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me, ah, the this is al jazeera. ah, this is the news our on our jersey rob, fully bad people live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. europe accused of vaccine injustice, the african union says it's not doing enough to ensure that corporate 19 shots are equally accessible to all new division between to nato allies for us on turkey to a list of countries implicated in the usa chime soldiers. also this, our approach has been a found against the turkish governments decision to withdraw from a convention designed to protect women from violence and former us present. donald
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trump, the organization is under scrutiny for allegations of toxic ation. as chief financial officer has turned himself in. i'm devin ash with thought roger federer is getting some rachelle gazing that took place in the 3rd round at wimbledon and athletes continue to arrive in toto at c, lympics the japan prime minister was holding the games with no domestic spectators . is that an option in the world health organization is warning against what it called a global to tier system. as european countries recognize only a handful of covered $900.00 vaccines. the e u is also under fire for not doing enough to insure developing countries have access to the jobs. the african union says it urgent need facts, seeds. it's accused europe of not keeping its promise to donate the shots. the continent has the lower inoculation rate in the world and says its being left
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behind. cases are also going up in indonesia and bangladesh where new restrictions have been imposed in europe after 10 weeks of declined, cases going up once again. the surge is being linked to the delta vary and to which was 1st identified in india and not raising concerns about a new e u. digital code. 19 travel passport that's just been launch. it's meant to make it easy to travel between member states. at asha butler begins our coverage with this report from paris. at paris is the only airport airline staff check travelers, documents, european union citizens miss now shown you cove it certificate to travel on paper or in digital form. it shows if a person is vaccinated or has a recent negative p. c, r test member states can adjust the entry rules according to the health situation in the country bought. the cobra certificate will be standardized throughout the block. but you could that be, it's more paperwork,
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but we've been vaccinated. we have a p c r test. it's all good. i think it's a necessary measure of it isn't over yet, and we must avoid at all costs the risk of people of any age getting sick of the you want to make it easier for people to cross its borders after more than a year of cobra restrictions paris is usually one of the world's most visited cities, bought the pandemic as men 13. you were tourists, you hope for the coven certificate, will encourage people to travel again. and i hope i can make recovery from, like most european countries has lifted many restrictions to refuse of ended, and people no longer need to wear masks outdoors. but the french government says there's a growing concern in the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. regarding the adopted delta variant is progressing, it is even progressing very quickly. it represented about 10 percent of contamination last week, but he's doubled in less than a week. so medical experts say the delta varying could account for 90 percent of
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cases in europe by august. portuguese officials recently imposed the we can look down in lisbon after a spike in cases you officially say countries must the act of the health situation in their country, deteriorate them, it is not over yet. this has been made very clear by the emergence of new volumes of the virus. this is why we are proposing an emergency break, which allows member stairs to re introduce misers. it's a fine balance for the e. u, as it works to minimize health risks while trying to reinvigorate economies and allow people some freedom. but often more than a year of living with the unpredictability of the pandemic. the key, the european officials, is that people remain vigilant. natasha butler. i'll just sarah paris or the head of africa centers for disease control says vaccines are key to preventing
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a wider outbreak on the continent. if we have a predictable supply of backseat vaccines to be used, then we can defeat is funded. can big the backbone of this funding make by the end of next year. but if you do not do that, but since i'm not available to enable that new speed and that's q, then of course, the unfortunate answer is that pass next year will be moving to us in the midst of this barriers on the continent. and the consequences would be catastrophic. we don't want to see that. we don't want to be as seen as a continent of cobra. algebra, arizona trace has more nor from boucher in nigeria. so far africa received only $65000000.00 of vaccines. for 1300000000 people on the continent, less than 15000000 of those those as well actually from the vaccine elias complex. so the question now is, how can these countries get enough to relate the population?
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in fact, africa, talking about 1600000000 doses of coffee, 19 vectors in order to correlate 60 percent of its population, which if feels will be safe enough to try to tackle the covered 1900 pandemic in africa. now the expectation was that the graph had 800000000 doses of the vectors by december last year. and by 6 months after, know, those of covered 900 vexes, came from the international alliance or international effort to help low and medium income countries to deal with the panoramic. so the african union invoice was really, really angry. and apart from that, he's also talking about how europe, maybe so difficult for african countries to sort of buy these vaccines to from there manufacturers in europe. whenever they said, whenever africa tried to approach manufacturers in europe that were referred to india,
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where india was also battling with an upsurge or uptake in covered $1000.00 infractions in that country. at some point, india had to stop export of fractions to try to address the crisis in that country . while i speak to dr brought pan county about all this, he's a senior clinical lecturer at the university of accept or medical school and he's joining via skype from bath in the u. k. always good to have you with us on algebra, dr. katia, many countries in africa as you heard and heard, they don't have enough vaccines or simply running out coffee 19 is no doubt breeding nationalism. how, how worrying and damaging is in fact the nationalism we're seeing and watch the solution in your view to equitable vaccine distribution. it will be, is very worrying. and it also is a disgrace that we have forgotten about the plight of africa and other countries. and i think africa and the other countries whoa, been deprived of these vaccines,
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must not forget what has happened to them. the way forward i feel is like president joe biden has already addressed this is to relax the payton rules and name bo regional countries regional parts of the world to manufacture the vaccines. even if it takes 6 months to set up plant and start manufacture. it is still better than nothing, because if you don't do anything you will end up with as the previous report side saw could be to becoming endemic. and if it becomes endemic in the animal population, we will have great difficulty in ever controlling it. in the meantime, you have europe in countries opening up with this covey 19 passport. now, at the same time, the world health organization is raising the alarm about this new covered 1900 very and the alpha delta variance, right? which originated in india. how concerning is,
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is very and what are its characteristics and what are its classic symptoms? because i understand it. symptoms are different from the, from the variance that we've seen so far. so indeed, the delta varying is about 60 percent more infectious. and in many cases, it is presenting without any symptoms, and that is making the control method extremely difficult. and then be, in addition to the old of a symptoms that we used to, how it has the runny nose, the dried throat, and the headaches, the tinnitus, that's the ringing in the ears as other signs and symptoms. but the most important one is many people are a symptomatic. the good news is that the work seemed work against the delta, the very end. and the other good news is that it is not more severe disease causing . having said old days, just like we have the delta of area and if we continue with uncontrolled infections
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in other parts of the world, another variant may also arise which may be a lot worse than the delta very. and so we've got to suppress infections in africa and elsewhere. we've got to supply the vaccines doctor, you say those who are vaccinated are still protected, but those who are vaccinated, who have had 2 doses can still get covered and can still spread it. so if we have a runny nose and all that stuff, we should still get tested right. even though we're fascinated. yes indeed. so the good news about being immunized is the evidence clearly shows that immunized people are less infectious. they are not 0 infectious. so of course, if you are fully immunized and you have any signs and symptoms, the 1st thing to do is pull yourself out of circulation in case you have picked up covered 19 and are interesting other people. so that's the best strategy is even if
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you are immunized to continue with your infection control measures. thank you so much for talking to f f. always very good to get your insight on this. dr. berain connie joining us there from bath in the u. k. venti morehead, on this news, our including looking to rebuild their lives. we meet some of the grey and refugees helping to return to their homes in ethiopia, homes that they were forced to flee because of fighting and talking tough. present, teaching, paying warrens, china will never be bullied again as the governing comedies. 45th 100th anniversary, and 4th was next folio now messy. he's now a free agent after he's boxing on a contract. expired more coming up later. and ah, probably news now in the us state department as releases on your human trafficking
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report. the report designated 17 countries that it phase are doing enough to eliminate the practice. and it also accuses turkey of providing support, armed groups in syria and libya that use child soldiers. let's bring in warmth in jordan in washington dc. she is read through the streets or what are the highlights was well, the about 17 countries are in what's known as tier 3. they are the countries that have the worst record when it comes to dealing with human trafficking, with forced labor, with supporting or training, or using child soldiers, among other things. and on that list, you do see the usual suspects. north korea, you see russia, you see china, you see me and more. you see iran, all of these countries are considered bio. the u. s. is analysis to have done little if anything, to improve the conditions vulnerable people's within their countries or under their
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control. it's also worth pointing out that there are some $46.00 countries on the tier to watch list. and what that means is, is that these 46 countries have been trying to make some efforts to improve their record in terms of protecting vulnerable populations. but they haven't done enough in the u. s. is estimation. and that is a problem that they say could end up blending them in the tier 3 category. which typically means that these countries will lose some of the benefits, national security and economic benefits of engaging with washington. now turkey, let's talk about turkey because it's the 1st time a nature member has been included in the child soldier prevention acts list. this is, is going to further complicate relations is made between the us and turkey. well, there hasn't been any official, le confirmation or discussion about the situation with turkey. but certainly this
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has been noted. there are usually wavers given to countries, which are washington considers vital to with national security entrance, even though they may have an otherwise awful record on dealing with these matters. the turkish situation says that the coverage has provided and provided support to groups that use child soldiers, not just in syria, but also in libya. but given that turkey is a member of nato, it is possible although not yet confirmed that washington my provided a waiver on national security grounds in order to continue that military to military relationship. however, those waivers typically come with a lot of conditions, expecting countries that can make improvements to make improvements in their security situation. by way of comparison, afghanistan is on a tier 3 list,
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but it does have a waiver because the u. s. considers that important to continue that national security relationship crossing. thank you very much for that. last in jordan is correspondent there in washington dc. now turkey has formerly pulled out of ent, of an international treaty aimed at preventing domestic abuse and violence against women. a court appeals to stop the withdrawal from the sambo convention was rejected last week. 1000 have been protesting against the decision. these are the scene for me. some ball president ship type bird one face the convention, undermine family values. turkey has seen a surgeon violence against women in recent years, present turtle, and says women will be protected regardless of whether turkey is a member of a convention. or go to do his own. just in that some circles are trying to portray our withdrawal from the stumble convention as a step backwards in our battle with violence against women. our battle did not
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start with the symbol convention and will not end with our withdrawal from the treaty. as spring in finance castillo, who is in a sample for his son, him there where he was cross today in istanbul, to protest against this decision by, by turkey to withdraw from this convention. tell us about how people have been reacting and what they've been saying. what are these people who have been for 1st thing and some pay today and also some small process happened in other cities. i was 30, these people are angry because they believe that the would probably from assemble convention is a means of laws all the right that they have gained for she actually it was a feel had over some convention, almost to go. and after the convention was fine updated it's constitution and check women in a more secure way to stop on the side to stop the violence called by men against
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women also to protect children. so the a was to stop gender based violence. however, this slide turkey was, you had also mentioned and even friends and adult daughter was one of the leading figures to them. so most is sambal convention back back then. it was a surprise when we 1st saw you heard that the government is planning to pull out. people are angry because they believe that they will not be safe because the whole mission is to see it as a golden standard. not all the, the law system, whether the rights of women are protected properly, or are they really protected from the map, or we haven't figured the people here to some lawyers, human rights activism. they say that after they some formation with roman was and known. many women who went to the police station because of the violence they, they faced from their men, were turned down by the police. so they believed to someone when she was
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a strong hand that would protect women and they, they're saying that they're going to continue to fight. but the government believes that it was then the who signed the convention. the government believes that the family values are threatened, but everything about the convention is the same as what was there 10 years ago. so many believe that the decision was mainly a political decision to preserve the world. so that could come to the ruling up party from the conservative voters. thank you. him for the son in law, live there any sample. while the sample convention the council of europe see stumble convention on violence against women and domestic violence came into effect in 2011. with turkey being the 1st country to ratified. more than 40 countries have signed the treaty. 34 have had it ratified. it aims to prevent violence against women, protect victims and impunity of perpetrators. the human rights agreement defines and criminalizes alike, so stalking female genital mutilation, force abortions,
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and marriages. last year, poland said it would start the process of withdrawing from the treaty, but is yet to do so. i'm making turkey the only country the to pull out so far. fighting that it normalizes homosexuality for example, which goes against the countries, traditions and values. let's discuss this, we do a good cook sign, who's a human rights lawyer who deals with cases of violence against women in turkey. and she's joining us via skype from is from ball. thank you very much for being with us . so what's your reaction 1st, due to this decision by the turkish government to withdraw from this international treaty? and how big of a step back do you think this is for turkish women's rights? i, good evening, everybody. today is 30 day in party because so we leave our president. it's concerning the
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song convention because you mention that you want the part is because we who high call mentions and some coalition and key a for woman and achievement all one moment. so some mention has all in one for example, our role and prevention or once again woman had to be an active after the climate. sure. the some comments should be signed the legislation and implementation of supporting people negations arising from the commission and the position in
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the political real. if you are not being in the frame or of the summer corporation was and i'm putting them on paper. let me ask you what, what will this mean for women's rights? i read that at least 38 percent of women in turkey are subject to domestic violence . this is, according to the world health organization and activists even say that cases could be far higher because, you know, family size, for instance, are often 5 or suicides. what is going to happen now as a result of turkey putting out of this convention and was to blame really for the lack of who or what is to blame for the lack of accountability. all commissions have. * their whole household, they do a paid for the people, the geisha live, protecting, preventing and implementing the obligation and also
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sanctioning, gave an adult thing some big and pointing and adopting some collaboration issues regarding regarding. ringback the coma violence against women. so after to read through all of the, from the commission and look lot of this 10 political stance on the policy go authority. course there is a thing in the woman real be deal we true implementation of a put the publication in some key. okay, so it's paying in the framework of the thermal commission rules.
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we don't implementation of important publication, but now a lot of lot of political build it, we'll make you flee at all. judiciary, law enforcement people. thank you. thank you so much for talking to us about this to go cox, our human rights lawyer joining us there from a sample to the u. s. now where present joe biden is in florida to visit the site of last week's building collapse is met with local officials, leading recovery efforts and rescue workers. and he's also meeting victims. relatives operations have been on hold for the past few hours because if years about the factors ability, 145 people remain, unaccounted for 18, have been confirmed dead. john hendrick is in for side, florida for his joins us now. live on the news. our john tell us about what's the
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president has been doing, they've been doubt about whether he would visit the side of the tragedy. what's the latest on that? and what's the been say? well, joe biden is now meeting with families, a relatives of those who are missing and those who have died. 18 people who have died here. and he spent about 5 hours so far in this area. when he 1st came here, what he got was a command briefing and that updated him on what's been going on. and he got a piece of disappointing news in that is that the search going on in the building behind me has discontinued and asked because there were some shifting. in one case, there was a column that moved $6.00 to $12.00 inches and engineers were concerned that the remaining portion of the building would also collapse and fall down, and they didn't want to fall down on those rescue workers. so that effort has stopped. biden spoke to the 901st responders here. he thanked them for everything
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they did. he reminded him that twice in his life he has had to get. he had 1st responders wants to save his 2 sons after a car accident and then save biting himself when he had to aneurism and had to be rushed to the hospital. he said he, nobody really appreciates what they do until they're needed. but he says, now we are all appreciating what they're doing, offering things really health in the form of federal aid to this crisis. and hope half of all americans that more people will be found alive. here's a little bit of an exchange between the president and the mayor of my county. tell me what you mean. that goes for both the senators, colors and anyone florida and just to pick up the phone real. i'm not joking. i think the guy in the us where we got we have another group teams coming from fema
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today. so we all know this is an unprecedented guess. devastating disaster unlike anyone ever seen a shock the world. and the fact that we've all come together is what gives us hope is what gives us strength and, and expression in the news. john isn't getting any better on the search and rescue operations. we're now a week since it's devastating accident has it turned into a search and recovery effort now rather than a search and rescue operation? well, in a sense they're doing both at the same time officially, this is still a search and rescue mission. they're trying to find people who are alive, but so far what they've been doing since that 1st day last thursday when they didn't pull out survivors. this has been largely a recovery mission, although they're not calling it that they want the families still to have hope that
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they're going to be able to pull people out. but after 8 days and it is day 8. now the chances of people coming out of that rubble after there have been fires in it and rain coming down on it. it's increasingly slim and there's one other peril going on right now. and that's a tropical storm that is looming off the coast here. and that is threatening to hit florida as well. if that happens, that causes some problems because 1st of all, the 1st responders would have to stop their work. if discontent re continued it, they would also likely be called away. many of them to respond to the storm itself . so there's a lot of hope here that the work here will be completed before that happens. and secondly, that that storm misses the coast of florida. but joe biden is going to speak to all of these things in a couple of hours when he addresses the public from here. john, thank you very much for that. john hendrick live for thursday from said 540 still
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ahead on the news. our indigenous people are calling for the cancellation of canada, canada day following discovery as more than a 180 on march grades are found at a former residential school and imagine competing at the games that just 13 years old. later enforce will tell you more about this incredible youngster. ah ah. okay, hot and dry. he used to the standard forecast in the middle east, but his particularly health and he got there very early. just pick a city that you know and looked at q 853, for example, to around 37. well, this is obviously the hot area and the forecasts continue that trend. it cools off a little bit as the wind picks up in baghdad,
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but we're still forecasting 50. the record is $52.00. it was 50 yesterday as well. so we're right up there. well above where it should be at a hot 44. anyway. that's look at q 8. $51.00 is in the forecast and down to 50. the record here is $54.00, but that's the record. bear in mind, we are still on the very high side of where it should be. and that extends through most of the re be in peninsula, but a breeze picking up through da heart 46 means it would feel quite as human as it has done recently. and of course, the edge affects of the surface monsoon catch among giving outbreaks of rain or thunderstorm around sadala, and occasionally, and yemen as well. the levant is cooler than it was the cause of that breeze. throughout the horn of africa on the coast, at least of somalia, that breeze bring some shells with it. but in the highlands increasing, he was seen bigger and bigger and assumes the
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for some, a robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be clearly humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. options 0 documentaries. next to the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive. but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0 across the world, young activists and organize their own. the move to do the work in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to me the fight institution.


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