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after a year long delay japan hostem, and unlike any the world has seen before, my son bob way, showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today, despite growing tension with agency, damn. e, p o p, a reset for the next phase of filling it down on the blue nile. july on i just i dollar company and silence chief charles with fraud and tax crimes in new york. ah. the whole roman watching on because they were like my headquarters here and coming up in the next 30 minutes. president biden comforts families and 1st responders
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effected by the building collapse in florida and pledges more federal help. also, europe accused of vaccine in justice. the african union says it's not doing enough to ensure that code 19 shot equally accessible to all protest in a stumbling and turkey withdrawal from a convention designed to protect women from violence. ah, welcome to the program, the chief financial officer of donald trump's company has pleaded not guilty to tax crime challenges and advisable. burke has been charles with fraud and theft in new york following a 2 year investigation into the company. there are 15 counts against him, and the trump organization that are accused of illegally avoiding taxes on company perks, such as cars, apartments, and school tuition. trump himself has not been charged,
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but his defense lawyers call a case, a witch hunt. given the nature and the unprecedented nature of these charges that certainly that's the reason they were brought. okay. if the name of the company was something else, i don't think these charges would have been brought. in fact, i am fairly certain they would not have been brought if the name was a different name. gabriel has all the choice to sell a correspondence in new york, keeping on top of the story. and gabriel, pretty serious charges for the chief financial officer of trump's organization being what all the details that are emerging now about those charges and how damaging they really all yeah, there damaging charge is for the chief financial officers you just mentioned, but they're also damaging for the trump organization as a whole, quite frankly, this is the 25 page indictment. read it through several times at this point. and it's full of all sorts of allegations by the prosecutors against not
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only weisel berg, but the trump organization as a whole. and it's some of the details we're getting out of it during that allegations, from investigators that weisel berg was accepting a mercedes benz vehicle that was being paid for by the trump administration. that he was sending his grandchildren to private schools in new york that was paid for by the trump administration, or the trump organization. excuse me. all sorts of perks, even an apartment that way so berg was living in, it was apparently paid by the trump organization. as well, these are just some of the details that are in this indictment, all sorts of accusations, but the bottom line here and allegations is that it all comes down to fraud and avoiding paying taxes. and what's really interesting out of this is that why so burke is not just some minor player within the trump organization. he has worked
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for trump for over 40 years, and he was the chief financial officer. so he knows all of the books within the, within the organization. and not only that, but it also says, prosecutors say that he knew what he was doing was illegal according to the report . and that he was empowered to do this by other managers and senior executives, according to the indictment within the trump organization, who the senior executives, are there not releasing those names for bottom line here is will weisel berg, now cooperate with investigators or not? that's going be a big question going forward. indeed it is. and let's see for bradley mall, sir, who joins us now live from skype on skype for chicago. i can answer that question because he is a lawyer with the mock side law firm which represent the with the blue spot, the impeachment inquiry, and to present donald trump. mister moss could tell you this on the program. i mean,
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lots of legal speak really when it comes to taxes. i mean, i'd be quite complicated for any member of the old republic to understand how serious these charges are when it's a 15 count indictment, including grand larceny in the 2nd degree. and that could carry a maximum prison term of 15 years. the prosecutors are not joking around here all day. no, they're not. and they see these are very serious charges and values alleged not only gets mental why certainly their wife will work, but also against the trump organization. and kind of what you were, your corresponded with the dressing just before this, the detail that this indictment goes into outlining this knowing and deliberate in length. the scheme spanning over 15 years. keeping 2 different sets of ledgers of books to document what they were paying to mr. wineburgh in reality, in these compensation schemes, as opposed to what they were reporting to the tax authorities, whether it was federal, state, or local authorities, here in the states. this is like mob stuff, one
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a one in terms of how you try to engage in a scheme to defraud the government, the local government, the state government tax authorities. and this is why these kinds of charges could pose a serious problem not only missile white, mr. weinberg, but also the company itself will get, remember the charges do seem to center around alan bicycle back for the moment. so is it just his actions and behavior that are under the spotlight? because $11.00 does it, and it's quite a surprise really isn't it, that the authorities are gone for somebody who's right at the top of the organization lonely in these investigation. you just talk to the bottom and you sort of you, you shot the foundations to make those further up the chain a bit nervous about what's going on the other way around. well, the difference here was that there were 2 sources of information that came to the forty's that had sort of the goods they were themselves. senior players one was michael cohen, the former personal attorney to then president donald trump, who as we know,
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that's fine for congress and then produce all kinds of documentation to the justice department and to local state authorities in new york. but there was also the, the former wife, wife of our son, who is also turned over reams of documentation and turned mr. weinberg basically into the low hanging fruit. the easy one for the manhattan district attorney to pick off with these charges and the scheme, the outline makes it very clear that either on the law is a matter of just pure mary. mister westerburg is in a ton of trouble here. he's going to have all kinds of efforts to claim the politics, but his name doesn't end with trump and he isn't donald trump himself. so the idea that they were going to go after him to get the donald trump has been tried before another criminal cases. and has gone nowhere. this is a very serious threat, the trump organization, whether or not will go beyond this. nobody knows yet. well calls back says he's going to fight the charges. but now which one does how this, as you say, effects the trump organization because they in turn have to deal with other
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businesses that support their business. whether it be banks or whether it be vendors who support the hotels or, or golf clubs, or wherever that may be, the snowball effect could actually roll to be one that is quite big correctly. and the biggest problem, donald trump, in his company have right now is that they are heavily leverage. they have tons of loans, and no one trusts donald trump with loan to do more with the exception of a few places like deutscher bank. so if his existing lenders are calling in their loans and in other bent lenders and other banks refused to provide him loans going forward, his company is going to become cripple. now the years out he's survived bankruptcies before he's come back from the day before. it's certainly within his power to pull that off again. but if this goes further, the valid, wasteful berg at 73 years of age decides he's not going to go to jail for donald trump. and if he cooperates this frightful plea deal with the prosecutors. is the
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limits about our and less as to where this could go and not only taking down potentially the trump organization, but the trump family as well. seems like a real life reality drama is about to unfold in the courts in new york to bradley most in washington, dc. thank you. of course gabriel. that's on de la correspondent in new york. rescue workers are resuming the search was vive, in florida, a week after the champlain towers collapsed. now this come shortly after present, joe biden visited the site and met relatives of victims, the 1st responders he offered comfort and pledge more federal support. 145 people remained on accounted for, and at least 18 people are confirmed that john henderson has moved from south side . president biden visited the rescue workers and relatives of those lost in the crumbled concrete and twisted steel of the surf side condo collapse, offering help and hope. jim, i want to know that we're with them in the countries with our message today is that
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we're here for you as one nation. we believe that cert continuing searching is something that's very, very important. so we are, or the department of transportation engineers working. i know that that fire department and the county are, are getting the different options on how to handle this. but of course we're going to provide whatever resources they need to be able to allow the searches to continue. biden offered consolation to the families of victims ranging in age from $4.00 to $92.00, including the 1st 2 children found sisters whose parents also died in the collapse discovered on wednesday. biding, thank the 1st responders who cope with fires, rains, and frequent pauses in their work due to lightning storms. and he offered federal help. the same agency that investigated the 911 collapse of the world trade center is investigating this incident. but they say it could take 2 years to complete that
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investigation. those rescue workers frustrated after days of sifting through the debris, face trauma of their own. i bet it's probably searching for around 11 years. and this is in emotionally the most difficult thing i ever happens or i think a lot about including myself, a lot of our passports members, i work with are separated from these missing people by one or 2 degrees. as the president returned to washington tropical storm, elsa spun menacingly offshore, threatening the florida coast and potentially forcing rescuers to divert resources from the building collapse to storm response. i promise you, we know we know what you're doing here is incredible. having to deal with the uncertainty, worried about you know, the family. anyway,
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the workers had hoped to find signs of life beneath the rebel for the president's visit. with de 8 of the search went much like every day since last thursday, without a rescue, and time and hope running out for survivors. john hinder and al jazeera, surfside, florida, in africa . the 3rd wave of corona virus infections is extremely aggressive and is pushing the continent to a whole new threat level that's according to the world health organization. while richard vaccinated nations reopen the economies, african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with oxygen supplies running low. the highly contagious delta variance is partially the driver. the head of the african centers for disease control and prevention has carried 19 deaths of increased 23 percent. in the past week, he says 1600000000 vaccines are needed to meet the minimum target,
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a fully vaccinating 60 percent of the continent kovacs promise to deliver at 700000000 doses to africa by december. but over all the confidence has received just 65000000 to date. and the man in charge of securing doses for the continent has blasted europe saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the millions that it promised. victoria gate be has more marie, a 57 year old mother of 5 has come to this clinic and can chester to get her 2nd job of the astrazeneca, the vaccine. the democratic republic of congo is suffering from a 3rd surge of corona, virus infections. as many other parts of africa. and to me, this is good for us to protect ourselves if you're experiencing the 3rd wave of curve at 19. it's important we received this vaccine because in doing so, we'll also save that. she's one of the lucky ones. only one percent of people across the continent have been inoculated while rich vaccinated countries are reopening their economies. african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen
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supplies of running low, and the virus is spreading to rural areas. the managed charge of securing duties for the continent has criticized europe, saying its fail to deliver a single vaccine from the 1000000 zip promised not a single dose, not one buyer has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers, they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of your 5 point. 5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents. 1.3000000000 people. callbacks promise to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. but so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. rich come to like the u. k. like the g 7 just are putting the profit pharmaceutical companies above public health,
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but not by not pushing companies to share the knology so that others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccines. so we are on the, you know, the mercy of the company. the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says there's been a 23 percent increase in the number of covert related tests in the past week and warns unless the continent can secure a regular supply vaccines. the consequences will be catastrophic. victoria gates and b al jazeera well still had hail. now just a royal family. viewed as a side, as prince re brothers re unite to remember that late mother ah ah
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has been flooding rain from utah across the plains fakes to the midwest. the last couple of weeks is moving south now, and the bigger story of heat is still witnessed. witnesses extreme, if you remember this specific northwest, particularly washington oregon, where temperatures were breaking records and that's particularly more so in british columbia, western canada, where lytton hit 49.6. now you see the forecast the heaters moved eastwards systems extreme and thunderstorms are taking place in drop temperatures. but that's a forecast the saturday for the next 24 hours is still the problem. far as it broke carriage cover, heat, and lytton was completely surrounded by 5. so this hopefully will help at least in dumpling, down. now the picture in winnipeg whether he's going his temperatures will rise, the record is $42.00, so don't expect that to be beaten. but the average 26. so again, this is rather poor by day and by night is too warm. it's dangerously hot in fact.
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and he's the move to the right dancer, the u. s. stays down towards the golf, stay, leaving dry behind, which must be a relief for many or i have to say. and that just keeps going south during saturday, leaving dry behind the temperature still high. those, you know, i've been winnepeg the weather bag, me energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah
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the book about kill watching over there with me the whole rom, the reminder, vault up new stories. the chief financial officer of the former us president donald trump company has pleaded not guilty to tax crime challenges. wonderful. burke has been charged following a tier investigation in the company. the new rescue workers resuming the search for survivors in florida. we come to the plains, how has collapsed earlier as the biden visited the site and met relatives of victims under budget, decrease 145 people remain on the county board. we think team people confirmed that the man in charge of securing courage, virus vaccine for africa and blasted europe. the failure to deliver
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a single promise don't leave. marcia says less than one percent of the continent has been fully vaccinated. infections overwhelming to disease capital is being placed under a partial lockdown of to sing of rise in cases. the new measures include the battle social gatherings and or dining and sporting events for 2 weeks. many to these hospitals awful to capacity with medics unable to cope with the pandemic. and turkey has formerly pulled out of an international treaty aimed at preventing domestic abuse and violence against women. the court appealed to stop. the withdrawal from the stumble convention was rejected last week, found the protesting against the decision present with a type one says the convention undermine family values. turkey has seen a surge in violence against women in recent years. while the one says women will be protected regardless of what the turkey is, a member of the convention. there was
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a lot of you do own just in that some circles are trying to portray our withdrawal from the stumble convention as a step backwards in our battle with violence against women. our battle did not start with a symbol convention and will not end with our withdrawal from the treaty. didn't consider has more from stumble. i was over there, right? seen government run the country for almost 20 years. and 10 years after the ratified expansion at the parliament, they're trying to take it away from us now, based on empty argument, it's all about politics. so this is the will convention as a means for us to pay my own lives. it's an assurance for everyone subjected to violence, not only for women, that's why it should remain. i say that they want to be said they want to feel safe . and this is what is interesting is winston was
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actually promoted. and we'll hear this by the rule. far, almost 20 years, there's a party line for which roll. many people about the little wouldn't go as far as moving rounds. they are more of the segments that are hot. so they will not be people say that's why their attention. that's why they don't believe that this is why they feel that they just apply rubies to deliver much needed food to eat in water onto gray region has been destroyed. is not clay. who destroyed the bridge over the tech has the river, but relief work and say, it's a major setback. for 2000000 people have been displaced and fighting, broke out last november. about half of them are in desperate need of food.
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meanwhile, the government, which this week declared a unilateral cease fire, wants to grant armed groups to lay down the arms, the dry people's liberation front coals, the cease fire. a joke is his physician of was still it you, you need the sensation of facilities was taken naturally from our side. however, to implement this by a fully, it nice to, to tangle the other side has to react properly for this to work. the other side and the un security council plans to convene a meeting on the growing tensions between egypt, sudan, and the se opens over the ground. renee seldom official say that encourage all sides to resume negotiations but made no promises are diplomatic as a james base. and this update from the un diplomacy led by the african union, has gone nowhere. tension between the 3 countries is growing, and ethiopia is due to start filling the dam for a 2nd time in the coming weeks. the un security council is now going to get involved bought the president of the council for july france. the french ambassador
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says that there's a limit to what they can do. i'm not sure this agree to conceal as the technical expertise, to the size of many cubic meters of water should go to a jeep to the sudan and, and when and haul it into our. so i think it's really beyond the security concealer mandate capacity. so what we could do is you knows, certainly open the door, invite the 3 countries at the table, explain them expressing their concerns with the i'm not sure the secret concealed can the do me records on the, on this one. it's expected that some ministers will be in new york to attend this meeting, which is due to take place in the next week. south africa is urging yes, what teeny security forces to show restraint. following reports of violent crack done against pro democracy protest as it comes as telephone and internet lines have
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been caught in the tiny southern african nation. on wednesday, soldiers clashed with protest as had been writing, killing several people, as 14, if only 9, as far as the land is africa's last absolute monarchy. the king has reigned for more than 30 years pro democracy campaigners the to him of repression and demanding immediate change. a 3 week protest by indigenous people in brazil has ended in frustration. the supreme court postponed a ruling determining their rights to claim on several lands, but indigenous leaders say the battle has just begun. will it be going to give us more for the past 2 weeks, hundreds of indigenous protesters have been camping in the heart of the capital brazilians. they've come from all over brazil. even the most remote villages of the amazon plan was tonight more than 40 indigenous peoples and to stop
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congress from approving a controversial bill back by the powerful farm lobby and president vailable. so now to himself, these on the ball. so now to solve the, i'll put there. no, but as you all scenario has said, he will not set aside a single centimeter of indigenous reservations. since is no gratian. several attempts have been made to limit our rights to claim our territories. among them, a bill barring recognition event, sister lands, which were not occupied by 1988 when brazil's democratic constitution was approved . indigenous leaders say that fixing a cut off date violates their constitutional rights. the bill doesn't take into account that many were violent weeks bell from their lands before 988 to last month. but if we fought for our rights when the constitution was being drafted, we will fight against those who want to override our constitutional right. it's
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near the protesters. we're hoping the supreme court would rule that the bill violates the constitution. the decision was expected this week, but at the last minute it was postponed until august, leaving many here frustrated. but in defeat it, these indigenous protesters already packing their bags to leave resilient, but they said this is not their last supper. they will return in august to fight for their right monica, and i'll just 0 brazil. you know, the right princess diana has been all those all. what would have been her 60th birthday? her sons, princess william and harry joined other members of the family to unveil a new statue outside kensington palace and his poor bread and report. the ceremony was watched by roll observe as the signs of the old thing rift between the 2 brothers. between them, they have previously unveiled hundreds of plaques and statues,
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but none especial or close to their own heart of this one. the sunken garden kensington palace residents wanna prentice on as favorite places commemorating her . here has been a long standing ambition of princess william and harry. this was an intimate events with no formal speeches in a joint statement. later on, social media, the brothers wrote today on what would have been our mother 60th birthday. we remember her love strength and character qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better in rank broadly. if the sculptor who brought the princess concept to reality, i think uppermost in my mind was in fact to actually do something for the princess . i mean version a for all that the princess was very public figure. and in many respects like home. she was somebody's mother say that i paid the greatest heat, the base princes and what they had to say. the statue is simple and figurative. the princess depicted with 3 children, diana's hands rest on the shoulders of the 2 youngsters on the side of her,
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as if to protect over sure. the diana factor is not actually visible from these public areas of tenzing things, gardens. the sunken garden itself will only be open to paying visitors. the 2 princes says to be very keen to control access to the statue of a late mother. that remains a reflective memorial rather than a mortal in shrine. many a quarter of a century since a permit your death in paris. donna remains iconic. figure around the world, and her death had a profound impact on the lives and personalities of her 2 sons. william is destined to be king, while harry has renounced his world titles and moved to california. the brothers are said to have spoken to each other in the past 2 years, relation strained after harry's wedding to his american wife, megan, and south. even further. after the couples interview with oprah winfrey accusing members of the royal family of racism, ignoring the request for support, but here there was no visible sign of unease. that doesn't necessarily mean harry is going to return to the full short time. there will be no reconciliation. i think
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we just have to face that and realize that he is going off or i'll likely do who wins a did nearly a 100 years ago and will live in exile for a very long time, i think. but like many family disputes, they often prompts a truce. and on the day that would have been diana 60th birthday. it certainly seemed that way for the prince's whole brennan al jazeera kensington palace. now, the usaa 17 countries are not doing enough to combat human trafficking and is warning of potential sanctions. the state department's annual report on human trafficking outlines those, it considers the worst offenders known as the tier 3 category. and it's also accused turkey and nato ally of providing support to om groups in syria and libya that use child soldiers. often jordan has more from washington dc. there are usually waivers given to countries, which are washington considers vital to with national security entrance,
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even though they may have an otherwise awful record on dealing with these matters. the turkish situation says that the coverage has provided and provided support to groups that use child soldiers, not just in syria, but also in libya. but given that turkey is a member of nato, it is possible although not yet confirmed that washington my provided a waiver on national security grounds in order to continue that military to military relationship. however, those waivers typically come with a lot of conditions, expecting countries that can make improvements to make improvements in their security situation. by way of comparison, afghanistan is on a tier 3 list, but it does have a waiver because the u. s. considers that important to continue that national security relationship. ah
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what goes there means the whole roman reminder of all top news stories. donald trump come.


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