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me morning government al jazeera as a, you know, i the u. s. commitment to article 5. the nato treaty is rock solid and unshakable. it's a sacred commitment job. i then gave this full backing to nato as its leader is toughen their stance on china, saying it presents systemic challenges to ally and security. the hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life and then also coming up israel's new government
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gets found to work with a diverse and fragile whole ition, already facing its 1st pest me and mars out the leader on some to chico's on trial for you legally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus rules class. by being cautious not. we had the chance in the next 4 weeks to save many thousands of lives. a surprising coven infections of force as far as johnson to delay the lifting of england at last the lockdown restriction. ah, china and russia have been the focus of the 1st nato leaders summit, attended by us president joe biden, and joined communicate the leaders. a said china represents systemic challenges to the rules based international order and alliance security. while for many russia
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remained the greatest threat to the alliance. natasha paula reports now from nato headquarters. the us president joe biden sat down to reassure nato leaders of washington's commitment to the alliance. as he arrived for his 1st summit of the 30 member group in brussels, i want to make it clear. nato is critically important for us to interest in and of itself, or weren't when we'd have to invest. clearly enjoying the moment white and thought to rebuild trust after 4 years of donald trump, the former u. s. leader was openly hostile to nato. once even threatening to pull out the military withdrawal from afghanistan, climate change an native feature on the agenda, but relations with russia and china dominated discussions. china's growing influence on international polars. this present challenges to alliance security. joe biden succeeded in persuading nato to back in ministration push for
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a tougher approach to china, regarded by washington as a major economic and strategic rival. but for most nato allies, russia remains the main threat relation between moscow and nato, are at the lowest point since the cold war on wednesday by and shed you to meet russian leader vladimir putin. so highly anticipated talks in geneva, i shared at our allies that our convey to press what are conveyed a president, bowden. but i'm not looking for conflict with russia, but we will respond of russia continues as harmful activities. ties with turkey also. tense biden calls and meeting with the turkish president. productive. the u. s. may be back as a reliable nato partner, but this analysts says some allies have concern for the allies and asia will remember that trump had happened that something like him could happen again in
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the future. there are divisions in nato on some issues, but those differences remained mainly behind closed doors. as boyden took center stage, leaders were clearly determined to turn a diplomatic page and show united front natasha butler, l, just 0, brussels or white house corresponding kimberly how kit has more now from brussels. following his meeting with nato leaders, us president joe biden. once again, identifying the greatest challenges to the security alliance, continue to be china and russia says both nations are seeking to drive a wedge in that alliance. and to that end, the u. s. president forecasting how he expects to approach his meeting with the russian leader when the 2 will sit down face to face in geneva. on wednesday, the us president calling vladimir putin a worthy adversary, both bright and tough,
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but at the same time, well, there are differences between the 2 countries. he also believes there are points of common interest, but if the united states continues to feel the impact of russian aggression then the united states says it will respond in kind. the us president, also talking about the concerns about the imprisoned russian opposition leader electing a volley. whether he might die in prison, us president, saying in fact that he believes that were to happen, it would be a tragedy. and also commentary on russia's perspective. when it comes to human rights, christine boise knows a policy analyst on us. you relations, nato, and trans atlantic security cooperation. she says attending a native summit before meeting russia, president sends a strong message to moscow. present. abiding, alluded to the fact bad as many leaders had thanked him for having this meeting with president potent. what's important about the meeting in geneva is that yes,
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president biden is coming into the meeting representing the united states of america. first and foremost, that is true. but president biden goes on this trip after having deep consultations with the g 7 with nato, with the e u. one president by that goes into that meeting. he brings that interests. he brings the values and the community of the west of nato and the you in the trenches relationship with him in many ways he speaks on behalf of everyone. and that i think is really important. having been in advance having the bilateral conversations with leaders, president biden. but today, for example, with, with the baltic leaders who have very strong interests and concerns about russia's behavior. having had that high level sat meeting right before meeting president potent ideal scenario for showing solidarity within nato and solidarity
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against the aggression. ah, israel's new government has gone down to work a day after parliament approve the coalition by the narrowest of margins. prime minister, enough to li bennett, presented his cabinet and sat down for a formal photo walk with the president. the diverse 8 party coalition ended benjamin netanyahu was 12 year run as prime minister, and it's already had to confront its 1st test. it gave him the go ahead for a jewish nationalist march to take place on tuesday, a move that risks in flaming tensions with palestinians. far right groups planned to march around the occupied east jerusalem, that walled old city retentions remained high after recent fighting policy in groups of cold for a day of rage against the march. or the coalition ranges from the far right to the
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far left of the political spectrum and includes a palestinian israeli parsi that has many people questioning how it will govern and how long it can last. harry forfeit reports that from west jerusalem. israel's new government is signed and sealed, but can the so called change block deliver on its promises of stability and sanity, of change from the dysfunction of the last 2 years. in the 1st instance, that task falls primarily to the new prime minister, natalie bennett. this was him last week, appealing to his predecessor benjamin netanyahu. the so hurt them do not let go at the country. move on. people are allowed to vote for the establishment of a government. even if it has not you who is heading it. a government that has 10 degrees to the right of the current, one by the way, music to the ears of bennett, loyalists like jeremy salton. but how can such promises fit a coalition that extends from hard right to far left? we can't go to a 5th election. we can't go ahead and continue the situation where we're not making
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any decisions in this country. and you know what, there are plenty of things that all of the parties do agree upon. if we can stick to that and only do with that, and i'm very cautiously optimistic that we're going to be able to do that. i think this might go down is actually one of the longest governments in israel's history. that would mean not dealing with the issue of the palestinians or continued settlement expansion in the occupied west bank. bennett is an avowed opponent of a palestinian state and a former leader of the main settler. yes council. the current occupant of that row says he's been given guarantees that settlement building will continue on israel palestine. expectations alone that the self styled managerial government will do anything beyond managing the status quo. and that means continued occupation continued, settlement construction, continued diminished prospects of a 2 state solution. the coalition says its focus will be on the domestic israeli agenda. but that does include a landmark moment for israeli politics evidenced by the presence of months or a bus in this now famous photo of the coalition deal being done in return to
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facilitating this government. a buses united arab list. once funding for neglected palestinian is ready, towns, policies to end the gun crime that is so afflicted. an amnesty on thousands of homes built without permits to you for now centrist? yes, t lead a guy. lockheed will be foreign minister taking over the top job from bennett in 2023. if the government last at long, the success of forming this coalition is in his name. and while many people think that the government won't last its full term of 4 years, as you said, if it, if it doesn't, he goes away. having got rid of netanyahu. the primary goal having created an, a new government. but nothing yahoo remains the very active head of a strong right wing opposition that will try every trick to bring down this new government for natalie bennett attack last week by netanyahu's ultra orthodox eyes
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as wicked, evil, and a danger to the state. job one is to prove that israel can indeed manage without the man who for so long sold himself as its essential leader, harry 4 said al jazeera west jerusalem or palestine prime minister mohammed sch. thea has condemned enough to be ben. it's support of israeli settlements. no learn october manager, the the admin savvy katya. we do not consider the new government any better than the previous ones. we condemned the new prime minister enough to me, but its declaration supporting the settlement, particularly in the area code. and we would reaffirms that our people continue to stand against these attempts that has been practiced by his predecessor, whose base has been turned the trial of me in march, the pose leader uncensored. she has begun in a closed court room more than 4 months after the military coup, so she is charged with breach in cove in 1900 regulations illegally possessing
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walkie talkie radios and breaking import export rules. 2 more charges are expected to be read out on tuesday. she's been under house arrest since february the 1st coup. there were reports that suit, she didn't appear well in court, but her lawyer said that she was in good health, other than suffering from 2 fake. well, tony chang is worn out from the ty, capital bank, oak. the latest charges which were released last week, which accused her of taking 600000 dollars and 11 kilograms of gold illegally and using her power and her position to to buy cheap land on behalf of a foundation set up in her mother's name. so they're really trying a lot of not i think many people assume that they're just hoping some of that will stick probably today will be just the full mouth is reading those charges. we understand these court cases. these court dates will now take place every monday until almost the end of july. but little is known of the the, the,
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the witnesses will be presented by the military. her lawyers said that she doesn't have much of an idea about what's going on because she's been held in such secure isolation since the cure. and they said rather disturbingly, that she had asked them the extra funds to help support her with food and medicine . which gives an indication perhaps that she is suffering from the ill health that we know she has suffered from in the past. particularly during her 15 years of house arrest near mars military rulers have hid back the united nations after it called the armies crackdown on descent a human rights catastrophe. the foreign ministry denounced the statement as unfair, inaccurate and biased. 7 7 as being more processing young gone, calling for return to democracy, at least 860 people have reported that has been killed since the army took control in february in its crack down on descent. and media controlled by me and mars
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military are accusing an ethnic armed group of killing 25 construction workers in an attack in the east. the korean national defense organization is one of several groups fighting the government for greater autonomy. the conflict has intensified since the february qu, the k. and dio hasn't commented on the accusation, and it hasn't been possible to independently verified. the military's claims was still to come in this half hour. nigeria is controversial, border closure, local se the security measure has shut down local trade. not the flow of illegal weapons. ah, ah, hello, we got some rather lively weather pushing through the great australian bite. once
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again, the places i have gotten down into the southeast though, some wet weather having torn news, even but low pressure rolling through the bite. this co cisco front here that will continue to make his way across southern parts of austria over the next few days. just throwing some showers across the southern parts of the south australia gradually making the way into victoria. and even though south wells will see a little bit of wet weather should go on into the middle part of the week. they'll be a few showers still into queensland inland parcel crease. i could also see some shabby rain for a time. for much of australia, as per usual will be largely dry, should be lossy dry into these. in this, we go into the middle part of the weight, but really it's going to be a rather cloudy one, with some showers from time to time, more the way of heavy showers longest. both of rain is essential parts of china. meanwhile, looking at some big down pool, spilling out to the sea, the east china sea running across southern parts of the korean peninsula, q shoes, sinks and very heavy rain as we go on through choose day. that'll make his way a little further east with for wednesday. quite
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a few shell is coming into hong sheila think atoka could see some rather wet weather, quiet weather coming, backing behind for the korean peninsula. and once again, northern china. the fame gala story without uttering a single word. and knowing gone, can go a simple informa young convent, manatee, of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye. by a witness documentary on our 20. 0,
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a welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera in the 1st natal summit attended by us president joe biden. leaders that presented a united front against china. they said basically represented systemic challenges to the rules based the international order and alliance securities. israel's new government has begun work today after parliament approved the 8 party coalition. with 1st decisions was to allow the controversial march of the flags by nationalists occupied east jerusalem to go ahead and the trial of me enlarged the pose leader uncensored. she has begun in a closed court room more than 4 months after the military coup. there were reports that she didn't appear well in court, but her lawyers said she was in good health. the united states is marking another
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tragic day with cove in 1900 deaths about the past 600000. that they're told makes up approximately 15 percent of the world's total corona, virus fatalities. more than 33000000 people in the u. s. of contract the virus, but the vaccine roll out there has been successful with more than 40 percent of the population. now fully vaccinated my counter joins us live now from washington, d. c. it is of course, another awful milestone for the us. but how is the situation going there? generally, for example, has it taken longer to reach 600000 the perhaps it took to reach, you know, the 500000 before indeed yes, there's still a large number of recorded cases. but to give you some examples about how the rate is dropping in the past week, they have been 25000 new cases recorded. now that is a very high figure indeed. but if you compare it to exactly the same period
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a month ago, that is a 57 percent drop in the number of recorded cases. so certainly this indicates that the roll out of vaccinations is having a massive impact on the rate of infection. this is what president biden has to say . there's still too many lives being lost. we're still average in the last 7 days, thus of $370.00 deaths per day. $270.00 deaths, that's significantly lower than the peak of this crisis. but it's still a real tragedy. we're approaching a sad milestone, almost 600000 last lives because we covered 19 in america. and mike, another issue that the president talked about in brussels was the vaccination, encouraging americans who had the vaccine yet to go out and get it. so how is the
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vaccine roll going? generally speaking well, let's put that in a context. after months of vaccinations today, it's still not 50 percent of the u. s. population that has been fully vaccinated. and also disturbing for many is the fact that there's a clear geographical base in terms of resistance to or refusal to vaccinate. for example, the states that have been most successful in rolling out vaccinations are all eastern states topped by the month, which has achieved more than 60 percent vaccination rate. then you look at the bottom of the list and you see all the southern states states like south carolina all can saw. they are all right at the bottom, having registered in some cases, less than 30 percent of vaccination of the adults in the state. so these are the still being figures because it indicates that not only is they a geographical base, but this is also potentially a political one given that those southern states that i mentioned, for example,
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all republican controlled. so president biden had insisted that he wanted to see a 70 percent vaccination rate achieved by the 4th of july. this would give what some content is a hood immunity. but these figures indicate that this will not be reached. and importantly, to some experts contending that all those who wanted to have been vaccinated had done so already. therefore, the possibility that the figures that we're looking at at the moment around 50 percent is in fact a peak. so the idea of reaching that 70 percent, which could group a hood immunity, seems very far away. indeed. like canada with the latest from washington. mike, thank you. when. meanwhile, parts of india have eased corona virus directions, including the capital deli after new infections dropped their lowest level in more than 2 months. that were just over 70000 new cases on monday and still
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a big number. but compared to the numbers we're getting in may, when 400000 new cases a day were being reported. but deaths are still high with almost 4000 fatalities recorded in the last day. more than 374000 people are known to have died of coven 19 in india. well, here in the u. k, the government is pushing back his plan to ease restrictions in england by a month. the final stage of lockdown was due to be lifted next week, but arise in cases linked to the fast spreading. delta variant has prompted the government to delay a full reopening poll. brandon and reports from london. would you like a home testing? test kids being handed out in kingston market square this south west london, one of more than 20 across england, where sharpie rising infection rates have prompted intensive search testing to identify and isolate cases. the steepest increases among young people and school children groups which haven't yet been vaccinated. statistically,
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they're less likely to become seriously ill. the concern is about various clearly we want to try and keep the case rate as low as possible. having the virus spread thing because we know more spreads more likely to get more mutations and more variance of the virus that may actually escape our fax. even we don't want to see that i, outside in the market scrap raska entertains that passes by with music venues closed for the past year. tim o t a survived on loose change and a part time job. the latest postponement provokes a weary shrug. emotional responses, i want to take gigs again. you know, i mean, i want to go out and want to do i live in florida and the logical responses like back at the start, look down i was, i was criticizing the government not being tough enough. you know, people were dying and it would be, i'll be hypocritical now to say, like, come on, let me say get eggs. you know, i honestly, i don't know,
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june 21st have been freedom day here in the u. k. postponing it has undoubtedly been a really serious dilemma for this prime minister with his libertarian reputation. and as the european summer has arrived, the appetite for mixing and socializing has already increased. but the advice from his scientific advice as was stock continue to unlock as planned. and hospital admissions would rapidly reach the peak seen in the 1st wave last year. by being cautious now, we have the chance in the next 4 weeks to save many thousands of lives by vaccinating millions more people. i, once the adults of this company have been overwhelmingly vaccinated, which is what we can achieve in a short space of time. we will be in a far stronger position to keep hospitalizations down, to live with this disease. and to complete our cautious but reversible
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roadmap to freedom, more than 56 percent of the adults are now fully vaccinated and extending restrictions into the summer months is testing public patience. drifting may be enjoyable on the river, but not in business or politics. over and i'll just era kingston u k. that situation in the u. k. but people in the european union can start making summer holiday plans. the block is formerly approved, the new digital travel pass to come into effect from july 1st. the passage proved the hold there has been vaccinated. test the bank is have or has recovered from coven 19. it will allow travelers to move between you states quickly with no requirement to self isolate. police and re lanka have arrested the captain of the fire ravaged cargo ship that sank last month off its coast,
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causing the country's biggest environmental disaster. the russian national is being charged with pollution related offenses. the ship was carrying nitric acid and other chemicals which officials believe may have caused the fire that burned for. for 13 days. and last month's luxurious, president surprised many when he said an 18 month border closure to restrict the illegal weapons had failed. the latter border has now recently reopened after being shut since 2019. but towns are still struggling as a result of the negative economic impact of the closure. i made with reports now from semi a town on the border between nigeria and been in this border market used to be a thriving commercial hub. it's now a shell of it. for myself, it was known for cheap imports like rice, automobiles, and gardens. but not anymore. it's been 6 months since nigeria reopen it's western
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land border with beneath. but people like successful motorcycle de la or more leo in was a. they having to find other work to make a living. and he's not happy. got me tell you to but i was actually lies because if somebody comes in the 4 point, you get a free passage of goods on people. but i've got to do, but i know you've got that's what i thought opened loose. because if i shall opening to some group of people in this country, he says, such favors have ruined small businesses like hiss and by extension have had the economy. head of a local trade union agrees no will lead to market. there's little activities at the market, even the number of visitors reduced substantially. incomes wiped out. people stay at home and such. you can't get the taxes as you know, the residency, even passenger traffic is not what it used to be. the motor closure was meant to
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reduce the import of one item, encourage domestic growth and stop the smuggling of firearms. and ellison got into an idea. but after one on harvey, the president admits said more arms came in during the back raising questions as to what it actually achieved. or the officious always just to shut down was a resounding success as there is cross border cooperation and sharing of intelligence on smuggling. there were a lot of see jose or for pre says i terms. i would have found their way into the country through illegal with an order also arrest of migrants which could complicated to give this to show. but in force in the border or has made it more expensive to live in communities like semi people. he has a numerous checkpoint hurting the transportation of good from across the border and
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other parts of an idea. the government reopen its borders just as the free trade agreement facilitated by the african union was coming into force. but months later, business activity here has yet to pick up. nigerian government has accused its neighbors of endangering not only the economy, but also security, saying weapons and ammunition still flow across the borders to feed it ever growing conflict comedy reason. i just sent me one night j. b border a massive fire has broken out at a chemical plant in the us state of illinois, which fire officials say will probably burn for days. it so the polluted run of water from fire fighting efforts will burn off rather than enter a nearby river that came to plant in brockton manufacturers, oil based lubricants, it's not clear what caused the fire. hundreds of people in south africa are hoping
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to strike it rich in a diamond rush. yes, hoards of fortune hunters have descended on a village and was who the next house province after the discovery of some, i'm a den to fight stones. people have been flocking to the area since friday, after rumors spread that diamonds had been discovered. the country's mineral resources department says it's sending a team of geologists to analyze the stones and confirm what they are the me and now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera nato is toughening its stance on china. in their 1st summit, attended by us president joe biden, leaders presented a united front against what they call b james assertive behavior. they said china represents systemic challenges to the rules based international or.


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