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to our warning, it is pushing millions deeper into poverty. many our job listen hungry. the united nation says 60 percent or 12400000 serious don't have regular access to enough food . despite the battlefield, being largely quiet for a year, agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict. and the hardship has not stopped a serious border. ah, the workhouse organizations slams the e u for the lack of corporate 900 vaccine equity is the continent opens up, travel for its own citizens. ah, i know about this and this is all their life and how also coming up president, she's doing things as china will never be bullied again. as
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a governing communist party celebrates its 100 anniversary, trump organizations chief financial officer, allen vital by faces, tax evasion, charges his lawyer state. you'll plead not guilty calls for the indigenous people for the cancellation of canada day after dozens more unmarked grades, or find a former residential school in the world health organizations warning against what it calls are global to tier system when it comes to acceptance of different corona virus vaccines, they has rolled out a cove at 1900 pass to make things easier for vaccinated travelers. there's only approved for vaccines. natasha battle reports from paris at paris is the only airport airline staff. can travelers documents european union citizens miss now shown you covey certificate to travel on paper or in digital form?
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it shows if a person is vaccinated or has a recent negative p. c r. test member states can adjust the entry rules according to the health situation in the country. bought the code with the tip good will be standardized throughout the block. but you could be to me, it's more paperwork, but we've been vaccinated. we have a p c r test. it's all good. i think it's a necessary measure. it isn't over yet, and we must avoid at all costs the risk of people of any age getting sick and we go the, you want to make it easier for people to cross. it's borders after more than a year of covey restrictions. paris is usually one of the world's most visited cities, bought the pandemic as men 13 you, a tourist, you have the coven certificate, will encourage people to travel again. and i hope i can make recovery from like most european countries has lifted many restrictions to refuse of ended, and people no longer need to wear mosques outdoors. but the french government says
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there's a growing concern for the spread to the highly contagious delta variant volume. adopt a delta variant is progressing, it is even progressing very quickly. it represented about 10 percent of contamination last week, but it has doubled in less than a week and some medical experts say the delta various could account for 90 percent of cases in europe by august. portuguese officials recently imposed the we can lock down in lisbon after a spike in cases you official say, countries must act if the health situation in their country deteriorates them. it is not over yet. this has been made very clear by the emergence of new violence of the virus. this is why we are proposing an emergency break, which allows members stairs to reintroduce measures. it's a fine balance for the e. u, as it works to minimize health risks while trying to reinvigorate economies and
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allow people some freedom. but often more than a year of living with the unpredictability of the pandemic. the key, the european officials, is that people remain vigilant. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris. the african union, special envoy for covert 19, has criticized europe on vaccines and says, not one dose has left a european factory for africa. so my c o one has accused europe of leaving africa to struggle alone against a crushing 3rd wave of infections. well let's get more in this is who's joining us now? live from a bowser. i'm a, these are very strong words from the boy. absolutely, and he didn't stop that. he said he was angry that when they, what, when the problem to europe, to seek for these vaccines, even from their own, from the pockets of african government to address the crisis at home. european factories referred them to india. and now some european congress. i've been
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questioning the, it's because of the vaccines the same as transactions, i suppose, any corrections being produced in europe that are now being produced in india that are currently using africa. so they said that he said that's a big warry. and that he was, we were saying that by december, the african container was told that they would be no vaccines arriving. the countries or the governments of the, of countries in the car on the continent would have made previous necessary arrangements to supply or get vaccines for their population. but these, i said, was wrong on the part of college, because that would many african governments into a self full sense of security. thinking about vaccines, or doses of anti covered vaccines will come by december and no, but no dues was able to reach the continent in the last 6 months. now africa
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currently is in the 3rd wave of its of covered 19 and death rates here have spiked by 23 percent in the past week are low and so there is concern yet that things could worse before the african continent. get a grip on the situation. currently, i'm going to, where is the fundamental problem in this? because if i understand correctly, in order to be able to get the vaccines and african countries have to have the money to pay for it. a one would imagine that without the vaccines, the economies can't restart to be able to generate money to be able to pay for the vaccines. it seems to be a vicious cycle. it is, and even to access loans from the world bank, vaccines have to be a viable. and some of these manufacturers, manufacturers of these vaccines insist that they have to be paid up front for them to supply the vaccines. now the problem is such that the european union was focus more on protecting its population. remember, one of the delta veteran broke out in india. india stopped the export of all boxes
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to try to address the crisis at home. now, africans were left in limbo, expecting that vaccines would arrive by december last year and no vaccine as arrived since then. although the good news is that probably by next week, the johnson and johnson backs and supported by the united states will right will start arriving the continent. now, to access funds from the world bank, it's such a, such a difficult process for the african continent. and despite that, even if you have the cash to access to buy these sections, you have to wait on a queue. and when they move to factors in europe and india, they couldn't get that as a result. a lot of people, millions and millions of people on the continent are not being vaccinated. so that's a key worry. although the numbers we are hearing on the continent currently stands at 5500000 infections. the problem is, many people believe that the numbers are under reported on the continent, and it's quite a struggle for these countries to deal with
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a problem. already. several countries out launched into economic recession and many countries are really, really struggling even before covered 19. so the result was to even by the vaccines, was quite a huge task for them. a big problem for governments on the continent. i'm going to just bring this up to date from boucher. thank you. ah. china's governing communist party has been celebrating the $100.00 anniversary of its funding addressing trans and gentlemen square and beijing president. she jim payne hale chinas versus course away from colonial humiliation. while she praised the party for raising incomes and restoring national pride, he failed to mention his historic failures. katrina, you reports from bay chain in the early hours of thursday morning. 70000 people gathered in beaten enemy square to mark the 100 anniversary of china's
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communist party. youth choir sang revolutionary ballads, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead. it was a well choreographed display of nationalism and power performed with precision president. she didn't pain address the crowds saying the party had transformed china from the backward week country into a strong water one. the fishing that we have brought about historic revolution to the problem of poverty in china. and we are now marching in confidence, tries to was a 2nd and pen re go a building china into a great modern social country. in all respects, my dressed includes reminiscent of party, found a mount don't. she said the party had kept its promise of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and would continue to achieve success to the chinese people . it is aimed at winning, not just respect for the party admiration for the body,
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but also an emotional connection between the, you know, she and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from our depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level and of course it's a show 4th issue, food for friends and adversaries abroad. press. and she had this warning for those wanting to undermine the parties, rule wrong going to me, the chinese people will never allow any for, for a press or slave for anyone who dare to do that will be on the collision course against the great was still a full by over 1400000000 chinese people. the leader also praised the party in order to hong kong, something achieved to cracking down on the territory democracy movement and vowed to reunite taiwan with china. beijing considers the sell food island, a renegade chinese province to pay responded by saying its determination to defend
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its sovereignty. and democracy was unchanged. not mentioned during the celebrations were the historic favorites of the party, the violence and destruction of the cultural revolution in the $900.00 sixties and seventies, or the brutal crackdown of the $989.00 gentlemen square protests. it's incarceration of an estimated 1000000 ethnic muslim week as the so called we education camps has also been condemned by governance rights groups abroad. but they're not openly talked about. it's very not to research them. so the party wants to highlights not the law lives, try to find praised and coming to hockey outside. it's a different story. this calibration comes at times when international criticism has begun with policies and abroad and high staging response to that criticism on thursday with loud and clear, it's simply isn't listening. katrina you out a 0 meeting celebrations were marked by
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a heavy security presence in hong kong. him, brian, is there with more well in the heart of hong kong, a busy street has been sealed off by police. and the reason, but that is it. traditionally, this is the place where the annual july, the 1st march begins, and we are rallies and rule. so held for the 2nd year running, police have denied permission for that to happen fighting cobit 19 and warning that anyone taking part in a process that is not authorized risk violating the new national security law. the police have been stopping people wearing black and checking their ideas. meanwhile, on the other side of town, john lee who is the security secretary and currently standing in the carry land. the chief executive gave a speech to an audience with a ceremony on thursday morning saying the national security law had brought stability back to hong kong. after a long period of calles,
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young to highway was therefore as we safeguard the national security citizens can still enjoy freedom. such freedom of speech, press assembly and protest in accordance with the law on what around? 10000 police are on duty here at the moment. and earlier in the day, the police broke up a full man protest. this group was calling for the release of all political prisoners. they were questioned. they were briefly detained, but they were not arrested. they were allowed to continue with their march, and the authorities say that is prove that freedoms in hong kong remain intact. the chief financial officer of former us president donald trump's company has surrendered to authorities investigating tax crimes in new york. allen vice bug and other trump employees are expected to face charges of tax evasion. they're suspected of illegally avoiding paying taxes and company parks, such as cars and apartments in school, jewish, and the jump organizations. those charges against cfo are political according to us
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media on christmas in his life for us now. in new york, i suppose the big question is whether or not this is going to get as far as reaching donald trump talk us through what's going on here. well, we know that the cfo of the organization, alan wife burg turned himself into authorities here in the court behind me earlier today the trump organization described him as a devoted husband and grandfather as well as a devoted employee. he's been with the company for more than 48 years or 48 years, nearly 50 years, going back to when donald trump's father fred ram, the company, the precise charges against him will be revealed when he appears before a judge later today. but as you say, we do know that the company itself, as well as wife burned,
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have been under investigation for their finances in particular related to employee benefits. the finances have been under scrutiny by state and local prosecutors going back for more than 2 years and benefits that were paid to weisel, burned, sun have come under a particular scrutiny. now we do know also from a statement from weiss, a birth attorney that he plans to plead not guilty. the trump organization says that this is a prosecution, that the i r s or another district attorney never would have brought. they say it's politically motivated and to get out. donald trump himself, they say this is politics, not justice. and donald trump is not facing charges at this point, but this suggests that they are nosing around his business. the president himself is denied any wrong doing. he's labeled this as a witch hunt, and the fact that weisel berg is pleated not is pleading not guilty suggests that
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he is not cooperating with authorities who might be hoping that he gives them some dirt on the president in an attempt to get charges to him. but at this point, the investigation they say is ongoing christian, thank you very much. indeed. that's christmas and i'm talking to us from new york. sort of had an i'll just say to us, private and joe biden is due to arrive at the sides of lawsuits building collapsed in florida. we're going to be live near the scene of the accident. and donald rumsfeld dyes, aged 80 age the controversial to time defense secretary orchestrated the us invasion of iraq and afghanistan. ah, the seasonal rain has perked up. this is the line stretches from japan to china.
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the most of the active stuff is along the line this time the called the plum rains and the orange top suggests where it is raining at his most heavy and his tuck. you said honju eastern side is already flooding. there will be more and back in the chinese and it's going to be the yanks valley which is abroad. valley which gets regularly flooded and he's supposed to get regularly fed. well, that's the case for next 2 days with sandstone breaking out of a basing again with heavy downfalls. south of it all is much dry. hong kong will be humid, but not particularly wetted about $33.00 degrees. and there's a surprising gap in what should be wet weather, but in, for example, thailand is bottles what you might expect, nor is it in viet nam, but it is sort of way see and throughout the philippines it does look particularly where there's been flooding recently and solar ways you, they may be a bit more through friday, 10 to drop a bit during saturday, but it's still wet and sumatra maybe fast, fast the time. but again, thailand is still looking particularly dry bangkok,
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a humid $36.00. the monsoon rains of backed off a bit from most of india, but for the northeast and for the poll and back the dash, it's whit ah, the be part of the debate itself just to end in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about were glen white man touching our loud this dream, where a global audience becomes a global community, jumping to the comment, question, and part of those discussion. there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online face on al jazeera. ah
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ah, you're wondering how does it reminded i tell stories this out of the world health organizations warning against what it calls a global to to system when it comes to acceptance of different corona virus vaccines. b, u has rolled out a covered 1900 parts to make things easier, vaccinated travelers, but it's only approved for vaccines. china is mocking the chinese communist parties from tannery with celebrations across the country. president changing address formation from gentlemen square said the ita of china being bullied is over forever . the chief financial officer of former us president donald trump's company is surrender to authorities, investigating tax crimes in new york and vice o'brien is expected to face charges of tax invasion. czar says you are not guilty us president joe biden has
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landed in miami, where he set to visit the site of last week's building, collapse, recovery operations being placed on hold for the past few hours because of fears about the structure stability. president biden's set to be victims, relatives, and 1st responders, 145 people remain unaccounted for and at least 18 people a confirmed dead. well, john henderson's in the south side, florida, and he's joining us now. what is joe biden hoping to achieve? do you think with his visit well, the 2 things that he has to offer here are hope and hell. hope that there would still be survivors found help in terms of federal aid, the federal emergency management agency. the disaster agency has given a couple of $1000000.00 to help this rescue effort so forward. there's also an ongoing federal investigation by the national institute of standards and technology . those are the same people who investigate as a collapse of the towers after 911. you will also be here to bank those 1st
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responders, the 900 people who are here, many of them search and rescue workers who have been working on a pile of rubble in that 10 buildings behind me. and then he's also here to greet the families and to talk to them about what the federal government can do and offer them some consolation. just a few moments ago, what he got was a commanding control update from the governor of florida, rhonda santas, and from daniella, levine cover the mayor of miami dade. and in that he learned a big piece of news. and that is, that work is stopped on that tower right now because there have been, there's been some shifting of the remaining portion of the building that they're in one case, a column is 6 to 12 inches and they're worried. the whole thing could come down that makes it unsafe for rescue workers, certainly unsafe for the president as well. and that's why we don't know whether he's actually going to come and visit the site because of that ongoing danger. and
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there is another danger out there. tropical storm elsa is spinning out in the atlantic, threatening to hit the florida coast. that's bad for 2 reasons. if this work is to resume the hurricane or tropical storm, as it is now, would likely stop the work on going at the time. and it could also draw rescue workers to have to deal with the storm itself. so there are a lot of moving parts here. we expect to hear and address from the president later on today. and he will tell us what he has seen and what he's told those people he's met with. john, thank you very much. john handle talking to us from suicide in florida. first nations community in canada says it's find a 182 unmarked graves at the side of a former residential school for indigenous children. it's the latest in the cities of discoveries that a force in canada to address past abuses and axial. brian reports a
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centuries old church engulfed in flames, and l. berza the latest in a series of similar incidents across canada in the past month. lease a treating the far as suspicious. the burning of churches began after hundreds of unmarked graves were found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. the latest fire coincides with confirmation of yet another discovery. this time, 182 unmarked graves near the city of cranbrook. in british columbia. not only from today, the new fine, there's 215 cam moves, the 750 and unmarked graves at college. this, you know, the $180.00 plus cranbrook and again, we have $139.00 sites across canada, where the residential schools were. and each and every one of those sites needs to be investigated properly. the discoveries have led to growing anger about what's being called the mass murder of indigenous people from the 19th century until the
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19 ninety's. more than 150000 indigenous children, attended. state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society. they were separated from their families, languages, and traditions. thousands of them were physically and sexually abused or died of disease. many never returned home. and 2008, the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. most of the schools were run by the catholic church. the digits leaders are planning to travel to the basic and in december they want the pope to say so re, to the prime minister just introduces the revelations of the past weeks have been terrible and shameful. he's called on canadians to do better. have real conversations with our loved one, with our neighbors, with our friends, about what each of us can do to stand as allies, to indigenous people,
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to shift our own mindset behaviors and supports is what this is all about. we need to be there. some indigenous communities say one way to do that is to cancel those days candidate a celebrations. we're asking for some time and space to grieve and we will continue to great grieve as more graves or uncovered communities in morning and a country forced to recon it's alex here brian al jazeera brazil supreme court has postponed a decision in a case that could determine future claims by indigenous peoples to their ancestral lands. they dis from 40 indigenous groups we encountered for days near the courthouse and the capital priscilla saw flying. people are trying to retain territory in the southern states of santa katerina, donald rumsfeld,
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the us defense secretary, who orchestrated the invasions of gaston and iraq, has died at the age of 88 state department correspondent roslyn. jordan takes a look back at his life and his courier donald rumsfeld was brass and abrasive, infamously. so his critic say the combination was the former u. s. defense secretary's undoing during the worst days of the us war in iraq. rumsfeld, jake, he was right, his critics were wrong and they couldn't stand it. rumsfeld was a survivor of washington politics. he made history as both the youngest and the oldest secretary of defense. and he did the bidding of 4 republican presidents in 1983 president ronald reagan sent rumsfeld to baghdad to try to broker closer ties with saddam hussein. but 2 decades later, it was defense secretary rumsfeld, who argued saddam had to go in rejecting the president's ultimatum. the iraqi
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regime has chosen war over peaceful design. and a us led war was the way to make that happen. he and other bush administration officials accused a rock of helping to plan the september 11th attacks, which it did not. rumsfeld also accused a rock as possessing weapons of mass destruction, which it did not. he was wrong, but rumsfeld refused to say so. we believe the intelligence was correct, it turns out that it was not completely correct. at 1st rumsfeld embraced the neoconservative idiology of exporting us style democracy a nation building. but it is 2000. and 13 memoir rumsfeld changed his tune. i did not think resolving other countries, internal political disputes, paving roads erecting power lines, policing streets, building stock, market and organizing democratic governmental bodies were emissions were our men
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and women in uniform. more important rumsfeld refused to plan for the possibility that a rock could tumble into chaos and civil war. again, he wouldn't apologize. there are known known sphere of things. we know. we know. we also know there are known unknowns. that is to say, we know there's some things we do not know. critic said, rumsfeld, desire to spend as little money as possible to fight the war. meant us troops didn't have the protection they needed from roadside bombs. and they said this exchange between a soldier and rumsfeld proved he didn't care. now why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromise, ballistic glass stuff, armor vehicles. and why do we have those resources readily available to us? you go to work with the army, you have not the harmony you might want or wish to have around the world. rumsfeld was a symbol of us. our guns,
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the military prison at guantanamo opened on his watch. we're going to the right, and the hub abuse scandal exploded while rumsfeld was in charge with the us war in iraq going badly rums not resigned at the end of 2006, leaving a legacy that is decidedly controversial. rosalyn jordan al jazeera talks are continuing in doha between the african government and the taliban. but as they discuss the piece process, backing of ghana on violence has intensified just mon side from the deadline for the us to withdraw. most of its troops knowledge, as it has confirmed that more than a 100 districts are now under tons control hundreds of africa and civilians killed and injured since the start of the year, as the security situation deteriorates. turkey has formerly withdrawn from the estoppel convention and international trade on preventing domestic abuse and
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violence against women. women and turkey have been campaigning to reverse the decisions and it's been appealed to the high court presidents ratio. one says the convention undermines family values and promote divorce turkey seen a surgeon violence against women in recent years. minimize military zonta is released around $2300.00 prisoners from a jail and the largest city, young gong officials, a journalist and activists. what among those freed on wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners were released in april, but jailed activists were not included. ah, this is all just, these are the top stories, the world health organizations warning against what it calls a global to tier system. when it comes to acceptance of different corona virus vaccines, the e u has rolled out a corporate 900 pos to make things easier for back city to travelers. but it's only
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approved for vaccines. the african union, special envoy for.


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