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know how to get some places that others cannot. i will just throw fear guy by the put he's on purpose. i'm going, i'm the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. me this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm norton taylor. this is down there and use our live from london coming up europe under fire failing to deliver vaccines promise to africa, which is in the grid of a 3rd wave of cobra cases, bangladesh locks down for a week while thailand opens up the on an edge to foreign tourists, despite surging infections,
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a trump organization long time finance chief surrendered to new york, prosecutors and pleads not guilty to tax crime charges. and president biden meets rescuers in florida and spend 3 hours with the families of those still missing. after the collapse of an apartment block, i'm devin actually bought novak junk rich and roger federer named competitors at the tokyo lympics. but as winwood and to finish off 1st and better as book to place in the 3rd round, i became a shock and awe was dramatic. vaccine divide has left africa struggling to cope with a crushing 3rd wave of current of ours infections. while richard vaccinated nations reopen their economies, african hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. oxygen supplies are running low, and the virus is spreading to rural areas. only one percent of people across africa had been vaccinated. amount in charge of securing doses for the continent has
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blasted europe saying it's failed to deliver a single vaccine from the millions it promised. not a single dose, not one buyer has left a european factory for africa. ok when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers, they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of europe. we are referred to india. ok, where a number of manufacturers exist that are manufacturing vaccines like the aster than a come back seen under license because your customers are, you know, you can't say you support us. they have vaccinated, so many of their own people that they can now watch football without mosques. the 3rd surgery of corona virus infections that gripping africa has been described as
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extremely aggressive. 5.5000000 infections have been confirmed among the continents 1300000000 people. the head of the africa centers for disease control, and prevention warns as being a 23 percent increase in the number of cobit related deaths. in the past week. he says 1600000000 vaccine doses and needed to meet the goal of fully vaccinating 60 percent of the continents population. kovacs promised to deliver 700000000 doses to africa by december. the african union special ed boy. so, so far, just 65000000 have actually arrived. i mean, did reese in the jury and capital a boucher has more on the a you and boys reaction he was angry that when they, what, when they traveled to europe to seek for these vaccines even from their own, from the pockets of african government to address the crisis at home european factories referred them to india, and now some european countries i've been questioning the if,
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because of the vaccines the same as transactions. i suppose, any collections being produced in europe that are now being produced in india that currently using africa. so they said that he said that a big warry, and that he was, we were saying that by december, the african continent was told that they will be no vaccines arriving. the countries or the governments of the, of countries in the car on the continent would have made previous necessary arrangements to supply or get boxes for their population. but these, i said was wrong on the part of coverage. because that lured many african governments into a self full sense of security. thinking that fractions or doses of anti covered vaccines will come by december. and no, no dogs was able to reach the continent in the last 6 months. now africa currently
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is in the 3rd wave of its, of covered 19 and death rates here have spiked by 23 percent in the past week low. and so there is concern yet that things could get worse before the african continent. get a grip on the situation. currently. now by skype is not can ion a senior policy advisor for the people's vaccine condition? thanks very much for being with us. why do you think there is such a big gap between vaccines pledged and vaccines delivered? well, that's the biggest problem that callback some of the didn't really look at something when you from last year, which is that isn't adequate. the number of doses in the world to vaccinate the whole world. that isn't the production is not enough for everybody in simple facts and, and what's available has been ordered by a rich countries basically. so there's nothing less. so yes,
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when price goes to companies. so off quarterback things they say, well, we were told that the book and when we say that, that it shouldn't be like that they should be, you know, the whole world should maximize all production by sharing technology. no rates come to like the u. k. like the g 7 just are putting the, the profit pharmaceutical companies above public health, but not by not pushing company to share the knology so that others in, in developing countries come produce the vaccine. so we have the most pharmaceutical companies that have, has been announced meant to from my see whether there will be the 1st shipments. johnson and johnson and 5 vaccines with us support arriving next week. but is not clear at this stage, how many doses that would be in that do you think things will start to speed up things to happen not to speed up. to be honest, i'm glad that i'm not in the house of any of the african countries because they
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can't plan. they can't say ok next week we would save that amount of etc. and from this but they can are back same. and therefore, we should have bad people that they can do that they just haven't got a clue when they were you ever received seen how many they will receive and what type of mclean they just don't know. and it's all, it's all kind of ad hogan. what about the infrastructure? i mean to deliver vaccinations. how well established is that in, in african countries when the doses do get there? because we've seen some countries even kind of rich countries like australia, for example, where they, they struggle to get a delivery program for not running well. and then it is difficult in africa, but the countries have been preparing the w. jodi general over have been helping the africans they did. they have been big had been helping and you know, most of the countries already received the vaccine and the majority of the
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infractions in the majority of countries, african countries happen in the capital. and in big cities, so it is possible to see them in the cup and deliver even vaccines that require special temperature to, to, to keep them that's still possible. so there is no excuse we can throw it on the african that you're not already as not through. you can throw that on there and say, well, the front seat hesitancy is not vaccine. his attendance, there is no luck. the simple fact that is no vaccine for africa locker can you only thank you very much indeed for 200. thank felicia uganda hunting for a man who posed as a doctor to sell and administer fake korean ross vaccines to hundreds of people to nurses who were working with him have already been arrested. health official says
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the man persuaded several companies to pay for their employees to be vaccinated. charging between $28.00 to $56.00 per shot. doctor suspect he was in judge injected people with water, the delta, very into fuel. the surgeon infections and uganda, which is recorded on a 1000 deaths travel through europe, has just become easier for people who have been vaccinated against coven. 19 the european union has introduced its digital cobit pass with hopes that will help revive the continent the economy. but it coincides with the rise in cases of the delta variant after 10 weeks of declining infection and talked about the reports from paris. at paris is the only airport airline staff can travelers, documents, european union citizens must now shown you co certificate to travel on paper or in digital form. it shows if a person is vaccinated or has a recent negative p. c, all member states can adjust the entry rules according to the health situation in
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that country, bought the cobit stiff. good will be standardized throughout the block ticket. it's more paperwork, but we've been vaccinated. we have a p c r test. it's all good. i think it's a necessary measure of it isn't over yet, and we must avoid at all costs the risk of people of any age getting sick and we got the you wants to make it easier for people to cross its borders. after more than a year of coffee restrictions, paris is usually one of the world most visited cities, bought the pandemic as men, 13 view, a tourist they have for the cove. it's a good will encourage people to travel again. and i hope i can make recovery from like most european countries has lifted many restrictions confuse, of ended, and people no longer need to wear masks out doors. but the french government says there's a growing concern over the spread to the highly contagious delta variant. going on the top, the delta variant is progressing. it is even progressing very quickly. it represented
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about 10 percent of contamination last week, but he's doubled in less than a week. and so medical experts say the delta various could account for 90 percent of cases in europe by august. portuguese officials recently impose the we can lockdown in lisbon after a spiking cases, your official se countries must act if the health situation in their country deteriorates them. it is not over yet. this has been made very clear by di and merchants of new volumes of the virus. this is why we are proposing an emergency break, which allows member stairs to reintroduce measures. it's a fine balance for the e. u if it works to minimize health risks while trying to reinvigorate economies and allow people from freedom. but often more than a year of living with the unpredictability of the pandemic. the key, the european officials, is that people remain vigilant. natasha butler. i'll just there are paris industry
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and state of new south wales is experiencing a significant rise in coven 19 cases. its largest city sydney is in the middle of a 2 week lockdown to cover the spread of the delta vary intersections, state officials. so many people with flu like symptoms are ignoring locked down orders, raising the possibility of new outbreaks. the 1st international travelers for more than a year have touched down on the ty, hold the island to catches part of efforts to reboot its tourism industry, vaccinated foreign tourists can now holiday their without having to quarantine. they must download a mobile app tell want to potential outbreaks. thailand is backing its 3rd wave of the pandemic, but 70 percent of its residence. i've had at least one dose of the back seen. the prime minister himself turned out to welcome the 1st arrival tony ching, his moore, from ty, capital, bangkok. this was seen very much as a test case for getting vaccinated tourists bank and handling them within the
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restricted area of the island. for a certain period before they could be guess released to to thailand, generally with the surety that they didn't have any code to transmit here. but we've seen a series of missteps from the government handling this. they've qualified the cases that the people who can come more and more, they've actually made it rather more difficult. initially, they said that this would only be a foreign tourists, not the ties or foreign residents a ton. and they've now changed that again a few days ago. they said that the tourists must have pre booked 3 cobra tests before they arrived. so it's become very complicated. they've had quite a lot of implications about 5000 around the world. only 500 pieces have been granted. but i think these, these plane arrivals today, a going to be the 1st people to arrive on this game. if it works, i think the hope is that it could happen here that could happen and co similarly
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could happen in other limited areas around thailand and slowly thailand could start to rebuild the tourist industry. but i think a lot of people also still very concerned that is terrorist start to come back. they could bring new variance of cobra with them. and for a country that had done very well in protecting itself. that's a real concern. bangladesh, security forces are patrolling the streets of the country, looks down for one week to try to stop a search. in 19 cases, public transport is closed and the central services and some factories can continue to operate. the rise and infections is driven by the delta variant, which is highly transmissible. hospitals are struggling, particularly in areas along the border with india, where the variant was 1st effected from rural towns of infection rates of 70 percent. and additions record removing $14500.00 deaths so far can be chandry has more from the capital decor. records by vin, highly contagious delta
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a very and has prompted the government to call for a week shut down across the country. over the weekend. 10000, mostly migrant workers have left a capital city house expert one that could have spread the virus and the district and expose themselves to help. most of the businesses are closed, the states, i'm a little less empty except for richards, which are allowed in the strait. luptime of the body got up. it's the poor people who suffer the most. during the lockdown. we can't move around or earn enough to feed the family. it's better not to have these locked down. export oriented businesses, kitchen market, grocery stores, another essential services are open. it is mostly those working in the informal sector and a daily way down are those are the ones is mostly heard during this lockdown orange. many sales today, very few customers are coming in. business is not good during lock down. the fight, the current violence outbreak from last year bank that's economy has been quite
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resilient. the world bank predicts at least 5 percent get a big growth rate this year. but x one, unless buying or those go into a math vaccination program, the country's economy could be in jeopardy. so far, bangor, that's been able to only job 9000000 paper, a lot of a population of nearly 165000000 people coming up on the news from london. and you set back for the delivery of aid to the war ravaged to dry region as a key supply route is destroyed. the canadian village at the center of a devastating heat wave is back to the ground firewall fire. and what's next, really messy is now a free agent off to his boss loan a contract expired format in sport. ah, but you financial officer, former us president donald trump's company has pleaded not guilty to tax crime
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charges. and why so berg has been charged with fraud and grand larceny. after 2 year investigation into the company, he's been released without bio, or 15 counts against him and the trump organization. a suspected of illegally avoiding paying taxes on company perks, such as cars, apartments, and school tuition. trump himself has not been charged defense, lawyers say to which hunt given the nature and the unprecedented nature of these charges. that certainly that's the reason they were brought. okay. if the name of the company was something else, i don't think these charges would have been brought. in fact, i am fairly certain they would not have been brought if the name was a different name. kristin's room is following the story 1st set from a rainy new york. sir, is all these charges or prosecutors inside the courtroom described
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a sweeping and audacious payments team. and the legal payments orchestrated by senior executives at the trump organization and they pushed back against claims made by the defense before and after the for the parents. but this was somehow standard business practices that they were charging for and that this is somehow politically motivated. alan weisberg himself, they say the chief financial officer for the trump organization for nearly 50 years himself avoided paying taxes on $1700000.00 in income they say. and among the charges that he personally is facing our grand larceny and a scheme to defraud. so it's pretty serious, and he himself, according to prosecutors, ordered that records to be deleted, that would show his involvement in the, in the day. if they did say that despite
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this why still burned himself remains with the company. there was no attempt to discipline him, no attempt to work with prosecutors or men taxes. in fact, the trump organization fought in the form of the president fought for more than a year and a half to prevent the release of his tax return. so they're pushing back very strongly again, this notion that this is somehow not serious or only being done because it's the president's company. and what does this mean for form president? well, president trump himself has not been charged, but certainly this is a dark cloud hanging over him and his business. it could affect the company's ability to deal with banks to get loans to make feels with so much uncertainty about where that investigation could be going. prosecutors have made it very clear
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that the investigation is continuing and more information could come to light with the discovery phase of this investigation. or if more employees or wife burned himself, decides to share more information with investigators. so wife will berg at this point, however, has entered a plea of not guilty, and he is promising as a trump organization to fight these charges. thank you very much. indeed. decker sent to me, reporting that from new york. yes, president joe biden is in the state of florida to visit the site of last week's building collapse. he's met rescue workers officials leading recovery efforts and spent 3 hours with the relatives of victims and missing people. operations in the beach front town of surf sign have been on hold for the past few hours because of fears about the structures. ability, at least 18 people confirmed dead. and 145 people still unaccounted for. as close
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to john hendrick in south side, john president biden has been speaking in the last hour of meeting the families. what did he say? as the president arrive late to begin his speech, he said he did that because he was spending all the time he could talking to every family member who wanted to talk to them. and when he spoke to them, a he told them that his wife, joe and the president were both behind them, that the entire nation was behind the families of these people supporting them. he went on to say that the people they've lost will stick with them through the rest of their lives, will inform who they are as people. and when he spoke to the 1st responders in a separate meeting, he told them that he was grateful. personally for a couple of times in his life, when 1st responders had health, including a time when his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident,
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and those 1st responders use the jaws of life to free his 2 sons. there's another time when he had an aneurism and was rushed to walter reed hospital in washington. both times he said he was helped by 1st responders. he said, people don't appreciate what you do until they need you. but he said, we appreciate you and he offered them thanks. the 1st thing he did upon arriving nearly 8 hours ago was he went to control meeting that is a meeting in which he got an update on this status of things that was by the governor, ron de santis, and the mayor of miami dade county. and the 1st bit of news he got was bad. it was a dad, had to stop the operation in that 10 building behind me. because overnight they had noticed some settling engineers had noticed that one column, it moved 6 to 12 inches. there were some floors that were no longer looking stable and they were worried that the remaining portion of the building would come down and possibly threaten those rescue workers that we,
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we have seen to cranes go up above that building just in the past hour. so we don't know if they've restarted those operations or not. and talked a little about what he said to the families in what they said to him, and it involves global warming. take a listen in the last years that they've been here. how was one condominium complex build across the street and a road was purchased? and while they were living there, they hear the drilling and they feel their building moving and shaking their all kinds of discussions about whether or not they they thought that water level rising when impacted had an interesting to me. i didn't raise it. but how many of the survivors and how many families talked about the impact of a global warming? and they've not been searching for survivors for several days. they're likely to
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find any one fight and was just to ask that question by a reporter and his response was that in talking to the families, he felt that they were very realistic, that they understood it has been a days since that building came down. nobody's been pulled out of that building since day one. so without saying that there is no hope of finding anybody, he basically intimated that the families knew the chances were very slim. he did tell them to hold out hope, but there have been fires in that space. there's been a constant rain and there are 12 stories of concrete building pancake down in a very small space and rescue workers had been working for 8 days to find them. so it would be something akin to a miracle if anyone were pulled out alive. now, john henry, thank you very much. indeed. a canadian village at the center of an unprecedented
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heat wave has been mostly destroyed by a wildfire. people living in little in canada's british columbia of after abandoned their homes. the mess as it took just 15 minutes for the flames to engulf the village. a local m p says 90 percent of the village has been destroyed, including the center 3 days in a row in the last week. listen broke the old time. hottest temperature ever recorded in canada. reaching 49 degrees celsius. even if the world wasn't warming, the pacific northwest and of canada would be having an exceptional heap waiver now . but it won't be quite as severe. it wouldn't be blowing past existing records, or if it dead, it would not be blown past him by very much to put it in perspective. both canada and oregon set temperature records that are higher than any temperature ever experienced in las vegas, nevada, which is in the middle of a hobby desert. so this is truly an unprecedented and exceptional. meanwhile,
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part so southern brazil are experiencing unusually low temperatures and even rest snowfall. it snowed in santa capturing a state for 3 days. something that hasn't happened in more than 20 years. temperatures have also fallen below 0 in the state, usually known for sunshine and beaches. the cold weather is expected to continue for the rest of the week. more still to come this hour, including these women fear they faced even greater danger to the government, pulls out of treaty a treaty to combat violence against them. do investment in electric vehicles, gives a post breakfast fox to a depressed industrial plant and imagined competing in the game that just 13 years of age. tell you more about this incredible athletes and taught, ah,
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the heat of eastern europe, which has been near reco breaking the certainly western russia, is being broken down by the thunderstorms have been thrown in by this area of low pressure's, been advancing, slowly east with now. it is disappointing in itself if your underneath it is cold and clearly and often weapon has been the case bridge. charles in particular last appears weak, but the cloud is breaking here and the thunderstorm, the dropping the temperature in eastern europe is quite a distinct lyra through eastern part of dance was more diver romania. this is doing saturday. there's been a lot of heat to the south of that as well, but athens to see the temp dropped to 32 from nearly 40 that heat as extended into north africa. and it still ran about $41.00 mark and tripoli and warmer than that in cairo. but there is a breeze you can see. so generally speaking, temperatures are being least kept down there. most of africa, of course, is hot and dry, but the rain gets a long way. nose this time. yeah. if you, if you,
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how's the seeing showers are a big showers in getting him moving further north, but it's certainly that part of west africa where you see the biggest dam pause this time of the year. and they are, they are in the forecast. they're long way north feathery says, well for example, jimmy the across the world, young, activated and organized are on the move. the day we do the work that are in the 1st 7 years to people in new york city use different to me to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a wide problem. network buyers, a democrat pollution generally can change on you can cut one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop the whole
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entire national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and learning skillfully enough out 3 key areas up to about filling up from it. so connecting the world connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade. oh a or wanted to talk stories? amount in charge of securing corrective iris vaccines for africa as blasted europe failing to deliver a single promise dose. treating us as less than one percent of the continent has
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been vaccinated. and a 3rd serge of infections is overwhelming. hospitals, bangladesh is in a week, long locked down to try to stop the surge of 19 cases. we know thailand's prime minister has risen the whole day to catch, to vaccinated tourists in effort to boost a tourism industry and the chief financial officer, former us president donald trump's company, stated not guilty to tax crime charges was the book has been released without fail to being charged with fraud and grand last name, telephone and internet lines have been cut in 14 days after the violent mass protest against the monarchy, the government and the tiny southern african nation. as also asked the army to restore order. entertaining, formerly called the land is africa loc, absolute monarchy. the king is reign for more than 30 years. pro democracy campaign is accused him of repression and demanding immediate.


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