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the award winning online content on their audience portal with me founder gotten on to 0 me ah, ah, ah, i'm not madison and don't have the top stories. an artist in china is mocking the chinese communist parties continually with celebrations across the country. president, she's paying address the nation from gentlemen square and send the era of china being bullied is over forever. local and 10 by the communist party in chinese, people have showed the world. the chinese people have stood up the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world,
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but can build a new one. only socialism can save china, only socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. frustrations community in canada has find 182 unmarked graves at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children that were detected in cranbrook and british columbia. school closed in 1970 the remains of what i believe to be more than a 1000 children have now been found at 3 different locations. bangladesh has gone into lockdown to stop the spread of covered 19 driven by the delta variant, millions of migrant workers have been trying to get home before the restrictions came into effect. but he financial officer of the trump organization has surrendered to authorities, investigating tax crimes in new york, allen, vice bug and other trump employees are expected to face charges of tax evasion. the champ organization has charges against its cfo or political, according to us,
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medium to children, and their mother have been found dead in the rubble of the building collapsed in the u. s. state of florida. just days after their father's body was also found, 18 deaths have not been confirmed, but 145 people as still missing families. military genta is released around 2300 prisoners from the jail in the largest city. young gong officials say journalists and activists, what among those freedom, why do you say i'm auditing groups has more than 5000 people have been detained since the military seized power. in february, brazil, supreme court has postponed a decision in a case that could determine future claims by indigenous peoples to their ancestral lands. leaders through 40 indigenous groups and protesting for days chuckling, people tried to retain territory in the southern state of santa katerina. there was the headlines, the news continues here and just after witness by me ah,
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ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah, i oh, i i don't usually or what i get from another group. the group of have, you know, hope the big today because he was just
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giving it a lot of qualities a suit to do it to a to watch. so did he is going to the lesson. ok if you don't on back what to do, but it gives you more detail about concerns on the go back home community if if i'm feeling a little film about got to be moved. that was that way . but he just knew what i meant to call somebody, you know, like if it were me, i kept down. but what was defeated, what do you mean? my number will know what the one of my, what am i supposed to get it to give you the been minus on was on just on the board
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of and we got the oh, there's only one. i remember when i was, as hon. fun to me as my mother really wasn't video gorilla. whenever you grow to need to just get into the shock. right. the gaining the burning down health center doesn't help snow. we breathe present and it may appear silly. the see the local me until you've
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got a basket of i kid to the new version and then i shall not at o. m s m s. if you combine you from the default warranty. see, now, camino de luca in a little popular note that i'm not sure not indifferent publicly. not the she's camino unless you know the local don't come up with us. you know con, money fed is informed. young humphrey de bola supposed case, you suppose guess you don't want to have so much plus me suppose guess you don't focus in any case gentlemen below the marsh letter, but i learned that it did take you some but it is ah ah
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well you might see madame de people, i put the woman down that i'm doing well my the when i was actually in the s good look for blender foster mom at dr. levine. this is a meant to be exact. mom it is. yeah. coffee. and i do, i have a list and why pool coffee both to done and one kid could this phone all
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my pets. housey little book club was at least the best because you'd be looking. you feel that daniel does any it's all under to call. it could be you didn't do it, but it is often you have it is i was like yeah, there it was cancelled. but by yes, i seen it. he really loved to see the group on the mouth brevity appreciate that. just got the nice me to keep enough for service was a very critique set off basket. we'd lose it. and so co vonda voted video. know though much success for military mark in a minute. they did. did they want to get a magic? you did it on 5 movies, but did you do not get a loan for 100 a month? you get to be voted on fund. i'm not really done that in on the l. o. c. m. i a but then it in the peninsula least in about 20 minutes because it passed
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on a pallet on a senior. what do you live in oakland? see oh come us. not that and i am not sure i'll come up with that tonight. yeah. both l a d b the ah, the ah, it says a monkey las rather than the in the midst the inside of me inside of the cell because even that i co medina, dorchence of us inhaled lamb was in a lot more place with the vin, distorted hill go be hillman for shouting,
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and you called in flute. have a dinner to fill out the m a market adopters and deals of the old glossy, dotted oak a room please. thank you for those very debatable. based on the divers o'neil to mark on the opposing hope, the white savior you had that he meant to. and his yes, one help was made it up. last is yolanda said you looking is you need to go for you know for like say nay. it for many avalon and own part, aiden, aim into politics. if any kinda he sent it in the video and then florida. your kid just in finance. being in medics based or mac,
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or hold to follow the recall of cases key that the healing boone. and i'm going to look at them and see if we can get done a lot more new school, ac, or goma. then as soon as you need to organize me, the key for that money daily give with daily swimming equal. make sure you got to show this fancy to show the get. it showed the conflict. the feed is yours, you should they leave should all the, and joe's and you will leave these to come in a bit. bye me, let's do a version newly biblical new laziness, new zone at the see not proper of new guns. this is bob. buck is don't do, did you know colonialist make you say, but i think we should be a poor protocol context. they've got, well, you know, they're, they're going to be addition should be fed. i think the re lease is up for me. they
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don't do news or to notice that it's going to play doh blah. but if you don't know, it's going to put it in the last party on a particular who does young african easy tend to feel me a fan of feeling? you're laughing, go, boss. if there's a feeling it shows that you don't we, you let us live the men who got their names to live would we have no prob, i know, you know, on sort of valentine's don't doctors answer that, but you need to do vision before you finish your movie now you
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stay i would say go, if we need you, we will call you, but now go, we have the, the jack who can do that. i'm only on but we have a clear question. yeah. actually talking about whether i should make the film enough. you should, i should go home and i was really shocked. why, why did you arrive? it's not that i have you. but if you have to know the truth, and i'm not saying nobody should come and do anything about your country. but it's a question of the whole system, the system that led to you being here and making this question by making it are you playing?
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i mean, are you trying to solve the issue or are you getting fooled yourself? i don't know. questions. what i hope i can do is create a little tiny bit of awareness in western audiences. good god. but then if you don't scratch deep and then you attack that, then you create this and then watch people come rushing, thinking the problem is here. but actually the problem is, but here the problem isn't is to stem, but is trying to be unplugged beer. that's what i'm like. let's see. you see let's, let's see the end of, let's see the end result. the thing is what, what is so difficult? of course you have a good point by saying, why don't you give the money to a local director because he's better suitable than you to make the film? it's a good point, practically. it's impossible, but there's
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a possibility is because of the system. the system doesn't allow this and it makes it a bit difficult discussion. not really. so, but the same course we do flavin to do the same. use sure. and you do it everywhere and you get the same thing to local. you see the different let's do that. let's, let's, let's both make a scene about the same thing. same thing. do they almost double a visual system in i think we did it one way. so
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that's just the last 50 sample on the page. you will see that you watch. yeah. for one of you in the
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you must be sure adult by the rule. but to me every me praise him she that during the show you she he'll be back go much more like he oh, he's the my goal. bog
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share this really good you follow the rest of this film? that's what i could use to, to show that. how he went to show he's a, he's a community example when we, when we saw a new book, i don't my new school day it's, it's a nice clean, good down town. we don't go to be really if it's not be clear less people be before before me. but then again, to be honest, there was also a lot of problems that people shouting at us. somebody maybe phone ruck, the fighting, the fighting was really intense. it wasn't what was done before we
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went up by the way, the why do they beat him like this? go this mission. yeah. it because it happened right in front of me. yeah. i was quite shocked to say,
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but i thought if it was much, much wasn't upcoming medical before they made me up with this. i'm in love yourself or lucid theory or list it's going to shows was going to give all the link coding. if it's when you said near the record existing they kill him, said buckroe geno in a low money. i don't know what the issue is, but i think the front bill isn't. they've been a proxy give me the free. we're going to call it's a we need to book colonial folk. the king live looking look, but he's pretty freaked out and configure shows on the day side
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to compel him. and if we don't sense the grid, so saying good or no, no, no man stop doing it's in europe. no, no, no messed and messed up. so break it sentences but, but i make, i keep continue. what much gets 2nd was she points on one moment. let me. ah once we get butler, my gosh, that was what interior they feed the talk. i don't have to do for them. i mean, fuck on it,
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but it will be mm mm. i me thank you everybody for being here. and i'm really curious to know what,
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what you think of the film, major willis, or what, what can i tell him what you've done for the local this, that premium projects? you know, it kill up look, premier too much if you leave. the screening is here. because of the light this the question of why it's here. because the screening place, if you lay your son, the film is very dark. i just saw this place yesterday. and for me it's easy to film. so it could have maybe been done in your late. but for me, the difference is not so big, but can be my with some perspective, when it gets shown that was all fall under the us on the bus while the call the bus. unless the from fit in the country for people who are going to in projection initially profit as differently. and initially there are no, we don't have it, but they wanted to know material on, on, i'm going to office now corgan is it my mom i want to see guess you know your
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question. you want to massage, feed meadows and will cook me much. but don't, i'm a products, don't you know, walk up quickly when you knew my question that i did, and i was going to google mac numbers and it'll not because up because it, when you use your google, see how much a much much joke i'm in, go my go, ma'am, he said a walk and you know you've been taught and you know, you've quoted a bundy. you new equal cost 3 appropriate that and convert it to negative. positive buskey lifted. can watch him in that if you there it is that seek it when it, but novit pub, political, mom, gwinnett, gwinnett, that com can get you a study. we're learning from them, dunc here, mr. love, we were the phone. but if you move there is
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a deal with him to come in, you can get, he would need to to get to one foot for a clarice up 50, like $50.00 on site for the public support. re looks you down to rolla and also book issued by a message. if it's, if the volume will typically ever been able to bundle him, you might have been going to sort of get you a vague you don't pay a bill for them that don't fit. yes. i live with them one back into the very minute. don't mind, love to cover when it the new book called the new join in the media. and mama does you who love official where you, where you live for june. i was a and you are the, the, she did later, final projects. you're my case. you, when it moves all the work?
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i don't there much for 21 done. you thought you don't, you know, they're not when i'm, we ended up was, it is so it has the busy the massage. well, how you with german georgia you work on it projects at the club. i don't want to ship it about the last year. it was in the universe, you to employ more and i should pick it up to get going to the colonies. member a lead to fish on the ball. she'll have to put it up. what was the body to know if you don't, if you remove the thunder hooks up to think it will put them in medical mich through motor bus dot i meant thought to you for accepted on it. did it miss you will it will decrease in both your book with them because the book is cottage is done with that as that and the part you thought duly system on the phone so somebody will upon the woman. ok. yeah, don't wash your book. you feel so blue a claim, what was it takes a lot deal to blow it. quite want to feel i feel the buckets critical cover to
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avoid the filter because i want to pittsburgh. yes. it's a good one but cannot if should i, should i do that i state or should i am i. ready ready a fee, contented story, without uttering a single word. and knowing going can guide a simple informa, young convent, manatee, of life. witness through the limbs of the human. i want him by as the witness. documentaries on out his era. i
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i, it's time for the journey with sponsored by cut on airways has been flooding range from utah across the plains fakes to the midwest. the last couple of weeks is moving south now, and the bigger story of heat is still witnessed. witnesses extreme. if you remember this specific northwest, particularly washington oregon, where temperatures were breaking records and that's particularly more so in british columbia, western canada, where lytton hit 49.6. now you see the forecast the heaters moved eastward systems extreme and the thunderstorms are taking the place and drop temperatures. but that's a forecast the saturday for the next 24 hours is still the problem. far as it broke
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carriage cover, heat, and lytton was completely surrounded by 5 of this. hopefully will help at least in dumpling, down. now the picture in winnipeg whether he's going is attempt his will rise, a record is $42.00, so don't expect that to be beaten, but the obvious $26.00. so again, this is rather poor by day and by night is too warm. it's dangerously hot. in fact, and he's moved to the right dancer, the u. s. stays down towards the gulf states leaving dry behind, which must be a relief for many or i have to say. and that just keeps going south during saturday, leaving dry behind. the temperature is still high, those, you know, i've been winnepeg sponsored car cut on airways challenging the way mainstream media record. the news stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out of all power to account how it is in journalism is breaking the destruction of civilian property. this is all evidence
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for farm trials and the rich, the speaking. we've been getting stories of john taken from the house in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered on his era. i this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm robinson. this is the news line from coming up in the next 60 that president she's paying says china will never be bullied again. as the governing communist party celebrates at hundreds, anniversary was health organization slams the e. u for a lack of cobra, 1900 vaccine equity as a continent opens up.


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