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campaigning to reverse the decision and has been appealed to the high court president's regime tie upon one says the convention under my family values and promotes divorce turkey seen a surgeon violence against them in recent years. minimize military zonta is released around $2300.00 prisoners from a jail and the largest city, young gong officials, a journalist and activists. what among those read on wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners released in april. but gerald activists were not included. ah, this is all, these are the told stories, the world house organizations warning against what it calls a global to tier system when it comes to acceptance of different corona virus vaccines. the e u has rolled out a corporate 900 pos to make things easier for back city to travelers, but it's only approved for vaccines. the african union,
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special envoy for corporate 19, has criticized europe on vaccines and says, not one dose has left a european factory for africa. so my see, ya bye has accused europe of leaving africa to struggle alone against a crushing 3rd wave of infections on the dress has more from a boucher he was angry that when they, what, when they traveled to europe to seek for these vaccines even from their own from the pockets of african government to address the crisis at home. european factories referred them to india. and now, some european countries, i've been questioning the efficacy of the vaccines, the same as transactions, i suppose, any corrections being produced in europe that are now being produced in india that are currently using africa. so they said that he said, that's a big worry. china is marketing the chinese communist parties and santana re,
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was celebrations across the country. and she's in ping address the nation from gentleman square and said the era of china being bullied is over forever. but chief financial officer of former us president donald trump company has surrendered to authorities, investigating tax crimes in new york. allen vice. nobody is expected to face charges of tax evasion. us president joe biden landed in miami, where he's set to visit the site of lawsuits building collapse. the recovery operation has been placed on hold for the past few hours because of fears about the structure. stability of isolation. community in canada is find a $182.00 unmarked graves at the sight of a former residential school or indigenous children. the remains of more than 5000 children have not been found at 3 different locations. those the headlines, the news is going to continue here on all just in about 25 minutes time. more on
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the website. i'll just dot com. know it's the st. goodbye after a few year absence. one of the world's most famous film festivals. in fact, with the math mandate, 3 for all social distance thing in place. and sometimes we find from attending all together can the glamorous, so he's event recreate the magic of the knife coverage of the can film festival on out his era. ah hey, welcome to the stream, i'm josh rushing, sitting them for for me. ok today. i want to begin for the people who watched on youtube. right now, do you see the box right over here? there is a live stream producer waiting there for you to add your comments to the share they're going to give them to me and i can ask questions. you can be a part of the program and what a program it us today we're talking about afghanistan. i was there a few years ago to us military commander told me, you know, the us military, me on all the watches. but the taliban has all the time. and he was alluding to the
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fact that some everyone knew at some point that us was going to have to pull out enough games. dan was going to stand on a town and that the taliban would of course, challenge that well, that dates come. president binders ask all us forces to be out by the 20th anniversary of $911.00, which is just a couple of months away. so us forces are drawing down there at a time that it seems like be stop to the taliban have stopped and the taliban is ascendant across the country. in fact, let me show you a map where this is from lauren journal, just tracks us and they say, the tell me is deborah doubled the number of controlled african districts since may 1st. now on this map, the light gray is what has now uncontested and controlled by the government of afghanistan and presumably backed by the us. the dark gray is controlled by the taliban and the red is considered contested. then you can see the taliban that
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circled. cobble there in the center, they've circle the kandahar down south. they're doing their spreading throughout the rule areas. and so i thought 3 guest on today's show to talk about this and what it means for afghanistan and the people of afghanistan. i'm going to ask him to introduce himself, so i'm going to begin with shooter. i josh, thank you them. sure, jamal. i'm the head of international relations and regional cooperation at the office of the national security council here in couple. thank you. on the show. thank you for being. i know it's about midnight and i appreciate you being up tonight with us and chagrin i did and everyone else and yes, my name is shaquira and i'm from re bastard. they're just women's and human rights activists. fantastic. thank you sir. chris and moving on to ali. i'm the one i'm, let's feel i'm a journalist from co. alright,
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fantastic. i want to go with you so 20 years on from the us invasion. they also the taliban rather quickly, but they never really knocked them out and never really put them away. it's like water, the dam holding them back over all this time. and now would you agree? does it seem from your perspective there in cobble that the taliban is indeed a center to the moment. but let me go on the premise of your question. the taliban were never really you did. and then the point for that there is they will not really never went away primarily because they were not a domestic ask them on the movement they received. there was you recruit. there is the ability to actually rep, recuperate medical treatment and then come back over across our southern border from pakistan where they could also apply themselves with weapons. which is why they've been so resilient and difficult or get better. but you're right,
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that the taliban have actually resorted into a policy of, of terrorism to can, you know, escalating their violence after a telephone deal. instead of taking that recovered you to actually announce the fire and try to meet people and people because guess what? the only reason for the fight, which of the present international troops is gone. now, there's no international. they're going to, they're not the few that are remaining, you're going to be gone. and if you read for a month and there's not going to be any combat the presence of international but so, but so that the resurgence is really the bon pressing for terrorism, an escalation but also increasingly against them. instead of choosing a policy reconciliation, which is really shouldn't be doing because there's a mis norrick opportunity because the domestic political environment and the line to either of that's all of on the cold, the international environment line fever or they could take that
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opportunity. why does it surprise anyone to agree you can jump in here that, that, that the taliban might be more interested in military games and diplomatic games. at this moment, i do believe fair taliban are again gaining and somehow they already got enough legitimacy and legitimacy and recognition internationally offered to her agreement . it's not something reality that they believe deafness. i do believe that taliban are just being searching group that they would like to take power by violence. they are at the moment. i'm not saying like they are just only relying on pakistan. i do believe other countries, especially iran and russia. somehow, china's also been engaged and they start talking with a taliban, i believe the entire international community. it's just because of the position they got and they're that's why i think they are showing themselves in
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a different way. if i would like to compare the government of afghanistan with the taliban, h a. i don't think to 8th a will be de reality that i cannot compare a legitimate government, which is terrorist group because the government have their responsibility duties. and they have to delivered the services that they have to keep the security of the people. and of course they have to enforce law and while by the taliban and tell on just killing and just destroying and moving by violence and bringing fer, among the public opinion. i think that's, that's not the way of victory. i do believe victory notes in war which comes with a piece reconciliation understanding and harmony. and right now what we are think it's totally different. i really. ringback of course the government to sub gun is fun is also not angel. we do have lots of difficulties when it comes,
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especially with the military leadership and i've got to stop because the due to some policies, they're a good general's was been said going home and right now we have a just feel the security sector would in you and add those news also not taking action. for me, it's unacceptable to say technically we led the taliban to gain the district. of course, technically, because just the government want to save and protect the civilian taliban, are using the human shield in the different district. that's why they are gaining. it's not the reality, but when it comes to who is delivering service to the people, i think right now it should be people who have gone to such should be all some port in part, who's delivering service to the people. know which and especially tolerable talbert taking money and wells from the people they are asking even to human resources. and that's, that's why if you see those district was going to be on there,
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taliban control at the people are going to move from the area to whereas the government control area. so that was clear message from the public. i've got a son that they don't like to live under taliban control. and of course those district to taliban are cation. it's either it was before with a tolerable or it was a very the most vulnerable area. just gain it or the government would not enough capital already a to take action. i do believe it was not fair to see the government of ghana, son and defensive position. they have to change their strategic of course we are ready for p stock, but it meanwhile, they have to fulfill their responsibility duties when it comes to keep security. and so we're going to have to country and there's a moment for arm civilians to resistance to taliban. not just not let's bring in. we have somebody i want to share here of civilians who have taken up arms against
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the taliban. these people used to have weapons in their homes for their own security. they picked them up to day and came to the district to show those who disrupt security, that we are working with, our security forces to ensure secure. so we warn the dollar bond to come and stay in peace, and if they do not stay in peace, they will face these young people and the people of afghanistan. we will not allow our country to become insecure and we stand by our security forces. i lay the lead us general there this week said that they could visualize a path to civil war. part of that might be the civilian militias. have you been able to get outside of kabul and report on, on this? and if you have what, what have you found out there actually going tomorrow, i can give you more direct information. unfortunately,
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but the issue of the civilian militia, it goes back to what i meant by advice and is that people find themselves in a situation where no one is providing for them. right? so it's all about, it's clearly not providing for them. the government is fairly to provide for them in many areas. a lot of people feel left out by the government. and if you look at a lot of these payments, they, when they say they say we want to back in some follow up and we want to show that we won't allow and securities take over, that would be support our security forces. they never say like we support the government and his card form or this is what we want to preserve, they're fighting for our lab. so that's a really important distinction to make part of what can lead to fear and looks. a lot of people told me she'll be hold into the actual government as it stands, government, if it continues to exist, whenever it comes to an end and you know, getting people back in line and make sure that they don't turn their guns. i guess
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the people of happened in 1992. so this is, this is a major issue on the one hand, people feel, you know, air localize their security and taking over their own lives, protecting their own land. but there's also the fear that, well, why does this just turn into another conflict between groups between missing between region and there's a lot of one answer questions about it. i want to bring in some comments from people in our youtube audience right now. actually today i'm going to throw this one to you. why is the u. s. withdrawing from afghanistan now that comes from winston west. i think that's the question that is probably best out from president, by policy here with us all of on deal that with find it agree of 2020, which was i did it with all of us all of the international courses. but let me give you online that the telephone committed to enter into negotiations and
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government, which then would actually be the precondition for withdraw further with the gradually of the american growth of international nato presence in afghanistan. well, the withdrawal continued, but the tell it on actually the lead their nation around one ended in 2021 of the 3 2nd of december of 2020 and the to negotiate their shooting. and cuts are actually decided to go on, take a break to their families and come back around to negotiation. on the 5th of january of 2021. well guess what happened? they asked him to go, she didn't pack their bags, their cobra test got their plane ticket, they're landed and only to find it. there's no telling where are the telephone? nobody knows us. does not know us. special representative says no, they don't know. we don't know what turns out 2 weeks later, it's all about actually show up in moscow,
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and then they show up and on. and then they show up a rating through a length of suicide bombers and pocket stuff. these are not just about any telephone. these are actually in telephone, who are on the un security council, sent you a list for prohibits from traveling internationally, but who actually enjoy an exemption so that they could travel in support reconciliation and i've kind of thought, but what we'll be doing using that privilege for the travel exemption under the city council function, they were actually using it to avoid any negotiation. they agreed to come back in january of 20 negotiate, but they chose not to. they actually went all over the over the world. but negotiating, which they call this a view of the privilege of the travel exemption for men listed under the un sanction. misuse of that privilege shoes and tell you how much priority the telephone gets used to the taliban would say we are fighting international market
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called international. well, there is no international occupation anymore because everybody who has an international forces, they're withdrawn from the muslim scholars. everything from everywhere from, from charlotte, because rebundle dash egypt to play. the rapier are saying this war, the more that the telephone or the queue doing is not legitimate religiously anymore. if it ever was so the so called you have that the telephone for the pushing is not there anymore. and so therefore, now is the government. but there are also pushing increasingly in areas where if only really so the war against the security forces. now also the telephone for people, which is why you saw that video, people taking up arms to actually protect their likelihood, protect their land,
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but also to stand up with the national security forces because they're the only truly national 4th capable of mobilizing the people. but i think and the matter very important point, the point that we made was that is there are risks that all of these uprising all across the country, but actually a great into something less controlled. i think that's a real risk. the government can only do so much to actually break into the whole of the security forces and the control group. but, but that's at the ball. there really isn't the telephone to actually stop the fight against the government to fight against the fighting. because that is actually risk, the co rody, the consensus inside the society and government to make peace. because when people take a car, when people actually damage the taliban and the damage from the telephone to ation and those societies look great in
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a way that would be hard to catch them. so this really is an opportunity for them to make peace. and we also, in the un for asking the permanent 5 members of the un security council to actually tailor the travel exemption, instead of giving the telephone cord listed under the sanctions. and i'm traveling sort of giving them a blank check. why don't you give them the ability to and she wanted to members of our audience, cuz we're running short on time. for route con is common in a couple of times. it says, what is the responsibility us as a superpower? is to leave afghanistan to civil war, leave the economy destroyed. he also goes on to say, wherever usa goes, spreads war corruption, chaos but leaves without picks in the country or paying for the loss of civilians. and here's a great question for you. sure grids from devonjay and junior are women safe now in afghanistan,
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i don't think there's such circumstances we could call. i've got this done is safe . because the way which was happening the way they plan, and the way days the nato forces are leaving. i've got it done. it means i've got his son. we hope it just didn't go back to the safe haven. the terrorist network international terrace network are groups, but it means that when the land is not safe, how we can call it, the women are ganesh than our can be safe. i think just recently the northern part of the country did those district which is going to be controlled by taliban at the moment. the order again, the same rules as they were ruling of god as fun during the end of 19 they say that women cannot go out without mail company or my from. and of course, they should covered themselves even they asked the shopkeepers do not sell anything
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to those women, which is they are coming without mil member of their family or mushroom. so this is, this shows like talent on our against mentally ideology. they are not ready to accept, not only women or huff ganeth son, but other right. so there's no guarantee they will respect and recognize human rights, women's rights, freedom of expression, power of sharing. and of course, the power of the people which is said, the constitution of got to stand in national identity and values, which is the african made. and the last 20 years, we paid a lot a, we paid our life, we paid to time for it. and for, for me, it's not to really easy to accept it. i should go back 22 years for where i started . i start my activity and to be are women's rights activists during a ton of time, it was the 19 like the age agree where you say in the country,
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it's hard for me for you remain in the country. if it looks like you're taliban, well over i'm calling always it. yes, yes. this is my life a i took the decision when they beat me on the street. and did i, it was like a just a wake up call for me because i was visiting a doctor without meal money member of my family. so they big me on the street. why i'm alone with my little girl with my daughter. although i shave my daughter here to look like a boy. so she was very small and little and did this kind of story. i think every african women did. so for me it's, it's very hard to see the journey. i star during the taliban. of course, it was a different time at the time, i don't have united states or any other nato countries support. i was living in a very merchant ally and neglected society and country in the earth with the name
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of scottish them right now, which way different, and that different it business means it means generation change in that change of generation bring lots of thanks to afghanistan and the new generation get been engaged to the work, so that's why it's not acceptable for us to have the fact go back to the dorky job . i've got this done. so it said, that's why i'm saying i've got his son shouldn't go back to the hands of terrorist network. there's no guarantee also do her agreement talk about said they will cut their til with their let's say i'll tell you down or an ice ice or dice group. so where is still they have formed fighters with fighting with them? so they have those they terror support and malicious and militant with them. it's not easy for everyone to accept that. ok, just to tell it which is they are a religious color. know how to use gun,
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how to control the district and their military ability. so of course, we all understand there are bringing the international fighters, which is they don't have pace in their own countries. only bring on trees. how long should be a playground? and it seems like you're trying to jump at on that. did you have something to say there it is truly, you know, that they haven't shown that they necessarily comp time and there's also, i mean, what kind of really mean today, you know, and especially what does it mean and honest, it's a nice word to you, but you know, to currently, i don't really know what that's up to and i think we have to be careful and trying to conflate the taller bond with it. because if you were in the east, when it was around in the eastern provinces, you know, people fled specifically because because of what they were presented,
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how much they feared them. and you know, all of this already to begin with. they were fighting each other in this group and eventually ever fighting each other. so i think, i think we have to be honest about these big yes, it's all about the terrorist group. yes, they do awful pain, but i don't think it helps to, you know, we have the same problem in 201415. the government kept going on about all the dice, dice, playstation and then what happened ramped up in support for the total of on because they were afraid of coming near their border projects on focused on these other places. you know, they involve their fighters got involved, they're armed opposition, move involved, russia got involved. we didn't actually know making things any favor. so i think we just have to, you know, start being a little bit more precise. huge on a difference between the taliban and i. solar isis or damage, but has been gained. i will say do international credibility because the u. s.
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engage with them in the piece talks door. you want them right? brock obama wanted to send them a long thing. unfortunately they've been really smart in this, right? they have played matic game. they've been in 2011 and they've been meeting with foreign officials all along and she was pointed out over the last few years. what did they do? they went on a world tour, wouldn't shoot just for one more moment and literally you got about 15 to 30 seconds here. shoot for this final point. go for here's the truth about guys. ok. they may be fighting to touch on certain parts of the country, but they're actually in the telephone, certain other parts of the country. they're using the same modeling network, the model explosives and arms and admission on recruit dice is also actually active . any be in security umbrella?
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ali bomb provide not just of them, but every other addition, i've got 6 neighboring countries. and paula bon actually is hosting terror organization from 5 of the from china. i am the project manager. all right of the problem is not just, you know, the problem. every terrorist organization under the sun. well, i agree i'm gonna give you 15 seconds for a final thought if you have it here. oh, i do believe. and just recently, couple of weeks ago the deputy of al qaeda was been killed in a god. me proven last one of the famous the taliban commander. so it's me still al qaeda is existing and i think just recently, and of course we can not say that when the ideologies are the same, we should forget that the taliban have the id, ology and their idea ology their reality. so we cannot say when they have finding a copy of that right. and i want to thank all 3 of you for being on the stream
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today. of course, the world's watches us and i'll just there will be watching us over the months to come in until i see you again. thank you for being with us today. ah. a face compelling story without uttering a single word. and knowing a simple touch informa, the young convent manatee, of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye. it's what inspires the witness. documentaries, on out there are challenging the way mainstream media report. the news stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out of all power to account
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how it is in journalism is breaking the destruction of civilian property. this is all evidence for the farm tribes. and the rate of speaking. we've been getting stories of john this taken from the houses in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news discovered on out his era. the news news. news. news.
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me . i this is al jazeera. ah, hello, this is a news our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to borderline from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. europe accused of the vaccine injustice, the african union says it's not doing enough to ensure that koby $900.00 shots are equally accessible to all former us president donald trump is organization is under
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scrutiny for allegations of taxes.


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