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fire appears when the moon sits in front of the sun, casting a shadow on the 1st eclipse of the sun visible from north america since 2017 ah, that is algebra. these you're told stories, u. k prime minister boris johnson says g 7 nations is set to donate 1000000000 current of respect seems to low income countries. spike on the eve of a lead summit and ours after us president joe biden promised 500000000 doses. $200000000.00 of these doses will be delivered this year 202-1300 1000000 more. we delivered in the 1st half of 2022. let me be clear, just as what the 80000000 doses we previously out the united states is providing these half 1000000 doses with no strings attached. let me say it again with no
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strings attached. our vaccine donations don't include pressure for favors or potential cassette concessions. we're doing this to save lives, to end this pandemic. that's it. period. the united nations as warning that 350000 people in europe is t gray region are either facing or living in famine. the conflicts began in november when you're appeal government forces into the area agency say 5000000 people on the verge of famine, unless they get edge and humanitarian aid. president emanuel my call has announced a reorganization france of military presence in the hail region of west africa. there are currently more than 5000 french soldiers fighting alms groups linked to al qaeda, and i saw there israeli police, a fine don grenades and tear gas palestinians and occupy these 2. we have been protesting against the visit of a fall, right?
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politician, calling for march for the old city video has a merge said to show gods assaulting, shackled palestinian prisoners in an israeli jail. the herat newspaper says the security footage for march 2019 shows more than 50 inmates allegedly linked to her mass being dragged to the floor and beaten. the paper says only for the 10 guards being investigated over the incident at the prison in the southern na give region a claim, a vote afford inquiries, presidential election, it's threatening to cause weeks of political wrangling. socialist petro castillo, holds a very narrow lead over the conservative rival, keiko g. maury of the sunday's pole. for more ledges, some 300000 votes were suspicious, but as offered little in the way of proof, castilla has denied the claims. as your headline news continues are now sarah to the found the demand for low price. clover is accelerating at high speed. that's
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absolutely great by 2030, the industry will expand by an additional 60 percent. i'll just take a detailed look at disposal fashion. we handle our admitted dr. david, exposing the hidden human and environmental costs way with the company. give free what it is you never know about it said boss fashion. all knowledge of the. 6 0, the early 19 forties and 9 named page eco sat alone at a table in
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a cafe in casablanca. morocco he was troubled. ah, was war 2 was raging. and this city was a refuge for many trying to escape the nazi war machine. thousands fled here from europe, hoping for safe passage to britain or the united states. ah, has eagle foot the coach had concerns of his own? he had found the club to give the poor cousin blanca voice, but it had been usurped by the middle classes. ah, now he planned to take over a small forgotten team and build something the truly belonged to the less fortune. ah, if he could see today, he'd be amazed that his achievements. ah,
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as he goes spring child grew into one of africa's great sporting institutions. roger because blanca, the blue needles instead of 2000 and we were sure we both rule i should use that the sort of risky. yeah. ok. now your policy to sick your while i, sam, will rule my more popular with the camera for the clue because for hall serves the group who had been good about the sky. kitch monica, she could remember if she wasn't our fault, could i just go over off the coffee shop if you need call me? roger was phone here in a poor district because blanca, study me, russia, supporters. i like
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a great plan. all linked by love of their team, cafe verde as a gathering places for the elders of that family. here they take coffee and talk football. now the way that we could hold up the tonight, roger faced egyptian giant, the melick in the semifinal of the african champions league. the men can talk of nothing else amongst them is app delilah ibrahim, he's an urban historian of russia. another object warming up. why do you have only missouri the summer? you know me, not enough for them. if you remember why i'm not in
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a few little of for women live. you know why i love dickie tucker is a system of one and 2 touch passes and sustained possession. the fans love the exciting football it creates with rapid shift from defense to attack. if you will, compete can make it will move back and he will. he will require years. underpass ego. roger quickly rose to challenge cause a blank because other big club with that that rivalry has deliberate, scintillating spectacle. then then one of her family don't. is it going from a be lab for me that when i, when i 1st time a bill, is it all school know how much you, for some law the dental have? generally what i'm one of the people as are massive visual displays made by organized san groups. mostly they told their rivals
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rogers room one a one refers to the torture chamber of george. all was 1984. it will be torture for with that fans to see their team thrashed by roger. one of with ads t falls, responded with a pirates emblem threatening to sink all before them in the come from the control fully to focus, you will get that will be maybe what we did let you fully loaded with that law. so let me see, because i'm, i am, i may be the rival ultras compete through peoples with that in red and russia in green team colors writ large company. and now debbie no more, give debbie for him. what was going on about this logic? she's the assembly hadley mosley, as we know, the muslim corner and m, you know, the and what was new are, why do we can stick now?
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will you condemn you for the i because whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, blah management by any standards? roger, because blanca has enjoyed extraordinary success in world football. jamie, i've gotten so far more towards one of those interviews, 1000000 checks, and via our products as the florida will fund. i would want to keep it for tomorrow, which attorney will forget about our product? we scream whenever we mock up. she isn't as much of what
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what i was only what homer perish. ego would surely be delighted that the club he built for the poor folk of cousin blanca has made such strides. through the songs and t foes, those people have a voice that can't be ignored. i, in armor left and known as salvador, is a sports photographer. and a roger fan is kick lab, now, thin gall market on and the if he was the allows him to kick on the see them all. i'm a confusion that old house can 7th could come and she can come nancy and go work because i wasn't a midnight fall. give us one. she was wrinkle had photograph, perfect kids there was to fall in love with a flu or was really the,
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in the course. and salvador lives 20 kilometers from the hammer. the 5th stadium rogers home ground, it takes an hour or so to get there. but on match day, who knows? she's getting a lot of organic children long delivered to me, not all the time. he's driving, he's planning how we might come up with a less conventional image imagination and preparedness. our key to his cross live upon a duplicate book. it's now draws keep us going to florida. accept a little she, the regular fans feel a rush when the referee blows that 1st whistle. for salvador, that rush is magnified. like the players, he has to do his best work in the next 90 minutes. keep will keep them,
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wants to give, give least cushman and get with, well, kinda long beyond what i was a kid always love about it. like on book. it's not the rose. they don't want to buy a fix for which be isn't ahead of time. let even want to live, sniff of the hash not are for happy. keep with me that he it observing capote hockey. benicia has a lot of these them today. yeah, keep it even though a lot of that's the point i have when i had a salvador knows it's a privilege to be pitch side. but on the corona virus restrictions, it's just not the same mission. lexington but the more massiveness more it could. she came to was more rapidly
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fix can surely about keeps you will see it. will it in the lives of a school lead. blessed more key can also have come see me and covered 19 costs. a long shadow over the city use unemployment already severe. has become an epidemic in itself. use if a your morning had to leave university after the 1st year. he says this is common in morocco. school. i still didn't bottle fidelmo and then he can fill up a. how can you tell me about the function? lot of this and i was give me a 2nd look. he can speak with him, we can get through to keep him with give after a succession of temporary jobs use if tried to set himself up as a street vendor. it says something didn't go stuff. so that's why i was
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so convinced what cut on going to have the last monday, sort of the logo on it already. get susan, look into some of the chick fil a company every day he sets out looking for work. it's gonna damage them. so it's hard to mall only one that has a lot of money, but he says the $1.00 good thing about life and because of blanca is football, was caught up on his medical id and it's done or love instead of cause and it gets to accept to it, which is always good to me and i want to didn't, we didn't do that is no,
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anyone can support that sort of thing is that all i do is when i know a quarter when the virus is past use, if is determined to get back to the terraces, but he's not sure how you pay for the ticket. the the man a b as a keen raj, a fan entrepreneur and an influencer. she shares her enthusiasm on social media. she's all of what you know that she was, it's larger than suffolk. you're with you or your tv, you move on the dash 2 below the corner defects and also your next question. could you look him to see if you see that she'll keep calling
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it more that won't go through. so problem i will jump is good. if you use the software, just you don't, you know, if you shut up from small chicken, the in one me, you want you to get to want to, to mall, pick like 2 from your cast had you feel shifted to because it would location 100, some engines when they went to restore the gentleman's wash your clock while she did you key. was she truly girl or you could do fool. yeah. the son. yeah. my name is cynthia. that is him was so shall him and he was so good to him on the rough and confronted before the funnel to go to least the country quite as good to
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the football phone, get constantly swept to emotional highs and lows. it's a roller coaster, right? young people scream the loudest, the usual league. i don't want them. i don't know why she doesn't usually mala nist hub. well, no gone, said the short, i can do this on the system. he may come, he probably can come on phone until quite recently. roger supporters expressed themselves in clashes with rival sans many were injured and some killed.
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now have a lease that's all the past. the g yang of it. again, you can call me back when you can, because i know you mentioned last malcolm. when your stuff, oh, perfect. only do you get when did you from some the remark really been shows come, the movie shows me the motel on balsam. i was my job there, off the phone is pretty sure i'm sure she can sure she was showing the job on clearly, but she was going on told you that she could call very much your than just such a good example the best you can maybe the was from on much, from much of the looking around the stadium. the fans
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seem almost exclusively male is in the vanguard of change law. this can cause, i know we just couldn't one of the buffalo the moment plus. so competition on the t o fall way along with miller family, buck hadley, song. what bunker from him? i told you about the pre lot from the, from the show, the other the result through the family only. the plasma woke of watson's class come fully conscious that the national care law firm fucking on congress appraisal petition on the budget that he will fall from the city company. she might shift a my screen, nikita flipper or the yeah. perhaps one day roger will have female trusts, but probably not any time. soon. the authorities are very watchful of these leaders,
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fearing they might morph into political activists. the the man who founded the raja eagles ultras, see mohammed germany has retired to the countryside. he insists they are a political law and i'm not even the want a cock the you know, add a lot of, snuck out sure, because i'm putting it in the home. i'm one of the gcs, etc, etc. from from net later talk. question about there is no mistaking the political nature of the songs and peoples, but they're never party political ship libby, which had no more walk if we're going to walk. if a little little woman csc for money, leslie and the shadow will help him slack morgan in so long for me, flat on hobby. so it's that it will always achieve the chief little lots of eggs miss and finish all of the the law
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and the most of those, most of the cup. and if you could develop how the o this look, you just come out of the cam. know hospital, what can you mac and should not come up but not actually she can definitely get those out ahead that she can. you can let my father see. mohammed will be a roger to his dying day. but he passed his role as an ultra onto the next generation as a founder of the alters the battles with the authorities, remain strong in his memories. because i didn't know how much of the flat and she for because you have it in the office. as you can see from the ship, la nathan, you know that i'm not if i'm not going to make us some nice medical down here that
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the police now require own people to be submitted to them before they can be displayed. recently a prominent ultra was arrested when released, the proper rossi rushed to photograph in whatever place during his detention. he renounced his status as an ultra and has never explained why. nestled in the birthplace of roger because blanca sight, mazili, runs a cafe and store catering to the fans. well, john had no idea at the shop once he found the premises said, put out
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a request for teen photos to decorate the place. the response from the community was so good that he soon had the best collection in the city. the bear with me a level and most willing to live on the water lead me to sort of growing up and so on. roger players were said's boyhood heroes, the chevy mon bed. but she told the maria the nuts, i'm not able to you for the sad and that some of the sportsmanship has gone from the game said is critical of modern fam culture. he's nostalgic for the old days. when the ball was heavier players were tougher, and the fans were respectful. somebody said in general, just what shed,
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what shall marie be? what came to show? how did you live opinion of any of your russia limits? you know, what came with commercial again? yeah. ah. this is what you put on what i need, what a physical tell me. what did you say that she helped me get g as in trouble? no problem, no. the names. and then you know, if i do
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the the initial free. oh, the only other hope is she, she's your product really want me to be. she layla's easy is also a roger supporter. she believes the songs and t falls improve much days and give a voice to a broad section of the public. yeah, this was only the show. oh, much funnel. the little germany shows before you called me back or call me back or ill and walk me through standing together. friends can say things that cannot be freely expressed elsewhere
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in morocco. and he did show, i'm not on any of g o l coin you and you get to refer it to probably mid. yeah. also for the additional full shopping bobby point is to not funny. since a just could you much remember a cripple god, i'm very lucky. don't get the the broken authorities sometimes cracked down on anything resembling opposition,
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but the voice of thousands is difficult to contain. well, if that's, you know, if i do wanna do after that, because i've just said if it is fucking and if you're me, just going to walk you through to watch tv, coverage of roger games is hugely enhanced by the people as they roll out around the stadium cameras turn from the game to capture the spectacle console when she for the works for you for what? lapping labs. why do they walk? you become you go if you don't move 50 years after his death passage. ego is honored by with dead and raja supporters alike. he and the king of morocco share a special place in the heart of the nation.
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to night is an occasion for tea and cake. the book leafy family are settling in to watch the 2nd leg of the champions league semi final against egyptian giants, some alec they lost the 1st leg of home. so winning through to the final is a tall order. but with roger supporters, hope springs, eternal margins, forces and right back in the competition the me but semantic going to school 3 times to secure their place in the final unless you will. oh no, it's ready for you to watch me sooner. ro suitable to try your cellphone?
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is it true? this is. show me a new one. the lie on the phone. a push in victoria come by. so sick your little bit is super. super la. trump leak. separate us a call let you go. have you la la la, you had to put look, social's thought, just thought of july 0. she don't fit your process only by this block other as you need this process. junior for a doctor. sure. i i me. ah
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ah, ah . the us pledges half a 1000000000 curve at 19 vaccines, the pool countries, and the g 7 prepared to announce a global vaccination push. ah hello, money side. this is alj. is there a life coming up 3.


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