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a long game, it's very much of a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their politics? then their life has been shape? why vitamin the in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on our jews era. ah, the ah. on the news here out of the are, these are the top story and celebrations and ethiopia ticket i region. the regional forces claim victory nearly a month. the conflict with federal troops on their allies. on monday,
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the federal government announced it would immediately begin at the u. s. warranty and our train that it'll take further action. if the declaration of a sci fi energized failed to end the violence, a congressional committee in washington dc is meeting discuss the crack. the former president, jacob zoom has been given 5 days to have him self in offer a judge. in the 15 months, in jail, been found guilty of contempt for failing to appear before inquiry, investigating corruption during his time in office. well roger center, i'm joining us now to talk about this an indian journalist who was a witness in the corruption enquiry against jacob zoom. and was also the founding editor of a news channel owned by the family in south africa who were also charged in the inquiry for their business dealings with zoom. rogers, thank you for joining us today. festival on the actual sentencing itself. do you think, jake, assume a will actually spend time in jail will it's actually happen when i was just
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listening to some of the south african brought us where his spokesperson jimmy money was, was steady, the media, or the anchor on a television show that he doesn't work through my a so i think it would be a little bit of a more game before we before he actually comes in. but if you look at the whole process before the commission is not really taken. busy just as zoned was in d c, the investigation into the states capture. anybody see to see it here from the way he's debated appearances and also give a good questions. maybe he did come out of your professions. busy tell me about your involvement with as i mentioned, to group to family and then i just by extension which i consumer as well and how it all falls into all of this. but i think they had a really good business relationship because i was part of the meetings we had with
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president tomorrow, and those meetings are more like business associates meeting out of business. been meeting ahead of state. they were p o demands that will meet off tomorrow. for advertising to come to these to the television station and use people that was owned by the family. and clearly, i think there were a whole lot of questions that are being off by the mainstream, south africa media. and i think there was a need to which the family and prisons you must, you narrative and the station and the newspaper that the setup was part of that campaign. and president went be to get government advertising for the media all the, all of the, of the family. also there was this mark. it was before this commission is about how the south african broadcasting operations. if it be sees arc, i was sort of put a song. busy to the family, the, all of this was facilitated by
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a president tomorrow, and, you know, they were complained to the, well, any officials who were not going but what they tell them to do, they will come in completing these meetings to brandon tomorrow. so clearly i think that they had was in that classical sense, the definition of faith capture, what, what i saw in my meeting between been tomorrow and the whole process which has led to this point is that a good thing for south africa to see that there is accountability even for those at the very, very top. in fact, especially for those at the very, very top actually, but i think it does the south african taxpayer money that has been if you look at the allegations against other regional $7000000000.00 us dollars that has been siphoned out of the country, the county that money has been taken to other parts of the word and this is just
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one part of. busy been who might be an accused of that either so, so clearly there has to be accountability. the money that should have gone could give employment the country, which is the largest unemployment rate in the world where a lot of don't go hungry. ben, you know, whole lot of development has happened. it's a young democracy. it's, it's, it's recently gained independence relatively. so all the money is for the people and especially the young people to south africa and bite people who are not going to talk african bridge. the african, it's something which needs a total investigation which needs accountability and football sort accused to come out and either complain or phase of the course of law, which i think is what has been completed right now. roger, send it, i'm good to talk to you. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. mm.
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a russia has reported a record daily high, all covered 900 deaths on tuesday, 652 people die and authority. so they're battling a surge of infections driven by the delta variance. moscow has introduced new restrictions targeting the unvaccinated, but many of demonstrated against making the jets mandatory. often charlie angela cases of coven 19 arising and russia with infection rates returning to winter levels and death tolls at a record high. despite the vaccine being available, december, only 14 percent of the population has had 2 shots, mistrust of the state in its medical system, a party to blame authorities who have been accused of mixed messages and now scrambling to contain the search. over the last week, we registered a new record of the number of hospitalizations, people in intensive care units,
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and people that from code. therefore, we took a number of decisions on restrictive measures linked in particular to the mandatory vaccination of service workers. the criminal is using incentives to get people vaccinated in one region, free tickets to the circus for those who get the job, no entry to bars and restaurants for those who do not. a strict q r code system requires customers provide proof of vaccination or have a negative pcr test to eat, endorse, but many unhappy research. and so i don't like it. what's the point of it? it's restricting people from visiting cafe use the vaccine, as you know, will not save you from the disease. maybe you get less sick, but there's no point in this. it's making vaccination mandatory that so and it's another set back for hospitality industry already suffering the other pretty much. there are no other options. the only surprise is that people do not need your codes and public transport, fitness clubs and beauty salons or shock incentives. but i guess it's just a matter of time a small number, a protest ticket gets not lation, dr. faithful,
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that the sputnik vaccine is still not been approved by the world health organization. an angry that those who refuse it will be shut out parts of society. on tuesday, scientists admitted the sputnik vaccine is slightly less effective against the delta variant than originally reported. while the government announced a won't be able to vaccinate 60 percent of its population by autumn as planned. charlie angela algebra more australian cities are going to lockdown after more cases, all of the delta various again were reported. britain in personnel among the latest to impose type restrictions. sidney and darwin went to snap the snap lockdown to the weekend. people need an essential reason to leave their homes. foreign ministers of the group for 20 major economies. the g 20 a meeting face to face of the 1st time and 2 years. but some, it's happening in the italian city of metabolic. it is looking at ways to, of course,
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tackle the pandemic. and to accelerate the recovery of the global economy. the climate crisis, international trade and food security. they're also in the agenda, talks coming ahead of a, a g 20 lead summit in rome at the end of october. and i'm rainy with us now from miss harris. this is kind of the, the dress rehearsal, if you like, a no surprise then that cove it is dominating this meeting. not at all. come on. as you can see, they've gathered in this beautiful sight and unesco world heritage site. and they're trying to have a beautiful, congenial meeting, promising that they're all going to be working towards multi lateral international processes to continue tackling the global pandemic, which is adding in some countries like here in italy. and as charlie reported, rising and others like russia, despite them having vaccines at their disposal. so what we're seeing here is kind of the grant, the actual display of cooperation. and that's because this is the 1st time these
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meet, these countries have been meeting, as you said in 2 years since the onset of panoramic and also it's the 1st time to have this meeting with a new u. s. president in place that president joe biden. and his secretary of state, anthony blink, and did a quick tour through rome. just last night, monday night meeting, the pope meeting both the president and the prime minister here showing this renewed commitment to internationalism on the part of the u. s. and we're also hearing that from the host, the foreign minister, the we do the maya saying here, kicking off the meetings, that the only way to tackle all these pressing global issues is through multi lateral international cooperation. and even heard the same thing from the chinese foreign minister who's taking part virtually remote from china, which caught some people, not perhaps off guard, but thought as a way they seem to still a breach between china and the west. and though the foreign minister from china did on the surface say that trying to support this multilateralism. there is also a dig a bit, a western countries using critiques of china's vaccine. and perhaps china's policy
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in the pandemic is a way to criticize the larger country. but despite little flare ups of disagreements, what we are seeing is this continued push since the g 7, a few weeks ago for the u. s. leading this, this vocal kind of community group seeing the same. no. and that's one of multilateralism and cooperation that i'm rainy at the g 20 foreign ministers meeting in italy. thank you, adam. when thing is the deadline for e use, it happens in the u. k to apply for what is called the settlement scheme. millions of already registered themselves and their families, but rights groups are worried that large numbers could soon lose the right to remain and will then face deportation. i didn't bother explains his n d k right now offering some free loss minutes advice. these volunteers are helping you use citizens to hold onto the right to be in the u. k. prefer english or the bricks. it mean something that was automatic now has to be applied for,
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for many vulnerable people, such as the elderly and the homeless. it's proved a huge challenge. we have the client that struggle immensely with the application process with understanding english, most importantly with lack of evidence that they don't have for the children or other family members with lack of evidence whatsoever. from thursday you citizens will be in the u. k. illegally. if they haven't applied for either settled status for those in the country for 5 years. as of last december, what's called pre settled status. more than 5000000 people have already done so with a backlog of 400000 cases and an unknown number who aren't already in the system. the government's accepted, it will need to be flexible. a week before that deadline, the u. k. home off, it said it would be 3 anyone who hadn't supplied with a $28.00 day notice. it confirmed that off to that period, they may be liable for enforcement action and will not be eligible for work benefits or services. if you are an e, you citizen living in the u. k,
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it's official guidance. the home office says it will be lenient with anyone who has a good reason for replying late, and nobody who's waiting for a decision will lose their rights. the campaign is fair, a repeat of the wind rush scandal named after the ship, bringing british citizens from the caribbean colonies to work in the u. k. off the world war 200 new hostile environment in the 2000 and ten's thousands of people who lived in the country for decades were told to prove it. in many cases, the home office had destroyed crucial paperwork. some wind rush victims with reported. others had their lodge in the u. k. ruins, even though they have been given the opportunity later on to sort out the state is . people were denied cancer treatment or if, if they were given it arrived home to find a massive bill or not able to find accommodation. we're not able to get a job. and experts, a warning that could be real problems in the future for people who, for whatever reason, slipped through the net. if you have people, for example, who said he didn't realize until they tried to get to drop 10 years later,
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that that they didn't have status. it can be very challenging to go back a long time and try and dig up evidence. so you were here many years ago and that was what created such a challenge for the wind rush generation. the u. k. government says it's working to make sure employers and landlords don't discriminate against people who have applied for settle status, but haven't got a decision. but for tens of thousands of you citizens, what happens next is far from clear. nadine baba al jazeera london on thursday. it'll be a 100 years since china's communist party was formed in shanghai. party borne out of a court yard has laid the foundation for modern china. it's one party government. now, one of the world's longest surviving administrations in beijing celebrations have officially started to mark the parties, achievements emanations rise of the global power, and the man in charge of all who controls the party and millions of its members,
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president changing thing. they are the great hall of people for a special ceremony. katrina, you has more now on the celebrations. she's in southern china. takes all procession honoring fallen soldiers. this he had tens of thousands have climbed the steps of this memorial injunction in southern china. the town is called the creedal of the revolution, where the chinese communist party found him out to don't escape opposition. common tongue forces and expanded his battled red army in the lead up to the parties. 100 years of history, visitors have come to pay their respects to now and his comrades. you know why i'm year because i love the motherland. i love the communist party. i've witnessed that our country develop and become stronger. oh, the chinese communist party was founded in 1921, with only a few dozen members. today, there are more than 90000000. the body has brought tiny unemployment since $949.00
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. and from the bottom to the top, all r a firm, their loyalty to the party ahead of july, the 1st general president sheet and paying has called on all sectors of society to promote the parties. history and ideology in the lead up to the celebration, the communists not only helped china to rise up and the chinese people to become strong and proud, prosperous, eventually. but they also instilled a nation building and national awareness in the minds of the chinese people. they realize that the chinese people are no longer we call you feel bold for months this isn't reflected in everything from communist party trivia game shows to television dramas, under president she didn't pain the communist party, has to bind marxism with capitalism, authoritarianism, and even traditional confucius ideal, but it's whole message remains the same that they were present strength and order.
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while the present, cale aging has highlighted the importance of so called patriotic education to cultivate a new generation of party followers. but their textbooks awards include historic failures, such as the calamities famine of the $900.00 sixty's, or $989.00 cracked on following the tenement square protest. only achievements are marked the economic growth which lifted millions out of poverty. the containment of the current of iris outbreak within months, they have succeeded. but you're, if you're only as good as your successes, you have no escape valve. there's no pressure relief. you constantly have to deliver. and that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the, on the party. that pressure is being felt by chinese security agencies which are doing all they can to ensure one point. 4000000 people fall into line under the
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flag and one party, katrina, you all to 0. gunshot china to head 1423 goals and to gain the best of the actually coming up from a dramatic day and football european championship. ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use use
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with me booty by extension. that there'll be change. oh, i paid them. it is here. the man with all the goals from euro 2020. thank you very much. come on very nice introduction. now we'll start with what are the most
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detaining days in the history of football, european jam, which of spain survived a massive scare against croatia to reach the quarter final for the will. champions, finance with dumb time of the tournament, switzerland. david states reports the day of drama at the euros, the 2 games, protesting a staggering $23.00 goals. the 1st came courtesy of spain, goalkeeper simone, his mistake gifting croatia, the lead in their last 16 tie. spain were level before half time, no, and took control after the break. this go from fair and torres put in 3, went ahead and they were cruising. but with only 5 minutes left croatia hit the bank with 2 of the substitute. first miss love o's, ich managed to force the ball in to get it back to 32. and then in stoppage time, they got another put him in. despite losing that to go lead, spain didn't panic,
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an extra time. the 3 time champions went back in front through of our i'm a writer. i makella yes about i did a fit to make sure if that place in the course a final thing here. if you feel game is entertaining, the best was yet to come between friends and switzerland. harris fer bitch headed the swiss ahead and 15 minutes to rock the well champions. it stayed that way until the game was turned on its head. in the 2nd half, with 2 goes in, 2 minutes from korean, benjamin was making up for lost time. they took his tally to full for the tournament, just one behind christiana, rinaldo, when paul pug, but rattled one from distant friends with 31 up, and it seemed the job was done. but back came switzerland and know the go from the ferry, which gave them hope with no minutes left. and then with seconds remaining and normal time, they leveled out of that. there
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were no goals in extra time. so it came down to a penalty. shootouts this no one had missed roberts on kelly, an impact pay stepped up, which meant he had to score proper deliver yes, some is saved, switzerland through. it's the 1st time they've won a game to major told them, and since 1938, they'll face spanning in the courses. as for french, the will champions are on their way home. david spoke al jazeera fix of the a for the final. so now i know in just to mo, places up for grabs, and those will be decided later on tuesday, freedom and ukraine will meet for the right to reach the last dates. but 1st up is one of football, great rivalries when england take on germany, that one is kicking off in the next 10 minutes. argentina, superstar leon, l macy, played. he's 148 international for his country on monday, setting
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a new national team record. and the 34 year old, celebrated in style against but livia, at the copper america macy school to go over and assisted the other 2 of the argent times hammond the bolivians for one in the final group. stage game argentina will play it, could all in the quarter finals on sunday. well, bolivia go home where you are going to be paralegal. i one no food on the penalty. separate the fees on the uruguayan sleigh columbia in the quarter finals. rog, ones will face room stay 2 at wimbledon, and roger federer is out on cold right now. having one. the 1st phase of these opening match against the frenchman, adrian manor reno, already threw on tuesday. is the full see alex on the vetted the german leaving dutch world number $112.00 pad on the hooks for in straits if they can just over an hour and a half that it will need to tennis,
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sanguine or noble to gumble snakes to the n b a and the los angeles clippers have kept themselves alive in the western conference finals. they needed to beat the phoenix suns in game 5 to keep the series going. and they did that thanks to 41 points from paul george and 23 for reggie jackson series. now he's back to late buck, phoenix only by 3 games to to and in the in a child the defending champion, the tampa bay lightning are off to a magnificent start in the few stanley cup finals and gain one on monday the lightning showed my mercy as they crushed the mon fuel canadian 51 me he said with the 2 goes to tampa bay one last one. the company 993, which is also lost on the canadian one, the trophy sports needs to know more coming up again later. come all, thank you. stem it. finally, leading tech firms are showing what they have to offer it. the mobile world
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congress and event that was cancelled last year because of the pandemic. so the focus this time around is on the gadgets that can help bring people together in pandemic times. for example, john hall has that report from buffalo, the world of work, the world of learning, the world of play, all old to perhaps forever by a virus that's changed everything. there is only one teacher that teacher in the real world, and they teach 30 people that teacher in a virtual world could teach an incident number of people past months that have forced us to be a part. have also brought lessons about how better to share resources while apart. so we've been living in a panoramic where we've seen v r, double triple win in sales. and that's been driven by force remote behavior. but in the, in the world we're moving to, i think it's going to be a choice that you make is going to be hybrid, sometimes remote, sometimes in person and, and the amount of experiences that you can have to virtual reality. connecting with
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people, learning from people is going to mean that they're going to be a lot of places and a lot of instances where just safer, better, cheaper, use virtual reality then to go back to the old. this is what it takes to put on an international technology show in the age of cove. it, there's large scale testing, digital proof of coven status, and a mobile world congress diminished by travel restrictions. yet for all that, it is able to tell us something about communications and technology after the pandemic. when all of this is gone, holograms will be the future. it will be the only way that we look at our computer screen phones or any phone calls. if you feel zoom was cool, try chatting to a hologram. zoom has been a fantastic connection for people, but it's definitely lacked the ability to emotionally engage the same level that we had before. so this is really a stepping stone that we see to allow people to get back to that emotional gauge. doesn't matter if you're in japan and i'm in the united states,
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there were across the entire planet, you can still engage with somebody the same level that you used, or at least in a better weight. and we have had the return of big events like this one, shows it in some parts of the world. the pandemic is loosening its grip. it also suggest that we won't be returning to things quite as we left them. this is futurist cecilia tam, people have changed in terms of their behavior. companies have understood that their boundaries are more valuable. technologies are increasing capacity and so all of the indications are telling you that we will be within this range to what extent, you know, how far are we going to let people work at home versus how, how far we've moved. we went back. that is to see, but we're not going to, we're not going to go back like before. the technology of the future feels like it goes much to social distance. take anticipating perhaps that social distance, it will not entirely become a thing of the past. jo,
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no whole al jazeera barcelona. we're all done for this news now, but you know, the news always continued your knowledge of the roman back, just a couple of moments, not listen ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the world lungs are being ceased. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of 2 football pitcher per minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining. i'm farming. as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increase production. indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. know in the fight of their life,
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people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera, for some, a boat isn't mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple. but androids today can be over the humanoid. robots, like me, will be everywhere. options 0 documentaries, next laid on the weird and wonderful world of robot that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i am a machine origins of this species on 20. trying to will mark the 100 anniversary of the founding of the communist party with president segan king leading celebration. but it comes at a time when relations with the west on the increasing strain and the g 7 countries looking for counter china is growing into women's around the world. follow all the detailed analysis on algebra. we understand the differences and
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similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. or i will not stand by in the face of horrors. in grey united states wanted further consequences of a cease fire in ethiopia. ticket i region doesn't stop the violence or the threat of famine.


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