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from innocence, the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of far right parties like the a f d. nazis and fascists have no place in san poly today. oh. hello there, ms. garcia, tanda, and the top stories here on out rivera, the us says, all foreign forces of now left afghanistan spectrum at base. the base in northern cobble was the center of american military power in the country for 20 is the african military will now take control as part of its continuing battle against the taliban. for me, you as president donald trump's company is being prosecuted for what's being described as sweeping and audacious tax fraud. it's financial chief alan weisel. burke has denied 15 charges against him and the trump organization. they're accused
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of illegally avoiding taxes on company parks like cars, apartments, and school tuition. trans defense lawyers call the case a which hunt fire has engulfed the village that just recorded canada's hottest ever temperature. people living and listen in british columbia have had to abandon their horns. it's been at the center of a heat wave after reaching $49.00 degrees celsius. this week. and mass evacuations also underway and villages close to the philippine capital manila after a volcano. this feud steam and toxic gas nearly $15000.00 people are now being moved to safe areas. german and oregon has moved out from tal health workers, whether experts have also recorded, you know, one of the highest levels of so for oxide emissions this week. this is why a lot of communities are living. you're been advised to where you know masks and to stay indoors, but this is quite difficult because about 2 towns have been evacuated since
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yesterday. that's about 14000 residents, about 400 families now scattered, taking shelter in about 11 evacuation centers. a $130.00 countries have agreed to back sweeping changes to the global tax system. once implemented. the deal with the multinational companies like google, amazon, and apple texted arrays of at least 15 percent from wherever they operate. the organization for economic cooperation and development says that could bring a $150000000000.00 of additional global tax revenues annually. and one of the fast women trained to become an astronaut will soon become the oldest person to be shot into space. 82 year old, while he fun called travel with amazon boss jeff bezos. when he heads into orbit later the funk passed astronaut training and the early 900 sixty's but never made it to space because of her gender. well now it's back to our 0 was in there is
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a long tradition of era leaving their homeland to complete their education or to pursue special studies. some of the most prestigious universities in europe and america, ah, i and 19 chevy cheese, punish geniune boone on you in the middle east and enrolled as a student in california. stanford university. the transition from the middle east to american west coast was not an easy one for the young physicist. night admits that the upstanding reputation of the diversity and its award winning the professors left him an o. and that he 1st challenge was coming to terms with the setting. one of his early
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men twos was arthur al shallow and nobel laureate, in physics, from the help on jemma, which cover much is old and that he does not issued he but he can either have an inch were had, well, it needs and subtly. and if he had sit there noble prize, well no neck again. you know love, you know, so when i was good to kim, the holly horner sean walden has a 60 minute her minute gemma, from that uncle, danny in missouri tool. ok, the for kelly, her the media home can take emery can wreak landmark while stand. we're still seeking who was her get always nearer yes and when right when jane, when and ship 10, the show me some short in will met food is also glue specialty to
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shoot them to a pathic instead of to defeat one lion or the whole of that up as slit. sorry joe bedroom, annisa you lift that or bio power loose but a subject unusual nella said miss dunn, my son will not be an issue to sir. hello, mister magic olive news and chris campbell in unity connected and plenty of
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time or so can i? i mean, if you man roger, have alicia in the can shield. and medina assuring hon. so seen me being in bed by the in the shaft, allan let them go one tell us more walk on this more extend. more small white 12 or more. okay. $25.00 k 25 feet off sleep. okay. why 12? nissan elk on average exten pattern was ended up only clear and i'll extend all of the most and for bad miles. so little oakridge and go get the ball rog and i can you are there any telephone? only kind of in the fema knocked up on the phone. i left feel, i furbished kayla unless i learn one more of his dea,
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a little hidden in the sky. when diana had the whole, you bought article of main co a she knew with the michel chad in the car is an issue. the order had been long to bring in when you nice, her doctors pieces at stanford university was where was teeth and academic circles . the young atomic physicist who had honed his cones at oak ridge, national laboratory in tennessee had under reputation as a leader in his field. nice next move was to the university on illinois south of chicago. i d,
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tyler in only the health most of our, our lives, him to go to the to fishery a had you thought of you took the love all one and g b r i n g the power lot never had a big hand on the done and i thought for the for the had the full, i'm a her last a 3rd with miss will eat it and an active in my area or while a washing firm was either through so sure. right. and my phone with him were sucked . well, tyler could tell miss roy on the quiz beneath while in edge her somalia oakridge had in get back on the mature fire marolla, washington dc. just need one at 1000000 other than the needs of our who can and if you all of the follow home in
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the me, ah dr. money or nay for who is one of the faculty members here he was on the fact the i think when i came here 35 years ago. so he and i have kind of grown up in the department together, started his career, working on optical properties, optical spectroscopy of materials. he was more of an atomic physicist, i would say. and about 15 or so years ago he like many people, discovered the potential of nanotechnology. and he started to work on what are called nano particles nano science. and his interest is in actually learning how to make very high quality nano particles to uses for various applications. he's really an interesting physicist in our department because he made this transition from fund studying fundamental physics to application. i think people referred this now
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as translational research. and he's really been one of the leaders in doing that in our department. so, so he learned, discovered some techniques came out of his research group as bond off a company that he has who make commercial nanoparticles. and he sells them to many places for almost any application you can think of. nanotechnology is the use of small scale matter, on an atomic or molecular level for larger industrial uses. the variety of applications of this technology is vast and includes the storage of energy engineering uses and in health care. me now, i'm really heavy and there's no hope a bad and there's no way to learn a little. and i'm going to roll mfc l a. u r l i in there and
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then dark light faster then it lemaire there darkly and when the new clues. oh there will be the noise then then we had a tele ah fine. and then i must rule in the phil conseula and my wife banana. we are looking to sell food at the who will be in sand with her will be a probably just to be on the edge. his wife doesn't profit mckennan. when asked him, you'll fall in love with laser over here in profound hope in the home. and i'm a little happen at the how can he can me what he told me he had though it which the, the helpful for him. when i had them him, it came with her photography to start off and read and talk to him that we feel
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what, what i'm, what a, just with, with a short list of the life of me. in my opinion, professors, i'm amazed by him. honestly. his passion for physics has never died, in fact that he still goes to a company every day comes into here every day. the amount of time he puts the 1st talks we have the amount of information he passes. i'm just working every time i talk with them, they just how back to knowledge and he seems to know something about everything. and yet he still knows the bus details and the most details about every single subject relative to these nano particles. just the amount of energy puts in,
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and his love for physics just astonishes me. i just got in jama, if he is the money, you know, for that, i mean you can add, or the mazda month on there any benefit in the bell any and carried them in $100.00 danville. i level i tell it in me for home at home, sick and federally old jana medina danville thought to sit down with the other call for kind of more better renewal of my initial jama through teacher had this marla, jim, in little naji and jam out of on people that what he and the article gave me and
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emory key, ah, ah, see who and what time they met him, murphy in the city and a mobile number. and you get the fee and your sophia. and yet the phoenix sort of a few more, there are to what the name and why and why nothing really. them them behave intellectually see her them again. and the mobile, i mean mean, allied them curry gossley, the local law here heard dounia. ah
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ah ah oh, the next screen noon in the in a car wash of lea, a line in the debt is a nice can me a shot shot have a korea and we do, we can get us. we want to, i am, i wanted to speak with him and he kind of my fell and the last in i'm about to grow with it took. i'm
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a didn't i compared to lot touch the owner that can can them and feed it. and when will least all, and i'm a little leveraging this. are you at the most is a politely was field family. it was. so we're going off in the corner in a shot. see us for the love the show from chicago london or the hell him can come fish can the food will be n o t sir lewis, one commercial not sure. and my number is such a little bit of a man she didn't come in to see to her the door you had left us hello, i'm muscle own muscular shoulders. one professor,
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knife as his studies continued. and he attended the american university of payments where he achieved a master's degree in 1970. his ambition was took further, his studies may nyja states, but was hampered by his failure to secure the necessary troubles visa. he was on the reason i'm a fish fish bit rough telephone m ricky, measuring model fear for wrestler calhoun. see where you are by and for some you sabine gotten better console he is considered enrica recently. trantham hi can ship only one sheet because of the sally, but the dan for jack alley will know about if surely, far if her mother in law the present will end
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up paying v as in the suburban what, what movies are you doing? any enrique. 3 now she found a great success in the united states. however, he never forgot his middle each when roots and made regular chips back to the region to connect with a scientists. professor ny fast did not act alone in disregard. that came a group of successful scientists in north america joint forces to strengthen the earth, scientific community in the united states. to see him if he newly was lemme and fish, grady and nominal shape to demand jeremiah fairly
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min boston on the san francisco mon, canada. go that was system was sissy. this ma shambrika along with technology and laura natasha, i'm have the one ad that lab bus. the men in national media in maturity measure left me with a how come i'm not sure. i know much more men, but i did. i don't the year in the so she left shock at them. been jam. i think illinois mom thought off with the me, i'm a danny. me. i've got a fever. move in my dorm will be let me jan. if you will feel if my boss had a show when can when can yes, little one left the late fee. you know i'm the one ah
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ah ah, when you nice family live has palestinian ever traditions at its heart? his wife and there are grown up children keeping constant contact both with each other and with that extended families in the middle east. i says behind the i need, does that feel more of a house i was so has led to see, but at mckennon mostly laughlin or keep brewer not a problem, a lot with the law that none of them could send out and it was that was very glad that come on. oh,
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young bright revel. kimbrell by mac and i couldn't manage my bod. natural says up out of the characters. i left them a lot. it can either weekends either saturday or sunday after lunch. not of your grandmother. she said john land would have been at home. you took lucy, barometer really and don't work for us for the notice you get home from helen for basketball, our baseball, our football wear and tear down the road. home mich forgot the mobile number, if it did reap for anna lee. mo, i'd like to read amanda hood hood death for home. i
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mean on my own is cool photo did that. he didn't know who do model, but sucker concent jammah had that fear, the physics or the current us and ball going any concerted me for had problem for the sat sat then to lead out or by and the bus has a so i'll go ahead for an a basketball, but any list of to answer you had seen an answer. and then did that, isabelle cra this who cleared the heavy i need to back with what took the in oh yeah, any experience so doing if in that aussie and if it wasn't for them. yeah. i knew i would not be where i am to do. no interview would be the by the miss will american in that study, you know, but that is mother of mcnair dally. i'll add them for a little bit meliss denial. let them be,
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learn with the band it next. i had michelle. oh no. do i live like even a fee for just in doing that? do i leave for not does not in a lot fall you do as the sun busied. mother's talk will be her washing and re can one of the car from the with the so many i can with the love live today. did it says the date of lehman
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o. kenneth madison sep to a 100 minutes south in santa fe leven. well, can miss them, little beloved nick amount will love mr. her out of is either so a lot to be for of her pain, hello call jani, and community dialing. and then you can reach me on one of the people who said that the mother of a sudden i use going to the golden gate bridge going through the island yarbrough for
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he she will iowa miller? sure. yeah. and him another one minute please. could you bear with me can, if you miss in sort of thing me out of them, i really burning the creative achievement of iraqi designer radio. not de la, are seen by millions throughout the world. by contrast, when your knife as work would nanotechnology is largely invisible to the naked eye, yet is of a great benefit to humanity at large, and quite different ways. both have enriched many eyes.
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ah, an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into a house, i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair was showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera. ah . okay. hot and dry. he used to the standard forecast in the middle east, but he's particularly hot. and he got there very early. just pick a city that you know and look at it's q 853 for example, to around 37. well, this is obviously the hot area and the forecasts continue that trend. it cools off
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a little bit as the wind picks up in baghdad. but we're still forecasting 50. the record is $52.00. it was 50 yesterday as well, so we're right up there. well above where it should be at a hot 44 anyway. look at q 8. $51.00 is in the forecast and down to 50. the record here is $54.00, but that's the record. bear in mind, we are still on the very high side of where it should be. and that extends through most of the radian peninsula bitter breeze. picking out through da, heart 46 means it will feel quite as human as it has done recently. and of course the edge effects of this surface monsoon catch or mug giving outbreaks of rain or thunderstorm around solar and occasionally, and yemen as well. the levant is cooler than it was because of that breeze. throughout the horn of africa on the coast, at least of somalia, that breeze bring some showers with it. but in the highlands, increasingly we're seeing bigger and bigger fantasy films.
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the july on the can to festival return to the delight of bands and an industry hit hard by curve at 19, but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change. we young activists lighting injustices and demanding radical change after a year long delay japan hospital. and unlike any the world has seen before. mice and bob re showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today, just by going tensions with egypt and sudan, ethiopia is set for the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on just across the world. young actually based and organizing around the move to the day we do the work in the 1st of in the series,
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2 people in new york city use different to me. suffice institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem. that wires a demick pollution generally can change on this light may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside are gin. tina's exclusive economic zone, the united states launched operations southern cross to combat, illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control their movements, so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home argent. time authorities can money for what's happening in economics to fit those. but what a 40 here are saying is, and what's important is to regulate what's happening in international orders. there
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are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. ah, me. after 20 years, a for the us and nato pulled the last remaining troops out of a gun. the sounds largest military base aah! you're watching all their life from a headquarters in delphi navigator. also ahead wildfires destroys a village in canada just days off to recorded the country's hottest temperature ever.


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