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the wonderful world, the robot to learn, think for you and even trust me. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on 20 the me. ready the a powerful message as trying to marks us antenna re of the communist party and leave at warner foreign believe. ah, hello there, i'm still here. hey, this is out there. i live from home, also coming up calls from indigenous people for the cancellation of canada. the day
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after dozens more unmarked grave the found as a former residential school coffee was free. the 1st celebrity to be tried during the meeting era has her sexual assault conviction over times and stock. and see the plays of c farris trying to don ships from because of this current of virus 10 demick. ah, now president, she thing says the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations is gone forever. he was speaking during this and henry celebrations of the communist party . ah, he is, you can see the address, hundreds of thousands of people gentlemen square and beijing. the president warned any foreign forces that dead oppress china will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel forged by 1400000000 people 10,
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but the communist party in chinese people who showed the world, the chinese people have stood up the time in which the chinese nation can be bullied and abused is gone forever. the party showed the world that chinese people not only capable of dismantling the old world, but can build a new one. only socialism can save china. une socialism with chinese characteristics can develop china. hey, katrina year is in beijing and she says president, she is also using this and 10 rated tyson his grip on china and explains how he's been promoting a cult around his own leadership. one of the main things that she didn't being said was that the communist party made a goal 100 years ago. and that goal was to turn china into a moderately well off society. and according to that goal, president sheet and paying says the communist party has achieved that, that it has alleviated extreme poverty and turn china not only into
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a well of society but the 2nd largest economy in the world. and therefore president the shooting ping was saying that the communist party has proved its legitimacy as the rightful group to lead china. not only now but into the future as well. so we see that under president, she didn't pick. not only does the communist party want china to stand up or to become strong, it seems that president she didn't pay, wants to take cut china and turn it into a country that can really stand total with the united states, for example. so let's take a quick look more at what makes president she didn't pings. leadership of trying to stand out from other leaders who have come before him. president party secretary, the people leader and to some just papa, she, she didn't, king is called many things. and as the communist party celebrate, it's 100 year anniversary. the 68 year old is consolidated disposition as the
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country's most powerful leader in decades. strong, local and the party has unite it and let the people in opening a great path, making great achievements, forging a great spirit. she has led china for 9 years, and after a bullying presidential term limits in 2018 is unlikely to step down anytime soon. he began his term with an anti corruption campaign, which so one and a half 1000000 officials punished, it also purged the party of any opposition to his rule. she then promised to an extreme poverty nationwide a promise. he said he fulfilled last year. many said these feats have given rise to a status on par with. party founder melts. don't the chinese pay. people have advanced very well, and they don't want to give that up. and they won't. and they bill attached themselves to any leader who is able to, you know, not only promised but deliver the son of revolutionary elite. she was sent to rural ne, in china during the cultural revolution where he joined the party and rose through
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the ranks. china has since transformed into the 2nd largest economy, the world with technological pro west 2nd only to the u. s. and growing global influence. his admirers say she is the ideal person to bring china into the modern era. critic say he is a dictator. african national curse for anything to ship. however, it may be, might be effective, maybe charismatic a beginning over time at the condition or decay. simply because, you know, it does not have the kind of a diversity of sense about the page or policies under his watch. authorities have crept down on the hong kong and she's young. and according to human rights groups imprisoned up to 1000000 weakest in re education caps to she, the battle to maintain power isn't just political. it's ideological. for now in china's only one path leads to the greatest rewards the path of royalty to the
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leader. so certainly there was a really great extravagant spectacle held this morning on thursday here and aging and gentlemen, square 70000 people gathering with precision like performance really sending this official message to not only the chinese people but to the world. so there's 2 ways to read this one is to take it at face value that the party has made china is stronger than ever before and that it will continue to succeed. and it's proven that this system which it refers to as socialism with chinese characteristics, has worked for china and it will work for the rest of the world. another way to read this is that this is just the surface and potentially underneath really the communist party is extremely insecure that it is extremely insecure. that at any point it could lose grip on an increasingly educated, creative and informed group of one point. 4000000000 people and it needs huge
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ideological propaganda. events like this in order to help retain their loyalty, which it could lose at any time. now moving on and u. s. comedian bill cosby has been released from prison, the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. the 83 year old served more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on charges of drugging and assaulting a woman my cannibal. because bee has essentially been set free on a legal technicality. but with an ards of the decision, he was back at his home, appearing before the cameras with some of his lawyers. we always believe full fully that he never should have been prosecuted because there was an agreement made. he relied on that agreement, and you can't have a system where prosecutors don't hold up to their words. essentially what the supreme court is saying is that because the should never have been arrested because there was a non prosecutorial agreement in place that prohibited our office from
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prosecuting him in 2015. cause be himself tweeted, i have never changed my stance nor my story. i have always maintained my innocence . andrea constant, one of the women who brought the assault charges against cause the released the statement saying in part, today's majority decision regarding bull cosby is not only disappointing but of concern in that it may discourage those who seek reporting or participating in the prosecution and opinion shared by this former, the prosecutor, there's no other way the spinet, it's definitely going to have a chilling effect with other women coming forward in particular, when they're coming forward, i get powerful men and positions like bill cars. we so it's a sad thing. there is no other way to say it is, it's a globe. we need to women, i it's not a win,
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but it's certainly a moment in which we all understand that it's a long road to justice. you know, there are many locks on the way the pennsylvania supreme court did not exonerate crosby it made clear in its opinion. he cannot stand trial on the same charge. again. mike hanna, out to 0, washington. now the 1st nations community in canada has found a $182.00 unmarked graves. and besides of a former residential school for indigenous children, they would take, did. and cranbrook and british columbia school closed in 1970. and has since been converted into a golf course, the remains of what i believe to be more than a 1000 children have now been found at 3 different locations. at least 850000 indigenous children were forced to be sent to the schools and they are now cause to cancel kind of the national day or more than half of canada's residential schools
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were operated by the roman catholic church. but it hasn't apologized for its role. and to do this need is now planned to travel. the vatican in december did the, the anglican churches apologize, the presbyterian churches apologize, united church and apologized. and this is really part of truth and be part of the healing. and reconciliation process for survivors to hear the apology for the highest position within the roman catholic church, which is the pope. there are no guarantees of any kind of apology or anything coming for there's no guarantee that he'll even come back. but we have to make the attempt. well, that's not bringing danielle morrison. she's an issue of a lawyer and she joins us from one a peg. now danielle, in about an hour or so where you, i believe it's going to be kind of the day the country's national day. how you mocking this occasion this year? i personally have not celebrated canaday in many years as an indigenous person. i experience injustice and i stand with my community as we call on canada to counsel
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celebrations for tomorrow. i know that prime minister today, for instance, is saying that canadians should use kind of the days to try to make the country better. how would you like to see that happen? there is one very simple gesture and this family from orange shirt day, which is traditionally held in september of every year. and this was to honor the experience of a residential school survivor who was named phyllis jack welch, dad, she was 6 years old when she went to residential school and she was so excited to start school. and her grandmother bought her a shiny orange shirt. and when she attended residential school, she was stripped down as many indigenous children were there hair with kite. and she experienced so much trauma in the 15 years that she was there and so on. shirt
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day became a tradition to honor all of the survivors and all those children lost. and so we're asking canadians to take a moment of pause and reflection on what's really a tragedy because we're only looking at about 6 schools so far. the 139 residential schools and day schools across the country. and this is going to be a long, difficult and very traumatic journey for our community. i've called the latest discovery of graves us just a 3rd. if we were saying in a few months, i know many of these have actually only been found that the initiative of indigenous groups themselves who are doing their own research. do you think the government's doing enough to try to uncover what's happened here? i mean, they don't really have a choice at this point, but to start funding these projects that are being undertaken by 1st nations to
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uncover all the unmarked graves. there was funding that was requested from the truth and reconciliation commission back in 2015 because there were already so many stories of grades from residential school survivors. and that request was actually denied. and so many of the 1st nations who are doing this work, get it out of their own pocket. and the government has committed, i believe it's around $29000000.00 towards that, but it actually comes out of money that was already satisfied for residential school survivors. this is not new mine either just replacing the budget money into something similar. so there is no actual bolstering of funding for 1st nations to undertake this very troubling work. danielle, in my conversations with a number of 1st nations leaders around this issue. i've noticed that people often refer to how canadians have been surprised by these revelations about the schools. there's almost a separation between indigenous communities and canadians. more generally. do you
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feel that way? absolutely. i mean, when i was going to high school and we took canadian history and i was in high school very long ago. there was about 4 or 5 pages that was dedicated to indigenous people. and it spoke as though we were people of the past living and canoes in wigwam and teepees. and there might have been a single paragraph about residential schools. and this is an injustice for canadians, the fact that our education system has failed them. and so a lot of canadians are now grappling with this history, an ongoing injustice towards indigenous people to the point that they're very upset about the potential of counseling candidates. i've heard many people in my hometown where they actually kept the fireworks, who are now saying, well, way to go, you've ruined it for the kids. and i really have to disagree with those sediments,
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because this is an opportunity to do right by our children and teach them compassion and humanity to take a pause, a somber pies and be impala garrity. we're not asking for a lot. we're asking for some time. and space to grieve, and we will continue to great grieve as more graves are uncovered. daniel morrison an issue, not a lawyer speaking to us from one a peg. thank you so much for joining us, danielle and, and sharing your experience with him. thank you. hostile ahead here on out there, thailand bets on to kent as a fast plane of vaccination tourists against curve at 19 arrived. and a journalist and activists are among fates of killings and capital y gangs taking charge. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. hello. welcome to the look at the international forecasts, more hot sunshine across much of the middle east. so no surprise is coming through here. we got a little bit of cloud just around the corpses cuz he wanted to shower because he wanted to shout to the northern part of africanist on, nor the marius of pakistan as well. but that aside, it really is about the heat once again. so we touching 50 celsius impact that could be a tough, warmer and q way. it's warm enough in damascus at 40 degrees. and we're somewhere in between here in doha, around 4445 celsius over the next day, or 2. sunshine stretched out across the gulf of aidan into the horn of africa. chance one or 2 showers just around central parts of somalia for time, but nothing too much to speak of. the majority of the showers. well, they're quite nicely now around the opium highlands sliding further west with
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through south saddam we'll see some heavy rain coming back into a camera into central and southern parts of nigeria to the south of that. it is generally dry. we got plenty of sunshine across southern africa, away from the western and southern cape where we got some western weather, just drifting in cape town at around 16 celsius as we go through friday. 10, we just do recovering portals was to around 20, maybe 25 degrees here by saturday afternoon sponsored pay cut on airways. be part of the debate itself defeated to end in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about where the man was white, man touching a large dream, where a global audience become a global community. jumping to the comment question and part of the discussion, there are like kinetic efforts to silence fell opinions on the online page on al
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jazeera. ah ah. again, i missed your hand. that's remind you about top stories here. the found china is marking the chinese communist palsy centauri with celebrations across the country present. she didn't address the nation from gentlemen square and said that the era of china being bullied is over forever. u. s. comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. the 83 year olds have more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on charges of drugging and a whole thing, a woman and 2004. because a growing to cancel canada's national day,
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after more graves of what it believes to be indigenous children were detected assassinations, communities he discovered $182.00 of them that the 5 former residential in now foreign tourists have been vaccinated against covert 19 can now travel to thailand popular destination to catch without having to quarantine the very 1st plane that arrived just a short time ago. hope that the river boost the country is dwindling. tourism industry. but many of the areas residents have not yet received a vaccine. and the country is also battling, it's fed and west yet wave. a 5th pandemic that speak to tony chang. he's in the capital, bangkok, tony this day is obviously been long anticipated, especially given the country's reliance on tourism. on people breathing a sigh of relief. are they more anxious about how all of this is going to go? i think that pretty anxious. the idea was to get tourism started again. this was
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seen very much as a test case for getting back to native tourist bank and handling them within the restricted area of the island for a certain period before they could be guess released to to thailand, generally with the assurance that they didn't have any code to transmit here, but we've seen a series of missteps from the government handling this. they've qualified, the cases that the people who can come more and more they, they've actually made it rather more difficult. initially they said that this would only be open to foreign terrorists, not the ties or foreign residents and time. and they've now changed that again. a few days ago, they said the tourists must have pre booked 3 covert tests before they arrived. so it's become very complicated, they've had quite a lot of applications about 5000 around the world. only 500 pieces have been granted. but i think these, these plane arrivals today
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a going to be the 1st people to arrive on this game. if it works, i think the hope is that it could happen here. it could happen in customer, it could happen in other limited areas around thailand and slowly thailand could start to rebuild the tourist industry. but i think a lot of people also still very concerned that is terrorist start to come back. they could bring new variance of cobra with them. and for a country that had done very well in protecting itself. that's a real concern. tony, i was looking at some of the numbers, so 50 percent of the population has had jobs. but as of the end of may only 1.6 percent of the population nationally was fully vaccinated. obviously in bangkok, your stand where you are standing things a very different to how long things actually going and the rest of the country when it comes to managing the pandemic and not well, frankly. and i think this is the problem. last year we saw thailand emerging is one of the success stories. transmissions were almost in single digits every day,
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and the deaths for the hold of 2020 were just 61. well, yesterday alone, 55 people died. that's a new record for time and we saw more than 5500 new transmissions. we've just seen the, the, the 1st detections of the delta vary and which is a real concern because many people here who have had vaccinations had been banks. the vaccinate was sign of and that appears not to be particularly resistant to these new veterans. and vaccination programs are running well behind schedule. only about 7 percent of ties have been vaccinated. at this stage, people are starting to get news, vaccination appointments. some people, again, getting the promises of of more of vaccinations coming in the awesome, but it's a real concern here. this is the perhaps the move to increase the stimulus on the economy is moving ahead of the, the health programs,
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the vaccination programs. and i think to be frank, we saw new restrictions covered restrictions come into play this monday because we're now seeing very regular daily updates of thousands of thousands of new transmission. really, people here a quite keen for the government to impose strict lockton lockdown measures. if that controls is spread the virus and the prepared to take the economic hit for a little bit longer. that can be halted. but the government isn't doing that. they were trying to do these 2 things at the same time, and frankly at the moment it doesn't seem to be working. tanya chang, that was all the latest for us from bangkok. thank you so much. tony. when our cases see ferris who are being abandoned on ships because of this pandemic at a record high, some of them have been stuck on board now for months as they wait for borders to reopen. to amber is half the story. the more than 90 percent of global trade is
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moved by c. filipino dean. perino is one of the 1600000 seafaring help transport goods around the world on merchant ships. really, really cool. that's our job. when the pandemic, his hundreds of thousands of se, ferris were left stranded on their ships, some were abandoned altogether left a month without pay or provisions. that's what happened to the 19 crew members of the law. a ball carrier that's been docked in a port in kuwait for a year and a half way back and i haven't stopped. event mother would have been in 2020 the ships own us, one trading and contracting said it had no funds to support the vessel and cut contact with the crew. some of them have been unable to leave the ship for more than 2 years, getting diesel. this is our barbecue for emergency because i think
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this is our thing, korea watching events. this is not a fool with no wages most have been forced to borrow money to support their families back home. i promise the money that one thing in the i've got money. all of the international transport work is federation has more than 150 inspectors boarding ships worldwide. matthew purcell is from it's a stray and brass. he says shipping is one of the worlds worst regulated industries . we still have an incredible man of them. scale, dougherty going on on the holiday season. so see fairs still stranded have no choice but to wait for the day when they can once again step on dry land from
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ambrose out to 0. and you can watch much more of that story and the documentary forgotten at sea right here on al jazeera is 11 east on thursday at 2230 gmc now john list and activists are long 15 people killed in a space of shootings and haiti's capital and a warning the story does contain graphic images that some viewers may find a stabbing teresa by report for weeks now. violence in haiti's capital has been out of control. gangs are now said to be in charge of the entire areas of puerto prince on tuesday, at least 15 civilians were killed when the police had allegedly responded to an attack that had left an officer dead. local residence, r e shocker. i heard this terrible news. i told my mama go see if any relatives died in the massacre. i was shocked to see my cousin died for nothing. i asked myself where this country's going. among the dead were journalist v. o shop,
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an activist and one had to clear many theories, fellow activities, while francois says they were executed for speaking out against the government. she was an activist and she was very, she had a very strong message against the government about the whole situation actually. so we believe that was targeted and me personally, i believe like the whole all other people that were, you know, killed with that was a plan to cover the target. as assassination for months. thousands of haitians have been taken to the streets to protest against the government of presidential an invoice who has rules by decree. for the past 18 months. he has failed to call for legislative elections and wants to reform the constitution. critic say it's an effort to strengthen his group on power separately. gaggs are claiming they are in control of the island nation,
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and the government appears to be unable or unwilling to do anything about the security situation. last week, former police officer turned gang leader in me said he see says he was launching a revolution against the country. delete not what i am telling people to keep looking for what's the last 2, what is your money? which is in bank stores and supermarkets. so go and guess what is rightfully yours . many people have a tooth members of the cabinet of clued in with a gang members in the united states. some members of congress are trying to push president joe biden to hold us to port for moiz and listened more to the haitian people. something many in haiti calling for we just part of a whole political game where we are not human. you are just transaction stop, bushings, you will, what is what you know, even for your country, you would not pick the guy as a person would do something for you still,
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why you continue to support. but well, it should actively say that those who dare speak up about the situation in the country, faith intimidation, and even death. the government, for its part, seems unable to come up with any solution that will improve people's life. that is, i will, i'll defeat her. i'll brazil supreme court has postponed a decision on a case that could determine future claims by indigenous peoples of their ancestral lands. leaders from 40 indigenous groups have now been camped out for days near the court house on the capital brasilia. the shock clang people trying to retain territory in the southern states of santa katerina. parts of southern brazil right now, experiencing unusually low temperatures and even rest snowfall. it's been snowing in santa catarina now for 3 days. something that hasn't happened and more than 2 decades. temperatures have also reached below 0 in a state that's usually known for sunshine and beaches. cold weather is expected to
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continue to for the rest of the week. or 2 elephants have been led to safety. after only dying seni cox's bizarre refugee counted bangladesh. the pair had been driven onto a beach with tech enough by locals who feared the animals might attack them. they were then stuck on the beach for 4 days without food, and then they swell out to the bay of been goal. fishermen used boats and ropes to bring them back to shore before then leading them inland. ah, hi man, this is out there and these are the headlines president she didn't thing says the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations has gone forever. he was speaking during this and henry celebrations of the communist party. ah, as you can see, he addressed hundreds of thousands of.


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