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authorities investigating tax funds in new york, holland. why so berg is expected to face charges of tax evasion. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. and us present. joe biden is meeting with officials in florida after last week's building collapsed me in miami. the search operation has been put on hold for the past few hours because of fears about the structure. stability biden is expected to meet with family members of the conflict of state. now turkey has formerly withdrawn from the east, some bull convention and international treaty on preventing domestic abuse and violence against women. women in turkey have been campaigning to reverse this decision and it's been appealed to the high court president of the ship type. everyone says a convention undermine family values and promote divorce. turkey has seen a search and violence against women in recent years. the present phase women will be protected regardless of whether turkey is a member or not. of the convention. there was a go to do own just in that some circles are trying to portray our withdrawal from
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the stumble convention as a step backwards in our battle with violence against women. our battle did not start with the assemble convention and will not end with our withdrawal from the treaty. live to large fear as soon as possible. who is the protest in the sample? i mean, we knew this was coming soon, and president or the one had already announced to withdraw from this convention in march. tell us about the reactions in the mood at this protest where you are very well coming on. a moving part is going to work from last year in the after it was you had to be seen as again why everybody was
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surprised, even including far outside the bottle. now you can see them more crowded as we about 5 to 30 minutes that mention internationally. by i have a legal system on the crime hand side and the other thing, but they aren't in and they say that the commission and even though they know they don't go off the department and to get in front of women. dr. women's rights foods have accused the turkish government, the name of withdrawing from this convention to
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a conservative in turkey. how does president de one justify withdrawing from from the convention? well, only hasn't before the bar. 2 at the time when the focus was looking to move, it was moving some topics support even them on the supported by the moving car in order to get some people who are in a way denied if they're parking for me another it's on the sparkling as being divided many so it's on trying to
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make motors, but learning from by the government hasn't, hasn't provided any woman and also supported them. thank you very much for that. so blue live there. any sample or 1st nations community in canada says it has found $182.00 unmarked graves at the side of a former residential school for in the as children. it's the latest in a series of discoveries that are forcing canada to address pass abuses. alexia ryan reports a centuries old church engulfed in flames, and albert, the latest in a series of similar incidents across canada in the past month, police a treating the fire as suspicious. the burning of churches began after hundreds of unmarked graves were found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. the latest via coincides with
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confirmation of yet another discovery. this time, 182 unmarked graves near the city of cranbrook. in british columbia, not only from today, the new fine, there's 215 cam moves, the 750 and unmarked graves at college. this, you know, the $180.00 plus cranbrook and again, we have $139.00 sites across canada, where the residential schools were. and each and every one of those sites needs to be investigated properly. the discoveries have led to growing anger about what's being called the mass murder of indigenous people from the 1900 century until the 19 ninety's, more than 150000 indigenous children attended. state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society. they were separated from their families, languages, and traditions. thousands of them were physically and sexually abused or died of disease. many never returned home. and 2008,
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the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. most of the schools were run by the catholic church. the indigenous leaders are planning to travel to the basic and in december they want the pope to say story to prime minister just introduces the revelations of the past weeks have been terrible and shameful. he's called on canadians to do better. have real conversations with our loved one, with our neighbors, with our friends, about what each of us can do to stand as allies, to indigenous people, to shift our own mind sets behaviors and supports is what this is all about. we need to be there some indigenous communities say one way to do that is to cancel those days candidate a celebrations. we're asking for some time and space to grieve and we will continue
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to great grieve as more graves or uncovered communities in morning and a country forced to recon with it's alex no, brian al jazeera talk for continuing in doha, between the african government and the taliban. but i say discuss the piece process backing up again is don, violence has intensified just months out from the deadline for us to withdraw its troops. hundreds of our can. civilians have been killed and injured into thought of a year as a secure security situation deteriorates. our correspondent osama bin jarvis in speaking to not in a dairy from the africa negotiating committee, he says the government will not collapse as a result of the tiny bonds. recent territorial gains. it is 100 plus districts. are all those districts from 400100 plus? are the districts that somehow the taliban could claim that they are they are controlling it's not that all of them fall apart just in the past 3 weeks. it's
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time of transition and transition. the ambiguous these are lars and all the information comes out and until everybody settled down, some of these are an impact of what we've pulled out and created different psychology and some not less significant. some notable districts also gone into that, but our forces are working back, taking back those centers of population. the important question is this. now, are we going to continue to fight for ever or we're going to sit on table as we are here ready? genuinely with, with the complete fade, to start finding a political solution for that, an excuse that existed there, war, foreign forces and apply. and that's why we have, for i think it's gone. it's no more valid. do you fear that the afghan government is losing its grip? as is lots of talk about the government collapsing, maybe in
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a matter of money. a lot of people are up there taking arms and asking the government to allow them to fighting. is that all about? it's a popular kind of reaction to the type of militarism and, and military push for taking over territory. that's an indicator that one need to take into consideration. the other key indicators, wherever there is a flight and there is a district that has fallen. you see a massive number of population, lou leaving that district and moving to the where the government is. it's a clear indicate that the people don't want to live and that, that kind of circumstances. why do don't go a district down where the taliban already had a control de decide to come to the government. now making a judgment that the government would collapse as a false judgement allow time for the class to sample for the transition to complete
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. and the indignity around that to be clear. i'm a firm believer that the only solution to ending this conflict. and when the situation for all evans be the government, they slamming the republic of office. and the taliban is to agreeing on a political settlement on table. and that's why we are pressing for the important issue of a political roadmap to agree on that to talk about the important elements of it. so that we can quickly agree on a political roadmap and we stop the war and reach to a cease fire where we can build enough medicine that all all of our people in our children wants to see a journalist send activity among 15 people killed in a spate of shootings in haiti's capital. a warning this story contains graphic images that some of you may find disturbing, traceable. i'm sorry. what was the for week now? violence in haiti's capital has been out of control. gangs are now said to be in
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charge of the entire areas of photo print on tuesday, at least 15 civilians were killed when the police had allegedly responded to an attack that had left an officer dead. local residents, are you shocked? i heard this terrible news. i told my mom, i'll go see if any relative died in the massacre. i was shocked to see my cousin died for nothing. i asked myself where this country's going. among the dead were journalist v. o. shop and activists. and one had to clear many theories, fellow activities, while francois says they were executed for speaking out against the government. she was an activist and she was very, she had a very strong message against the government about the whole situation actually. so we believe that was targeted and me personally, i believe like the whole all other people that were, you know, killed with that was a plan to cover the target assets. assassination for
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months, thousands of haitians had been taken to the streets to protest against the government of presidential and who has ruled by decree. for the past 18 months. he has failed to call for legislative elections and wants to reform the constitution. critic say it's an effort to strengthen his group on power separately. gaggs are claiming they're in control of the island nation, and the government appears to be unable or unwilling to do anything about the security situation. last week, former police officer turned gang leader in me said he see says he was launching a revolution against the countries. really not what i'm telling people to keep looking for. what's the last to what is your money, which is in bank stores and supermarkets. so go and guess what is rightfully yours . many people have a tooth members of the cabinet, of colluding with a gang members in the united states. some members of congress are trying to push
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president joe biden to hold us to port for moiz and listen more to the haitian people. something many in haiti i calling for, we just part of all the political game where we are not human. you're just transaction stop. bushings your worries. when you know, even for your country, you would not think the guy as a person would do something for you. still why you continue to support, but well, it should actively say that those who dare speak up about the situation in the country face intimidation, and even death. the government for its part seems unable to come up with any solution that will improve people's life. that is, i will defeat the refugees from ethiopia to gray region who had fled to sudan to escape months of fighting. and now hoping to go home soon. that's after rebels from the 2 great people's liberation front,
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said that gained control of the regional capital mckelly. human morgan reports from a refugee camp and got every food on this is where you can refugee money if it's high, says he heard been, you rebels in his home region of the grey had re taken control of the capital mckinney. he fled from my address when the conflict started in november between the european federal government and the regional take great people liberation front or the p l f. he says he had to leave his family behind when he's going to get, if i'm got the most of the degree has been the rated and that most of the places are under the control of to great people. maybe now i can return to my family that i left behind and tried to find them. i can try to search for my children. i can also go look for those the died and bury them. 2 the news of the p p l eps returned to mentally and other cities integrate this week was welcomed by many refugees here who've been following the news on television and social media magazine and mara and
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arity and soldiers and gun, as well as the federal troops. so there will be no more atrocities in te great. i can go home to my village. now i have not heard from my family since the conflict started because i was working in a farmer and they were at home. the 8 months of fighting has displaced nearly 2000000 people. read groups have reported abuses by both sides of the conflict. people in the gray have reported killings by a retreat. troops who fought alongside yuki in federal government and militia from the neighboring. her region. the united nation has that sexual violence and starvation have been used as weapons of war. 70000 people have fled to neighboring sudan since the thought of the conflict. the united nation has described the situation integrate as fluid and unpredictable. hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of relief. supplies and fighting is still ongoing and parts of the region. but for many here, the fact that the t p l has regained control of most of to grey is enough for them to hope that they may be able to return home in the near future. something they
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want to go and search for those they left behind. other say they want to return to their farms and see what remains of their homes and belongings and still others want to return to start where they left off. and this is melissa cuz i was in high school and planning to go to university. now that things have changed to cry, there is peel. i may be able to go back and finish studies and get a job and build to grow to be an independent country. if you'd be in federal troops still control most of the roads in and out of big right. but refugees here say all they're waiting for is word from across the border to return to the homes and lives they've left behind. here morgan august 0. who bought camp got if to down hundreds of migrants are on a week long hunger strike in belgium's capital against the loss of jobs during the corona virus pandemic that hold themselves up. been to universities. randy church in brussels. most of them from south asia and north africa for men went as far as
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pitching their lives shot to emphasize their plight. others have been too weak to stand up, their demanding legal recognition jobs, better conditions, work and welfare services. are cases of c fair is being abandoned on ships because of the pandemic are at a record high. some have been stuck on board for months as a wait for borders to reopen. drew ambrose reports the more than 90 percent of global trade is moved by c. filipino nadine perino is one of the 1600000 seafaring help transport goods around the world on merchant ships. really, really great job. when the pandemic, keith, hundreds of thousands of seafarers were left stranded on their ships, some were abandoned altogether left a month without pay or provisions. that's what happened to the 19 crew members of
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the law of bulk carrier that's been docked in a port in kuwait for a year and a half way back. and i haven't been on monday on monday we would have been handled in 2020 the ship's own us, one trading and contracting said it had no funds to support the vessel and cut contact with the crew. some of them have been unable to lay the ship for more than 2 years, getting diesel. this is our barbecue for emergency because i think this is our thing quarter watching event. this is not a fool with no wages most have been forced to borrow money to support their families . back home. i promise the money that goes in india, i've got money. all the international transport work is
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federation has more than 150 inspected boarding ships. worldwide matthew purcell is from it's a stray and brass, he says, shipping is one of the world's worst regulated industries. we still have an incredible man of them, scowled dougherty, going on. the holly chaise. those c fairs still stranded have no choice but to wait for the day when they can once again step on dry land, drew ambrose out 0. and you can watch the full documentary forgotten i see on al jazeera is 11 east on thursday at 2230 gmc and still ahead on the news. our sons, the red hot run continues, are scenic 3 c, n b a finals for the 1st time in 28 year. that's coming up in the next with ah,
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brought to you by accenture, that there would be change the news with me duties by extension that there would be change.
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oh, a probably thank you very much. 22 days to the lympics and some of the government has withdrawn its weightlifting team to stop them bringing cov, 19 back home. but some of those 8 other olympians are all based abroad, so we'll still participate in the games. overseas. competitors are beginning to arrive in tokyo around $100.00, flew in on thursday from various countries, including germany. all overseas competitors need to take to cove 19 tests in the 4 days before departure. and another test upon arrival. no foreign fans are out and japan's prime minister is holding the olympics with no domestic spectators is still
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an option. what would be athletes competing will be scape or the sky brown? she'd be named in team g, b scored at just 12 years old. which makes a person youngest, peon brown was born in japan and is currently ranked food in the world. and good news for elliptic tennis is that will number one, that chunk of ich and 20 time grand slam champion roger federal will compete info. both men are currently involved at the years, a 3rd major to an admin, wimbledon earlier full seed. alexander very won his way into the 3rd round, the german b, 10 assembly and of the u. s. 875-6263. he will play another american next, either steve johnson or taylor for on the women side fringe urban runner up on the public chunk of a 3 to the 3rd round. the 16 seed was up against christine episcopal of the check republic. on a thursday, the russian winning in for the new really 63631 for the next round of those. she
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did need a bit of help from hawkeye to confirm the victory. the phoenix ends of reach their 1st n b a finals since 1993. they haven't been la clippers and game 5 of the western conferences to wrap up the victory for games. the 2, david stokes as the action the phoenix tons hoping this magic carpet ride will and in their 1st n b a championship. phoenix knew when would secure their place in the n b a finals . but they were coming off the back of a defeat. the clippers who were back on high court again, 6 and things were tight. midway through the 2nd quarter, the sons began to pull ahead. and the 3rd, though devon booker, with this dunk on his way to 22 points, 5 out clippers. but it was the 36 year old better and chris and paul who sold the show against his former team for chopper park today. and chris paul does that again . the 11 time, all star had never reached the n b, a finals in his 16 year career with 5 different franchises. but nothing could stop
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him. on wednesday he school to play off korea high 41 points, 31 of which came in the 2nd half alone, c p 3, and the found. he let the sons to a stunning 27 point victory wrapping up a full 2 series when not bad for a team that hadn't even made the playoffs for a decade. it before this season, done for the 1st time and what are you going to be a fine? we still got a lot of work to do, but we don't enjoy my family. i love ya. see, i'm right there. that's my game. great of the year. that is surgery or losses, bad losses, but we don't enjoy the night. this has been a dream not over yet. phoenix had made the finals twice before, both ending and defeat to the boston celtics, and 976, and most recently and 993. when charles barkley sons were beaten by marco jordan
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and the chicago bulls this time round the face of the milwaukee bucks or atlanta hawks who had taught it to 2 in the east. finally, david stokes out his era the n h l finals already well underway and the defending stanley cup champions, the tampa bay lightning a half way to winning the trophy for the 2nd year in a row that lead them on to canadian su nothing off the game to on wednesday, late coleman beating, at the end of the 2nd period, the hand tampa bay, the lead life thing eventually going on when 31 a spanish court has ordered european football governing body. you a for the cancel all legal sanctions against rel, madrid, barcelona, and you vented for their part in the fail european super league. they are the last 3 club standing of the original 12 that plan the break away. the other 9 have pulled out, the spanish court has ruled you way for cannot exclude the 3 clubs from the champions league of the punishment you a for is yet to respond. fabled football team. so be interested to know that leonor
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messy is now available to sign for any club anywhere in the world for free. the origin consol contract with barcelona expired on wednesday. it means for likes of man, said he and p as she could now pick him up on a free johnson. however, the 34 year old is expected to stay at the catholic club despite asking to leave last year at one plan that seems likely to be on the move is jayden santo, currently on duty with england that the euros anxious the united have reportedly agree to 100000000 dollar deal in principal to find the wing from literacy adornment center has yet to undergo a medical logger. you know, i think every coach would like santo, we need to team, but we have to deal with it and talk about how we can replace the quality. we're not going to get censure, but we're going to try and find creative solutions and say this as an opportunity to perhaps strengthen ourselves. the door was be made for the final round of asian
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qualifiers for the cause of 2022 world cup. took place in koala and put on foods and is thrown up some pretty interesting matchups as countries fight for the right to compete in copper. me, you improve a, it's iran, south korea, the united arab emirates, iraq, syria, and lebanon. and in group be quite a tough one with japan up against australia, saudi arabia, china, oman, and vietnam. the top 2 finishes in each group will go through with the food pe seems facing each other to decide who advances to be in the confederation playoffs to girl solver tough. you know, so, but this is a price to go to the war to 2022. we asked to be ready, dominates was very much the vision. multiple things coming up again a little bit later, but that's all for now fully be there. thank you very much. for that,
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that's it for this news are on. i'll just stay with us. we'll have more news in just a few minutes. thanks so much. i news news july on that was just the can film festival return to the delight of fans and an industry hit hard by curve at 19 but will travel restrictions and social distance in the shadow on the glitz and glamour across the globe generation change. we young activists slicing injustices and demanding radical change after
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a year long delay japan hotel. and unlike any the world have seen before. my eyes and bob way showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today. just by growing tension with egypt and sudan, ethiopia reset for the next phase of filling it down on the blue nile. july on i'll just be part of the debate is self defeating the end because it in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table . what we wanted to talk about were these land white men touching our loud and clear dream, where a global audience becomes a global community. jump into the comment section. and part of those discussion, there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online faith on al jazeera, something was going to change as anything really changed. this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in
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a race against the barrier and know what to say. so we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be the devil is always going to be in the house the bottom line when i was just around. oh i the europe, becky vaccine injustice. the african union is not doing enough to ensure that call the 1900 shot equally accessible to ah, you're watching 0 live from do with me for the back table also ahead. former us president donald trump organization is under scrutiny for obligations of tax evasion. its chief financial officer has.


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