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on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary and life needs. the discussion here in iran is moving away from the presidential election to questioning the system. there's really no way that they can sort of think syria is economy as collapsing on and online. we understand the differences in the cultures, the cost around what moves wilson news and calling to that master to you. i hello there. i'm this tells you pay and how with the top stories here on algebra and present. she's in being says, the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations if gone forever. he was speaking during centuries, celebrations of the communist party. this, the me, she addressed hundreds of thousands of people. as you can see that gentlemen square
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and beijing, the president warned any foreign forces that their oppress china will have their heads abashed, bloody against the great wall of steel. forged by 1400000000 people from local and 10 by the communist party in chinese. people have showed the world, the chinese people have stood up, the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world, but can build a new one. only socialism can save china, only socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. katrina, you has the latest now from beijing. one of the main things that she didn't ping said was that the communist party made a goal 100 years ago. and that goal was to turn china into a moderately well off society. and according to that goal, president cheating paying says the communist party has achieved that, that it has alleviated extreme poverty and turn china not only into
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a well of society but the 2nd largest economy in the world. and therefore president, the shooting ping was saying that the communist party has proved its legitimacy as the rightful group to lead china, not only now but into the future as well. so it was a very powerful speech full of communist ideology. unsurprisingly, and i think from listening to it, i heard really 2 main messages. the 1st was to the domestic audience that the communist party saved china essentially saved it from being a weak backward country, vulnerable to foreign forces and transformed it into what it is. now a strong country able to stand up that was a lot of the language that president student ping was using and therefore the chinese people need the communist party in order to continue to succeed. and that under president, she didn't ping, it will continue to go forward. on the right path,
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so that was one message. the other message i think was to a foreign audience and with that, the latter half of the speech. and he used quite strong words and basically the message from prison achievement ping was don't mess with us. how foreign tourists vaccinated against coven 19 can now travel to a hotspot and thailand without having to quarantine? the 1st plane has arrived into kit. it's hope that move will boost the tourism industry. but many of the areas residents haven't received a vaccine, and thailand is not bashing it said and was yet wave of this. pandemic mean bangladesh has gone into lockdown to try to stop the spread of 19 driven by the delta vary and thousands of people. as you can see that rushed to get home before those restrictions came into effect. under the new measures, only emergency services and some export firms can continue to operate a 1st nations community and canada has found 182 unmarked graves and the size of a former residential school for indigenous children. the remains of water believe
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to be more than a 1000 children has now been found at 3 different locations there because to cancel canada national day for more than half of canada's residential schools were operated by the roman catholic church. but it hasn't apologized for its role. indigenous leaders now plan to travel to the vatican and december did the anglican churches apologize, the presbyterian churches apologize, united church and apologized. and this is really part of truth and be part of the healing and reconciliation process for survivors to hear the apology for the highest position within the roman catholic church, which is the pope. there are no guarantees of any kind of apology or anything coming for there's no guarantee that he'll even come back. but we have to make the attempt us, comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. the 83 year old son, more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on the charges of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. while those are the headlines. i'll be more news here after
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jerusalem, a rock and a hard place. ah oh i use
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me ah ah ah ah ah. when i asked my mother, when was the last time she took the train and where did she go and she does me. yes, of course i took the train because there this train in jerusalem connects us with the rest of palestine. when you look at the photos and you imagine how the
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lifestyle was at that time. and when you visit the train station today, it's like a disney park. it's, it's full of restaurants, of the people who are completely indifferent to the history of the, of the space who are completely ignorant words to receive them. they don't belong, you know, my son often tells me, you know, mamma, these people, they don't seem to belong at all to this city. it doesn't go with the spirit of the people today. ah ah ah, ah ah ah, we were the owners of the houses 77 percent of west salem
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before $48.00 was but it's still owned. and what i talk about finance i talk about muslims, christian and the minority of jewish people. ah, the new 1st train station as they call it, of to slim look at the kitchens inside the restaurant. most of those people will be penicillin, probably from the west bank, or from marginalized areas in jerusalem with very low salary. and they are treated like carpets. this alexis general is a man that if i know where it is, because it went, it was going on
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so you need to monitor me she can come, could come from me and the facility would be, i mean, but my, my, me the invitation. i didn't see hadn't been a little sick study. i'm sure you've had a minute but haven't got a lot of it is open. it's not a clinic, sophia. and i'm
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a come in and i'm having i mean i my father's house is exactly opposite the street which becomes their, their lower back half in arabic or better or the colony. so let's go to my father's house and i hope they want to call the police. so we'll do it very quickly. this is my father's house, the house of 30 man. my father lived in this house for 8 years. from the 40s until 48 with his mother, he was chased out of the house like most of the palestinians because they wanted to
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confirm the statement of them. i hear that this is a country, a land without peoples. but all these people who are living in these homes in the 1998. nathan yeah. who came into governess and as he's a money, money maker and many money lover, he wants to privatize palestinian house is in the same time as israeli telecom, and, and electricity water, all these elements which, which can be privatized, so that he can gain more money. my father's house was sold for $4000000.00 by the cup land, who's a real estate agent who came from america. ah, ah, neither my mother nor my son agree to the fact that i'm very passionately and emotionally involved in the part. you can see that kenny didn't even come with me because he said he wants to avoid all these emotion and issues. when i came here
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last time, man. from outside, i was taking a photo, the people inside the house. so the flash, they parked the car in the middle of the street, they called the police, they arrested me, they put the handcuffs in my feet and in my hand, i told them, but what crime have i done? what's my case? i just took a photo. i me and on a banana republic, we have a court system. we have a court system who is definitely not in the pocket of the right wing or the religious of this country. no one can get away with just driving someone out of anywhere in this country. i mean, we know the british were here. we know exactly who was kicked out in what ease and
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948. the jews also kicked out of the area, taken his prisoners of all that's real, being kicked out and evicted by the arab world. no arab is being pushed out or kicked out of any with actually being driven as no such thing. ah, in ah, has the moon with seen these countries things 17 countries with familiar with was that have tried to driven us out. when thought he was imperialist, we have returned home as the indigenous people to our own homeland. and is basically nothing to the world. the air will can do bad and whatever attempts have tried when succeed the meek or timid jew living in some ghetto or state or under the nazis or under the czar or under whoever it may be, the perry. we have today. strong people who have come back to our land. we're back
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here now, and no amount of arab terrorism. violins will hydrate. he's going to kick me up and they will be eaten up for reference. you know, it's a thing from a stranger that may be taken away, but it doesn't mean that me personally will handle it because we have all authority via any arab want to drive me out. someone that wants to do it. someone wants to drive me someone that wants to stab my god forbid my children like we've seen before. you know that person will be eaten up for breakfast. now. that won't be to, that won't be something i would do personally. the jewish people, the state, the belief, whatever has to be done that will be handled not only we looking over the temporal man see the place where the golden dummies. know that's the place the holy of holies. this is what the arab world wants, and this is what they'll never get abraham's children
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don't get along. some brothers don't get along. in this particular case. in fact, it's even worse because there's parts of a very, very violent streak in a south and my l, which is a combination and part of the muslim all today is addicted that says a sub heights. jacob was he upset that abraham or isaac only gave certain blessings to him and said, and other blessings to him. the children of a ram had been blessed in many different ways, but the jewish people, abraham, isaac, jacob, king, david, king solomon, all the way to little daniel luria today in jerusalem is this one shy, and it's been blessed in a different way. the little land of israel, we have the covenant with god. we have returned home design is dream is being realized all the time. and as the indigenous people here, the world and especially the air world is going to have to understand that at some
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point in time, ah, in the me today, i live in ship cetera. but i live spiritually. if i may say so in the western part of the city, i wasn't born yet in 1948. but i, she led the deck, grounded in these ties are dogs, which i got from my father's house. actually, id processed the style when the house was put on sale and they were uprooting all the ties and all what is in the house. i chose
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to put them and document my history and my story. i would ultimate goal is actually to preserve cultural heritage and precisely palestinian cultural heritage into a slum knowing very well that on a daily level is an attempt to raise everything caused by simeon anything non jewish that for you think how you want to preserve and protect your traditions, you're rich, was your root, whether it's the language food, f, l, f l, from most, whether it's the coffee and the embroidery dresses that it's taking them all as a presentation. i will accept not to claim my father's house and i thought ok, i like cept that for the sake of peace. i accept not claiming my father's house for the sake of my son living in injustice inequality and freedom.
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i see a very, very, very, very sad, depressing situation. we live and i am ready. what is my living here? me? ah, ah, the the mother, the very emotion about service and about her father's house in about all this stuff. so she's very attached to the to the past them to the emotional heritage that for me, for example i,
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i try to focus more on the present what to do in the present like what, what can make my life better? now i'm an artist, so this is important for my art because my art is not already made. it's also about exploration and investigation. ah, i had my 1st mission, it was 16 and it was photography. and that time it was the 1st intifada. all the streets were filled with stickers and posters and graffiti everywhere. so it was like working in a big piece of art series is called reconstruction because it's about 3
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constructing the reality of the city. sundays series of work is my latest work. it's called wonders and signs. one can see it as a metaphor of jerusalem because of the layers of on top of each other. the layers of history, the layers of writings of messages or political messages. and then you have the soldiers coming in, covering them with white paint. and after it's covered with white pain, fellas hands come back and they put a new message on it. there isn't, there's also a big ball, a big bunch of things. so it's not easy to find your place. you feel like you're an intruder. paradoxically, the people that come from abroad, they feel home, right? because it's their promise plan and for whatever reason, you know, oh,
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most people think that the space has been or was it but the ground between religions. and that's because before 1940, whether you are jewish, muslim or christian, we also our indian muslims, of senior cushions, sidney and juice. ah, we have to know that. but you have to understand the context. most of the population of the country was the palestinian, mainly muslim and jewish and christian. but mainly muslim minority was christian and 10 percent and 5 percent were jews, and that has always been synagogues, churches, and the should values. but the lead underlines the relationship between us
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is that an engine? i don't care if the pre on friday or saturday or sunday. i care about how they treat me. we are one people. but what is divisive is, where do you stand on the policies of your government when it's the humanise you read the bible to city and eyes and we read it in the context of living under occupation. jesus lived under occupation, became a refugee under occupation. his medical work was done under occupation, the thousands gathered around him under occupation. so we see how really jesus resisted occupation and we try to work in the same footsteps. then the hoary is one of the found that has to be in. and she is an excellent writer and she has an excellent blog. most of them are secular jews,
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but of course they use this to justify that this is and then you find all these crazy christians, i call they call themselves christians and this is completely christian because i mean when they say all they have together here the doing is happy about this part of the theory, but then so that the messiah can come. and when the messiah comes, they have to become christians. and those who don't become christians, then they would have to be to, i mean, what kind of religion is this? what kind of a god, god, when the messiah comes, if they don't believe, then they have to because it goes along with them. they accept the fact, the 1st part of it, which is having them come over here. that makes many people say, well, if this is up,
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i mean once ah mama for cervical campuses, mister main campus is about 3 minutes off before the war. today i have to drive it depends on the traffic. if i'm lucky, that would be like between half an hour and 45 minutes, that i'm lucky, i'm reluctant, but i almost kicked the wall. i feel terrible because at one point i had 3 kids at the university studying university. collectively would waste it hours every day going and coming back from the rest. the situation was it's about it's about a wall is slippery as well as seen in front of senior only living.
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ah, i thought that this building, i mean i thought this building for many and i would have it i've now i have to go basically for about 45 minutes around the north. but other than that, i that makes sense. i think the people who live in there were no, no, no, no up. anyway, one day was like the building on or they wanted to, you know, about if you knew was it was look, look you for our gun in britain because of lack of sunshine for most of the time, people talk when they meet each other, they agreed each other and they speak about whether they would make a difference to have useful day and he and i have not as people at one point the speak spontaneously about the checkpoint house checkpoint today,
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the checkpoint is the new one is definitely different from those of those. again, i accept the walls of the city in the moving from one's neighborhood, another neighborhood. this is only for the, for the city, and they actually have a good many people here. it's in the morning during rush hour. the most difficult time when you have 6 people,
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people think to make it work. read the content, especially incident that something that sucks you for like there was a, was there a woman maybe like around 5. she was trying to go to 3. the soldiers were not letting them know that he had the other firm and she would say no in front of the story. yes, she said, and she said i was just making fun of what side of me and other young people and the other people on the policy is that the checkpoint, but then again that you need to go back. you need to go, they're not going to let you in. but she and she doesn't like that. i want to go to jerusalem to be so of course the army and we from the community because of the question i don't have to leave. we started in
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cottage, we saw in her leadership that's next to us. and i remember it was already enforcement other just came in and they said grandma with guns, you need to go. and she said, no, i'm not going anywhere. i went to go to jerusalem to place. she wasn't the thing then or so just right to carry her. they could not then the so just give up and they said, you know what the hell with you. go to p and i remember she put it was she couldn't walk and so on. and then like a 3 year old kid without the support of the community without the support stuff. but i knew, but she made it to me to be part of the debate. it sounds defeated to end because it in the us or in the you k because it will just come back again when no topic is off the
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table. what we wanted to talk about were these men with white men touching aloud dream, where a global audience becomes a global community, jumping to the comment section, and part of the discussion there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online based on al jazeera for some, a robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train. the apple. but androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. options there are documentaries next to the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn think, feel, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0. there's a wave of sentiment around the world. you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not
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heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report on the big events going on, but we also tell the story that people generally don't have a voice. i'm in one of the child that never be afraid to knock a question. and i think that's what they were really does. we all the questions for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah hello there i mr. c, a t a and how, what the headlines for you here on out, rivera, china, is smoking the chinese communist parties and 10 re, with celebrations across the country present. she's being addressed the nation from gentlemen square and said the era of china being bullied is over forever. from global and talking about the communist party in chinese, people have showed the world. the chinese people have stood up the time in which
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the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the will that chinese.


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