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schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes, the generation and the politics then, is that a life has been shaped by vitamin, the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, ah double trans company and that silent c. the charged with fraud and tax crimes in new york. ah. hello robin, you're watching. i was there like well headquarters here. coming up in the next 30 minutes. president biden comfort families and 1st responders effected by the building collapse in florida and pledges more federal help. also, europe accused of vaccine in justice. the african union says it's not doing enough
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to insure that cave at 1900 shop, equally accessible to all of riley's replaced celebrations on canada day and the discovery of mass graves that form an indigenous school sponsor, reckoning with colonial past. ah, welcome to the program dollar company and it's fine and streets are being prosecuted in new york. so what's being described as sweeping and all day? shes tax fraud island wizell burke has pleaded not guilty to fraud and theft challenges. there are 15 counts against him and the trump organization. gabriel alexander has moved from new york, and many of the other groups of donald trump likes to brag about. the trump organization often says it's very successful and his pride and joy, but a grand jury in new york had another word for trump's family business. criminal.
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after nearly 2 year investigation, the manhattan district attorney in dated the trump organization for financial wrongdoing, prosecutor say this man, alan weiss and berg, the trump organizations chief financial officer, was one of the top benefactors of the alleged crimes he worked for trump for over 40 years he now faces 15 felony counts. prosecutor say he orchestrated a teen year tax avoidance scheme, allegedly avoiding paying tax on $1700000.00 in income. he pleaded not guilty, and the judge released him on bail. his next court appearance is september 20th. the 25 page indictment which was unsealed thursday afternoon, read in part that weisel berg attempted to conceal his actions by falsifying records with the help of top executives at the trump organization. who are the other top executives?
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prosecutors are not yet saying publicly, trump, organisation, lawyers, i speaking after the court proceedings ended, said the charges do not rise to the level of a criminal indictment and are politically motivated because they involve the trump name. this case should have never been brought. it is a political prostitution, political prostitution where people are targeted criminally because the prosecutors disagree with their political beliefs. a corrupt it does not happen in america. it's an american. it should not happen here in new york city. donald trump also issued a statement saying that charges are a political witch hunt. it's important to point out that donald trump has not been charged with any crime. but legal observers say that if, why, so a bird has damaging information and he's willing to cooperate with investigators. that could mean bad news for the former president,
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but it will all ride on why soleberg? i think he's been under pressure for the past 23 years to cooperate. he'll continue to be under pressure as the month and year to year for the rest of the prosecution progressive. but the important part is whether you have something to contribute and whether he wants to contribute it. and if he does, perhaps cooperation, is that something to look forward to in the future? for now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions on where all of this could lead. is this the final stage of an investigation? or could this be the 1st of more charges you have to come against others? gabriel's ando jazz eda, new york, barclay malls is a lawyer. he explains why this case as huge implications for not only the trunk limitation but for the whole of his family. the detail that this indictment goes into outlining this knowing and deliberate in length the scheme spanning over 15 years, keeping 2 different sets of ledgers of books to document what they were paying to mister whitefield bergen reality and these compensation scheme as opposed to what
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they were reporting to the tax that the worry is whether with federal, state or local authorities here in the states. this is like mob stuff, one or one in terms of how you try to engage in a scheme to defraud the government. the local government, the state government tax authorities, and this is why these kinds of charges could propose a serious problem not only missile white, mr. weinberg, but also the company itself. problem donald trump and his company have right now is that they are heavily leverage. they have tons of loans, and no one trusts donald trump with loan to be more. we're the exception of a few places like deutscher bank. so if his existing lenders are calling in their loans and other bank lenders and other banks refuse to provide them loans going forward, his company is going to become cripple. now the years out he's survived bankruptcy before. he's come back from the dead before. it's certainly within his power to pull that off again. but if this goes further, the valid, wasteful burgess, 73 years of age, decides he's not going to go to jail for donald trump. and if he cooperates it's
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for the plea deal with the prosecutors. is the limits about our and less as to where this could go and not only taking down potentially the trump organization, but the trump family as well. will rescue workers all resuming the search for survivors in florida. her week after the champlain towers collapsed, this come shortly after president biden visited the site and met with relatives and 1st responders. he offered compass and pledged more federal support. 145 people remain unaccounted for, and at least 18 people confirmed dead. john 100 reports now from surf side. president biden visited the rescue workers and relatives of those lost in the crumbled concrete and twisted steel of the surf side condo collapse, offering help, and hope. jim, i want to know that we're with them in the countries pharmacy. today's that we're here for you as one nation. we believe that sir. continuing searching is something
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that's very, very important. so we are or the department of transportation engineers working. i know that that the fire department and the county are, are getting the different options on how to handle this. but of course we're going to provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. biden offered consolation to the families of victims ranging in age from $4.00 to $92.00, including the 1st 2 children found sisters whose parents also died in the collapse discovered on wednesday. biding, thank the 1st responders who cope with fires, rains, and frequent pauses in their work due to lightning storms. and he offered federal help. the same agency that investigated the 911 collapse of the world trade center is investigating this incident. but they say it could take 2 years to complete that investigation. those rescue workers frustrated after days of sifting through the debris, face trauma of their own. i bet
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a promise searching for around 11 years. and this is in emotionally the most difficult thing i ever happens or i think a lot about including myself, a lot of our members, i work with are separate it from these missing people. why are we one or 2 degrees? as the president returned to washington tropical storm, elsa spun menacingly offshore, threatening the florida coast and potentially forcing rescuers to divert resources from the building collapse to storm response. i promise you. we know, we know what you're doing here is incredible having to deal with uncertainty, worrying about you know, families anyway. thank workers had hoped to find signs of life beneath the rebel for the president's visit. with de 8
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of the search went much like every day since last thursday, without a rescue, and time and hope running out for survivors. john, hindrance al jazeera surfside, florida. $130.00 countries have agreed to back sweeping changes to the global tax system was implemented. the deal would see multinational companies like google, amazon, apple tax. that rate is at least 15 percent from wherever they operate. the organization for economic cooperation and development, which hosted the tool says that could bring in $150000000000.00 of additional global tax revenues annually with africa. the way the current virus infections extremely aggressive and is pushing the continent to a whole new threat level. that's according to the world health organization. while richard vaccinated nations reopen their economies,
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african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with oxygen supplies running low. the highly contagious delta of arion tis possibly the driver. the heads of africa centers for disease control and prevention se covered 19 deaths have increased 23 percent in the past week. he says $1600000000.00 vaccines needed to meet the minimum target to fully vaccinating 60 percent of africa promise to deliver $700000000.00 doses to africa by december. but overall, the continent received just $65000000.00 to date, and the man in charge of securing doses for the continent has blasted europe saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the millions it promised victoria again be reports. marie, a 57 year old mother of 5 has come to this clinic and can shafter to get her 2nd job of the astrazeneca vaccine. the democratic republic of congo is suffering from a 3rd surge of corona, virus infections, as many other parts of africa. and to me, this is good for us to protect ourselves if you are experiencing the 3rd wave of
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curve at 19. it's important we received this vaccine because in doing so, we'll also save others. she's one of the lucky ones. only one percent of people across the continent have been inoculated while rich vaccinated countries are reopening their economies. african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen supplies are running low, and the virus is spreading to rural areas. the manny charge of securing duties to the continent has criticized europe, saying its fail to deliver a single vaccine from the 1000000 zip promised not a single dose. not one file has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers, they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of your 5 point. 5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents 1300000000
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people. kovacs promised to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. but so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. rates come to like the u. k, like the g 7 just are putting the, the profit from the company above public health, but not by not pushing companies to share the knology so that others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccine. so we are on the mercy of pharmaceutical companies. the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says there's been a 23 percent increase in the number of covert related tests in the past week and warns unless the continent can secure a regular supply vaccines. the consequences will be catastrophic. victoria gates and b al jazeera well still had here on out there are looking to rebuild their lives. we meet some of the grey and the refugees hoping to return to the home,
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plus new investment and electric vehicles, give a post brackets on to a depressed, industrial heartland. have they stories after right? ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. the seasonal rain has picked up. this is the line stretches from japan to china. the most of the active stuff is along the line. this time you called the plum rains and the orange top suggests where it is raining at his most heavy and his talk you soon, hon. she eastern side is already flooding. there will be more and back in the chinese and it's going to be the yangtze valley, which is a broad valley which gets regularly friday and he's supposed to get regularly
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federal. that's the case for next 2 days with sunstar breaking out of a basing again, with heavy dalrymple's south of told is much dry. hong kong will be humid, but not particularly wetted about $33.00 degrees. and there's a surprising gap in what should be wet weather. but in, for example, thailand is what you might expect, nor is it in viet nam, but it is sort of way see and throughout the philippines it does look particularly where there's been flooding recently and solar ways. there may be a bit more through friday, $1030.00, drop a bit during saturday, but it's still wet and sumatra, maybe the fast fangs the time. but in thailand is still looking, particularly dry. bangkok or human 36. the monsoon range of backed off a bit from most of india, but for the northeast and for the pole and bag, the dash it's wet. sponsor cut on airways. can an image represent a truth or merely mimics the protection of the beholder behind the camera?
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preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative, and the trauma of colonialism ation. and it lingering legacy, delicately addressed as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo. i don't know me not a witness documentary on now, just like the the me back what challenges there early means the whole rom, the reminder of all top stories, double trans, multi $1000000.00 company, and it's financial chief well being prosecuted what's being described a sweeping under daisha, the tax fraud, the trump organization,
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and our bible bugs deny scheming, to help top executives avoid pain taxes that benefit. also risky, was all resuming the search was involved with the florida. we cancellation plane towers plus president by visited the site and met relatives of victims as emergency pre wasn't at $45.00 people remain at accounted for at least 18 people are concerned and the man in charge of securing current virus vaccine for africa has blasted europe. the sailing to deliver single days to the confidence 3, the message says less than one percent of the company took the fully vaccinated and infections are overwhelming hospitals. now the us justice department has announced its temporarily halting federal executions while undertaking a review of the death penalty for on this we can cross over to our correspondent my county is in washington dc. say, mike, what seems to be happening? got the department of justice. well,
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the justice department has now announced that it's going to review the federal defense in the light of it being re introduced in july last year that was under the trump administration. and to put it into a context that, that particular stage, there hadn't been a federal execution for 17 years. in the months, from july onwards, there were 13 federal executions. this is the biggest amount in the single year for nearly 200 years to once again try and get an historical context summit at the last time that they double digit number of federal executions in a single year was back to grow the cleveland in 18. 96, so the justice department, when the biden administration coming to paula is saying now that it wants to look at those new rules instituted by the then department of justice and the william bar directed by then president donald trump. and while that is looking into it in terms
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of its impact on human rights, it is going to put a moratorium on all federal debt sentences. now there is a certain flow happening within the u. s. only this week the ginia became the 23rd state to impose a ban on the death penalty. so $23.00 states now imposing the death penalty ban the federal government. now establishing a moratorium resuming what was a status quo until it was changed by the trump administration in july last year. mike, thanks very much for the update that might kind of force in washington dc. now july, the 1st day is normally a day of celebration in canada's national holiday, but the sher, it's the mud by protest across the country. this comes after more than a 1000 mark grains were discovered that former indigenous residential schools in recent weeks. the schools are run by the catholic church and funded by the government. 5 minutes just intruder says this is national holiday, was
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a time to reflect on historical failures. while the latest discovery was on wednesday, when 192 unmarked graves have found the size of a former residential school in british columbia, alexia bryan reports, apologies. we seem to have a centuries old church engulfed in flames, and l. berza the latest in a series of similar incidents across canada in the past month lease a treating before as suspicious. the burning of churches began after hundreds of unmarked graves were found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. the latest fire coincides with confirmation of yet another discovery. this time, 182 unmarked graves near the city of cranbrook. in british columbia,
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not only from today, the new fine, there's 215 cam moves, the 750 and unmarked graves at college. this, you know, the $180.00 plus cranbrook and again, we have $139.00 sites across canada, where the residential schools were. and each and every one of those sites needs to be investigated properly. the discoveries have led to growing anger about what's been called the math murder of indigenous people from the 1900 century until the 19 ninety's more than 150000 indigenous children attended. state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society . they were separated from their families, languages, and traditions. thousands of them were physically and sexually abused or died of disease. many never returned home. and 2008, the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. most of the schools were run by the catholic church. the
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indigenous leaders are planning to travel to the basic and in december they want the pope to say story to prime minister just introduces the revelations of the past weeks have been terrible and shameful. he's called on canadians to do better. have real conversations with our loved one, with our neighbors, with our friends, about what each of us can do to stand as allies, to indigenous people, to shift our own mind sets behaviors and supports is what this is all about. we need to be there some indigenous communities say one way to do that is to cancel those days candidate a celebrations. we're asking for some time and space to grieve and we will continue to great grieve as more graves or uncovered communities in morning and a country full to recon alex no,
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bryan l g 0. the major supply reviews to deliver much need to suit if his water to grow region has been destroyed. that's not clear who destroyed the bridge over the to catch a river. but relief work is say, it's a major set bank. some 2000000 people have been displaced since fighting broke out in november, about half of them are in desperate need of food. meanwhile, the government, which is this week don't declared a unilateral sci fi, wants to grow and armed groups to lay down their arms, that you grow people's liberation front called the sci fi. a job he's, he's position of was still it you, you need the sensation of facilities was taken naturally from our side. however, to implement this by a fully, it nice to, to tangle, the other side has to react properly for this to work. the other side and the refugees from the of his t guy region who have fled to sedan, to escape months of fighting. and i'm hoping to return home soon. not after rebels
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from the to grey people's liberation front, said they'd gain control of the regional capital mckelly. if morgan reports now from a refugee camp in galleries. this is where you can refugee your man, if it's high said he heard the news rebels in his home region of the grey had taken control of the capital mckinney. he fled from my capital when the conflict parted in november between the european federal government and the regional take great people liberation front or t p l f. he says he had to leave his family behind. very, very, very good. i'm got the most of to great has been rated, and most of the places are under the control of to great people. maybe now i can return to my family that i left behind and try to find them. i can try to search for my children. i can also go look for those the diet and bury them. the news of the t p i left returned to mentally and other cities integrated this week was welcomed by many refugees here who've been following the news on television and social media, magazine moron, arity,
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and soldiers and gun as well as the federal troops. so there will be no more atrocities in te great. i can go home to my village. now. i've not heard from my family since the conflict started because i was working in a farmer and they went home. the 8 months of fighting has displaced nearly 2000000 people. read groups have reported abuses by both sides of the conflict. people into gray have reported killings by a retreat. troops who fought alongside if you'd be in federal, government, and militia from the neighboring. i'm her region, the united nation has that sexual violence and starvation have been used as weapons of war. 70000 people have fled to neighboring sudan since the thought of the conflict they united nations, has described the situation integrate as fluid and unpredictable. hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of relief. supplies and fighting is still ongoing and parts of the region. but for many here, the fact that the t p l has regained control of most of gray is enough for them to
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hope that they may be able to return home in the near future. something they want to go and search for those they left behind. others, they want to return to their farms and see what remains of their homes and belongings and still others want to return to start where they left off. and this is melissa because i was in high school and planning to go to university. now that things have changed into cry, there is peel, i may be able to go back and finish studies and get a job. i'm built to go to be an independent country. if you'll be in federal truth still control most of the rules in and out of big right. but refugees, hearsay. all they are waiting for is word from across the border to return to the homes and lives they left behind. he, bill morgan, up to the wrong rack, who bought camp, got if to down a city and he said, democratic republic of congo has been left in shock after an attack. at least 10 people were killed in many people, but people are searching for more bodies. please, on the military,
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her blame the armed group, the democratic forces for the assault and re residents have protested against the government mandate security forces do more to protect people. the local roman catholic church says the adf is responsible for at least $6000.00 death since 2013 . whenever you get the book when it was around 10 40 pm, when we heard people shouting thieves we've been infiltrated by bondage. we then heard bullets being fired, bang, bang, bang, people kept yelling, thieves were infiltrating. the tech has started shooting and taking hostages. during their operation, the adf master could more than 10 people, burned houses and caused the damage which his civil society we deplore. so africa, top causes of how the ruling that clears present sort of ram, oppose a whole rounding and a fundraising scandal from pose. i was accused of intentionally misleading parliament about campaign donations in 2017. last year, the high court decided he did nothing wrong,
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but the public anti corruption watchdog challenge this. the constitutional court has now banked run tozer. japanese called mechanism is to create thousands of jobs that is electric car factory in the united kingdom. it's good news for the british government after worries at one stage where the sun might pull out following its exit from the european union, where we challenge reports now from sunderland. like any marriage of 30 years, miss m hands, the united kingdom, have had their ups and downs re fi near the electrification during the agonies of breakfast, the japanese comic doubted its commitment to the u. k. i'm so happy to be here today in sunderland. but this is passion rekindled, a retaking of vows both for the see the sentiment in the country in the economics in the people which is giving us on freedom to move forward. and i think this is what we are demonstrating by announcing nissan 0. today,
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the headlines are certainly good. $1400000000.00 investment, a new battery factory together with partner, envision a see to power $100000.00. this an electric vehicles a year. the next generation electric car to be made in sunderland. it takes 2 of the government's favorite boxes, leveling up post industrial regions with a green economy, hands proving that breaks it. ne say is wrong so far as johnson scheduled a quick trip? no. this is something that is a benefit to the u. k. economy, the sand is going to be taking about $9200.00 job alone and the, the, the battery factory for the 750000 potentially in the, in the supply chain for what it will say doing is helping to lengthen the, the lead of this country in, in, in green, low carbon technology. i asked the chief executive of sunderland council if he
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thought this vindicated bricks. it, i'm not quincy, anything vindicates or not the pressure that's not, not my position. what this should demonstrate that sunderland is a place that can rise to the challenge and the opportunities that are presented by practice it not and vicious city that we work with. our partners in the business sector to grow and enable our city to flourish. his city voted firmly to leave the european union back in 2016 and in the center. that's relief that they've dodge war . many thought was a real danger, as it was late, the press and a lot of people said it would be bought for nissan parts. the economy, which it would be devastating the economy nissan did pull out a, worked out the time and we would cover that was never going out. but and this is just reinforced that a lot of people thought and obviously it's for the, for the economy, not your son, for the northeast or it's hope it's all these remain. is it showing to them that like after breakfast it showing that if somebody like nissan is prepared to invest in our area,
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they must be hopeful for future people. here are proud of their history of industry and they want to keep it alive. this hands, bosses are keen to link this regions past with what they hope to be it's future back in the industrial revolution. sunderland ports main export with energy in the form of coal and now with the manufacture here of electric batteries because they say that energy history continues. but this time is green, rory, talents out his era, sunderland. ah, your channels that meets the whole rom, the reminder of all told stories, doldrums company and it's finance chief of being prosecuted in new york for what's being described as sweeping and all day chas tax fraud. the trump organization and alan visor berg deny scheming to help top executives avoid paying taxes on their benefits. gabriel elizondo has moved from new york.


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