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needs to be going to left the middle east and build remarkable life finding success in germany of the united states. yet never forgetting that homeland of iraq and palestine. inspiring human stories, the arrows, the rule, the designer, and the atomic cycle analogy 0. ah donald trump's company and is financed chief charged with fraud and tax crime. ah, hello there, i'm the se, hey, this is out of their life and i will start coming up. fire destroys village and canada just days after it recorded the country's hottest temperature ever.
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thousands of people moved to say for ground and philippines. the vote for a volcano is raised. oh, i get all the way. and the 82 year old set to become the oldest, the blast into space. fulfilling and ambitions, spending 6 decades. ah, no, don't trumps. company and it's finance chief of being prosecuted for what's being described as sweeping and audacious tax fraud. alan wife will back has denied 15 charges against him, and the trump organization, gabrielle saunter, has worn out from you. and many of the other groups of donald trump likes to brag about the trump organization often says it's very successful and his pride and joy . but a grand jury in new york has another word for trump's family business. criminal.
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after nearly 2 year investigation, the manhattan district attorney in dated the trump organization for financial wrongdoing, prosecutor say this man, alan white and berg, the trump organizations chief financial officer, was one of the top benefactors of the alleged crimes he worked for trump for over 40 years he now faces 15 when he counts prosecutor say, he orchestrated a 15 year tax avoidance scheme, allegedly avoiding paying tax $1700000.00 in income. he pleaded not guilty, and the judge released him on bail. his next court appearance is september 20th. the 25 page indictment which was unsealed thursday afternoon, read in part that weisel berg attempted to conceal his actions by falsifying records with the help of top executives at the trump organization. who are the other top executives?
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prosecutors are not yet saying publicly trump, organisations, lawyers, i speaking after the court proceedings ended, said the charges do not rise to the level of a criminal indictment and are politically motivated because they involve the trump name. this case should have never been brought. it is a political prostitution, political prostitution where people are targeted criminally because of the prosecutors disagree with their political beliefs happen in corrupt. it does not happen in america. it's an american. it should not happen here in new york city. donald trump also issued a statement saying that charges are a political witch hunt. it's important to point out that donald trump has not been charged with any crime. but legal observers say that if, why, so a bird has damaging information and he's willing to cooperate with investigators. that could mean bad news for the former president,
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but it will all ride on why sober? i think he's been under pressure for the past 23 years to cooperate. he'll continue to be under pressure as the month and year to year for the rest of the prosecution progressive. but the important part is whether you have something to contribute and whether he wants to contribute it. and if he does, perhaps cooperation, is that something to look forward to in the future? for now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions on where all of this could lead. is this the final stage of an investigation? or could this be the 1st of more charges you have to come against others? gabriel is ando. how does ita new york? well, meanwhile, a $130.00 countries have agreed to back sweeping changes to the global tax system. once implemented, the deal with the multinational companies like google, amazon and apple taxed at a rate of at least 15 percent from wherever they operate. the organization for economic cooperation and development, which hosted the talk says that could bring a $150000000000.00 of additional global tax revenues annually. a
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fire has engulfed the village that just recorded candidates harvest ever temperature. people living and listen in british columbia had to abandon their homes. the men says 90 percent of the video just destroyed. he also says it took 15 minutes just 15 minutes for the flame to overwhelm what time to about 250 people. listen is at the center of a heat wave reaching a temperature of 49.6 degrees celsius this week. well, i'm now joined by nicole craig. she is a resident of victoria and british columbia. nicole, how are you doing over that? well, things are cooling down here, so we are happy about that. that's for sure. i that what's it been like over the last week? how have you and your family been getting through it? all? lots of water, lots of standing in front of our fans because the majority of homes here don't have air conditioning. and if you were able to get a portable one, you are very lucky. but most people just out with fans and cold towels around their
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neck and lots of cool drinks. i understanding they're not something that we could do stories. very tough. i bet i understand that you've also been speaking to some of your neighbors and other people nearby about how they've been coping. can you talk us through some of that? yeah, i live in the country, so i live on a farm and our neighbors are poultry farmers. and unfortunately the last time about a 1000 birds due to the heat. but they were very lucky with only moving a 1000. there was a farm on the mainland outside of vancouver that lost $50000.00 chickens. it just due to the heat alone. nicole, what was the weather usually be like this time of year? how, how does all of this compare? well, we're normally about $2425.00 degrees, so it jumped 6 degrees in one day for us. and the hottest we saw here was 39 degrees. but with the humidity it felt like it was 44. so it was significantly higher than what we're used to. so we've been seeing these incredible pictures
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coming out of less than i know the man when he was leaving, he said he felt lucky to get out with his own life. and given all the wildfires that is springing up around the province, how are people there approaching things? i imagine there's quite a bit of fear there is, you know, it happens a lot in the area there. wildfires every year. we worry about it right now. there's over 100 fires, burning people are spreading wherever they can go to evacuation centers that are everywhere and people are always willing to help, which is the great thing. so people are taking folks into their homes, if they've got property where they can set up their trailers of people or towing their vacation trailers. but people are very scared because it's been so dry. no water, no rain in about a month. so it's fearful of course, nicole, this isn't just about the wildfires, i mean these temperatures themselves have they've also been causing death. all people thinking about how they might want to prepare for years to come. i would
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think so. unfortunately, here in b c, they reported that there's over 480 deaths due to the sudden heat my family. my parents had lost a friend the other day due to the extreme heat on monday. so it's getting everybody in every different way. i'm so sorry your last call. i was looking at some of the surveys in canada, and i see as recently as 3 years ago, about one in 10 canadians were climate change skeptics. and about point one and 5 was saying they believe it's from natural causes has not changed. i'm sure this whole event is going to change people's thoughts on everything. because where did this? where did the strain is come from? where did this heat? we had a 5 d, they called it a heat dome and to jump that many temperatures like we went up to almost 20 degrees . so that's crazy for 5 days it's. it's very disheartening. you know, for some people who do do a lot of work with the climate right now,
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it's just making us what more can we do to help? sure. nicole who's speaking to us from victoria in british columbia. thanks so much . nicole craig, and we do wish you and your family all the best. thank you so much. well, california is also being affected by this heat wave. 5 sizes in the north of that us days and now about $3.00 to $5.00 air and ground crews, as well as the california national guard are among those assisting. residents near the city of lake head has now been given evacuation orders, extreme temperatures. they are contributing to the potential for new 5 people also being advised, not to use fireworks on the 4th of july, holiday rescue workers are resuming the search for survivors of an apartment block collapse in the u. s. state of florida. president joe barton visited the site pledging more support. at this point, a 145 people remain unaccounted for, and at least 800 people have been confirmed dead. john 100 reports now from south
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side. president biden visited the rescue workers in relatives of those launched in the crumbled concrete and twisted steel of the surf side condo collapse, offering help and hope. jim, i want to know that we're with them in the countries or message days that we're here for you. as one nation, we believe that sir, continuing searching is something that's very, very important. so we are, or the department transportation engineers working. i know that that the fire department and the county are, are getting the different options on how to handle this. but of course, we're going to provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. biden offered consolation to the families of victims ranging in age from $4.00 to $92.00, including the 1st 2 children found sisters whose parents also died in the collapse discovered on wednesday. biding, thank the 1st responders who cope with fires,
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rains, and frequent pauses in their work due to lightning storms. and he offered federal help. the same agency that investigated the 911 collapse of the world trade center is investigating this incident, but they say it could take 2 years to complete that investigation. those rescue workers frustrated after days of sifting through the debris, face trauma of their own. i bet it's probably searching for around 11 years, and this is been emotionally the most difficult thing i ever happens or i think a lot about including myself, a lot of our passports members, i work with are separate it from these missing people. why are we one or 2 degrees? as the president returned to washington tropical storm, elsa spun menacingly off shore, threatening the florida coast, and potentially forcing rescuers to divert resources from the building collapse to storm response. i promise you. we
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know, we know what you're doing here is incredible having to deal with the uncertainty, worried about you know, the family. anyway. thank workers had hoped to find signs of life beneath the rubble for the president's visit. but de 8 of this search went much like every day since last thursday, without a rescue, and time and hope running out for survivors. john, hindrance al jazeera surfside, florida. her mass evacuations are underway and villages close to the philippine capital manila after volcano. this spewed steam and toxic gas, nearly $15000.00 people are now being moved to safe areas, and a small g has also blanketed manella with resident saving. want to stay indoors. jamila island, oregon has more now from tal. it's near the volcano. well, it's who it's considered to be one of the smallest active volcanoes in the world.
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i'm going to step aside, so you're able to see exactly how that look looks like. now this is the alvo's k. no, it's several cane within a crater from, you know, which is about 3 hours north or south of the capital milan. what was once a beautiful, you know, favorite tourist destination, which is now, you know, largely been close off for over a year now. so it looks relatively peaceful compared to what happened thursday afternoon, but i'm not sure you're able to see the smog that blankets in many parts of, you know, many sounds here, but as also a small that has reached the capital manila. now, health workers, whether experts have also recorded, you know, one of the highest levels of sulfur oxide emissions this week. this is why a lot of communities are living here. i've been advised to wear masks and to stay indoors, but this is quite difficult because about 2 towns have been evacuated since yesterday
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. that's about 14000 residents, about 400 families now scattered thinking shelter in about 11 evacuation centers. so there is a concern that at the level alert level is reached to 3, that means from evacuation of those dipping within 77 kilometer danger zones, they need to evacuate more people. and the issue here at this point is how they're going to be able to implement coven, 1900 protocols in many evacuation centers. hostile ahead here on out a 0 sum excel victims of columbia as internal conflict. return for reconciliation. meetings in europe, accused of vaccine and justice. the african union says it's not doing enough central coven, 1900 shots, equally accessible to ah, ah,
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it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. okay. hot and dry. he used to the standard forecast in the middle east, but he's particularly hot and he got there very early. just pick a city that you know and looked at q 853 for example, to around 37. well, this is obviously the hot area and the forecasts continue that trend. it cools off a little bit as the wind picks up in baghdad, but we're still forecasting 50. the record is $52.00. it was 50 yesterday as well, so we're right up there. well above where it should be at a hot 44 anyway. look at q 8. $51.00 is in the forecast and down to 50. the record here is $54.00, but that's the record. bear in mind, we are still on the very high side of where it should be, and that extends through most of the re be in peninsula, but a breeze picking up through da heart 46 means it was feel quite as human as it has done recently and of course,
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the edge effects of the surface monsoon catch among giving outbreaks of rain or thunderstorm around sadala, and occasionally in yemen as well. the levant is cooler than it was the cause of that breeze. through the horn of africa on the coast, at least of somalia, that breeze bring some showers with it, but in the highlands increasing, he was seen bigger and bigger and assumes sponsored cattle airways lead your company onto the pitch. is a special moment for any football to do it is a palace. the woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend added cancer now in produces honey soldier who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels. let's do it on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, ah, hello again, i'm the star handle. let's remind you about top stories here. the found for me, you as president donald trump company and it's finance chief, are being prosecuted for what's being described as sweeping and or of the trump organization. and alan wife for by the nice scheming to help top executive voice, paying taxes on the benefits. fire has engulfed the village that just recorded candidates. almost every temperature. people living and listen in british columbia had to abandon their home. it's up the center of a heat wave after sweltering and $49.00 degrees celsius heat. this massive
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ration to also on the way in the villages close to the philippine capital manila after a volcano, the feud esteem and toxic gas. nearly $15000.00 people are being moved to safe areas and a small g has also blank who thousands of exiled victims of columbia as long running internal conflicts have been taking part in a reconciliation meeting. but only if you doesn't, we're actually allowed to return for the event. as alexander on p s u reports, many of them are still waiting to be recognized as victims by the government. lena basically was a female student activists in colombia in the late 1990 s, like many social and political leaders in the country. she was forced to flee abroad following repeated threats from armed groups that had lots of people were killed or disappeared. threats were becoming constant. that was the climate we were operating in violence fear. so finally, i like many decided to leave during the following 2 decades in exile in mexico,
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she built a successful academic career, but never gave up on peace in columbia. ben, it's why now she is 150 our victims living in 23 different countries who are attending a conference to discuss their experiences. many have returned for the 1st time in years. others were not allowed to leave their host country due to their refugee status. and are attending events virtually most or victims of state and paramilitary forces during the conflict with fire gravels and left because they hadn't no protection. now they're hoping to share their story with columbia strand titian with justice system. they're not present, that's what we are presenting for reports, documenting what the exxon has meant to us. the crimes we were victims of who we are and diversity of our experience. indigenous leader and lawyer, elizabeth garcia, spent 12 years in exile in canada. like many here, she would like to return to columbia but says the conditions have not been met. so
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there are so many people here that have tried to return and have to meet again because the tracts never and never had an option. we are here to tell the state that we want to believe in our country again that to many, that colombia is more war that we are betting on the columbia state. there's only recently began to acknowledge that on top of the millions of internally displaced people 1000 more have had to leave the country. and while the united nations refugee agency has registered almost 400000 colombian exile the government to the victims agency has so far acknowledged only 30000 plight in the pain of derek style is just beginning to surface. but in a country where social and community leaders keep getting killed at an alarming rate, the question the lingers it, will it ever be safe for them to return?
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i listen that i'm just water. now a boy scouts of america has reached a settlement with the victims of child sexual abuse. the agreement is $850000000.00, but it still requires the judges approval. the boy scouts found for bankruptcy protection in february last year that this of the $60000.00 men alleged a decades long pass on of sexual abuse at the hands of scout leaders. the u. s. department of justice is temporarily halting federal executions. attorney general merit garlan says he wants to review the policies and procedures introduced by the trunk administration and resumed federal executions a year ago following a 17 year high aces. a federal lawsuit was filed over the protocols put in place by former attorney general william ball. mike kinda has the latest now from washington dc. the justice department is now announced that it's going to review the federal debt sentence in the light of it being re introduced in july last year that was
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under the trump administration. and to put it into a context that, that particular stage, there hadn't been a federal execution for 17 years. in the months, from july onwards, there were 13 federal executions. this is the biggest amount in a single year for nearly 200 years to once again try and get an historical context summit at the last time that they were double digit number of federal executions in a single year was back to grow the cleveland in 1896. so the justice department, when the provide an administration coming to paula is saying now that it wants to look at those new rules instituted by the then department of justice and the william bar directed by then president donald trump. and while that is looking into it in terms of its impact on human rights, it is going to put a moratorium on all federal debt sentences. now there is a certain flow happening within the u. s. only this week virginia became the 23rd
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state to impose a ban on the death penalty. so $23.00 states now imposing the death penalty ban the federal government. now establishing a moratorium resuming what was the status quo until it was changed by the trump administration. in july, last year, until the pandemic now in africa. the 3rd wave of current of virus infections is extremely aggressive and is pushing the continent to a whole new threat level. according to the world health organization. while richer vaccinated nations reopening their economies, african hospital as the becoming overwhelmed with oxygen supplies running low? the highly contagious delta variance is partially the driver of all this. the head of africa centers for disease control and prevention, says cobra, 1000 deaths have increased 23 percent just in the past week. he says $1600000000.00 vaccines needed to meet the minimum target to fully vaccinating 60 percent of africa. and corvette's promise to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december.
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but overall, the continent has received just 65 millions days. and the man in charge of securing doses for the continent meanwhile, has blasted europe saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the millions that it promised to again be report marie, a 57 year old mother of 5 has come to this clinic in kinshasa to get her 2nd job of the asters in vaccine. the democratic republic of congo is suffering from a 3rd surge of corona, virus infections, as many other parts of africa. and to me, this is good for us to protect ourselves if you are experiencing the 3rd wave of curve at 19. it's important we received this next scene because in doing so, we'll also save others. she's one of the lucky ones. only one percent of people across the continent have been inoculated while rich vaccinated countries are reopening their economies. african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen
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supplies are running low, and the virus is spreading to rule areas. the manny charge of securing doses to the continent has criticized europe, saying it's fail to deliver a single vaccine from the 1000000 zip promised not a single dose. not one file has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers, they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of your 5 point. 5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents. 1.3000000000 people. callbacks promise to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. but so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. rates come to the u. k. like the g 7 just are putting the, the profit pharmaceutical companies above public health,
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but not by not pushing companies to share the technology. so the others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccine. so we are on the mercy of pharmaceutical companies. the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says there's been a 23 percent increase in the number of coven related tests in the past week, and warns unless the content can secure a regular supply vaccines. the consequences will be catastrophic. victoria gates and be al jazeera home in portugal is now imposing a curfew for its capital. lisbon and several other municipalities on thursday, and record a 2500 new corona virus cases. that's the highest number since mid february hospital admissions, and also a 2 month high authority. the author blaming the highly contagious delta, varying for that rise. still, the chill is ski mountains have opened up after more than a year of close is due to the pandemic. some measures are still in place,
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such as limited capacity, face mosques and social distancing. but the industry is hoping to recruit some losses despite still being out of reach for many international tourist till he has been leading in latin america when it comes to vaccinations. and she says he has capital has now been placed on the partial lockdown after seeing arise in cases there. the new measures include a band on social gatherings and or dining and sporting events. now for 2 weeks, many train is in hospital is already at full capacity with medic said, unable to cope i'm moving on and british businessmen but richard branson has unveiled plans to beat fellow billionaire and rival j feds off to space branson's company. virgin galactic announced that he will be on board the rocket power train should yield to take off on july the 11th. now that's just 9 days before amazon found the best office planned launch. both pathos and branson have been developing and testing rockets to take wealthy tourists for short trips in 0 gravity. and now
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one of the 1st of women who trained to become an astronaut will soon become the world's oldest person to be shot innerspace. we live gently on the desert surface. we open the hatch and you step outside was the 1st thing you say. i was say, honey, that was the best thing that ever happened. while while the funk will be traveling with amazon boss jeff as of when he had into or but later this month from cars to astronaut training, back in the early 1900 sixty's. but she never made it to space because of her gender. i didn't say that i would ever get to go, i think resigning my way while you're a girl. 2 you can't do that, i said guess what? doesn't matter what you are, you can still do it if you want to do it. and i like to do things that nobody is. john loved every 2nd of it. i get already ways. well, i spoke to emily speck, she's a space reporter for w cam,
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g online and kick orlando dot com. she says it'll still be a long time before face tourism is widely available. even profitable. we really don't know the full cost of how much that's going to be, you know, this blue origin flight. this is their 1st crude flight. so they've done this 15 other times without people and now they're going to fly people for the 1st time. and we don't yet know when they're going to fly other paying customers and virgin galactic. they're still quite not there. and this is not the general public. these are people with a lot of money to throw down for a space flight space. flight is dangerous and there's really no other way to put it . if everything so many things have to go right in order for something not to go wrong. you know, like i mentioned there, this spacecraft, blue origin, new shepherd, rocket has launched and landed 15 times. and all of those lights have gone pretty well. but with other companies and many other rockets, other things, you know, there have been tragedies in space flight,
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but i can say that i don't think the blue origin would be launching people, especially someone like thought. while the fun crew would be absolutely horrible to lose unless they thought they were ready to do this and ready to launch, people going to take a while for it to pay off. you know, this is the 1st crude flight for blue origin. virgin galactic still hasn't flown paying customers yet, so it's going to take a few years for that to pay off. but there are people with virgin galactic who've already put down some doubt down payments. so the return on investment is going to take a little while and that's kind of one of the risks with space flight, especially with space tourism. ah hello there. this is al jazeera and these other headlines. for me you as president donald trump's company is being prosecuted for what's being described as sweeping and audacious tax fraud. it's financial chief alan wife will back has be did not guilty to fraud and fest charges. there are 15 counts against him and the trump
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organization. they're accused of illegally avoiding taxes on company, but like cause apartments and school.


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