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still ahead on our dispute about cross border, a facility that the un says will have devastating consequences for millions of people and manchester united are about to sign a teenager, but around a $100000000.00. that's always how may i help people in sport? ah, neither whether in the last few weeks in some parts of europe has been miserable and it's still that way. and these is circulating area cloud currently over germany . the low countries, for example, around that low center, is improving to some degree in the british isles where it's being cold and cloudy for a while. but the continuing hot weather is still surrounding all this area. at the moment that circulation, which looks pretty poor, from the point of view swedish weather,
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is throwing thunderstorms in through the crane towards the baltic states and slowly south through south eastern europe. knocking attempt his back from the middle thirties to the low side of the high twenties. but as sunshine, back in northern france, british charles would improve things greatly. but it's certainly hot the sun through spain, in fact, throughout the mediterranean and eastern europe, as has been not quite recalled breaking behind it pretty close to for a while. and this to the prevailing breeze admitted even athens is of 40, while in the forecast assist in drops off again as both cried and breathed shirts, so that breeze is blowing throughout the mediterranean. so there has been hot recently in turkey and cypress, mister warnings of high temperature, for example in cyprus and event. that breeze takes the edge off, at least on the coast. if not in land, the lead you'll come onto the pitch is a special moment for any football to do it as
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a palestinian woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend added canton introduces honey. who broke through social and political barriers to inspire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels. let's do it on algae 0 award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion. what guarantee that the, the right to take the life giving voice, the voice here in california. it almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view of the world today. this is what the picture looks like . the, the world from a different perspective on how to oh
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i was, you know, does it remind of i talked to china is walking the chinese communist party santana was celebrations across the country. president, teaching thing, address the nation from chinaman's fire inside the era of china being bullied, is over forever. to 1st nations community in canada has found $182.00 unmarked grades at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children that were detected in conduct in british columbia school clothes in 1017 dash has gone into lockdown to stop the spread of covered 19 driven by the delta variance millions of migrant workers and trying to get home before the restrictions came into effect.
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ok, let's return to the 100 anniversary of the chinese communist party and take a look at its achievements and the challenges it's been facing. the countries enjoyed significant economic growth since the late 1970. that's when it opened up to international trade and investment. it's reduced poverty dramatically. the world bank says in 199755 1000000 people lived on less than $2.00 a day by 2006. there were fewer than 10000000 in 2013 china announced its belt and rhode initiative, a trade called about stretching from asia to europe and africa. but it's faced much criticism including laws. it's imposed on hong kong that led to mass protests. and it's silence on the $989.00 gentlemen square crackdown. that's when china's military open fire on peaceful protest as killing hundreds, possibly thousands. china also denies allegations by rights groups that it's
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treatment of wiggers and she jang, province, or crimes against humanity. beijing has been criticized for not really giving access and information during international investigations into the origins of covered 19 from the deck, a long term, one of the cultural revolution to the crackdown in hong kong. there have been several threats. the parties survival in brown reports when china is coming his part, he was born, rival warlords, controlled most of the country. but worse, lay ahead. japan's military occupation and the civil war that happened around it back. and it was a brilliant population on the mo, the communist party eventually took power in 1949. under its leader chairman model, he quickly rallied the masses behind a plan to rapidly industrialized china's peasant economy. the famine that followed may it lead to as many as 45000000 debts. the episode remains to be subject in
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china, just like the cultural revolution, the decade of violence up evil when students were encouraged to defy authority. yet during that chaos, there was a remarkable diplomatic breakthrough within us. president richard nixon visited beijing paving the way for the establishment of diplomatic ties between 2 previously sworn enemies. optum out of death, a new leader age 74, took the party on a radical new journey done shall ping champion, economic liberalization reforms that would help make china the world's biggest economy after united states. he also instigated political reforms, term limits on the leadership. so that no one could rule unchecked the way mount under china's current leader shooting. paying that policy has been reversed. the way thing that the party fears is a split at the top. we saw that in 999. if you have
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a split at the top that empowers all sorts of actors right through the system in the provinces in the cities to take sites. and that is potentially very. busy damaging but the party have plenty to celebrate. poverty alleviation a rapidly expanding middle class, and to rise up the value chain in high tech industries, all done at a rate and scale. no other country has yet to match about as much the party wants to forget. the 1989 student led uprising in beijing. the student lead protests in hong kong 20 years later, at hard one of the problems with the 100 anniversary. and we've, you know, this message is sticking the course is that it gets harder and harder to reconcile with twists and turns with this sort of beautifully smooth narrative of progress that involves a lot of forgetting. and it does triumphal moment for the party. there is one mistaken message we survived, after all, the predictions that we wouldn't,
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adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong on talks are continuing in doha, between the african government and the taliban. but as they discuss the piece process back and kind of stand violence has intensified just among sucks from the deadline for the u. s. to withdraw. most of its truths, hundreds of afghan civilians are being killed and injured. is the start of the year as the security situation there deteriorates. well, the taliban has been steadily taking control of districts across galveston. odyssey era has confirmed that more than a 100 districts and now in the taliban control, you can see them and read spread across the country in 20 provinces. ok, let's go live to a some things of it. who's been following those talks for us in doha or sama throat . all of this, a lot of the emphasis should be placed on discussions in agreements that have been made between the us and the taliban. there must be questions i would imagine over what role the afghan government can play in all of this.
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but that was the the biggest event which happened last year was that it after 2 decades of fighting intra, i've gone dialogue. i've gone sitting across the table with our guns who had not spoken to each other. one side belong to the taliban, and other from the gun government. open that negotiation, but it hasn't come forth with the results that people who are expecting because there is a lot of complicated issues involved and you just mentioned in the last few weeks the momentum seems to have changed on the ground in afghanistan, where the taliban have again, taken lots of land, they are moving on to district centers and there are many places which they have taken without even fighting for it and to discuss that we have with us. mr. nodded another and important member of the committee, which is negotiating with the taliban. a thank you for taking the time. describe to us why has so much of gone territory fallen to the taliban?
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and is that not a failure on the part of the government? well, we need to qualify when we say so much, 530 a vanish, one is a bar bass geography. there are districts that has a limited number of population who does not have in terms of both the importance of its, its administrative unit, but also in terms of the population is not called and categorized as a strategy. and there was an intentional decision that centers of population needed to be protect that because the attacks on civilian population of increased significantly. and then when certain capabilities would diminish that protection of those smaller not strategically significant was not possible. we needed to pull out of those those areas to protect civilian population. the populace a s that of course, had as part of that process. it had an effect. and the effect was that in some
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places places were taken psychology currently by creating that environment of a lot of p r and other issues attached to the places where we pulled out intentionally by all 100 taylor district. it is 100 plus districts, are all those districts from 400100 plus or the districts that somehow the taliban could claim that they are, they are controlling. it's not that all of them fall apart just in the past few weeks. it's time of transition and transition. the ambiguous these are lars and all the information comes out and until everybody settled down, some of these are an impact of what we've pulled out and created different psychology and some not less significant. some notable districts also gone into that, but our forces are working back,
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taking back those centers of population. the important question is this. now, are we going to continue to fight for ever or we're going to sit on table as we are here ready? genuinely with, with the complete faith to start finding a political solution for that, an excuse that existed there war far forces and that's why we have, i think it's gone. it's no more valid now with is valid is to protect our pop people to protect the gains we had to protect the freedoms of people, enjoy the infrastructure. what's happening now? they space is being dealt with in a way that is in this advantage of whole people as future infrastructure is blowing up, populations civilian population are made humans shield and they are losing and suffering their life. you actually get the situation on the ground and people on the ground in afghanistan seem to be losing hope in this whole process that there is going to
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be dropped on dialogue. there's going to be some sort of an agreement between the taliban and the government. but the talent seem to have the momentum behind them as the foreign forces are pulling out their taking mortality. do you fear that the african government is losing its grip? as there's lots of talk about the government collapsing, maybe in a matter of months? well, these kind of assessment of being there long, technical throughout the past 20 years, there's been number of intelligence report that always of been making assessment and predictions. of course they may look to some of the indicators they do not look to that indicators. a lot of people are up there taking arms and asking the government to allow them to fighting it. that's all about. it's a popular kind of reaction to the type of militarism and, and military push for taking all the territory. that's an indicator that one need to take into consideration. the other key indicators, wherever there is
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a fight. and there is a district that has fallen. you see a massive number of population, lou leaving that district and moving to the where the government is. it's a clear indicate that the people don't want to live and that, that kind of a circumstance is why did don't go a district down where the taliban already had a control de decide to come to the government a. now, making a judgment that the government would collapse as a false judgement allow time for the class to sample for the transition to complete . and the in beauty around that, to be clear. i'm a firm believer the only solution to ending this conflict. and when the situation for all at once be the government, they slamming republic of a fund. if the taliban is too agreeing on a political settlement on table. and that's why we are pressing for the important issue of a political roadmap to agree on that to talk about the important elements of it. so
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that we can quickly, we on a political roadmap and we stop the war and reach to a cease fire where we can build enough lives and that all, all of our people and our children wants to see mr. now, do you thank you very much for your time that you have a view from the view of hope from the african government that there is still time to reach a negotiated settlement. a talks have been ongoing. there has been a meeting between the 2 sides in the last 24 hours and the doors of negotiation are still open. but as this happens in the fighting on the ground in afghanistan continues and the people of going to continue to suffer or santa thanks very much indeed. are some of the binge of it that our funds felt the us defense secretary, who orchestrated the invasions of ghana, stan and iraq, has died at the age of 88. our state department correspondent was the jordan, takes a look back at his life and his career donald rumsfeld was brass and abrasive,
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infamously, so his critic, se the combination was the former u. s. defense secretary's undoing during the worst days of the us war in iraq. rumsfeld take, he was right, his critics were wrong and they couldn't stand it. rumsfeld was a survivor of washington politics. he made history as both the youngest and the oldest secretary of defense. and he did the bidding of 4 republican presidents in 1983 president ronald reagan sent rumsfeld to baghdad to try to broker closer ties with saddam hussein. but 2 decades later, it was defense secretary rumsfeld, who argued saddam had to go in rejecting the president's ultimatum. the iraqi regime has chosen war over peaceful design. and a us led war was the way to make that happen. he and other bush administration officials accused a rock of helping to plan the september 11th attacks,
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which it did not rumsfeld, also accused rock as possessing weapons of mass destruction, which it did not. he was wrong, but rumsfeld refused to say so. we believe the intelligence was correct, it turns out that it was not completely correct. at 1st rumsfeld embraced the neo conservative idiology of exporting us style democracy a nation building. but it is 2013 memoir rumsfeld changed his tune. i did not think resolving other countries, internal political disputes, paving roads erecting power lines, policing streets, building stock, market and organizing. democrats, governmental bodies were emissions were our men and women in uniform. more important rumsfeld refused to plan for the possibility that a rock could tumble into chaos and civil war. again, he wouldn't apologize. there are known known,
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there are things we know. we know. we also know there are known unknowns. that is to say, we know there's some things we do not know. critics said rumsfeld, desire to spend as little money as possible to fight the war. meant us troops didn't have the protection they needed from roadside bombs. and they said this exchange between a soldier and rumsfeld proved he didn't care. now why do we soldiers who have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromise, ballistic glass stuff, armor vehicles. and why do we have those resources readily available to us? you go to war with the army, you have not the harmony you might want or wish to have around the world. rumsfeld was a symbol of us. our guns, the military prison at guantanamo opened on his watch. we are going to the right, and the other hub abuse scandal exploded while rumsfeld was in charge with the us war in iraq going badly rums not resigned at the end of 2006, leaving
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a legacy that is decidedly controversial. rosalyn, jordan, al jazeera memos, military gender has released around $2300.00 prisoners from the jail and the largest city, young gong, official, se journalists and activists were among those feet. on wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners were released in april. the jail activists were not included. monitoring group says more than 5000 people have been detained since the military siege power in february. parts of southern brazil are experiencing unusually low temperatures and even rare snow fall. it's been snowing in santa katrina and state for 3 days. something that hasn't happened in more than 2 decades . still ahead on our 0 in the suns right. hard run, continue just felix reach the n b a finals for the 1st time. 28 years coming up with peter and sport
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ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, for this for his peter ron, thank you very much. we will begin with basketball and the phoenix suns reach the 1st and final since 993. they have the l. a clip as in game 5 of the western conference series to wrap up the victory for games to, to david stokes. as the action. the phoenix suns bring this magic carpet ride will and in their 1st n b a championship. phoenix knew when would secure their place in the n b a finals, but they were coming off the back of a defeat the clippers who were back on high court again. 6 and things were tight
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midway through the 2nd quarter. the sons began to pull ahead, and the 3rd, though devon booker, with this dunk on his way to 22 points. but it was the 36 year old, better and chris paul who stole the show against his former team for parts press paul again the 11 time also had never reached the m b. i find those in his 16 year career with 5 different franchises, but nothing could stop him on wednesday, but he's going to play off korea high 41 points, 31 of which came in the 2nd half alone, c p 3. and the found he let the sons to a stunning 27 point victory wrapping up a full 2 series when not bad for a team that hadn't even made the playoffs for a decade before this season. the phoenix done for the 1st time and what are you going to be fine? i would still got a lot of work to do, but we don't enjoy that. my family. i love ya. see,
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i'm right there. that's my game. that is surgery or losses. bad losses, but we got enjoy tonight. this is denise green. it's not over yet. phoenix made the finals twice before, both ending and defeat to the boston celtics, and 976, and most recently and 993. when charles barkley sons were beaten by marco jordan and the chicago bulls this time around the face of the milwaukee bucks or atlanta hawks who had taught it to 2 in the east. finally, david stokes out 0. the n h l finals are already well underway and the defending stand me come champions, the tampa bay lightning off way to winning the trophy for the 2nd year in a row that lead the mount royal canadian to nothing off the game to on wednesday lay coleman beating the buzzer at the end of the 2nd period to hand tampa bay. the lead, i think eventually going on to win $31.00. several top football teams will be
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interested in that leon l messy is now available to sign for any club anywhere in the world. for free the origin times the contract with barcelona expired on wednesday. it means the likes of man said he, n p s g could now pick him up on a free transfer. however, the 34 year old is expected to stay at the catholic club. nearly left off alone before the start of the previous campaign when he initially requested a transfer one player that seems likely to be on the move his jayden sanchez currently on duty with england at the euros. manchester united have reported the agree to deal in principle to sign the wing from birth. the adornment center is expected to move the old traffic for a fee. understood to be around $100000000.00. personal terms are yet to be finalized and center has yet to undergo medical of the being linked with 4 different managers, english premium club talking and finally found a replacement for joseph moreno, appointed for wolves manager. nuno its
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a central portuguese boss. less will the may off the full seasons during which time he took the club from the championship to a you roper the quarter final what this band amick i think as, as each everybody, every where every air that you have to enjoy that to work with a smile now faces with same purpose, intensity, sparse fence. i'm so happy to be here. and my brothers to you, we're going to make you felt going to make them going to work so far. ref beneath it says he believes everson are going places of becoming they knew, manage him. some fans of protested the appointment given that he touched rival livable to the champions league. title one, school davidson, a small club. if i decide to come here, because i like the idea to be competitive again, i like the, the,
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the passion of the people behind. i know the seat, they know this coverage. i know what means for every fun here to compete and to have the chance to win then to come here is something that the for me miss a lot for sure. the draw has been made for the 2022 world cup qualifies in the asian confederation that took place and one of them put on food then throwing up some pretty interesting matchups as country fight for the right to compete in cover next year in group a it's iran, south korea, the united arab emirates, iraq, syria, and lebanon. and group b as a tough one with japan up against strange, saudi arabia, china, oman, and vietnam. the top 2 finishes in each group will go through with the 3rd place team facing each other to decide who advances to the into consideration, play off. ah,
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and some euro 2020 news for you. now denmark are getting ready to face the czech republic in the quarter finals, the danes, and due to traumatic stuff to the competition when he may trust in erickson suffered a cardiac arrest on the page during their opening match. the scott are in contact with erickson and using he support to inspire them. yeah, of course we are ready. we, we can't wait. i would, i wish there was today we plates and the place at the site feel the same way we are . we are so ready, we full of confidence and, and we both have quality and, and hearts in our games. and finally, ukraine book, their place in the court is off the beating sweden in extra time. and their prime minister said he support by wearing a team jersey to kevin of meeting in key if you will. the number 7 should at the same number one by ukraine's captain on the ja malenko and all the other government ministers in attendance also turned up in the teams colors. and so we're going to
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leave it for now. i'll be here again in a couple of hours with most sports is. that's a finale, rob peter, thank you very much indeed. now during i've, i'll get is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more and all the stories. and of course we have lots more information on the website odyssey or dot com. and madison, thanks for being with us. goodbye. ah, news. news. news. news. news. can an image representative or merely mimic the perception of the beholder behind the camera? preconceptions one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative,
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and the trauma of colonialist ation, and it lingering legacy, delicately addressed as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo, film, and a witness documentary on al jazeera, 5 years ago. the great thing, the damage caused the precious gras, samantha chilling its being reversed with one of the world's biggest ada conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the pedagogy and if they're plentiful and they're calm like this, and then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threat. and that's why you know, i, for re wilding patagonia on al jazeera, the ribbon are in flows through the coldest region of killer guest on temperatures . head can drop to 20 degrees below 0 at this time of year. but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions aren't enough to keep these men from working on the
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ice and in the freezing water. because the river north contains gold, men for villages along the narrow river be planning for golden, this area for centuries. the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than during the summer months. these tiny little yellow flings and see might not look much. that was around $50.00, the grand ah president change in paying so china will never be believed again as the governing communist party celebrates its 100 anniversary. ah, what channels is there a life from a headquarters endow? hi, daddy navigate also ahead. indigenous people call for the cancellation of canada day
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as more than 180 unmarked graves are found at a former residential school empty streets and bank.


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