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to get parts to silence fell opinions on the online faith on al jazeera, something was going to change. anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the area and know what to say. so we are all looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line when i was just there on the i the europe, the keys don't vaccine injustice, the african union. it's not doing enough to ensure that koby 900 shots are equally accessible to ah, you're watching algae 0 live from deal with me for the back. people also ahead for
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us present donald trump organization is under scrutiny for obligations of tax evasion. its chief financial officer has turned himself in. joe biden visit, florida as recovery efforts are put on hold other side to be partial building collapse for safety reasons, and talking tough residents changing, paying warren's try now will never be bullied again. as the governing companies party marks it's $100.00 anniversary, the world health organization is warning against what it called a global to tier system. as european countries recognize only a handful of cove in 1900 vaccines. the e u is also under fire for not doing enough to ensure developing countries have access to the jobs. the african union says it urgently needs vaccines is accused europe of not keeping its promise to donate the shots. the continent has the lowest
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occupation rate in the world and says it's being left out. the cases are also going up in indonesia and bangladesh where new restrictions have been imposed in europe after 10 weeks of decline. cases going up once again, the surge is being linked to the delta variant, which was 1st identified in india. and that's raising concerns about a new e. u digital koby. 19 travel passport. that's just been launch. it's meant to make it easier to travel between members. fates, natasha, but no reports. some pears at paris is the only airport airline staff check travelers, documents, european union citizens miss now shown you co certificate to travel on paper or in digital form. it shows if a person is vaccinated or has a recent negative p c r test member states can adjust the entry rules according to the health situation in the country bought. the cobra certificate will be standardized throughout the block particular it's more paperwork,
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but we've been vaccinated. we have a p c r test. it's all good. i think it's a necessary measure. it isn't over yet, and we must avoid at all costs the risk of people of any age getting sick of the you wants to make it easier for people to crawford. the board has, after more than a year of coven restrictions, paris is usually one of the world's most visited 50, bought the pandemic as men 13 you, a tourist. the hope for the coven certificate will encourage people to travel again, and i will pick and make recovery from like most european countries has lifted many restrictions to refuse of ended, and people no longer need to wear masks outdoors. but the french government says there's a growing concern in the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. regarding the adopt a delta variant is progressing, it is even progressing very quickly. it represented about 10 percent of contamination last week, but he's doubled in less than a week. so medical experts say the delta varying could account for 90 percent of
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cases in europe by august. portuguese officials recently impose the weekend, locked down in lisbon after a spike in cases you officially say, countries must act if the health situation in their country deteriorates them. it is not over yet. this has been made very clear by the emergence of new volumes of the virus. this is why we are proposing an emergency break, which allows members stairs to re introduce misers. it's a fine balance for the you, as it works, to minimize health risks while trying to reinvigorate economies and allow people from freedom. but often more than a year of living with the unpredictability of the pandemic. the key to european officials is that people remain vigilant. natasha butler. i'll just sarah paris. are the african union, special envoy for covey. 19 has criticized europe on vaccines and says not one job
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has left a european factory. florida. 3, the my c, y has accused europe of leaving africa to struggle again alone against a crushing 3rd wave of infections. i made the dresses following the african union's reaction from nigeria capital i butcher. he was angry that when they was, when they travel to europe, to seek for these vaccines, even from their own, from the pockets of african government to address the crisis at home. europe in factories referred them to india. and now, some european countries, i've been questioning the efficacy of the vaccines, the same us transactions astrazeneca vaccines being produced in europe that are now being produced in india that are currently using africa. so they said that he said, that's a big worry. and that you was saying that by december and the african continent was told that they will be no fractions arriving. the countries or the governments of
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the, of countries in the, on the continent would have made previous necessary arrangements to supply or get vaccines for their population. but these, i said was wrong on the part of college, because that would many african governments into a self full sense of security. thinking that reactions or doses of anti covered vaccines will come by december and no, no doze was able to reach the continent in the last 6 months. now africa currently is in the 3rd wave off it's of covered 19 and death rates have spiked by 23 percent in the past week alone. so there is concern that things could get worse before the african continent. get a grip on the situation. currently in other world news, the chief financial officer, our former us president, donald trump's company, has surrendered to authorities, investigating tax crimes in new york. allen,
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why super again to the trump? employees are expected to face charge you to have taxi vision, a suspected of illegally avoiding paying taxes on company perks, such as cars, appointments and school tuition. the trump organization says charges against the cfo are politically a political. according to us media christian salome joined his line from new york from on this story. tell us more about who. why so berg is kristin, and what do we expect to the nature of the charges against the trump organization to be why so berg is the long time she financial officer of the trump organization. he's been there for nearly 50 years, and he turned himself in to local prosecutors in the court house behind me earlier today. we don't yet know the precise charges that have been leveled against him only that they have to do with benefits place paid to employees of the child organization. we also know that his son, in particular,
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has been under scrutiny for receiving fed benefits and possibly tax related charges could follow from that. we also know that the president and trump organization, his long time company, have been under scrutiny for more than 2 years by state and local officials. they spend months in court seeking, the former president tax returns and received them earlier this year, but so far, no charges against the former president himself. he and a spokesman for the trump organization have labeled these charges. politically motivated. they say why soleberg is a pond that's being used to get at donald trump. and they call the campaign that prosecutors are investigating a scorched earth policy to try to get the former president in trouble. why burke himself is bound to plead not guilty? that suggests that he has not at this stage,
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cooperating with investigators that may be what they're hoping for. if he does not cooperate, president donald trump could walk away from that. but the impact on his business is something that could be felt ongoing depending on the severity of these charges and whether or not he, of course, in the end, is to be guilty of them. but certainly a lot of scrutiny for the trump organization here in manhattan. today and a lot of unanswered questions that we should start to get some answers to at least in the next couple of hours. and we will, of course, come back to you for any developments from the courthouse in your christian. for me . thank you very much. us present, joe biden is in florida to visit the site of last week's building collapse. his met with local officials, leading recovery efforts and rescue workers. and we'll also meet with the victims. relatives operations have been on hold for the past few hours because a few about the structures turbidity. 145 people remain on, accounted for at least 18 are confirmed that tell me what you mean.
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how that goes for both the senators colors and anyone florida has to take up the phone real. i'm not joking. i think the guy in the us where we got have another group teams coming from fema today. so we all know this is an unprecedented guess. devastating disaster, unlike anyone ever seen a shock the world. and the fact that we've all come together is what gives us hope is what gives us strength and an expression. and i'll get here as john hendrick has the liters from suicide, florida. the 1st thing he did when he arrived here was to get a briefing on what exactly was going on. that was from governor run de santis and also from the mayor here daniella, levine cover. and what he learned was that the work on that building behind me has stopped and stopped overnight because they saw evidence of some of the building
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settling. and as a result of that, they were worried. the whole thing was going to fall down. and i think that's probably why we don't know whether joe biden is going to be able to go to the rebel seen or not. they've stopped for the safety of the workers and of course, that would apply to the president as well. so whether or not he does that or whether he does an aerial tour, we have yet to find out. but we do know that after this, after he thinks the 900 workers here, he is also going to go to the saint regis hotel and speak to the families of many of these people who remain missing. there are a 145 people still unaccounted for. and of course there are the families of those 18 who have been declared dead the most recent 2 were on wednesday. those are 2 children ages 4 and 10 both sisters and their parents had been found earlier in the rebel. so the president has a lot to do here,
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but what he's been doing mainly is talking about the amount of money in the amount of contribution the federal government can give donald rumsfeld for the us defense secretary, who oversaw the invasion of afghanistan and was the main architect of iraq war has died. he was 18 years old. his career and the republican party spanned decades. a still head on al jazeera looking to rebuild their lives. we meet some of the degree in refugees in the field in so don, hoping to return to their homes in ethiopia. they were forced to flee from class more on that move to protest. cherokee calling for women's protection. we'll have a live report from east. ah. ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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the season the rain has picked up. this is the line. it stretches from japan to china. the most of the active stuff is along the line. this time the, they're called the plum rains and the orange top suggests where it is raining at his most heavy and his talk you. so hon. shoot eastern side is already flooding. there will be more and back in the chinese and it's going to be the yanks valley which is abroad. valley which gets regularly flooded and he's supposed to get regularly federal. that's the case for next 2 days with uninstalled breaking out of a basing again with heavy diet poles. south of it told as much dry hong kong will be humid, but not particularly wet at about $33.00 degrees. and there's surprising gap in what should be wet weather. but in, for example, thailand, the stuff is what you might expect north in viet nam, but it's still away. see, and throughout the philippines it does look particularly where there's been flooding recently and silhouette. there may be a bit more through friday,
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10 to drop a bit during saturday, but it's still wet and sumatra, maybe the fast, fast the time. but again, thailand is still looking particularly dry. bangkok or human 36, the monsoon rains of backed off a bit from most of india. but for the northeast and for the pole and bag, the dash it's wet. sponsor cut airways. a face can tell us story without uttering a single word. and knowing going a simple touch, informa the young conventionality of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye. if morton bias, witness documentary on out, is there the
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ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization is warning against what he calls a global to t is system when it comes to recognizing different corona via vaccines. the african union has also accused europe of not doing enough to ensure that call the 1900 shots are equally accessible to the chief financial officer. former us present donald trump's organization has surrendered to authorities investigating tax crimes in new york island. why so berg is expected to face charges of taxation is lawyer says he will plead not guilty. and us present. joe biden has met with a official and rescue workers in florida after last week's building collapse. me in
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miami, the search operation has been put on hold for the past few hours because if years about the structures ability now turkey has formerly pulled out of an international treaty aimed at preventing domestic abuse and violence against women. a court appealed to stop the withdrawal from the sample convention was rejected. like last week, thousands are protesting against the decision right now. any some bull presenter ship type one says a convention undermine family values. turkey has seen a surge in violence against women in recent years, but the president says women will be protected regardless of whether turkey is a member of the convention. there was a go to do his own, just in that some circles are trying to portray our withdrawal from the stumble convention as a step backwards in our battle with violence against women. our battle did not start with the symbol convention and will not end with our withdrawal from the treaty algiers. seen him casa, blue is among protesters in
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a sam. both of them tell us about the move there and the reactions to taking off formally withdrawing from this convention. in can you hear me 1245. yeah. seen him. i know it's very loud where you are. if you can hear me just tell us about what's happening right now. i this protest apologies. we are having a few connection issues with an embassy correspondent, any some bull bay. thousands of people have gathered today to protest against the turkish government decision to withdraw from the east. some bull convention which protects women against violence. we will be returning to sin. and once that she is clear to us, i now china's
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governing communist party has been celebrating the 100 anniversary of its founding, addressing crowds in tenant men's in beijing. president changing paying hales china is reversible course away from colonial humiliation. while she prays the party for raising incomes and restoring national pride, he failed to mention its historic failures. katrina, you are a for some beijing in the early hours of morning, 70000 people gathered in beating him square to mark the 100 anniversary of chinese communist party. youth choir sang revolutionary ballads, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead. it was a well choreographed display of nationalism and power to formed with precision president. she didn't ping addressed the crowds, saying the party had transformed china from a backward we country into a strong water one. the fishing that we have brought about historic revolution to
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the problem of absolute poverty in china. and we are now marching in confidence, tries to was a 2nd and pen re go a building china into a great modern social country. in all respects. my dressed includes reminiscent of party, found a mount don't. she said the party had kept its promise of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and would continue to achieve success to the chinese people . it is aimed at winning, not just respect for the party admiration for the body, but also an emotional connection between the, you know, she and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from barbara depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level and of course it's a show for sure. foods for friends and adversaries abroad president, she had this warning floors wanting to undermine the parties roof drone going to me,
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the chinese people will never allow any for and for a press on slavery for anyone who dared to do that will be on the collision course . against the great was still full by over 1400000000 chinese people. the leader also praised the party for the order to hong kong, something achieved to cracking down on the territory democracy movement and vowed to reunite taiwan with charlie. aging considers the self move island, a renegade chinese province. full time pe responded by saying its determination to defend its sovereignty and democracy was unchanged. not mentioned during the celebrations were the historic favorites of the party, the violence and destruction of the cultural revolution. the 1900 sixties and seventies, or the brutal crackdown of the 989 tenement square protests, its incarceration of an estimated 1000000 ethnic muslim week as the so called we education camps has also been condemned by governance rights groups abroad. but they're not openly talked about,
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it's very not to research them. so the party wants to highlights not the law lives, try to find praised and coming outside. it's a different story. this elevation comes at a time when international criticism begun with policies and abroad and staging response to that criticism on thursday with loud and clear, it simply isn't listening. katrina, you out is irritating refugees from ethiopia to gray region who had fled to sudan to escape months of fighting. and now hoping to go home soon. that's after rebels from the t great people's liberation front said they had gained control of the regional capital mckelly here. but morgan reports from a refugee camp and got every food on this is where you can refugee your man. if it's high that he heard the news rebels in his home region of the grey had re taken control of the capital mckinley. he fled from my capital when the conflict parted
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in november between the european federal government and the regional take great people liberation front or t p l f. he says he had to leave his family behind. very, very, very good. i'm got the most of the degree has been rated and most of the places are under the control of to great people. maybe now i can return to my family that i left behind and try to find them. i can try to search for my children. i can also go look for those the diet and bury them. the news of the people that's returned to mentally and other cities integrate this week was welcomed by many refugees here who've been following the news on television and social media, magazine, moron, arity, and soldiers. and gun as well as the federal troops. so they will be no more atrocities in te great. i can go home to my village now i have not heard from my family since the conflict started because i was working in a farmer and they went home. the 8 months of fighting has displaced nearly 2000000
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people. rights groups have reported abuses by both sides of the conflict. people in the grey have reported killings by a retreat group who fought alongside european federal government and militia from the neighboring her region. the united nation has said sexual violence and star vision have been used as weapons of war. 70000 people have fled to neighboring sudan since the thoughts of the conflict they united nations has described the situation integrate as fluid and unpredictable. hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of relief. supplies and fighting is still ongoing and parts of the region. but for many here, the fact that the t p l has regained control of most of to grey is enough for them to hope that they may be able to return home in the near future. something they want to go and search for those they left behind. others say they want to return to their farms and see what remains of their homes and belongings. and still others want to return to start where they left off. and this is emily santa, because i was in high school and planning to go to university. now that things have
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changed to cry. there is peel. i may be able to go back and finish studies and get a job and build to grow to be an independent country. if you'll be in federal truth still control most of the roads in and out of the guy, but refugees, hearsay. all they are waiting for is word from across the border to return to the homes and lives they've left behind. he will morgan up to the wrong, who bought camp about if to down man more military gender has released around $2300.00 prisoners from jail in the largest city young gone, official, se journalists and activists were among those freed on wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners were released in april, but jail's activities were not included. our 1st nations community in canada says it has found 182 unmarked greys that the side of a former residential school for indigenous children. it's an interesting series of discoveries that are forcing canada to address past abuses. alexia bryan reports
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a centuries old church engulfed in flames, and l. berza the latest in a series of similar incidents across canada, in the past month. police treating the fire as suspicious. the burning of churches began after hundreds of unmarked grace were found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. the latest fire coincides with confirmation of yet another discovery. this time, 182 unmarked graves near the city of cranbrook. in british columbia, not only from today, the new fine, there's 215 kamloops, the 750 and unmarked graves at college. this, you know, the $180.00 plus cranbrook and again, we have $139.00 sites across canada, where the residential schools were. and each and every one of those sites needs to be investigated properly. the discoveries have led to growing anger about what's
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being called the mass murder of indigenous people from the 19th century until the 19 ninety's. more than 150000 indigenous children attended. state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society . they were separated from their families, languages and traditions. thousands of them were physically and sexually abused or died of disease. many never returned home. and 2008, the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. most of the schools were run by the catholic church. the indigenous leaders are planning to travel to the basic and in december they want the pope to say story to prime minister just introduces the revelations of the past weeks have been terrible and shameful. he's called on canadians to do better. have real conversations with our loved one, with our neighbors, with our friends,
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about what each of us can do to stand as allies, to indigenous people, to shift our own mind sets behaviors and supports is what this is all about. we need to be there some indigenous communities say, one way to do that is to cancel those days, canaday celebrations. we're asking for some time in space to grieve, and we will continue to great grieve as more graves or uncovered communities in the morning and a country full to recon with. it's like no bryan l g 0 u s. comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction, the 83 year old more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on charges of dragging and assaulting a woman. my cana has more from washington because b has essentially been set free on
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a legal technicality. but with an ards of the decision, he was back at his home, appearing before the cameras with some of his lawyers. we always believe full fully, that he never should have been prosecuted because there was an agreement made. he relied on that agreement and you can't have a system where prosecutors don't hold up to their words. essentially what the supreme court is saying is that because the should never have been arrested because there was a non prosecutorial agreement in place that prohibited our office from prosecuting him in 2015. cause be himself tweeted, i have never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence . andrea constant, one of the women who brought the assault charges against coffee, released the statement saying, and part today's majority decision regarding bill cosby is not only disappointing
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but of concern in that it may discourage those who seek reporting or participating in the prosecution and opinion shared by this former, the prosecutor, there's no other way the spinet, it's definitely going to have a chilling effect with other women coming forward. and particularly when they're coming forward. i get powerful men and positions like bill cars. we so it's a say there is no other way to say it is, it's a globe. we need to, women, i it's not a win, but it's certainly a moment in which we all understand that it's a long road to justice. and you know, there are many locks on the way on the pennsylvania supreme court did not exonerate crosby. it made clear in its opinion, he cannot stand trial on the same charge. again. mike hanna, out to 0,
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washington present supreme court has postponed a decision on a case that could determine future claims by indigenous people. so they and federal lands leaders from 14 digital schools have been counted for days near the courthouse in the capital brazilian shock lane. people are trying to retain territory in the southern state of santa katerina. a parts of southern brazil are experiencing unusually low temperatures and even ras snowfall it's been snowing in santa katerina stayed for 3 days now. something that hasn't happened in more than 2 decades. a cold weather is expected to continue for the rest of the week. ah, headlines on 0, the world health organization is warning against what it called the global to tier system when it comes to recognizing different corona virus vaccines. the african union has also accused the europe of not doing enough to ensure that corporate 19
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shots are equally accessible to all how many drinks has more from a butcher. he was angry that when they was, when they.


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