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stomach mark the warming of the cold p. join. now his era for all the days events and in depth analysis, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. and so now how do you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you? oh i this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm a 3 and again, this is lisa ally from ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. g 7 leaders expected to donate 1000000000 cobit 19 vaccine doses the poorer countries. a pledge the campaign has dismissed. as a drop in the ocean. video appears to show prison guards assaulting, shackled palestinian inmates and israeli prison. 4 days after the knife edge
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election and peru, prosecutors again asked for white queen candidates keiko for maury, to be detained. at nigeria, the largest city looks the water ways to take some of the pressure of its gridlocked rose. and i'm calling to how much not have all the wrong get ready for the thought of the delayed european championship with co host. italy said to face turkey in the opening match, ah, leaders of the wealthy g 7 nation to be getting a summit of the u. k, by our planning, how they'll deliver on that plan to vaccinate the world against cove at 19 britain, this private is to expect them to agree to the needs. 1000000000 doses to poor countries. us president joe biden already promised 500000000. some campaigners low described the plan as inadequate charity oxfam estimates that 4000000000 people are
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relying on kovacs the un back to program the chairs. vaccine vaccines rather at oxford, believes the world will need 11000000000 doses over all to end the pandemic taking into account boosters. to tackle variance as well, i'll just do as john hall is in falmouth, in cornwall weather g summit begins soon joined us at the scene for us. what can we expect? the 1st thing meeting all the g 7 leaders and the associate delegation takes place this afternoon. they're all arriving as we speak here in coldwell that we hold up. i forgot to cough so not far away from here. the media kept it a fairly safe distance as our protest, as climate protests, as pandemic, action protested, as well. let me to the queen and see the members of the royal family this evening. but kicking off, as i said, with the pandemic that will occupy most of the next 24 hours and demick global recovery, global preparedness for the next pandemic. whenever that may be,
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that we lots of talk about vaccines as you've already raised that vaccine production and distribution. the aim of vaccinating the world by the end of next year is pressure from some quarters to wave the peyton so that developing countries can produce their own. and that headline pledge, as far as jobs and hopes it will be by sunday of a 1000000000 doses. pledge to, to developing countries in the next 12 months. 500000000, already placed by joe, by the u. k, pledging hundreds. critics already saying it's nowhere near enough. nowhere near fast enough. sunday will be handed over to climate change largely the u. k. hosting the next big conference in november in glasgow, keen to take the leadership role. but also of course be the standards sort of geopolitical issues that go along with gatherings like this, looking at perceived threats to democracy like russia, the rise of economic china giants like china, conspicuously absent from this meeting and making
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a rather unwelcome entrance into the limelight bricks it always, johnson will talk about anything, but he wants to show his country off as a global player on its own 2 feet. instead, he's having to fight fires with the e. u. a trade dispute in northern ireland that has captured the attention to all of joe biden, on his 1st foreign to the irish president. you leaders will be here to as well, with seats at the top table. the potential for breaks it to continue percolating through is that a big diploma scene for president bite? not just in cornwall, but for the rest of the week. what's in store for him? absolutely. it's a big moment for his 1st trip away. after taking off is 5 months ago. he gets to meet face to face now with key allies with the g 7. a made very clear when he arrived here 2 days ago that he wants to show the u. s. is back that it's moved on from the obstruction in ways of the trump here that it's a pricing again, a leadership role and more traditional forms of multilateral diplomacy. you'll take
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that message on with him to brussels in a couple of days time where he meet nato and he'll meet the you again showing up these key lines is lining up on key issues. one of the biggest to cause the perceived threat to democracy of the world from russia. and no coincidence there that he's been going on to meet. hopefully, to present a united front to meet the russian president vladimir putin in geneva face to face at the end of a very busy week for him job by next wednesday for them. i've tried many thanks and they try to hold their live in falmouth, in cornwall. in the united kingdom, so let's look at the priorities as the g. 7 leaders looked recent ties with the us of trump peers. as we mentioned, they want to coordinate better on sharing cobit 19 vaccines and rebuilding the world economy. all the damage from the pandemic is huge, pales in comparison to the risks posed by uncontrolled climate change with
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a global summit later this year, the g 7 meeting will prove a crucial moment in settling on the way forward. president fighting also wants to present g 7 as a show of western solidarity against the threats. he says. opposed by russia at on china. leaders are likely to discuss houses, confront the world's 2nd biggest economy on trade technology and human rights issues. joining us from bus and turkey is matthew, we're who's a former us ambassador, nonresident fellow at the atlantic councils, eurasia center and global energy center. good to have with us matthew, so it'll be all smiles for the family photo when the leaders get together later today. but are we in for a whole monia se summit? and thank you very much for having to be honest. i think we are in for a generally harmonious summit. certainly if you compare it with the fiascos. well, president trump was an office in which cases he often torpedo the some s and
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wouldn't even let there be joint communiques that, that would have any mention for example, of climate change. so, judging by that standard, i think this will be more or less harmonious, and i think as well as morse johnson said after his meeting the other day with president biden. wow, this is, you know, a breath of fresh air and what a relief that now we're talking again like allies and partners. that's that the other are definitely differences, especially on the bite administration, more confrontational approach to china, and that's making some of the other g 7 members uncomfortable. would it be fair to say, though, that the main point of this session is to let the president buy it and make his case that the u. s. is back? yeah, i think so, and that's what i was getting at in my initial response, that, that alone, the fact that he's going to show that the u. s. has backed that 6 to be a global leader in concert with the allies. that is the big story that that's why this all matters. yeah, there are huge, really important issues like fighting the pandemic, international trade,
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fighting climate change containing russia, china. of course, those are important specific issues, but the main thing is what you just said. bite and gets a chance to, to show that the u. s. as back and by the way, it's going to require a lot of these summits to make clear that the us will remain back it because i think a lot of people are looking to 2024 and wondering, oh my goodness could, could donald trump return and could all of this cooperation be put back on ice again? ok for the for the present moment though at least the leaders of the g 7. going to be on the same page when it comes to managing the relationships with both russia and china. by enlarge yes, i mean by and large across the g 7, all the members realize the need to, as you said, manager relations with china and with russia and to resist rushes, aggressive incredibly aggressive tactics. whether it be election or fear ends or imprisoning alex enough, nay. or murdering or trying to murder a former operative abroad. what's going to be different stories, the tactics. in the case of both china and russia,
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there's some divergence. the french and germans are traditionally taking a softer line toward russia. whereas the rest of the g 7. besides the united states, especially japan, is, is they want us engaged to, to resist chinese aggression as well. but they don't want the us to push too far and provoke china and to try to enter more aggressive behavior. so striking that balance is going to be really the, the important task i think of a precedent biden, besides simply showing up and showing the us back in the game. read a good story, matthew. betty, thanks did dramatic rise that speaking from boss in turkey to occupied east jerusalem. now where things are quiet but tense after crashes at alex a mosque on thursday, tension rose when a right wing is ready. politician arrived saying that he and supporters wanted to march into the compound in defiance of a band he left without entering, but it provoked scuffles and the arrests of several palestinian protests. let's go
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live out to damascus gate. just outside damascus. gates is i'll just hear us. stephanie deca looks pretty quiet where you are at the moment stuff. it is quiet things business as usual. there is no increase presence of israeli police here. people have been going in to pray locks. of course these are friday prayers. but as you mentioned, there is an underlying tension still on the ground here. basically what you're seeing more of is trying to keep on the pressure particular when it comes to neighborhoods in occupied is true. so mike shapes like so one where you have this movement of try of force expulsions of multiple families. and what's interesting, adrian is that this is not new. this has been going on for decades. jewish trusts, trying to take over home occupied for kind of living and bypass. the thing is that what you're seeing now is even the ground seems to be relatively calm because of what's happened over the last month. the international spotlight is on the fact
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that you and i is still discussing that the fact that social media has really picked up on it. and this is why now we're see again, people trying to keep up the momentum of protests in those areas. in a couple of hours, we're expecting a protest to get and she shut out. it is probably not going to be very big, but there is an increase israeli security presence on the ground that will disperse them. so you're seeing this, but certainly i think because the international community is focused on it again, because you have much more highlighting that say in social media, this is something they want to try and push back when it comes to these policies that is supported by is already know that it's supported by this government that the policy is don't have the rights that the same legal as the settlers. so this is what you're seeing at the moment. yes, there's com, but of course this is an ongoing story. and the fact that we're talking about it again is something that kind of thing is want to keep up momentum on stuff and other developments. opposition leader. yeah, le peed signed this morning. a coalition agreement with the leader of the united arab list total me to make about while this is
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expected and unprecedented in the sense that you haven't had a policy and israeli party in politics here since the 970. this is highlight the fractious nature of the politics. here we are expecting these coalition agreements to be signed today ahead of the boat of competence on sunday, in this new government which unprecedented, he's going to see probably the removal of prime minister benjamin netanyahu as prime minister. he's been prime minister here for 12 years. this is the man who's always said he's the only one who can lead this country. he's the only one who can guarantee the security of this country. he is facing charges. he's facing potential per the imprisonment. so the only person who has immunity to that is the prime minister. so if he on sunday, which if everything goes to plan is no longer prime minister, that is a very real thing. moving ahead. of course the politics here, fractions. this new coalition made up from left to right to centers, including the policy is really party. they have very different opinions when it
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comes to certain ideology, ideological and policy. but at the moment they are united in trying to get benjamin netanyahu out of power. so these agreements are going to be signed today. for example, the united arab list, they will be in charge of what's called arab affairs. they're going to have a deputy seat in the prime minister's office, already agreement on billions of shakily being allocated to those areas in israel. these really palestinian areas that have been neglected. so certainly that is a victory when it comes to more representation for the israeli, palestinian citizens of israel al jazeera stephanie deco reporting, live that from okay buddies. theresa lim. stephanie, thanks and is really newspaper as opposed to the video online, which it says shows gods assaulting, shackled palestinian inmates in israeli prison. that's reports that the security 40 inches from march 2019 and more than 50 inmates allegedly linked to hamas could be seen being dragged to the floor and beaten. the paper says that only 4 of the 10
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guards and falls are being invest gated, palestinian activists say that israel uses its prisoners to persecute those challenging its illegal occupation. the od estimated 5300 palestinian political prisoners in israeli jails. $250.00 of them, the children, 40 of them are women, $520.00 palestinians of designated administrative detainees, meeting held indefinitely without charge or trial. and that's illegal. on the international law, israel routinely keeps dozens of palestinian prisoners and detainees in solitary confinement or isolation for what it calls security reasons. and since 2000 israel has imposed several restrictions, preventing inmates families from visiting quite a rough is a human rights attorney. she says that it's unlikely that anyone in israel will be held accountable for the incident, documented bye harden's. what we are likely for here is some condemnation,
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possibly that this is not part of the protocol that is being investigated. but then when the cameras turned away, when the attention died, died down in the end, nobody is prosecuted, nobody is held accountable and it continues. and unfortunately, this is a result of systematic, the immunization of palestinian right. it is when you so the human eye a people which israel has been doing since 1948, that you can even have people carrying out torture. and, and that is what is happening. and we won't be, i think, an improvement until that kind of mentality, changes in an order for that mentality to change and needs to be some pressure on israeli authorities. which means that we have to end the culture of the unit and that put the great burden on american citizen to step up the pressure for the american government to stop holding it or protecting israel from international
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accountability. torture is absolutely outlawed in, in international law. it is what we consider in international human rights, mandatory and loss, and non darrow global rule of law, meaning under no circumstances in the torture ever tolerated and has been doing it . unfortunately, the international community has been tolerating it without imposing anything on the trail. still ahead in this needs are hong kong film industry, the latest to face pressure on the beijing national security law, plus addressing the racism. again, communities of color holding the police accountable the race to become a new york's top prosecutor. one of the most diverse in recent times will meet the front runners and in sport, 2 of the biggest stuff in tennis get ready for shows on paris. we'll take a look at which one has the edge a little later. ah,
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the you and is calling for an end to violence against children in me on the following, the february military coup, human rights groups say that security forces have killed at least 849 people since to take over, including dozens of children, un spokesmen the stuff on the jack says that that must stop for me and more the u. s. country team there says they remain deeply concerned over the continued use of force against children they call and security forces to reframe from violence and keep children and young people out of harm's way. the u. s. childrens funds said that 56 children, every quarterly been killed by security forces since to be getting them. since the military took control of the government. school system become targets in the law as armed forces continue to occupy educational facilities across the country. the army blames the m p military alliance. people to defense forces for the attack,
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but the pdf says the pro john to malicious of the ones attacking schools in order to discredit the opposition. say the children says that we're more than $100.00 attacks on schools in may alone. it's believe that most of the incidents involved explosive devices such as bombs and hand grenades. a charity says that since the military coup education has been blighted by political strife and conflicts with daily attacks and widespread teacher layoffs. local media have suggested that just one in for children return to school since they officially reopened. on the 1st of june, david matheson is an independent analyst on me on law. he says, the responsibility is on the military. john to not to go anywhere near schools. will say the children said, i mean so many like 12000000 children around the country in affected 1st by the pandemic last year. and now in the aftermath of the 2 and the fact that there are soldiers and police actually taking up positions within that schools for various
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reasons and making so target of attacks from this rising resistance around the country. but the responsibility really is on the security forces not to go anywhere near schools and acts actually to allow children and teachers to actually go to school in safety. so this is another invitation, i think, of an occupying force of the military throughout the country post. it's been a major disruption for the majority of children around the country. and i think post crew this is just compounding at the fact that there is all of this violence and the fact that it's the military, the capital that's actually making schools and students cotton. and this should be deplored around the world. and far more precious should be put on the side administration, capital m, capital to cease and desist and stay away from schools and from children throughout the country. well, i think this report should actually redouble efforts on the part of the united nations and international community to go far more pressure on the site administration council. and this should be information that really shines
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a lot of people around the world, but they're not doing enough to put pressure on the military regime. the fact that children are now in the firing line in bama ways, and they have been in decades of conflict, should be really alarming to the international community. and i think this is something that should be taken up in the security council and many other venues around the world. britain's foreign minister says that china has broken its legal obligations to guarantee freedoms for hong kong. and a newly released report. dominic rob accuses paging of clear breaches. the 984 joint declaration signed by china of the u. k. britain around the territory until hand to get back to china in 1997. rob goes on to criticize for national security law and post last year saying that it's being used to stifle political opposition. hong kong government says the remarks couldn't be further from the truth. while hong kong is expanding powers to a sense of films, the government will that activity that it believes and dangerous national security . critics say that paging is imposing war,
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mainland style controls of arts and culture in hong kong. india is largest opposition party station staging. nationwide, protests against rising fuel prices. the government relies on tax revenue from the sector that the congress policy says that increasing prices asserting the most vulnerable. notice here is elizabeth product report. now from new delhi. we had a protest that's been by in the main office in the congress. again, it's a rising prize, petrol, and diesel's in the country. they had little symbolically shows and they are back dividing poll says they can't afford the price of petrol and diesel, which has gone up to shouldn't be petro cost more than $1.37 a liter. now to put that into context, the average indian ends around $5.00 a day and it's going up because of government taxes are going up despite the price
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. oh, and it's only 3 percent more than it was at the beginning of 2020 the, for the call. the 19 pandemic lead to a shop mom for crude oil and jelly state and federal government taxes account for more than 50 percent of the price of petrol. and diesel, the government, housing prices. this high value is not helping the common people at this hour because we are struggling with the, with the economy of every household is in distress. people are getting unemployed. people are getting slapped from the job. they don't need a border, they need to leave. now a number of states have reverse hyper on taxes, but the central government says this one, even though the reserve bank of india says it showed to could inflation the petroleum minister says the government, the earnings have reduced and the expenditure on things like health has increased and that they need the money. now, india recorded, it's worth economic figures in the past year,
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since records began more than 230000000 indians have form and property over the past year. and that is why the home was taught. he says, the average person just can't afford the prize. this is especially during an unprecedented economic slowdown and was rising unemployment. south korea, conservative opposition, has chosen the youngest leader in the countries modern political history to challenge president boon j and elections next here. 36 year old lee, john silk, who set up an education smartphone app will have the people power policy party. so things are rarely younger versus set up with income inequality and high costs on a federal prosecutor in peru as requested. the detention of right wing presidential candidate keiko for g. maureen, it's in connection with a corruption case, but comes as the country awaits the final results of its close presidential runoff . leftist candidate federal casteel holds a slender lead. fuji boy, accusing him
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a fraud. how serious money on a sanchez reports now from lima? i have to find the result in a closely foot election. conservative candidate cake for him already facing another challenge. prosecutor has the mean period has asked the judge to send her back to prison for violating the terms of her parole for he. marty says, the move is politically motivated. looks i know it's always please. why was this request made today? yesterday we asked to a nelson ballad because of irregularities that citizens had brought to our attention. it looks like our request made them uncomfortable. kimori could be jailed for the 4th time and corruption charges. she faces 30 years in prison, but if she wins the presidency, the case would be put on hold till she completes her term enough. the that seems unlikely of her rival candidate to look at the use leading by nearly 70000 votes to
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tip the scales. for he modest challenging the validity of more than 200000 ballads alleging fraud. perhaps it's not about my candidacy, but about respecting the vote of millions of peruvians who want their vote to be respected and for this process to be transparent and clean the electoral officials and to national monitors say the election has been transparent, repair a party that represents the voting has been room officials of brought i'm again do not miserable. the supporters candidates are anxiously waiting for official at the national electoral jury to call the election you and i got more. i like in your case, i cool all, mrs. cochran for you morrow to reflect on things and stop polarizing the people we are in difficult times, because the pandemic one has to learn to lose with dignity and humility.
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as electrical officials were processing the last both to produce of you were already celebrating. all the party made up of provincial people. the deepest roots of peru, pedro castillo president, will change peruse history. analysts say it will be a few days before officials can, could nice all the disputed both, but many peruvians already see their candidate has won the sun just i'll just see that lee might be to the weather next year or that he's out then the us and mexico for accused of sending unaccompanied child migrants back to the home countries without proper protection will take you to lagos, nigeria, where traffic congestion is putting the brakes on the cities growth. but there is a potential solution and support team looking to upset the apple cause in rome, all the build up to the euro 2020 tournament coming up later in the program.
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ah hello. that warm wet weather is going to lead europe into the weekend. we've got very dry conditions coming across the west with plenty of sunshine breaking through over the weekend. but to the east, the wet weather does continue and there is more rain to come. the biggest change is going to see we're going to see in scandinavia, a weather system coming in. net bringing with it the wet and windy conditions to norway to sweden. and by the time we get into saturday, that will shimmy cross. we'll have some thunderstorms in estonia, lithuania and latvia. there's also weather on the way for west and areas of russia . ukraine. see some of that where, where the to but the rush of thunderstorms is going to be concentrated over the balkans grease see some of those funding showers as well as turkey. we could see
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some will flash flooding there for southern today. we'll see a few thunder re showers as well in southern areas and the i buried peninsula thing . a lot of heat that we do have an amber warning from the south west area of north sundry downfall, but they do clear up. they'll be a few showers kicking around on saturday. as we moved to north africa, it's a pretty hot and dry picture up north. a lot of heat kicking in for the canary islands, temperatures rising above 30 degrees, leading to some tropical lights. the be part of the debate is self defeating the end because it in the us or in the u. k . because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about were the command white man, touching aloud the dream, where a global audience become a global community. jumping to the comment question,
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and part of the discussion. there are like the metric efforts to silence on the online faith on al jazeera. when the news breaks and the story bill, when people need to be heard, nigeria with a woman press would be great. and the story needs to be told algebra, her teens on the ground to bring you more award, winning documentary and life. and the discussion here in iran is moving away from the presidential election to questioning the system. there's really no way that they can sort of think syria is economy as collapsing on an online. ah, the ah
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. hello again. it's good to have with us. hello, adrian, getting into the news our analysis here of a headlines, u. k prime minister bars jones says, but g 7 nations are expected to donate 1000000000 corona virus vaccines from low income countries off of it is coming from the us with president biden already promising 500000000 doses. but activists say that it's still far from enough to meet the needs g. 7 leaders arriving in cordele in the u. k. a day, one of the 3 day summits talks will be dominated by vaccine diplomacy, climate, and rebuilding the global economies believe this also expect to the whole side by meetings with joe 5. as he looks to re establish america's global christmas. a video has emerge set to show god's assaulting, shackled palestinian prisoners, and it is ready jail. the newspaper says the security footage from march 2019 shows more than.


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