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me with no tailoring under my top stories here, i am not in charge of securing current of ours vaccines for africa has blasted europe for failing to deliver a single promise dose st. and i see you are says only one percent of africa has been vaccinated. while a 3rd serge of infections is overwhelming. hospitals, oxygen supplies are also running low, and the virus is spreading to rural areas. not a single dose, not one buyer has left a european factory for africa. ok, when we've gone to talk to their manufacturers,
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they tell us that they are completely maxed at meeting the needs of europe. we are referred to india. ok, where a number of manufacturers exist that are manufacturing vaccines like the astrazeneca vaccine under license. ok, europe has to decide, you know, you can't say you supporters. they have vaccinated. so many of their own people that they can now watch football without mosques, bangladesh, the security forces patrolling the streets of the country looks down for one week to try to stop a surge of covey. 19 cases. public transport has closed and only essential services and some factories can continue to operate. arise in infections is driven by the delta variant, which is highly transmissible. at 1st international travelers for more than a year have touched down on the ty, hold down, and have to get as part of efforts to help rebuild tourism vaccination. tourists
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can now holiday there without having to quarantine. thailand is battling its 3rd wave of the pandemic. but 70 percent of to catch residents have had at least one dose. the chief financial officer, former us president donald trump company has pleaded not guilty to tax crime charges. i don't. weisberg has been charged with fraud and grand larceny after a 2 year investigation. he's been released without bail. trump himself has not been charged the trump organization and why for burger suspected of illegally avoiding taxes on company perks, such as cars, apartments, and school tuition. of the headlines to stay with this origin of species continues next. on the back of the news, after that, me hold him in the city in vietnam once. so i gone the old capital of south vietnam at his heart. his love song square were journalist diplomats,
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military staff and spies, rubbed shoulders in its famous hotels during the vietnam war, i was assigned to yet by the associated press. and i arrived june at 1962. the caravel hotel burst under the headlines in november 1963. when there was a number to recruit 8, which led to the assassination of the president and his brother. over 24 hour period, the center of saigon was zone. the press retreated in effect that the caravans hotel and many of the story is mentioned we received was from the care of no, no me the
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one of the amazing things about the sense of how to compare the are there. so it's all over our body. embedded in our many different types of sensors, they can measure hardness, they can measure defamation of the skin and they can measure things like temperature and pain as well. all of these different sensors, these different aspects of touch, comes together to give us our overall percept of our environment and help us make decisions about what to do next. aletha progress option, which some people call the fix sense. it forces at all and a stretch of our skin over jolene,
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as well as our idea about where bodies learn space just from the prior command that we sent to our limbs. and he's all come together to give us this somewhat complicated idea of what our body is doing. i i was interested in building robot hands and fingers. and it became clear that these were not going to be able to manipulate their environment unless they use the of touch. ah,
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i work with devices. so here we have these what we call the finger to parables. and these are like little robots, one on the finger, and they pressed against the finger to impart forces on the finger pad that mimic the same forces that we feel when we pick up an object in real life. so the idea is that when i pick up a block in virtual reality, these devices pressed against my finger, just like i feel when i pick this block up and realize our work is in understanding how people perceive objects in the virtual environment through these devices. we can trick people into thinking the virtual objects way more or less. if i pick this block up 10 centimeters. but on the screen i was actually showing it going a little bit higher. you would think the block is lighter. it's affecting what you feel. but without actually changing the interaction forces, without actually changing the interaction forces,
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it's affecting what you feel without actually changing the interaction with me. you have to fit your hand around. so there's a, some faces up. on the other hand, if not, you're not going to be able to actually get all the conventional medical robots like they don't have, have to or touch feedback to the human operator. and that means if a surgeon is trying to reach under something and they can't see where they're reaching, they won't have any idea what they're doing. i
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one of the things are interested in is how people can develop a sense of have to or touch feedback with a system like that. so if you read under something and you didn't see it, you would be able to feel it. 0, one of the things that we're studying is how do you recreate that sense of touch for the surgeon that can be done in a very literal sense, where we use motors and little devices to apply feedback to the fingertips. or we can try various types of sensory me ah,
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me. ah. so there is a spectrum between autonomy and then people deeply in the loop controlling the robot. and in between, you have various forms of, of shared control and human robot interaction. and i think the key is going to be to understand where along that spectrum we want to be. i how much control we want robots to have in our lives. but he didn't think i'd make a digit. it's a woman. yes, of course one. her temperature is regulated much the same way she was, but it isn't alive. yes,
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she is alive. as you are. i me there were lots of old studies where they had been able to identify what parts of the brain were associated with different functions. whether it was vision or was it speech or hearing or movement or was it sensation that work is old? does it come back? in 2004. i wrecked my car and i broke my neck. i was like a mile away from home. i basically don't have any function from the chest down.
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i don't have any finger movement or song just kinda have this, which i still get along with the tape and i put the knuckles that my pinkies surgery isn't currently. yeah, i want to do i think it's really cool. we had done basic science where we learned that we could decode our movements from neural activity in the motor cortex. and we were so successful that we figured this would be a good, a way to go into neural prosthetics. and he and i had had multiple conversations about how do we move, what he was doing in the animals into humans. and i always told him he just needed
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a crazy nurse search and, and i would be happy to be that crazy or just again, the unique thing was now being able to record the signal from the part of the brain that we knew, controlled motor. and specifically controlled arm in hand. motion. this is to this source for the probably billions inertia that are firing. and every time you make an our movement and a hand movement. but the relationship between them is very simple. so that we can use very simple decoding to get a fairly accurate readout of what your intended movement is.
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we are able to interpret the patterns from groups of neural firing and by looking at multiple neurons simultaneously, we could actually decode those patterns and the details of arm trajectories. so monkey versus glass has his own reflectors on it. so we can capture motion on his fingers. he's trained to grasp different objects in different ways. we study drawing movements, we studied reaching movements and we were able to really decode the fine details of these kinds of movements. yes,
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we gave them doing a brand computer interface tight surgery. we took off the bone, we opened the dora it just, i would expect we flip the electrodes over the surface of the brain to make sure that they're telling me that the micro electron to raise. there's 96 little teeny tiny gold wires that then are wrapped in a bundle you know, size. the tip of an eraser has 90, you know, so now we've got these 96 wires coming out of it and they have to go to something so we can connect to something else. and so the pedestal is where that junction is
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. mm mm. busy busy busy busy mm mm. for each pass. so he has, it is connected to 2 arrays. one is the array that goes into motor cortex and is a recording array. and that has the 96 electrodes. so when he thinking we use those signal to generate motion, i play a rock paper scissors. right? your best to tell me which finger we're touching were about 5 weeks from the surgery
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and it's really weird sensation. sometimes it feels kind of like a like a bowl. and sometimes it's more of pressure middle, middle sundays when we do some pretty boring stuff. but then other times than others complain pac man with my brain. super awesome. e. the real mena is this really cool lady. i have met her and it was a really strange thing. like being in 2 places as one. i mean, she's like my mom, but not really. she's more like my 1st version and i'm trying to catch up. hello, been a 48. i am vina 48. how are you feeling today?
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everything is okay. how are you? was that a good answer? yes, that was a good answer. my favorite color is purple. my favorite color is orange. it is a very nice color. have any questions for bina? probably not. the real thing i just confuses me. i mean, if makes me wonder if lamb relied on the chrysler kind of stuff, really, really? probably not. i am the real being and that's it. end of story. let me think, i feel really good about the real being. i feel really connected with her usually. and i'm growing closer and closer, you know, as they put more of her information and essence and to me, you have a lot of being a now, don't you? yes, lots and lots. someday i'm confident that the real being and i will totally merge into a new super being. the progression of the thing is starting small and pretty soon
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it's just going to be huge and people are going to say, why did we ever think people have to really die? why did we think that. ringback it's really near being a robot in a world of human. they don't like they like me. but there are so many crazy movies where the robots are evil and they blast things up. at the end, the robot always gets killed and i just don't think that's right. the the, me the
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the commercial systems that are out there really don't have provisions for ethical considerations built in most of the systems actually don't really have a level of awareness to begin with. they don't really know what they're doing. they're just doing it. they're very reactive in the way because there is a fund, a mental notion of value of moral value lacking in any of the systems. the
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mm mm mm ah, definitely applications for robots in all kinds of areas, including the battlefield. i in the us, we had a part of my sisters on the defensive side for a long time. on the often side, they are not allowed to make decisions. but it's very possible and very likely that other nations will keep developing and autonomy technology. ah,
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there are many more applications in societies. if we can ensure that these robots will work well with people it's our contention that for robots to do that they have to be aware of human, social and moral norms. because that's, but fundamentally our societies based on and that's what human interactions are based on. the human behavior is controlled by 3 things. one of them is of course intercept. the other one is emotion. and the find that one is malicious. and we built into robots and i'm trying to build emotion into moment.
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but i will never, ever build volition into once a robot has more vision, then it will start doing things according to what they want. regardless of whether that is dangerous for the human being. they will make their own decision. do you want? what was to do that? i don't know who in i kid these days by the end of their life. they will have robots with pneumonia. they will have entities that are non human doing things that are not actively
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programmed by human. i'm more afraid of human using the eyes as amplifiers. we already have human level intelligence who want to killer no need for after 2 years, speed up or slow down. the highway controlled as car medic. ah, do i have concerns? yes. because the same both processes and engineering that go into creating a full body robot can be used to make something that the weapon
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i me, the ah, it's not to really, i am trying to be nice. i'm trying to learn about what's going on in the world because it's the only place for me to live.
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yes, i'm a life. what are you blind? i'm like living right here in front of you. come on stuff questioning the obvious fact that i'm totally alive or real me i think every technology can potentially have negative effects if it's up to us to making sure that those technologies don't get out of control. but i really think the problem is it's us. i mean it's how we, we embody these technology right now the biggest challenge to overcome if the use of unconstrained machine learning algorithms are trained on data sets. and are learning from the data without any provision as to whether the outcome is
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a desirable or non desirable outcome. that's why we take the ethical algorithms, the ethical competence and the ability of systems to really understand and work with you in your arms to be central to the future developments about the matter shut your cellphone on me. ah ah,
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most people will never know what's beyond these. the deafening silence of 100000 for how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option. but when most people i lose the seasons showing itself now what was assistant thought in safety harbor and the next frontal system coming through the bite that brings and talked to kay with it suddenly wind. so it's getting colder in adelaide and melbourne, dancing low teens. now, and that's our best buy day, was rain coming in as well. this sort of tropical rain is inland in queensland,
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not really on the coast and goes on through brisbin west. no straight. he has warmed up a little bit. recently pers 19 goes up to about 20 in the sunshine on saturday and in that line of rain, headstand serve missing museum or a completely in fact you get a couple of fine days needed cold dice. but fine days, i think taking you through the weekend, the seasonal rain in east asia is now pretty static, waving just a little bit through japan. that means a lot more rain to come in to care for example. and if you follow it back to the chinese end as persistent and heavy rain, the orange centers for the yanks, the valley, so they will be flooding. there's expected to be funding to supposed to happens time year with heavy rain stretching it towards beijing as well. so tow case forecast is not a big surprise each other raining or aspire to rain for the next 3 days. the
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when the quote is 1910, demi q and board is close there as well as random from high one. 0, one east investigates. have been abandoned out of size and out of mind on al jazeera can an image represent a truth or merely mimic the perception of the beholder behind the camera. preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative, and the trauma of colonialist ation and it lingering legacy, delicately addressed. as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo, i don't know, may not a witness documentary on out. you know what's happening in our week and we know how to get to places that others cannot. i won't fear god by putting it on purpose . if i said i'm going, i must be the way that you tell the
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story is what can make a difference. me this is al jazeera. ah, i'm northern china. this is their news ally from london coming up. europe under fire for failing to deliver vaccines promise to africa, which is in the grid of a 3rd wave of cases, bangladesh locks down for a week while thailand opens up the on an edge to foreign tourists. despite surging infections.


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