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[000:00:00;00] i al jazeera when ever i write down to the me, ah, after 20 years before the us and nato pulled their last remaining troops out of gonna sons largest military base. aah! you're watching your life from headquarters in del, high and getting obligated also ahead. wildfires destroy a small village in western canada just days after it recorded the country's highest
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temperature ever. thousands are forced to seek safer ground near the capital of the philippines. as the child volcano begins to rob from organization and its chief financial officer, our charge was running a tax evasion, funding 15 years. ah, hello us and nato troops. i pulled out of the bag from air base and i'm gonna start nearly 2 decades after arriving. it comes at a time of growing violence and the u. s. began its withdrawal last month with the taliban seizing large parts of territory, just north of capital. the background base was considered the center for american military power, and i've done this done when the war began in 2001. the complete drill down of us forces is expected to happen by september. the 11th. an important part of the peace agreement with the taliban that was brokers in del ha, the african military will take control as part of its continuing battle against the
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taliban. a small us contingent will remain in the capital to help secure the u. s. embassy and other diplomatic missions, if you'd like to cobble, that's where she worries. joining us from far, tell us about how strategic and symbolic the background airbase is and lead us a big move by the us forces on the ground had enough on us. not they hand it or the biggest us base had enough son to the one security forces this morning. and then off of cover the, the bug bases one of the cities, command and center called on for the us forces. and if they were used to arrange all of these attacks from here, that's what this was the main base where they were controlling all of one is done, the background muscle base was also the central come on for all those drone attacks . and other minute she, patients here enough on it some that were, that was guided from this base here not only in the us about,
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but also in the region here as well above ground. a base was also house off more than old, around 40000 foreign forces after 2009. the debug on base is now handed over to wants to get the force as a huge security responsibility for the $147.00. the phone is not. and now we can say that if this bug bass was handed or to the, to the 11 security foster, it's a big move. and it means that the, the rest of understand will be also handed over to you on a one security forces. and it's a big question and the big security responsibility for the security forces on the ground. yeah. so how will this actually add to the pressure on i've gone security forces? are people confident that the security forces can maintain control if it well, security responsibility is it's a, it's a huge burden now on the shoulders of our security for us on the ground here that people has come to. and, you know, we are told by the higher end, you know,
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when officials that the, the, the, the, the battles even approaching the capital cobble, we want to witness the, the, the, the, the, the, we're sending her texts about the thought of. and they have captured our own $100.00 districts around the country. and we will also witness that the pilot, but also got a got some, some districts in the neighboring colville and what the progress is as well security situation is getting worse. that way, there are a lot of attacks from both sides. we would also witness one of the c p g custom port and the which is the medical certified tickets on board and called the share 140 was also captured about the part of on there are a lot of moments that a lot of attacks gording going on and a lot of back and forth, both by the thought by not one security forces. but the we were also told me that by the 11, defense officials that the forces are prepared, were prepared. and we are, we, in some places we did some technical backups, but we will read all those, those,
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those mistakes and we are prepared for that. but the big question is that, how can, how is it possible for that one security forces to take all those senators from fall upon around the country. thank you so much question. worry for that update from couple i as well. and as a professor, a couple university and the chief executive of the piece development and democracy organization, he says as the withdrawal takes place, concerns are raising over the 2 terry rating security situation in the country. i think the pulling out of us troops with nettle. it's a bit hasty and the current situation because we don't to be on the ground. but unfortunately, it is part of the history. there must believe this. this was the longest years that had in its history. so the withdrawal is happening right in
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a time where taliban are the daughter of the severe and harsh fight going on and all over the country. more than 80 districts have been fallen into the hands of taliban and passed one month of july, june is called the deadliest month for the 4th is in the past 2 decades. so all these happening at the moment we're the, the bug graham base is my back and today by us forces we had of the state for past 20 years. and they listed a lot in this pre mice. it was one of the biggest year base for them military base for them. and today we are hearing that they have left. it is an end top gun piece to be a log in. we're getting a momentum of gun nation could expect a peace agreement between gun watering parties. but now we see that the
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violation the violence is getting sky high and that my us troops are leaving emergency officials in canada are urgently trying to account for more than a 1000 people who are forced to flee a wildfire on wednesday. it took just 15 minutes for flames to sweep through the small town of linton, which has been at the center from unprecedented heat wave. the mayor says 90 percent of the area is destroyed late and endured 3 consecutive days of record breaking temperatures. reaching 49.6 degrees celsius this week, the highest ever recorded in canada. the heat wave across western canada, northwestern united states, has contributed to hundreds of deaths and caught many emergency services off guard . a city of portland had just above 46 degrees celsius and canada recorded and all time high of nearly 50 degrees. before this temperatures there has never been
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higher than 45 vulnerable people are suffering the most. many homes don't have air conditioning and shops are sold out. at least 300 people in british columbia have died. experts say it's been caused by a dome of static high pressure, hot air and isn't expected to move anytime soon. find to say climate change is to blame. earlier we spoke to canadian freelance journalist, jody vance. she's on vacation in kamloops and british columbia. that's just a few hours drive from linton. i can tell you that at best it has been unnerving and at worse it has been downright terrifying in british columbia. we drove up here to kamloops yesterday for our vacation and saw a plume of smoke. so big coming from linton all that distance from here in kamloops . and my son said to me, is there a volcano erupted over there? it was stunning, shocking, and certainly something we are not accustomed to here in what is largely temporal rain forest in the pacific northwest. the temperatures here in british columbia
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have been off the chart some 20 degrees warmer than what we're used to. as i said, very unnerving for resident across british columbia and canada, that matter is this ms into albert, our neighboring product. they are not par at all. there are some 99 fires that started in the last 24 hours alone in british columbia, our premier here john horgan address immediate today to try and calm nerves. it was just 2 days ago that the state of emergency that had perpetually been react over the course of the cobra, 1900 pandemic. that came to an end and now were facing perhaps another state of emergency. this time one associated with wildfire. there is another fire, i just north west of kamloops and the lake behind me. this is the clearest, its been all day. it has been almost a wall of smoke. it is affecting the weather. we're watching the sunset here and it is a very red sky. california is also being effected by the heat wave crews in the northern
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parts of the state are babbling to wildfires. aaron graham crews, as well as the california national guard or among those assisting people near the city of lake, had have an order to leave the area. extreme temperatures are contributing to the potential for new fires. people are being advised not to use fireworks on the 4th of july holiday. thousands of people in the philippines are also being forced to leave their homes. officer volcano started spewing steam and talk the gas south of the capital manila, nearly $15000.00 people from nearby villages are being moved to safe areas. small has blankets, admin a lot with people there warned to stay indoors. jamila and doug and sent this report from an evacuation center in child near the volcano. we are in an elementary school, which has been turned into a temporary evacuation center. they were evacuated here late thursday, with the folk into those have been displaced. most of them are women and children, their husbands, their brothers,
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are going back to their villages to secure their lives soft and whatever is left of their belongings. and they say all those, they are grateful that they are in a place that is considered a safe zone. they're also anxious of the uncertainty of when they're able to return to their home over coven, 900 protocols in shelters, and their livelihoods as well. this situation is all too familiar with the album came erupted early last year. more than a 100000 residents were this place. the option was followed by a panoramic which meant the coastal communities which are dependent on agriculture answer arisen for their livelihood was shut down for many months. and so the government understands the difficulty of this situation. and here there are volunteers from nearby villages are there also medicine for cough and flu, and they are giving out masks and alcohol. now they understand that the situation
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is difficult. people here say they're doing the best. they can still ahead on all just there were some exiled victims of columbia as internal conflict return for a reconciliation meeting and look at how the software has been developed in south korea to an effort in an effort to reduce suicide. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored. my cattle airways now is the time a year where you might expect every day to be a little hotter than the last. well, you'd be wrong to expect that this circulation of cloud over much of northern the eastern europe represents much cold weather. cool, i think for many cody from the sea coast of the british isles of the low countries where that circulation just keeps bringing the wind on shore with clad. but inland a bit, we're still talking about the low twenty's,
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maybe the high t's if you really unlucky. and that's pushing out of the way. what was temperatures in the middle to high 30. so all of eastern europe and the south east is coding down. athens hangs all, as you can see, our spain has really good space where france is a good day border at 29 degrees. even that sees temperatures drop from the rain, the wind coming during saturday, that spreads up to the u. k as well. now there is still heat where you might expect it in southern spain rather than that, and the fear is further east murphy is a good example now to count the area with his temperature, 40 and direct, but it's well above the average, as is still the case and it was a case yesterday in greece at 44, across from the oldest occupied cities in the world, is still hot, and it will stay that way with athens of 40 for friday. but it cools down considerably on saturday. sponsor cut on airways for some a robot is
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a mechanical or even that self drive in train. the apple. but androids today can be dearly humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. options 0 documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on alger 0. 0, ah ah. hello again. the top story on al jazeera, all us troops. nato troops are pulled out of the bag from air base and i've got some nearly 20 years after arriving. the taliban has seized more territory recent
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weeks. a complete withdrawal of us forces is expected by september 11th. canadian officials are trying to count for more than a 1000 people who are forced to flee a wildfire on wednesday. 90 percent of the small town of linton in british columbia has been destroyed after an unprecedented heat waves. nearly 15000 people in the philippines are also being forced to leave their homes after volcanoes started doing theme and talk to gas south of the capital. small has now blanketed much of my luck for president donald trump's company and its chief financial officer are being prosecuted for what's been described as a sweeping and o daisha tax fraud. alan wisely berg has denied 15 charges against him. the trump organization. gabriel alexander reports from new york very donald trump likes to brag about the trump organization, often says it's very successful on his pride and joy. but a grand jury in new york has another word for trumps,
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family business. criminal. after nearly 2 year investigation, the manhattan district attorney in dated the trump organization for financial wrongdoing, prosecutor say this man, alan weiss and berg, the trump organizations chief financial officer, was one of the top benefactors of the alleged crimes he worked for trump for over 40 years he now faces 15 felony counts. prosecutor say he orchestrated a 15 year tax avoidance scheme, allegedly avoiding paying tax on $1700000.00 in income. he pleaded not guilty, and the judge released him on bail. his next court appearance is september 20th. the 25 page indictment which was unsealed thursday afternoon, read in part that weisel berg attempted to conceal his actions by falsifying records with the help of top executives at the trump organization. who are the other top executives?
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prosecutors are not yet saying publicly trump, organisations, lawyers, i speaking after the court proceedings ended, said the charges do not rise to the level of a criminal indictment and are politically motivated because they involve the trump name. this case should have never been brought. it is a political prostitution, political prostitution where people are targeted criminally because of the prosecutors disagree with their political belief happened in corrupt. it does not happen in america. it's an american. it should not happen here in new york city. donald trump also issued a statement saying that charges are a political witch hunt. it's important to point out that donald trump has not been charged with any crime. but legal observers say that if, why so burke has damaging information and he's willing to cooperate with investigators. that could mean bad news for the former president,
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but it will all ride on why soleberg? i think he's been under pressure for the past 23 years to cooperate. he'll continue to be under pressure as the month and year to year progress of his prosecution progressive. but the important part is whether he has something to contribute and whether he wants to contribute it. and if he does, perhaps cooperation, is that something to look forward to in the future? for now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions on where all of this could lead. is this the final stage of an investigation? or could this be the 1st of more charges you have to come against others? gabriel is ando. how does ita, new york u. s. department of justice is announced that will temporarily hold all federal executions. attorney general mary garland said he wants to review the policies and procedures introduced by the trump administration, which resumed federal executions last july after a 17 year high. h s. a lawsuit was filed about the protocols put in place by former
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attorney general william bar rescue an recovery team to resume picking through the rubble of the partially collapsed apartment block in the us state of florida. president joe biden visited the site, pledging more support. 145 people remain unaccounted for. at least 18 people are confirmed. dead. sean 100 reports from surfside near miami. president biden visited the rescue workers in relatives of those lost in the crumbled concrete and twisted steel of the surf side condo collapse, offering help and hope. jim, i want to know that we're with them in the countries with our message days that we're here for you. as one nation, we believe that cert continuing searching is something that's very, very important. so we are, or the department transportation engineers working. i know that that the fire department and the county are, are getting the different options on how to handle this. but of course,
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we're going to provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. biden offered consolation to the families of victims ranging in age from $4.00 to $92.00, including the 1st 2 children found sisters whose parents also died in the collapse discovered on wednesday. biding, thank the 1st responders who cope with fires, rains, and frequent pauses in their work due to lightning storms. and he offered federal help. the same agency that investigated the 911 collapse of the world trade center is investigating this incident. but they say it could take 2 years to complete that investigation. those rescue workers frustrated after days of sifting through the debris, face trauma of their own. i bet it's kind of searching for around 11 years. and this is in emotionally the most difficult thing i ever happens or i think a lot about including myself, a lot of our passports members,
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i work with are separated from these missing people. why are we one or 2 degrees? as the president returned to washington tropical storm, elsa spun menacingly off shore, threatening the florida coast, and potentially forcing rescuers to divert resources from the building collapse to storm response. i promise you. we know, we know what you're doing here is incredible having to deal with uncertainty, worrying about you know, the family anyway, workers had hoped to find signs of life beneath the rubble for the president's visit. but de 8 of this search went much like every day since last thursday, without a rescue, and time and hope running out for survivors. john, hindrance al jazeera, surfside, florida in africa
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. the 3rd wave of current virus infections is extremely aggressive and it's pushing the content into a whole new threat level. not the latest assessment from the world health organization behind the contagious delta variance, as partially the driver. the head of africa centers for disease control and prevention says code 1900 jets have increased by 23 percent in the past week. he says $1600000000.00 vaccines are needed to meet the minimum target, a fully vaccinating 60 percent of africa population kovacs has promised to deliver a $700000000.00 doses by december. but overall, the continents receive just 65000000 to date. and the man in charge of securing the doses for the continent has strongly criticize europe saying it fail to deliver a single vaccine from the millions it promised victoria gate and be report marie, a 57 year old mother of 5 has come to this clinic and can chester to get her 2nd job of the astrazeneca vaccine?
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the democratic republic of congo is suffering from a 3rd surge of corona, virus infections, as many other parts of africa. and to me, this is good for us to protect ourselves if you are experiencing the 3rd wave of curve at 19. it's important we received this vaccine because in doing so, we'll also save others. she's one of the lucky ones. only one percent of people across the continent have been inoculated while rich vaccinated countries are reopening their economies. african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen supplies are running low, and the virus is spreading to rural areas. the managed charge of securing data for the continent has criticized europe, saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the 1000000 dip promised not a single dose, not one buyer has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers,
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they tell us that they are completely maxed out, meeting the needs of your 5 point. 5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents. 1.3000000000 people. callbacks promise to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. but so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. rates come to like the u. k. like the g 7 just are putting the, the profit from the company above public health, but not by not pushing companies to share the knology so that others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccine. so we are on the, you know, the mercy of the company, the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says there's been a 23 percent increase in the number of covert related deaths in the past week. and warns unless the continent can secure
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a regular supply vaccines. the consequences will be catastrophic. victoria gates and b al jazeera portugal imposing a curfew for its capital, lisbon, and several other cities on thursday recorder, 2 and a half 1000 new cases, the highest number since mid february. hospital admissions are the 2 month high with a growing number of young unvaccinated people needing treatment. the highly contagious delta variance is being blamed for that rise thousands of exiled victims of columbia as long running internal conflicts have been taking part in a reconciliation meeting. but only a few dozen were allowed to return for the event out of center. and cathy reports from boca tar many are still waiting to be recognized as the victims by the government. lina bitterly was a female student activists in columbia in the late 1990 s like many social and political leaders in the country. she was forced to flee abroad following repeated
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threats from armed groups that had lots of people were killed or disappeared. threats were becoming constant. that was the climate we were operating in violence fear. so finally, i like many decided to leave during the following 2 decades in exile in mexico, she built a successful academic career, but never gave up on peace in columbia. ben, it's why now she is 150 x l victims living in 23 different countries who are attending a conference to discuss their experiences. many have returned for the 1st time in years. others were not allowed to leave their host country due to their refugee status and are attending events virtually most or victims of state and paramilitary forces during the conflict with 5 gravels and left because they hadn't no protection. now they're hoping to share their story with columbia strand dish and we'll just assist them. they're not present. that's what we are presenting for reports, documenting what the exxon has meant to us. the crimes we were victims of who we
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are and diversity of our experience. indigenous leader and lawyer, elizabeth garcia, spent 12 years in exile in canada like many here. she would like to return to columbia, but says the conditions have not been met. so there are so many people here that have tried to return and have to meet again because the tracts never and never had an option. we are here to tell the state that we want to believe in our country. again, that to that colombia is more than war that we are betting on the columbia state. there's only recently began to acknowledge that on top of the millions of internally displaced people 1000 more have had to leave the country. and while the united nations refugee agency has registered almost 400000 colombian exile the government, the victims agency has so far acknowledged only 30000 plight
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in the pain of derek style is just beginning to surface. but in a country where social and community leaders keep getting killed at an alarming rate, the question the lingers it, will it ever be safe for them to return? i listen that i'm the, i'll just you gotta paramedics in south korea capital are pioneering specially developed software to reduce the cities large number of suicides, south korea has the highest rate of any developed country from the bride reports from sol, the multiple bridges that spanned the han river passing through sol, witness many of the cities suicide attempts at a rate of more than one day. a dedicated team working from a control center monitors numerous cameras around the clock, and they are now helped by artificial intelligence. as in this simulation, physical senses trigger and alarm of a possible suicide attempt, but now that will be supported by
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a data analysis program that quickly detects visual signs of someone who's about to jump home and point hall through image analysis. we have developed software that is based on deep learning that can detect and predict when it's too sad. the temple is about to be made. in the past, soul has tried different measures to deter people jumping from its bridges. it's experimented with messages of hope such as these and by installing physical devices to make it harder for anyone to climb over the edge. now, assisted with this new technology, it's hoped emergency teams will be given extra seconds to intervene. either talking the person out of their action or if they do jump to be able to rescue them quickly . thinking for the target, careful as a new technologies are applied, we will be able to detect attempts much earlier so we can respond to much quicker. we believe that will help us rescue more people,
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an application of artificial intelligence that could mean the difference between life and death, public bride alger era. so british businessman richard branson has unveiled plans to be fellow billionaire and rival jeff bezos to space ramson company. virgin galactic announced he will be on board a rocket powered flight schedule to take off on july. the 11th, that's just 9 days before amazon founder basis is planned launch. both branson and bases have been developing and testing rockets to take wealthy tourists for short trips in 0 gravity. very ex ah. hello, the headlines on al jazeera, all us troops on nato troops. i pulled out


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