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was the americans in 2003 running this country and even the civil situation now and is even worse than it was in 20042005. so yes, iraqis are blaming the united states for sure, and they still blamed them and they still consider them responsible for what has happened to you like since 2003 because now unfortunately, they are feeling that they were better off before 2003 i am body, it's really good to have you and i'll do it and we appreciate your thoughts from this. thank you very much indeed your time, sir. thank you. it's time for the weather. he is rob. it has been particularly cold recently up in the amazon. can you believe these are morning temperatures? this is for friday mornings is a forecast. we're still talking about single figures for some brazilian any 10 degrees, but you don't expect that really do you in tropical jungle. it does warm up during the day,
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but there's not much in the way of right. it's still cold in uruguay. monte today is about 13 degrees, the rearrange, of course for the north. they are moving north with the sun. you don't. it's no surprise at that. and it's particularly right around the caribbean and the gulf next gun, mexico itself as the remains of a hurricane of bar california have gone. but the tropical depression for me in the atlantic. so we're just zooming of lesser antilles because there's a tropical storm warning of that is probably going through barbados to lucia and martinique. and that is for friday. so it's a fast moving thing and it's not particularly strong, but it's still a tropical storm heavy rain. the slow moving bout in central part of the u. s. has been causing flooding recently. that's on its way size. you are aware of the story of extreme heat further north. well, by heat don't, isn't classic stream in the pacific northwest is moving study eastwards. so the canadian prairies still had an old era. president joe biden. g to arrive at the
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size of last week, building collapse in florida. we're going to be live near the scene of the accident . you've been wonderful my trying to see. we hear from some of the hundreds of files and subsea favors. we've been abandoned on their ships because of the time then it and manchester united out about to sign a teenager for around a $100000000.00. that stories coming up with peter and sport. ah frank assessments argument for suggesting that no ministrations just been a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools, and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics then their life has been shamed by vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera,
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me, i now or ever struck me the ah, ah, i want you to see it on mind about top stories. this are,
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china is mocking the chinese communist party antenna re celebrations across the country. president she, jim pink, address the nation from chinaman square and said the era of china being bullied is over forever. one of the house organizations warning against what it calls a global 2 tiers system when it comes to acceptance of different corona virus writings. b. u has rolled out a corporate 1900 pounds to make things easier to travelers, but it's only approved for vaccines. donald rumsfeld, the us defense secretary, who orchestrated the invasion of afghanistan, i was the main architect to be a rock war, has died. it was 88 years old. a 1st nations community in canada says it's find a $182.00 unmarked grades at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. it's the latest and a series of discoveries that are forcing canada to address past abuses. alexi bryan
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reports a centuries old church engulfed in flames and l. berza the latest in a series of similar incidents across canada in the past months lease a treating the fire as suspicious. the burning of churches began after hundreds of unmarked graves were found at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. the nicest fire coincides with confirmation of yet another discovery. this time, 182 unmarked graves near the city of cranbrook. in british columbia, not only from today, the new fine, there's 215 cam loops, the 751 unmarked graves at college. this, you know, the $180.00 plus cranbrook and again, we have $139.00 sites across canada, where the residential schools were. and each and every one of those sites needs to be investigated properly. the discoveries have led to growing anger about what's
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being called the mass murder of indigenous people from the 19th century until the 19 ninety's. more than 150000 indigenous children, attended. state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society. they were separated from their families, languages, and traditions. thousands of them were physically and sexually abused or died of disease. many never returned home. and 2008, the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. most of the schools were run by the catholic church. the. 2 digital leaders are planning to travel to the vatican in december. they want the pope to say story to prime minister just introduces the revelations of the past weeks have been terrible and shameful. he's called on canadians to do better. to have real conversations with our loved one, with our neighbors, with our friends,
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about what each of us can do to stand as allies, to indigenous people, to shift our own mindset behaviors and support is what this is all about. we need to be there some indigenous community say one way to do that is to cancel those days, canaday celebrations. we're asking for some time and space to grieve, and we will continue to great grieve as more graves are uncovered communities in morning and a country full to recon alex no, bryan l g 0 us president joe biden just landed in miami when he's scheduled to arrive at the side of last week's building collapse is expected to find 1st responders should be looking round the clock on the rescue mission near miami, 145 people remain, unaccounted off to the 12 story of pop and building fell last thursday at least 18
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people confirmed that john hundreds in surfside, florida. he's joining us not. john just took us through for the biden's autonomy is going to be festival where the president is really here to offer hope and help. he's going to start off with a command briefing that will be led by governor rhonda sanders, florida, and daniella levine cover the mayor of miami data among other people. and in that he'll get the latest update. the kind of briefing that we've been getting twice a day here for these past 8 days. and then after that, he is going to thank the 901st responders meeting with some of them while trying to be careful not to stop the ongoing work that they are doing. and after that, he will be meeting with the families or the saint regis hotel nearby here. talking to them about what they've been through and one expects offering some kind of consolation because they have been waiting since last thursday without another
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survivor having been found. and there are some frustrations intentions, of course that go along with that. we will hear from the president this afternoon when he offers an address here. what is not clear is whether he's actually going to visit that site right behind me. the white house tells us that is something that they are going to determine later. and one reason for that might be that work stopped overnight in the middle, the night about to a local time. when there were some settling noises and some concern at the remaining portion of that building would come down. so it's not clear yet whether the president will arrive at this font, whether we lose some kind of aerial tour, but he will be meeting with all of the parties here. and john, just as you've been talking to. so we're looking at pictures of the, the site of the damage and the scale of it is still very difficult to believe. and to imagine that they're picking their way through this as part of the rescue effort . tell us where they are in terms of that rescue effort.
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well, there is some frustration among those rescue workers. they've made some progress. they've been going through what they're describing as tunnels they've, they've worked from underneath the rubble and on top them most recently built a ramp that allows this giant crane to actually reach the top of that 12 story pile of rubble. but what they haven't found are survivors since last thursday. the death toll is now up to 18 in the last 2 of those were the 1st 2 children found here on this site. sisters ages 4 and 10. sadly, their parents had also been lost in the collapse and identified earlier. so those workers are continuing to try to search through all that rebel and they're using so now they're using cameras. they're using search and rescue jogs and they say they think they found some voids in there where it is possible that survivors might be.
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but it is now day 8 in this search. and the hope for finding survivors is definitely being challenged at this point. for 7 days, they have not found any they hope to do so today on the day when you've got the president here, but of course they have no control over that. that's largely in the hands of fate. and as much rebel as they can move in the matter of the next few hours. john entered in so sorry, florida. john, thanks very much indeed. talks of continuing and doha between the afghan government and the taliban. but as they discuss the piece process back and the canister on violence has intensified just months out from the deadline for the us to withdraw. most of its truth, hundreds of afghan civilians are being killed and injured since the start of the year. as the security situation deteriorates, taliban has been steadily taking control of districts across afghanistan, odyssey, it was confirmed that more than
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a 100 districts and now in the town of bones control, you can see them in red spread across the country in 20 provinces. now corresponding to some of bon jovi has been speaking to ned on a daddy from the african negotiating committee. he says, the government will not collapse as a result of taliban recent territorial gains. it is 100 plus districts. are all those districts from 400100 plus? are the districts that somehow the taliban could claim that they are they are controlling it's not that all of them fall apart just in the past 3 weeks. it's time of transition and transition. the ambiguous these are lars and all the information comes out and until everybody settled down, some of these are an impact on what we've pulled out and created different psychology and some not less significant. some notable districts also gone into that, but our forces are working back,
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taking back those centers of population. the important question is this. now, are we going to continue to fight for ever or we're going to sit on table as we are here ready? genuinely with, with the complete fate, to start finding a political solution for that an excuse that existed there were far forces and a lot of fun. and that's why we are fighting is gone. it's no more valid. do you fear that the gun government is losing its grip? as is lots of talk about the government collapsing, maybe in a matter of them. a lot of people are up there taking arms and asking the government to allow them to fighting. is that all about? it's a popular kind of reaction to the type of militarism and, and military push for taking all the territory. that's an indicator that one need to take into consideration. the other key indicators, whatever. there is
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a fight and there is a district that has fallen. you see a massive number of population, lou leaving that district and moving to the where the government is. it's a clear indicate that the people don't want to live and that, that kind of circumstances. why do don't go a district down where the taliban already had a control de decide to come to the government. now making a judgment that the government would collapse as a false judgement allow time for the class to sample for the transition to complete . and the inability around that to be clear, i'm a firm believer that the only solution to ending this conflict. and when the situation for all evans be asked the government that slamming republic of the taliban is to agreeing on a political settlement on table. and that's why we are pressing for the important issue of a political roadmap to agree on that to talk about the important elements of it. so
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that we can quickly agree on a political roadmap and we stop the war and reach to a cease fire where we can build a lot of fun that all all of our people and our children wants to see bangladesh has gone into a one. we locked down to stop a surge of covered 1900 cases driven by the delta variant. thousands rushed home before the restrictions came into effect under the measures only emergency services and some export firms can continue to operate. the country reported a record number of cases on monday, more than 8300. that's more and double from a week earlier. salary has more from jacka records spiked and highly contagious. delta a very and has prompted the government to call for a week shut down across the country. over the weekend, tens of thousands, mostly migrant workers have left a capital city house like fred, one, they could have spread the virus another and expose themselves. your health, as most of the businesses are closed,
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the states. i'm all left empty except for richards, which are allowed in the street. he looked down at the body, got up. it's the poor people who suffer the most during the lockdown. we can't move around to earn enough to feed the family. it's better not to have these locked down export oriented businesses, kitchen market, grocery stores and other essential services are open. it is mostly those working in the informal sector and a daily way down are those are the ones mostly heard during this lockdown. there aren't many sales today. very few customers are coming in. business is not good during locked down the fight. the current violence outbreak from last year bangladesh economy has been quite resilient. the world bank predicts at least 5 percent growth rate. yeah. but x one, unless buying or those go into a mass vaccination program, the country's economy could be in jeopardy so far. but that's been able to only job 9000000 paper, a lot of
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a population of nearly 165000000 people cases of seafarers being abandoned on ships because of the covered 1900 time damage or at a record high. some of them have been stuff on board for months. the weight for borders to reopen through ambrose reports. more than 90 percent of global trade is moved by c. filipino dean perino is one of the 1600000. c. fairs help transport goods around the world on merchant ships. really, really cool. be very job when the pandemic, his hundreds of thousands of se, ferris were left stranded on their ships. some were abandoned altogether left a month without pay or provisions. that's what happened to the 19 crew members of the law. a ball carrier that's been docked in a port in kuwait for a year and a half way back. and i haven't even mother,
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my number would have been in 2020 the ships own us one trading and contracting said it had no funds to support the vessel and cut contact with the crew. some of them have been unable to leave the ship for more than 2 years. getting diesel. this is our barbecue for emergency because i think this is our thing quarter watching event. this is not a fool with no wages most have been forced to borrow money to support their families. back home. i promise the money in india, i've got money. all of my international transport work has federation has more than 150 inspectors boarding ships worldwide. matthew purcell
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is from it's a stray and brass, he says, shipping is one of the worlds worst regulated industries. we still have an incredible man of them scout dougherty going on on the holiday season. so see fairs still stranded have no choice but to wait for the day when they can once again step on dry land from ambrose out to 0. and you can watch the full documentary forgotten . i see on all zeros and one on one east on thursday. $20.00 to $30.00 g m t. still ahead and i'll just say that the sun is red hot one continues as phoenix which the n b a finals for the 1st time in 28 years was coming out with a
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cruise with me. ah ah
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ah, does the sport and here's peter. well, thank you very much. 22 days to the olympic games and some other government as to when it's weight lifting team to stop them, bringing coven, 19 back home. but most 8th of a limp hymns. o based abroad, so wolves to participate at the games overseas competitors are beginning to arrive in circle around $100.00, flew in on thursday from various countries, including germany. all overseas comparisons needs to take to cove 19 in the 4 days before departure and another taste upon arrival. no foreign fans are allowed and japan prime minister says holding the olympics with no domestic spectators is still an option. one of the athletes competing will be skateboarders, sky brown,
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she'd be named in team g, b squad at just 12 years old, which makes the britain youngest, ever lumpy and brown was born in japan and is ranked food in the world currently and good news for elliptic tennis is that will number one, that chunk of which and 20 time grand slam champion roger federal will compete in. so both men are currently involved at the us food, major tournament wimbledon early on thursday for seed. alexander very have won his way into the 3rd round. the german beat, tennis, sanguine, 756263. on the women side, french open the runner up on the south. the public chink about is through to the 3rd round. the 16 seed was up against christina plesk of, of the czech republic on thursday. the russian winning relatively easily 6363 to advance to the next round. although she did need a bit of help, a little guy to confirm living with phoenix suns reach their 1st and be
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a final since 1993. the him of the clip is in game 5 of the western conference series. to wrap up the victory for games to, to david stokes and of the action the phoenix tons, hoping this magic carpet drive will. and in their 1st n b, a championship. phoenix knew when would secure their place in the n b a finals. but they were coming off the back of a defeat to the clippers who were back on the court again. 6 and things were tight midway through the 2nd quarter. the sons began to pull ahead, and the 3rd, though devon booker, with this dunk on his way to 22 points, 5 out clippers. but it was the 36 year old better and chris and paul who stole the show against this former team for chopper park today. chris paul does that again. the 11 time old style had never reached the n b, a finals in his 16 year career with 5 different franchises. but nothing could stop him on wednesday. he's going to play off korea high, 41 points, 31 of which came in the 2nd half alone, c p 3,
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and the found. he let the sons to a stunning 27 point victory wrapping up a full 2 series when not bad for a team that hadn't even made the playoffs for a decade before this season. the phoenix done for the 1st time and what are you going to be fine with feel got a lot of work to do, but we don't enjoy my family. i love ya. see, i'm right there. my again great. a thick, thick surgery or losses. bad losses, but we don't enjoy the night. this is been a dream for the food is not over yet. phoenix had made the finals twice before, both ending and defeat to the boston celtics, and 976 and most recently in 1993. when charles barkley sons were beaten by michael jordan and the chicago bulls this time around the face of the milwaukee bucks or
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atlanta hawks who had taught it to 2 in the east point david stokes, which is era b and i. so finals are already well underway. and defending stanley cup champions of the tampa bay lightning a half way to winning the trophy for the 2nd year in a row. believe the montville canadian to nothing off the game to on wednesday. lake coleman eating the past. the end of the 2nd period, the hand tampa bay, the lead that i think eventually going on to win $31.00 several top football team to be interested to know that lino mfc though available to sign for any club anywhere in the world for free. the origin time story contract with boss loan expired on wednesday. it means the license man said he and p s g. could now pick him up on a free transfer. however, the 34 year old expects to stay at the castle and clubs with the nearly left parcel in before the son of the previous campaign when he initially requested a transfer. one player that seems likely to be on the move is jayden sanchez
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currently on duty with england at the euros branch of the united have reportedly agreed a $100000000.00 deal in principle to sign the wing up from your document. fencher has yet to undergo a medical logger. you know when a i think every coach would like santo, we need to team, but we have to deal with it and talk about how we can replace his quality. we're not going to get censure, but we're going to try and find creative solutions and say this as an opportunity to perhaps strengthen ourselves. the draw has been made for the final qualifies of asian qualifies for the cut. the 2022 will capital place in quantum pool on says then it's throwing up some pretty interesting match ups and countries fight for the right to compete in copper mix year in group a, it's iran, south korea, the united arab emirates. busy iraq, c, ria, and lebanon. and group b is a tough one with japan, up against australia, saudi arabia, china, oman,
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and vietnam. the top c finishes in each group will go through with the 3rd place teams facing each other to decide who advances to be into the confederation. playoffs to girl solver a tough, you know, so, but this is a price to go to the war to 2022. we asked to be ready, dominates was a very i'm what the vision i use and some nice from the years right now we build up for the quarter finals. they thought the morrow will ukraine booked a placement authentic whenever sweet them and they prime minister showed the support by wearing a teen jersey to a cabinet, anything in it, all the other government ministers in the payment, those at the end up in the teams color. that's where we'll leave it for most for the coming up again later on. great, thanks very much indeed. an asset from me,
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rob matheson, for this news, i will be back in a moment with more of today's news joint if you can, devise ah, for some a robot is a mechanic along or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be over the humanoid. robots like, me, will be everywhere else. 0 documentaries, next laid on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine. origins of this species on out to 0, the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing it. a rate of 2 pitches a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging, mining and farming. as both scenarios,
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government seek to relax conservation laws and increased production indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. no, it's the bite of their life. people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera . in the midst of war, a generation grew up in exile. more than 13000000 syrians, that half the pre war population remained displaced inside and outside the country . and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade, with no political supplement in site, there could be further displacement. home for many has been informal camps like this in neighboring countries and lebanon's become valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty. areas, economy is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning. it is pushing millions deeper into poverty. many our job listen hungry. the united nation says 60 percent or 12400000. serious. don't have regular access to enough food,
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despite the battlefield, being largely quiet for a year, agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict. and the hardship has not stopped a serious border. ah, the world's house organizations slams the e. u for a lack of cobra, 900 vaccine equity is the continent opens up, travel for its own citizens. ah, i know about this, and this is all 0 live from joe. how also coming up president, she jane thing says china will never be believed again as a governing communist party celebrates its hundreds anniversary. trump organize.


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