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could be headed over to the chinese chinese government. the idea that these the govern basically have the backdoor into these networks and that, that presents a potential risk to, to us citizens. now that there hasn't been any proof and bite dance talks. parent has denied that this is something that could happen, but otherwise, this is a risk that the government has expressed in the past. ah, this is out there are, these are the top stories in u. s. president joe biden has arrived in the u. k. on his 1st official trip abroad since taking office during the day visit to europe by and will take part in g 7 and native summit. it also meets with russian president vladimir putin. i'm going to communicate that there are consequences rely, violating the sovereignty of democracies in the united states in europe and elsewhere. i'm going to be clear that the trans atlantic alliance will remain vital,
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vital source of strength for the u. k. europe and the united states can make sure there's no doubt as whether the united states will rise in defense of our most deeply held values. and our fundamental interest. a russian court is outlaw political organizations linked to the jail to opposition leader. lexi nevada, me labeling them is extremist means development allies a band from running in september's parliamentary elections. do you any warning of a massive loss of life in east a man or if no immediate action is taken invoice, say that massive death from starvation, disease and exposure could occur, entire states were more than 100000 people fled the conflict demonstrations have been held in columbia, the capital of the protest leaders called on people to take over the guitar and rest began after president even do k proposed tax reforms. in april,
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that plan was withdrawn. the process of continued human rights watch the q security forces of arbitrary detention sexual abuse and the recent killing for at least 20 protest crowds in peru have taken to the street demanding the final results of the presidential election. it's a nick nick race between left his candidate frederick astir. i live right wing arrival case with maury. on monday for you, maury made them substantiated allegations of voter fraud. the iraqi army says military base at baghdad. international airport has been hit by at least one rocket. the base near the capital is used by us military aircraft in a separate attack military official say at least 3 rockets hit by the base where us contract is our house. well again, its former prime minister has been elected as president suddenly say this will consolidate the part, the ruling mongolian people's party girls that was forced to resign earlier this year, forming protest. your state headlines,
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more news coming up right after counting the cost. the demand for low price clothing is celebrating at high speed. that's absolutely great. by 2030, the industry will expand by an additional 60 percent. i'll just take a detailed look at the disposal fashion. we calculate the date exposing the hidden human and environmental costs. why was a company give free what she's never been there? no doubt it had boss fashions on all i use . hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is counting the cost on al jazeera. look at the world of business and economic this week. i've got to stand warren economy gives way to more insecurity.
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at the u. s. with rules troops, taliban increases its control. where did the billions and international a go. also this week sanctioned by the us, the israeli billionaire making billions in the democratic republic of congo. and the cold so the government to take action to make sure the country and the people benefit from its mineral wealth and black wednesday the day to multi 1000000000 dollar oil giants was humbled by environmental and shareholder activists. is big oil finally been brought to heal. ah, after almost 2 decades and 2 trillion dollars, the united states is ending its war in afghanistan. washington is leaving with very little to show for the 1000000000 spent on fostering peace and reconstruction. for i've got to stand the consequences
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a far greater. the economy has been hoaxed on the billions and military ending an international aid with holl yvonne is already exerting control. busy in many areas outside the capital, according to the un, it managed to raise as much as one of the half $1000000000.00 from taxes, the drugs trade and exports of golden, rarer minerals. it's whole is 25 percent of the government's budget. about 80 percent of the government's budget is funded by foreign donors. the world bank says international development day to can the stand has slumped from $6700000000.00 in 2011 to $4200000000.00 in 2019. and it's expected to full further have counted stands, poverty rate has worse and noticeably rising to 72 percent in 2020. well, that's out from 55 percent a year earlier. meanwhile, unemployment, it's up to nearly 40 percent in 2020 up from around 24 percent in 2000. then
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19 al jazeera is fairly controversial, re, has more from cobble the life that existed at this warehouse with trucks. transporting goods to foreign, military bases across again is down, is gone. this local company has been supporting international troops for more than 15 years and was providing an income for more than a 1000 african families. only a handful of employees remain. they will also be jobless in days, when the company shuts down completely, the owner does not want to be identified for fear of attacks after working with foreign troops. has very so i, when i see this one, it brings tears to my eyes. i'm not sure that employee of mine who was getting his paycheck when it was we single home. and i also had shops in the market that used
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to go in and take some dry food food for like rice and beans and all that for the families. if i don't have the operation, i cannot support them. not because totally because of my situation by the support i was giving to the community for the people. the company owner says once there were more than $22000.00 african companies like his contributing millions to the local economy. most he says, have closed or are in the process of shutting down. during the peak of the war in 2011. there were about 140000 nato troops and about 800 foreign military bases across of ghana, stan, thousands more afghans had been directly employed. as translators, labors and cleaners. business connected to the international military presence has decreased dramatically since 2014. when they don't ended, it's compact mission enough ghana stem. the departure of the last foreign troops by
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september will be the final blow to thousands more afghans who depended on them for a living. the bush buzzer in cobble after the u. s. president who started the war is a shadow of its former self. it once had close to a 1000 stalls, most a wash with original american goods destined for us troops station here. now it's flooded with cheap imitations and items i barely anyone buys. i was i called and called for the after 2018, the business became ruined and right now there is no business at all when i am looking to pack my things because i'm an old man and being a shopkeeper, it's difficult for me. and there is nothing for me to sell the pull out of all foreign troops couldn't come at a worse time for again, it stands economy. so time of move that committee says there's one way to replace with the foreign presence has been contributing to the african economy upon us on
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has lots, billions of dollars untouched economic resources. but again, that requires like have the $1000000000.00 investment to make sure that that's been effectively utilized. and it's been brought into economic cycle. and again, as i said like that would be impossible. what the, what the like these huge for that investment. now if you put it into the problem, wasn't enough on the sun, i see the transfer you slam. why would people take their money and coming to avant us on an investor where there is no guarantee what is going to happen tomorrow? and finding ways to financially sustain itself will be one of the many challenges, again, is done faces as the last 4 in true to leave this vast nation that's been in conflict for decades, fairly contradictory al jazeera cobble. let's get more analysis now with my mood, mary, who just saw in that report a few moments ago. my mood is a senior lecture at the master of business administration program at cardon
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university. good w with us. so what will drive the ask and economy math mood once the us pulls out once international, a decreases sooner or later, we knew that the international orange national partners, including the us, will leave with us from now. and we also, it wouldn't be like, it is important to also mentioned to the international community, including the u. s. had a lot of sacrifices, you know, when it comes to like putting money in a homeless on. and that has been a lot of relatively much better economic progress, like when you see the country back in 2001. but despite those progress, so the economy low. so bleak, not the big question is like what happens when the, the americans as well as the airlines or deliver honestly and some stuff, we cannot make progress? no, we don't expect any kind of magical solution from inside because on the phone,
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if you see the current economic condition of the sun wouldn't be in a position to immediately substitute the the amount of money that the foreigners used to. or in an honest, we don't have kind of like an immediate, immediate kind of an in house arrangements for that. but there are some follow up in the blog. and like if the piece limitation where the telephone and all other insurgence goes, well, that is that you know, some sectors of homicide including the mornings, like, i don't know, one assignment. promise like a better combo chicken nomic opportunity to sort of the country. but in the beginning, when do you know there's a lot of hope there in the sentence that you're using, you know, let's hope. but what does the u. s. in the international he have to show for the billions they spent one or one other said in the beginning i think there is,
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there is progress. but in terms of economic development, there are some tangible outcomes that you can. so talk about like, see that is a little bit improvement and infrastructure and soft schools has been, have been built upon a song that is relatively better now. no one has the membership of some of the regional as well. i didn't trade commissions and organizations. what about the issue of corruption math mood, which is, i mean, it's been pointed to in official, some of the official us reports over the years. if you put it into economic funds. that is because of corruption of us on has lawson is so losing millions and millions of revenue revenue. that is, that is a fairly high figler ration. and the custom processes on the government is still not fully capital off, like collecting all those money from the formal sectors and. and if you,
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if you see the brother sounds like, you know, honest on there. so like the tax, like we have the 2 title, texas, it's one is the official tax. that's where the government important from the businesses. but then we have the official title, which has been employed by the thought about seeing the process for a business man has to pay like 2 different institutions. and at the same time, like in addition to corruption like just an official fax of royalties and the re, in the provinces and the villages and the district level. these are all elements. i think that, you know, that has led upon us once a huge physical difference or, or to, to what extent are africana stands mineral deposits still the potential backbone of postwar economy? i think 11 sector that all we all are going always speak about is the binding sector. of course, that is so like, you know, 1000000000 what goes on touch mineral sources. take big sample of the item to
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cooperate. cold. you know, some on small scale. some mining has been done on us on but, but as i said before, because of the security and ease of fully government threats and in due process does not like contribute the where to have contribute the job going economies. he very think company is going to be willing to put capital into an environment as you've described it. it's got multiple challenges. showy, say to put it optimistically. not just in security, but the double taxation issue. you mentioned the corruption and so on, so forth. i think if you see the history and the common practice from the mining sex or some of the minor and just reflecting they did not come for the verge of the conflict. so they used to like listening in the conflict songs to check the example of african region, you know. so dad used to be like active investors during the summer was one of the,
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the, during the insecurity. and in a lot of fun, i think there is like, if you take the to see like the last 10 years, despite like huge insecurity. and in the process that is, that is still ongoing binding mining in on a phone, which is not in a very large level of course. but do you want to see like all those small scale mining and one on across the ones that are still are logged into some judy be now if you want to call the number, why hasn't china developed any of its concessions? if you take big sample of the sort of direct represent most specifically the example of china, i think china is there enough on a song, you know, helping. i've got general investing in the mining sector. that is a very large scale project. i know which of these, the proper binding, you know, instruction are wonderful. that's been put off for some reason. so of course, the reason the security bugs, but do you want the last 10 years used to bring in china is, has shown,
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it's like expensive interest in investing in the coal sector. last week, the chinese delegation was on cobra and they had the meeting with our president discussing the 300 millions of possibility of investment in the cold, cold sector. what's your, what's your, what's acting it's, it's a, it's a good news for now. but as i said, like we are not going to change. if you see the d a d that the size of the mining and honestly i think it will be like just the chinese coming in. so on the function now we conflict the binding is solid, like we have it on your cell as well as the budget. want to use assaults, they did, they are, they're helping out going to the listing in some bindings, but not in all florence is due to the security, but in some promises where the security is relatively better, including couple more that's mary. thank you very much. thank you. for having me
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the now the democratic republic of congo is a result, rich nation with an estimated $24.00 trillion dollars in oil, gas and minerals. but it's been poorly served by european colonists, a. u. s. russia, cold war and dictatorships in 2018. it was estimated that 73 percent of the congress population lived on less than $1.90 a day. that's the international poverty right. so shocking to realize the countries filled being exploited the coalition of congo leaves and international organizations urge the government to review the deals with israeli. billy and dan. good la. they say the d. c could lose out $3700000000.00 in revenue because of deal struck with gutless mining operations. it's worth mentioning gertley has been sanctioned by the us for
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a legit corruption and struck the deal with his close friend the former president of congo. so let's get into the stand and it's worth mentioning that gertley has denied all wrong doing, and it's never actually been charged with a crime. with joining us via skype from kinshasa is jimmy can day. he's president of eunice and the member of the coalition, congo is not for sale. good to have you with us. so jimmy explained to view is 1st, how the good build and own this multi $1000000000.00 empire in the country. me to get we was very close friends and then taking advantage of the setting on my end goals. as in the government, the state will say move to mr. goodner, mining st. paul, you wrote us know down the pricing, and that's why i need to get the school board today. and my goal is to go to a man and started
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a new market. we've no market price editing. be really, you said we from the farmer president, you're in color. ok, and i should point out, of course i got that denies any charges. all the allegations of wrongdoing is the difference between those knocked down prices and the market price does not explain the revenue, which is way in excess of industry standards or all of the other things going on. yeah. man, because you know, don't try to feel for you. i can give you an example, or you can write them or know that when they call them and decide to say why you brought here or call they talking to me or we've, the price was 500000 dollars plan needs to be tied
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into to the role to the government. so we've $150000000.00. can you imagine to be so we are thinking that the men or even can explain their be really new to me. so guess learn when you're in coal is because of the pricing. what can the current government do then? after 2018, we have a new will bridge a day and day pointing to the patients now is the time for the call to to set up a whole nice and simple ryan to make an evaluation off our on call. try to learn, but are you concerned that this goes down the route of now investigation and justice could get dragged out in international court? good luck could take this to the international venue and end up being compensated. billions more in dollars saying on the basis like hey, i had
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a contracts. whether you think the price, i was given the goods that was with fair or not. i had a contract, it's being violated. now. i shouldn't be able to know that i don't feel international call. it's gonna save today. defax that we are here in call, but everybody will come as we invest the money to respect. the call is low. now we can find the price of me, so get to learn more, some minor mining calls in call or during the lien. there is the relation between our bodies and that can saw us. there is some faculty corruption between don goes laura farm appraised days and their name in the main office. and i think that there is more investigation. now in the war. mason don geller,
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we've gone by the now they are investigating in the united kingdom, in the land. and i think that's going to go to the international court because you know that each other rules more money going. dearth. what do you have to do now? you've already, we've gone, managed to know what will be the best solution for everybody, and i feel like, what do you lose more money now? and it's not time for me to learn to try to go to the international goals will go because you're going to lose money because most people are trying to sort out me some or you bribery to some point here in comb or for going i thank you so much good to get your thoughts on that. thank you so much. now back in december,
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hedge fund engine number one was the 0.02 percent stake in oil giant exon for about $40000000.00. nothing unusual there, but this activist fund had broader aspirations beyond making a profit. wanted exit to change its ways and invest in more green energy. excellence, chief executive darren woods, had less ambitious plans will last weekend did. number one caused a huge rupture and wall street by convincing shareholders to give it 3 seats on exxon's board. if that wasn't such a massive win for environmentalists, a dutch court ordered shell to cut its emissions by 45 percent from 2019 levels. by the end of this decade, or that double watch shell had planned to deliver. joining us via skype from amsterdam is a feared the cone. she's a climate justice expert greenpeace netherlands. so i feel 1st of all, why was this such a huge victory?
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well, it was the 1st time in the history that a court ordered a big for to few company and to reduce it. c o 2 emissions and decided to do so because, well show is one of the biggest polluters in the worlds it's, it's more than 9 times as much to as an adult and says, which is causing dangerous climate change. and that actually has a massive effect on human rights in the whole world. and therefore, the court said this is no longer possible. you have to cut down your c o 2 emissions. do you think this is going to spur many more cases around the world, particularly in the us? this is fantastic news for the world and all of its inhabitants, and i think it, yes, it will certain the spike, new litigation. of course, the netherlands is a different jurisdiction than other countries, but there are underlying principles that can be used in other jurisdictions as well
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. so firstly, there's the court based decision on science. and science says that we have to limit global warming to one and a half degrees. otherwise we face very serious consequences. and this is something that fossil fuel companies will need to abide by. and secondly, the court said that businesses specially these very big few companies have human rights obligations. they have the obligation to cut back their c o 2 emissions because otherwise it's dangerous for human rights. so they have human rights obligations independent of states. and they cannot put this on consumers. so this is the 1st time we've seen that communities and lawyers can hold multi nationals accountable. and i expect that this will be happening all over the world. now this is won't shell saying let's, let's look at their argument. they're saying, look, then the way they can hit absolute targets is not by reducing emissions and keeping the business at the same level. but by actually downsizing the business. do you
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think this is simply going to lead to shall, setting off some of its businesses to me that sounds a bit like you're being told to lose weight and your solution is to cost an arm. and what we actually need from show is to take responsibility leaf, also few in the ground and start taking a completely different course, start taking different decisions side, caring for the planets, start investing in those solutions that we really need. and also changing that that may be, you know, what you would like to see, but is it what will actually happen? is it what is actually happening? some might point to be p selling off. it's a lot going operations to a private company. that, of course, isn't answerable to shareholders in the emissions kind of be on public curse cruise in the, in the public high. well, the, the, the 1st court that has given this kind of judgement, but we expect that the whole world to do this. and because companies cannot lag
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behind, all countries in the world will need to take steps to regulate companies. so this might be the 1st country in the world to start doing this through its course, but it's definitely not the last one. and we've seen that the companies have human rights obligations, and that means that all companies in the whole world have human rights obligations . so that means that there shouldn't be any space for companies to keep digging up these fossil fuel, fossil fuels, and threats, and our livelihoods. if they do offload some of their businesses gets hurt, the shareholders, the funds pensioners let's 1st make clear that show has known the impact of its work work for over 60 years. and they've had many, many chances to change. there have been so many communities that have indicated how dangerous the work is that they are doing. but instead of that,
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they actually put millions of, of euros and dollars into lobbying against effective climate policies. and they kept making a lot of work. a lot of money off of polluting the world. and so i actually think that people and also for example, pensions are better off with this decision. and because it's, it's irresponsible investments. it goes against the science that goes against the decisions that we need to be taking any investments that need to be taken better actually in the, in the short run, but also in the long run. and will make us more money because it's actually dangerous to keep investing in a sector that is, is doomed. there will be no money in this. and we actually also know that pension funds don't need to be investing in fossil fuels. they can actually do that because there's plenty of green solutions that can provide the basis for solid investments
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that could create a sustainable future. all right, and good to get your thoughts on that. thanks so much for you. thank you. and i saw show for this wake, the more for you online and al jazeera dot com slash ccc. that'll take you straight to our page, which has in time for you to catch up on. i'm sammy's a dan from the whole team here on can be the cost. thanks for joining us. the news, an algebra is next. i news, news, news, news, frank assessments, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes of
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generation and their politics in their life has been shipped by vitamin inside story on jazeera in the african capital calling me? i've been fine. i really maternity clinic killing pregnant women, need wives and baby one on when he travelled to afghanistan, where even newborns are targets on al jazeera. ah, the united states is back. and democracies of the world are standing together. turbine begin to tour of europe aimed at mending time following donald trump's presidency. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out there. life and also coming up. russia is condemned for by the
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political organizations linked to opposition leader electing the valley. but the call to classify them is extreme is the risk of a potential human tragedy in eastern men mother do in wards that could be a massive loss of life as a military crank done continues.


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