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last thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and debt need to port the subscriber to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm o matheson and this is the news live from don't have coming up in the next 60 minutes. 20 years of war. the u. s. and nato pulled the remaining troops out of afghanistan, largest military base, despite a fragile security situation. after 8 months of conflict, much needed a to begin to recommend
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a field is to get i region. but the risk of famine looms large with millions in desperate need of food. that's really a struggle to control cove at 19 hits travelers as the government hobbs, the number of people allowed to enter the nation and thousands of dollars to seek a programs near the capital of the philippines. as the town volcano, inject some news of toxic gas, and similar to the sort of 21 days before the start of the tokyo olympics, the longest standing whoo! record in men's track athletics has been broken. by more ways costs involved home in the full 100. ah, so television says a comes and supports the withdrawal of all us and nato troops from ghana stands
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diagram, air base every 2 decades after it survival. the us military has handed over control to afghan forces. the base is located just north of couple and was considered the center of american military power when the war began there in 2001. the african military will need background in order to defend capital and push back any future taliban offensive. but it comes at a time of escalating violence with the taliban now in control of large source of territory across the country. the conflict to draw down of us forces is expected to happen by september. the 11th. an important part of the peace agreement with the taliban, that was brokered in doha, about 650 us troops are going to stay to help secure the u. s. embassy and other diplomatic missions. ok, alan fisher is going to be standing by in washington dc with reaction out of the us . but 1st of all, let's go live to act bosch and water in
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a couple by the big question, of course that everybody's going to be asking is what kind of impact on security and i've dentist on, is this going to have and did a big move from the us forces here and on the going upon is on the hand it or the bug bass to the security forces this morning. you know, of course, it's considered ready to go very big step from the us forces until now that we want security forces confirm to just hear that there is 0 foreign forces at debugging base. at the moment, butler, macy's considered, are considered important very, who said symbolically, because all those patients grow and oppression was managed and ordered from this base. it was used to be the us central command. on the other hand, paula bar also welcome the decision and said that we support the exit of all foreign forces from a background base and they will come that decision. the other hand, general scotsman, that the us forces one is done, come on,
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also met with the present national money and he again reaffirmed as a boat and that there how to be honest on the especially stood up when security forces. on the other hand, there are a lot of a lot of his collisions of attacks going on in atlanta. some of the moments districts were captured by the taliban from the one security forces, including some, some, some major districts. and we are also witnessing some of the districts were also captured about the power button and the what the, what the problem is close to to go to, to the capital carbon high ranking officials also told you that the battle is getting close to the top harness on it's about enough out of burden on the shoulders of i want to son, not security forces. but we are also told by some of the military commanders on the ground and also from the minister of defense that they're there to take the, the, the, the situation, they're very well prepared that it's some technical backups for in some of the districts to a white part of the casualty, the rhythm casualty is also the military as well, these,
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but they're working on the plans to go move forward and we take all those. oh, those territories from the fall of on that there's been this morning when i was talking to the p close to the bargain. i'm your best. they had a lot of concerns and because they were very dependent on this base, they had a lot of jobs. their day that they got job plays, that has the security concerns. so it's a big a big, a big goal for the i'm going to give the force of how they will take the situation, like washing money in co. thank you very much indeed. ok, let's turn to adam fisher who's life and it's not in washington d. c. this has been described as a necessary part of the deal that's being worked out with the taliban. but as i was talking about, the violence in afghanistan is increasing. some of it is getting closer to couple how is this being talked about in washington d. c. well is of course a hugely important and significant development. i'd be speaking to someone who served enough dentist for a number of years and they said, look, don't be surprised if you hear that us operations in afghanistan has ceased over
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the weekend, which of course, the 4th of july we came here in the united states. big, important, symbolic holiday and well ahead of that september 11th date, that job biden said as a deadline. joe biden is aware that politically, this is a good idea. most people in the united states support getting the trips out of up can started something that donald trump recognize what he started. the wheels in motion and stanley was something that joe bite and built on when he came into the white house. the phrase, you're going to hear a lot of from the state department from the pentagon and here from the white house over the next few days is that while they're withdrawing troops out of bag graham and out of afghanistan, they are not abandoning dennis done. and that is something that you're going to hear constantly repeated, as we've already had 650 trips will stay to protect the embassy by graham was hugely important. remember, it was just an e s. trip. when 20 years ago, the u. s. took it over and it developed into what was a small city, all the names that you would expect to see when you're landed in america,
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where they're back from airport. the main drive was called disney drive, and that's where many service men and women began the deployment in afghan. it's done and we're almost 2000 ended it with their final john the after being killed in the country. certainly the u. s. is going to keep an eye on the idea of the taliban picking more power. but it's interesting that given all the suicide attacks, all the bombings and by graham, what finally moved the u. s. from there is diplomacy and the bite and white house is banking on that diplomacy. making sure that the afghan forces will be able to protect what they have in afghanistan, that the taliban would sweep pen the way that they have done in the past. and the united states won't have to go back because they hope that this time america's longest war is coming to its final stage. and fisher, washington, d. c. thanks very much indeed. ok, let's take a closer look at the history of bags on the air base. it was built by the former
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soviet union and the 1950s, which turned it into its main base during its invasion of afghanistan in 1979. in late 2001. the u. s. took it over and used it as the center of operations to remove the taliban and al qaeda after the $911.00 attacks at its peak. more than 800000 us troops, a pass through by graham air base is good to runways, parking space for more than 100 aircraft, a hospital and a prison which has been run by african forces since 2013. the u. s. military says, $763.00 fully loaded c, 17 transport aircraft have less stuff going on. and it's scrapped on $50000.00 pieces of equipment. will sort of bought a cat as director at the center for conflict in humanitarian studies at the doha institute for graduate studies. he says the american withdrawal from background base will help talks between the taliban and the african government while it's an ongoing process. and obviously then i say it has to implement side of the
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agreement in order to allow the advice to continue negotiating with the, with the government. and in fact, based on these various developments and meeting the various promises, including the withdrawal of the american forces from august, has paved the way for the talks. and a couple of days ago, couple of days ago there was a major meeting between the side and my understanding again the meeting on on saturday for us to discuss some of the most important and substantive issues ever since 201314 the role of the american portion have changed fundamentally against them. they have turned into a 4th advice and training courses for the i've gotten the national army. and everybody believes in putting the government side that the army is capable of
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having its own security. and in the last few days, they have engaged the party vine with some difficult battles and kept them at bay in certain areas despite the progress that you find about and made in other districts. but ultimately, these guys go to go back to the national forces against the us while food program says much needed, aid is getting into the field. here is northern to get region. but the situation there remains dire. at least 2000000 people have been forced out of their homes since fighting began in november. more than 5000000 need emergency food aid, 900000 of those of facing famine conditions. the federal government declared to cease fire on monday, but regional rebels have rejected it. the world food program says that i still hotspots of fighting, but it's cautiously optimistic. it can reach 40000 people the coming days. let's go
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live now to catherine. so who's in ethiopia? as capital addis ababa 1st question has to be, how is this a getting through while it's very difficult while would program also says that it is critically running short of woodstock. the airport is still close. so crucial a supplies are not getting to see guy, and it's not just w, he's saying this other humanitarian organizations are also a very worried logistical nightmare. let me tell you what's going on right now. there's no electricity guy, there's no internet or telecommunication services that have been that has been cut off that no bugs at operating. currently, the un coordinating agency, you know, to say that a crucial bridge over the tech has their reba. this is a crucial important supply line. to west and t guys that, that's
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a bridge has been destroyed. so a lot of agencies getting a huge difficulties just getting supplies to the people who need it most. but we're also being told that fighting going on in some areas, different groups are controlling different areas of the if your p and troops are how pulls out and continue to pull out in some areas a return to the also retreating. but there is a big problem of x, for example, in west and the guy where special forces i lied. special forces of the neighboring morrow isn't i like to the government still control and they say that they're going to fight to the end to make sure that they keep holding that area. and to grant 40 the saying that they are going to fight these mar, special forces to make sure that area also is liberated to the situation. so those complex wallet tyler is big. so catherine, we've heard from the and special forces we've heard from the to gray and fighters.
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what is the e c o p in government saying to all of this while the p o. p and government is on a charm offensive, but people are market shuttle this morning. the deputy prime minister was meeting with diploma here in the copy for the sabbath by the government has been under a lot of pressure because of how he does handle the great crisis. and in that meeting with diploma, the deputy prime minister, the state that he feels that the government has been under attack from all quarters unfairly. he says that the government has been trying all it can to get help to the people who need it. most right, let's take a listen to what he had to say. the intuition that we're trying to solve for kids. the particular people of a denying command that an access and using anger has been a while is beyond the peer. this is absolutely no reason for
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us to do for this out of people. and the fact of the fact of the matter is what we are using every ounce of our thing to extra kit them from the dire situation they find themselves in the woman and this is ended out of duty. we also spoke to the minnesota state, foreign affairs read, read, who said, who said that lives in gray unitary a flight, un monetary, on flights. the guy going to be allowed back? you said that the government is going to allow a aid workers to go there and provide a health and provide security. but he also said that once the aid workers, are there anything that happens to them, their responsibility will be on the left that the grand leadership that should be held account. he also said that it has been very difficult for the government
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workers to fix destroyed installations. telecommunication serve to restore the services because of, you know, basically he blamed the to grand forces of destroying some of this is relations of healing engineers who are deployed to fix some of this insulation. so you say that there needs really to be less condemnation on the government just trying he said to do the best we can to make sure that services are restored. but like i said, a lot of fresh oh, and the government on how you have handled the situation. catherine, thanks very much. catherine. sorry, talking to us from i just have about so the bar i had on the news are including a legacy of stolen treasure. can use poker more elders calling a form of colonial powers to return their sacred ice and us president joe biden loans with families in florida as recovery teams returning to the partially collapsed apartment building in miami. and i'm
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a walking back. so one went away from the n, b a finals. peter's going to be here with the action in the sport. ah, protesters have been gathering in ocoee about east jerusalem to express solid parity with residents of the still one neighborhood, dozens of buildings, housing more than $100.00 palestinian families are under the threat of being demolished, to make way for. and this really, archaeological part, on tuesday, is very 4th, is demolished, a palestinian owned butcher shop, 70 decker went to the protest and sent this report. stand off now with he is really forces with some of the protectors. there was a small crowd, here are protesting. we had these really forces coming down and there's now it's down of the now far, interior gas. you can see them getting ready to shoot again. this is basically
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what's been happening here on and off for weeks now the area of fill one in occupied east jerusalem is facing policy and families here facing demolition orders facing forest evictions. and you're talking about entire neighborhoods on tuesday, a butcher shop here was demolished around 20, still face the orders of demolition. and the way israel operates is that they give the families the choice to do so. and if they don't do it in the time that but which has now passed, the israeli forces will come in and demolish the homes, then charge them, send them to bill for the demolition of their home. so kind of thing and here this is the reality of their life. there are court cases, appeals to what is really against such organizations, jewish organizations that are trying to take over these areas. policies will tell you that they're basically trying to replace the palestinians with jewish butlers, of course occupied east. jerusalem is what palestinians want as a capital of any future piloting. and state 14 palestinian authority security
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officers have been sent for further questioning of the death of news out of bonnet . the prominent critic died last week hours after being arrested and beaten by p. a . forces his death led to protests across the occupied west bank. a military spokesman says the 14 people were members of the patrol that arrested him. a no charges have been laid yet. is there any error strikes hip, the gaza strip overnight? targeting a weapons, manufacturing the site belonging to hamas. israel said the raids, but in response to incendiary, belinda launched by palestinian factions from us. it says the strikes hit training sites and there were no casualties. it's the 3rd flare up and violence and the sci fi end of the 11th a conflict in may. that of a large protest in the southern city and city of deborah demonstrators were denouncing a scene that was recently imposed by bosh all assad government and his russian allies. it was put in place after residence,
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boycotted and rejected presidential elections. the former rebel territory has been tense ever since it was retaken by version forces in 2018 protests over major power cards are being held in the iraqi capital, baghdad, and other cities. people are holding sit in despite soaring temperatures of more than 50 degrees celsius. the ministry of electricity says the heat is a factor in the outages, as is the sabotage of a major power line. i went on the head has the latest from baghdad. angry protested as it took 2 streets and bought a dead and many other iraqi cities, including an adjust caribella enough 3 year old bus. was that and yet in some areas they blocked the streets and set fire on a tires to protest against the frequent power outages. in many provinces in iraq, and this comes after a call from the she had political and religious leader of
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a sudden. now following that is ignatius of the electricity minister. the last to his day the government of prime minister must have called me and said the formation of a crisis committee to deal with this problem and try to find solution to this power outage problem. now this tuition is getting worse, especially with these summer months as the temperature is exceeding 56 years decrease in many areas and families here are suffering a lot. we speak to families, they tell us that the, in many cases, people cannot sleep at night. and especially those who have students, students have exams these days and many families cannot afford to buy power generating machines. now, dad or iraq is relying on gas coming from iran and iran has decreased. it's got supplies to iraq from 50000000 cubic meters to only 5000000 cubic meters. because
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of due debts from iraq to iran in austria is slashing. the number of people allowed. so it's borders by half. for mid july, only $3000.00 returning citizens will be let in each week the drastic moved to current covered 19 infections. comes with several cities deal with new outbreaks. australia has lags behind other developed nations and it's vaccination program. fewer than 8 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. catherine bennett is chair of epidemiology at deacon university's institute for health transformation. she says that are still over 35000 people looking to get back into the trailer. but this will be the final measure before the country begins to open up. it is temporary and also being offset to some degree by the government, boosting government supported flight back into the country. so that might take
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a little bit of the pain out of it. but it is in the short term, hopefully the last of the both of measures will say from here on, in that we recognizing vaccination status. and so hopefully down the track that will mean will actually increase the cap, particularly to those people who are fully back. and i said, i prime minister today himself described us as being prisoners of assets that we really put all that focus on the board. we had a blow back thing role that was due quite vulnerable given the limited amount of virus we had in the country. we do actually have quite low rate of return travelers turning opposite we screen them off shore before they get onto the plane to make sure they not positive at that point. and of those that arrive in the country around one the st. do eventually turn providence from cities that might be 20 positive cases in awaken victoria, and that was 11 other cases this last week. so there are probably other ways we could manage it, but i think this is the response given these multi site outbreaks at the moment as
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we try and transition away from this focus on the borders completely and kind of a 0 to something that is going to transition out of it into something that small car that normal them living with a virus. so i think this is part of a broader that needs to try and show way being ultra safe now. but in order to pivot so that we're actually starting to build our preparation so we can start to open up. portugal is imposing a curfew for its capital, lisbon, and several other cities on thursday, and recorded 2 and a half dozen new cases as a highest number since mid february hospital admissions, that are to 2 months high with a growing number of young unvaccinated people needing treatment the highly contagious delta variance being blamed for the rise chilly scheme. mountains have opened up a year more often, more than a year of closures because of the pandemic. some restrictions remain in place. the industry wants to recoup some losses despite still being out of reach for many
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international tours. thousands of people in the philippines are also being forced to leave their homes after a volcano, start of spewing steaming toxic gas south of the capitol. manila, nearly 15000 people from nearby villages are being moved to safe areas. small g as blanketed manella with people there wanting morning barnes to stay in doors and on and on and sent us this report from an evacuation center in tall near the volcano. we are in an elementary school which has been turned into a temporary evacuation sensor. they were evacuated here, late thursday, with folk into those have been displaced. most of them are women and children, their husbands, their brothers, are going back to their villages to secure their lives, off and whatever is left of their belonging. and they say all those, they are grateful that they're in a place that it's considered a safe zone. they're also anxious of the uncertainty of when they're able to return
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to their home over cobra. 1900 protocols in shelters and their livelihoods as well . this situation is all too familiar with the algo k no erupted early last year. more than a 100000 residents were this place. the option was followed by a panoramic which meant that coastal communities which are dependent on agriculture answer arisen for their livelihood was shut down for many months. and so the government understands the difficulty of this situation. and here, there are volunteers from nearby villages, or there are also medicine for cough and flu and they are giving out masks and alcohol. now they understand that the situation is difficult. people here say they're doing the best they can. emergency officials in western canada are urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people were forced to see a wildfire on wednesday. it was just 15 minutes for frames to sweep through the
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village of lytton, which has been at the center or unprecedented heat wave. the mayor says 90 percent of the area is destroyed or a burden. monday reports almost entire town destroyed by wild fire. some of the 250 residents of listen in western canada had little warning to escape the flames. many of their homes now were due to cinders, which way are we going to go this? after temperatures in the area smashed records, it will be 50 degrees. i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and worse . it has been downright terrifying in british columbia. we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation, and saw a plume of smoke so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops . and my son said to me, is there a volcano erupted over there? this map from now so shows the area where the days of reco,
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temperatures have hit the entire northwest of the united states and canada. the unusual weather is being linked to the so called heat don't wear high, precious stones trap hot air. the emergency cruise has been taken to the sky as well as the ground to battle fall spreading fires across northern california. the flames once again forcing residence from there. this man in lake had expressed hope that he wouldn't have to leave real concerned. the winds coming up in their flames aren't too far away, so we got to pay attention of this way to help us fire to high school serving as a red cross shelter, cooling off and just getting sleep really good. when the sheriff came through right before the 1st light and said everyone has to leave, you know, so that's what we look up to. here we are, it's not just a fires that
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a causing concern. as western california and canada is consumed by a drought which many attributes to climate change, the heat wave has also taken hundreds of lives. estimates of the number of excess heat related deaths in counties that cover just 62 percent of our population suggests that 5 and a half 1000 americans die every year from the heat. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess deaths a lot more than we should have back across the border encounter. the extreme temperatures have had a devastating impact. hundreds of deaths in british columbia have been linked to the heat waves and volunteers doing what they can to take care of the most. fundable. laura, the manly al jazeera was to have a motor on whether his rob, i think, you know, this story,
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british columbia helped to break kansas all time high temperature reco inital time, which has not been burnt. the ground by the wildfires that followed that heat when the heat lashing move east in canada, but it's still there if you follow things safe, crossed the u. s. i. washington, oregon, and down into california. and that set fires off here as well, burning quite fiercely. just north of reading, so we're heading down towards the central valley eventually. and it's an audi farseason still going to the hump of really hot air encounters now the prairies and dropping down to the northern plain state. and you can see the red, central valley and down towards the south of california has its course down in you mexico as well. and arizona asked for the rain its been a, an accompanying problem for some states. but for the south, its not drifting its leaving the midwest, it's leaving places by illinois and the staggered be the southern states the season . pretty big down. pause over the next 2 or 3 days, leaving dry behind. but also,
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of course, leaving the fairly high temperatures quickly running through barbados will be tropical storm elsa on its way to cuba this weekend. it still had an order 0 really good. why a 3rd of children in love on are going to bed hungry. our software is being developed in south korea, in an effort to reduce suicides under the sports belgium and actually headline the year a quarter finals. peter's going to be here to look ahead to that big game. ah, can an image ref.


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