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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am +03

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sd across europe will only be available on 451241828000784 further information. visit our website. oh, ah, ah, i learn tainer and under the top stories on here, benjamin netanyahu is 12. you run this, israeli prime minister has ended after parliament approved a new coalition government by the narrowest of margins. right? we need enough tally, but it has not been sworn in as israel new prime minister, his 8 party code if you want to confidence motion by just one vote, followed a heated debate during which they are now. supporters frequently interrupted. some m p. 's had to be supported out of the chamber, as you know, who used his last speech as prime minister to vow he would bring his,
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they could party back to power or something. well listen, members of the connected, we've gone from being a marginal state to a rising power in the global arena. this is our way mine and my friends from the national block, my friends of the real rights. and if it is destined for us to be in the opposition, we will do it with our back straight. and so he toppled the dangers government and returned to lead the country in our way. lay hurry, force it in west jerusalem has more. there was an extraordinarily divisive and fiery speech from nathan yahoo, as he sort of began his transition from prime minister to head of a right wing opposition in which he tried to lay all sorts of trip wise and booby traps for the new government, vowing that he would try to bring it down as quickly as possible and be back sooner than anybody thought. and we, we now have the situation where the actual vote, which was expected to be $6159.00 if everybody played the part that they were
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assigned ahead of ahead of the vote taking place. it was actually even close to the $960.00 to $59.00. hundreds have been 10, racing the end of netanyahu's rule. these were the scenes in television, rubbing square after crowds heard the virtues passed near whose opponents can be seen. celebration swearing in the new government with a d. j and dance party. hundreds more also gathered outside the method during the afternoon while the new government was being debated. and in other news g. 7 leaders have wrapped up the summer to the u. k. same 2021 should be a turning point for the world. a group of 7 wealthiest democracies made a series of climate commitments. but environmental groups say that pledge isn't enough and lacks detail. there is a top stories to stay with us. witness continues. next, i'll be back after that with a news drink, then if you can, thanks for watching life now. ok
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me. i use it. so then i'm using bama with row one. is it the room or just the entrance we're going to be different than us. if you're busy, nathan, i go when a 4 door and be this you like it because you
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know someone you know with a little book you never know. why do you know the keep them enough for the data room? it doesn't you know, nobody missed me say like the look on the phone on the o. e a. i've never gone in when i heard the story about the kids who could tell me what really hit me was, the human spirit is the same and connected all around the world. music is a language that transcends all languages. when people are attracted to something because it's very organic and it really touches their heart or speaks to their
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spirits. and it's certainly how i feel about going down to paraguay, something that for me it speaks to my heart and it feels like it's a calling. this is it all right? meeting ada. she's like my hero. you know? i'm a fan. it's like i'm actually kind of nervous traveling down here to meet her. the cool moment. did he get me your way? yeah. ah. are you oh are you? how are you?
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good, lots of english and i know me to enter in with them with me. she can, but she can believe she can really. i know i can believe i'm here either. this is really wonderful. she's my, she is my favorite new rocks are the the dvd so you have on, you know, are you, are you hello hi to meet you. thank you. nice to meet you till yes or wow. so that's a, this is a school the how are you? good to go. nathan. this how are you?
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oh, la. yeah, i'm a big fan. so it's a grandfather to go that out. guess i wasn't all the i know that from facebook. i don't want to give you. i guess the one the 2nd for you. let me get you on the human 2nd. the call just takes you. that's why you know you've inspired me for new music moving forward, so please continue and never stop what you're doing. i was deeply totally different genres, different instruments. but the heart is the same. for me, i would love this to be something that our band can continue in some way,
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shape or form. mm. use when the what it is in i don't ever but i mean, ah ah, you can, i do not know cannot be inside, but i did. i thought maybe far more,
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more spread fat. i get the most for your feel they don't but i mean they don't know local far but good. they must be. oh, i don't know long enough memory is on. yes, someone need me and you know, say when i say where it'll stick with but i've been down to this guy a bit year last year when i was out there was
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a moment dog. ok. they call they were talk there. i mean i can start okay. i will in that, i'm working on with our when i'm, we'll see where, you know, the whole what that they own them. you know, they see that we can do to make sure you know and we were all again not, you know, make, i did a photo in them better followed out and the 1000, you know, that was the pardon me. when was the good news for me? i will never presently beta with those on the car going all the way it all instead of going to feel the nation, not a man, a candle in 1000 neo says me. so i know the whole world in the it is own for them
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in the common dream look at, but i want to follow those. i can go in the last time we sent them and everybody, but i'm on. does it on there? get we'll get ready back. yes. yes. this is where are you going to be playing tonight on? are you on a quick one today? good. good, good god. right, right. i i guess what happened to the from south america to north america with the gift of music.
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let your holy spirit shine through tonight and that stage me ah, ah
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me on the the pads the the
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the the, the the the gentleman last month or better way. god bless you guys. thank you. mm. the recycled orchestra room from paraguay made a stop and gas when a week describe entertainment. and inspiration re shows the weekend 1st one in whistler today too. and when it takes more and they're continuing to grow canada. yeah. but if you have someone going in mother
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even come here to go. and if you go in a lot we do enough. you're not, you know, for our studies domains on a few classes because they would look like, you don't know when they said that one more thing over the we can a little mental but the majority in video separate. but in general, you know, maybe i'm not going to be made fairly guy. i
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mean with them up in, but i will let you know in the few earnest and if the fellow amelia, anybody else will be minus they will go to the office yell, i guess what they need from us. i think that us into the base lucas, electrical, mackenzie, and as you know represent, don't us see those. i mean the phone us no, say that alone i can see that the magnitude busy as a matter of the color. that's what i mean. yes. i think that as, but i can see that every year, but i why, you know, my phone number will be, be in a less to another one. yeah. it'll be done. any governmental, it's really quite interesting to guide you from last month. does it like i you see plus us go from the bus and i thought i said if it goes i went up one of the ones
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that they would need to main point that the funding move in by one of our main people in the city and they say let me call her and because i live in a place you on a real time. yeah. so we don't you know, unless you loved the thing okay. ended. told me tangible. no, i knew that by you were just here . so you are good to go.
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i mean, you a lot of consider, i think them me maybe i didn't, gave a quote to thank you. they tell you only with diarrhea. me telling them the see on the me for media i me but in the meal yet or not going to see okay then in the me and those are there are no goes on with this. i didn't know it isn't. so nathan nicholas, i use gone in this in my lane unless
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young i'm enough a job but very got on now. they're born in mile where dela here and i get the and then i can so i will give us a moment or 2 and allow what given the so it's a mac are left under what you me a call it. okay. i'm all that i'm the where i'm to not the
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my life. i love to go ahead and pull him up when i miss you is that when we get but once it gets done by the 1st solution, ansible amount me. ah, i mean, a lot of guess i know y'all, i left well, you see joe? no, no, he hasn't called him if we haven't. tickets are you in the name of luck? i didn't know. i don't know when mother land in there no. prob you call me when and not the real, but i why that is the sin theme. it throws in nashville,
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young eagle a fast your novel in real, but i white bottle is lead problem it is, is that you want to go into effect right away. well, little miss a menu. hello, it's doug almon, on the hard luck in that i will be in the room and they are more of noticed. the end of them in the last one. ah, my monthly and i want to go on to mental, aren't you? well you, which i'll tell you when i ha
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ha ha ha ha, well me, he doesn't, i will not have that as well. so, but i was laid on my daycare while you left me a little bit of being m e, you know, a little too. okay. i don't know you needed them and i thought i would say you're going to yes. are going to end up. you'll see a lot simpler for generally. yeah. do i get like a color? but i guess i
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me i can look up a saw i'm either la assistance from the mall or too many. oh no, not at all. why are you from new york? for a lot of them. it will be all in a neighborhood. nicole not a thought mccaden hey, i know that are some of the this is. 2
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linda. 2 mendez the moving the, the, the oh no the, the. 7 hello. my name is charlene. i am that a site is to man or get a condo. so my english, if you need to when this bye know when not just a go to get him on need a local to the is when it says he rashida, kayla moss. he can come get us. he k, let me know the thing going to show him this morning. just holler listen the you
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know boy the this one. yeah. eat not that another know is closer. but i know i 7 me ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, ah, ah ah, ah
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300 years of danish colonization, an international interest in the island resort. his way a younger generation emerging, determined, and nephew, no. me, me to write that i need to be on faith as jude and a politician as they tackle age of issues with that powerful fight for greenland. witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ah ah, most people will never know what's beyond the stone, the deafening silence of 100000 how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to
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work with. every breath is pressure with fear. it's not an option, but when most people use hello, lisa said we've got some quiet weather now across se positive australia, wet and windy weather, sliding across the tasman heading over it was easy and broad skies come back in behind. no great shakes on the temperature, but it shouldn't be too bad. we got a few showers into that eastern side of queensland over the next day or so. want to shout into our southern parts of south australia. we can also expect to see little bit of weather just rolling across the southwest corner there. and that'll run across through the byte pushing his way over towards adelaide as we go on through the next day or so. may even see a shower or 2 to port varied. the wooden bull,
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eastern parts of victoria should be largely dry by this date. notice the weather weather. there's some heavy rain for a time. moving across the south solid into the north island of new zealand. rather windy to go some rather wet weather, continued central parts of china. big area cloud here, the plum rains continue to not a little further north. so some heavy downpours and that wet weather will garage. he make his way over towards the yellow sea. the china sea will love to see some flooding on this, of course, as it makes his way out towards the open waters. bryce guys, africa time across the cramp an inch. the knotty, dry and bright too. for a good part of japan, but always a chance of one or 2 heavy showers. by tuesday, the city defined by military occupation, there's never been an arab state. he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome. but the default spectrum that meant then they could only project, that's what we refuse, was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of juice and the
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to the eyes of its own people, segregation, occupations, discrimination, injustice. this is at the side of the 21st century. truth them a rock and a hard place analogy 0. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm northern tina. this is the news i live from london coming up. the celebrations in israel, off the parliament approves the new coalition government. i just one ending benjamin and yeah, who's a 12 year team the out doing prime minister remains.


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