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to resting are attributable to the fact at work in the shop on that journey, we must continue to uphold market them all. i mean them, mother themselves are joking, theory found out about the theory of 3 and you're watching cheating thing. the president of china addressing the nation and the audience of $70000.00 square on the $100.00 anniversary of the chinese communist party as the country celebrates but milestone. let's bring in the katrina. you all correspondence in beijing who was also listening in and katrina, really broad brush strokes of the ccp history from beginning to where we are today is what we really expected him to say wasn't it? one was absolutely it was and we have heard many of the
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same themes repeated in his speech, namely that it was the communist party that essentially saved china. saved china from being vulnerable to foreign, imperial forces vulnerable to in fighting and power struggles. the communist party displayed a fighting spirit that rallied the people unified the country and because of the communist party, china was able to transform and be set on this path to becoming a modern country. also very interestingly, she didn't think talks about this and terry and also talked about the 100 year goal of the communist party that was set in 1921. the goal of creating a well off society, alleviating poverty which was one of the signature campaigns of president she'd been paying while he's been in his true terms in power promise. he said he fulfilled last year, alleviating extreme poverty. and what he was saying in
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a sense is that the communist party has thus proved its legitimacy as the rightful power, the rightful ruling party of china. because simply it delivered on its promises. and he then talked forward and saying that china now it has stood up, the communist party has allowed trying to stand up. he also repeated this time, the rejuvenation of the great nation, which basically means to make china great again to make china as great as it was during its imperial dynastic days to bring that sense of grandeur and power back and to make china really the center of the world order as it once was many, many years ago, briefly katrina, of course heals, that tipped, his cap to the leaders of the past. acknowledging that they have had a very important part in today's china. therefore, still not quite cultivating that she called that we've been talking about
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that was, that was a very interesting mention. he did tip his hat to the previous leaders who entered behind him as he walked into the venue. they all sitting around him. he said that they should be celebrated for their achievements because without them, china wouldn't have gotten to where it is now. but also that's very interesting because many in the past when you've had these communist party transitions, often times these party transitions have been very messy and had very negative consequences for former leaders for their families. so in a way, maybe tipping his hat is also shooting things way of saying, don't worry, you'll be taken care of, you will be respected, you'll future and the future of your family will be assured going into the future and you don't need to worry as well so he's also saying that this is a new era, essentially under my watch, where we don't try to eliminate the past that we also honor it and take care of it . interesting, very interesting and data calls will get more analysis through the day, katrina,
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you in beijing? thank you. now he was the 1st celebrity to be tried and convicted for sexual assault in the me to era. but now us committee and bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. he returned to his philadelphia home just hours after his release. the 83 year old, more than 2 years of a tenuous sentence on charges of trucking and assaulting a woman in 2004. during the trial, the judge allowed both her testimony as well as that of 5 other accuses to show patent of abuse. the state's highest course as a testimony of the 5 others, tainted the trial. nothing used all runs wrong, fell the us defense secretary, who ever saw the invasion of afghanistan and iran because died at the age of 88. his career in the republican party spent several decades under 3 presidents. i'll be back with more news and half not here on al jazeera to stay with out of their world is next. ah
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ah ah, i don't. the migration has rarely been out of the headlines in recent years. what does a story is about that journey or the destination? there are as many reasons for edits to leave their homelands. as there are individuals, some to escape persecution, others for education or those who want to new life in a different country. iraqi born professor, right?
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yeah, not the last lives in german. you where he designs is goes for major companies. he's also a professor of design and tech program. feet at the academy of fine art in nightstick . i ordered $200.00 medina and min i could be and i'm in that kind of fossil slash hoss and above stimulus of the i need forklift that and mom had the end of the year with and we kind of travel with, you know, kinda diminished. and then we'll kind of want to how and headed to the with the, with the, with and we have the wireless wireless lab. how long i thought when i'm our
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medicine is any minister any point can, couldn't the young use in medina, we keep my journal. so helpful, i could've been li, less than to be the one measure less or couldn't fathom. was to be shut off, can be in order for and i mean he, neck, but that, you know, i mean, i'm not at the, my house and up to my mom i look at the my figure when he can be there in medicine, if he can, with that woman damn me, haven't had any one of the car or some kind of 3rd, but that one quint behalf of the of or bursam while we are lead. how will can before the me unless monahan, my hip i'm like, lace. ah,
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was emma, can i be allowed, common, and no human lamb at the level? it is what those mean? and i'm only the rest of the paper a fee, but in the most of us and what was the value of the and then kind of have that on vocal for that. and also i am a vac. normal yami. you may have been and whether you're mia amena, tomatoes, the cinema. oh, could've sworn been about why had mina iraq and the cinema. she'll film we had a j, kim, the sort of cool lesson in the mackenzie in the pseudo malia and inadequate monopoly for this one i should crush and women, this is why divide the can the can that would be in no, i don't to cinema and hasn't have the can phone me,
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it's more to have a belief confirm, rosie. when i shifted, fin will shift. so i'm a min with the has been and there's him, i sure finding with him or by vela crushed in mind by more solid money shot at the edge in a to it. if you limit the love you my come from the point photo and in jama when melissa own hazardous liquid. oh, and i'm a cheek when they should. i mean, if you want to call be there like a whole lot of them to come in. the men could be no yen in that them a call hazardous mit, mit d. e, a is or total up, and i thought of
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salary and my can last part of a clean conferred only jimmy fever, lee and candace color have so many and i also thought many other math could a woman near job how to be young, beer, charlotte, to be, be in garcia when was young and was told me you wanted to be in football for helena ger, hassle. me. ah, later radio not de la found success as a world class logo designer. he built the visual identity for a range of the blue chip companies and 4 national institutions
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alarm or the chevy mark kimbrough shereka. so if you've been can indic matuse, but the talk will know when beheading. mm hm. oh, be not sure to call my sister. oh, hello here, what could be only him which had been, be not how we it. homer zone them. but this is ambition and min michelle utley. lambert, sharp, severely. medina. 3 are pretty good in medina classic. you have a really sharp. okay. t o k fee. it to see him sha fox logan before it either live in federal and quince, and i use fear. some of me said folks, i can walk home. no, i had my mom in the keys. our she out of a to see michelle. oh, she circulate the door, can be mon 1st. if it was redone in a day, when i had a friend in the here,
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the estimate for wagon you see out of the shop, one more him phenomena of me and half of them, a little house ahead of them. why they had them was a shout. we're going to see the shower, we got, if you mesa can, we are and who are just lee and me. so if that source, we have the casa when i have a home, she, if you have a shout from the how we're not for our model. so i just that man a 1000000 lumps really select to have them have the chart. no, i won't have to leave him in the unit, but mean hadn't worked with us. and when does to me me another corporate side that tell me that hertz of what she
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couldn't in my know much i look up that it is 11 bus got even though the biggest thing since the last one. so we worked on it for half years, was a american university and in iraq inducted and it was very deep a learn from him to go very deep to sink more than to create the image. because we go into the history from it would be created a lot of solutions for the local and so on. i what can you show? hi, nathan le money and what kind of can be it? oh, i see. be a whole bunch of them. i am the well, the young hor min more from, i mean a missile,
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the money module when the tag have whole about when f s. s, and how are the some are showing some in a money a facility and i allow people or although i had a little door as yellow with them and with some little money or a fear of useful money. how she slept. if i could talk about, if i can look up much more, a lot of money or the house of electric, anna would be cooler mighty well homes. yeah. maybe we could help her then i thought he just said min her with you shall see the 50 phenomenal damon at the house. i'll house, i'll give you in a mirror. so he had to look at me. i knew i had ended by the door sharmen and be less modified. i shan lee the heaven. i'm a cato and they say hill,
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emily for those mean and computer or family members, and then have you been, i've called her for us month in the my family, to my fix. ah, profession. after i bought a commercial designer and a teacher of the same, he passes on his expertise in good faith to a new generation of students with an interest in how the shape of fletcher is, can convey a message i have in fear academy. it does mean we're finding the medina lab, 60 manya, in heavy academy, highly in the, in the home want on line. you know, what are my of them i
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have heard from that was been huts know like is there kids can be em and went to lunch and then a couple of men to each which is wasted by rio. hook it up. leave nancy devil. we're not going home. why that her off age men, my daughter is analicia love, nano, new records have while been now have why? that's why hardy be had that a corn will they fail to while the how, why i'm going to other how of the next door or fee is 100 minute with a common ah, and the excellent wash and stuff out of gemini on monday the or someone who waited them in the lab with animals he has suffered. how to let the new one out to be way
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time a whole have been haven't how much i'm the my 8th, what should suffer? how to follow, chatting with alex, alex, carrabas, and the flattery washer. why am i gonna need washer we, seneca message and hopefully we'll let you know, we'll know how much that can be of them. love them. and how, for now to be with you to the best thing about the lower classes that we have our own space experiment a lot. and that is giving us a playful approach to deal with new things. and it's also nice that you know, knows a lot about the arabic progress here, which is nice influence, i guess i n as a colleague,
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he shows a great deal of respect and interest for the very different sorts of work that other colleagues at the school do and between my department, which is painting in between and topography, department where guy and works interesting synergy and mutual respect. and that he understands very well michelle, how many her says i left him out for lobby. i wish he is near rested. ok, he said we can move one day when eric is and i luckily anthony in, in a couple of kind of who was in the lady when had a death, couldn't fossil the si, fi our, the own to the receipt be for door to bought out of the of the come in which has
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all of our side, not on mama i sent in who was malone legit mean a considerable amount of money. a few men, unless in a few michelle, i mean waterfront, a bottle, kind of the lab and i only have a 1000000 a better picture of the academy there. jackie looked at the sample fee based on love. i didn't perform with some other stuff. if i'm at 90 live sick, kind of funny computer. michelle bob, a lot of from 911. which bureau neutral? cool, beloved home the lead did
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a stablish role. but what i feel me sure will have it for 9 in a lot of money or casual le mconnell we home one. how about and i was brought it and after the federal on the 5. 0 one i didn't side and actually had it for the last, if you money or lives is i want to just miss really t be now just terrible with me for the bane of money. why not to be sent elphin hums toilet. i need my assistance could leave me a job on monday. if ill clara well have a she and for her to be did then the lisa and i'm in my system and i mean what if you had a call? yeah. was and i have the has it could be behind,
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but michelle, i have, you know, i didn't as if the, you know, was, had this digital way below. i'll be when a lot of difficult to know uncle, difficult, heathen and hockey, the man item and medina to morphin where heads be and medina was only adult and home was that i can meet them for a few medina. t y be not question to me. and he will have a be a heavy and be good to over kevin. and when the man camel and the cool in san, he had to walk in the corner. and it could have some work to be that the only man could be fickle, who are a levy. yes,
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it was. the call is not for home. i don't want one omen and no have one out of you can have me in i vigilance. there's a, as well as a lemonade which was in a b and not a terrier could last month i thought the class and i, i know i didn't min my dad's business really management within filling them. i laughed at the fear for to be the kind of laugh
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at that here. alicia on have it in medina. marvey had jimmy and i nor i shall know. i've been a human nurse in the office when i have official nursing, how late will be much over me a and how does the ah the any work to modern fee shad if you buy that chat with an a b what lot have a nor mr. hatton could have still had the couldn't mr had to have a shout. i dish and a few my have mom law much one we advocate are much home bill all for can much
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and why that will as human mac, i man couldn't my them, she me tend to sell my neck. we say like, might have said, we are of thought on like on of a whole didn't didn't. and i and medina, but yeah. and the fee to $1000000.00 of his or i'm going to be not that the bill for and hallel enough. elaine was the use the banner mark as is more mark as a talk with jed the the fee. but that when i look at the slow, but i had then still will know how that will not krisha or more or a can. how la, i laugh, i mean, bill parker. well, let's see them. well, how well it's out about the la for be my daughter. j,
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the murphy, he left the them as well how what are to what had the sort of a little have a proficient the less success allowed him to travel extensively to have human africa and asia from the creative journeys your turn to germany within your influences. i days and inspirations. ah, my career to me and he could even min medina means of the middle of the minority and secure. and then me mom of tea. well mom for me to mueller or mild her do ah,
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the end of the tally me me mia? model late, fee noise, how may i ask if you know what the senate and joy is with the cream, matt and kathy early and i've been fair let see i don't feel well he just min had tea at me or for korea or jazz him in on monday from oh, in mongolia. oh, min the scene in joyce than any alicia and here to be so the y m l campbell on the common mr. rocket need to be and jazz as a whole bus it or one and, and move connected his work to fuck and then she will be and get her. we
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do d v a. mccann, nana a c. and i thought we had there, we just had gotten home and been sick. and by the way i had had the lemme a mccann and the one that can be listed under let him list mckennan whitehead and omen. and know a know a regular if he has jo her can be a min minimum or minutes about that. i know once i mean what kind of fee, what i need one, my kindly fee or let them know either thicker with iraqi born designer professor. right? yeah, not the last was a creative drive, has placed him on the world. this stage coming up,
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the palestinian physicist earned gilbert petition for his pioneering work in the united states. the i've always been a hands on childless working in asia and africa. there'd be days where i'd be choosing and editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity is ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of the problem is together 0. so important, we make those connections with bank energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape,
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my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. for some, a robot is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be really humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentaries. next lead on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn, think, feel, and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on out to 0. the latest news as it breaks, a significant number of the 32 attacks carried out in the quarter of 2021 happened in nigeria civic toy waters with detailed coverage president buying this foreign policy is the buying close allies and partners. and then with the united position
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deal with problems from around the world. the government says they are in the 70 percent of the population by the end of the year. ah, the challenges there with me said robin. reminder of our top news stories, china is marking the chinese communist parties, continuing with celebrations across the country. president, teaching things as the destination from canada, and was using the occasion to consolidate his position as china's most powerful leader in decades. he said the era of china being bullied is over forever and friends on hand by the communist party in chinese, people have showed the world the chinese people have stood up the time and.


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