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and one of the 1st ever women to be trained to be an astronaut will soon become the world's oldest person to go to space. we land gently on the desert surface. we open the hatch and you step outside was the 1st thing you say. i was say, honey, that was the best thing that ever happened while the phone call travel with just a those when he heads into orbit later this month. from past astronaut training in the early 19 sixty's. but she never made it to space because of her gender. i didn't think that i would ever get to go. i think it was on my way while you're a girl. 2 you can't do that, i said guess what? doesn't matter what you are, you can still do it if you want to go. and i like to do things that nobody is an agenda. love every 2nd of it. i get all the way. ah.
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the headlines on al jazeera, all us on nato troops pulled out of the background air base and have gone. it's done nearly 20 years. after arriving. taliban says it welcomes and supports the exit, but it's also sees more territory in recent weeks. a complete withdrawal of us forces is expected by september 11th. a small contingent will remain in the capital to help secure the u. s. embassy and other key positions. barshan worry has more from couple the bug i'm here. this is one of these that is a command and tend to come on for the us forces. and if they were used to arrange all of these attacks from here, this is what this was the main base where they were controlling all of understand the bug ram come muscle base was also the central come on for all those drone attacks and other military operations here in the us and that were, that was guided from this base here, not only in of on,
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is about but also in the region here as well. about a base was also house of more than or around $40000.00 foreign forces after 2009 back on base is now handed over to once again. the force is a huge security responsibility for the oven forces here, and one is not is really airstrikes of rock the gaza strip over night targeting weapons manufacturing site belonging to hum us israel said the raids were in response to incendiary balloons, launched by palestinian factions. huh. says the strikes hit training sites and there were no casualties. it's the 3rd flare up in violence and to see the far end of the 11 day conflict in may. canadian emergency officials are trying to count for more than a 1000 people who are forced to flee a wildfire on wednesday. 90 percent of the village of linton has been destroyed after an unprecedented heat wave. the news hour is at the top of the hour up. next is one. 0 one east. i am sorry. should be about raising prices are
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hardly down to the town down there. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that setting that has the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera, me more than 90 percent of global trade is moved by see really, really great. that's our job. but with borders closed around the world, the fair is have been stranded on their ships for a month on and so that would be my new up on me dickins. if a poorly regulated industry, some are abandoned unpaid and left to survive on their own. we still have an incredible amount of sco dougherty going on. holly sees $11.00, a fix flaws,
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the unseen lives of seafarers during the covert. 19 pandemic me. ah, ah, the guy talk to me. right now there's a tradition among seafarers than what happens at sea stays at that 27 year old nadine perio believes it's time to change that she's one of a growing community of seafarers hosting videos of how they live on line. i just love love. we have the words because i feel like you are very different than people like yours. what kind of, what do you need to avoid?
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i mean obviously, i'm in charge of the reason that the issue i'm here now. origin board for the nadine's. not exactly what you might imagine when you think of a seafaring hailing from the philippines. the 2nd officer is petite, the only woman on her ship, and she gets the sick. but she loves this job ah, during long voyage that you can see or nothing, you know, shipped a lot, the road is very boring. for me, it's one of the best. in the paper i was in the us
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a friend 33 will face as well. i'm 6 or i mean they're a 1600000 seafarers on international mention shit and their time on shore help them cope with their relentless schedule. they usually work 10 to 12 hour days, 7 days a week for up to 11 month at a time. but when the pandemic hit, few of them were getting on or off their ship start feeling really isolated from the world. because we've got grocer anymore. i mean, one of the enjoyment that we have to reassure and i just stuck on the ship. this was the beginning of the global crisis for the industry every month, roughly 50000 c fair as opposed to board vessels swapping places with 50000
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others who disembark with international borders. closing crew changes became almost impossible for me to be sure when i didn't go home and read it to you to go home at the beginning of the pandemic. fin worst. many celebrated to birthdays on board, missing the birth of children, and the depth, the parents, their business. and for me, you know, for me it's only 2 months extension and apparently my other people are going to, there are work for 4 months, 16 months. 17. so i believe that while many international shipping fins behave responsibly, there are exceptions. show me around the ship town. i want to see where you've been living for the last 18 months. some have been under enormous financial pressure
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and the seafarers on their ships are the unluckiest of all the crew. if the cruise ship oriental dragon have been abandoned in malaysia by their employer, one the running the other restaurant mean us by now the big here. so it's all empty me. when the pandemic hit passengers were stranded on cruise ships all over the world. we do have a we got a bit of water already daddy already me, but after the holiday makers went home. many seafaring remained. tammy, on 10 ton with a casino dealer on the ship. so november 29. 14 as a niche or for ton who comes from me and my working on the oriental
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dragon seemed like a dream job. i'd be glad to be the one i've been working on me. when the cruises stopped, the ship's owners and hong kong stopped paying them. it's been more than a year since any of the $200.00 c fair and marooned on board have received a salary. i mean, there's actually make us, you know, the people spend most of the day hanging out here. yeah. we don't have anything. any other been good to me. the ship, water, electricity, and air conditioning. unlimited. said i sleep on the floor of the dining room and casino. ah ah, i love,
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i lost my job, my my, my alarm. i know she was already done. all told me she'll know that he had a newborn boy by the way, will cook for me. the way we'll wait till our now got all the little long she knew little again go. i thought it will be will double. we would leave me out by reform gemini. the crew also faced shortages of water and oil for more than a week. that's when they called the union, which arranged supplies through the ships insurer experience on this ship is
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one of the last h, b. and i ever have in february 2021. the re until dragon was seized by the malaysian courts on behalf of its crew . that means they should eventually be paid once the ship is sold. but 1st, the crew has to be repaired created i. apart from the difficult living conditions, the state fair is mostly young men from me and mar in china, feel helpless, all but i can even do what they told me, and i thought i would not be my new up. i never found on the new i the,
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the united nation is just drive supplies that there is during the pandemic as a humanitarian crisis. right now, up 220-0000 stranded in the international transport work is federation. big global union says the pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable the fair is already were in seafaring is tough law. these injuries, this psychological problems, brutality, harassment, sexual harassment, we still have an incredible amanda scaled dougherty going on. holly say, say the met purcell has spent 25 years working with seafarers as an inspector with the international transport workers federation. the boards ships arriving in melbourne, australia to check on their crews. he says, conditions during the pandemic,
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the worst he's ever seen. have you had concerns about the mental health of any of the seafaring that you've met? we had some people have self hom themselves to get off the vessel. then eventually, you know, what sort of pallet shipping companies have over their employees. they have huge pare because they control, you know, they finances, i control the law basically longer employed more that company, it's a pretty antiquated feudal system some and i say fair as a too scared to say anything about what might be happening on board a vessel because the fear of what might happen to them. we've had cases where the crew of said later on that that wasn't a suicide, that was pushed out of all really for years, for centuries 80. it's been and i'm one of the worst regulated industries in the world because of at a saw i when met boards the ship,
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he asked the records of the cruise, working hours and pay. he says there's sometimes one set of books used to show inspectors. and the 2nd hidden one that he has to ferret out. some other rubbish. this delta given to us as evidence is just unbelievable. it's just made up in the office. what sort of documents like forged bank statement? yeah. for sure. definitely. mm. things greatly improved after the maritime labor convention came into force in 2006. a bill of rights for c fair as it sits, minimum standards today working conditions. but as inspectors like massive discovered, there is still plenty of ropes. chicago has to keep them busy, especially during the pandemic last year. they had a record amount of money recovered from curry style. and i just don't
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worry the, the cash register was to work when the pandemic was on after work. and hannah had run the crew. mm. ah hello, nice to meet you. can you put the phone the other way so that it is already gone? oh, that's great. i. few seafarers are as desperate with a 19 crew members, a lot of bulk carrier duct and white. many have been stuck on board and more than 2 years and there's no end today. ordeal in size by no shanker pond us if the ship's 3rd engineer shows the way you
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see the me said this is the cruise. i'll speak with me. it was 25 year old akash tomorrow. first voyage and see when when did you join the ship? i went join on this job and that feeling that grew me. this was a cautious 1st glimpse of the la and his last moments of freedom. i don't know much about i i love those other places, other reason for money, money, meadows. this is more money than other land jobs. it started promising lee,
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but the ship's owner could terry company called us one trading and contracting soon left them in the lurch. coming in company we're not sending us probably then people are in black for 90 days in the sentence. probably nothing about this. this is our bottom if you already moved in. i think this is our thing for watching events in february, last year arrived in white and many of the crew would use it got home. but then the country went into locked down and there is no difference.
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later in the year after one trading and contracting said it had no funds to support the ship and kept contact the le, with erected by co wifi authorities. ever since the mostly indian crew has been waiting to be paid and for the ship cargo to be removed, that day can be repent, created according to the information given to the guy who has already been short. and they are not going to go rogers, when he's done so much, my monthly billing of 3 stories with the honey where it is the wires, and many of the crews have been forced to borrow money to support their families. during the pandemic, biggest concern is how to deal with the death. if they stay home empty handed,
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bigger book. i promise the money. in india i've got money going have any idea to give us money. just figure out what the situation was. all will be able to do that. the people that loan you the money, have you tell them if you explained the situation that you're in? yeah, i order them, but they're not really giving me data thing. your life may want to happen in january 2021 close to breaking point. the cruise started a hunger strike hoping to draw attention to the implies, we are not somebody going to
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me, the chairman of us, one trading and contracting nasa, hama, down the why me is wanted by could tyree authorities and this company has been blacklisted, but one 0, one east has obtained evidence that suggests a different company. us one shipping denise collect, manage the ola. although it denies this, this company also manages to ship detained in australia for safety and labor violations, which have now been banned from the country for several years. ah. abandoning seafarers has been described as the cancer of the shipping industry, and cases are record high, exacerbated by the pandemic. altogether, the crew of the law is owed more than 410000 us dollars. what was the result red
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light, good night. like we are leaving the the pandemic has brought to light, many hot breaking stories, like those of the crew on the last, some hope this growing recognition will lead to more protection for seafaring. oh i, when i did port security area, this is the number one and the ship there is loading canola. naval medicines spent 17 years at the mission to see ferris in portland, australia come this way. this is where we are and this is the center. this is a how to what we do. we have like
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a shop for say 1st to come in to the recreation area over there for the guy told me that you guys are away from the family and live and work on a ship. 247. that's why i say for centers is so important, it's a way of being able to get off that environment. so how did things change here when the pandemic had put a stop to just say for it was coming off the vessel and visiting santa often and worrying about the gas to show where to bit their mental health for this is the volunteers making up the welfare pack, so the safer report together about $1500.00 k attacks already and each one of them is got one of the, the boonies that they needed by someone in the community. every tax had a very call when you come from zillow. things you come to portland halls or after?
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yeah, i love them. ah. during the pandemic, more than $800.00 maritime organizations, including shipping companies, signed the neptune declaration. it calls the seafarers to be recognised as key workers who should be prioritized in the vaccine rollouts and the crew changes to be facilitated. if all of a sudden the world says because of it, we kind of have a fair is coming and going. the whole country will come out, they are essentially where it is in that respect they have forgotten about they say the ships come and go the products, common guy, dont say the human side of it. the guys are from same club
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of the district. i cannot come on board. yeah. okay. and i was good because for a 12 month. oh, he said, yeah, there we've got some disco is so we've got some will fit for you. i'm going to read them for this one for every current. okay. i'll get them for you. even these small acts of kindness resonate for the fair is arriving on foreign shores proof. they've not been forgotten. you know, you just let us know and we'll try and get it for you. yeah. okay, thank you kindly the ship. we'll do the shopping for you. yep. okay. yep. thank you very much. you're welcome. okay, thank you. just to say the faces. you know that you've helped and just done a little thing for that particular di. oh that marmont and i asked so appreciative
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of it. yeah, i think that's what none of us. we still the there's been a big shift in the mood on board. the oriental dragon in malaysia. some of the crew have been stuck on this cruise ship for more than 18 months. but finally, they're heading home trepidation. the me see there is like ton because of the violent crack down back home following a military coup. dome is down. joy will know my any unit. no. i'm down. do you guys don't know what you know me, mother? you know, did it dr. on the model file for the fairly know for
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the day before his departure, tom gets a coven, 19, and 4 months salary. thanks to the ship's indemnity insurance. he's still owe money wages, which he hopes to receive after the sale of the ship. but at least he won't be going home empty handed over the okay. they can. they can love to live the see fear is have been put on hold since they boarded. now they can't wait to get off the ship and put the lot year behind them. you know, or how does that feel to be finally off the ship after all this time?
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after a while and several months past die on the land. it's a pretty good idea. you know, on them, on a job would be, you know, blogging away ah, on earth after more than a year, a see, the 1st craving satisfied this fast food. all right, but tom knows there's nothing like the taste it isn't a do you got all i did a side, you know, be me today. i mean they're going to be dog molly today he needed. how do you know? do you got them all my father gone all day and night and you know my linea in kuwait, the cargo of the owner was eventually discharged and the crew was finally
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repatriated, that they still haven't been paid 58 country to recognize seafarers as key workers. watch, trailer, malaysia and co. white are not among them. they might keep the world going. but the welfare of the ferris is a distant priority for too many governments. and now i thought was only on the on its own, i want to watch it. now you only, you're only going to be the mobile phone line. i call no call, no issue. move on to that issue. oh no, ma'am. i don't, i don't, i don't know. i,
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i use the codes ignite, intended to brittany, want to singapore most love tradition. it's famous, straight, told the fragile use on 18th investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on out to 0. when the news breaks, pinion journalists complain that they're systematically and the story needs to be told. we watched the last helicopter, leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over night to help to bring you more award winning documentaries and life need on air and online.
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i the al jazeera where ever you ah, all, ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm about this, and this is the news are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the us and nato pull out of the main base enough ghana stand as the security situation in the country gets worse. wildfires destroy a small village in western canada just days after it.


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