you for joining us. it's been the center of us military operations again, fall kinder and the taliban for nearly 20 years. now by graham ad base has been transferred back to the afghan government that's after us and nato forces left the facility. the taliban has welcomed the withdrawal describing it as a positive step and calling for a complete withdrawal of all foreign troops. us president joe biden has promised to have all us for his out by september 11th and being america's longest war. most of the 7000 nato troops have already left, but some american soldiers will remain to protect the u. s. embassy and possibly the international airport in campbell. the departure has raised concerns about safety in recent weeks at taliban has sees more territory in afghanistan. i'll just here and bash and y has more from couple. a big move from the us forces here and undergoing of harness on the handed or the bug bass to the security forces this morning. and also cover is considered
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a very big step from the us forces. until now that the one security forces confirmed to jesse or that there is 0 foreign forces at debugging base at the moment. buggerminski is considered considered important very, who said symbolically, because all those patients, the and grow and oppression was managed and ordered from this base. it was used to be the us central command. on the other hand, parliament also welcome the decision inside the re supposed be exit of all foreign forces from a background base and they will come that decision. the other hand, general scott miller, the us forces to come on and also met with the president of honey. and he again reaffirm they're supposed to be honest on the especially stood up when security forces. on the other hand, there are a lot of a lot of his collisions of attacks going on in atlanta. some of the moment i don't, a 100 districts were captured by the taliban from one security forces including some, some,
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some measure districts. and we are also witnessing some of the districts were also captured by the parliament in the or what the, what the problem is close to, to go to the capital column this morning when i was talking to the people close to the bargain. i'm your best, they had a lot of concerns and because they were very dependent on the space, they had a lot of jobs. they're there, they got job place. they have the security concerns. so it's a, it's a, it's a big, a big, a big goal for, i'm going to give the force of how they will take the situation. live not to al jazeera is alan fisher who's at the white house for his significant development allen in the u. s. withdrawal from afghan is found today. how is this being viewed in washington? what are the reactions? well, just in the last minute or 2, joe biden has been asked about the withdrawal from by graham. and that event is holding about the jobs numbers in the old executive building. no, very far away from where i'm standing. he said that they're on track for the time table for the withdrawal. and that he was taking troops. i know to give them
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a bit more space, not entirely sure what he means by that, but jewel, bike and clearly know what about any security implications and believes that the u . s. will still be there to support the afghan forces and that assembly been a line that we'll hear over the next few days. and perhaps even over the next few months is that the us is not abandoning afghanistan. and they will still be there to support the afghan forces if required. of course, leaving by graham is important and significant because what was essentially a rundown airfield became the center for us operations in afghanistan and in the region. it became a many american city names that you would expect to see if you landed in new york or chicago. you would see right there in the heart of janice done. there was one long route. it was called a disney drive by the soldiers, for many became the place where they began their gun deployment for almost 2000 that also became the place where they began their final journey because they died during the deployment in afghanistan. it's interesting that after all the attacks
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that we've seen, all the suicide bombings, all the rockets and missiles have been fired background, what have enjoy gets the united states out of there is the p steel and the negotiations with the taliban. it's diplomacy rather than any level of violence that we speak. this someone who served in afghanistan for a number of years still connected with the military. they say look, the leaving background is important and significant. and it could mean that the jordan is actually moving much faster than we think. in fact, he said, don't be surprised if you see in a nice way over this weekend, that all american troops apart from the 650, to protect the embassy, have left of gun is done. and that would be over the 4th of july. we can big important holiday here in the united states. well ahead of the 11th of september deadline, the joe biden had said, and you'll remember that the wheels for the withdrawal were set by donald trump, followed on by jo, by both of them. know that this is
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a popular decision among ordinary americans. they believe it's time for america to leave afghanistan and leave behind as longest war. thank you for that. allen fisher live for a say at the white house. let's discuss this further now with omar some odd who's a former. i've got boston to friends in canada, and currently is senior fellow with the atlantic council. his joining us via skype from washington. very good to have you with us, mr. some odd. so unimportant chapter of america's involvement and scanning time coming to an end with the handover of background base. what are your thoughts about this is now the time to close the book on the afghan conflict that it has been. the question is posed for a while now, and i think we have an answer in a couple months ago with the president after reviewing act on policy for several weeks, decided that the united states should disengagement apparently until by election
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bolling base going back to even the soviet period when the service with her as for afghans, obviously it's a bittersweet moment because there's so much history attached to it. a good and that unfortunately, you know, it started out as a mission that was essential after $911.00. that was what company asked in the presence of the united states and others were we were, we were all very hopeful that we will engage in state of the nation. but at some point, obviously your mission to kind of the different turn. but right now, i think we need to also focus of this chapter closes, as you said, what the next check that would be for afghan. also the next chapter for americans who are still a bit ambiguous as to what to do next. talking about the next chapter for afghans. the security situation right now is quite a complicated one, the tiny boundary gaining territory. the complete withdrawal of us troops from i've got his son has always been based on conditions. it doesn't look like those
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conditions on the ground in afghanistan have been met. can afghan forces handle the security situations. busy on their own well. busy it depends on who you talk to in the some will say, well we have conditions that to some extent have failed. others will say. ready no about what is important is that this is dana stan, act as we speak chart of the country. we need to find a way to end the war. we need to go back on the militia track. i hope that it's all about who have been punching neatly and mean capturing territory and population centers are going to realize it. at some point. it's better to sit down and talk and negotiate the futures together rather than cry as you are some outcome. the same for the african government and all the other political parties will now are
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talking about resistance is talking about an uprising. i think that that would be devastating for fun is done because it may create a not a steel me. and we need to avoid that, it will hurt back and people. so i think all efforts, diplomatic and political have to be put on trying to push political settlement on just on realizing that there are some responsibilities in terms of counterterrorism and so on, so forth. you talked about earlier, mrs. summit, a bittersweet moment for of ghana, stan and the war of course, was launched with widespread international support. but it became unpopular over the years in the same way that forced the british to withdraw from afghanistan in the 1900 century and the soviet union to retreat in the 20th century. now the americans are leaving. do you think america married strategic objectives in afghanistan? and what is the legacy of america's involvement in the conflict question, i think partially, america has met the strategic objective in terms of reducing the threat of i will
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tell you that in fact there is groups that getting rid of those who are responsible for 911 and sending a message across the board by the same time archived, and other carrier groups have taken on a different form of assessment are very different and things have to be built and managed differently upon the stone. i might have been, you know, no longer at the center of what used to be in the 1900 ninety's. and so what we need to do is stabilize that on the stone. and it has to be that mean the africa and also the country region before whose benefit it is not to see an unstable on sunday need to all support together. and america needs to remain engaged in my opinion as to help with this stability. but we are not there yet, we are still very much in the military mode. unfortunately, the legacy has to be reckoned has not been finished. i think that the legacy will
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be written once we are talking over this chapter. and this does not, this is one day, this is one part of this chapter, but the book is still to be written. thank you so much for talking to us about this and sharing your perspective, omar. some are former afghan, him by sarah to find in canada. joining us from washington, thank you very much for your time, sir. as friendly, more had on this news hour, including thousands of forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the volcano objects p and the talks, the gas in for belgium and a to me headline, the year a quarter final speech. i'll be here to look ahead to the big game i have been use and the latest job numbers from the us show, a major increasing the number of people going back to work. $850000.00 jobs were
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added in the month of june. better than many analysts were expecting. the u. s. economy has been searching since the start of a year as the country emerges from its pandemic recession and new numbers are a positive sign after some uncertainty. in recent months, the u. s. recovery had appeared to stall earlier this year when just 266000 jobs were added in april. a things picked up by may with a for the 559000 jobs. but despite the positive trend continuing in june, the recovery has some ways to go. the us labor market is still nearly $7000000.00 jobs, short of its pre pandemic levels. gabriel is on to join the slide from new york, so some strong job data gave talk us through the numbers and what they need. yes, actually what you have here is that the economy is recovering faster than businesses in the u. s. can keep up here. i mean, this is clearly very strong job numbers, and that's put it quickly into perspective over the last 3 months or so. the u. s.
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had been averaging about $600000.00 new jobs per month. economists forecasted that they thought that that would jump up to about 700000. so the fact that it comes in it a $150000.00 jobs for the month, really shatters any sort of expectations there were. that's clearly the good news in terms of what we can dig out of this report. everything is up on the job sector, leisure, hospitality, public and private education jobs, up professional and business services, retail trade. these are the major sectors that are really boosting the u. s. economy right now, and you really look at why is this happening now? what is it that's going on now really 4 things. primarily the vaccine roll out about 156000000 americans have been fully vaccinated. that's about half of the u. s . population. that's clearly helping the economy of getting people back to work back to restaurants out spending money again. we also have the,
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the job was benefits that were going on for over a year. now those are starting to wind down so many people that have been getting extra unemployment money that is starting to end. so people are, again, going out, looking for work and finding work. and then the rules that are limiting capacity at restaurants and theaters and other those are all going away. everything is back to pretty much 100 percent capacity in the u. s. for the most part. and then companies have been really adding benefits. trying to lou are workers back because there's simply more jobs out there than there are workers. so add all of that up and that's why you're seeing this huge surge in the job report. and it's been some positive reaction on wall street game. and present barton has been speaking this hour actually about these numbers. what he had to say. yeah, here he is is clearly very happy. he just finished up a briefing about this jobs report important point out the, the unemployment rate is about 6 percent in the u. s right now at the peak of the pad demick, it was about 15 percent, so it's dropped considerably,
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but it's still not at where it should be, which is about 3 and a half to 4 percent. nevertheless, an unemployment rate is down significantly. that's something present. joe biden spoke about jack biden's saying that there are more jobs and better wages. he's saying that the economy is on the move and cove. it is on the run this and a little bit more of what the president had say. this is historic progress. pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years, driven in part by our dramatic progress and vaccinating our nations and beating back to pandemic. as well as other elements of the american rescue plan. today, the u. s. is the only major advanced economy where the o e. c, d, projections are future output are higher today than they were in january 2020. before the pandemic kid. there are some trouble signs on the horizon. there are still 7000000 americans who lost their job over the last year a year and
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a half that have not been able to find work. there's also inflation concerns. and here in new york city, you can see it as well as a capital financial capital of the united states. and most of the office building several of the you see behind me they're off in the distance, remain empty because the majority of americans are still working from home. just here in new york city, about 20 percent of the office spaces have been vacated and do not have clients that will be returning back to work. bottom line here is there are still a lot of trouble signs on the economy of a particular with the 7000000 americans can still not find work. these are americans who suffered the most during the pandemic, low income workers, primarily many people of color. and so the economy while it's booming in many ways, there is still a lot of people here in the country that are still suffering financially. and they're still a long ways to go. gabriel is on the in new york. thank you very much for that.
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let's get some more analysis. so now with robert scott who's a senior international economist would be acknowledged policy institute, he joined his life from maryland via skype. thank you for being with us. so what do you make of the job? straightforward, a strong jobs report. as we've heard, but ave caveats, certainly it is a strong jobs report. it means that we can continue at this pace that we will expect to have a full recovery by the end of next year 2022. but there are some storm clouds on the horizon, unemployment benefits extended unemployment benefits are going to expire at the a in september. and that's going to really eliminate a lot of spending in the economy already. republican governors and $25.00 states to cut those benefits. that's going to hurt their economies. so the recovery expense, critically on the passage of the jobs plan and the families plan that bite administration has proposed. and gabriel said correspondence that many employees
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are increasing salaries to attract workers. how sustainable is that though? well, i think it's very sustainable. the rates of increase in wages have been the 3 percent or less over the past year. and that's consistent with improvements and output per worker that are able to sustain those wages. we're not going to see high levels, inflation with that kind of of increase in salaries. it's not sufficient to sustain inflation in the us. so a strong rebound. the best month of jobs changed since last summer as we've heard. but i've also read that inflation and prices are expected to go up. what impact will that have and do you see the federal reserve having to intervene at some point? where the fed is indicating that they will start raising interest rates perhaps sometime next year. if they see some end up taking inflation again,
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nothing significant has occurred in terms of sustained increases and inflation. yet i wouldn't expect to see them for me. the bigger concern is, what kind of jobs are we creating? what quality we've had very strong jobs growth in leisure and hospitality, but the manufacturing sector, which is much better wages and benefits still remains over a half 1000000 jobs below where it was in 2020. so are we creating low wage jobs? are we creating good jobs that the vitamin straighten is trying to support with its spending plans? thank you for talking to a thank you for your insight. roberts. com, senior international economy, said the comic policy institute. we appreciate your time. emergency officials in western canada urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people who were forced to flee a wildfire on wednesday. it took just 15 minutes for flames to sweep through the village of light and which has been at the center of an unprecedented heat. wave,
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the mayor says 90 percent of the area is destroyed, lower burden man, me report. all lucid, entire town destroyed by wildfire. some of the 250 residents of listen in western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now were due to cinders, which way are we going to go this? after temperatures in the area smashed records only 50 degrees? i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and worse. it has been downright terrifying in british columbia. we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation and saw a plume of smoke, so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops. and my son said to me, is there a volcano erupted over there? this map from now so shows the area where the days of reco, temperatures have hit the entire northwest of the united states and canada. the
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unusual weather is being linked to the so called heat don't wear high pressure zones trap hot air. the emergency cruise has been taking to the sky as well as the ground to battle fall spreading fires across northern california. the flames once again, forcing residents from their home. this non in lake had expressed hope that he wouldn't have to leave real concerned. the winds coming up in their flames aren't too far away, so we gotta pay attention. others way to help us fire to high school serving as a red cross shelter. it was cool and often just getting sleep really good. when the sheriff came through right before the 1st light and said everyone has to leave, you know, so that's what we look up to you. we are it's not just
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a fires that are causing concern. as western california and canada is consumed by a drought which many of the attributes to climate change, the heat wave has also taken hundreds of lives. estimates of the number of excess heat related deaths in counties that cover just 62 percent of our population suggests that 5 and a half 1000 americans die every year from the heat. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess deaths a lot more than we should have back across the border encounter. the stream temperatures have had a devastating impact. hundreds of deaths in british columbia have been linked to the heat wave of volunteers to doing what they can take care of the most fundable laura, the manly al jazeera, of thousands of people in the philippines are being forced to leave their homes after a volcano, saunter spewing steam and toxic gas,
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nearly $15000.00 people from villages of the capital manila are being moved to safe areas. jamila lind again, reports from near the volcano in town. and then she is time for those who live in a consillio municipality about 220 kilometers south of manila. they only have a few hours to secure their belongings and moved to a safer area. the nearby to our volcano spewed black plumes on thursday afternoon, a situation people here are all too familiar with the land. and we also don't seem to see in the creation centers. so we'll see with our relatives. early last year to all volcano erupted and displaced more than a $100000.00 people. it was soon followed by the corona virus pandemic. and the months long locked down made it nearly impossible for people or dependent of fishing and tourism to earn a living. the town of the rail is where hundreds of people went, emailed the re,
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it's says it hurts to see her children suffer this way lower than the i don't really know what to say anymore. i'm just praying. it's a really difficult situation. across the hall, marilyn caliper tia is afraid for her children to go, but you will stop it for is it the volcano? is it getting sick? get encoded. really hot? i have so many children can't sleep just thinking about it. but the families are reluctant to leave their home the fear, the volcano, but they also say they're worried about possible outbreaks of tobin 19 in the evacuation centers. this is why the philippine government is setting up as many evacuation centers as possible in order to implement the minimum health protocols. here, behind me just a few nautical miles away is the creator of the album came and although it seems
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relatively peaceful here, now, people are still afraid that is because many areas here, even the capital manila, a few hours away have been blanketed by smug. in fact, based on the latest government data, but i'll, okay, know, emitted a record high amount of so for dioxide. those of lived around the lake, all their lives, sea life before the pandemic and the volcanoes eruption was peaceful and their harvests abundant. that feels like a long time ago now, jim l as in dog and al jazeera, the albert and this province northern philippine a boy 737, congo plane with 2 people on board has made an emergency landing in the water near honolulu in hawaii. a suffered engine trouble before it went down local media report. the coast guard has lifted one of the pilots and a boat is bringing the bank to shore. their condition is unknown. still ahead on
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the news hour, the un says aid is beginning to get back into ethiopia, gray region where nearly a 1000000 people urgently need food. well, have a live report from our software being developed in south korea to help reduce the rising number of suicide. and import the milwaukee bucks, one win away from the n b a finals speech. i'll have all the action coming up rate . stay with a yes, it's still hot, but it's much hotter than it should be. just pick your favorite city. you look at the numbers like the his, like, who did it be higher than you expected to be cooling, trend long, the south coast and mom that is season and i keep cell are 30. that's where it
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should be. by q 8 or q 8. been out to nearly its record of $5453.00 and a half. the full cost remains of $51.00, a hazy day on saturday. not so much on sunday. had a slight cooling possibly on monday. now that heat extends all the way up through iraq, into west, inside of iran, and possibly up to was terror on itself. in fact, the full costs water and sort of gives it away 39 to 40. 1 of the record as written down the moment is 40, so turan could be on for a record break and not the record you want to break. i would suggest. but it's hot all the same. down the hall of africa is not so much the heat. it's maybe the lack of rain and i, when we've got the monsoon winds, which tend to do some rain in some oliver know how much they also can induce a big thunderstorm that the sci fi up in highlands. they are doing that. they'll do that on a daily basis. we tend to get waves, the showers, moving up back through south sudan towards the gulf of guinea. but even they aren't particularly big
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the after a queue year, one of the well made famous film festivals, in fact, with math, mandatory for all social distance thing in place. and some countries found from attending together can the glamorous o p event. we create the magic of the night coverage of the can film festival on al jazeera, across the world. young actually based and organize their own, the move, the day we do the work in the 1st of in the series. 2 people in new york city use different to me. suffice institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem that wires a systemic pollution generally can change on your game. we know what's happening in our region. we know have some get to places that others and not as far as i said,
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i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. me ah ah, you're watching the news on i'll just the or with me fully back table. i reminder of our top stories. the taliban has welcomed the withdrawal of all us and nato troops from of danny stand by graham base, nearly 20 years after the 1st arrived. a complete withdrawal of us forces is expected by september. 11th. canadian emergency officials are trying to account for more than a 1000 people who are forced.


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