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ok, the movie is expected to bring in 6000 new jobs. once the factory is built in by the land, nissan has also announced they will create an all new electric crossover vehicle at the factory exit say the project will help boost the country's electric vehicle initiative. which includes banning the sales of new diesel and petrol cars from 2030. ah. the headlines on al jazeera, the world health organization is warning against what he calls a global to tier system, where it comes to recognizing different corona virus vaccines. the african union has also accused a europe of not doing enough to ensure that corporate 19 shots are equally accessible to all the african union special envoy street, a mass eva has accused europe of leaving africa to struggle alone against the crushing 3rd wave of infections. beatrice has more from which he was angry that
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when they, what, when they travel to europe, to seek for these vaccines, even from their own, from the pockets of african government to address the crisis at home. european factories referred them to india. and now, some european countries, i've been questioning the efficacy of the vaccines the same as to vectors, i suppose, any corrections being produced in europe that are now being produced in india that are currently using africa. so they said that he said, that's a big worry. the chief financial officer, former present donald trump's organization has surrendered to authorities, investigating tax cries, alan. why so berg is expected to face charges of toxic asian. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. us president joe biden has met officials and rescue workers enfold after last week's building collapse. the miami association has been put on hold because of fears about these structures. stability. turkey has formerly pulled
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out of the symbol convention and international treaty aimed at preventing domestic abuse and violence against women. thousands have been protesting against the decision. these are like pictures from a stumble, present dirt on says the convention undermine family values to he has seen a surgeon violence against women in recent years. i've 1st nations community in canada has found 182 unmarked graves at the side. every former residential school, the remains of more than a 1000 children have now been found at 3 different locations. china is mocking the chinese communist parties, centauri with celebrations across the country. those and cheating being addressed the nation from gentlemen square and said the era of trying to being bullied is over forever. those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with a news our in under 30 minutes up next inside story. say with this ah, ah,
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ah ah, the protest for democracy in africa law, absolute monarchy, the king of s y p any friend lavishly while most in his country live in poverty. will he listen to the cold for change this inside story? ah, ah hello and welcome to the show i'm sammy's a than. that's what he and he is one of the world's last absolute monarchies,
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kingdom swati has ruled the kingdom previously known a swaziland for 35 years bought for the past week. people have been defying curve, used to demand democratic reforms that angry at widespread poverty while the king spends millions on private jets and luxury calls, opposition groups say soldiers of killed dozens of protesters, and the government has denied reports. the king is fled to south africa. that's what he and his regional allies of calling for political dialogue to come, the rest will bring in our guests in a moment. first, this report like say, o'brien anger and frustration. an 8th, what he crowds built barricades inferno tires despite an overnight curfews, while the l. positions calling a tipping point for the nation, the demonstrations like this, a rare and the more landlocked country,
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formerly known fatherland. but the saint has been simmering for years. much of it focused on kingdom swati, africa, his last absolute monarch. and one of the few remaining in the world in that case, he was crowned in 1986 aged just 18 and has unfettered political power. he has 15 wives. oh, it has been criticized for his lavish spending. almost denise what teeny live in poverty. we are in any way out so much the bread by the government government which over time if our government can't say no, you get out of them. is that though, i mean that the one missing mama, the protest is they, they want democracy, political parties, a band. and even though people are allowed to vote from in the parliament,
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the opposition says they not elections. more selection of people signed off by the king passes young people that we don't want to be part of the government in the want to part of the government. us citizen like the rest of us in court with like everyone from shops in it to biggest cities have been looted and others face on fire. the military being out to enforce the curfew, which the government says is to ensure the safety and security of residents. oh, that's good, but the opposition say some protest and many others wounded. the acting prime minister says he's open to hearing the people complain that demonstration isn't the way to do it. when isn't that been done? the government has opened an email address. where must,
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what can continue to direct their concerns and petition for decades. kingdom swan is being portrayed as a deeply popular monarch. now the government's being forced to deny reports, his fled to the country, his kingdom appears to be in crisis. and sir bryan al jazeera. ah, let's bring our guests into the show. joining us on the phone from us. what do you need them them? good. see my can the leader of the opposition put demo party in cape town? we have seen the political and country risk analyst men, the logo, he works at signal risk and in london, christ van down research fellow with the africa program at chatham house. welcome to all if i could start with them gacy. first of all, miss martinez. this is of course not the 1st time i'm langon. see that we've had protests in a swat teeny, all the protest different this time round, though indeed quite different. this time
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about this time around slot is placed with a generation of young people who had to take some time to look at themselves and decide their top of your job day one of the times. and they added, i have data point about it cannot be business as usual, and they've got to take a step and decisive step to load the final blow into the life of these even jim menzies, it sounds from walton gc is saying that this is quite serious. how i cure all the reports. the protesters are being shot dead. yeah. so due to the closure of the internet and restrictions, communications, the number of casualties con,
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be entirely verified. but what i'm hearing from my so on the ground. some of them law family members, they can confirm that the has been some bottom and violent struggle that has been inactive on the protesters, by, by the, by the army and by police. no, and this really is a trajectory or a tendency that we have seen amongst s y b as security personnel throughout the rating of kingdom. so i think this tendon the to respond with coercion to any kind of dissidence and any kind of grievances that are being published by the civilian population. chris, so it seems this time round the protest have been initially sparked by that government decree banning any petition for democratic reform. what prompted them to issue such a decree?
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so what prompted them to issue would decrease the restrict democratic reform? i think it comes out of the prices that have been bubbling up following an incident earlier in may involving students in east with teeny and off the back of that. we've seen this growing rise in process, so it's not just, this is not just what's been happening in june. this has been growing for some time . think what's important here is to build on what i'm doing is been saying is the importance of the role of the youth in the protest and where we've seen protest in the past that have been organized either by the trade unions or by others that have be very specifically targeted towards the democratic reforms, but organized in a, a kind of, in a strict away. they seem to be far free protest and we're seeing people say things
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and seen people do things is a little bit unprecedented. in my question, if you're, if you're the, the government, why would you issue a decree to ban anyone even submitting a petition? why wouldn't you at least go through the motions except the petition and make the kind of statements it seems the government is now making saying, hey we, we hear what you guys are saying. and we're looking into why issue such a decree? because i think it's exactly what your room you'll get from cape town has been saying, which is that there is a clear memo for the government of east fatina throughout the last couple of decades, which is when they think that things are going to when the, when the pressure is starting to boil up than they clamped down. was different here is that they tried that approach and they tried to get ahead of this and they tried to issue that degree and they tried to cross it. but actually what's going on here at the moment is different to what's happened in the past, and they haven't been able to cautious in the same way. and it's resulted in the
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violence on the streets that we've seen. right? it does seem like things are escalating, the mom gacy, our protest is still calling simply for reform and of corruption and so on. or are they now calling for a complete end of the monarchy. they're calling from the just as indeed escalated to the issue that they want in total pollution meant of this team of them or not. but just to add on what crease will say. why don't we as well in this situation is the fact that the teeth of the teeth have been leaving and posting on social media variables seen in the face of grinding pover for the odyssey. and since this thing was hold on the social media and that people were reduced to spectator when they see that they're mainly please seeing the point where it became apparent too many young people that this is not just the
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family, but this is an institution of products that leave off the sweat and blood of the or not if it isn't. and so there's been a lot of fun to got had been sick too days. in fact, that's been popular being among people of florida and it has not been true. didn't go by for this family because that only made sure that they clam down on any form of organization. so we checked planes, why they took the decision to band for delivery of conditions. because through the process of delivering, producing people who are getting an idea of only know that when was organized, it present it to them. let me play, let me play devil's advocate here and i should point out,
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well we did reach out to the authorities in as what teeny and invited government spokesperson on or government official onto the show. but unfortunately we didn't hear back from them. however, let me try and play devils. i'm good a little bit here and present to the government line. they say that the authority say that they simply applying law and order. this is not about suppressing people. this is not about squashing people. this is about establishing law and order. as you can see, they would point out and some of the pictures you've seen looting. they want to prevent the country from descending into chaos. had your sponsor that i was provided for you, the images of what was happening when the people who had anybody in the petition it was i was never violent when people were delivered in positions violence that the government bend the delivery of petition. and when the people interested on defining that, been to go and petition the police splendid,
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brutal, both fighting and shooting, and deviant times live live on peaceful protest whose only client was to be budding position. but i think it is important to speak to the excuse that they used when bending the delivery of these positions, which was this, but of the current in the us to we dictating scheme and hope that not lives and thinks that the party who is having huge body and close friends inside companies now. so it's not about people getting it is about denying the the opportunity to gather and express their frustration with your team and talking about public appearances by the king men's. he. why haven't we seen the can make any public appearance? now make any statement when you know the countries clearly been gripped by some
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serious term, or i think more than anything if i'm guy, and she is unwillingness to come and step up and account for the actions of his government. and i think there might be an element of the elemental and he's trying to wait for the situation to sit down and fall. i guess this whole operation of law and order to take it school was and i get in his hopes to, to, to establish some degree of calm before he comes out and says, ok, i am like negotiated whether or not this will arise during the circumstances that is still on the balance historically as luis, you know, to, i mean, pro democracy sentiments in what the need are not something new. you know, it's a sentiment that folks have help decades on end. and the monarchy has been able to write out
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a combination of speak and carry mechanism and instances of unrest. there is a tendency by the monarch to keep quiet until things on order. so it is no surprise to us that the king has kept silent while his generals, while his police officials do the work, call the population down and then when things are low but comma, he'll probably come out and speak out. right, chris, have so we should explain some of the political background to this story as what the need is a monarchy where the king is above the law and has absolute political power, right? this is the environment, the political environment we're talking about. yes, so this goes back to the, the period in which is 15 year old and swaziland claimed us independence from the united kingdom. it was a protector. it. and when that independence came, and king abuser whose between his father there was a process of kind of nation building the involved
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a kind of strong cultural element of separating aside what is kind of typically with teeny versus south africa and creating that divide of trying to politician against what was then apartheid south africa in creating this very distinct and separate country. and so the king's authority are the absolute monarch has been partly built upon this building of a culture and a cultural identity for the country and his place within it. right? so there has been some form of democracy within the current system, but this is what in the king has, has came to the form of democracy under the tinker system, where you have people up appointed, you have some elections, but as your, as your piece at the beginning said, it's largely a selection process, but it's still under the control of, of the king himself. now, whether have been protest or precious the full, including,
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or especially around election times and from international corners around election times. they have forced times a reaction from the king. for example, during the head of the 2013 elections is when he coined this monotony. cool democracy as a way of categorizing the political and right that let me bring a v c. and under this point that christopher was talking about the degree of, shall we say, a political process, but political parties were banned in 1973. so how do political parties like yours operate 20, what am i just crazy? it's quite a lot, you know, political parties were banned in 1970 period decree, but the pod to that i come from and put demo does not even fall among
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the bent as that was taken by the team on put them in 2008 to criminalize put demos away approved guy had to do that. to me. i'm a friends and so i've learned to belong to put them or to be seen, wedding, anything that is good. i mean to them. and they say history to the because for the long time i put them all over the only portent political weapon in the hands of the democracy. of the people of swaziland. i need to do that when the king realized that the most effective way of shutting them out of the people of london is to pass some production of terrorism at that effectively and to demo and you would leak avenues of being blocked. let's talk a little bit about economics, menzies, to what extent is economic hardship driving the discontent? some estimates for poverty, it's above 60 percent and unemployment,
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depending on how you measure it at 40 percent. absolutely, absolutely. i think we can discuss the importance of economic factors being a key driver of the address at the moment. we've seen this why the state struggle to pay its workers, and that can lead to a whole class of protests that, that occurred prior to this that we see. the state has struggled to pay teachers. the state has struggled to deliver services all the while. as he mentioned, the king and his close circle has been living opulent life. so meant that you can only call him right action. i think in the sense, yes, i think there is a nation or least of con, demands. you know, previously what we saw from outside was the strike action was relatively disparate . but when the prime minister issue that the pre on the 24th of may,
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they seem to be coming together golf courses. but at the same time, do i think it's important to ben mind that pro democracy sentiments have been simmering and it's working for a while now. and i think that 24th of may decrease was to speak. the spurred that crick, the size of this wasn't people's intense. and then of course, the whole corona virus pandemic, which has exacerbated social economic concerns. it's why do you need all the while the king and his president, all the kids have been living by the state. also received various channels of funding, for instance, they have yet to account funding receive from the i admit and all this, right, these crash the old building off in the public. no doubt. yes. let's bring in that . we've just got a few minutes and we've heard opposition figures i'm calling for south africa to
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impose sanctions. is that where the opposition is going? is it, is it counting on pressure for from regional axes and international axes? now, indeed, we are calling for decisive pressure from regional and international play. we're calling for target, it's fun. she, again, that king and close the close of the who are responsible for policing. this was because it is true that these uprising is economy issues that king of been through the government taking lot of responsible loan because they realize that they're empty to the confines of the nation. the only way to access to the was through that responsible and the relation alone. yes. was calling for the region. yes. was calling for the international community by tomorrow and maybe was calling for the criminal charges to be preferred in the king and the government because of all of
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the med that have been committed during these. a lot of people have ideas. and once that doctor said that the international community would be shrugged by the figure of the people who have been tooth randomly by what the soldier endings can actually consort the turing. this process, right, christopher 90 percent of 14, these imports come from south africa, 70 percent of his exports go to the republic. the country relies us. what he knew relies on a then assistance from countries like the united states. how do you read the the mood right now in regional and international castles toward the 14 me meeting is very important question. and when we wrote our report now a years ago we called it was a land southern african forgotten crisis for exactly this reason that this has been bubbling along for a long time. and we were trying to gone at some international attention on it. because for exactly to point out the international capital,
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this is not high up on the agenda and it was really interesting at the moment, 2 things, one as i'm and jeezy has said, you know, there's, this is a situation that has come out of the fact that the money that has been going into is retaining, has not been used to deliver development and citizens in the country are seeing what's going on elsewhere and then not feeling the benefits of development in the country and the point to one person, which is the monarchy. now the relationship with that because always been very complex for multiple reasons. per demo has a relationship with consulting to sit within the tripartite alliance in south africa. former president zoom. i had his own personal relationship with the king doc has long been looking at the country and in 2030 and actually made recommendations to government. this needs to be something to be, to be dealt with,
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but i don't think it's been clear with in south africa what they have in terms of diplomatic resources to be able to doing gauge. and there's not been a clear walker. he said they suddenly got a lot of the right. i think we just got a minute left. i want to give it to mc off this final question. we heard at the beginning of the show, the call by him and see that the protest is want the monarchy to go christopher's kind of outline for us, what the mood is of regional and international actors. what do you think it's going to end with it? topple the monarchy. i think history warns against having great expectations when events like this occur. and as much as we might be a massive change, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will occur. and we have seen the monarchy adapt itself to varying circumstances. so i would code my enthusiasm, and i would expect it to be some kind of political process that needs the monarchy
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intact, somewhat. but perhaps with some great allowances or political activity by the opposition. and by civil society at large arrive, it's been a fascinating discussion, i'm sure we could go on a lot longer, but i'm afraid we are out of time. so let's thank our guests for their wonderful contributions, num gacy my can ya mensray and lawful. and christopher vander and thank you to for watching, you can see the show again, any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle barry's at a j in the side story from me, sammy's a van and the whole inside story team here. thanks for joining us.
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jazeera me after days, rare freezing temperature is blanket and the 2nd largest state in the u. s. power stations are all back on line that after unusually high demand lead to rolling blackouts, texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years, and it's clear it's system simply weren't up to the task. transmission lines taken down by ice still has left nearly 200000 without power, but now checks and face a new crisis. 7000000 people a quarter of the state are being asked to boil their water if they haven't at all. because the cold weather has broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline, grocery store shields are largely they're leaving residence, wind up in their cars for food and water. presidential wagon says he's clearing the entire state. the disasters decoration there is hope, sustain temperatures above freezing beginning saturday,
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play an important role protecting human face. in the news, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news our on alger 0, fully back, people live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. europe accused of vaccine injustice, the african union says it's not doing enough to ensure that corporate 19 shots are equally accessible to all new division between to nato allies for us are key to a list of countries.


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