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story offering a fresh look at the changes and challenges, but the bob way face today. just by going tension with the did since the dance e p o p or is that for the next phase of filling them on the blue nile july on a jazz. ah president jim ping vowels. china will never be bullied again. the ruling communist party celebrates its hundreds anniversary ah, watching your life for headquarters in delphi and daddy navigator also ahead, empty streets and bangladesh as it goes into look down to curb a surgeon for a virus cases. calls from indigenous people for the cancellation of canada day,
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after dozens more unmarked grades are found that a former residential school and donald rumsfeld dyes, aged 88 the controversial trips on defense. secretary orchestrated the us invasion of iraq and afghanistan. ah, hello, thanks for joining us. china is really a communist party, has been celebrating the $100.00 down over 3 if it's founding, addressing crowds and gentlemen square and beijing president change and paying hell . china as irreversible course, away from colonial humiliation. the he said, the era china being bullied and abused by other nations is gone forever. she warned . any foreign forces that dare to oppress china will have their head bashed bloody against the great wall of steel forged by 1400000000 people. the president praised
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a party for raising incomes and restoring national pride from local and 10 by the communist party in chinese. people have showed the world the chinese people have stood up the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world but can build a new one. only socialism can save china and socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. when president, she has emphasized the absolute leadership role of the communist party, he's expanded state control during his years is trying to leader as critics accuse him of being a dictator. katrina, you reports from beijing, president party secretary, the people leader. and to some just papa, she, she didn't ping is called many things and as the communist party celebrate, it's 100 year anniversary. the 68 year old is consolidated disposition as the
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country's most powerful leader in decades don't go on. the party has unite it and they let the people in opening a great path, making great achievements, forging a great spirit. she has led china for 9 years and after a bullying presidential term limits in 2018 is unlikely to step down anytime soon. he began his term with an empty corruption campaign, which the one and a half 1000000 officials punished. it also purged the party of any opposition to his rule. she then promised to an extreme polity. nationwide a promise, he said he fulfilled last year. many say these feats have given rise to a status on par with party found mouths. don't. chinese pay. people have advanced very well and they don't want to give that up and they won't. and the whole bill attached themselves to any leader who is able to, you know, not only promised but deliver the son of revolutionary elite. she was sent to rural
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ne, in china during the cultural revolution where he joined the party and rose through the ranks. china has since transformed into the 2nd largest economy, the world with technological pro west 2nd only to the u. s. and growing global influence, his admirers say she is the ideal person to bring china into the modern era. critic say he is a dictator. african natural curse for anything to ship. however, it maybe might be effective, medicare's magic of beginning over time at the tenisha ward, the k. simply because, you know, it does not have the kind of a diversity kind of sense about the page or policies under his watch authorities of crackdown, understand. and she's young and according to human rights groups in prison, up to 1000000 weakest in re education caps to she, the battle to maintain power isn't just political. it's ideological during henry
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celebration, the thing official narrative being repeated again. again, that is division weekend trained us and 1400000000 people must unite behind one policy and one leader. only then can the country truly be great? and will say, this message is crucial to the pleasure survival, but may eventually lead to its doubtful thing as a wiser. oh my, if she prove a topic, either without a tremendous cost, an adventure. so now in china, only one path leads to the greatest rewards the path of loyalty to the leader. katrina, you all the 0 dating? let's make the melinda lou has the beating. there she, for newsweek magazine. she's joining us from basing. thanks so much for speaking to us on algebra. you say that while some anniversaries seem totally steeped in the past, the streets celebrations were intensely focused on the future. and not that of not just that of china, but it's party as well. and the president change in paying so what are your
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thoughts about the near future of the communist party and she, jim ping's role in as i think we're seeing for the 1st time in many years that those 3 futures that you just mentioned, the future of china the future of the chinese communist party and the future of the president and party leader. she didn't being the, in the people are china being told that both 3 futures are basically all the same thing. in other words, really probably from the depth of now and 1976, we are seeing, she's peeing and being presented as the embodiment of china and the party. and you know, his longevity is being acquainted with the longevity of the party. it's, it's, it's a situation we haven't seen for many, many years because because this was what the mouse had had sort of set up.
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and it proved to have one achilles heel, which was well more, more than one. but one of the bigger ones was succession succession has been a big problem both for the chinese communist party and for imperial dynasties. before that been you know, including the public and government that preceded the communist regime. and she can ping may want to cling to power forever but, but he's a, he's a human being. he will not last forever. and the question of how to, in a stable and orderly way, introduce a successor without giving up some of your own power is, is a very tricky thing, right? so how challenging is that going to be in? is there currently a succession strategy for the party? there is no succession strategy that, that is evident. however,
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i've got to say the politics at the top in china have always been opaque, but now they're more opaque than ever. i cannot confidently say i, i have much feel for how she wants to pass the baton or if he ever wants to pass the baton. he's a he's, he's a very intelligent man. he's a very ruthless man. she takes risks, but he is not reckless. so one have to assume he has some plan. i think over the next year people we will be watching very intently because it's going to be a sensitive year leading up to the next important party congress which is in the fall is slated to be in the fall of 2022. that's when, if there is a success or we might see some hints of how that supposed to work, we'll see changes of people moving around in the policy or stand committee,
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which is the top decision making group in china and also in the public bureau itself. ok, thank you so much. melinda lou for speaking to us from beijing. thank you. thank you. mm. now, bangladesh has gone into a one week lockdown to try to stop a surge of cobra. 1900 cases driven by the delta variance. thousands rushed home before the restrictions came into effect under the measures only emergency services and some export firms can continue to operate. country reported a record number of cases on monday, more than 8300. that's more than double just a week earlier. tanveer chandry will give us an update, joining us from dr. so talk us through these restrictions and what they mean for bangladesh. you well, it's actually,
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most of the businesses are closed except for green grocery mark at the fruit shop. pharmaceutical. i know you mentioned expert arts industries are open, government and up is open, but under strict guidelines that a lot of the government workers yesterday on quote city as well as i've got a city protest that because they don't have public transportation to go to the factory so i'm factors have their own buses, but not not every one. so therefore the major progress outside dhaka and into the wrong yesterday. the more or less and you can see all the shutters, it's pretty much close. we saw you are made military patrol across the city, but very few check funds by the military. it's mostly police or other law enforcement agents. they've some work in class paper. all those are in the informal sector and love to walk through and try cycle rick. so famous in dhaka,
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those are allowed to go in the streets. people are using them as a mode of transportation, but by and large, this is one of the busiest software in the capital city. nearly 800000000 practically empty, you can see. and howard wrangler actually feeling about this lockdown? well, i need to talk to the working people. those are the informal factors daily. they're not happy with logged down because it really hard them. daily wage earners. when it's shut down, they can get jobs, they can get men will labor job tens of thousands. 7 of migrant workers left the capital city over the weekend, exposing down south to buy it as well as reading the bible and other rural areas and districts sounds most of the towns wandering india and bank that highland fact that off with a lot overloaded band with 4000 kilometer border with india. so the delta variance spread pretty quickly and those now we know that so far i've been able to job
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nearly about 9000000 doses back in after janica. but the indian stuff exporting that, sorry, sort of thing from china and other sources, government said if planned to stop vaccinating again by this month, sometime the target is 80000000 people to be vaccinated. so that's a positive sign. as soon as the vaccine stops coming, we already got nearly 4000000 vaccine on your side very soon. thank you so much. tundra child you for that update from indonesia is rolling out tougher current of ours restrictions in an effort to stop raising case numbers. the emergency measures will limit people's movement, domestic travel and office work for about 2 weeks. critical sectors will still be allowed to operate before the measures expire on july. the 20th indonesia has recorded about 20000 infections each day for the past week. go ahead on just 0.
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he was the 1st celebrity to be tried and convicted for a sexual assault on the me to era american actor bill cosby is now a free man will tell you why the me frustrated, but undefeated brazil supreme court and d laser ruling over the rights of indigenous peoples claims their land. ah hello, we got some nasty, stoles, rumbling away across central parts of europe. now the clutch of funder examples and both pulling out to germany, easing across into poland, around the area of low pressure. well, the winds travel in 90 clockwise direction, so some walks there for war. so temperature is here getting up to 30 celsius
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through wednesday and notice a little further west just 18 degrees in london. things will even off as we go through the next couple of day. so london getting into the low to mid twenty's or so falling back to around 24 degrees by friday. and so you go through the next 24 to 48 hours. so those storms will continue to make their way further east was using across the battle ropes, pushing across into ukraine. have you down. poles coming in here. wanted to sharp showers into northern parts of germany. still pushing into sullen areas of denmark at brighter skies. better tennis, whether they're in london to be just getting up to $23.00 degrees, some showers still in place there across the central parts of here for a time. but these will ease as we go one through friday, finding troy across the mediterranean, lots of warm sunshine, some lovely weather continuing here, or sunshine to across northern parts of africa. but central africa. well, the tropical showers now started to pep up quite nicely. all the way into liberia, the
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frank assessments and arguments suggesting that no ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace. the iran nuclear deal, the cause of us domestic politics, informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes the generation and the politics that life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah, the, the gun, the top stories on our rather,
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our china is working the chinese communist parties century with celebrations across the country. president changing thing and destination from china and swearing for the era of china being bullied is over forever. bangladesh has gone into lockdown to try to stop the spread of 19 driven by the delta very in millions of migrant workers. we've been trying to get home before the restrictions came into effect. a 1st nations community in canada says it's found a $182.00 unmarked graves at the sight of a former residential school for indigenous children. they were detected in cranbrook in british columbia. the school clothes in 1970, and has been converted into a gulf resorts. the remains are what are believed to be more than a 1000 children. and they have been found a 3 different locations. at least 850000 indigenous children were forcibly sent to the schools where neglect and physical abuse were widespread. more than half of
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canada's residential schools were operated by the roman catholic church, but it hasn't apologized for its role in digital leaders. planned to travel to the vatican in december. did the anglican churches apologize. the presbyterian church is apologize, you know the church and apologized, and this is really part of truth and be part of the healing and reconciliation process for survivors to hear the apology for the highest position within the roman catholic church, which is the pope. there are no guarantees of any kind of apology or anything coming for there's no guarantee that he'll even come back, but we have to make the attempt. danielle morrison is a lawyer. she says there's still a lack of education around residential schools in canada. when i was going to high school and we just took canadian history and i was in high school very long ago. there was about 4 or 5 pages that was dedicated to indigenous people and had spoken
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. though we were people of the past living and canoe has been wigwam in peace and there might have been a single paragraph about residential schools. this is an injustice for canadians, the fact that our education system has failed them. and so a lot of canadians are now grappling with this history and ongoing injustice towards the digital people to the point that they're very upset about the potential of cancelling canaday. i've heard many people in my hometown where they actually kept the fireworks, who are now saying, well, way to go, you've ruined it for the kids. and i really have to disagree with those sediments, because this is an opportunity to do right by our children and teach them compassion and humanity to take a pause, a sombre pause, and be in holiday charity. we're not asking for a lot. we're asking for some time and space to grieve,
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and we will continue to great grieve as more graves are uncovered. solid rum cells are the us defense. secretary, who oversaw the invasion of afghanistan and was the main architect of the iraq war, has died. he was 88 years old, his career and the republican party span decades. mark jacobson is the assistant dean at syracuse university maxwell school and also served at the pentagon during both bush and obama administrations. he says it's not yet clear how rumsfeld viewed his own actions and legacy. i think the, the challenges that the, the donald rumsfeld we see and have seen as the donald rumsfeld, he wanted us to see, he created that narrative and until we can dig more deeply into his records and have those camden conversations, we won't know whether he was remorseful, let's say in the way that a robert mcnamara was, even if an successfully over the vietnam war where the rom,
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so went more deeply. i could even be that room so was not as contract as, as someone like mcnamara and had no regrets. and i think to some degree that that's the rumsfeld we've actually seen for the most part. but again, i think this story has yet to be told. i think this is a complicated man. and again, now i'm not sure in the end how contrite how he was, but there is no doubt that is supported the veterans. once he left the office of the secretary of defense was purposeful, was strong, and in reflected his own patriotism, us, comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. the 83 year old serve more than 2 years if a 10 year sentence on charges of drugging and assaulting a woman. my counter reports from washington d. c. because be has essentially been set free on
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a legal technicality. but with an ards of the decision, he was back at his home, appearing before the cameras with some of his lawyer as well. we believe fall fully, that he never should have been prosecuted because there was an agreement made. he relied on that agreement, and you can't have a system where prosecutors don't hold up to their words. essentially what the supreme court is saying is that because the should never have been arrested because there was a non prosecutorial agreement in place that prohibited our office from prosecuting him in 2015 cosby himself tweeted, i have never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence . andrea constant, one of the women who brought the assault charges against coffee, released the statement saying in part, today's majority decision regarding bull cosby is not only disappointing but of
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concern in that it may discourage those who seek reporting or participating in the prosecution and opinion shared by this former city prosecutor, there's no other way to spend it. it's definitely going to have a chilling effect on other women coming forward and particularly when they're coming forward. i get powerful men and positions like bill cars. we so it's a sad thing. there is no other way to say it is it for me to women i it's not a win, but it's certainly a moment in which we all understand that it's a long road to justice. you know, there are many road locks on the way the pennsylvania supreme court did not exonerate. crosby it made clear in its opinion. he cannot stand trial on the same charge. again. mike hannah, out to 0, washington,
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me. mars military genta has released around 2300 prisoners from a jail in the larger city and gone. official said journalist activists were among those freed on wednesday. tens of thousands of prisoners were released in april, but jailed activists were not included. a monitoring group says more than 5000 people have been detained from the military seas power in february. 2 former serbian secret police chiefs have been found guilty of war crimes in the former yugoslavia and the 1919th. the when's international criminal tribunal convicted your because tonnage and franco? the amount of which for their rule, and financing and supporting sir militia and judges sentence both men to 12 years in prison. it's a court longest running war crimes case status search and see lots of us were 1st and dated in 2003. they were previously cleared of chargers before we trial in 2017, a journalist and activists there wrong 15 people killed in
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a spade of shootings in hastings capital for the warning. this story contains graphic images. some viewers may find disturbing. here's teresa po, the 4 weeks now violence in haiti's capital has been out of control. gangs are now said to be in charge of the entire areas of puerto prince. on tuesday, at least 15 civilians were killed when the police had allegedly responded to an attack that had left an officer dead. local residents, are you shocked? i heard this terrible news. i told my mom, i'll go see if any relatives died in the massacre. i was shocked to see my cousin died for nothing. i asked myself where this country's going. among the dead were journalist v. o shop and activists, and one had to claire. many theories, fellow activities trial francois says they were executed for speaking out against the government. she was an activist and she was very, she had a very strong message against the government about the whole situation actually. so
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we believe that was targeted and me personally, i believe like the whole all other people that were, you know, killed with that was a plan to cover the target as assassination for months, thousands of haitians have been taken to the streets to protest against the government of pressing angel an invoice who has rules by decree. for the past 18 months. he has failed to call for legislative elections and wants to reform the constitution. critic say it's an effort to strengthen his group on power. separately, gaggs are claiming they're in control of the island nation, and the government appears to be unable or unwilling to do anything about the security situation. last week, former police officer turned gang leaders. he said, he see says he was launching a revolution against the countries elite, not what i'm telling people to keep looking for what belongs to them. what is your
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money, which is in bank stores and supermarkets. so go and guess what is rightfully yours . many people have a youth, members of his cabinet, of colluding with a gang members in the united states. some members of congress are trying to push president joe biden to hold us to port for my ease and listen more to the haitian people. something many in haiti i calling for, we just part of a whole geopolitical game where we are not human. you're just transaction stop. bushings, your worries. when you know, even for your country, you would not think the guy as a person would do something for you. so why you continue to support, but well, it shows the activity, say of those who dare speak up about the situation in the country, faith intimidation, and even death. the government for its part seems unable to come up with any
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solution that will improve people's life. that is, i will, i'll defeat her. parts of southern brazil are experiencing unusually low temperatures and even rare snow fall. it's been snowing and sounds like saturday and state for 3 days. something that hasn't happened in more than 2 decades. cold weather is expected to continue for the rest of the week and a 3 week protest by indigenous people in brazil has ended in frustration. the supreme court postponed a ruling determining their rights to claim ancestor lands, but indigenous leaders say the battle has just begun. monica kept reports for the past 3 weeks. hundreds of indigenous protesters have been camping in the heart of the capital, brazil. yeah. they've come from all over brazil. even the most remote villages of the amazon plan was tonight more than 40 indigenous peoples and to stop
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congress from approving controversial bill backed by the powerful farm lobby and president jail was so narrow himself on the ball. so now to solve the, i'll put there. no, but as you all scenario has said, he will not set aside a single centimeter of indigenous reservations since his no gratian, several attempts have been made to limit our rights to claim our territories. among them, a bill barring recognition event, sister lands, which were not occupied by $988.00 when brazil's democratic constitution was approved indigenous leaders that fixing a cut off date violates their constitutional rights. the bill doesn't take into account that many were violent weeks bell from their lands before 988. you must nausea. but if we fought for our rights when the constitution was being drafted, we will fight against those who want to override our constitutional right. it's
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near the protesters. we're hoping the supreme court would rule that the bill violates the constitution. the decision was expected this week, but at the last minute it was postponed until august, leaving many here frustrated. but in defeat it, these indigenous protesters already packing their bags to leave resilient, but they said this is not their last supper. they will return in august to fight for their right monica, and i'll just 0 brazil. yeah. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, china is marking the chinese communist parties centenary with celebrations across the country. president change and paying address the nation from china and square and said the era of china being bullied is over forever. from global 10 by the
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communist party and chinese people have showed the world, the chinese people have stood up. the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world, but can build a new one. only socialism can save china and socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. bangladesh has gone into lockdown to try to stop. the spread of covered 19 driven by the delta vary and millions of migrant workers have been trying to get home before the restrictions come into effect under the measures only emergency services and some export firms can continue to operate in denisia as rolling out tougher. corona virus restrictions in an effort to stop raising case numbers. the emergency measures will limit people's movement, domestic travel and office work for about 2 weeks and then easy. it has record.


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