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lithium is breaking among the destruction of civilian property. this is all evident for one time trials. and the rate of speaking. we've been getting stories of john taken from the house in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered on his era. i this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm robinson. this is the news line from coming up in the next 60 minutes. president, she's paying says china will never be bullied again. as the governing communist party celebrates as hundreds anniversary was health organization slams the e. u for a lack of proven 1900 vaccine equity. as the continent opens up, troubles for its own citizens. calls from indigenous people for the cancellation of
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canada day after dozens more unmarked graves are founded. a formal, residential and donald form itself dies, aged $88.00, the controversial to time defined. the secretary orchestrated the us invasion of iraq and afghanistan. he simply just thought 22 days before the olympics at the mo has withdrawn its weightlifting thing because the freight code the 19th at a landmark when for the phoenix suns in the final, for the 1st time in nearly 50 years, ah, china's governing communist party has been celebrating the 100 anniversary of its funding, addressing trots and gentlemen square beijing, president, gigi and peng haled chinas, irreversible course away from colonial humiliation. while she praised the policy
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for raising incomes and restoring national pride, he failed to mention its historic failures. katrina, you reports from beijing in the early hours of supposing mooney, $70000.00 people gathered in beaten enemies square to mark the $100.00 anniversary of chinese communist party youth choir sang revolutionary ballads, while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead. it was a well choreographed display of nationalism and power performed with precision president. she didn't ping addressed the crowds, saying the party had transformed china from the backward we country into a strong water one. the fishing that we have brought about historic revolution to the problem of absolute poverty in china. and we are now marching in confidence, tries to as a 2nd, and henry goal of building china into a great modern social country in all respects. my dressed includes reminiscent of
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party, found a mounted don't. she said the party had kept its promise of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and would continue to achieve success to the chinese people . it is aimed at winning, not just respect for the party aberration for the party, but also an emotional connection between the, you know, she and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from our depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level and of course it's a show of force, actual food for friends and adversaries abroad. president, she had this warning for those wanting to undermine the parties. rule told me the chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to oppress or slavery for anyone who dare to do that will be on the collision course against the great wall. still a full by over 1400000000 chinese people. the leader also praised the party in
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order to comb something achieved to cracking down on the territories democracy movement vowed to reunite taiwan with china. beijing considers the self move island, a renegade chinese province, full time pay responded by saying its determination to defend its sovereignty. and democracy was unchanged, not mentioned during the celebrations, were the historic phases of the party, the violence and destruction of the cultural revolution, the $900.00 sixties and seventies. what a brutal crackdown of the $989.00 gentlemen square protests. it's incarceration of an estimated 1000000 ethnic muslim weakens the so called re education camps has also been condemned by governance rights groups abroad. but they're not openly talked about. it's very not to research them. so the party wants to highlight not the law lives inside of the crate and coming to coffee outside. it's a different story. this elevation comes at a time when international criticism have begun with policies and abroad and
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aging response to that criticism on thursday. but loud and clear, it simply isn't listening. katrina, you are. the 0 meeting on the celebrations were marked by a heavy security presence in hong kong. adrian bryan is there was more well in the heart of hong kong, a busy street has been sealed off by police. and the reason that that is it. traditionally, this is the place where the annual july, the 1st march begins, and we are rallies, rule, so held with for the 2nd year running, police have denied permission for that to happen fighting cobit 19 and warning that anyone taking part in a process that is not authorized risk violating the new national security law. the police have been stopping people wearing black and checking now i days. meanwhile, on the other side of town, john lee who is the security secretary and currently standing in the carry land.
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the chief executive gave a speech to an audience with a ceremony on thursday morning saying the national security law had brought stability back to hong kong after a long period of calles young to highway. what therefore, we safe got. the national security citizens can still enjoy freedom such freedom of speech, press assembly and protest in accordance with the law on what our own. 10000 police are on duty here at the moment. and earlier in the day, the police broke up a full man protest. this group was calling for the release of all political prisoners. they were question, they were briefly detained, but they were not arrested. they were allowed to continue with the march. and the authorities say that is proof that freedom in hong kong remain intact. okay, let's have a look at china's leadership through the past few decades sponsored dong, known as chairman, mom was
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a marxist and founder of the people's republic of china. it was responsible for the great leap forward that industrialized the economy, but led to the deadliest famine in history and the cultural revolution that to a crackdown and anti revolutionaries and the depth of hundreds of thousands of people in shopping implemented economic reforms that drove industrial growth in 1989, he ordered the crackdown of protest as in gentlemen square chunks. i mean over so china's economic boom and export driven trade. he ordered the repression to back and then we go separatists and oversaw the hand over of hong kong from britain to china, who's in town, presided over nearly a decade. we can only growth during that time political in fighting and corruption increased. current president, teaching ping has led an anti corruption campaign under which a 1500000 officials have been punished. he also ended limits on presidential terms failing. why is a professor of international affairs at georgia tech university who's joining us
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now via skype from atlanta? thank you very much indeed for being with us on all the 0. so we're seeing reports of social media being strictly controlled in china and in hong kong. we've seen the determination over the years to stamp out opposition within china. how much is the parties determination to show strength and control undermine, but what appears to be a level of insecurity? yes, that's right. says he peer has gone through a few mutations over the past 100 years from the agent of a soviet union to a peasantry rebellion, and to a ruling partying authoritarian way. and then doing miles that don't as it correctly pointed out, it was kind of a revolutionary veil for world revolution. and after mall, it retreated and reinvented itself to become authoritarian party. but sort of a populist in some ways. but after junk me around and how
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more problems having accumulating lots of pressure has been building. so i think this is been leadership has decided to bet arm a strengthening authority hearing side of the reaching to sort of a double down on the people democratic a dictatorship and about down on a strong leader like him out there. don't to safeguard the interest party leadership and this kind of typing up control kind of double down with dictatorship, may or may not work. but if the price is already clear, buddies, the chinese society is suffering quite a bit in terms of its diversity. being curved is freedom of speech, have been limited and is a creative pass the is now fun to mentally eroded. so this all to not such as well for the future of a chinese nation. but for the party leadership,
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this is kind of bet they have already made. it is quite a significant bed and quite a risky one, isn't it? because if the part of the party and president, she are determined to place themselves at the center of everything to do with china, all the pressure for making the right decisions, time and time and time again, fall on them and a particular on president she. and as time goes on, of course there's always a danger. there's going to be one misstep. and all of a sudden we might see a split at the top of the leadership. really correct and none of us ought dictatorship, have similar faith. that is, what about the succession? what about differences, where i'm making a huge blunder without a way of a reconnection all do with our current and the problems for any to ship. this is to be to ship. it's not, it's not exception. in fact, the boarding done, i'm a strong leader is highly risky and as they be leaders, i think they know that because for the past 100 years, mississippi has had 13 top leaders. guess what other than the 3 still alive?
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all other top eaters, except with things up here, because he was running from behind the curtain. all the top leaders have all being perched or disgraced, or become family of a country. religion, like about the adult muslim, legally, is a family member kind of revolutionary of criminals. right, so none of that really ended well, that's kind of a curse of dictatorship. it may work sometimes even efficiently mighty looking. but overall the succession lacking of the centralized discourse of a parties, the options and then back of a self correction mechanism. those things, usually what doom even mit is to dictatorship. failing one professor of international affairs at georgia tech university. as always we appreciate you having on being on i'll just you to thank you very much and do so. thank you. thank you. mm. the world health organization has slammed europe for
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a lack of cove in 1900 vaccine equity as a continent opens up for travel. my comments come as you introduce is a new covered 1900 travel pass from today. the plan is to make things easier for vaccinated travelers and boost battered economies. latasha bought reports from paris at paris is the only airport airline staff. can travelers, documents, european union citizens miss, now shown you cove it certificate to travel on paper or in digital form. it shows if a person is vaccinated or has a recent negative p c r test member states can adjust the entry rules according to the health situation in the country bought. the cobra certificate will be standardized throughout the block. but you could be to me, it's more paperwork, but we've been vaccinated. we have a p c r test. it's all good. i think it's a necessary measure coveted over yet. and we must avoid at all costs the risk of people of any age getting sick and we go the, you want to make it easier for people to cross its borders. after more than
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a year of covey restrictions, paris is usually one of the world's most visited cities, bought the pandemic as men 13. you would tourists, the home, so the coven certificate will encourage people to travel again. and i hope i can make recovery from, like most european countries has lifted many restrictions to refuse of ended, and people no longer need to wear mosques outdoors. but the french government says there's a growing concern over the spread to the highly contagious delta variant. regarding the adopted delta variant is progressing, it is even progressing very quickly. it represented about 10 percent of contamination last week, but he's doubled in less than a week and some medical experts say the delta various could account for 90 percent of cases in europe by august. portuguese officials recently imposed the we can look down in lisbon after a spike in cases us shall say, countries must the act of the health situation in their country, deteriorate them,
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it is not over yet. this has been made very clear by the emergence of new volumes of the virus. this is why we are proposing an emergency break, which allows members stairs to reintroduce measures. it's a fine balance for the e. u, as it works to minimize health risks while trying to reinvigorate economies and allow people from freedom. but often more than a year of living with the unpredictability of the pandemic. the key, the european officials, is that people remain vigilant. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris. the african union, special envoy for over 19, has also criticized europe on vaccines and says, not one dose has left a european factory for africa. so my c, u has accused europe of leaving africa to struggle along against a crushing 3rd wave of infections. well let's get more on this now from the digits
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who's joining us live from boucher. what is the envoy been saying when basically he's angry that callbacks, in fact, withheld information about key done is failing to meet funding for african vaccines and then insisted that that sense of who that car box will supply hundreds of millions of vaccines. in fact, 800000000 doses of vaccines to africa by december last year gave african countries that whole sort of security. they relapse thinking that help with the right? well, i right. but since then, no single dose of action has arrived, the african continent. and that makes things a little bit more harder for african governments, as they're struggling to find vaccines. 2 bucks need at least 60 percent of 1300000000 people on the continent. so according to the african union,
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that makes it harder. and because they access these african countries need to have money on the ground for them to access vaccines. manufacturers demand that they have to pay upfront before vaccines can be delivered to them. and that is the current predicament africa. currently, many african countries currently are facing the 3rd wave of covered 19 and we've seen, although the friction rate still remain around 5500000 in fractions on the continent we've seen in the past week how fatalities rose by 23 percent. this is warring for africa and as the africa cdc itself, do we know if there are any efforts being made on behalf of african countries to try to get some sort of leverage, perhaps directly against the countries that they say are not living up to their promises well basically there are efforts on the part of the african government to source for vaccines. but the
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biggest problem is actually the lack of funding. the world bank will insist that they have to have vaccines on the ground before being funded. and with donors, key donors failing to meet that funding requirements. what are the funding promises that africa is left struggling to deal with the current situation? now the problem age, such that the african union insisted that no single dose left europe in fact 3 since december last year. when the company was expected, hundreds of millions of those of 900 fractions to reach it. no single vaccine rich the content because european countries and in fact, rich countries focus entirely on their own populations, neglecting africa, which has no capacity to manufacture those factions. and that is in, in the case of african union, that just some of the, one of the reasons why we've seen a surgeon fatalities, a surgeon infections,
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and probably this will continue for a long time, the ph. this will continue for very long time. unless vaccine is sort, africa needs about 1600000000 doses of coffee, 900 vaccines to vaccine at least 60 percent of that population right now. that number is still adding up. rob address talking to us from a boucher i'm it. thank you very much indeed. is always what i had on the knees are intruding off, can negotiate and say the government isn't at risk of collapsing is violence intensified and the taliban make more territorial games, empty streets in bangladesh as it goes into lockdown to cover surgeon corona virus cases. and in sports, one of the best football players in the world is now available for free details. coming up with peter ah,
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would you financial officer, a former president, donald trump's company has surrendered to authorities investigating tax crimes in new york? allen vices bug another. trump, employees are expected to face charges of tax evasion. they're suspected of illegally avoiding paying taxes and company parks, such as cars and apartments in school tuition. the jump organization says charges against cfo or political according to us media. when they go to kristen salumi, she's jaya live for us now in new york, just walk us through what's going to be happening. tell us a little bit more about why school bag. well alan weisel berg has been the chief financial officer for trump organization for nearly 50 years. going back to when donald trump father fred was the head of this. now, giant corporation. the charges against him. we do not know officially yet they will be unsealed in court. later today,
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but wasteful berg did turn himself been surrendered himself to local authorities in the building behind me earlier this morning. and we know that he and the trump organization have been under a wide ranging oregon investigation going back more than 2 years. that's an investigation that's been conducted by local officials, as well as state officials focused on the company's finances, including and starting with a hush money payment that was made to a porn star during donald trump campaign for the presidency, for which one of his other employees did plead guilty and serve time ranging to donald trump's taxes, which were subpoenaed by local officials and only obtained earlier this year. so know, we know also from weisel berg and trump organization attorneys that the investigation is focused on why so berg fringe benefits are on fringe benefits played to either
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him or other employees and you're waiting for those details to come out. but from the statements that have been leaked to other media in the united states, there's been a focus on fringe benefits like tuition payments for child apartment rental and so on. i suppose chris, in the question that everybody's likely to be asking is how close is this going to get to donald trump himself? marsh. at this stage, there are no charges against donald trump himself, but this is increasing the pressure on him in the organization as a common tactic for investigators to begin charging employees in an attempt to ratchet up the pressure and get them to turn over information that could possibly lead to charges against the president himself, the former president himself, the investigation. they tell us is ongoing on that front. but president trump, of course,
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denies that he's done anything criminal. he says that he's being investigated for things that other companies and other ceos do that are in his words, no way criminal. so this could be the beginning of further charges, or this could be as much as, but this is as much as the local officials have in front of them. right now. we are waiting for more details on exactly what those charges will be and you should have that in just a couple hours. that's christmas and me talking to us live from new york christian . thank you. donald rumsfeld, the us defense secretary, who orchestrated the invasion of afghanistan and iraq as died at the age of 88. i state department correspondent muslin. jordan takes a look back at his life and his career donald rumsfeld was brass and abrasive, infamously. so his critic say the combination was the former us defense secretaries undoing during the worst days of the us war in iraq. rumsfeld take, he was right,
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his critics were wrong and they couldn't stand it. rumsfeld was a survivor of washington politics. he made history as both the youngest and the oldest secretary of defense. and he did the bidding of 4 republican presidents in 1983 president ronald reagan sent rumsfeld to baghdad to try to broker closer ties with saddam hussein. but 2 decades later, it was defense secretary rumsfeld, who argued saddam had to go in rejecting the president's ultimatum. the iraqi regime has chosen war over peaceful design. and a us led war was the way to make that happen. he and other bush administration officials accused a rock of helping to plan the september 11th attacks, which it did not. rumsfeld also accused a rock as possessing weapons of mass destruction, which it did not. he was wrong,
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but rumsfeld refused to say so. we believe the intelligence was correct, it turns out that it was not completely correct. at 1st rumsfeld embraced the neoconservative idiology of exporting us style democracy a nation building. but it is 2000. and 13 memoir rumsfeld changed his tune. i did not think resolving other countries, internal political disputes, paving roads erecting power lines, policing streets, building stock, market and organizing democratic governmental bodies were emissions were our men and women in uniform. more important rumsfeld refused to plan for the possibility that a rock could tumble into chaos and civil war. again, he wouldn't apologize. there are known known sphere of things. we know. we know. we also know there are known unknowns. that is to say, we know there's some things we do not know. critic said, rumsfeld,
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desire to spend as little money as possible to fight the war. meant us troops didn't have the protection they needed from roadside bombs. and they said this exchange between a soldier and rumsfeld prove he didn't care. now why do we soldiers who have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromise, ballistic glass stuff. i'm our vehicles and why do we have those resources readily available to us? you go to work with the army, you have not the army you might want or wish to have around the world. rumsfeld was a symbol of us, our guns, the military prison at guantanamo opened on his watch. we are going to the exactly right. and the other hub abuse scandal exploded while rumsfeld was in charge with the u. s. war in iraq going badly. rums not resigned at the end of 2006, leaving a legacy that is decidedly controversial. rosalyn jordan al jazeera ok,
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let's talk to ali and boy, he's a political analysts. he's joining us via skype from baghdad. good to happy with us on. i'll just get him on board and let me ask you this. does donald trump's excuse me? does donald rumsfeld's name mean anything in iraq? or is it more the legacy that he left, that matters? you know, after 18 years of the invasion of the changing bidding team, i don't think many people in there not to remember donald rumsfeld with great gratitude, probably at the beginning of after the invasion after a while and maybe 20042005 with high hopes of the keys to change after changing the regime to rebuild the country and to become the guardian of democracy. of the middle east. there was a trade gratitude for the americans, but not anymore. and like they have taken
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a center of the iranian bus on do we have loss of sovereignty. we have also independence and very few people now and in our fields. and it kind of got you to united states or to rumsfeld anymore. what was the feeling immediately after the end of the last iraq war to, towards the us and towards donald rumsfeld, for people who perhaps are approaching this for the 1st time did a right really feel well disposed if you'd like towards the u. s. and how did that develop or not over the, the following years? most of the rockies, if not all, were hoping to get so damaging by any means possible. so one day in the united states and beta did, i can thought that a jean, the people were so happy and they felt great gratitude to the americans. and
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especially with the hopes raised at that time with the message from the americans to change it. i can to establish a new regime with democracy with prosperity. we were so happy and doing a lot of hopes came out of it. unfortunately, this was not really fruitful and over the years. but situation was that, are you a good? we lost our hopes. we lost our sovereignty, we lost our resources, financial, human resources, and now we are the you may say occupied by iranian regime. do you think that given the circumstances that iraq has faced with, with regard to say eiffel, for example, that the concept that has been facing over the last few years. and there is a suggestion, may be right, raising its head again. is it reasonable to, for iraqis to look at the situation that the country is in now,
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i'm still blame it on the, the us and donald rumsfeld, the architects of that invasion, or has things moved on. and there are no different issues and problems that iraq is facing, which is contained within the con, the country rather than could be directed of us of course, ultimately is supposed to be the decision makers in their own country, and we shouldn't be blaming anybody for the kind of situation but ourselves and the government, which is the running the country. unfortunately, the government, these political blogs are in part now. they were brought by the americans in 2003, 2000 with fraud, starting with the entrance government. and then what the constitution and 2005, and then with the new election process, which kept those political blogs which came with the americans in 2003 running
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this country. and even the situation now and is even worse than it was in 20042005 . so yes, iraq is on blaming the united states for sure. and they still blame them and they still consider them responsible for what has happened to me since 2003 because now unfortunately, they are feeling that they were better off before 2003 i am body, it's really good to have you. and i'll do it and we appreciate your thoughts on this. thank you very much indeed your time, sir. thank you. it's time for the weather. he is rob. it has been particularly cold recently in the amazon. can you believe these are morning temperatures? this is for friday morning says a forecast is still talking about single figures for some brazil is only 10 degrees, but you don't expect that really do you in tropical jungle, it does warm up during the day.


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