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but it doesn't matter where you are, you have to be able to relate to the human condition. you're away. no country is a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why me the this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm about this and this is the news life from doha. coming out of the next 60 minutes . the ones about security in the galveston is a caliber and seizures more control ahead of september with all of our troops, spain, pardon this capital and separatists leaders who declaration of independence, countries west political crisis and decades. iran was president like to make his
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1st address to the nation binding to defendants and countries, dignity and autumn negotiations. and the families living in fear of the pollution caused by iraq's oil industry will have a report from basra javin ash with sport england tech republic in an hour. but mason mountain been well on to vailable, offering for to south isolate. and even 60000 fans will be allowed to attend to the your 2020 final at wembley, despite growing concerns over the rise of covert cases in the u. k. ah, there are new fears about growing instability enough dennis done after recent military gains by the taliban. it's fighters captured the main border crossing which is done earlier on tuesday. and the un envoy for janice done says the on groups taken more 50 districts in the past month. violence has escalated since the
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us announced plans to withdraw its troops by september. odyssey is diplomatic at, at a james bays has this report this security situation in afghanistan has been deteriorating for years. but what the security council heard in this virtual session was the most grim briefing. yet i cannot restate to the council my concern regarding the present situation in afghanistan. in recent weeks, taliban activity has been focused on a number of key provinces. these pictures from conduce in northern afghanistan, where the provincial capital conduce city, looks at risk of being surrounded. special representative lions said the un believes this may be a deliberate strategy. more than 50 can stand. $370.00 districts have fallen since the beginning of may. most districts have been that have been
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taken. so round provincial capitals suggesting that the taliban are positioning themselves to try and take these capital one courses. i fully withdrawn the taliban deny they were responsible for many of the recent attacks. but african, astonished foreign minister and heath at ma told the council they are behind them. and it's a clear breach of that deal with the us under the international energy. our fire source, the signing by the united states troops withdrawal the massacre school lists kabul raxon h. as in the address on file is
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off, the president biden announced to pull out of us troops in april. his secretary of state antony blinkin came up with a plan to build on the talks and doha, with the peace conference in san bull. so the taliban and african government could work together. that plan now lies in tatters. and most analysts believe the african people who suffered for decades of war and now lightly to face an intensified conflict. un experts preparing for a major humanitarian emergency. james bays al jazeera. well, david said he's a former us deputy assistant secretary of defense for canister pakistan and central asia is currently a senior associate with the center for strategic and international studies. he's joining us live via skype from staunton, in virginia. it's very good, happy with us on ology 0. deborah lions there, the un afco and voice very concerned. i've the security council about what's
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happening in afghanistan, but he's anybody going to be listening given the fact that most foreign countries, a pulling out of afghanistan for, for thank you very much for having me. second, bachelor, lions, or trail of how bad things are and then was perhaps not the route i hear you make us. i was like us or addict or before that or to the album load or the 4th. and the pull out of david said me, i forgive me, i'm going to interrupt you there because unfortunately the line that we have for you is breaking up quite badly and it's rather difficult to hear what you're saying . so i don't want to waste your time, but we will come back to david said me hopefully some point perhaps later in the
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program. in the meantime, let's move on spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has pardoned 9 job council and separatist leaders. never convicted of sedition in 2019 for their role in the regions failed. 2017 independence bill. opinion polls suggest about 60 percent of people in spain, oppose freeing the conservative opposition parties and the dread veil challenge the parties in corps. so let's take a closer look at how we got to this point. we'll separately to stage the referendum on catalyzed independence in 2017, as despite madrid banning them from doing so. police raided several pulling stations, fighting with voters, satellite leaders declared independence after the referendum victory. it sparked spain's worst political crisis in decades. now that prompted, then catalogue leader carlos quite well to free abroad. 9 others who remained in spain. what arrested for sedition and sent to prison on the pardon is
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a deeply controversial move and opposition parties and say are going to challenge it in court. sonya ego has more a tentative olive branch loaded with consequences. the spanish prime minister has been pushing hard to revive talks with capital and separatists and hoping that a pardon for the movement 9 imprisoned leaders can open the way for dialogue. we don't respond to mother, so the spanish government has taken this decision because it's the best of the catalonia, the best for spain, and correspondence to the spirit of harmony and co existence in the spanish constitution. yeah. it's not without opposition. sanchez finds himself in the middle of a storm because outside of california, it is deeply unpopular. more than 60 percent of the country against the move and parties from the center to the hard right have capitalized on that discontent. but
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the procession is movement. the pardon do not go far enough. the cattle and lead to said only an amnesty would be acceptable, as he could cause to continue the fight for independence. but i suppose water me, thea. it's time for an amnesty on the right to self determination. it's time to agree on the referendum is tongue for a solution to achieve more internal consensus? yeah, the illegal independence referendum in 2017 triggered the biggest political crisis of the country had seen in decades. the 9 succession as leaders was sentenced in 2019 for their roles and the vote, including catalonia, the vice premier, spain supreme court, which oversaw the trial has also rejected the pardons. as it says, those sentences have shown no remorse. while the ruling is non binding, it could be cited impossible, future legal challenges in the constitutional court, which could send the 9 back to prison. the difficulty for the process session is to
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argument is that while it is very vocal, it is still in the minority. in catalonia, big part of spain is still just about the preferred option that mr. sanctioned. his dilemma is that he is leading a minority government and can ill afford to squander the support in the parliament . he also needs the support of catalan nationalists parties. their leaders know that this piece offering won't be extended by the prime minister's opponents. it is an enormous gamble, yet those determined to move on say the pardon are the only way to repair the deep divisions that still linger between the 2 sides. so did i ever go out there? are you going to morocco is a journalist on political commentator. he says it's not a pardon the job. politicians are looking for, but something else. the separate is leaders which are going to be pardoned. they haven't request above the actual rejected at least officially the same principle.
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they say they did nothing wrong so they don't need to be, pardon, they are in favor of an amnesty. now there seems to be very little difference between the 2 things, but they're both a very important difference. and i'm going to see some political action means that what they did was not wrong. so in that sense, they are not accepting this, this bothered, and apart from that, they insist that they will do it again, that they are still in favor of independence. of course, but not only that, but in fact, they receptive themselves to use all the means they, they think they need in order to achieve their goal. so yes, there is a question of whether these will settle the question or extension. it seemed to a huge political gamble on the part of the prime minister because the problem was so unpopular, at least in spain as a whole, is differently got a loan, tonia, i guess a majority of the people isn't supported,
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but i think it's becoming clear that us, we've missed so many other issues in spain. the, the divide becomes political and we can see how the numbers are changing. and now people who support the government are supporting or at least accepting principal departments because they want to support the left, his government, and the people who opposes the pattern remains only in the opposition parties. the right parties, the man who be around the next president says he'll work to defend its interesting negotiations with foreign powers. fama chief justice ibrahim icy secured victory after fighting the pole, the u. s. is called his when manufactured, which around denies ice is under us sanctions is thank all those who voted even if it wasn't for him saying he'll be a servant to the country and ensure it's treated with respect to cottage. you have a job in domestic politics, domestic policy,
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and foreign policy. the focus should be on the dignity of this nation. and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiations, the dignity of this nation should not be hurt in our domestic policies in foreign policies, and the kinds of interactions that we're going to have with any countries in the world. the focus is on the protection of the dignity and the prestige of the iranian nation when it comes to unhealthy administrative issues when it comes to corruption oppression. when it comes to any kind of unjust relations, we believe they are against the dignity of mankind. doses your body has more from her and raised his speech in the city of her shot, which is his home town. at this was an event for him, very much like a welcome home celebration. after his victory, we saw a number of people chanting his name, and he thank them for coming and celebrating his victory. he started the speech by talking about a number of religious points having to do with them on result. and then he use the opportunity as we heard, to talk about a broader audience to reach
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a broader audience. and that is the range nation. despite the fact that only 8048 percent of those eligible voted for him, he still wanted to reach the nation as a whole to try and unify the country for when he takes office in early august, he used 3 words over and over again. those were justice, respect, and equality. he wanted to highlight the fact that this will be his theme as president. he will try to secure the country's rights when it comes to negotiating with the outside world. he also said he wants justice to balance the country's economy, to make sure every radian has what they deserve. there has to be, it's a kind of a spectrum where people are treated equally, a lot of broad promises made by the president elect and we'll have to see whether or not he'll be able to deliver that in the coming for years. well, let's go over to washington dc with our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker is joining us now with the u. s. reaction. kimberly,
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how much sense do we have that the u. s. strategy is changing now that there is a new leader in iran? well, if it's changing, it is not being acknowledged publicly. the white house press secretary has insisted that things have not changed as a result of the election. in iran, the president elect will have no impact on where negotiations stand. and we should point out that with regard to limiting runs nuclear program, those negotiations in vienna that wrapped up the 6 round really offered no sort of tangible path forward and round 7 has yet to be scheduled. so the white house administration, the by the ministration insisting that the arrow is pointed in the right direction . but at the same time, there are some worrying signs for those that are keen on seeing this move forward. for example, be by ministration has made very clear that not only doesn't want to see the united states and iran returned to compliance under the j c p. away. but also they
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want to go beyond that. they want to see that there is potentially limits put on ronnie and support for groups in the region that the united states has designated the terrorist organizations. they also want to see limits on ron's ballistic missile program. and the problem is, is that the president elect to in iran has already made very clear that those are non negotiable points. so this is a real conundrum for the white house. there are consultations that are taking place according to the white house press secretary. and once those consultations take place, there will be an indication of the path forward. but certainly there is a feeling here in washington that there are limited options. that's why i was calling responding. kimberly hall groups in washington dc. aubrey ruins a former director of white house global engagement, and he's currently president of the global situation. really joining us by skype
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from washington d. c. thank you very much. indeed for being with us. i want to talk to you just about the, the election of icy itself. there's been obviously a variety of different responses internationally to his appointment to his election victory. do you think that the thing has actually changed in terms of iran's relations with other countries as a result of this election? because there are 2 important factors to consider. the 1st is very difficult state around the economy right now. right? is going to need to seek sanctions relief and to do so, he's going to have to kind of deal with washington. the other factor to consider is that the binding ministration has been able to accumulate a significant amount of support from both european and other allies to engage in this kind of diplomacy. in a for ron, walked away from the negotiating table. the consequences won't just come for as
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they did under the trump administration, it will be broad combination and some collateral damage. let me ask you about the speech that we had earlier on. it was a very wide ranging spirit speech, a covered a great deal of ground. everything from the doctor was saying in her report that it was to give, to give any and i sense of respect back into defend iran against foreign interest. but he was always talking about that the coven, 1900 bucks and roll eyes as well. what did you make of the speech? interesting. as a diplomat, i learned you got to read between the lines. and what i heard from the speech was that president elect, racy wants this next deal. that comes from negotiations with washington to treat a ron with a degree of respect, perhaps a degree of respects that he didn't feel like you've had in the 1st agreement. and
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that there is acknowledgement of some of her runs concerns. at the same time, you're going to see the bonded administration push for more effort to address the missiles to address around other extra curricular activities. so this may be an effort to try to package a whole lot in this next deal. given the fact that the, the talks that are going on at the moment, of course negotiations. and that has to be a degree of effort made to try and find common ground in order to make the talks go forward. how difficult i sell to the iranian people. do you think it's going to be for ever him and i you see if compromises have to be made by iran in order to get the sanction lifted? you know, the funny thing is in some respects it's actually going to be easier for a president, right. you see, to sell this deal to the iranian people and certainly do other hardliners in the country. so i actually think that there is a silver lining in his election because unwise. perhaps some of the reform is
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leaders that had negotiated these deals. in the past. he has the credentials to be able to win over some of the countries barbara, and we appreciate your time as always. thank you very much indeed for joining us on al jazeera. thank you. ok, let me take you back to our earlier story, the you and warning about security in afghanistan because of the games that the taliban have been making, say ahead of september's withdrawal of foreign troops. and please to say we can go back to david 70, who's a former us deputy assistant secretary of defense, but i've got to stand in pakistan. i'm the central asia, he's cons that can be a senior associate with a center for strategic and international studies. he's back where they live via skype from stone to in virginia. david, thank you very much for being patient with us. hopefully we've got the lines sorted out. now, i was asking you before, given the concern that the un envoy to have to understand have been putting forward in the situ to the security council earlier on today about the situation of
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canister on whether or not any countries would actually be listening because of the withdrawal of troops from their well, 1st of all, thank you for having me. secondly, the situation portrayed by investor lions was actually, it's actually worse than she said in terms of the advances tyler bond is making in the dangers of a complete breakdown in afghan society. that's very, very, very possible. however, the united states does have some interest in trying to prevent that, at least in the near term. present biden does not want to talk about take over in the next few months while he is aiming for his september 11th sort of admission accomplish kind of a speech that he's planning to get. so president connie will be in washington on friday and be meeting with president vine. so i would expect the us, we'll try to look to do something in the short term. but will there be anything
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meaningful in that that remains to be seen. that has been suggested from the us side that the, the pull out date may well be flexible and it made the product may be slow down depending on the circumstances in afghanistan. if it is slowed down, do you think that that would help to ameliorate the situation or do you think it might actually make it worse? bound and i think it would ameliorate the biggest problem, which is the lack of confidence in the african people and the african security forces in their future. so a it would help a little bit neck regard. but what people are really looking for is, what is the long term, what is there a future long term? should people try and leave canister? and we'll talk about and be back if not in 6 months and in one year. so more needs to be done than just something short term. but one of the things us could do is do a better job of which of the pull out the military pull. now has been chaotic at best, with huge mounds of materials being burned and buried in the sand. instead of being
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turned over to the african forces. the planning of the whole thing has been very poor. so the u. s. could do a better job of a responsible pull out. but again, addressing the long term concerns of the african people is another question that are local reports of the taliban are being seen large quantities of military equipment. there's no details about what that military equipment might be, but how concerned would you be that this might change the balance of power and i've kind of sound as it stands at the moment and be concerned because it makes a taller bond, more capable of killing people both african military and african civilians. those weapons that they received would not be enough to change the balance of power, but it would, will increase the level of death and destruction along the way. david said a, we appreciate it. he's a former us deputy assistant secretary of defense for canister on pakistan and central asia. and as always we appreciate you having and being having you and i'll
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just you know, thank you very much indeed. thank you. there's probably more head on the news out or including the philippine president ortega, detecting is threatening to jail. people who refused to get the corporate 19 back votes or the encounter any feel after an election overshadow device manager in crisis. in the norm on his board, we're going to explain why 2 english footballers are sell ice amazing, but no scoffers players thought, even though one of the squad members as cobra, the russian government is blaming a surge of covered 19 infections in people's reluctance to get vaccinated the kremlin is threatening people who do not get inoculated with loss of earnings and dismissal from their workplaces. moscow is mayor says unvaccinated residence could be denied entry to cafes and restaurants. world health organization has a different warning. a shortage of vaccines. it says more than half of the 18
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developing nations in the global sharing scheme. kovacs either run out or will soon, and is setting up a hub in south africa to allow developing nations to make their own vaccines. the could be 19 funding because shown that relying on a few companies to supply global public goods is limiting and dangerous to boost manufacturing, w h a has continued to call for the sharing of know how technology and licenses and the waving of intellectual property rights. and in the philippines, president, rico to touch is threatening to jail. people who refuse to be vaccinated. little in the book, go know if you will not agree to be vaccinated. leave the philippines, go to india. if you want to go somewhere, if you want to go to america, but for as long as you are here and you are a human being and can carry the virus you should be vaccinated. otherwise,
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i will order all the local officials to have a tally of the people who refused to be vaccinated, because if you don't want to be vaccinated, i will use either mixed in for pigs on you people. or if you about alan dorgan has more from manila while you know, this threat came from brethren that there at the, in his latest public appearance, where he basically said that filipinos can be put to jail if they refuse that vaccine. but early this morning, this same statement coming from the president was contradicted by the department of justice secretary and basically saying that the law, the government cannot compel filipinos to get vaccinated. but as you know, it will just go more, it will take more than just threats. coming from the president in order to convince a lot of filipinos to get vaccinated. latest survey, a local poll survey show that only a 3rd of those pulled were willing to get vaccinated. and this issue of vaccine hesitancy has been a problem for so many years in 2017 president through the good that they're just
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government conducted an investigation into his freed this f. there's things factual campaign and being baksha was a vaccine for den get fever and he was inoculated in during the time of former president b r quino. now that investigation was played before the general public for many years, and that's contributed to the very high vaccinate vaccine hesitancy in the philippines . another issue here also is vaccine preference. another's survey also shows that majority of filipinos do not want vaccines coming from china, which makes up the bulk of available vaccines. here they do prefer american and where are western vaccines, which is 5 or more than what they are now. and these are really very limited here at the moment. the us says is waiting to hear back from north korea regarding our proposal for meeting the american special representative for north korea. made the comment during torps, the south korea unification. minister both i shall say now is
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a good time to re open discussion about the young young's nuclear program. earlier this month, north korean leader came on one his government to be fully prepared for both dialogue and compensation with washington. the u. s. special representative for north korea, so the dialogue is the only way forward. most importantly, they go to countries agree on the shared commitment to pursue complete the implication of the credit post through diplomacy. i dialogue robin bryan has more from sol. this is an interesting time and there have been some interesting development, especially during this visit, especially with mention of possibly scrapping the working group that exists between south korea and the united states which see is seen as a positive sign or possibly a way forward of restarting dialogue just to give you some background. this working group was established between south korea in the united states. right at the height of all of this flurry of diplomacy at the end of 2018. basically to make sure the 2
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allies was singing off the same him sheets that they were proposing the same thing, things to north korea, that there wouldn't be any misunderstanding north korea. i hate the idea of this working group describing it as a noose around the possibility of diplomacy as so the fact that they are talking about scrapping. this is almost symbolic if you like that this belongs to the previous period of diplomacy. and then we have had interesting sounds coming out of north korea from kim jung and saying that the north korea should be ready for both as he, for the dialogue but also confrontation, which was seen at least as being a fairly optimistic. but since then, his influential sister kimmy, oh, john has given a clarification or if you like, poured cold water on that saying that people shouldn't get ahead of themselves. that if that too much was expected, that they could indeed be disappointed. so it could well be that this is
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a bit of good cop bad cult by the brother and sister from north korea coming out. and that we are still seeing the possibilities at least of dialogue at some point in the future. me and i was military says is killed for anti zone to militia members during a shootout. and mandalay security forces say that we're conducting a raid in the city and they were met with gun fire and grenades has been fighting across me. and marcy's the february crew, as people form so called defense forces to battle the military track down a gentle faced increasing resistance from ethnic groups. and protests was ahead on all the uncomfortable relationship between cruise ships and bennett. why they tell you that this being put on your nationals endangered and the live player with a new time wasting techniques that story coming up for a
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while i was looking pretty good across the middle east. well, the thing to say good is looking very hot, dry, i'm sorry, but the winds not quite as strong as they have been recently. so the shamal has east 40 celsius here in doha. not too bad enough. it back that q weight and 4748 grease just want to shout into central parts of but nothing must speak of a challenge. one or 2. she was tuned to northern parts of mom. once again, notice of temperature and most got as down to around $34.00 celsius with the winds . coming in from the south. westley direction wanted to shout was just around the gulf of aid and wanted to shout to just around the c o. p. and heil is over the next couple of days to catch an old show brace just needing a few showers into southern pass of somalia. she was prepping up around the c o. p in highland cecily ways, driving plenty of showers over towards the gulf of guinea cameroon. in particular
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sinks and big down paws will see the heavy rain also extending its way across southern parts of nigeria could see some flooding here for southern.


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