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off to africa, we've got some sand and dust jumping across the red sea from yemen. this is impacting eritrea as morrow. 26 degrees with some hazy conditions and a lot of rain for southern areas of nigeria. the out there, a world peered into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery biologist era journalists, 06 technology for smartphones systems can be is this the new frontier espionage think about the purpose, the cation of exploits, to breaking the phones. this is as soon as you find your phone on out there 300 years of danish come and i think an international interest in the islands. we thought his way, a younger generation emerging, determined,
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and nephew to meet him and he'd be on faith as jude and a politician as they tackle age old issues with that powerful fight for greenland, a witness documentary on al serra ah ah again, welcome back. let's take you straight away to geneva, where that somebody is taking place for you to take place. presidents, russian president vladimir putin find it just arrived on the tarmac, geneva, and some it will take place on the shores of lake geneva,
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in around about an hour's time. all manner of things to be discussed. the us president calls blaming the kremlin for a series of cyber attacks, and that acute fusion of stifling democracy, the jailing, the opposition, nita alexis, of all new, that'll be on the agenda. no doubt peach in for his part. he's rejected accusations of interfering in u. s. presidential elections and says, washington wants to contain rushes, development by imposing economic restrictions. says we watch these pictures and wait for that impedance to emerge from the pain. this is flown in and landed on the tarmac at geneva for most care. let's bring it all white house correspondent can be . how could she's life was in geneva, following events. so what do you think we can expect from this is not a lot of daylight between the 2. the now we don't expect that there are going to be any big breakthroughs that are going to be met on any of the large issues. what this is going to be is really
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a building block, if you will, a new foundation in which to try and stop the spiral downward of relations between the united states and russia. but it should tell you that the u. s. president joe biden has received some criticism for holding this summit at all, given the fact that there are very low expectations for the outcome of this question has been, well, if nothing is going to result out of this in terms of breakthrough, then why hold this at all what is being achieved by critics will say is that what is going to happen is that there's going to be the equal footing that the russian leader now will have with the u. s. president after the west, essentially trying to isolate russia for so long, whether it's through sanctions or whether it's through the ga, becoming the g 7. the concern being that a lot of that effort is going to be undone by this summit. and so that has opened
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up joe biden to some criticism that this is happened to get all that. it potentially could also not just lift the russian leader on the world stage, but also domestically and potentially even in bolden, him when it comes to respect to his crackdown on human rights on his opposition. and could really negate some of the things that the united states says is trying to achieve, holding russia accountable for the jailing of the russian opposition leader election evolving for example. so these are some of the criticisms that joe biden is facing, not just domestically in the united states, but around the world. this sort of head scratching, if there is so little that is expected to come out of this. what is the point at all? the other thing that many people are talking about is how different the relationship is between us, president biden and russian president vladimir putin. in contrast to the previous us president donald trump, because joe biden is going into this calling the russian leader
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a killer. and also saying that he is a worthy adversary. so we tried to kind of clean up some of that language, but we've also heard kind of swipes, coming from the other side, with respect to joe biden. he's been called a career politician by vladimir putin and so this is really not a good starting point for trying to open the lines of communication to establish the stable and predictable relationship that the united states is looking for. if not something more. now, the other thing we should point out and all of this is that with respect to that name, calling of killer vladimir putin, was asked about this by an american news network. in a recent interview. it kind of shrugged it off, calling it kind of a hollywood mot show type of labeling. it all seemed he was amused by it so it doesn't appear to have affected him in any way. but he's also really kind of bristled at any suggestion that election of all the of the russian opposition liter,
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currently in jail, that many people fear could even die in prison, is going to have any ill treatment toward that he has any control over. that fact, he said that the vladimir said he doesn't even have any control over that, which most people find pretty hard to believe in, given the fact that he seems to have his hand in just about everything. so these are some of the kind of thorny issues that are really kind of at the forefront of the much larger issues, including making sure that the security concerns of both nations are, are realized. it really is a very tall order, nick, in terms of trying to, to establish this. and we continue to look at the plane and, and wait for the russian leader to emerge. things are really kicking off behind me directly behind me, as where this lakeside village is. where these 2 leaders will be meeting and a, the reason for this location that was chosen is significant. not only is it
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politically neutral for these 2 superpowers, to sit down and work out. there's differences, but also it has history because back in 1985, the u. s. president ronald reagan math here with the soviet liter mikhail gorbachev . and there was a very different tone and temperature of the meeting. then there was sort of a, a new era of understanding that emerge. there was a chemistry between the 2. ronald reagan said to believe that he felt that he had a good working relationship and even trust. but no one is expecting that with this meeting quite the opposite, and these are really 2 leaders that are working together for their own interest. virtue versus their mutual interests for the part of the russian leader. he is looking to protect his security interest, but no one expects that that rift that was created back in 2014, with respect to russia's annexation of crimea, ukraine. but that is going to be repaired in any way. no one expects. there's going
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to be a role back on the u. s. and you financial sanctions that have really served to isolate russia in the financial community. and so what we expect is that there is just going to be a restoration of basic channels of communication. in other words, nothing big could come out of this, but instead it will be that sort of framework for the lower level diplomats to kind of try and build. but again, a lot of criticism that many people are saying why hold this at all? yeah, just a reminder, we just look at the scene here at the airport at geneva, that's the russian president's plane. we're waiting for him to the symbolic. you can see the, the mass ranks of his security detail there and are his bodyguards station to awaiting his arrival. for his departure then to the shores of lake geneva, where he'll hold that summit with the us president, president joe biden. it says that something is expected last summer and can be and what areas do you think they may find some kind of common ground?
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well, i, you know, the problem is, is that much of what the united states is accusing vladimir putin of he has denied, for example, not just the 2016, but also the 2020 us presidential elections where intelligence agencies in the united states have said without doubt, with conclusive proof, they have been russia metal that it work to influence the outcome of those elections. well, in a recent interview with the u. s. network vladimir putin denied all of this. he said, where is worth the proof? he really said there was no evidence 12, this month's sort of a similar answer that he gave with respect to the meddling that has occurred recently. whether it be the colonial pipeline that affected how americans were able to get their gasoline for their cars or other sort of ransomware attacks that have
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occurred against us businesses. the allegations by the united states are that, that if russia hasn't ordered this, if this wasn't state sponsored, at minimum, these cyber hackers are being given safe harbor in russia and the one reputed flat out denies this. and so it's hard to even have some sort of agreement when you're starting points in your narrative. your basic facts are so very different. and after that we've been talking about this relationship a, it's really no secret that it doesn't appear. vladimir putin has a sort of any liking for joe biden, if you will. i mean, he went out of his way to say how much he liked the predecessor, donald trump. he described donald trump is being, you know, an extraordinarily talented individual. and so, you know, it's going to be a difficult one, and that's why it's not going to be left to just these 2 individuals. so the initial meeting that's going to take place is going to have 4 men in the room.
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there's going to be vladimir putin, there's going to be us president joe biden, and then they will have their respected advisors in terms of the secretary of state antony blinking on the us side and the foreign minister in russia. circuit lab, rob, no one knows how long that initial meeting is going to be. what we do know is that once that meeting breaks up, there will be a nother meeting and watching the pictures i'm seeing nick and i know they're the same ones as you, but it does appear that we're seeing the russian leader coming down the stair. yeah, i think he's just come down here to the tarmac. yeah. what we know about this meeting again is that if he doesn't have much of an agenda, it's pretty open ended. and it's going to be dictated by the russian and leader in the us, presidents that essentially, however long it needs to be this, this maybe it's going to be like a piece of string. it's going to be as long as it needs to be. and so it's going to
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really be determined that initial meeting of those for men. and then there will be an additional meeting following that with the respective delegation from each side, which we're told we'll have 5 members each. what we do know when all of this is that there will be no lunch break, no breaking of the bread if you will. that seems to be something symbolic. on the us side, they felt they did not want to see the 2 leaders sitting down for a meal. and then there will be press conferences after what we know is that when it comes to getting the last word that is going to go to the u. s. president, that we are going to watch these meetings unfold. then we're going to wait for the russian president vladimir putin to speak, and then we will wait for the u. s. president to speak after that. and so it could take a very long time for all of this to unfold as we watch those motorcade sort of peel away from the tarmac there. soon they will be coming down the street behind me and to the lakeside village, where they will have these important meetings that could go on indefinitely. so,
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we're arrested and we've got our glasses of water and we're ready to go to see what happens. but it really is pretty an open question as to where things are headed throughout the day. or i can be back with you as the hours go on. so just to say that's a lot of putin's medicaid is. kimberly was just describing his convoy leaving the tom geneva port heading for the shores of lake geneva head of that summit, which is due to start and run about 45 minutes 50 minutes time. so with the u. s. president joe biden, and of course we'll be back with that as soon as we see things starting me more than 600000 people have now died from corona virus in the united states. the 1st country to pass that figure sosa has the most cases in the world more than 33000000. but the vaccination drive is rapidly bringing down the daily figures in california new yorker, the latest states to lift most of their remaining restrictions for new york has
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held firework display to celebrate life. returning to normal, at least 70 percent of adults have not received at least one dose of revising. there are no limits on the size of gatherings and special distancing. rules are ending, but people still have to whim off in the public indoor locations. caster has more washington dc country as a whole isn't morning because 600000 people in the united states having died of covert since the start of this pandemic that makes up 15 percent of the worldwide they tally total from this disease and particularly significant here in the u. s, which makes up only 4 percent of the world population as far as the number of daily deaths, while we're still seeing some 370 people on average dying each day in the united states. and while that is, in fact, a low since the beginning of the pandemic was declared still,
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if you think about it, that's like to passenger jets, full of people crashing each day in the us. that's the number of people, 370 dying each day, continuously of cove it and many are wondering whether these deaths could have been preventable. critic saying that the u. s. government had taken those early measures in the beginning of the pandemic. perhaps not so many people would have died of coded australia is 2nd largest city of melbourne. its place to residential center under lockdown of to new infections were reported. 5 of the 8 cases were found in a community living at a townhouse complex, and melbourne ended at 2 weeks shut down last week. its 4th, since the pandemic began allowing public gatherings to increase to 20 people, south africa has extended its restrictions as it struggles with the 3rd wave of over 900 tide images have been imposed on public gatherings and liquor sales and a nightly cuff. you will stay in place daily cases have doubled in the past 2 weeks . the suicide of a young man in indian administered kashmir has highlighted the struggling families
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accused of descent. hundreds of people have had their salaries withdrawn, pushing many to poverty or button manly as more it's heartbreaking for any parent. for sheer, mere, some had a seemingly bright future and pursuing a master's degree in psychology. but 2 weeks ago, he ended his life inside his home and co gum in india, the minister kashmir, but she offered me a shows al jazeera police statements that accused him of being rebel against the indian government as chaos before his death. sure bye. she, amir state is, in this video, the government punished his father by withdrawing his teaching salary for more than 2 years. effectively forcing him into poverty. live by can totally, i mean you, those actually him sit up. my son took the 6 dream step because we were in that we
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had taken out a loan from the bank and borrowed money from people left around $11000.00 us dollars. my son would often ask me about the money. he would always worry about how we were going to survive on how will he pay his college fee. i know that we should show it, but she mirrors, death had an immediate impact in the region. the government released hundreds of wages the will withheld from state employees, many of whom were accused of having links to rebels. but it has ordered a special task force to investigate. those have been accused of descent. its political crack down by india, the government after it scrapped the muslim majority region, special status nearly 2 years ago. that all the again bill charles be incurred. they immediately terminated the services which is unpaired. and against the basic, what else from top management justice as well as a community and by the life with the right to life includes right to live legal
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bedstead, the by dr dos you. you look at a large rece, jen had been teaching for 15 years when he was handed a dismissal notice last month. the father of 3 said he tended mass protest in 2016 against the killing of a kush mary rebel leader. when he was arrested and detained, zoom education officer, i got a call informing me that our house had been cordoned off by the indian army who were looking for me. later the police then asked me to open an envelope. it contained my dismissal order. it was written that i'm a threat to state security and involved in anti national activities on the order left me stunned man. while john says, this move is designed to silence opponents. but he insists he will fight the decision in court and attempt to shape a future race children, and not afraid to speak up nor about money. and sarah china has admitted to
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problems. it's one of its nuclear plants for the 1st time, but says as be no radiation leak, the government confirmed there were 5 broken fuel fuel roads in the reaction, twice on nuclear plants, glendon the environment ministry says radiation was contained and within levels, the plant is designed to cope with we're trying to is due to launches 1st space mission with a crew in nearly 5 years on thursday. the 12 will take 3 men, including china's oldest astronauts at the age of $56.00 to the countries news space station for a 3 month stay 11 more missions, a plan over the next year and a half to complete its construction for you is more from aging this will be 20 longest based missions and date and the 1st time dating has an astronaut to pay 5 years. the 3 men go on thursday morning board the ship george. well, which means divine vessel and lift off from china is good because it's in the northwest. the crew members were announced on wednesday on the apple pilot. yeah.
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hi, sean is living them. i think he's 6, he's the oldest chinese astronaut to good faith does. is just the of 11 mission plan to complete china. the base station like 2020 to the astronaut livable in the 1st and largest of the stations module, which was sent in space in april china space agency says spend about 3 months maintaining the best well having access to menu of the 120 types of meals and based treadmill during that date, the astronauts will move into the core model to start working and living in orbit with the synchronize work in the rascal arrangements. after 3 muff astronauts were returned to on board a re entry capital trying to manage the space and 1003 in 2011 nasa band china from but dissipated international space station program to occur. he consent, since then raising his how the plan to build its own space station. and he come in
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international power in may, china became the 2nd country to land rover mas, just 2 years after being the 1st countries land rover under boston. like okay, let's get on board his joe nick, thank you very much. let's begin in japan where the minister in charge of current of virus measures has proposed limiting spectators to $10000.00 major events, including the tokyo olympics. there's just $37.00 days to go until the games and a decision on domestic fans is expected before the end of this month. foreign supporters have already been bought from the olympics because 19 state of emergency in tokyo is set to end on sunday. ah, the year 2020 favorites from scott their tournament off to a winning stock against germany. the well champions 11 mill in front of 14000 fans in munich. thanks to an own golf holes in the 20th minute. there was drange moments
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when germany's antonio vertigo appeared to have a nipple unfold purpose, shoulder. but he got away with it and doesn't want to take any action from had to go out to the off side in the 2nd half, but they didn't meet them in the, in the finished one. no. and for germany, it is the 1st time that they've lost an opening game. in the group stages of theory, you can say several people are being treated in hospital because it's something that happened before the game. a greenpeace protest parachuted in the audience arena and lost control of the campaign a cable. before landing heavily on the pitch, greenpeace had apologized. even the front shot had to take cover from fully the falling debris. she will not lose one. i initially thought it was something planned in advance. it was very nearly a tragedy. a person in the crowd was lightly injured, but it could have been much worse. i just have a little bump because i hit my head on the bench,
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but it's nothing. what was yet another record breaking night for christiana, rinaldo is the hold, his porch go. be hungry. 3 know in their opening game. the push cash sharina in budapest is the only year 2020 stadium operating full capacity, more than $60000.00 funds. this one, hunger marion's who attended had to prove that they'd had both doses as a copay. $900.00 faxing for school school recalls in the last 6 minutes, including 2 for rinaldo is healthy made in the highest score in the tournament history. with 10 goal people who satisfied with that so went on to make it 11 point school captain is also the 1st play at the school in 5 years. in championship is an important result for portugal. and what is definitely the hardest group, but the biggest test the at to come 1st against germany and then from the escrow movie thought interesting for 12 months. i think it was a fair victory. we're now looking ahead for the game against germany. this is the group stage and we need to progress. so as laurie used to say it's going to be kill
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or you get killed. so a great night for another in portugal, but a bad day for tournament sponsors, coca cola that's off the $4000000000.00 was wiped off the company's value. when rinaldo removed a couple of bustles with the drink from his pre much press conference, telling the world to drink water, rinaldo, full as a strict diet avoiding sugar, the spokes person for coke said everyone has different take hold. and just to day off to that, there was something similar involving frances poor pump, a devout muslim. he removed a bottle of heineken beer and other of the toner and sponsors before he addressed the media. he's what's coming up later on wednesday, finland face russia in saint petersburg that followed by turkey and wales and back who from 4 pm gmc and then it's the host, switzerland at the olympic stadium in rome. the brooklyn, that's the one when from reaching their 1st eastern conference finals since 2003. kevin durant code 49 point as the net. so went back to beat the movie bucks. 114208
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in game 5 on tuesday in eagle. one point the net was 17 points down in the 3rd quarter, but drunk performance that a franchise record for points in a playoff game. breaking them all 43 set by vince casa in 2006. they now lead the best of 733 to we know he's capable of nights like this, but to do it tonight, you know, we lose guy. you know, james, obviously is, is soldiering through, you know, it is. elements were down, bodies were wounded, and for him to have the toughness, the mentality, you know, that's what makes them one of the all time grades. well, the heavyweight boxing champion tyson theory is predicting and even foster knock out victory when he faces the play waldo for a 3rd time next month, the 2 squared up ahead of that balance, which is coming off on july the 24th and focus here. he had originally lined up unification fight with anthony joshua, but a judge ordered him to on a re much calls with wilder. we knocked out in round 7 last chip is only wilder
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refused to answer the questions of the press conference. it shows how weak of a mental person he is. obviously he's doing his own thing, what his phones on and doesn't want to answer any questions. that's up to a boy. i mean to promote a fight and talk to the press. i don't believe he's mentally, physically or emotionally involved in his fight. i think he's doing it for the wrong reasons. when people say things are wrong reasons, they always end up wind up getting hurt. calls us open begins at torrey pines on thursday. bryce in december. the defending champion, but he's filled up. the 3rd major of the season has been dominated by talk of a feud between him and brooks. kept following a viral video with the pga championship both golf as a playing it download. if it gets outside the scope of, you know, just integrity and honor and then yeah that they can get a little interesting. but same point time all of it's been good fun. it's been fun . i mean, to, to be honest, people saying, you know, person's name out there. i love it. i think it's great. i think it's hilarious as
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far as perception. i'm not really too concerned. i'm worried about what i gotta do and what i'm doing. i'm not concerned about what other people think i was concerned about what everybody else thought. i'd been alarmed in a world of pain. for me, one returns this weekend with the french calling pre. we've seen some close encounters this season, but none so far like this. former dr. david cool. todd showed nerves failed as he took a rental car for spin with the plane, flying just meters above him to add to the danger fact to the plane was down. who taught how to mirror installed in the cockpit, that was tilted. so you could see the plane was pilot said he couldn't see the car and had to look ahead at the runway in order to judge his distance from the ground . i mean, why not? why did they i would have thanks a lot. let's have a look at the latest pitch from geneva, where russian president vladimir putin has arrived earlier. this offer is summit with the us president joe biden. that's a helicopter company in the camera seem to be on that prep, says joe biden,
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arriving. they told us to to begin in the next time, more on that with my colleague. so rahman in just a couple of minutes sir. ah, something was going to change as anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we're in a race against the variance, know what to say. we're. we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the house. the bottom line when i was just there, i'm frank assessments is an argument for suggesting the department ministrations thing along again. it's very much more embrace on the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then that life has been shape? why vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story
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on our jazeera, the latest news as it breaks from a bio as relation in many parts of the country becoming increasingly real detail coverage conditions are really clean. and so here the local administrators said that they've detected several cases of color from around the world. a couple of 100 migrant children have been found places on the mainland to alleviate the pressure in the air to a city defined by military occupation. there's never been an arab state, he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome. but the default structure that maintain the call on a project. that's what we refuse. was one of the founder of a settlement with this and the story of juice through the eyes of its own people, segregation, occupations discrimination, injustice. this is i thought,
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site and 21st century truth and them are rock and a hard place analogy. 0 me the the russian president arrived in geneva for a meeting with his the u. s. counterpart, joe biden. both sides of played down expectations. ah rahman watching out. they were like my headquarters hearing. also coming up israeli strikes on garza and the 1st attack since the si fi came into full just we the guy also group and me and me also this whole.


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