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knology to leon g. i mean me that and we urgently need a new group to unify all of the different powers. on the 1st of october, we received, mark, mark, says millennium isn't came. was sent to china. and one, during the great awakening of chinese people and china under the unification of the combination of communist marxism and are china's internal movement. ccp was funded. and this is a great invent, guided by the whole which fundamentally changed funds.
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but they changed the direction of the child, the child development and its process. and it fundamentally changed the future of the nation. and people say, demands to change the kind of rich world development and arrangements. and i was and a structure and says he was then what him mean? foundation was his funded well wishing it was trying to get but trying to buy slides country and trying to get that slide for the people. this is how strong the 1st of home 1st aim was, what you were in the past 100 years c, p. unify, the people that the people and we worked very hard, fought very hot and sacrificed
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a great do. and also it created a lot everything you got to which is one and one from fema, which is to realize the great revitalization of china. to realize the great vitalize ation of china ccp unified and lead the people to chart i thought with blog and never give up. and when they created new demo credit for managing movement, we went through the wall to the north side and land you
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was on land and you were drunk, i mean, internal war and walk as to jakenzy mission. and we won, the civil war way, overthrew from imperialism. one of the soldier isn't an oxide. capital isn't generally, which is controlling the chinese china. and we stablished people's republic of china under the rule of people in charge and a realized liberation of the country. and the people and new democratic children was by the winning of the new democratic fine revolution. finish. they will at half time saw that food, lizzie,
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food reason and to have it a lot the chan chung jock from him and tell you what the what offered. lose him and half way insured is in some way forbes. allah come but so abolished and equal to the teachings which was to me unequal treaties. and we fought a great do. i've seen a good sex, great, great success and wrong people of china and china and people who china show solemnly declared war to the world. so people shy now stood up, and the china being floated all being
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bullied, has gone for other way unless some harmony, louis realized, national, which of a nation strong vocal and had fun. finally the party united and let the child in. in denver, a stronger china show that reliance, achieving grace success in social solution. and by carrying out socialist revolution, me fire war yang. she. she genuine way eliminated exploit washer that crosses. photo system, lifting china thousands of years. he but an established socialism system show and a process of social construction trying shown what parts are we overcame or
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set the talk on publication by imperialist, and you'll see and read about the most extensive and profound social changes the chinese nurse n cole, who goes great transformation high now some a poor. what comes in each with a large population into a socialist countries. john, the founder and the institutional foundation necessary for realizing national rejuvenation, strong on union one town, the funds also to national struggle shop party and to show the world more than me with that shiny pool for the change we were capable of.
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not on the old world, but also building a new show which we but only socialism could fade. china was shown that only socially china i talked with kids cuz when i drove by means will be about switching to realize national which of the nation don't welcome punch tiling. me a part of united and let people inflamed mine on forging ahead. achieving great so sure, the form you open up and socialists, modernizing shit, sion or what i mean we as hardy, she'll line for the probably strike socialism. surely
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show wouldn't really told you that she but she resolutely reformed and opening up trying to finalize the form in that function called overcame risks and challenge from selection 5, the founded house, seyfarth, shaw and developed socialism with trends characteristic goalbooks q. parking, bring about thought, major tory find reaching significance should in the history of the party seems to founding the place from this enabled china, from from a highly centralized plan economy to associate it to market economic phone
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calls from home, treat that was late in the world the shooting pool across the board and also enable to achieve the historical leap. perform a commercial well to be back up with the world's 2nd largest economy and to make the historical transformation senior living under its substance to an overall level of movies and then ultimately to modern bardy what these achievement patricia towards not know of a nation or try providing institutional guarantee endured with new conditions for rapid development. you might go through to nash's show, drawing your attention partly, and the transpose show the kind of fun that but pursuits and
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one junior doll, a crucial movie, a make china with a team that china has caught up with the stress means only about realize, natural to the nation, welcome back. fun piling board and the party has tonight. and let me try and people struggle great project timeline that gotten a great current job and a great read through a bunch of self confidence lines from what innovation not achieving great success for socialism with chinese capitalistic following the
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national socialism with china character wilmont and a new era in english, new era, we have strengthened the overall leadership insured coordinate implementation of the 5 plan and the 4 pro loaned, humphreys, what's called an improved the system must modernize china system and capacity for complementary grades remained committed to, i'm wrong to cover them over the party developed a sounds of interest hardy we have overcome a long list of major challenges in front of killed the 1st sentence. recruiting d r a up by a new student achieving the 2nd is actually
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a lease. all the hysterical chief mints and changing voc from the halls of the party from farming provides its law. the cause of national notion was more robust institution which is stronger material from james and the source of inspiration was taking great your initiatives. you one chance lashes stroker shoes. pardon, people have shown the world means that the chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation and growing from us
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strong. within that, china's which of the nation drive in africa. by over the past. 10100 dining emmy and lucky chance. don't quite a roger in the most magnificent chapter in the long history of transformation department, embodying the shot that most don't expressed when he rode on mine, she found that daring to make the sun and moon shy and he was a great pause. we have news your call. have a great chief man's. we note over the past 3 will go down in the
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the development of the chinese nation. civilization. homes. i'm homeless and since you, bye a 100 years ago and hadn't done schumann, the pyre communism. china established a communist party, china, jen, and kennedy develop the great challenge on spirits. the party, which is comprised of consulting principles uphold, i'm serving. and i use all day true for original aspiration and founding mission fighting bravely without sacrifice,
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remaining loyal to the party. faithful to the people that jewish energy spirit is to party source of strength over the past 100 years. can doubt home young weight has carried forward just great founding fund to is that it has developed a long line chain, homeowners and tempered distinct sheet. and young tribe, as history has kept moving forward, sharing the party from generation to generation will continue to promote a glorious tradition. our methods so that jobs are great. founding
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hard on will always be kept alive. yes. hello. hi, oma hum, ridge and french woman. she that the you should join. oh, all that we have a passenger you told me to the concerted to the chinese communist pod get a chance to or, and the chinese nation of chinese communists, phone shop with homers multiple. don't, don't mean conger jonesville means. origin called home halting paula, we are chief from the preventative from harming who have made place for men this and his sternly lounge of patients below the
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machine. so that way, bob should rejuvenation upon my own. we expressed a high success a little take this moment, all my friends share. why and yet to cherish from the memory. short guy, comrades, way from welcome hunt by phone. all 549 . that miles the show and new charge. so shall he to the, to phone chung selves in china and an other
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motto, lucian, kewpie, it's great way to china's revolution and reform founding. consolidate saying, sure. development of the communist party. that's cherry. remember the revolutionary martyrs who break down the lives to a stop on develop the people? sure, sure. you chose to memory that ok to their live. i mean i'm opening up and modernization and parish in memory. duty of old men and women, the national, one shot for the national independence and the ration of people. i'm a modern tons way to means would jelly the phone raise
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their growth model, longed and normal. gouging will be lived in the normal in the house at the time. i mean, these are the people are the true heroes for 80 stay who create his young on behalf of this, the sharpie central 21. when i will like to pay my highest for 2 workers farmers and shows across the country without
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to parties public figure. hardy affiliation, people's organized function. hey, try to figure out some all sectors to all members of the gratian army, show fun the people's army, leach force and public security police and the fire and rescue services. chung socialist, working on all numbers for young young assuming i will like to extend omen. my great loss to compact high in hong kong and macau is your best sure
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to regions and high one oversea chinese. yes. chip. and i will like your to express my heartfelt property to people and friends from around the world. guys have shown up to the chance people understand it for china from february development. i'm the for them. and i am homeless and friends truly. she need,
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she don't show our party, found the mission is easy going. that was a true to this mission is more difficult by history. we can understand what the powers, by some soul thought, maybe we can find where we currently stand our game for the future. well, now i'm looking fab on a party, $100.00. me see why we're going the passage and how we can continue to shop. got just ensure that great balls and paragraph mayhall and staying true to our founding mission and pursuing a better future on a new journey like this is ginger drunk local,
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and jen challenge. we must uphold the firm leadership of the party. fire or the should she china success one jen hinges on a party or by you by bars going into the more than 180 year long on the modern history of the chinese nation. the leash. the 100 year long history of the party, john, father of gong chinese. she should join the end of the and the more than 17 year long history of the people. so publish all provide mail and evidence without the communist party china farm. there was no new china and no national
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nation. sion party shows them by history and the people from work, one handling or the leadership. the charlotte is the defining feature of chinese characteristic and hosted shoots. the greatest java can be found asian and life blood on the sheet and the cropping home, which the ink fits and well being of all time. the pens. i'm sure that we must hold the parties overall and continue to enhance its leadership. we must be deeply conscious,
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the need for the ship to maintain political integrity terms, final leadership core, and keeping lyman with a partner leadership which is competent in the past. the reverse culture, social some will not hold the position of the general secretary for the change shit. thought committee as a whole i for the leadership issue, a tongue. we and i as a put conscious effort into learning from history to create the bride. most of the following, remind me options are for, must you not to meet the time people in working for
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a better life country people, people social young. we have fought to shop us to consolidate leadership over the country. we have in fact, been fighting to support the party has him roots in love and source of strength don't go cutting down should be all the party i saw represented the fundamental interests of old chinese short. she stands with them from so thick and sing, and short call no fate. the party has no special you don't know any individual english change of how good or privileged this stratton, curse, young by drone, welcome,
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come down only from what i mean by the hardy. some the child or to set, you know, going to party is found to fail. joe, joe had the more done. she's 95000000 members and 1.4 pillar. in fact, mary, are from to pass that on the journey, i want to be sure we must rely close on the people to create up holding the parties functional info progress of how hard the people will firmly with the people implement parties. my lines reach back the people's creativity and a practice center. the philosophy of course will develop process
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people's democracy. we saved guard of social fairness and justice already. did you find that read the imbalances? adequacy is in development chung, i mean, syndrome and hand of and the most the pricing difficulties and the problem. our concern to the people in doing so will make a more substantive toward achieving well rounded human development on the coming prosperity for usually have only an issue with must continue to at that market them to the chinese contacts market the market. we don't need whether a mental biding power,
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which are already on the country or funded a so or a party on the 8 strong me. part of trying to uphold the basic tenets also mark to them the principle of facts based on china. reality. we have a develop keen insight into the trends of the initiative. a history made painstaking article ration. we have us been able to attack the max of them to the chinese and then our time's will done and to guide the train with people in advancing. our great social revolution was on hand off slaves among mountains drawn mental level race. the capability of our party, the son of socialism with chinese characteristics,
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are true, beautiful to the fact that i'm work in the on that journey, we must continue to hold the mark them all. i mean them, mother themselves are joking theory about the theory of on your what your teaching thing, the president of china, addressing the nation and audience of $70000.00 the tenement square on the $100.00 anniversary of the chinese communist party as the country celebrates, but milestone let's bring in katrina, you all correspondence in beijing who was also listening in, in katrina. but he broad brush strokes of the ccp history from beginning to where we are today is what we really expected him to say wasn't it? one was absolutely it was and we have heard many of the
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same themes repeated in his speech, namely that.


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