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delay, japan, hudson, and unlike any the world seen before, mice and bob way showcase his personal story, offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges. but the bob way face today, despite going tension with agency dance, e p o period. so the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on a just e o madison and the top stories on our 0 china is governing communist part has been celebrating the 100 anniversary of its founding, adjusting crowds and chinaman, square them being president, changing thing held china's versus course away from colonial humiliation. katrina, you reports from his name in the early hours of thursday morning.
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70000 people gathered in beating in the square to mark the 100 anniversary of chinese communist party youth choir sang revolutionary ballads. while fighter jets and helicopters flew overhead, it was a well choreographed display of nationalism and power performed with precision president. she didn't ping addressed the crowds, saying the party had transformed china from a backward we country into a strong water one. the fishing that we have brought about historic revolution to the problem of absolute poverty in china. and we are now marching in confidence, tries to as a 2nd. and henry go a building china into a great modern social country. in all respects, my dressed includes reminiscent of party, found a mounted don't. she said the party had kept its promise of lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and would continue to achieve success to the chinese people
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. it is aimed at winning, not just respect for the poppy aberration for the avi, but also an emotional connection between the, you know, she and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from our depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level and of course it to show forth actual food for friends and adversaries abroad. president, she had this warning floors wanting to undermine the parties. rule told me the chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to oppress flavor for anyone who there is to do that will be on the collision course against the great wall. still a full by over 1400000000 chinese people deleted. also praised the party in order to comb something achieved to cracking down on the territory democracy movement vowed to reunite taiwan with china. beijing considers the sell food island,
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a renegade chinese province. full time pay responded by saying its determination to defend its sovereignty. and democracy was unchanged, not mentioned during the celebrations were the historic favorites of the party, the violence and destruction of the cultural revolution. the $900.00 sixties and seventies, or the brutal crackdown of the 1989 gentlemen square protests. it's incarceration of an estimated 1000000 ethnic muslim, weakest, so called we education camps has also been condemned by governance rights groups abroad. but they're not openly talked about. it's very not to research them. so the party wants the highlights, not the lights, try to find a praise and coming to coffee outside. it's a different story. this elevation comes at a time when international criticism is agent with policies at home and abroad. and aging is response to that criticism on thursday with loud and clear. it's simply
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isn't listening. katrina you out a 0 meeting 1st nations community in canada has find 182 unmarked graves at the side of a former residential school for indigenous children. the remains of what i believe to be more than a 1000 children have not been found at 3 different locations. bangladesh has gone into long time to stop the spread of covert 19 driven by the delta variant, millions of migrant workers have been trying to get home before the restrictions came into effect. but financial officer of the trump organization has surrendered to authorities investigating tax crimes in new york allen vices. but again, other trump employees are expected to face charges of tax evasion. is suspected of illegally avoiding paying taxes on company parks such as cars. apartments in school tuition. john organization says charges against cfo, political,
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according to us media. those are the headlines. the news continues here to knowledge, is it after witness, goodbye. the news i see late of us for the se goma in nor does sick market a film in ultra from this is a n g o a's on the facebook mostly film of and i and g low. but i think sleep in his 5 or 5 nor does full of fabrics and build w states professors. what are the news that the guy today, you know,
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to films here, come back for them by allow them to go look gallo and he's extreme cologne and no downs on them, failing on the kindness time, but i feel the market again is played on the stuff my, this is a bill on the hello, out of bought them at the laser very than against that versus a bill marker day to do the the like it look like down up on i when i took what the other phone i love to get a good friend is a good one of
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the my thought, wilma, come i was the i have to do the job. i've done i one of the government
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because i mean my my, my good physical i'm, i'm going to go up into the 1st one on the news and i live in california. i mean, i did i mess up the more muslims wrong because he lives in the mount. we'll keep the north out of the bubble, who they really did. it don't be much more money. p d, basket is junky,
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even if the mas, when, if the mas as the, into the, on, if he needed him on monday, could get cheated. the don't look, what did you wake up when it comes to it, or she'll, it did on long. but she sunday saying that he should this walk in the blood and equal to the whole month to month. but he done it more best on the animal control limits on it. see that plans to and john b ecology. muscogee boys in mind and they get the vitals and cindy wadley in about a month on equal msf would do that. if you could give me because it was done, it kills repair medical mantle in washing photography. delicate to jump on it. mm
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mm. wound. people go on latch room, magical pulled up. my dad usually took either, you know, you got and i got 80000001 now when i, when you feel a month and i might about no miss, no one has come along as long as it was. all right, can i have come up with the key? yeah. he's not in ours or my back like i you can david,
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you know why he didn't watch so much. yeah. yeah. yeah. you're not look at, look at the game room. it has a question i'm talking about almost equal words when the when the ask is still going to the little band going this is in the visit is i don't, was you place locally live here in the mall, chris from from one to come me, your name on the not, not something dollars, dollars or my school in the i least once the what will come civic team he give was only a player wants to rule in up, up sit on the see he plays on till remember it is the day did this. he did it
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the quality meet if he did the walk, if the quality meet, complete my it will me validated the, the me to call follow me to do that. if you like you to meet did the mobile mouth look on the ticket newness. i won't buck in with a woman will be they don't like yes. when if you and your new man it a bit the think it a little bit a or he'll d. c. when the bus, she's the, the, the, you know, you said the little girl was all 3 on the wall on the she was on the exam a see, how can they been on the the, the when they know what's going on when
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i put it on the phone with the columbus, but that's one that's already bigger. me the local, but it seems to me what i mean go from don't know g sounds indicating something between if bus him gun payment without something away but because
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of a 100 bucks a month and then it will break. you laugh. m y and police on the down go on don't program law got got got got. c got got my all that i got that i may not be the doctor that they won't do it today, but you might want to know if you want to do that. i got does that go please you're welcome. a lot of it will come up with you and if it was you good, that's what i'm reading on be on the positive. but if it can get bought it is it get done. it was you see remark, they've got to work on, you know, on but i mean it's a big demand when you bought just the column and this was the best part of
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the feeney amendment with me i i, [000:00:00;00]
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i so the question is, did we do anything neo colonial b o me in the last 2 weeks there's a letter you got to on if you remember doubly yeah. ww rows of so if you change guns and reaching ok, we start again. you're bouncing bone in case, you know, was killable, could dishes can shut up, but for us it's case you see already tonight or on lump roodick. don't really pre mozy the see the do now fit on like you demand to sediment are part of what you it's really don't the discrete a lot of i'm pretty fatima. we saw supposed to fish and i bought the biscuits for us in the car,
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and then nita was filming the car and this to st. kitts were standing next to the car, and then we made a show of them. and then that for that gives them the biscuits wrong is can see the movie a little bit of a phone. but did they tell you that they were they needed food nodded, and she said, don't you don't, i can't get over the can buses on best, but didn't love it. there's only this, keep the good to go. don't go to the dumpster them. you don't think that sometimes it's nice to give a little money, so maybe they can have some food. and if it doesn't put you on sponsored bhaskar touch in the kitchen from your daily fair. these are men sheets you really sort of will make it. you've been, but example of what example are the monthly don't bus go up up
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up on think it can get them for that is meant to that gets you lift it up too much money to school as you sit down for i don't think i can keep doing it, the larger she's still comes up baskets they sell, you must use the blood on the low. so they're going to feel for the environment downhill over to you know what environment you may see that do marginally, but at the see sure. local to magic month that one of the few months in the movies can shoot in movies perception. don't tell you, month ma'am. to the month to month, i'll eat it deep on now. can visit with you or what? and he said in biscuit, now we really of the problems the last years, e c. e book, who don't for the larry seal centreville, the bus killer,
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but we don't bumble sharla moody. did i see the phone see, know the, the larry, and tell them as well. but i do understand what you're saying, but i'm also thinking, i also gave you this if you and you just being nice about us, you asked before anyone want us richard? no, no. so here's what i can feel model that you want to bunker one and bunker duly dusky fish met before the context meant by the bus get you pumps get you don't pay the damage. you don't need to take. it shows the money you don't to get it in, so you show them their preference. won't this you give us the local mino, that it in. so i don't,
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i don't there the guy will go up, but we didn't do that. do you feel funny about it? my little thought it was, she didn't really quote them to prove that because they didn't, they didn't yet pick your phone up, they don't need it. that would be pretty much what was it forwarded to because it is good. you must be
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the mother of the double. what about my the the the the
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mm mm mm mm mm. mm. mm. mm.
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latino who is up in for larry presenting from a free can way way above the levels the almost think from then shows kids within like pre left. yes they do things on football. but why don't you live here for more and i don't, i'm not even developing an african level and is the best on that, but on your end as well, it's fun in that as of a month or 2 for you who. mm hm. and if i,
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if i do the most revealing sure, make sure that it has been done. i don't know my company. don't let me do it, but we do need your help. but it's bobby, take him in a minute. just go up to santa monica. any event event, new york, and nothing much of it. when he gets there was, this is a lot of the big, but it's with, it's like, well my phone, my vision, if you don't really don't get going to think wednesday
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will then i'm going to put up with the fan of the month that nothing to do and visit for they they believe in the late up on my design, you slept in my bed. love us. welcome both to love you let it be over. we love, i love you, requested a few, but your brother, printer, dutiful, i love your beautiful what i. 2 did is what i love to know get, you know, maybe it's the,
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i don't know if you saw the home in the and then well the summer i use a fan do says about of it's being a theme. if you end up going on, it don't need to resubmit it. pasco think good fit us. what i see is typical a refugee photo. we always seem less now. a hedge, coca cola pavlo cost american is injured. if you're out of seeking my demand was never done, sir. no acquainted set on security is good. i don't want to go and try it. don't
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you don't. if you're haul silver cents a month, does she actually bunny circle the golf club? i think you're going to demand it if you double them on the have you had before. don't do the mush hayes on c'mon on don't girl kin agent flunk it, and she bought condos and buffing by his own good daughter. they don't do all that because upon make you might miss don't, but i didn't know because you see dear me see, knuckle p, laundry upon and the phone is given on for the good. i know me polling for $32.00 by to do so that be did i jump on it for those
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to did is also down class. he printed the qu, make you yeah. he did to new to new to need to in the exposition are found because you imagine gender measuring up up to have to go dive. paula should be no phone to me either. kimberly can cc seen it yet? it shows by the luggage buffet. we are there she'll go approve. see the big mumbled the, the on to kill everything that if i am i. but if it shows the photo garcia can more by dump them up as good but good photographs and see if he kinda has picked up then. sure. sure, respect, digital hello, that is
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a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple. but androids today can be dear that humanoid robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world, the robot that learn think, feel, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on 20 with energy and change to every part of our universe. more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your
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ah welcome to portal your gateway to the very best advantage there. an online content that you may have met. a new program this year our platforms makes the connections and presents a digestible, seeing each the award winning online content on their audience portal with me. sandra gatlin on how to 0 me. ah, ah, ah, i'm not madison. and don't the top studies are just in china is mocking the chinese communist parties continually with celebrations across the country. president, she's paying address the nation from gentlemen square and send the era of china being bullied is over forever. local and 10 by the communist party and chinese


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