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major themes of trumps, single term, and office. trump managed to build about 725 kilometers of new or refurbished border barrier using money diverted from the military. he also promised that mexico would pay for the wall. it didn't, president joe biden halted border wall construction. shortly after he took office. abbot announced last week he would divert $250000000.00 of texas taxpayer money to continue building the wall. the people of texas had been pleading for us to be able to step up and help restore safety and security in their lives. in fact, legal experts say abbot has no legal authority to build border barriers. before trump and texas officials visited the wall, a very different group of people were boarding a bus at the nearby church of our lady of guadalupe. they are migrants who are legally permitted to stay in the us until their claims of asylum are decided. most
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are traveling to join family members in other parts of the country. the gangs extort everyone if you have a decent job, they will take half of what you earn. hopes for a more secure future. while the political battle over the border rages on rob reynolds al jazeera mission, texas. ah, what you'll do there with me the whole robin reminder of old hope stories present cheating, things as the era of china being bullied and abused by other nations is gone forever. the country marks and tina of the communist party, hundreds of thousands gathered for a ceremony to celebrate the occasion. the canadian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania's supreme god overturned his conviction. the 83 year old served more than 2 years of a tenuous sentence on charges of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004 miles village into hers released around
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$2300.00 prisoners in the largest that he yanked on official st. j. and listen to this amongst those fatal wednesday, tens of thousands of prisoners are released in april, but jails activists were not included. the rub salt, the us defense secretary, who i was all the invasion of afghanistan and was the main architect of the iraq who has died at the age of 88. his career in the republican party, spent decades, he served under multiple presidents and the death toll in the building clamps. near miami, florida has risen to 18. the search and rescue operation is in its 7th day, almost 140 people are still unaccounted for. after the 12 story apartment building came down last thursday, such cruise, se there's little hope of finding any one alive. those were the headlight is more news in half an hour. i'm out there next. it's witness to stay with us. no rains for months. our cause, once lush vegetable garden has turned to dust,
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she says it does if the land has given up on her, but she has not given up on the land. in this land you could grow not just to biscuits, but carrots, potatoes, onion, cauliflower, if only we had water during the rainy season. it's another story. the land springs to life. the state pays wine, others to plant trees as part of the great greenwald project. an initiative to stop desertification from east to west africa because of the rising temperatures and the lack of rainfall, most of the trees planted are either dying or already dead. and while polluting countries have recently pledged billions of dollars more in funds for this project, people here say they're throwing money into the desert. they say they don't need more trees. but more access to water
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place to his house, but he stay in a gota. i swear we stay in that a thing. they don't live in here anymore. it's getting old, but before this in the room,
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he told me to go into his room and give me the can a few i'd bring it. i've said that i've been hired as and thing and then he says to me and that rapid i asked him why you do it then he just say because it's for well come for relationship back. come for god, father and god, son for one years, nearly 2 years. he wrapped me about around 20 to 30 towns. mm.
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i don't get them yet. not we'll have a chat my back or i'll go and talk bo by me. why didn't you know that when roger lie about the car, can we mandate a sound? when i saw my hands down to june, come back when talk and i'm going taught prominent rigid call. come bought man on pam georgia on plan. talk near land, land jungle and with was now more known for when i find a young oh no,
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i don't. and i'm going out of in a high chair to create my mind all the song, them and my man. we might have gotten that and yet on the phone book or not, what i toner over h about 12 to be below. he
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might be involved with many generation boy, and that around that really popular now what we noticed uptake lay in the park with us in 20022016. so on india inside of parker land, we knew that mr. tan had developed a very close relationship with the local authority and the villagers. we talked to the police about, you know, getting an arrest line. mister tan was prompted of that investigation. so he left the village i placed with us places,
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different places and we could not locate him in mid lodge. we identify him, but he is very close here. so we lost track of him. the the in my family. i don't her father who got another wife the
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can i go play by my phone? dialing phone, maybe get back on my engine with them. so i can, i can can, can we do that? the 1112222 and i will be in band camp. my lung lung ad on the him for me and he and camper with him to me. and now i got on to the sat at the phone and got dropped off by one young. i mean, i'm back to the new so they all come but they come with you to see i go, i to go out to attack. i don't think out loud book me through the white,
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the net net go back to we can go counselor, the sober code. and then i got your tuition for me actually for office and my camera. mm. with man some time searching with the always with him id at some point we were able to find him on facebook. so we kept watching his facebook the
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the you can call me know my number is
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one of my my my my my my by 551 the i, i believe the good is assist the place
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is also often not regulated, you know, no structure. there's no potential policy, there's no reporting mechanism and people deeply involved in the religious things and within the main you're good. you can have that. and then you, you know, on the on the, in the middle and then can like get the
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allusion plan one walmart through that i was a big $1.00 pool. well, and then on capital one up a 10, no unwinding or throughout the day, whole wasn't wasn't meant it meant conical and gotten caught on talking with
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me on last night and i would love that i would probably kept on daniel young. go no pitch in our belief land isn't in the young mall. headline. i told him go squat along the phone and then come back here and we might need a way to around the law, but on a new 12 and then i could call me company
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i example would be going from month to month calling with a coil. her one to a home for my younger son caught up on my medicaid and you said that me with my name on the modeling told me calling
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a guy i was told to call the the me who i mean and man oh
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the the me the graces the damage codes to the precious grove plants chilling. it's being
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reversed with one of the world's biggest ada conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonia and if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is, then you know that the system is going back and that they feel no threat. and that's why you know, i, for re wilding passive own. yeah. on al jazeera. ah al jazeera, as a ah all in the next episode of science in a golden age, i'm exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. is such
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like a magic open the more i learn about the more nitrous picture science and a golden age with professor jim kelly on our jazz either. ah, powerful message is china amongst the 100 on the street of the communist party and see that warns foreign believe ah hello there, i'm to start the attain. this is our 0 life and also coming up and his future have a cross border aid facility as a few and says we'll have devastating consequences. millions of people.


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