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ah everyone ah, me the a powerful message as trying amongst the sand henry of the communist party. it's me to warn foreign bully. ah, hello there, i must get hey, this is out of there live from also coming up and popular destination and thailand welcomes it's fast. a plane load of tourists vaccination against carpet 19 a dispute across the border age history that the u. n. says will have a devastation, consequences for millions of people and calls from indigenous peoples of the
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cancellation of canada day after dozens more unmarked graves are found as more residential ah, well, president, changing things as the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations. if gone forever, he was speaking during the centuries celebrations of the communist party. this ah, she addressed hundreds of thousands of people as you can see there and gentlemen square and beijing, the president warned any foreign forces that oppress china will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel forged by 1400000000 people. local and 10 by the communist party and chinese people have showed the world. the chinese people have stood up the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused
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is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world but can build a new one. only socialism can save china and socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china and present. she is also using this occasion of tyson his grip on the nation as katrina. you reports now from beijing. he's been promoting a culture around his own leadership. president party secretary, the people leader and to some just papa she she didn't. ping is called many things and as the communist party celebrates its 100 year anniversary, the 68 year old is consolidated disposition as the country's most powerful leader in decades, strong on the party has unite it and then let the people in opening a great path making great achievements, forging a great spirit. she has led china for 9 years, and after
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a bullish presidential term limits in 2018 is unlikely to step down anytime soon. he began his term with an anti corruption campaign, which the one and a half 1000000 officials punished. it also purged the party of any opposition to his rule. she then promised to an extreme pull that he nationwide a promise. he said he fulfilled last year. many said these feats have given rise to a status on par with party found mouths. don't. chinese pay. people have advanced very well and they don't want to give that up. and they won't. and they bill attached themselves to any leader who is able to, you know, not only promised but deliver this on the revolutionary elite. she was sent to rural ne, in china during the cultural revolution where he joined the party and rose through the ranks. china has since transformed into the 2nd largest economy, the world with technological pro west 2nd only to the u. s. and growing global influence, his admirers say she is the ideal person to bring china into the modern era. critic
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say he is a dictator. so african national curse for anything to ship. however, it maybe might be effective, maybe charismatic, a beginning over time, a technician would be k simply because, you know, it does not have the kind of a diversity kind of sense about the page or policies under his watch authorities of crackdown, understand home, and she's young and according to human rights groups in prison, up to 1000000 wiggers in re education caps to she, the battle to maintain power isn't just political. it's ideological during henry celebration, the thing official narrative being repeated again. again, that is division weekend between us and 1400000000 people must unite behind one policy and one leader. only then, can the country truly be great and will say this message is crucial to the parties
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survival but may eventually lead to it's doubtful whether it's a thing as a wiser. oh my, if she prove a top either without a tremendous cost an intervention. so now in china, only one path leads to the greatest rewards the path of loyalty to the leader. katrina you all to 0 dating valley. i spoke to richard mcgregor, he's a senior fellow at the low institute and he says she didn't bring speech was a show of force, mostly aimed at a domestic audience. one thing the chinese communist party had done with you, like the more law. it's a bed, so the problem of succession, in other words, they've had a number of peaceful transfers of power from one lady to another. not many authoritarian countries can pull that off, but she has basically from that process l theory should have been stepping down at the end of next year. nobody really expect that. and the longer he stays in office,
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the more the pressures will build up to manage that succession. certainly, you know, there are people who argue he's heading, putting the country toward a succession, across one or another. this is a domestic show. i mean, there are messages in there for the rest of the world that this is mainly the display. she didn't pain and the party as the permanent ruling entity for china. it is aimed at winning, not just respect to the races, but also an emotional connection between the, you know, c and the people they want to engender that, you know, we are the ones who saved you from barbara depredations of alike. so that it works on a number of level, and of course it's a show of force that's not just that, that's not just for the chinese people that's for us as well. in
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while foreign tourists vaccinated against her, the 19 can now travels well. hotspot and thailand without having to quarantine. the 1st plane has arrived in pre kat, its hope to the movable boost the tourism industry that but many of the areas residents have not yet received a vaccine. and thailand is currently battling its fed and worst yet. wave of this pandemic. tony chang has more now from the capital banker. this was seen very much as a test case for getting vaccinated tourists bank and handling them within the restricted area of the island per cat for a certain period before they could be released to to thailand. generally, with the surety that they didn't have any code to transmit here. but we've seen a series of missteps from the government handling this. they qualified the cases that the people who can come more and more they've actually made it rather more difficult. initially they said that this would only be a foreign tourists,
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not the ties or foreign residents a ton. and they've now changed that again. a few days ago, they said that the tourists must have pre booked 3 cobra test before they arrived. so it's become very complicated, they've had quite a lot about vacations, about 5000 around the world. only 500 pieces have been granted. but i think these, these plane arrivals today a going to be the 1st people to arrive on this game. if it works, i think the hope is that it could happen here that could happen in customer. it could happen in other limited areas around thailand and slowly thailand could start to rebuild the tourist industry. but i think a lot of people also still very concerned that a terrorist start to come back, they could bring new variance of covert with them. and for a country that had done very well in protecting itself, that's a real concern. meanwhile, bangladesh has gone into lockdown to try to stop the spread of curve at 19, driven by that tell for variance 1000 rushed to get her in the fall,
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restrictions came into effect. now, under these measures only emergency services and some export firms can actually continue to operate. the country reported a record number of cases on monday, more than 8300. that's more than double from a week earlier. well, let's be time to chandry. he joins us now from the capital darker time here i can see some of those close shops behind you that can you talk us through what those new restrictions look like? yeah, i mean, there's not much tropic, i mean, this is one of the busiest road. it's known as the airport road and the capital city. typical business day you'll see a tailgate of traffic. you know, you couldn't even, you know, possibly take half an hour or so just to get a blog. now you can see on my right side. so is that close except for kitchen market, grocery store pharmaceutical stores, those are open and export oriented businesses. so you see a lot of covert ban ambulances on some private cars with special permission and try
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cycle rick show. they're allowed because they are based on daily wage. so some people can come in one and 2 that another and go to that destination. but generally people are restricted from coming out, although we didn't see any army present so far. we didn't see any check for and we saw police check brian and other law enforcement agency that we couldn't spot any military patrol our check point. but so far it looks pretty restrict that, but cell number of people are on the street. of course, the candidate how have these new restrictions and received? it sounds like there was a bit of an exodus from the capital in the last days. and now the way can tens of thousands of people left the capital city. once this lockdown was announced, not they had really west stockton, the 10s of thousands of people exposing themselves, provided there was
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a severe health considering that many of them are going to district down that borders within the hour, which already is dealing with very high infection rate. with delta very and because bung with the other 4000 kilometers water with india. so that is a major concern because they may have passed on to other areas this via as many people who are actually even coming to dot com. so there is a alarming disregard. now bang, dead vaccinate or jab, about nearly 9000000 people. some people still didn't get that. second those because india stop exporting. awkward estrogenic vaccine. so banga, that's the look for alternative source, like china. now the backs are coming in, american sending to 1000000 backs in china is gifted already 2000000 backs in the government's side. it's going to stop vaccinating from this month on what the target is. $80000000.00 paper costs will be the students and the 1st responders. brian lodge, there was
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a lack of horsemen and then limit the lockdown that spread the buyers. critics are saying that unless there is that much stricter enforcement, this is a very infectious virus. if it's spread, but that's good. i have to say more lockdown in the coming days and months tend to charge the in the bank that she capital dot com for a thank you so much, tonya and strain is most popular space has reported 24 new corona virus infections a week after the capital sydney was placed under a full lockdown. health officials say how's the cases were detected in the community? while the other half came from paper and quarantine, australia husband struggling to stop the spread of this infectious delta vary and still have you here on out there. a john list, an activist or among a space of killings and haiti's capital with gangs on taking charge. and science fiction is now a reality. that's a claim by the engineers. a vis flying car will have the story of it into 50 flight
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. ah. hello, welcome to the look at the international forecasts, sunshine across much of the middle east. so no surprises coming through here. we got a little bit of cloud just around the caucasus cuz he wanted to showers because he wanted to show us to, into northern part of our understand northern areas of pakistan as well. but that aside, it really is about the heat once again. so we touching 50 celsius impact that could be a tough warmer in q way. it's warm enough in damascus at 40 degrees. and we're somewhere in between here in doha, around 4445 celsius over the next day, or 2. sunshine stretched out across the gulf of aidan into the horn of africa. johnson, one or 2 showers just around central parts of somalia for time,
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but nothing too much to speak of the majority of the showers. well, they're quite nice. you now around the highland sliding further west with through south saddam we'll see some heavy rain coming back into the camera room into central and southern parts of nigeria to the south of that. it is generally dry. we got plenty of sunshine across southern africa, away from the western and southern cape where we got some wet weather, just drifting in cape town at around 16 celsius as we go through friday. 10, we just do recovering portals with to around 20, maybe 25 degrees here by saturday afternoon. the who's in the next episode of science in a golden age. i'm exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. office such as like a magical and the more i learned about it,
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the more i respected science and the golden age with professor jim kelly on a jazz ah ah, kind of a watching out there that's remind you about top stories. the south. china is mocking the chinese communist party from 10 ri, with celebrations across the country present. she's being addressed the nation from chinaman square until the era of china being bullied is over for the 1st plane of tourists who don't have to quarantine has arrived in highlands to can fully vaccinated. foreigners can now visit in an attempt to boost the economy. the
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country meanwhile, is battling and west yet wave of the pen and bind to dash has gone until locked down to try to stop the spread of carbon 1900 driven by the delta variance thousands. the rush to get home before those restrictions came into effect. now, russia has signaled it will oppose any efforts to expand cross border aid to syria . and the current a delivery mechanism has a monday, which expires in just over a week. and there's concern that russia could use it's a visa power to block an extension. the un has warned that failure to reauthorize service deliveries would have devastating consequences with millions syrians, different magic editor james base reports. earlier this month, the us ambassador to the united nations linda thomas greenfield, visited the last border crossing, bringing humanitarian aid from turkey into syria. bob, i'll how're is, according to the u. n. a lifeline for 2400000 people. but it's fake now hangs in
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the balance. in 2014, the un security council authorized for border crossings, but the others didn't stay open after russia and china use the veto power to council members have now put forward a draft resolution which would again, allowed to crossing points. so what norion, ireland did was without looking at anything other than the needs, we proposed a renewal and an expansion of the mandate. but at a news conference, the russian ambassador made it pretty clear he'd be prepared to use his veto to stop a 2nd border point. we told them in the very beginning that what we hear from our colleagues about reopening the close cause will the point is really on stutter. now, we are discussing the one that is remaining all you saying you currently do not see a need for even a single border crossing. i will not give you any definite definitive answer at this time. i will only say that we can de new we continue consulting on the dish,
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germany's outgoing un ambassador who led negotiations on the issue when his country was on the security council, told out his era, other countries must stand strong. we cannot allow and agree to a solution where all of a sudden, unitarian 8 is cut for some russian ambition to support the regime of asset. the issue was discussed earlier this month between president putin and president biden, and has been the subject of recent talks between the russian and turkish foreign ministers. so will the last border crossing into syria close. the un security council is due to vote before the 10th of july deadline. james bay's ouch is era at the united nations us comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania's supreme court overturned his conviction. the 83 year old son, more than 2 years of a tenure sentence on charges of drugging and assaulting
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a woman. my cannon reports. because b has essentially been set free on a legal technicality. but with an ards of the decision, he was back at his home, appearing before the cameras with some of his lawyers. we always believe full fully that he never should have been prosecuted because there was an agree that may be relied on that agreement. and you can't have a system where prosecutors don't hold up to their words. essentially what the supreme court is saying is that because the should never have been arrested because there was a non prosecutorial agreement in place that prohibited our office from prosecuting him in 2015 cosby himself tweeted, i have never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence . andrea constant, one of the women who brought the assault charges against coffee,
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released the statement saying in part, today's majority decision regarding bull cosby is not only disappointing but of concern in that it may discourage those who seek reporting or participating in the prosecution and opinion shared by this former, the prosecutor, there's no other way the spinet, it's definitely going to have a chilling effect with other women coming forward. and particularly when they're coming forward. i get powerful men and positions like bill cars. we so it's a sad thing. there is no other way to say it is going to need to women, i it's not a win, but it's certainly a moment in which we all understand that it's a long road to justice. you know, there are many locks on the way to the pennsylvania supreme court did not exonerate crosby. it made clear in its opinion. he cannot stand trial on the same charge.
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again. mike hanna, out to 0, washington and donald rumsfeld, the u. s. defense exchanger over saw the invasion of galveston and was also the main architect of the iraq war, has died. he was 88 years old. his career and the republican party spend decades. a journalist and activist are among 15 people killed in a spate of shootings and have his capital. and the warning. the story does contain graphic images that some viewers may find. a stabbing theresa bo reports the 4 weeks now. violence in hades. capital has been out of control, gangs are now said to be in charge of entire areas of puerto prince. on tuesday, at least 15 civilians were killed when the police had allegedly responded to an attack that had left an officer dead. local residents, are you shocked?
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i heard this terrible news. i told my mom, i'll go see if any relative died in the massacre. i was shocked to see my cousin died for nothing. i asked myself where this country is going. among the dead were journalist v o. shaft and activists. and when i declare many theories, fellow activities throughout francois says they were executed for speaking out against the government. she was an activist and she was very, she had a very strong message against the government about the whole situation actually. so we believe that was targeted and me personally, i believe like the whole all other people that were, you know, killed with that was a plan to cover the target us. assassination for months, thousands of haitians have been taken to the streets to protest against the government of presidential an invoice who has rules by decree. for the past 18 months. he has
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failed to call for legislative elections and wants to reform the constitution. critic say it's an effort to strengthen his group on power separately. gaggs are claiming they're in control of the island nation, and the government appears to be unable or unwilling to do anything about the security situation. last week, former police officer turned gang leader in me said he see says he was launching a revolution against the country's elite. not what i am telling people to keep looking for what belongs to what is your money, which is in bank stores and supermarkets. so go and guess what is rightfully yours . many people have a youth, members of his cabinet, of colluding with a gang members in the united states. some members of congress are trying to push president joe biden to hold us to port for my ease and listen more to the haitian people. something many in haiti i calling for, we just part of a whole geopolitical game where we are not human. we just transaction stop bushings,
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you will ways when you know, even for your country, you would not the guy as a person would do something for you. so why you continue to support. but well, it should actively say that those who dare speak up about the situation in the country face intimidation, and even death. the government for its part, seems unable to come up with any solution that will improve people's life. that is, i will defeat a 1st nations community, and canada has found a $182.00 unmarked graves at the size of a former residential school for indigenous children. they were texted in cranbrook in british columbia. and now that school closed back in 1970. and has since been converted into a golf resort, the remains of what to believe to be more than a 1000 children have now been found at 3 different locations. at least one 150000
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integers, children were forcibly sent to the schools. there are now cause to cancel canada's national day. on more than half of canada's residential schools were operated by the roman catholic church, but it hasn't apologized for its ro. indigenous lead is now planned to travel to the vatican in december. did the, the anglican churches apologize, the presbyterian churches apologize, united church and apologized. and this is really part of truth and be part of the healing and reconciliation process for survivors to hear that apology for the highest position within the roman catholic church, which is the pope. there are no guarantees of any kind of apology or anything coming for there's no guarantee that he will even come back. but we have to make the attempt. i spoke to danielle morrison, she isn't an issue, not a lawyer. and she says there's still a lack of education around these residential schools in canada when i was going to high school. and we just took canadian history and i was in high school very long
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ago. there was about 4 or 5 pages that was dedicated to indigenous people and it spoke as though we were people at the past living and canoe, then wigwam ban piece, and there might have been a single paragraph about residential schools. this is an injustice for canadians. the fact that our education system has failed them, and so a lot of canadians are now grappling with this history and ongoing injustice towards the digital people to the point that they're very upset about the potential of cancelling canaday. i've heard many people in my hometown where they actually kept the fireworks, who are now saying, well, way to go, you've ruined it for the kids. and i really have to disagree with those sediments, because this is an opportunity to do right by our children and teach them compassion and humanity to take a pause, a sombre pies and be in paula garrity. we're not asking for a lot,
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we're asking for some time and space to grieve, and we will continue to great grieve as more graves are uncovered. or brazil. supreme court has postponed a decision on a case that could determine future canes by indigenous peoples to their own ancestral lands. and leaders from 40 indigenous groups has now been camped out for days near the court house in the capital brasilia. the shock clang people are trying to retain territory in southern states of santa katerina. now, engineers and slovakia are hailing a new era of transport of the flying car completed its fest in the city flight. the so called air call completed a 35 minute journey on monday for gig, or has the detail this reach me my for at least its prototype has the 1st interest city journey insulin
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back here from the city of nita to the capitol. but obviously a 35 minutes like in a car that i think of a button can transform into an aircraft in just 2 minutes and 15 seconds. in the it can reach a 190 kilometers an hour and carry 2 people with a combined weight of 200 kilos of any kind of coverage, at least. but it's great that the legislation allowed something like this to go from a virtual location to the real one. this is our goal is to create a real product that you will be able to buy one day. while this flight represents a milestone in this nice market, it isn't the only prototype in town, and it needs a runway to take off and land and like the competition generation for the model such as the s b to have also conducted initial test. this one in a deficit in australia earlier in june, the car race,
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then there's russia hub, taxi flying taxi service. i got it's showing in january in a stadium, it will need runways. the inventor says it will be able to fly in and out of pipe parking spaces and can carry a combined load of 300 kilos. effect for the weekly shop. perhaps. but with the technology taking off, there is the question of exactly how they will fit into today's world times, slightly skeptical about it. as a says in much the world of very crowded, you've got strict regulations and traffic control ports are pretty much a capacity already. the going codes maybe a staple in film depicting dystopian futures, which gems would still be a problem. i know these prototypes have shown that stuff is
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now within reach. ok, but maybe not point. you mentioned it. funny guy, i go out there. remember, you can always find much, much more in our website, including all those celebrations in china. that's our 0 dot com. ah hi there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines president. she's being said the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations. if gone forever, he was speaking during contemporary celebrations of the communist party. ah, he addressed hundreds of thousands of people.


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