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the, the, the change is all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity we can make it work for you and your business. the news. ready the chinese communist party puts on a show to celebrate it. 17 or it will be live in beijing president. she makes a kido to dress ah, hello, rob and you're watching all their life. my headquarters here in also coming up.
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bill called speak walks free. the 1st celebrity to be tried during the me to era causes sexual assault, conviction overturned, adult from cell dies at the age of $88.00 the to time defense secretary eversole, the us invasion of iraq and afghanistan is army walls of a huge respond safety grind, wholesale reorganized after the rebels rejected the government ceasefire. ah, the reserve gmc and 8 in invasion where celebrations are under way to mark the 100 anniversary of the chinese communist party, one of the largest political organizations in the world. these are the long pictures from china, capital and present cheating. ping is due to address the nation shortly. let's join a and, and speak to katrina you while correspond in beijing who's standing by. good talk with the secretary and just talk us through the choreography of the event as we
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know it. class a hell. well, this is a huge spectacle. $70000.00 people currently present in buildings, gentlemen square in the center of the city. this is the most important political location in china, 70000 people, considered by the communist policy to be exemplary citizens of china. so those include soldiers, party members, who from all over the country. we've got about $3000.00 students at least attending and in the lead up to this moment we've had singing of patriotic songs including songs titled, socialism is great and without the communist party, that would be no more in china. and right now also we're seeing a military display, we've had flight 2 jets flying over a gentleman square helicopters, forming the number 100 to celebrate the number of years since the formation of the communist party. and with some shots as well. we've seen the camera move back and
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present aerial shots. what we have is, all of these people organize. so precision precision, like it's kind of reminding you of this north korea stuff. spectacle people in straight lines in the shape of a ship. and i think that's a very powerful imagery trying to wants to convey this message that china ship is about just sale. do you think we've done what we've done? and that's impressive. but you, we still have a lot more to go. and also we've seen a lot of close ups of young people, which is really significant because typically at these kind of events to see political events, many older members of the communist party, of course, older members of the pull it bureau, she's been paying and, and the people around him, but instead the choosing to focus on young faces the trying to say that the communist party is not just the face of the past, but it's also the face of child is future. so this is all a very powerful piece of propaganda. we're seeing to promote the community policy
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and we have to remember who the audience is as well. it's not the international audience specifically, it's 1400000000 chinese people. everything we're seeing today is supposed to really help rouse a sense of nationalism, pride. and most importantly, loyalty to the chinese communist party and indeed at present she calls overseeing and watching what's going on with senior members of the public beer. i suppose, and senior government figures, what will we expect him to touch upon? because obviously he'll want to talk about the past and certainly be looking forward to the future. that's right. so that alarm and when shooting, strode out to the balcony of the tower, which is overlooking gentlemen square. he was flanked by a number of powerful men, members of the communist party as well as formal lead is the key thing is that she didn't bring himself is dressed in a very interesting outfit. it's a mouth like cost you,
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which is very symbolic. many people believe that she's paying is the most powerful lead to china has had since now the dongle was the founder of the chinese communist policy. they certainly believe that he has the same stacy as the same sort of cult of personality as mounts a dog. and he is really being hailed as such. now the speech that he's going to give, or he's about to give, is going to really be about congratulating the communist party and underlining how crucial it has been. this is kind of like the communist party, celebrating 100. it's on 100 year birthday of the time that china was set on the path which took it from being a backward country which was vulnerable to foreign forces to what it is today, which is the 2nd largest economy in the world with technological prowess. second only to the u. s. and with glow growing global influence. so she did thing is expected to talk a lot about that a lot about the successes of the communist party and
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a lot about how china's progress would not have been possible without this party, without its unopposed rule since 949 going forward as well. she didn't paying his stall as a leader, which separates him from other leaders, is that he seems have much more grandiose ambitions for china. he doesn't just talk about making china great. he talks about making china great for the world. he talks about promoting these chinese systems, socialism with chinese characteristics and having these values go out beyond china . and we have seen that with some of his projects, the beltran road initiative, for example. and the way china is really reaching out to other countries through different types of diplomacy, including vaccine diplomacy that we've seen with the pandemic. so there's going to be a lot of talk of, of glory, of greatness of plans. but what we're not going to hear about is the failures of the communist party. we're not going to hear about the blend is such as the great famine of the 1960,
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which potentially killed millions. we're not going to care about the protests in crackdown and gentlemen square in 1989. this is a very carefully choreographed piece of propaganda to this mormon that they've been working on for months and months and certainly china, security agencies. censorship and information agencies have been working very hard to carry the information and the media that's going out from china to the rest of the country and indeed to the world today. as you say, you know, there's been a big lead up to this particular days. and of course, many areas of china's history that will not be mentioned. let's just focus it on was the south china sea, taiwan that the nationalists during the 2nd world war were fled to taiwan. formerly formosa, at the time this history says me, right? katrina, they are a thorn in the side of china. they don't go away and they all mentioned now and then within the national press,
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that's right. if you're inside china, you're hearing about taiwan in a very specific way that taiwan is a renegade province. an alien of a part of china, which will one day be re unified with the mainland. and president change in thing has made no secret of his desire to unify china with taiwan with mainland china. his administration, his government has said that they want this of course to be done peacefully. he, they often referred to taiwan as china is brothers, that they are part of the chinese people. but at the same time, they both said that if push comes to shove, they will not hesitate to use force to do this. and they had very tough language from china's diplomats when they talk about taiwan. say that this is a red line issue. and that this is something that is very close to taiwan, to china, is called policies. it's called interest. and it's the one thing that china is very, very sensitive about talking to many analysts there. they say that in the u. s. for
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example, in other countries, taiwan is spoken about almost like just one separate issue, may be a one caught of many, it's just a political token, if you will. but here in china, it's extremely core to what president she's paying thinks of in terms of china and his plans for the future. now that's not to say that china has any immediate plans or short term plans to reclaim taiwan. but certainly there is living in colorado and must under must know, must feel this constant tension. and certainly not only feeling it from the language and the propaganda coming out of taiwan. lot of china towards taiwan. but also because china has an oath increasing its military activity in the taiwan strait regularly, sending fighter jets into ty, one's area into an order to intimidate and really send a message to the tie when he's government. so definitely that will more certainly
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also be part of what she's paying is going to mention well, katrina on the screen right now. will you see the senior members of the government to pull up your, our dressing, the attendees and of course will dip into hearing what the president says when he comes to the podium. but before he does that, let's just talk about you said that was a message here to the international community about what china actually wants to be, what it hopes to be in the future. what about sort of the diplomatic called the people that you're speaking to on the ground? i will say on a daily basis, but certainly there are vibes all the about what china is now and how the international community has to deal with it. with so many issues, whether it be the pandemic, whether it be the sounds, trying to see whether it me relations with europe or the us can well that's right. this is all coming at a very interesting time for trying a very challenging time. because we've seen this rise in anti china sentiment in
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this criticism towards the chinese government for a number of policies, not just the way it's interacting with other countries in the world in terms of its trade policies. it's territory where it's been increasingly assertive, aggressive even. but also was policies internally the way it's been treating wiggins instead. john, what human rights groups have se amounts to genocide and also it's cracked down on dissidence and the pro democracy movement in hong kong as well. so china, the way it's reacting is instead of listening or instead of being open or being open to change as other countries who are pointing the criticism will making the attacks. would like trying to do, the chinese government seems to be having the opposite reaction. it seems to be instead doubling down and we've seen the rise of what many call will for ya. diplomacy, which takes its name from a chinese action film, which is basically the very tough, unapologetic face of china when it comes to foreign policy. that this is the way
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we're doing it. if you're criticizing us, it's because we're getting more powerful. you want to contain us. you're just really essentially jealous of everything that we've achieved and you want to keep us down. and we're too much of a threat to you, but you have to understand now, now that we're stronger, the international world order is going to change and it's not going to necessarily benefit the same people that it's always benefited. if there's going to be a reorganization, whether you like it or not, katrina, of course, we will come back. she wants the president starts to see for leave our view as with live pictures from basing film gentlemen square as the country starts to celebrate along with the government, the 117 re of the communist party. each will staying on things celebrations in china are pulling from the parties past in order to renew patriotism as katrina mentioned. but as much the beijing would like to forget. and from the decade long term, all of the cultural revolution,
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the crackdown in hong kong have been several threats to the parties. survival, as adrian brown explains. when china is coming, his party was born, rival warlords, controlled most of the country. but worse lay ahead. japan's military occupation and the civil war that happened around it back and it was the villain. population is on the move. the communist eventually took power in 1949. under its leader chairman model, he quickly rallied the masses behind a plan to rapidly industrialized china's peasant economy. the famine that followed may lead to as many as 45000000 debts. the episode remains to bu, subject and china, just like the cultural revolution, the decade of violence up evil when students were encouraged to defy authority. yet during that chaos, there was a remarkable diplomatic breakthrough within us. president richard nixon visited
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beijing paving the way for the establishment of diplomatic ties between 2 previously sworn enemies. optum out of death, a new leader, age 74, took the party on a radical new journey. done shall ping champion, economic liberalization. reforms that would help make china the world's biggest economy after united states. he also instigated political reforms, term limits on the leadership, so that no one could rule unchecked. the way mount under china is currently the shooting thing. that policy has been reversed. the one thing that the party fears is a split at the top. we saw that in 9909. if you have a split at the top that now it's all sorts of actors right through the system in the provinces, in the cities to take sides. and that these potentially very damaging. but the party have plenty to celebrate. poverty alleviation
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a rapidly expanding middle class. and to rise up the value chain in high tech industries, all done at a rate and scale. no other country has yet to match about as much the party wants to forget. the 1989 student led uprising in beijing. the student lead protests in hong kong 20 years later at hard one of the problems with 100 anniversary. and we've, you know, this message of sticking the course is that it gets harder and harder to reconcile the twists and turns with this sort of beautifully smooth narrative of progress that involves a lot of forgetting. and it this triumphal moment for the policy, there is one on mistaken message we survived. after all, the predictions that we wouldn't, adrian brown, i'll just 0 hong kong. let's return to gentlemen square of coal. so $70000.00 dissembled chinese members of the communist parties in all areas of the country and
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from all areas of civil society and the military as well as government. because of course, the chinese communist party is celebrating its and tailoring and present changing ping is using the occasion to tightened his grip on the nation in 2018, she removed the to term limit on his presidency effectively allowing him to remain in power for life unless katrina, he reports not from beijing. he since cultivated the cult around his leadership, cause president party secretary, the people leader and to some just papa she she didn't, king is called many things. and as the communist party celebrate, it's 100 year anniversary. the 68 year old is consolidated disposition as the country's most powerful leader in decades strong or the party has united and then let the people in opening a great path, making great achievements, forging a great spirit. she has led china for 9 years, and after a bullying presidential term limits in 2018 is unlikely to step down anytime soon.
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he began his term with an anti corruption campaign, which the one and a half 1000000 officials punished. it also purged the party of any opposition to his rule. she then promised to an extreme poverty nationwide a promise. he said he fulfilled last year. many said these feats have given rise to a status on par with party founder melts. don't the chinese people have advanced very well and they don't want to give that up and they won't. and the whole bill attached themselves to any leader who is able to you know, not only promised but deliver the son of revolutionary elite. she was sent to rural ne, in china during the cultural revolution where he joined the party and rose through the ranks. china has since transformed into the 2nd largest economy in the world with technological pro west 2nd only to the u. s. and growing global influence, his admirers say she is the ideal person to bring china into the modern era. critic
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say he is a dictator. african national curse for anything tenisha. however, it maybe might be effective, maybe charismatic a beginning. over time, a technician would be k simply because, you know, it does not have the kind of a diversity of sense about the page or policies. under his watch authorities of crackdown dissented hong kong and she's young. and according to human rights groups in prison, up to 1000000 week, as in re education caps to she, the battle to maintain power isn't just political. it's ideological. during henry celebration, the same official narrative being repeated again. again, that is division weekend, china and 1400000000 people must unite behind one policy and one leader only then in the country truly be great. and will say this message is crucial to
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the survival, but may eventually lead to it's doubtful. it's a thing as a wiser might prove a top either without a tremendous cost an adventure. so now in china, only one path leads to the greatest rewards the path of royalty to the leader. he was the 1st celebrity to be tried and convicted for sexual assault in the me, 2 era. but now he was comedian bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction. he returned to his philadelphia home on wednesday, just hours after his release, the 3 rolls of more than 2 years of a 10 year sentence on charges of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. during the trial, the judge allowed both her testimony as well as that of 5 others. 5 other accuses to show a positive abuse. now the state's highest court says the testimony of the 5 others tainted the trial till coffee has treated that he's never changed. his stands or
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his story adding that he's always been tamed his innocence and he's thanked his fans, supporters and friends, as well as the pennsylvania supreme court. the little run felt the us defense secretary, who was all the invasions of god is found in iraq, has died at the age of 88 all state department correspondent, rosalind jordan takes a look back at his life. donald rumsfeld was brass and abrasive, infamously, so his critic say the combination was the former u. s. defense secretary's undoing during the worst days of the us war in iraq rumsfeld take, he was right. his critics were wrong and they couldn't stand it. rumsfeld was a survivor of washington politics. he made history as both the youngest and the oldest secretary of defense. and he did the bidding of 4 republican presidents in 1983 president ronald reagan sent rumsfeld to baghdad to try to broker closer ties
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with saddam hussein. but 2 decades later, it was defense secretary rumsfeld, who argued saddam had to go in rejecting the president's ultimatum. the iraqi regime had chosen war over peaceful design. and a us led war was the way to make that happen. he and other bush administration officials accused a rock of helping to plan the september 11th attacks, which it did not. rumsfeld also accused a rock as possessing weapons of mass destruction, which it did not. he was wrong, but rumsfeld refused to say so. we believe the intelligence was correct, it turns out that it was not completely correct. at 1st rumsfeld embraced the neo conservative idiology of exporting us style democracy a nation building. but it is 2013 memoir rumsfeld changed his tune. i did not think resolving other countries, internal political disputes,
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paving roads erecting power lines, policing streets, building stock, market and organizing democratic governmental bodies were emissions were our men and women in uniform. more important rumsfeld refused to plan for the possibility that a rock could tumble into chaos and civil war. again, he wouldn't apologize. there are known known, there are things we know. we know. we also know there are known unknowns. that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. critic said, rumsfeld desire to spend as little money as possible to fight the war. meant us troops didn't have the protection they needed from roadside bombs. and they said this exchange between a soldier and rumsfeld proved he didn't care. now why do we soldiers who have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromise, ballistic glass stuff on our vehicles. and why do we have those resources readily available to us? you go to war with the army. you have not the harmony you might want or wish to
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have around the world. rumsfeld was a symbol of us, our guns, the military prison. guantanamo opened on his watch, we're going to the right. and the other hub abuse scandal exploded while rumsfeld was in charge with the us war in iraq going badly. rums not resigned at the end of 2006, leaving a legacy that is decidedly controversial. rosalyn, jordan al jazeera, russia signal, little oppose any efforts to expand the cross border a to syria. the current a delivery mechanism has a mandate which expires in just over a week. and this concern that russia could use its veto power to block an extension . the wind has warned that failure to be authorized, those deliveries would have devastating consequences. millions of syrians diplomats again to de james base has more early this month,
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the us ambassador to the united nations linda thomas greenfield, visited the last border. crossing, bringing humanitarian aid from turkey into syria. bob al, how're is, according to the u. n. a lifeline for 2400000 people. but it's now hangs in the balance in 2014, the un security council authorized for border crossings, but the others didn't stay open after russia and china use the veto power to council members have now put forward a draft resolution which would again allow to crossing points so what norion, ireland did was without looking at anything other than the needs, we proposed a renewal and an expansion of the mandate. but at a news conference, the russian ambassador made it pretty clear he'd be prepared to use his veto to stop a 2nd border point. we told him in the very beginning that what we hear from our colleagues sieboldt reopening, the close cause we're the point is 1000000 on started. now we are discussing the
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one that is remaining. are you saying you currently do not? we're just going to report me straight back to beijing whether president shooting ping is speaking from bar strong, yet it is very well. i'm sorry, sullen date loan. don't wait today we're gathered together. 10 chan. go from me. oh, party work together with the whole party and all as mysteries of china. to celebrate the foundation of the c c p for 100 years to maintain fund stacy. and to look back for the glorious history in the past 100 years. and we're looking forward to the bright future of the great china river revitalization. today on behalf of the central committee of ccp law,
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i'd like to pay up the warm holidays because festival regards to all the party members. here what i've got on behalf of the party and the people you solemnly declare law, good food and me to she fun both by the hard work continued hard work of the party and the fun people we have realized, the 1st 100, the 1st 100 change in china, we have the stablished year prosperity, era,
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and we have historically result of absolute poverty. we are going to the direction of the socialist modem, strong country, which is the 2nd target during the 2nd 100 years from bombing. this is swung all the owner of the mean, china long room. and this is all the great owner of the people of china. and this is that great all the of the chinese communist party funk and comrades, friends the chinese as miss
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t as a great, you're just this check as this day of the world yet you time. and it has a long history of civilized history of 55000 years, civilized history and china that has contributed great clay to the living civilization of summer. being in 184818. 40 opposite the opium war. china gradually become fun of semi colon, understand me, colon and colonized country when and it's i mean food and country and we had, john was the same and people are suffering and chinese china had
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what went through china went through a great catastrophe from den oem and from bob wishing to realize that great revitalization of china has become the aim of the chinese. great dream of the chinese people. and joe, try now to save the country from the most difficult or dangerous times. but chinese people fought duck and every one everybody was fighting back and was different stages boxes, the boxes movement and sing, high revolution, cook and wolf, and find all kind of plan to save the country. i've gotten came about hub,
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all you lost your favorite china. the time really urgent needs a new ideology to leave me that and we urge and need a new group to unify all of the different powers. on the 1st of october, we received, mark, mark says millennium isn't came. was sent to china. and one, during the great awakening of chinese people and china under the unification of the combination of communist marxism and our china's internal movement ccp was funded. and this is a great invent. guy can buy
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a whole which fundamentally changed.


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