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or one of the top story era, amount in charge of securing current of iris vaccines for africa as blasted europe failing to deliver a single promise dose. treating us as less than one percent of the continent has been vaccinated. and a 3rd serge of infections is overwhelming. hospitals, bangladesh isn't a week long locked down to try to stop a surge of 19 cases. we know thailand's prime minister has reopened the whole day to catch, to vaccinated tourists in effort to boost the tourism industry. and the chief financial officer, former us president donald trump company, if he did not guilty to tax crime challenges, watch the book has been released without fail, not being charged with fraud and grand last name. telephone and internet lines have been cut in 14 days after the violent mass protest against the monarchy. the government in the tiny southern african nation has also asked the army to restore order. 14, formerly called the land is africa loc,
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absolute monarchy. the king has reign for more than 30 years. pro democracy campaign is accused him of repression and demanding immediate change. on wednesday, soldiers clashed with protest as you've been writing, killing several people. 10 people have been killed in the latest attack in the town of benny in eastern democratic republic of congo. police and the military have blamed the allied democratic forces and taurus on group for their sold angry residence and protested against the government, demanding a security forces. do more to protect people. last weekend there were 3 bomb attacks in the town. the roman catholic church in the d r. c says the adf is responsible for at least $6000.00 death since 2013. a major supplier route used to deliver much needed food to e. c. o p as water and try region has been destroyed, is not who damage the bridge over the case a river. but really for us, it's a major setback. some 2000000 people have been displaced since the government
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forces began operations in t cry last month. last november, the u. s. s. around half of them face famine conditions. meanwhile, the government, which declared a unilateral cease fire on monday, is calling on to grow and forces to lay down their arms to cry people's liberation front, which now controls the regions capital course receives a joke. if he's position of was to meet you, you need the sufficient facilities, those take into the natural from our side. however, to implement this by a fully, it needs to tangle, the other side has to react properly for this to work the other side. and that's what more about efforts to get aiden to to cry with patrick yusef, a regional director of the international committee of the red cross, he joined us from geneva. thanks very much for being with us. tell us a bit more about the impact that that bridge has been destroyed as having on, on operations that a deliberate 1st of all our team that mckelly and sheree are clearly facing
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numerous challenges. we have to temporary limits our movements outside urban areas in the past few days to reassess the general situation. the security situation, the communication networks her down and it's difficult to obtain a complete picture of the situation in brewer areas. difficult access remains a major problem in, in the area, and i'm not here only referring to humanitarian axis, but rather supply chains have been destructed and it may soon be have a serious impact on the availability of food, water, and essential goods. and if there been any improvement at all when access after the cease fire or not, while the access challenges remain, as they, as they were, as we speak, the situation is rapidly evolving. and our main concern is to be able to reach people in need. we know that people in rural areas are faced with limited access to food, water, and health services. now,
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one of the major concerns we have is power cuts us. we don't have to run on generators to provide health care and the water supplies. for example, in the city of mckelly depend largely on electricity. so we may face serious water shortages in the very short term. tell us about the, what your teams have been seeing on the, on the ground. i mean, aside from some of those difficulties, are they able to, to assess what the areas of biggest needle oh absolutely, the team's mikaela and she will continue that work i think was extremely difficult is to get accurate data. and this in this current environment we know is that the food security and nutrition is a major issue today. as we all know, who supplied our wind link and we fear that unless urgent measures are taken, the situation will certainly worth sim. when we speak about preventing mung attrition, access to health is best crucial as access to food. and we know that a number of health centers have been non operational so we are doing our best to
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restore the vital services alongside the kimber cross. for example, helping farmers get seeds and fertilizers so that they can plan their crops and greed by themselves. patrick usa, thank you very much indeed for joining us with or thoughts down the stretch and integrate. thank you so much. are thousands of women there been protesting in turkey after the government pulled out of an international treaty on preventing violence against women? president rich of ty, at once as the convention which was signed in his time to encourage his divorce. but activists have warned that agenda base violence in turkey is on the rise. one wandering group says on average, one woman is killed every day. and one who denies that putting out in danger. then we go to, you do own just in that some circles are trying to portray our withdrawal from the stumble convention as a step backwards in our battle with violence against women. our battle did not start with the symbol convention and will not end with our withdrawal from the
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treaty. but the women protesting fer, it will mean impunity for any one who attacks them. as much as i am, show women are exposed to violent rate for a while, but in the end, they know that those will be punished. how much will it be baterri? i'm the state rule, but i cannot say that there's nobody to be secretary and this is really or isn't she? this is actually guaranteed that the assailants will go on punished because turkey withdrawn from the treaty. and i never believe that the state will protect me. ah, never again will china be bullied by others fighting, talk from the chinese president as a rudy and communist party celebrate sits and teen re she's paying speech to the nation. laid out a vision of a formidable future without any mention of past failures. katrina you'd report from
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beijing. 2 india, early hours of the morning, 70000 people gathered in beating him square to mark the 100 anniversary of chinese communist party. choir sang revolutionary ballads, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead. it was a well choreographed display of nationalism and power performed with precision. president, she didn't ping addressed the crowds, saying the party had transformed china from a backward we country into a strong water one. the fishing that we have brought about. he stories at resolution to the problem of poverty in china. and we are now marching in confidence, tries to was a 2nd country go a building china into a great modern social country. in all respects, my dressed includes for a municipal party, found a mount, don't you? she said the party had kept its promise of lifting hundreds of millions out of
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poverty and continue to achieve the chinese people. it is aim that winning, not just respect for the party, admiration for the body, but also an emotional connection between the, you know, she and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from barbara depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level and of course it's a show for the actual food for friends and adversaries abroad president she had this warning floors wanting to undermine the parties rule. going to me, the chinese people never allow any for and for a press on slavery for anyone who dares to do that will be on the collision course against the great was still a full by over 1400000000 chinese people. the leader also praised the party in order to comb something achieved to cracking down on the characters democracy movement vowed to reunite taiwan with china. beijing considers the sell food island,
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a renegade chinese province, full time pay responded by saying its determination to defend its sovereignty and democracy was unchanged. not mentioned during the celebrations were the historic phases of the party, the violence and destruction of the cultural revolution in the 1900 sixties and seventies for the brutal crackdown of 1989 gentlemen square protests. it's incarceration of an estimated 1000000 ethnic muslim week is the so called the education camps has also been condemned by government and rights groups abroad. but they're not openly talked about. it's very not to research them. so the party wants to highlights not the law lives, try to find praised and coming outside. it's a different story. this ration comes at a time when international criticism for the policies and abroad. and all staging is response to that criticism on thursday with loud and clear. it simply
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isn't listening. katrina you all to 0 painting. hong kong had its own divisive anniversary on thursday walking the day, the church she was returned to chinese rule. police were deployed to prevent protests as adrian brown reports, in the heart of hong kong. a busy street has been sealed up by police and the reason, but that is it. traditionally, this is the place where the annual july, the 1st march begins, and we are rallies, rule, so held with for the 2nd year running. police have denied permission for that to happen fighting cobit 19 and warning that anyone taking part in a protest that is not authorized risk violating the new national security law. the police have been stopping people wearing black and checking their ideas. meanwhile, on the other side of town, john lee, who is the security secretary, i'm currently standing in the carry land. the chief executive gave
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a speech to an audience with a ceremony on thursday morning saying the national security law had brought stability back to hong kong. after a long period of cables, young highway worked out before we safe got the national security citizens can still enjoy freedom. such a freedom of speech, press assembly and protest in accordance with the law on what around? 10000 police are on duty here at the moment. and earlier in the day, the police broke up a full man protest. this group was calling for the release of all political prisoners. they were questioned. they were briefly detained, but they were not arrested. they were allowed to continue with their march, and the authorities say that is prove that freedoms in hong kong remain intact. and japanese call make a nissan is on the major plans to scale up its electric car manufacturing at its factory in the united kingdom. it's very good news for the british government after
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worries at one stage that nissan might pull out of the country when it left the european union from nissan factory and sunderland. in england's northeast or a challenge report like any marriage of 30 years miss, i'm hands the united kingdom, have had their ups and downs reply near the duplication. hearing the agonies of breakfast, the japanese comic doubted its commitment to the u. k. i'm so happy to be here today in sunderland, but this is passion rekindled, re taking a vows for stricter. we see the sentiment in the country. it's not me in the people which is giving us confidence to move forward. and i think this is what we are. they want 30 by announcing nissan. today, the headlines are certainly good. $1400000000.00 investment, a new battery factory together with partner. envision e s. c to power $100000.00 nissan, electric vehicles
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a year. the next generation electric car to be made in sometimes it takes 2 of the government's favorite boxes, leveling out post industrial regions where the green economy hands proving that breaks it. ne say is wrong so far. is johnson scheduled a quick trip? no. this is something that is a benefit to the case economy. the sand is going to be taking about $900.00 jobs alone in the factory for the $750000.00 potentially in the, in the supply chain. what it also is helping to lengthen the lead of this country in, in, in greenland carbon technology. i asked the chief executive of sunderland council if he thought this vindicated bricks. it, i'm not going see anything vindicates or not in the us, but not, not my position. what this should demonstrate that sunderland is a place that can rise to the challenge and the opportunities that are presented by
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practice it and vicious city that we work with. our partners in the business sector to grow and enable our city to flourish. his city voted for me to leave the european union back in 2016 and in the center. that's relief that they've dodge for many thought was a real danger as it was fractured a lot of people said it would be bought for nissan parts the economy, which it would be devastating the economy nissan did pull out, worked out the time and we would call them that was never going on. and this is just reinforced that a lot of people thought and obviously it's for the, for the economy, not your son for the northeast or it's hope it's all these remade. is it showing to them that like after breakfast, it showing that if somebody like miss on is prepared to invest in our area, they must be hopeful for future people. here are proud of the history of industry and they want to keep it alive. this hands, bosses are keen to link this regions past with what they hope to be it's future back in the industrial revolution. sunderland ports main export with energy in the
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form of coal. and now with the manufacture here of electric batteries for cars, they say that energy history continues, but this time is green. re challenge to 0 sunderland. to fil, ahead, this new a royal family feud is set aside as prince william and harry re unite to remember them other day he's named as a competitor to the touch. your new address marches on at wimbledon, coming up a
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ah ah ah me ah ah ah
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jim with his foot. thank you laura. now there's not much that never talk of it. roger federer, i haven't one in tennis, but on the limpid gold in the singles is one meadow which has so far looted them. that could change into later this month with both due to compete at the games. but before that they have a wimbledon and federal is into the 3rd round after strike. that's when it's rachelle gas k, the 8 time champion and took the 1st set on the tie break. and then when i get off the that when the next 6164 federal will play person's camera nori next. i me except the crowds might not be reaching him. so that won't bother him. the other day you gotta focus on your game. if the crowd gets into it, it's good, even if it's maybe for him, you know, let's see what happens. because the worst is, if there's, you know, a lot of people sitting there, but there's no noise. but and then of course, you always have a guaranteed good atmosphere regardless if they are for against you. austria,
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no carry off is one time. he's definitely feeding off the wimbledon crowd. it sounds like he enjoyed interacting with funds during his 2nd. my, when it's lisa john new, come aga, yet i know it's a bit of a, it's a bit of a shy and you know that they're just, they just one that is on the time at the end, the day lot problems gave me asking the normal questions about talking, what's like, it's just like it's a bit of a just it's been, it's been odd luck it's, it's crazy. other luck. i've got people in the front row like literally coaching me like literally telling me not right. like good ball return a work next time like good debts and i'm like, what is going on out here, which is like it's good like obviously the, the fan basis is awesome. ready 3 weeks until they pick staff and somehow government has withdrawn its weight lifting team to stop them, bringing cobra, 1900 back home. but some i was 8 of a lengthy and they're all based abroad. they will still be able to participate out the games. everything competitors are beginning to arrive in, take you around. a 100 flew in on thursday from various countries,
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including germany, all overseas athletes need to take to cope with 1910 in the 4 days before departure, and another test upon arrival. no foreign funds are allowed in japan's prime minister, says holding in and picks with no domestic spectators is still an option. one of the athletes competing will be skateboard at sky brown. she's been named in great britain team at just 12 years old, which makes her the youngest ever british olympian. she'll turn 13 the week before the games begin. the brown was full in japan and it's currently rank. but in the world, skateboarding is making it picked ab, along with stuffing and climbing gold or anything will be cool. i mean the thing to fix that is awesome. just so fun, right. but yeah, get him. that'll be really cool. i was boundary there. i want to be the little one in there for going the highest and doing chicks that are doing one athlete and
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ominous form. i had the games of noise at constant vol. home. the see so well champion break a 29 year old world record in the 400 meters hurdle. that was the longest standing record in men's track. be close to 46.70 seconds, and as diamond leak meeting in front of his home crowd in old way, the previous best reset by american kevin young at the 992 boss later and picks. that was 4 years before the home was born. several top football teams will be interested to know that lena messy is now available to sign for any club anywhere in the world for free. the option time contract with boss lane are expired on thursday. it means the likes of manchester city. i'm p s. you can now pick him up on a free transfer. however, the 34 wrote is expected to stay at the catholic club. messy, and then he left off lena before the started last season when he initially requested a transfer, yet quite a few things holding up for it. as you can imagine, message last contract over 4 years was, was worth over 500000000 years old and intern bonuses and stuff. so this one is not
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gonna be that much, but there's a lot of money involved, a lot of contracts to be reviewed. a lot of law to look over the thing. the main problem is obviously path blended financial position will not allow them to offer a contract or just looking at different ways around around that. whether it's by offering him a sort of a longer term deal with them. pay impacts even the on the playing day or. busy different scenarios like that weighs payers and then when you talk to them agent to make the soccer in the, in the future, the different things that are trying to explore or break down. 8 there's going to be a meeting tomorrow, friday between joe and the port to the boss left and the president. and have you pay back to that illegal president? because in spain, as a loose salary, capital the clubs have to adhere to based on, based on revenue and muslims has been absolutely slashed, almost 200000000 as the come off wage. so it's due to the due to the pandemic, and i'm last is due to that they fit in in a new contract for matthew, complicate the president of the league. it's been very clear to the boss account, make the numbers work if that if they're spending,
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they won't be able to register. matthew need matthews new deals. so there are lots of, lots of legal things, lots of squaring of numbers to do and lots of creativity to do. busy to ensure that medical scientists new deal. busy can, can stay at boss alona, back to wimbledon, and full faith alexander's various east into the 3rd round. he beats american tennis thumb, granite 756263. the german only face one bright points in the match and how it will wrapped up in one hour, 45 minutes to drop in the tournament. a shock in the women's row with number 3 seed, alina bits. anita knox out in the sack around by weld number 44 magdalen victory and he was a semi finest. wouldn't in 2019 losing and straight for the polish opponents. isn't that the 1st victory? april 15, play and a completed match. despite subbing 9 double votes in her 2nd round match the top seat actually boncey book place in the last 30 to feel straight and beat rushes and brings about 646345. 64. have 2 minutes in your next
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formula, one well champion lose how much that admits his mercedes team have fallen behind the main championship. rival red ball racing. they find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of trading in both the dr. i'm construct soundings by a significant margin. yeah, i mean they've done a great job in his last 4 races. it's been really difficult for us from from monaco, which was a bit of a disaster and then same back to better france and better last weekend. however, they have taken a step ahead of us and so we were just working as hard as we can to to see if there's a way we can close that gap. phoenix on. so given a hair as welcome, as they returned home to arizona after beating the family's cliff, his 3 steph? first, n b, a finals for 28. yes. ah, yes. under that,
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so i did find out to celebrate with the theme you hold on to parade, to show of the western conference. tracy, 36 year old veteran and chris who was the star of the show again, his former team as he inspired the sons 131 i 3 went in game 6, a wrap up the series for face either the atlanta hawks or bucks in the best of 7, final and h l 5. module canadians expect to have that coach back for games 3 of the stanley cup final. on friday, after he spent 2 weeks in quarantine, falling a positive covey test. and it could prove to be to be they need to get back in the series against defending champions at times. a lightning lightning lead the canadians to nothing of the game to come and be thing of us at the end of the 2nd period of time for they delayed as they went on to take it to re one lightning, then it winds away from lifting the trophy for the 2nd and a right. that is all your support from me, jim, and thanks very much indeed. now here in the u. k, the suns as
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a late princess diana put aside the differences to unveil a new statue. their mother would on what would have been the 60th birthday, the memorial was at joint commission by princes william and harry and stands in the grounds of her former home kensington palace in london. the ceremony was also keenly watched my royal observers for signs of the rift between the 2 brothers full brennan reports between them. they have previously unveiled hundreds of plaques and statues, but none especial, or as close to their own heart as this one. the sunken garden kensington palace residence is going to princess diana's favorite places. and commemorating her here has been a long standing ambition of princess william and harry. this was an intimate event with no formal speeches in a joint statement later on social media, the brothers wrote today on what would have been our mother's 60th birthday. we remember her love strength and character qualities that made her a force for good around the world,
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changing countless lives for the better in rank broadly. if the sculptor who brought the princess concept to reality, i think up most in my mind was in fact to actually do something for the princess. i mean version a for all the princess was very public figure. and in many respects, an icon that she was somebody's mother say that i pay the greatest heat to buy princes and what they had to say. the statue is simple and figurative. the princess depicted with 3 children, diana's hands rest on the shoulders of the 2 youngsters. either side of her as if to protect over sure. the diana fat too is not actually visible from these public areas of tenzing things. gardens. the sunken garden itself will only be open to paying visitors. the 2 princess said to be very keen to control access to the statue of late mother, remains a reflective memorial rather than a mortal and tried many a quarter of a century since a premise your death in paris. donna remains iconic. figure around the world and
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her death had a profound impact on the lives and personalities of her 2 sons. william is destined to be king, while harry has renounced his titles and moved to california. the brothers said to be spoken to each other in the past 2 years, relation strained after harris weddings, his american wife megan and south even further. after the couples interview with oprah winfrey accusing members of the royal family of racism, ignoring the request for support, but here there was no visit sign of unease. that doesn't necessarily mean harry is going to return to the full short term. there will be no reconciliation. i think we just have to face that and realize that he is going off or i'll likely do wins a did nearly a 100 years ago and will live in exile for a very long time, i think. but like many family disputes a birthday often prompts a truce. and on the day that would have been diana 60th birthday. it certainly seemed that way for the princess full brennan al jazeera kensington palace. quick
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reminder ignores catch up anytime with our website. the address for that is out here dot com. and that's it for me. from now, but i'll be back in a moment with another 4 run up. today's news thanks very much watching. ah, in i lose energy to every part of our universe. more small to continue the change all
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around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. i am sorry, should be about raising prices, and this is hardly down to the town down there. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in prime, in that designate who has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks the level of intimidation over the media over the last couple of days has been the most journalists have been beaten with detailed coverage. the ongoing covered 19 health emergency means the border remains, quote, disrupting the traditional us asylum profit from around the world. miami dade county officials will be inspecting it and other older high rise buildings,
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hoping to avoid another catastrophe on this sinking sand of miami beach. me if you want to help save the world, needs into your own. ah, i me here if under 5 or failing to deliver that change that promised to africa, which is in the grip of a 3rd wave of covert cases. ah, i'm not tennis down here. a lie from london also coming up. i know they're locked down for
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a week while thailand opens up the cat to foreign tourists. despite the surging infections. a trump organizations long time finance chiefs to read.


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